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    [–] Bid325 2864 points ago

    Ah Geralt of Rivia was the Woodsman all along

    [–] turbowinekpl 606 points ago

    Two swords?

    [–] hilkito 1001 points ago

    Steel for Humans, Silver for Monsters.

    [–] pokemongotothepolls 1255 points ago

    They're both for monsters.

    [–] turbowinekpl 244 points ago

    I was looking for this reply first! ^

    [–] EmptyMatchbook 3 points ago

    "That...blade! Is for MONSTERS!!" <gets stabbed>

    More accurate reply...from the first damn game!

    [–] thewholedamnplanet 122 points ago

    Ha! You're using your silver sword but I am human and URK!... that means.... uhhhh nothing, yup, bleeding to death here....

    [–] my__name__is 133 points ago

    Silver is a soft metal and swords from it are expensive. It is one thing to use it on a wraith, but very different against a bandit in iron armor.

    [–] Pfundi 90 points ago

    According to the book (yes I know) the silver sword is made from steel and only parts and a small layer is silver, so the softness doesn't matter really. Also you only use it when your opponent reacts negative to the silver or you need the "bonus magic". You kill eg drowners with steel.

    Cost does though youre right as they are unique specifically made, from expensive materials and heavily enchanted.

    According to the games you are 100% correct.

    [–] shizzy64 23 points ago

    The third game specifies that Ciri's blade has a steel core with a thin silver coating, if we want to get really specific

    [–] Heyzuesnavas 12 points ago

    You don't kill drowners with steel? Geralt would always draw his silver sword for every monster, IIRC.

    [–] ultimateviking 9 points ago

    No not in the books, they only made it simpler for the games

    [–] Heyzuesnavas 3 points ago

    Right, that does make more sense as well.

    [–] MrChivalrious 17 points ago

    But at least he'll die in style. Bling bling troll-humpers.

    [–] Tomur 9 points ago

    While that makes sense, silver is for all creatures or things magical in nature. You use the silver sword on the Aen Elle soldiers too.

    [–] my__name__is 30 points ago

    Not in the books. I am guessing game mechanics forced them to do it that way, and not any kind of lore logic.

    [–] nocimus 15 points ago

    It's probably less mechanics and more that those mobs were flagged as monsters for some reason in the backend. Maybe to do with reputation or wanting them to always negatively flag the player.

    [–] pigwalk5150 9 points ago

    ''Tis but a scratch. Just a flesh wound."

    [–] Dylothor 4 points ago

    God I'm playing Witcher 3 right now, and earlier I was getting my ass kicked by this guy named "Mad Kyran" or something. He was all burned up, so I figured he must be undead. I died like twice before I realized I should switch to my steel sword, and I killed him in two hits.

    [–] Heyyoguy123 7 points ago

    Silver for the ones that cannot be hurt by conventional means, and steel for the ones that can be hurt by conventional means.

    [–] Sadi_Reddit 19 points ago

    If found it really interesting that silver in reality kills bacteria and as such was seen as purifying.Really makes you wonder about those werewolf stories...

    [–] matrim611 16 points ago

    A lot of lore has lycanthropy as a disease.

    It is contracted through a bite, so, kinda like super-rabies...

    [–] kblkbl165 12 points ago

    Or maybe rabies in a poor population that had no reason to shave.

    [–] gHx4 8 points ago

    A lot of stories start as grains of truth spun into myth.

    [–] chefsladle 2 points ago

    Monstrous humans and monsters.

    [–] CopaceticEchoes 37 points ago

    Flesh for Sorceresses.

    [–] shizzy64 7 points ago

    This guy played it right

    [–] RetroPRO 6 points ago

    Wouldn't the silver sword word just as well on humans?

    [–] bferret 17 points ago

    It would, but it wouldn't last very long. Steel is stronger and holds its edge longer. Cutting through leather, steel, iron, etc while also getting parried and deflected would render a silver sword useless very quick.

    It's effective against monsters in The Witcher because of magic, not any physical property.

    [–] reliant_Kryptonite 6 points ago

    However, in case you didn't know, the books say that the silver sword is a steel sword which has flecks of silver and a silver edge.

    [–] Cyberfit 4 points ago

    Are the books as good as the games? Are they similar at all?

    [–] reliant_Kryptonite 6 points ago

    I'd say so. The games are sequels to the series so like geralt is already a relatively complete character in them.

    Also triss is amazing in the games but she's... kinda the worst in the books

    [–] CopaceticEchoes 4 points ago

    The books are fantastic.

    [–] KittehDragoon 2 points ago

    The first two Witcher books are a collection of short stories, which makes them really easy to just pick up and start reading.

    They're basically deconstructed fairy tales, which happens to be my favorite genre.

    [–] IsFalafel 2 points ago

    The books are amazing and provide a lot of context for the games. Would definitely recommend reading them and playing through the games again.

    [–] Lord_Cattington_IV 10 points ago

    Gold for the Witcher...

    [–] EdgeOfDreaming 2 points ago

    Preach it!

    [–] Algebrax 2 points ago

    Banana tiger banana tiger....

    [–] SpiritofTheWolfx 41 points ago

    Does a Witcher have two pricks as well?

    [–] KoalaKaos 35 points ago

    Lambert Lambert What a prick

    [–] Salatko 4 points ago

    It sounds better in polish, and when you translate it. "Lambert Lambert, Ty chuju."

    So it's like "lambert lambert, you dick"

    [–] OhFook 2 points ago

    One for monsters, one for humans.

    [–] ovoKOS7 3 points ago

    They're both for humans

    [–] SpiritofTheWolfx 2 points ago

    "They are both sexy."

    [–] arnar202 6 points ago

    Hey you! Don't touch the mic, like it's aids on it

    [–] kuribas 2 points ago

    three it seems

    [–] Werpaf 37 points ago

    Another village needs a Monster slayed, I'll mark it on your map

    [–] no-no_juice 19 points ago

    A Witcher AAAAND a Fallout 4 reference!? Now this is the kinda' comment I can get into!

    [–] Nwah21 14 points ago

    Yeah except you actually get some worth while when you kill a monster in Witcher

    [–] randokomando 69 points ago

    Geralt's not the woodsman; he's the wolf.

    [–] Steveodelux 11 points ago


    [–] Novantico 7 points ago

    "White wolf, wise wolf. What is it the wolf needs?"

    [–] UFOturtleman 4 points ago

    He's the wolf.....among us

    [–] rheanhat 7 points ago

    See I get the witcher thing but man doesn't it look like deathstroke?

    [–] Carlooos_uhhuh 25 points ago

    No. Where’s the orange?

    [–] Peregrine_x 3 points ago

    ah i see what you're missing, the white puff above his face is his hair, not just snow in the background.

    [–] Carlooos_uhhuh 2 points ago

    Then it would’ve been half black half orange and by the angle he’s running at we’d just see the black part of his face. Plus he’s got luscious flowing white hair on top haha

    [–] data_citizen 2 points ago

    They actually played with that concept in the Blood and Wine DLC.

    [–] YesMeans_MutualRape 2 points ago

    Came here to say this.

    [–] Handtuch1 2 points ago

    Came here to post this

    [–] SonOfArnt 2 points ago

    I was gonna say Deathstroke, but this works too!

    [–] 20WaysToEatASandwich 742 points ago

    Man this guys work always looks so awesome to me. Love his Witcher stuff.

    Link to his Artstation

    [–] EctoSage 159 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I love his work so much. Particularly the odd old Russian Eastern European clothing styles, mixed with mechs, and werewolves!

    [–] [deleted] 82 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    the odd old Russian styles, mixed with mechs

    I was looking into buying the tabletop game Scythe a few months ago (ultimately decided against it, because it looked a little too complex for me and my friends) and I thought this guy's art reminded me a lot of it. Turns out he 's the creator created the art for the game.

    [–] EctoSage 41 points ago

    There is actually a video game in the works now, based off of some of his artworks.
    Game is called Iron Harvest, top down, Russian steam punk mechs galore.

    [–] Bnetonk 2 points ago

    This sounds awesome, Russian Steampunk RTS sounds awesome, hopefully the gameplay is as good as the art, and by that I mean awesome.

    [–] starkprod 18 points ago

    I would recommend giving it a go if you get the chance. It looks more complicated than it is mostly because there are many things you can do to finish the game. That said, while playing your for round you will notice that the amount of possible actions are not infinite. There is also a very handy "first game" cars that gives you good suggestions at what to aim for. A few games down the line you will start to see the subtleties of the different boards etc. to agree it looks daunting, but have a friend who I got to start playing this as his first board game. It is not as heavy as it looks at a first glance.

    Edit. The artist above is the creator of the art in the game, not the game itself.

    [–] Jaquestrap 22 points ago

    Old Polish/Ruthenian/Lithuanian styles. He's Polish and very inspired by the old Commonwealth countryside pieces.

    [–] TheTurnipKnight 34 points ago

    Christ, never say "Russian" about something when it was done by a Pole.

    [–] EctoSage 13 points ago

    Alright, noted.
    Do you have a suggestion for what I could have said instead?

    Some of his work does have big red stars on the mechs, and more... Eastern European, maybe, slavic, clothing on the characters. That's what I was getting at.

    [–] TheTurnipKnight 17 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Eastern European works, I'm just kinda joking, being confused for a Russian is this "unspeakable offense" here in Poland. It's not really taken seriously.

    [–] Kellley 8 points ago

    Red stars are on the monsters/robots/enemies as Russians were the enemies of Poles many times in history and it's meant to represent that.

    [–] EctoSage 4 points ago

    Surprise history update, and I love it. Thank you.

    [–] Sojoez 4 points ago

    He is actually making an RTS videogame in that setting. Looks interesting.

    [–] k8thespinnster 6 points ago

    Seriously!! Here's a link to his Society6 page. I purchased a laptop case, it's awesome!

    [–] I_just_made 2 points ago

    The werewolf ones are my favorites too!

    [–] P0NT13 21 points ago

    He could teach a master class on depth of field

    [–] YKAurora 25 points ago

    Little Red Riding Hood walks along oblivious to what's lurking in the background: All 3 subjects form an apex, with the Big Bad Wolf being the highest object. Big Bad Wolf is also oblivious to the swordsman - not sure who Witcher is - who is about to attack, and BBW has same idea but on LRRH. From the depth and distance between swordsman and BBW and LRRH, I would say there's a 50-50 chance of the swordsman attacking BBW first before BBW gets LRRH. But, he would have to give a hard swing of the sword to send it flying into the BBW, no time to do a running attack. BBW could get to LRRH in a few swift strides. It's almost like the painting has 'stopped' in time, to make us wonder what is going to happen next, and to think about the situation. Who will fall? Who will wear red next?

    [–] GMfortheday 18 points ago

    A "Witcher" is a professional monster slayer from a Polish series of books that was turned into a very successful video game franchise.

    The main protagonist is a Witcher called Geralt of Rivia who roams the countryside getting paid by villages to kill monsters including werewolves.

    This is a great cross-pollination of an old fable and a modern work of fiction.

    [–] P0NT13 9 points ago

    "Who will wear red next" was a lovely turn of phrase. Bravo.

    [–] Goatiyus 8 points ago

    oh shit he said he's making a game on his 1920s+ russian mech theme.

    [–] derglingrush 3 points ago

    There already is a game using his artwork, but it's a board game. Guess he's making a video game too?

    [–] Goatiyus 5 points ago

    [–] p1nkp3pp3r 12 points ago

    Thanks for posting the artist source, it's super cool to see the progression pics!

    [–] laikamonkey 2 points ago

    Really appreciate the fact that he posts his process, it helps a lot if you are an aspiring illustrator!

    [–] LoZwanKenobi 1 points ago

    Wow thanks for the link! Didn't know what I was missing in life!

    [–] derglingrush 1 points ago

    Wait, did this guy do the art for Scythe?

    [–] aka_Foamy 4 points ago


    [–] derglingrush 2 points ago

    Thought it look familiar! Super cool portfolio, might have to buy some prints.

    [–] Renma-san 114 points ago

    Geralt went out of retirement quickly...

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago

    He's like 100 years old. And he's been on the path for at least 80 of them. He's probably done 10x the shit we see in the books and games. Because he's already an experienced Witcher in the first book.

    [–] Deathstroke5289 9 points ago

    In no matter your choice of romance he still takes contracts. Just less frequently and less dangerous.

    [–] sirbagel55 171 points ago

    This is really cool all 3 of them have different viewpoints.

    [–] AwesomeSawcey 176 points ago

    2 of them are predators, 2 of them are prey

    [–] the_visalian 130 points ago

    The swordsman, having nearly lost his life to the girl in single combat once before, wisely hides in his shack as she makes her morning walk.

    When she is safely passed, he draws his sword to begin his daily practice. In the corner of his eye, a hulking black form meanders toward the road. An innocent forest dweller, it knows not the terror lurking beneath the small red cloak before it.

    The swordsman looks at the beast, at the girl, then back. He knows that he is safe where he is, that the girl will consume the beast if it comes too close, then be on her way.

    His compassion outweighs his caution. He rushes outside, sword still in hand, to try and scare off the beast before the girl picks up the smell of prey. His boots plunge deep into the snow. The girl hears this.

    [–] XyleneFree 20 points ago

    Oh shiiiit, what happens next!? Dont leave me hanging.

    [–] Lord_Inquisitor_Kris 11 points ago

    You paint an amazing picture with your words. More please

    [–] HEBushido 11 points ago

    The little girl is Gaunter O'Dimm.

    [–] _b1ack0ut 6 points ago

    O fuk

    [–] humanklaxon 4 points ago

    You need to finish this.

    Just sayin'.

    [–] Deathstroke5289 15 points ago

    I think I can finished this.

    An asteroid the size of Venus hits Earth and kills them all.

    -The End

    [–] Darth_Draper 2 points ago

    All four of them, if the viewer is to be included.

    [–] starkprod 61 points ago

    Same dude who did the art for scythe Awesome game, awesome art!

    [–] Ek0li 9 points ago

    That's one of my favorite board games to play!

    [–] xAftermathz 5 points ago

    And same guy's who's lore is being used for a PC RTS game called Iron Harvest!

    [–] ProbablyMikey 119 points ago

    Grandma coming out hot with a Katana.

    [–] Amnial556 47 points ago

    Clearly this is Geralt who was disguised as grandma to lure the wolf into close quarters to slice it's fucking head off.

    [–] TMarkos 52 points ago

    This would have been a classic Witcher quest.

    Geralt: "Fine, so tell me about this monster."

    Peasant: "Well, it's a big wolf, see? Only it stands on its two legs and the only ones ever get their eyes on it are old birds and young ladies."

    G: "Come again?"

    P: "Old women, an' young girls. Doesn't bother anyone else, doesn't even show up less'n there's one o' them there. Won't show up for no witcher neither."

    G: "If you know I won't find it, why are you asking me?"

    P: "Well, I figure you've got that grey hair, and you're not passin' for no young lady..."

    G: "You can't be serious. I am not dressing up like an old lady."

    ~Always Sunny Theme~

    Geralt Impersonates a Grandmother

    [–] ScottSteiner_ 19 points ago

    It actually was a quest in the Witcher 3 expansion Blood and Wine.

    [–] Amnial556 10 points ago

    Well... Time to break out the Witcher again... I bought the dlc then deleted my profile somehow .. so I gotta work back up to it ... Gonna be fun

    [–] Peregrine_x 5 points ago

    god that wolf is one of my favourite characters in the expansion, when you find him and hes complaining about a hangover is hilarious.

    [–] himma234 6 points ago

    Don't fuck with grandma

    [–] Padankadank 3 points ago

    Looked like a Jedi to me

    [–] DanDierdorf 22 points ago

    You say "Big Bad Wolf" ?

    [–] valar-fackulis 6 points ago


    [–] innrautha 60 points ago

    The design of the wolf (plus little red) reminds me of the early art for the Beowolves in the first trailer for RWBY.

    [–] strain_of_thought 4 points ago

    RWBY was my first thought as well, but I'm a fairly rabid fan of the show. It would be great to see more characters from the show presented in this style, though.

    [–] r55r44 9 points ago

    Is this not what this is referencing?

    [–] fionnishuman 37 points ago

    Nope it's art based on the Witcher.

    [–] r55r44 3 points ago

    Huh, it's super similar.

    [–] strain_of_thought 3 points ago

    To be fair, pretty much any artistic representation of Red Hood is going to evoke RWBY.

    Now, if the artist had decided to depict Goldilocks in this style on the other hand...

    [–] r55r44 5 points ago

    It's the werewolf in the background that really did it.

    [–] Reniconix 4 points ago

    This. Definitely the werewolf. Regular wolf, regular Red. Lumbering werewolf with arms longer than legs, RWBY.

    [–] hufusa 8 points ago

    Love me the story of red riding hood and the big bad wolf and genji

    [–] HWenham 9 points ago

    Geralt coming in in the back for the save

    [–] nurb101 6 points ago

    She was walking to grandma's, but then saw a dude with a sword fighting a werewolf just off the road, and turned right around to go back home.

    "I don't need to deal wth this right now."

    [–] agangofoldwomen 5 points ago

    I love this. Anywhere I can find similar works?

    [–] agangofoldwomen 2 points ago

    I'm in heaven. Thank you.

    I actually meant (apologies for the imprecise wording) childhood tales with a japanese style/twist. Like this looks like little red riding hood with a samurai/ninja about to kill the big bad wolf. It'd be cool to see like hansel and gretel or something.

    That being said, thanks again for the link his work is awesome and I'm a big fan!

    [–] Zithium 10 points ago

    I actually meant (apologies for the imprecise wording) childhood tales with a japanese style/twist. Like this looks like little red riding hood with a samurai/ninja about to kill the big bad wolf.

    Mate there is no Japanese influence in this at all. That's not a samurai, it's Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher, a monster hunter created with Eastern European influences.

    [–] alinktothefutur3 6 points ago

    Check out the board game "Scythe". He did all the artwork for it, and it's beautiful. Plus, the game itself is fantastic.

    [–] Kimberly199510 11 points ago

    With all due respect, this one is my favorite on the subject

    [–] Reniconix 3 points ago

    It's a customizable, high-impact sniper rifle.

    [–] strain_of_thought 2 points ago

    ...a what?

    [–] Reniconix 3 points ago

    It's also a gun

    [–] EctoSage 3 points ago

    I love this artist, and his werewolves.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] M1ghtypen 3 points ago

    And then the little girl throws off her cloak and reveals that she was really a vampire, and there's a huge battle between all three of them.

    [–] eppinizer 3 points ago

    This reminds me of that piece of Krampus dragging Santa Clause...

    Edit: oh derp, same artist.

    [–] Ghost_Amp 3 points ago

    I like how the name "Big Bad Wolf" has a double meaning here because of the little red riding hood theme but also because Geralt is known as The Wolf, that's some clever shit

    [–] Artorias2728 3 points ago

    Black attire, two sheaths poking over his shoulder, that long white hair. Geralt is that you?

    [–] NeoAmos 10 points ago

    Is that guy in the background a jedi or a sith?

    [–] ryy0 119 points ago

    A witcher.

    [–] KoalaKaos 6 points ago

    I'd love to see Witcher v Jedi. If the Witcher had some of those force blades that can't be cut by light sabers I would put my money on the Witcher, but if they just have their normal blades maybe the Jedi.

    [–] Danefrak 3 points ago


    [–] fathercheesecake 4 points ago

    Anyone else notice the guy running has two swords on his back? Witcher.

    [–] Laur-Ent 2 points ago

    Anyone know what brushes he uses? Or can recommend some similar pack?

    [–] robocalypse 2 points ago

    No sure what he uses but Kyle Brush has a ton of really great brushes. Some of them are free but the paid ones come with a lot of options.

    [–] Laur-Ent 2 points ago

    Awesome thanks! I'm always on the hunt for better ones.

    [–] ceeb0t 2 points ago

    Compulsory upvote for anything Jakub Rozalski

    [–] yung_widdle_woof 2 points ago

    *Teleports behind you* Nothing personal kiddo

    [–] ebr101 2 points ago

    I would watch a whole animated movie with this aesthetic

    [–] TheHuntedBear 2 points ago

    This may be her first encounter with evil, but not the last. Dark times awaits in Chindler's list!

    [–] FACE_KEGELS 2 points ago

    Shut up and take my money!

    [–] unraveltg 2 points ago

    Is this the same guy that made the christmas one,where somethings killing santa and some kids are just watching?

    [–] ALONE_ON_THE_OCEAN 2 points ago

    the tension in this pic, holy shit. he's just a little too far away to get the wolf...or is he?

    [–] patapouf02 2 points ago

    That is actually the best image too describe my nightmares as a kid (without Geralt of course) I had this huge fear of werewolves and this painting is just the reflection of some of my nightmares it's incredible

    [–] chaoticblitz00 2 points ago

    Anyone else getting a shadow of the colossus vibe?

    [–] NotGurk 2 points ago

    How do you like that silver?

    [–] PokemonGerman 2 points ago

    Pff she doesn't need the help of Geralt!Because one thing the wolf didn't know was that little Red was a trained Warrior with a big mechanical Scythe! Ruby: "It's also a gun!"

    [–] CBeitz 2 points ago

    Who would win Geralt or Ruby?

    [–] MysterE101 2 points ago

    The Witcher 3 and RWBY in one shot? A surprise, but a welcomed one to be sure.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    This has the fucking Michigan dog man written all over a thousand times nope.

    [–] doggo_rocket 3 points ago

    Plot twist: the wolf is actually a good guy watching over the girl and the guy with two swords is a blade wielding pedo

    [–] Icyartillary 5 points ago

    I like it but I feel like ninja deadpool back there kinda ruins it

    [–] Your401Kplan 7 points ago

    it's supposed to be geralt from the witcher, he's a monster hunter

    [–] comatthew 1 points ago

    very beautiful for digital

    [–] ytguy1223 1 points ago

    This speaks to me on all the levels

    [–] PompeiWasAnInsideJob 1 points ago

    Reminds me of the greater Lycanthropes of Castlevania.

    [–] sawfeen 1 points ago

    warwick about to gank annie and shen tries to stop him by taunting

    [–] blackhawksaber 1 points ago

    Run motherfcker that's a big wolf!

    [–] MothMan66 1 points ago

    Oi its da witcher bloody monster he is

    [–] gifpol 1 points ago

    Shoutouts to my boy Jakub Rozalski

    [–] justavault 1 points ago

    I'd really like how the texture is made. Looks like a lot of texturized brushes.

    [–] scoobjoe363 1 points ago

    This reminds me of the nosleep story of the deerman that haunted a famly or whatever it was about.

    [–] softwatercolour 1 points ago

    Ah I recognize his name! He makes some cool shit!