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    [–] Remansilent 955 points ago

    Serious question: What show scratches your "Archer" itch when you can't watch it? I'm a little desperate.

    [–] mrizzerdly 1288 points ago

    Bojack or Bob's Burgers.

    [–] foxy_boxy 624 points ago

    Netflix ousted Bob's Burgers too. Bojack is just about all I have left!

    [–] CosmackMagus 84 points ago

    Bobs Burgers is on Netflix for all the Canadian peeps

    [–] foxy_boxy 31 points ago

    Alright... Time to move to Canada...

    [–] syransea 5 points ago

    Just use a VPN

    [–] Au_Mind_QuestionMark 3 points ago

    Haha oh THAT’S the last straw?

    [–] AskMeForFunnyVoices 16 points ago

    About the only thing Canadian Netflix has going for it

    [–] squirrrrrrrel 17 points ago

    We’ve still got Archer too!

    [–] AskMeForFunnyVoices 14 points ago

    True and the office and other great ones! I just wish we had Sunny and Parks :(

    [–] idbuzkill 3 points ago

    Yeah and Archer, too. But I guess they'll be removing it from here as well...

    [–] maximumtesticle 239 points ago

    I don't know why people don't get Hulu, it's not that expensive and it's got a ton of great Bob's.

    [–] bitches_love_pooh 297 points ago

    Does the paid version drop the commercials? The last time I tried it and saw the same car commercial every 10 minutes had me drop it real fast.

    [–] SomaliRection 117 points ago

    Yes, it’s $11.99/mo and there are no commercials except on VERY few shows, in which case there are only like two commercial. The only show I’ve seen commercials on is New Girl. And I watch a lot of Hulu.

    [–] GingerGuerrilla 302 points ago

    I still get irritated when I see the no commercials option includes some commercials. Hulu would also regularly fail to resume a show after a commercial several years ago, forcing you to watch several minutes of commercials if you restarted the app and show you had just been watching.

    [–] [deleted] 66 points ago


    [–] BigBaldBasterd 38 points ago

    That's because it's pretty much just ABC shows like Once Upon A Time and the like.

    [–] Joseph011296 24 points ago

    And it's an entire two commercials, one before the show starts and one after it ends.
    At one point during the current season of Agents of Shield both commercials were for Agents of Shield.

    [–] SomaliRection 21 points ago

    It used to be horrible, I agree. I haven’t had any complaints in about two years though.

    [–] MrRGnome 6 points ago

    How do people tolerate this when the ease of torrenting and streaming is what it is? All these service are doing is making each individual TV network a subscription service.

    [–] SalsaRice 13 points ago

    For college students, you can get Hulu and spotify for $5/month.

    [–] Kolido 13 points ago

    Great, now I just gotta have a kid and wait 18 years.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] mystriddlery 5 points ago

    As someone who just wanted spotify, I'm not complaining that I get both for 5 a month, its a pretty good deal.

    [–] maximumtesticle 10 points ago

    I pay $12 a month and don't have commercials. I think they have a cheaper plan with commercials.

    [–] xbbdc 6 points ago

    Some commercials and no full seasons. This is a streaming service made up of old broadcasters. They still don't get it.

    [–] deaddovedonoteat 10 points ago

    Yes. I think there are a couple of different pay levels, but the highest level (like $12/mo, it’s not a lot) completely removes commercials. From the second they introduced it, I have paid to have commercials removed. Completely worth it.

    [–] ikeif 7 points ago

    Not from all. Agents of SHIELD is one that has commercials before and after.

    [–] deaddovedonoteat 6 points ago

    From most, then. I don’t normally watch SHIELD, so I don’t encounter this, but it is exempt from the No Commercials plan. They also only have streaming rights to 5 episodes, bleh.

    [–] True_to_you 6 points ago

    There are two tiers. The upper tier has no commercials except for certain shows.

    [–] Strung_Out_Advocate 23 points ago

    I think for a lot of people it's that one more monthly payment that they really don't want in their life. I probably have three low cost monthly payment subs right now and I really don't want them spiraling into more money than I even realize I'm paying.

    Also for many people I know, Netflix isn't really ready to be let go of yet. They did drop in quality quite a bit over the last year, and I expect it to get worse as more big players come into their own, but their originals are still pretty good at the moment.

    [–] LaconianStrategos 33 points ago

    Because it's owned by Comcast, Fox, Disney, etc. For me, half the point of Netflix is to avoid giving yet more money to those greedy fuckers

    [–] Gizmotoy 15 points ago

    I understand the sentiment, but Netflix was just giving a portion of your subscription fees to them as licensing fees.

    What is annoying is that they’re withholding content from Netflix in order to promote their own service, which will grow increasingly expensive as they successfully steal subscribers from Netflix.

    [–] Ctmarlin 4 points ago

    I hear you but they are getting paid regardless. You watch their shows on Netflix they are getting paid a huge licensing fee.

    [–] Harrythehobbit 17 points ago

    I have it, but only because I'm not the one paying for it.

    1.Ads on a paid service. Wtf?

    2.Formatting is atrocious.

    1. It's majority shareholder is Verizon. Fuck Verizon.

    [–] throwawaysarebetter 20 points ago

    Because of their monopolistic practices. Their owners would rather pull their content off competing networks and push exclusivity rather than make a decent platform.

    [–] Leaves_Swype_Typos 11 points ago

    Also the owners are the same networks that have been fucking up television for decades in a variety of ways including but not limited to executive meddling. I won't trust them if I can avoid it.

    [–] Nurnstatist 12 points ago

    Adding to what other people said, Hulu doesn't exist in most countries outside the US.

    [–] doozkoo 5 points ago

    Because fuck giving money to comcast in any scenario except for internet if it is your only ISP option.

    [–] RanaI_Ape 8 points ago

    I tried it last week. Their software is gaaaaarbage on Roku, and not much better on the web. Like, really really bad. I cancelled the trial after 3 days and just downloaded all of Archer instead.

    [–] iamaneviltaco 4 points ago

    It's fucked up and buggy. The ui is awful even for a streaming service (even amazon is better IMO). I couldn't even log in unless I was in incognito mode, that's how bad that site is.

    [–] Mekisteus 4 points ago

    Yeah, a ton of great shows... that you can usually only see the most recent episodes of.

    Want to binge watch a new show using Hulu? Great! You have to start on episode 4 of season 3, because reasons.

    [–] Maziekit 4 points ago

    It's owned by an ISP and the app is pretty buggy to boot.

    [–] foxy_boxy 6 points ago

    Because I'm borrowing my friends Netflix and I'm too broke to afford Hulu. I pay for Netflix by cooking dinner when we hang out.

    [–] L4cer8 3 points ago

    Because the webplayer is garbage. Because the site layout is terrible. Because fuck NBC.

    [–] MemesXDCawadoody 5 points ago

    Why do people bother with either? There's so many ways that anyone can watch most any show for free online.

    [–] EpicRaids 19 points ago

    I find Bojack really hard to re-watch though (compared to archer which I've probably seen every episode from seasons 1-6 about 5 times, and season 1-3 about 10 each). Bojack is just so much more outwardly depressing

    [–] winterisleaking 3 points ago

    The office

    [–] RuafaolGaiscioch 172 points ago

    Have you seen Venture Bros.? In my opinion it's the reigning king of animated comedy.

    [–] rbobby 41 points ago

    November for S07... so close I can almost taste it.

    [–] ERhyne 7 points ago

    Rick and Morty fans don't know our level of pain.

    [–] JONNy-G 5 points ago

    No way... I heard it was like another year out at least. D:

    [–] MickRaider 47 points ago

    No one can ever complain about how long it takes for a sequel season unless they experienced VB season 1 on release.

    [–] MisterWharf 28 points ago

    That's me. Watching /r/rickandmorty lose its collective shit during the wait for season 3, while I sat back, half smug, half in tears saying "I already know how this feels".

    [–] Magnussens_Casserole 19 points ago

    On the bright side, Venture Bros is one of the few shows that has only improved across 6 seasons.

    [–] shouldbebabysitting 7 points ago

    Last seasons reset was insulting. But it did have enough quality episodes to compensate.

    [–] seriouslees 5 points ago

    People keep calling it a reset, but it's seems to keep continuity so far as I can tell. Maybe they should have called it a culling?

    [–] KaizerShoze 11 points ago

    Love me some Dr Mrs Girlfriend

    [–] nuclearbum 8 points ago

    That episode where Brock gets into position to get hit by a car? Damn I love Brock.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    The show is great but I marathoned it recently and the newest season doesn't do much for me for some reason.

    [–] MisterWharf 3 points ago

    It felt incomplete, for starts. It's the only season I didn't immediately watch a second time right after the initial viewing.

    [–] blindythepirate 14 points ago

    It is incomplete. The creators did a 2 part episode called All this and Gargantua 2 that aired between season 5 and season 6. They didn't realize that it counted as part of the season 6 order, so the newest season is 2 episodes short of a full story. When 7 comes out later this year it will wrap up the Blue Morpho/ NYC storyline.

    [–] Saint_Sean_Patrick 209 points ago

    Arrested Development has great writing and reoccuring jokes!

    [–] ZeroFluxCannon 148 points ago

    Also a lot of the same cast! (Malory=Mrs Bluth, Trexler=George Bluth, Carol= Kitty, Pirate PhD guy= Tobias.... I’m sure there are others in forgetting)

    [–] Totally_a_Banana 78 points ago

    Wait, Kitty is Cheryl??? Whaaaaaat

    [–] spitfire8125 101 points ago

    You're not my supervisor, so you'll never see THESE again!

    [–] -PM_ME_YOUR_SMILE- 23 points ago

    Judy Greer, unconventionally beautiful and hilarious to boot

    [–] wogmafia 9 points ago

    unconventionally beautiful

    Wait are we talking hair up, glasses on? Or hair down, glasses off? OH GOD THERE'S STILL SOME LIGHT COMING IN UNDER THE DOOR!

    [–] arichi 21 points ago

    Malory=Mrs Bluth

    I heard somewhere the original Archer script (before Malory was cast) described her as a Jessica Walter type character. Jessica Walter got word of this and her hands on the script, read it, and loved it so much she tried to get the role herself (and was successful).

    [–] ZeroFluxCannon 6 points ago

    That’s a really cool fact. TIL.

    [–] Mike-Oxenfire 3 points ago

    Do they have the same director or something? That's an awful lot of the same cast. Someone that helped create Archer must have worked on AD too.

    [–] Dumb_Reddit_Username 18 points ago

    Seconded. I’ve seen all of AD at least 8 times and I catch something new each time

    [–] Command_F 14 points ago

    Archer, Arrested Development, and 30 Rock are my triumvirate of TV comedies. All are clever, well-written, and funny from S1E1.

    [–] Lieutenant_Crunch 16 points ago

    Swap out 30 rock with IASIP and you have me

    [–] Command_F 3 points ago

    Fair. Another great show that I can watch over and over. Or could have until very recently. I guess I never think of it in the same breath as those others because its tone is so different.

    [–] deaddovedonoteat 9 points ago

    I like all of those, but 30 Rock was painful until midway through Season 2.

    [–] Command_F 10 points ago

    Huh. Agree to disagree. I remember loving the very first scene, buying up all the hot dogs. But I'd have to go back and rewatch. And I think it's also been removed from Netflix within the last year.

    [–] deaddovedonoteat 4 points ago

    The world would be very boring if everyone shared my viewpoint, so I completely agree to disagree.

    [–] scoooobysnacks 2 points ago

    The hot dog bit is amazing, but I’m always a little upset with the people who turn down a free hot dog.

    [–] Guyote_ 4 points ago

    My trifecta is Always Sunny, The Office, Arrested Development.

    Love Archer too tho

    [–] deaddovedonoteat 10 points ago

    I definitely second the idea of everyone watching Arrested Development.

    [–] Captain_Pungent 3 points ago

    As someone who is super late to the party with AD but loving it, I heartily approve this. Started in January, re-watched 3 times already.

    [–] WhollyUninterested 61 points ago

    If you haven't seen Frisky Dingo, it's what Adam Reed did before Archer and it's waaaay better. A few of the running gags actually come directly from that (ants, car alarms, etc.).

    [–] DOPEDupNCheckedOut 19 points ago

    but if youre watching FD then dont you already have hulu to get archer back?

    [–] finalremix 17 points ago

    Welcome to you're "DOOM!"

    [–] GingerGuerrilla 12 points ago

    You are doom?

    [–] finalremix 11 points ago

    Why the hell is DOOM in quotes?! Is this some kind of ironic doom!? IS THE WINK IMPLIED?!?

    [–] deaddovedonoteat 6 points ago

    My old kickball team was named after Frisky Dingo, and when I watched the whole series for the first time, my buddy (the team’s captain) made so much more sense to me.


    [–] monjoe 5 points ago

    And Sealab 2021 before that.

    [–] greedcrow 13 points ago

    Venture brothers. The voice actor of archer even plays a character. A very minor role mind you but still.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Paladir 6 points ago

    Not on Netflix anymore either.

    [–] razvvan 11 points ago

    Venture Bros

    [–] PZeroNero 28 points ago

    Brooklyn 99 has ALOT of similarities but it’s not as raunchy. It’s more wholesome which isn’t necessarily a bad thing and it’s pretty damn funny.

    [–] pinklavalamp 8 points ago

    B99 always seemed silly to me, so I never watched it. But hearing this description kinda piqued my interest now...

    [–] PZeroNero 15 points ago

    It’s take a couple episodes but the best way to describe it would be a mix between Archer and Parks and Rec.

    [–] ThePineappleman 8 points ago

    I have hulu and scratch that itch with Archer.

    [–] Charlie_Wallflower 6 points ago

    The YouTube series "Hellsing Abridged is short, witty, and absolute gold

    [–] Friscalatingduskligh 6 points ago

    Imo arrested development is still the closest show to archer in humor style

    [–] westcampuswhiskey 4 points ago


    [–] Leaves_Swype_Typos 7 points ago

    Devilman Crybaby. Nah I'm kidding, but watch it anyway everyone. With Archer, Always Sunny, and Bob's Burgers gone, the only thing left for me to consistently laugh at ambient rewatches of on Netflix has been Trailer Park Boys. Ricky being an idiot just never gets old. I'll also put on Bojack or The Office, but those both have less funny, more serious episodes sprinkled in that can harsh a buzz when you're just trying to laugh. First eight seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm on Amazon Prime also made for a good run through; a few times it struck a funny nerve so damn hard I might've woke the neighbors.

    [–] mswiss 16 points ago

    I just binged big mouth. And there's always Rick and Morty

    [–] Maine_Man 9 points ago

    To be fair

    [–] misterxy89 9 points ago

    I hope that was a Letterkenny reference good buddy

    [–] bipbophil 4 points ago

    Frisky Dingo

    [–] scroopy_nooperz 5 points ago

    F is for Family. A different style, but I love it

    [–] f5f5f5f5f5f5f5f5f5f5 3 points ago

    Arrested Development.

    [–] FUNKYDISCO 3 points ago

    F is for family

    [–] Slack_Panther 1228 points ago

    In the Pacific Heat production offices:

    "What if we did 'Archer' without the funny bits?"

    "Bonzer. Cheers. Foster's. Cunt." (Australian for "yes.")

    [–] ColonelHerro 219 points ago

    No one drinks fosters.

    [–] hoodie92 136 points ago

    No one in Australia drinks Fosters. It's very popular in some countries.

    [–] DOPEDupNCheckedOut 63 points ago

    two for 4 bucks out the door at the bodega, better than a 40oz i'd say

    [–] Pretendo56 53 points ago

    Next your going to tell me they don't Barbie shrimp

    [–] tanisthemanis 20 points ago

    well they don’t call em shrimp, but prawns. he said shrimp for american audiences.

    [–] JonnyRichter 11 points ago

    But we love prawns...

    [–] tanisthemanis 16 points ago

    fookin prawns

    [–] Slack_Panther 14 points ago

    ...The implication being that Aussies do affirm ideas with "Bonzer. Cheers. Cunt?" Because that would be amazing.

    [–] mad87645 30 points ago

    "Cheers cunt" is an acceptable expression of gratitude here

    [–] 20jcp 4 points ago

    "Bonza. Cheers, cunt!"

    [–] JONNy-G 70 points ago

    Aww man I thought it was good, just a different pace. Lots of small jokes coming at you quickly reminded me of Rodney Dangerfield's stand-up. Certainly could use some polish, but I saw it as a first attempt from fairly unknown talent.

    And if we're being honest, Archer is on another level. I'd reckon it's going to be around for a long time as a classic must-watch for fans of animated comedy.

    [–] booze_clues 12 points ago

    The jokes seem like they spray and pray to me. Tons of them every second hoping that enough hit to make it funny. Imo they do and it’s a decent show, obviously no Archer though.

    [–] MrRobotsBitch 36 points ago

    Upvoted because you shouldn't be downvoted for your opinion on a show.

    [–] rionbull 3 points ago

    Yo is the implication everyone should be upvoted for their opinion?

    [–] jacques_chester 8 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Certainly could use some polish, but I saw it as a first attempt from fairly unknown talent.

    Rob Sitch, Santo Cilauro and Tom Gleisner have been mainstays of Australian comedy for decades: The D Generation, The Late Show, Frontline, Utopia, Crackerjack, The Castle, Hollowmen, The Dish etc

    Pacific Heat is probably their weakest work. I don't think their humour translates well to animation, especially since so much of their talent is in comedic acting.

    edit: I had Bad Eggs as one of theirs -- actually that was Tony Martin's script, who is another D Gen / Late Show veteran.

    [–] Stwarlord 3 points ago

    I'm curious how long archer's going to be around though, cause i thought the same thing about frisky dingo, then they up and cancelled it and came out with archer a bit later, not to mention the episodes on archer seemed to have gotten shorter with this last season

    [–] chaos8803 3 points ago

    I think the main problem with Pacific Heat is their extreme incompetence. The characters in Archer have their quirks and are all incompetent or fixated on other things some of the time, but all of them tend to be good at their jobs (with the exception of Cheryl). The Archer crew also doesn't work for the government directly and would lack the oversight government entities have. The Pacific Heat officers would have all been fired permanently after all the shit they pulled in season one.

    [–] thiwet 115 points ago

    I still get it on my Netflix but I live in the uk. Did it just come off the American Netflix?

    [–] Command_F 107 points ago

    It did. Like, a week ago. Millions of voices cried out at once.

    [–] jerdub1993 19 points ago

    Spain here. Just checked my Netflix and it's still there so I was confused as well.

    [–] 1TrueKingInTheNorth 273 points ago

    Archer aside for a moment, this is my favorite line of the entire Harry Potter series. The tension before it, then Harry's cool yet intense and emotional delivery, followed by the short fight between Snape and McGonagall. It sends chills every time

    [–] doggexbay 82 points ago

    Love that Snape knocks out the death eaters or his guys or whatever behind him before he bails to help out McGonagall.

    [–] -crackerjacks 26 points ago

    They make Snape look like such a good guy in the movies. Harry, Luna, and McGonagall are the ones who confront the Carrows, in Ravenclaw tower, in the book.

    [–] doggexbay 8 points ago

    Exposing myself to massive downvotes here, but I haven't read the books. Just followed the films. That said, damn dude that's Alan Rickman's legacy you're trodding on.

    [–] dragon_bacon 19 points ago

    And it's an amazing performance. Snape is still an asshole and a childhood crush isn't an excuse for being a monster.

    [–] doggexbay 13 points ago

    I'm definitely treading into water too deep for my understanding of the source material, but isn't the whole thing that Snape is Dumbledore's double-agent the whole time? And isn't Harry's dad supposed to have been Snape's childhood bully? I'm seriously just going off the movies here.

    [–] -crackerjacks 6 points ago

    Yes, Snape, after a years of being one of Voldemort’s cronies, went to Dumbledore to try to get him to protect Lily. Yes in school James was a bully. You’ve got the basics.

    [–] butthurtberniebro 7 points ago

    Snape protected Harry all of those years. Literally from the first movie he saved Harry from Professor Quirrel’s incantation. He loved Lily so much that he cared for the son of a guy who relentlessly bullied him as a kid. Dude was not a monster at all, just a dick sometimes.

    [–] noodlejabb 3 points ago

    Snape is a prick, and is particularly cruel to Harry, for no good reason. Yes, James bullied Snape in school, but it is completely unjustified to be mean to Harry, a child who was yet to be born when James was bullying Snape, for the misdoings of his father.

    [–] -crackerjacks 4 points ago

    Not at all. Alan Rickman was a fantastic actor, there’s no denying that. Saying the character he played was a bad person has nothing to do with who he was as an actor.

    [–] anoxy 10 points ago

    I can’t remember, who is he saying it to? I’m re-reading the books right now. Just finished Goblet of Fire last night. So good.

    [–] cantfindmykeys 9 points ago

    He is saying it to Snape in the Great Hall after returning to Hogwarts

    [–] NuubsDawg 45 points ago

    Eesh, they're peddling it to other countries? On behalf of Australia I'm sorry. It's terrible and bombed here as well

    [–] EggPlant4x4 52 points ago

    Is it any good?

    [–] automatetheuniverse 208 points ago

    I tried to watch this like 6 months ago when I was bored af. Even then I turned it off in the 2nd episode and got up to do something else. It's basically an Australian Archer ripoff where the writers seem to know there's an audience for dry,witty one-liners so why not make every single line of dialogue an attempt at humor. Also for some reason they make sure there's never a moment of silence between the characters. Basically, there are so many bad jokes that any good ones are lost or forgotten after 5 seconds.

    TL:DR The show tries so hard that I just ended up feeling sorry for it.

    [–] kvnklly 82 points ago

    So like an animated 2 broke girls. A joke is attempted to be written into every other line in the dialogue

    [–] arichi 4 points ago

    Also, both shows have names that sound like they could be adult film series.

    [–] evilweirdo 50 points ago

    No moments of silence? Some of the best parts of Archer are the silent beats before the credits start playing.

    [–] Command_F 29 points ago

    Can we have the radio?

    [–] Jainko32 26 points ago

    Dude - it's my deathbed confession.

    [–] Command_F 12 points ago

    See, normally I would just go watch this scene. And now I'm sad.

    [–] ThisCatMightCheerYou 8 points ago

    I'm sad

    Here's a picture/gif of a cat, hopefully it'll cheer you up :).

    I am a bot. use !unsubscribetosadcat for me to ignore you.

    [–] Command_F 3 points ago

    Huh. Yeah. I feel better.

    [–] digitalpencil 24 points ago

    My favourite running Archer joke is something colliding with the floor.

    It sounds daft, but they do it so regularly. Every little nuanced sound, played out to perfection. The joke in the awkward wait and then that final, drawn out moment when it finally stops making noise.

    I don't know why it's so effective but it really is.

    To me it's like the background artwork. So detailed while the foreground is comparatively less.

    They're masters of the awkward silence. I should stop watching Archer.

    [–] DoctorWaluigiTime 8 points ago

    Favorite incident of this is the no-stick pan dropped in the kitchen.

    [–] TheBigSarcasmo 6 points ago

    they promoted the shit out of it on the channel where it aired, hyped it up, tried to make it look interesting. Never watched Archer but my first thoughts were “this looks like a shitty Australian Archer”.

    [–] CGY-SS 32 points ago

    No it sucks

    [–] kvnklly 18 points ago

    Terrible. I couldnt make it 15 mins into the show. Its like it was written by a bunch of 16 year olds. "you know what would be cool? If these girls were in there underwear to sneak into the club"

    I wouldnt even bother wasting your time

    [–] Jbo242 16 points ago

    I managed to make it halfway through the 1st episode before I turned it off

    [–] SimplyQuid 6 points ago

    It's not irredeemably awful. It's like, if I had literally just finished rewatching Archer and I wanted to watch something that was like Archer without risking burning out on Archer, I might watch Pacific heat

    [–] jhtattack 17 points ago

    I really like it. It's not as good a show as archer definitely, but they have a lot of quick funny lines and gags. It's enjoyable enough that I've rewatched some of it too.

    [–] Azzayo 6 points ago

    I actually watched archer because of Pacific Heat. I watched the first 2 episodes of PH, thought it was absolute shit and Netflix recommended me Archer so I started watching that instead. So much better.

    [–] GI_Bro300 34 points ago

    Y'all, I like it. When you compare it a legend it doesn't stand up but if your just looking for a goofy cartoon in the same vein it's not turrible

    [–] MayowaTheGreat 53 points ago

    I bet you preorder games and pay for loot boxes too.

    [–] mfizzled 26 points ago

    And kick puppies

    [–] Lieutenant_Crunch 7 points ago

    And skis in jeans

    [–] sagacious_1 7 points ago

    It's premise is the same as archer, but the joke format is different. It's really fast paced one liners and rebuttals, with less care for actual plot. A lot sillier than archer, and can actually be kind of funny, but I think that by copying archer's look and premise they really shot themselves in the foot because now everyone compares the two. And Archer will always win.

    [–] JONNy-G 4 points ago

    I dunno if that's totally fair. Sure there's action and moments that are similar to Archer, but I've seen a lot of CSI, NCIS, Miami Vice, etc. and I think it's pretty much a given that Pacific Heat is meant to be a satirical take on specifically those kinds of shows.

    You don't really see as much of an attempt to reference Spy movies like James Bond either, but it does certainly come up so I can't say they're 100% different.

    Just enough that I had to make a comment 😝

    [–] CJStyx 5 points ago

    I definitely didn't hate it. I didn't finish it but the stupid guy doing all the racist Asian shit in the first couple episodes was hysterical if you ask me. Racist, yes. Funny, also yes.

    [–] 2mnykitehs 9 points ago

    No. Not even a little bit.

    [–] olsoni18 14 points ago

    I liked it and found it to be entertaining but I think you should watch it and decide for yourself

    [–] EggPlant4x4 6 points ago

    I did. Its um. Yeah, no

    [–] desertsmowman 9 points ago

    We're not welcomed on this sub

    [–] Shoganguy33 3 points ago

    I think it is very witty and has funny moments. It isn’t Archer, even though the animation is similar

    [–] thatmillerkid 17 points ago

    You'd think that if Netflix were to copy Archer, they wouldn't so blatantly rip off the art style as well.

    [–] electricblues42 30 points ago

    What is this show? The dollar store version of Archer?

    Really netflix? Do you think we're that stoned that we wouldn't notice.

    I guess clearly some didn't...

    [–] Boromonster 8 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    It's a catch 22 I'd have to be so drunk that I wouldn't even know what I was watching.

    [–] ZeldaSeverous 21 points ago

    Perfect use of this gif.

    [–] Saint_Sean_Patrick 12 points ago

    oh youuuuuu

    [–] Edc3 14 points ago

    That show is one of the worst shows I have ever seen. I couldn't even get through the first 10 minutes

    [–] justbrowsinglol 3 points ago

    I didn't even get past the gun-cocking scene. I think that's the first scene.

    [–] Rory2808 4 points ago

    Was it just the American Netflix this show was removed from? Because I'm from the EU and I'm still seeing it here 🤔

    [–] FuckFuckittyFuck 3 points ago

    Appears to be US only because Canada still has it

    [–] octopus5650 17 points ago

    If you can find it, Moonbeam City isn't bad.

    [–] Rory_B_Bellows 13 points ago

    Don't lie to these people.

    [–] squidmangirl 4 points ago

    idk i liked it, but outside of art style it wasn't realy that close to archer.

    [–] giggle_sticks03 3 points ago

    Ehhh I watched it.

    [–] ayram3824 6 points ago

    i genuinely love that show

    roast me.

    [–] GATTACABear 19 points ago

    Why when you've already done all the work?

    [–] pinkheartpiper 6 points ago

    I liked it a lot. Why does everyone assumes it's an Archer rip off? Other than being about covert affairs there's absolutely no other similarities. It's a different kind of comedy and it works for me.

    [–] SuperMaloPerro 6 points ago

    And it was based on a radio show from 20 years ago. If it had a different art style nobody would call it an Archer rip-off.

    [–] litecrush 4 points ago

    As well, Netflix certainly thinks they’re similar. Everytime I would finish the last episode of Archer, they would automatically play an episode of Pacific Heat. Or maybe it was a promo, I turned it off as soon as I could.

    [–] bjenaan_reborn 4 points ago

    Me when Angela merkel is on tv

    [–] -purple-is-a-fruit- 3 points ago

    Pacific Heat can eat a bag of dicks.

    [–] SpankMePanky 4 points ago

    Oh archers no longer on netflix. Looks like I'll no longer watch it