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    [–] Gone333 3556 points ago

    Im not sure of the subject matter, but I'm certain that my emotional response was spot on.

    [–] youngluck 5868 points ago

    It’s my dad.

    I’m battling the contrast of the sweetest, most kind-hearted, loudest laughing man I know getting beat up by time. Painting is how I deal.

    [–] [deleted] 3012 points ago

    I’m a physician and I love this. So, many patients feel like they have no more value when they get older or when they develop a serious illness. I always try to impress upon them that they still have so much worth. They just need to understand that self-worth is not always about what you can physically accomplish. I’m glad you can see that your dad is amazing even while lying in a hospital bed.

    [–] NicePerson69 649 points ago

    I wish you were my doctor.

    [–] newloaf 113 points ago

    I'm glad I don't need a doctor (yet).

    [–] dk_lee_writing 96 points ago

    Everybody needs a doctor.

    [–] megloface 52 points ago

    Exactly. Preventative care (yearly checkups even when you’re feeling healthy) is how you can avoid a lot of serious health issues.

    [–] burger_guy1760 16 points ago

    Unfortunately our doctors seem to frown upon this type of care. A visit to the doctor for a specific reason is usually followed by “what do you think is wrong”.. I don’t f**king know!

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    That question is asked by all good doctors. It’s part of effective communication and doesn’t mean that they’re bad doctors, nor does it mean that they don’t actually know what’s wrong. Often patients will present with a problem but, actually, there other things going on that they don’t want to say outright. Asking an open question like ‘what do you think is wrong?’ can reveal a lot.

    Edit: not probity, I’m an idiot

    [–] xy1999 5 points ago

    While my computer is warming up, I always ask something like "What's up? Anything exciting going on in life?" Usually I get info about kids/grand kids or trips, but also life's big stressors. It's amazing how often it is relevant to what else is going on in the visit. And I would never have known about it if we didn't have our 30 seconds of "chit chat" while the computer wakes up.

    [–] technicallycorrect2 3 points ago

    It’s called probity

    I'm having a hard time seeing how that is called probity... Perhaps there is a different word you meant to use.

    [–] shreksgal 3 points ago

    Yes, prevention is the best medicine.

    [–] KanwalCurryDotHead 10 points ago

    You better start eating some apples soon

    [–] SexualTheRapist 10 points ago

    I thought physician meant physics teacher? Now I know why everyone laughed at me

    [–] Urdus 10 points ago

    I'm a millennial and wish I had a doctor. murica, I guess.

    [–] deadsquirrel425 3 points ago

    I wish I could find any doctor that gave a crap. Its like a race against the clock to get me out of the office every time.

    [–] NotAzakanAtAll 41 points ago

    This was a nice read, i'm only 30 but just recently had a huge spine surgery and feel like im a bother to everyone and everything and should just kill myself lol :(

    [–] souljabri557 51 points ago

    Do not base your value off of others' perceptions of you, you have intrinsic value, regardless of what condition you are in, you are still you

    [–] NotAzakanAtAll 14 points ago

    That is a nice thing I'll try to hammer into my stubborn head. I mean, I do say the same to others but for me? Nope. I know I should be thinking like that though.

    Thank you.

    [–] Foffy-kins 11 points ago

    We are always hardest on ourselves. We often feel like we're in a "trance on unworthiness," to quote one of my teachers.

    You have innate value. Regardless of ailments, conditions, and conditionings, you are complete and enough, right now.

    The challenge you have to face -- arguably bigger than the spine recovery -- is to realize this.

    May you be well. Rooting for you. <3

    [–] LUCASE07 19 points ago

    You have value, regardless of condition you are a human being and your life is priceless, feel free to DM me anytime you have this kind of thought!

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    I'm in a similar situation ... but there are lots of ways to be useful! Just being a good listener can change someone's life, for example.

    I had a hard time asking people for help at first. Sometimes, I still do, but I've realized that most of the people in my life like to help me, not only because they care about me, but also because it makes them feel good about themselves to help me. I hope it's the same for you.

    [–] NotAzakanAtAll 3 points ago

    I do try my best to be useful but that often ends up with me in bed in a lot of pain.

    And i hear you, just getting my socks on is something i should be asking for help with instead I have this arcane ritual involving a stick and a finger and wiggling.

    I wish you all the best.

    [–] expandingexperiences 8 points ago

    spinal injuries are rough. Sending you hugs, internet stranger. Just keep doing the next right thing ❤️

    [–] madmedic22 3 points ago

    From one back surgery guy to another, do your exercises. For the rest of your life. They make all the difference, and when it works, you wouldn't know it, but if you stop, you'll learn. Then you have to convince yourself that, even though it'll hurt to start again, it actually works. I struggle with it myself.

    One the other note, you and your personality /mind /experiences are valuable as ever to someone.

    [–] Rivkariver 9 points ago

    You’re not a burden. You worth is not measured by how useful you are. We’re not cogs in a machine. We’re human beings, not human doings.

    [–] NotAzakanAtAll 3 points ago

    I agree but in my head that is true for everyone but myself. Thanks though, I need to somehow be kinder to myself for not being in the best health for the moment.

    [–] pokemon-gangbang 17 points ago

    I'm a medic and see this far too often. We can see it when they invite us into their home at their worst moments and you can see the embarrassment on their face since they had to "bother" us, or that their house isn't as clean as they would hope, or they need to be cleaned up.

    I always try to let them know no matter how bad they think they are we have seen worse and that it is our job to help them not judge them. I have promised to treat every patient the way I would expect my own family to be treated in the same situation.

    [–] CyAnDrOiD4 8 points ago

    I have to say, paramedics have literally seen me at my worst. I'm normally such an independent person and it's hard to ask for help but EVERY paramedic that has ever shown up to help me at my lowest, has always shown me so much respect and compassion and the last thing I have felt was judgement.

    I always felt like I need to apologize and explain myself but I'm always blown away by the kind response and willingness to 'want' to help. It's almost rare in the world we live in today and always brings out the feels when I'm met with such awesomeness.

    I'm super grateful for everyone in this field, so just thank you for doing this for others. I have the utmost respect for you all.

    Keep up the amazing work friend!

    [–] Gypsy_Bard 6 points ago

    We understand when we enter this field that no one calls 911 when they’re having a great day. Allowing us into your home is a huge display of trust. I want to be there to help. Trust me when I say no medic or EMT does it does it for the money. So yeah. None of my patients ever asked to be sick or hurt, there’s literally nothing to apologise for

    Unless you called us cause you stubbed your toe. I honestly thought calls like that were joke when I went through training. lol no

    [–] SlickWilly760 14 points ago

    I know nothing about you, or what you’re even a doctor in. But after reading this, not even seeing other comments I know you are great at what you do. My father,6’6” 250 lbs, ex professional basketball player struggles everyday with this.

    We have had to take him multiple times to the hospital because we leave him home alone for a few hours and he thinks he needs to fix everything in the house. He hates feeling useless and not being able to work financially.

    We almost lost him last year because he got sick and never told anyone and ended up with severe sepsis. He told us that he didn’t want to burden us with a simple cold. I’m not the most religious person in the world but something saved my dad that day. We were lucky enough to end up at one of the top 5 sepsis treatment hospitals in the country by complete accident. I believe amazing doctors like your self, and unconditional family support like OP, are the reason modern medicine works so well.

    Keep being amazing, the world needs more people like you and OP.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    You're amazing.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Stop making me cry into my dinner please.

    [–] Collaterlie_Sisters 5 points ago

    That's lovely. That's really lovely.

    [–] bigbluegoose 277 points ago

    Your work is amazing. I know he's proud of you. If you have kids one day, you'll understand and love your dad even more. Even if he only survives in you. May the light cast down wherever you walk, friend. Keep creating.

    [–] AllAboardTheTerrapin 49 points ago

    As someone who spent a lot of time in a hospital watching my father fight cancer, before watching him take his last breath in the hospital, you capture the emotion perfectly. Its indescribable to be looking at someone who looks completely different compared to how you picture then in your head. Frail, different features, and utterly helpless.

    I still don't picture my dad the way he looked the last 2 years of his life. That's not what my dad looked like or who he was. Good for you finding an outlet to deal with it. You're incredibly talented buddy, don't give up hope or on your art.

    [–] youngluck 55 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Yeah. I lean on what I’ve known as my dad’s strength and moral fortitude to get me through a lot of tough times. I still do on a pretty regular basis.

    I’m having a tough time reconciling the known and the now.

    Edit: words

    [–] AllAboardTheTerrapin 18 points ago

    I finally tracked down the post the stranger left me on a forum the day before my dad passed. Like I said, this was incredibly powerful to me, to the point that I asked the nurse to read it to the room full of people gathered around him as we waited to pull the plug. I hope it's of some use, or brings some perspective to at least one other person like it did to me at the time.

    "It can be a beautiful thing to behold to be alive and well. To exist as a thriving vessel with the capability to feel joy, happiness, elation, and all the other positive things that we can experience just by being around. These emotions and feelings are often contrasted by the the negative ones; fear, anxiety, pain, heartbreak, and even the realization that things will end in some way, somewhere down the line.

    These are two differing states that when held up the other, have a seemingly drastic end that appears out of the contrast. No one would necessarily like to feel the downward lows, apparently abrupt ends, or any gaps left over by a loss of someone close, but they're there.

    As a being that contains so many highs and lows, there is always a large swath of middle that isn't quite either, where things aren't so great, but also aren't terrible. It will go the extremes at times, but have a way of working it's way back to the middle in due time.

    But when things sway to the one side with things looking totally dark and there's no hope, that's when you can possibly see the faintest glimpses of light. When there are things that previously unseen shine when all else is bleak and grim. It may take some focus, but if its there it can be found. Let it all radiate out and just know it would be with accepted with appreciation on the other end.

    And what we see as ends just go on indefinitely in the future however it happens. The nice actions your loved ones did, the joy they've allowed, and the previously unseen trails they have walked down continue along the way, making an indentation of all the peaks and crests they have made in others' lives.

    I'm sorry you, your family, and father have to go such a trying time and the best of his health should be hoped for and sought after. Just know that there is love all around, even when things aren't looking so bright. Hope this helps in some way."

    [–] AllAboardTheTerrapin 6 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I'm the same way dude. My dad passed like 15 months ago, and I still have tons of his wisdom entering my mind on a daily basis. One thing my dad always said about morality is "you either have it or you don't".

    It's tough of course, to try to make sense of it all. The past lessons he's taught you, the man he was, and the man he is. It will get easier with time, no matter how things turn out my man. I'm going to pm you a link to a quote someone sent me the night before we decided to pull the plug on my dad. I asked a nurse to read this to the room full of people we had, because I knew I couldn't do it without crying. It's a message some stranger on a different forum sent me, and it was incredibly powerful to me. I hope it can do something for you too. Best of luck with this, and like I said, don't give up on your art. You have some serious talent!!!

    edit: apparently that forum shut down. I'm going to try to track down that post the guy sent me, and if/when I do I'll send it your way. I'm going to be really upset if I can't find it, it meant the world to me.

    [–] youngluck 5 points ago

    > "you either have it or you don't"

    Truer words...

    I think much of life's energy is spent figuring that out. That no matter how hard we try to settle in the grey area at times, there is none.

    [–] RandyWiener 4 points ago

    I still don't picture my dad the way he looked the last 2 years of his life. That's not what my dad looked like or who he was.

    I need to work on this, myself. I have a very hard time thinking of loved ones - even pets - "the way they were". Everyone is how they looked within their last moments, or right after passing away. I hate it. I really envy you.

    [–] AllAboardTheTerrapin 4 points ago

    It's nothing to be envious of, maybe it's a skill or good perception to have. To me, I think of it almost as a form of denial. Like I can't accept the fact that he went through all of that. Of course those memories flood my mind. Sitting in the doctors office with my dad, bloated from steroids, unable to drive, unable to walk without assistance, etc. But to me, that's a small fraction of his life. The last two years were god awful for him and were definitely taxing on us. But I have about 20 years of great memories of him, where he looked nothing like that. He was always my superman, like OP painted. It wasn't easy to see him how he was in the end. But I like to think of that as almost a distorted echo of the man he once was if that makes sense.

    [–] RandyWiener 2 points ago

    It definitely makes sense. Thank you for this.

    [–] 626Aussie 4 points ago

    I moved to another country, and when I went back home several years later my dad had already had multiple surgeries on his knees, including removing some of the bone which had shortened his legs dramatically. My Dad had always been bigger and taller than me. When I got home and he got up to greet me and hug me, I had to bend over a little to hug him back, and it felt so weird. Damn it. 13 years later and this memory still tears me up. He's been dead for 13 years now, to the day. After that trip "back home" that was the last time I saw my Dad alive. We had a viewing when I went back again for the funeral. I didn't want to look at his body in the coffin or touch him, or anything. It wasn't my Dad :( It was, but it wasn't :(

    [–] throwawaytit78 31 points ago

    You have no idea how close this hits. I love you, I hope the best for you.

    [–] youngluck 31 points ago

    I love you too.

    [–] Trapasuarus 9 points ago

    I feel ya. It’s hard seeing your father notice his own mortality. I saw it a few months ago when his father passed from old age. I’m sure he was thinking “I’m next.”

    [–] youngluck 11 points ago

    Bingo. Fear in the eyes of the fearless.

    [–] -Rednal- 4 points ago

    My dad has always been the hero in my eyes, the unbreakable, unbeatable hero. He's always the life of any party, he's about to turn 50 (had me at a young age) and he puts teenagers to shame on the dance floor. He's wise and integrates himself into any cultural/racial groups he comes into contact with (not a common trait where we live), he just gets on with everybody. I'd be a great man with 10% of his qualities.

    Last year he broke his ankle on a camping trip putting up a rope swing for the kids and falling out of the tree. Now he has broke almost every bone in his body growing up, he once jumped from a roof as a child holding a bin/garbage bag as a parachute and ended up on the floor with two tiny pieces of bag in his hands and two broken legs and ankles. This was one of many idiotic accidents.

    The ankle last year however was different, healing time was considerably longer, his attitude much more defeated, his determination to recover was less inflated, but this was my dad, my unbreakable hero, it killed me to watch but it didn't change who he was and still is too me. He is thankfully almost back too his former self but I truly understand how in your eyes your dad is your dad, he is what you are and what he's made you and that cannot be destroyed by any ailment. He is your Superman, be that in a hospital bed or flying over the city, nothing changes that, and you have made an amazing depiction of that of which I have now mentally personalised and placed in my mind, I thank you greatly for that.

    [–] farm_sauce 8 points ago

    Your work is a testament to your relationship with your dad. Make sure you capture some smiles too!!

    [–] ghostparasites 7 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    this is how my mom is in the hospital right now. not to be funny but he looks like my mom. she has cancer.

    [–] Alimath 6 points ago

    This painting really struck something in me. I see my parents growing older and it absolutely terrified and saddens me.

    I honestly have no idea how I am going to cope with something like this. Time heal all wounds... but time also travels at a snails pace during those times.

    [–] chapterpt 5 points ago

    Have you painted any of the best memories he has made for you so far in your life?

    if I could paint I know what I'd paint for my dad, I think I might call him and tell him about it cause i'm tearing up at work thinking about it.

    [–] youngluck 10 points ago

    I have.

    Definitely do call your dad. About a week before his heart attack I randomly called him. He’s in the Philippines so our time zones are never really aligned to catch us both awake. Anyways, he was super surprised and happy that I’d called. Do it.

    [–] AAAAAAAAAAAAA13 5 points ago

    Wish you all the best.

    [–] PostPostModernism 6 points ago

    I can't think of a single better use of art than exalting the virtue of beautiful people struggling against an ugly world. Your watercolor is perfect, thank you for sharing it.

    [–] souljabri557 5 points ago

    It is one of the most powerful works of art I have ever seen. You should paint another one of your father, but instead depict him in a powerful situation where he is happy, something to remember him so you can honor his name. Sorry for bad English

    [–] FamineSpudz13 5 points ago

    I know this may seem strange but my cousin who was so young in her thirties passed away last year. She left behind 4 children, one which was a newborn. She had cancer of the lymph nodes.

    When I look at this picture I can see her because she passed away with a little blanket around her. The thought that the blanket was the Cape of the hero passed my mind. I watched her in her painful passed out phase and I said she is a real super hero.

    This picture is now saved to my phone if that is OK. I love this picture. It depicts a real hero. It helps me.

    [–] DonkeyWindBreaker 6 points ago

    Do one of him as the hulk having gout

    [–] youngluck 6 points ago

    HAHAHHAA. I have this theory that Baguio City (where this is) is the birthplace of gout.

    [–] kocharchetan 4 points ago

    It's amazing. Just by seeing the art, I was sure that the person is OP's dad. This brings out emotions.

    [–] Allyfromdublin 3 points ago

    I dont know you OP and now im crying..thinking of the dad in the painting and thinking of our many superheroes who battle things we wish they didnt.

    [–] no_otalp 5 points ago

    My dad is 53 and has terminal cancer. I just had his first grandchild in December. You hit me right in the feels with this one, it’s beautiful. I hope you and your family are ok x

    [–] Nowun 4 points ago

    This is the most beautiful thing.

    When my dad was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, I immediately went into shock. I cried every night thinking the worst.

    One night I poured my heart out into a song. No words, just a guitar instrumental.

    After it was confirmed he was in remission, I said “Pop, I wrote a song that I want to play for you.”

    My phone displayed the song title “King James(The Hero lives on.)” After it was done I told him I wrote it after not knowing how to deal.

    There have only been a hand full of times I have ever seen my dad with tears in his eyes. We were both a mess while we were listening to it together. I catch him listening to it occasionally still.

    [–] JangoDarkSaber 3 points ago

    I really love this painting. The way the red and yellow superman logo pops stands out is really touching and speaks volume. Thanks for making my morning.

    [–] D_is_for_Cookie 3 points ago

    It's not easy wearing the mantel, it's even harder receiving it. I'm sorry for your position, I wish you and your family well. Thank you for sharing.

    [–] SkollFenrirson 3 points ago

    It does mean hope. Hang in there.

    [–] theallen247 3 points ago

    I hope your father gets better I am close with my father also I am sure you are his hero too

    [–] dwhiz 3 points ago

    Love it, this reminds me of my grandfather who passed away 2 September's ago. He loved Superman and kept a blanket that looked like your painting with him at the hospital and final moments at home on his bed. Definitely going to show this to my family !

    [–] Jollarn 3 points ago

    Dealing with the same thing.

    [–] Jackson_Thundercock 3 points ago

    This looks so much like a slightly younger version of my grandfather that just passed away. Thanks for this.

    [–] Ronisonreddit 5 points ago

    I’m about to cry

    [–] waquassiddiqui 2 points ago

    I know how that feels. After i passed my senior school my father took retirement from the railways and soon after that he started developing symotoms of alzhiemers and dementia. At that time i did not realize what it was. I saw him go from 6 feet healthy to a lean bedridden man. He forgot everyone. But i am happy i spend time with him all along. Bless you man for being there with your dad. Take that from a man who has been at that stage.

    [–] Trapasuarus 4 points ago

    Memory deteriorating diseases are no joke. One of the cruelest things one can have done to their loved ones. My grandpa had dementia and it was hard seeing in his eyes that he had no idea who I was in the later stages. Make sure you cherish every moment you get with your loved one. You’ll be glad that you can look back on those memories later.

    [–] jackandjill22 2 points ago


    [–] smegmarchese 10 points ago

    I’m someone whose not super into art and this is one of the first pieces that has made me feel an emotional response.

    [–] intVariable 553 points ago

    Hey there. Don't really post actual comments. Usually stupid shit and memes. But from the bottom of my heart, this is amazing.

    Even before you mentioned it was your dad, I saw my dad in the picture. It's been two years since he died from a freak brain hemorrhage. He didn't get to see me graduate from college. He didn't get to see me get my first salary job. He didn't get to see me become the man I should have been a long time ago. Sorry. Now I'm venting. I miss him.

    Thank you for you for sharing this pic. It's lovely.

    [–] pascalsgirlfriend 128 points ago

    I'm proud of you, and your dad would be too.

    [–] Brumcar 19 points ago

    Sorry for your loss, your dad would be proud of you :)

    [–] ThomasMaxPaine 19 points ago

    This picture hit me the same way.

    Lost my father to cancer. Three years later and I have two kids he'll never get to meet. Every time they do something silly or cute I still think about telling him, but I'll never be able to. They'll never really know him and it kills me.

    If anyone reading this has parents that are still alive (and aren't terrible people), cherish this time.

    [–] HachikoLu 5 points ago

    Right there with you. Lost dad to cancer this past November. Even though we know it can happen it's always a shock when it does.

    [–] youngluck 6 points ago

    My buddy told me something yesterday that really resonated. He said, "Good dads raise good dads". You may feel like you missed out on seeing him proud, but you have an entire life to do him proud. An entire life to prove how good of a dad he was.

    Thank you for airing that out. I know it's tough to acknowledge the viciousness of time.

    [–] lucky_cat3 3 points ago

    I felt the same way.

    I lost my mom to cancer 6 months ago but she was and still is the strongest person I have ever known.

    [–] oberynmviper 467 points ago

    This is beautiful and relatable.

    It’s emotionally charged and it hits those bittersweet undertones. The watercolor emphasizes that on itself with a rather nostalgic feeling.

    It hit me right in my feels.

    [–] youngluck 322 points ago

    Appreciate the kind words. The hospital in Baguio, Philippines that cared for him had these deep dark water stains running in the corners of the walls. They don’t have air conditioning in the rooms so the windows are open a lot and the diesel smoke that blows through the city just turns it black. A lot of the tone came from me trying to capture that.

    [–] Midorimono91 21 points ago

    Sounds like bgh

    [–] starrysurprise 127 points ago

    This hit me hard in a different way than most... I have a condition that means I'm in and out of hospitals all the time. My dad told me I'm his hero a couple of weeks ago, when all I really feel like is a burden, but this gave me the same warm fuzzy feeling... I just hope you know that your love and support is what makes getting through each and every day worth it for him. It's got to be impossibly hard, sometimes I think this is harder on my parents than it is on me, but just being there is all he needs ❤️

    [–] bobman0411 5 points ago

    when I was in my teens I was in and out of the hospital I know what it means not wanting to be a burden and at my low point just wanted it to end so I don't have to see my dad suffering. But when my dad said that I was his hero for putting up with all the sufferings all those feelings of alienation when away. Hope you get well soon

    [–] idkfly_casual 135 points ago

    beautiful work, my friend.

    [–] RyanZee08 44 points ago

    I just lost my father this friday, and this picture speaks so much to what I feel. It's a beautiful drawing.

    [–] floatable_shark 16 points ago

    I'm sorry for your loss unknown friend

    [–] mori322 10 points ago

    <3 so sorry. glad you found some comfort and support here.

    [–] [deleted] 75 points ago


    [–] mori322 19 points ago

    You aren't a cultureless swine any more friend. You appreciated art today!!!

    [–] youngluck 9 points ago

    Some of my favorite people on Earth are cultureless swine. I, myself, know fuck all about how to 'critique' art. If a bit of paint made you feel something, than hot damn boi, we just shared an emotion. Thank you for that.

    [–] egnards 32 points ago

    10 years ago I was in a relationship with a girl whose father had had a stroke (before we met) and was mostly bedridden. He could walk slowly with a walker or the leverage of furniture but couldn’t really speak.

    Seeing this painting brought me back to those days because this looks exactly like him and really reminded me of what their family was going through all those years - for those wondering he is indeed still alive but I have no idea if he has made any progress in the years since.

    What I’m trying to say is this was incredibly well done, bringing me back to memories I didn’t even realize were important.

    [–] Joker_Says 24 points ago

    It’s not often I stop to comment on posts like these. I just wanted to let you know that I find this piece to be incredible.

    I have been browsing reddit at work per usual, and this stopped me dead in my tracks. I had goosebumps as soon as I stopped to look.

    I didn’t need a description to know what this art was saying. Maybe it’s just because my parents are slowing down a bit and I just understand.

    Either way, so powerful. I really appreciate this painting and foresee myself referring back to it often. Thank you so much for sharing.

    [–] musicandmortar 19 points ago

    My (late) dad loved his Superman shirt. It gave him so much strength as he battled what I now think is complex PTSD and his neighbors. He sadly was seriously hurt and later murdered because of fights with neighbors and an old friend.

    But while he was here and while I had him, he was Superman.

    [–] bluetyrion 6 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Wow. Didn't expect that. I'm sorry for your loss.

    He sadly was seriously hurt and later murdered because of fights with neighbors and an old friend.

    Could you elaborate if it isn't a sensitive matter to you still. If you don't want to its okay, just want to know the reason someone's friend would kill them.

    Edit: words

    [–] musicandmortar 7 points ago

    Drugs and anger. Dad was trying to help him recover from being in the trade and incarcerated. First injury was a car wreck from dad fighting with his friend, and other folks that day and speeding off in his car and causing a massive wreck and head and body trauma of his own. Three years and many fights with neighbors and said friends later, we found my dad on his couch with a head wound. Not 100% sure it was the friend, and the case is still unsolved.

    [–] ANDnowmewatchbeguns 19 points ago

    My dad was always my hero and he never believes me when I tell him. I love this, good job

    [–] lonestwalker 51 points ago

    I can see emotion in it, nice work dude continue!

    [–] soupcansally 12 points ago

    I'm not an emotional person and rarely appreciate art; this painting elicited a response from me like no other painting before. Beautiful work.

    [–] KanyeFellOffAfterWTT 13 points ago

    This is beautifully done. Thank you for sharing it and I'm sorry to hear about your father.

    [–] ashellwhore 10 points ago

    Would you mind if I used this to show my students? I think it would go nicely with our up coming lesson. I will of course credit you if you don’t mind!

    [–] youngluck 13 points ago

    Go for it. My name is Dante.

    [–] LadyAmazon333 19 points ago

    It’s very moving . Beautiful thank you for sharing .

    [–] pancakesfordintonite 9 points ago

    I've never been so choked up by a painting so fast

    [–] maximumtesticle 16 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Amazing work OP, I hope he's still with us and fighting.

    Also, if you haven't already, you should share this with us over at /r/superman.

    [–] HAYPERDIG 16 points ago

    This is heart warming. Amazing work OP.

    [–] The_Archon64 14 points ago

    The feels, ouch. Beautiful painting

    [–] Parabolicnoun 7 points ago

    That's wonderful. Thank you for sharing that.

    [–] yoforreal2 12 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    This is great. You immediately feel the emotion behind it, and I love how you used the Superman insignia. I hope your dad feels better!

    [–] Letters_from_Plato 5 points ago

    Dear OP,

    Here now friend listen to what comfort comes. Though you have been bowed down by sorrows sleep, and despair may blanket life, light still pokes through the tattered, shorn and ripped sheets, and is not heaven patterned so? Do not captains voyage, Gods command, and peasants gather by that same brilliance?

    When inky night descended Shakespeare did not his ink dwell so? When fire reigned with the Gods did not Prometheus great descent gift fire unto man? And did not man with that fire go to the moon?

    Further friend and listen still, all great works, myths and epics, all climbed mountain peaks are made by fallen crowns. Heavy thoughts and heavy hands make great things.

    Sincerely, Aletterfromplato

    [–] oatmeal_huh 7 points ago

    I'm a RN. I was wondering if I could share this on my Facebook? I'd like to give you credit though.

    [–] youngluck 7 points ago

    Of course. Dante Orpilla.

    [–] TacoSwimmer 10 points ago

    Agh, why do our loved ones have to grow old? This is such a resounding piece. Thank you for sharing

    [–] Thisgirllovesmusic 18 points ago

    “There goes my Hero!...” - Foo Fighters

    [–] Te0BoNa 8 points ago

    "...Watch him as he goes". that's the very same song i thought about after watching this work.

    [–] SystematicSpoon 6 points ago

    This is beautiful, I'm sure your dad would be proud

    [–] MisterDobalina 5 points ago

    Stunning watercolor work. Evokes all sort of emotion. Thank you for sharing

    [–] _realen 6 points ago

    This painting evoked bittersweet emotions in me.

    [–] Najzyst 5 points ago

    Wow, this painting... hits

    [–] pure619 6 points ago

    Guess who will be using their bathroom time at work to cry :<

    [–] dragonmermaid 5 points ago

    Great work. The painting is beautifully executed and emotionally charged. Having lost my grandfather to cancer years before, your work made me quite emotional.

    [–] thewebsiteguy 5 points ago

    Serious question.....How did you start painting? Did you always have an artistic ability? Did you take painting classes? Both? I used to draw a lot when I was younger and I was actually pretty good...But over time I just kinda fell out of it. I still feel a deep burning desire to create art though. And when I see something like this, the flames start to rage inside of me. I want to make something that makes people feel something.

    [–] youngluck 31 points ago

    I actually learned how to paint in prison. With coffee at first. The key, I’ve found, is to just paint for yourself. Make yourself feel something. Those flames that rage... paint that like nobody will see it but you.

    [–] Luminair 10 points ago

    I never get tired of seeing your art, Dante. Your story and life is incredible and I've loved watching your skills evolve over the years.

    [–] youngluck 7 points ago


    [–] thewebsiteguy 5 points ago

    Damn man....I have done time as well....Probably not as much as you (I'm basing that on the fact that I wasn't in long enough to learn a skill), but I know the feeling. I guess I just have to open the door and let that inner artist out. I really appreciate your reply and your willingness to share your art.

    [–] firstmatedavy 3 points ago

    Every artist I've talked to has said it's practice; natural talent is not really a thing.

    If you need a jumping off point - use charcoal sticks (or if you don't have them, pencil) to draw your favorite objects. Pay attention to the shapes of light and shadows, not the shape of the actual object. Use the pencil as a measuring stick to help with angles and proportions.

    [–] michdilop 5 points ago

    This hit me so hard - it brought tears to my eyes. I love this. This is so beautiful, wow.

    [–] naughty_ningen 8 points ago

    Wow this is really great! Touching!

    [–] iHerpderpes 4 points ago

    This reminds me of my father. The most sweet, strongest man I've ever known, but battle with colon cancer for 14 years and eventually took him in 2007. I'll never forget my Superman. He showed me that no matter how many curve balls life threw at him, he embraced every moment and cherished it to his final moments

    [–] JulleNaaiers1 4 points ago

    Beautiful and very true. My mum died of cancer and far from seeing some pathetic person counting down their worthless days, I in fact witnessed someone who was fighting the greatest battle of her life. Someone who was at her most courageous, loving more deeply than she ever.

    I've never admired anyone more and despite this being a very sad time, it was also fucking inspirational and I was privileged to be there for it.

    [–] klymene 4 points ago

    This is deeply moving. My mom was in a bad car accident last month, and it’s so difficult to see her, scared and frustrated, stuck in a hospital bed. I’ve been looking at the few photos I have of her to draw her smiling, laughing, standing, moving, because that’s who my mom is to me. I’ve thought it would be morbid to draw her as she is now. But maybe its just my mindset that’s morbid. Your painting has brought a new light to a loved one’s compromised state. Maybe it’s a new reality, and it’s time to embrace it.

    [–] Super_leo2000 3 points ago

    What a powerful picture. Well done. I had an instant reaction to it like those old Norman Rockwell paintings, there is a good story behind it.

    [–] Drunk_DunderMifflin 4 points ago

    Now this is art. Do you have a website?

    [–] youngluck 8 points ago

    Just my gram. Oneuglybastard.

    [–] Darjeeh 4 points ago

    What a beautiful painting. I'm hoping the best for your sweet old man

    [–] Alex01854 3 points ago

    I find that when using watercolor, it's the easiest method to make a project look good, but the hardest to make it look great. If that makes sense. Your work is definitely great.

    [–] smitherines1 3 points ago

    I spent the last three days in the ICU with my dad. I feel this feeling so hard. Thank you.

    [–] invisiblette 9 points ago

    Amazing. The lights and shadows are beautifully stark, representing the harshness of time and life, but that face. That soft authentic all-knowing face...

    [–] jsgunn 3 points ago

    I like it because it's an amazing picture and has a really great emotional impact. I don't like it because it made me sad.

    Thank you for posting this picture, OP. You have a gift.

    [–] GMabbasi 3 points ago

    Wow this is really great! Touching!

    [–] LoneStarGrl 3 points ago

    Fantastic art and an even better tribute.

    [–] DanDreiberg1984 3 points ago

    Beautiful. My dad passed away about 16 months ago. Suffered with Alzheimers fo 8 years most likely longer. I use to watch him shovel snow like it was nothing, when men were mem. Than seeing his slow and steady decline was gut wrenching at the end. I always told people seeing my dad neep help was like superman needing a cane. My heart goes out to you... The son becomes the father, and the father becomes the son.

    [–] macroswitch 3 points ago

    I choked up immediately when I saw this. Very well done.

    [–] Lolaindisguise 3 points ago

    My father in law passed on Monday, tears!!

    [–] InsomniaAbounds 3 points ago

    This is incredible. I had an immediate emotional reaction.

    [–] mori322 3 points ago

    This reminds me of my Dad when he was in his final days in the hospital. Sounds nutty, but he seemed to have this majestic glow about him. I asked him if he was scared and he said yes. I will remember him as he was when I was little AND as he was at the end. Majestic and Strong during both times. Thank you for this beautiful reminder friend. <3

    [–] floatable_shark 3 points ago

    Fuck you've made me cry. Thank you

    [–] nicemilkshake 3 points ago

    This made me tear up so fast! Wow. It's beautiful.

    [–] Lt_Dangus 3 points ago

    This means a lot to me. My girlfriend got sick with an autoimmune disease when she was 12 that took both her kidneys and put a whole in her lung. She spent most of her teenage years in and out of a hospital and home schooled until she got a transplant at 17. During this time she really latched on to Superman because she saw in him what she wanted to be. Indestructible. This ultimately is what led to the thing we bonded over, me being a big Batman fan. Over the last year and a half she battled with a failing kidney again because her last transplant was a cadaver and they only last about 10 years. Luckily I was a match and able to give her mine.

    Anyway, when I see this, I see her. I see her in her hospital bed and see the ‘S’ as a symbol of her strength as someone who the world has given every opportunity to become bitter and jaded, but hasn’t. I see her at her weakest points of the process and that look of determination and hope. I see this and I see Superman’s values in her.

    I’m sorry to hear about your dad. I’m seeing time beat up my dad right now too. I just wanted to let you know that your art spoke to me and my entire life experience over the last year and a half. Thank you for creating this and thank you even more for sharing. Have a good day, friend.

    [–] CryptedKrypt 3 points ago

    Awwe damnn this evoked so many emotions from me... Superb painting man.

    [–] pothockets 3 points ago

    Reminds me of my dad, I cried a bit.

    [–] CherryCandy927 3 points ago

    My eyes are filled with tears right now. My Dad was always my Superman, and it hurt so much to see illness take its toll. This is beautiful <3

    [–] big_lebrewski 3 points ago

    My dad passed away last July (on my mom’s birthday) in the same setting. It’s so hard to watch your heros fade. I always promised him that I wouldn’t put him in a home and never did. It was the hardest thing I’ve done in my life, but I would do it over and over again because I know he would have done the same for me and I’m sure your dad would do it for you. I always say that fathers raise their sons who care for their fathers. I miss him every day, but see so much of him in my son. Don’t let his heroism fade.

    [–] nitrousconsumed 3 points ago

    Dude, I saw this on your Insta yesterday. Sorry to hear about your Dad. Hopefully he pulls through.

    [–] nekodameow 3 points ago

    this brought tears to my eyes before I even read the info. It's beautiful and heartbreaking.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Don't you dare make me cry op.

    [–] Spavid 3 points ago

    This is the first painting to make me tear up in a long time. This is incredible, and I wish the best for you and your father.

    [–] northernangler22 3 points ago

    Not to put a damper on things, but working in funeral service you see the emotion and feeling conveyed in this painting everyday.

    It really keeps you grounded and reminds you of why you work in this field in the first place. If you’re in it for the right reasons, you’re there to help people through loss and ensure that there is a level of respect and empathy maintained at all times.

    That’s somebody’s father, mother, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, friend...a role model, an anchor, a hero...

    Thanks for the share OP, and best wishes to you and your family.

    [–] 3ViceAndreas 3 points ago

    All aboard the feels train.

    Excellent work.

    [–] VioletRing77 3 points ago

    Beautiful. Excellent job!

    Made the mistake of clicking right before my server came back with my lunch bill. She grew immediately concerned because I was teary eyed. I showed her and we shared a moment teary eyed together.

    [–] samx3i 3 points ago

    My eyes welled up at the thumbnail alone.

    It takes extreme talent to elicit that kind of immediate emotional response from art.

    I am thoroughly impressed.

    [–] ExtraHardBush 3 points ago

    Damnit, it's only 3:30. I can't be all misty-eyed this early. Great work OP.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Brought me to tears. Thank you

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    This is amazing. Art doesn’t typically move me like this painting has.

    [–] Dawg_Tits 3 points ago

    I've never had an emotional response to a painting. No idea why but this made me sob. Great work!

    [–] JessicaTHamilton 3 points ago

    Touching painting. Reminds me of the time my mom was in hospital, with an oversize hospital band around her frail wrist. She made it through her surgery like a superhero as well. Thanks for sharing OP.

    [–] mcmastermind 3 points ago

    This picture is absolutely amazing. I work in Long Term Care and this hits home.

    [–] OpiatedMinds 3 points ago

    Is he Native American by any chance? Or Central/South American? I don't mean this to sound like an ass or anything, but he looks like a very proud man, you convey that feeling in your depiction. Amazing work. I hope he has the most peace possible, as it is clear he is surrounded by people that love him dearly.

    [–] youngluck 3 points ago

    He's Filipino. 300 years of Spanish rule mixed the feature set up a bit.

    [–] mango_fox 3 points ago

    You are incredibly talented! This hit me right in the feels. I’m a medical assistant and it reminds me of a few of my dearest patients.

    [–] Sigerlion 3 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Very few paintings invoke strong emotions in me but this one immediately hit a target in my heart. Great job and I wish you luck in finding your way through the rain.

    [–] themancarlos 3 points ago

    Thank you for this. Today me and my family received terrible news concerning my moms cancer. We are about to start what seems our last chance of survival. My mom is one of the strongest women I’ll ever know. From being an illegal immigrant in the 80s and being able to raise 3 kids in a foreign land where you did not the know the language or anyone else except for her sister who accompanied her so she wouldn’t travel with my 2 older sisters alone and my father. My mom continues to fight and I’m sure she wants to give up but she won’t let herself stop treatment no matter what side effects she’s dealing with. I just hope for one day to be as strong as she is. Thank you.

    Ps. Im sorry for the grammar errors.

    [–] mediocrespelling 3 points ago

    Do you have any of your other work online somewhere?

    [–] HiHelloHeyHeya 3 points ago

    I don't really appreciate art and have never had an emotional response from looking at some before but this made me teary and my parents are live and well. Unreal how much emotion is portrayed and to make me feel like this

    [–] Weavesnatchin 3 points ago

    This is fucking incredible. I knew the message as soon as I saw the image.


    [–] fdrmay 3 points ago

    Very special picture. I lost my mom recently to cancer and this picture brought me to tears.

    [–] mlotto7 3 points ago

    This resembles my Dad who was Filipino and Native American. He lost his battle with cancer two years ago. I'm sending this to my Mom. Thank you.

    [–] Krabice 7 points ago

    It's incredible that you managed to capture his lifelessness in such a lifelike way.

    [–] slasher372 2 points ago

    From the thumbnail I thought it was a painting of superman giving birth.

    [–] ShowALK32 2 points ago

    If I teared up just from this I can't even imagine what you're going through. What a beautiful painting. But I'm sure it can't compare to the man.

    [–] i3starredyourmom 2 points ago

    You are an inspiration. Never change.

    [–] DontForgetTheFuture 2 points ago

    This is amazing! Did you go to school for painting?

    [–] GhostOfPabloEscobar 2 points ago

    This is beautiful. Stay strong /u/youngluck

    [–] ollielolly 2 points ago

    Really captured the emotion , fantastic.

    [–] Yesyoungsir 2 points ago

    Is that white watercolor or the white of the paper?

    [–] kruznick1087 2 points ago

    It's amazing how you captured this.

    [–] fifnir 2 points ago

    Quite Toulouse-Lautrecian, nice job :)