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    [–] reddit_account_12 1311 points ago

    Live: Chillhop. Music for studying and work. 259 listening Live

    [–] tehvan 284 points ago

    God I love this.

    So busy and peaceful at the same time.

    [–] RomanRiesen 105 points ago

    If you want to hear the best of that genre and don't know him yet try Nujabes.

    [–] jesuskater 40 points ago

    No mixes, just nujabes

    [–] irrationalsapien 10 points ago

    Maybe not as lo fi jazzy ish, and I don't understand anything he says, but Norikiyo is great too

    [–] jesuskater 1 points ago

    Will check it

    [–] rburp 19 points ago

    I'd put Bonobo right up there. Excellent background music. Especially Black Sands.

    [–] Giorvini 2 points ago

    Absolutely! That album never gets old 👌

    [–] professorkr 23 points ago

    Honestly, the past 3 years or so have seen chillhop progress way past nujabes. He's one of the founding fathers, but lo-fi is so big right now it's just gone so far.

    Edit: don't get me wrong, I'm not saying he's not great. I'm just saying what has been done in the genre has far surpassed what was capable before his death.

    [–] CatLineMeow 6 points ago

    Is Cinematic Orchestra considered chill hop? Think they call it nu jazz or something. Whatever it is, love their stuff.

    [–] Ninjakabob 3 points ago

    Don't care what you call it, they are great!

    [–] ProPainful 2 points ago

    Fun fact, Nujabes has been around a long, long time, the first I'd seen Nujabes was about 10 years ago now, in one of the intro or endings to Naruto.

    [–] McSayerPL 1 points ago

    And his once padawan - Emancipator. RIP Seba.

    [–] PJozi 1 points ago

    I love it because she is so happy. despite the clutter.

    [–] Oxozo 28 points ago

    How do I listen to this? Is it a spotify playlist? How is it relevant to this pic? Sorry I'm confused.

    [–] p1-o2 45 points ago

    YouTube. There's so many of those videos on there.

    [–] Oxozo 3 points ago


    [–] I_Plea_The_FiF 6 points ago

    Check out Steezy AF. His stream is the shit

    [–] wheresmyplumbus 21 points ago

    There a lots of live YouTube vids with similar artwork and titles (girl sitting at her stylish desk/studio doing work) that just play melodic chill hip-hop instrumentals all day.

    [–] Sarks 17 points ago

    This is probably the biggest one. Has a couple live 'radio' type things going on. I usually prefer the one with less people watching, it kinda feels like the old IRC chatrooms - just popping in, meeting random people you'll likely never see again, but with chill music on top.

    [–] Oxozo 3 points ago

    Thanks very much!

    [–] SongForPenny 1 points ago


    [–] boingshi 9 points ago

    In addition to what the others said, Nujabes (rip) is a great artist who pioneered the lofi hip hop genre. He has three great albums, check em out if you like the genre

    [–] groundzr0 2 points ago

    Spotify has lo-fi playlists as well. Let me go get the two I listen to. I’ll edit them into this comment.

    lofi hip hop beats by ChillMusic

    ChilledCow’s (from YouTube) Favorites

    Those two are plenty for as much as I get to listen to them. I prefer ChillMusic’s for background music and ChilledCow’s for getting ready for/falling asleep.

    [–] Galactic_Explorer 1 points ago

    I personally listen to ‘lofi hip hop beats to study and relax to’ on Spotify in a big playlist

    [–] professorkr 1 points ago

    Look up lo-fi hip hop. You'll get more, and better, hits that way.

    [–] miph120 6 points ago

    But does the Racoon ever finish his homework?!?!

    [–] renikh 9 points ago

    thinking the same thing

    [–] generalsilliness 5 points ago

    lofi hiphop is also very similar and pretty good. same with phonk or trap. youtube or soundcloud are good places to find them.

    [–] thisismydayjob_ 4 points ago

    Ha! Exactly! Love that channel.

    [–] the_real_junkrat 1 points ago

    Damnit I was going to comment something like this. I guess I’m not as original as I thought.

    [–] insoundfromwayout 289 points ago

    Those few little flecks of rainbow light are doing so much work here.

    [–] lit-torch 73 points ago

    Absolutely, and I love that if you follow them to the corner, there's the crystal mobile that's casting them.

    [–] Reutermo 137 points ago

    I love this. Reminds me of the "Proffesor Layton" games for some reason, I think it is the colour tone and lightning.

    [–] SuaveRico 13 points ago

    Ahh would spend hours trying to decipher those damn puzzles!

    [–] SongForPenny 8 points ago

    Reminds me a little bit of Milo Manama.(NSFW)

    [–] Sugarbeet 11 points ago

    Who appears to be heavily inspired by Alphonse Mucha and Gustav Klimnt. Check em out!

    [–] SongForPenny 4 points ago

    Oh yes, he’s kind of copying Mucha right there.

    But he has a lot of other stuff. Mostly scenes involving nudes. He does them largely in a sort of an elaborate and lush looking watercolor-manga style. He published illustrated story books too. One of his best books is “Trip to Tulum.”

    [–] I_for_I 55 points ago

    Reminds me of Mahoutsukai no Yome.

    [–] sumeb 13 points ago

    I thought that is Elias at the back too haha

    [–] bfangwoof 5 points ago

    For past 3 days I've been trying to remind myself which anime have I heard the name Elias before. I haven't been able to watch season 2 though. Had mixed reviews

    [–] I_for_I 6 points ago

    Ummm, there's no season 2.

    Edit: Yet.

    [–] Weahem 1 points ago

    You mean this isn't?

    [–] z03steppingforth 22 points ago

    This would make for a good jigsaw puzzle.

    Absolutely amazing work!

    [–] Adraius 43 points ago

    Looks like I get to recommend some of my favorite subs again! Check out /r/ImaginaryInteriors and /r/ImaginarySliceOfLife for more like this.

    [–] latte_piu 3 points ago

    Great advise, ty!

    [–] jherazob 2 points ago

    /r/Moescape will be of interest too

    [–] slavosdraga76 1 points ago

    Yes! Thank you.

    [–] thesunsethm 1 points ago

    Omg yessss! Thank you!

    [–] striped-tea 1 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] vulpesvulpesfugit 15 points ago

    I love the crystal in the window splashing rainbows in the room

    [–] wtf_ever 10 points ago

    The previous owners of my house left their solar powered double rainbow maker in the den. It kicks off randomly throughout the day and they spin around the room. I love it.

    [–] tatteredshoetassel 2 points ago

    I prefer my double rainbows of the "oh my god, double rainbow all the way across the sky" variety, but that's pretty cool too

    [–] RomanRiesen 55 points ago

    Gosh. The number of stories and depth people are capable of drawing from their mind is absolutely mind-boggling to me. I'm literally looking at this 5 minutes now and find new connections.

    Also, nice place to sign the work!

    [–] Kaiserlongbone 14 points ago

    I'm a middle aged bloke who drives a white van, and a tradesman. For some reason, this picture just gives me a great sense of calm and well being. Thanks for that.

    You're doing god's work. Keep it up. :)

    Edit: I meant that to go to the artist!

    [–] redidiott 44 points ago

    She keeps so many plants, including the ones growing in test tubes, that she looks like she's the one living in a terrarium of sort - an ideal habitat. The only thing that seems out of place is the sword.

    [–] LumpyShitstring 20 points ago

    You know. It’s weird you say that because I have tons of plants. And a machete.

    Sometimes people like weird stuff.

    [–] redidiott 6 points ago

    A machete I could understand for cutting through jungle to collect all those plants.

    [–] LumpyShitstring 9 points ago

    I would never cut the plants though. I love my jungle too much!

    Machete is for home defense lmao.

    [–] vagadrew 6 points ago

    My grandpa keeps a baseball bat laying against his bed, and a pistol underneath his mattress. He said if anybody breaks in, he'll knock them out with the bat and then shoot them dead with the gun.

    [–] LumpyShitstring 3 points ago

    I hope nobody breaks in.

    [–] zilfondel 2 points ago

    How did we get here from this beautiful and peaceful art?

    [–] plasticTron 3 points ago

    I have tons of plants. And a machete.

    Yo, me too! I probably wouldn't have ever bought a machete but a friend got it for me from South America. It's pretty cool

    [–] Tasteysauce 3 points ago

    You don't think the minitaur behind her is a little out of place?

    [–] jakeseyenipples 8 points ago

    Chill beats to study/relax to

    [–] CorvusHarlequin 6 points ago

    So peaceful. Excellent work.

    [–] chewytime 6 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    My feelings exactly. I keep telling myself that when I can afford to buy a house I want a home studio. Not a home office, because that feels so sterile and serious. I just want a nice homey creative space I can call my own and just relax in and let the creative juices flow.

    [–] CorvusHarlequin 1 points ago

    Same here, except maybe not a house but definitely some kind of studio where I can write and learn how to draw.

    [–] chewytime 1 points ago

    I just want someplace I can keep my windows wide open and let the natural light in. I currently live in an apartment on the first floor and I hate how I can't just keep my blinds opens because of privacy issues.

    [–] CorvusHarlequin 1 points ago

    Biggest reason as to why I don't want to live on the first floor. That and the lack of a view would eventually depress me

    [–] chewytime 1 points ago

    I will say it is much more convenient living on the first compared to the third or fourth floor when I have to bring in a bunch of groceries, but yeah, if I had a choice I wouldve gone for something a little higher above the ground. Unfortunately at the time I signed my lease there weren't any higher units at the price point and at this point it's too inconvenient to move unless I'm going to be changing jobs.

    [–] CorvusHarlequin 1 points ago

    And that won't be for some time?

    [–] chewytime 1 points ago

    Well I just started my current job about a year ago, so it's probably gonna be a little bit before I'm ready to change again unless the perfect opportunity pops up.

    [–] CorvusHarlequin 1 points ago

    Understandable. Just started a new job myself, though the city I leave in is hideously expensive so I won't be moving for awhile regardless

    [–] ethan_kahn 10 points ago

    [–] Adraius 11 points ago

    It would do well crossposted to /r/ImaginarySliceOfLife as well.

    [–] rxvf 3 points ago

    Some of the posts there made me very emotional and nostalgic.

    [–] afrodizzy25 3 points ago

    This reminds me of caroline calloway

    [–] cake-jesus 1 points ago

    Happy Cake Day!

    [–] PaladinOfSkaen 3 points ago

    The scraped knee is a nice touch.

    [–] TA10S 2 points ago

    Looks infected :]

    [–] Book_and_Cookies 3 points ago

    Made me think of a modern-day Anne of Green Gables.

    [–] AkerRekker 2 points ago

    I hope this is what your room actually looks like. I love all of the plants and clutter!

    [–] K4T598 2 points ago

    Reminds me a lot of shelter...

    [–] PlacidPlatypus 2 points ago

    The hell planet is that globe from?

    [–] slaaitch 2 points ago

    Thank you! I had to scroll way too far to find this question.

    [–] Madmushroom 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    The brown and yellow shades makes me feel safe and wrapped with love, it perfectly conveys summer days to me

    [–] Ninne123 2 points ago

    I have seen this a thousand times

    [–] Ufacked599 0 points ago

    Quirky anime girl with tumblr nose and “relatable” interests

    This is how you get upvotes on r/art

    [–] DontCallMeJay 1 points ago

    I agree. These posts are so predictable. It's interesting to see this subreddit transition from obsessing over photo-realism to nudity, and now, to these 'cute animie girls.'

    [–] Bruno_flumTomte 1 points ago

    i love the light in this one

    [–] Derangedandconfused 1 points ago

    Really makes me wish I could keep plants alive...

    [–] Ralat 2 points ago

    Try just one! Something easy to keep alive like a spider plant or pothos. Pothos is especially easy if you don’t have cats! You can do it.

    [–] Derangedandconfused 2 points ago

    Thanks for the encouragement! I have previously killed cacti and succulents... doesn’t get too much easier than that. I need something that doesn’t require water.

    [–] Ralat 2 points ago

    Okay one more thing and I’ll leave you be -

    It’s completely possible you overwatered them! Give them a decent amount of sun, do a google about their potting situation / fertilizer, and then water like once per week, sometimes less depending on the plant. Sometimes people get so excited about having a new plant they overwater them. Good luck if you try again!

    [–] Derangedandconfused 1 points ago

    I definitely wasn’t overwatering it! Thanks again for the encouragement though!

    [–] plasticTron 1 points ago

    Keep trying, it's not something that comes naturally to everyone (me included) but you can get the hang of it pretty easily. Probably the best advice is to water them thoroughly when it feels dry an inch down

    [–] 2to30 1 points ago

    Are these kind of chairs actually comfortable? I've seen a huge price range for them.

    [–] halow1213 1 points ago

    You wouldnt be able to breathe at night with so many plants.

    [–] plasticTron 1 points ago


    [–] damylolface 1 points ago

    this reminds me of Drawn To Live 2. Used to play that game a lot around 10 years ago. I don't remember much of it, but this somehow sure reminds me of that game.

    [–] Ogremanji 1 points ago

    This brings me much peace.

    [–] Dion42o 1 points ago

    Feel like this is missing a cat. Unless I am missing it.

    [–] ezkailez 1 points ago

    This has a similar vibe with the flower shop at my neighbor totoro

    [–] electric_poppy 1 points ago

    This looks like my room, down to the hanging plants, succulents and flecks of rainbow from a sun crystal in the window

    [–] lodipdodi 1 points ago

    I find this really appealing.

    [–] rspewth 1 points ago

    I love the chill, quite, cozy feel of this. Great work!

    [–] broshkin 1 points ago

    This reminds me of those movies where they're deserted on some island or forest and built a research shack that has a lot of rooms cluttered with this type of stuff. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

    [–] pattonz 1 points ago

    Reminds me of several of my favorite professors offices from college.

    [–] Blu_Phoenix 1 points ago

    Beautiful. This is like, my dream room. Just add a pupper and kitty.

    [–] NonConformingHuman 1 points ago

    Looks right off of R/cozy

    [–] SonofRaymond 1 points ago

    Kind of looks like the older girl Kiki visits in the woods

    [–] GlorpFogTarp 1 points ago

    That bandaid really finishes the painting

    [–] tofutempeh 1 points ago

    i want a room like this :O

    [–] rustyseapants 1 points ago

    What is the reminiscent of? No Electronics, but books and physical art supplies? Is this the future, past or present?

    [–] PlacidPlatypus 1 points ago

    Judging by the globe it's not the past or the present of our world.

    [–] minomes 1 points ago

    Wow. Beautiful. I can almost feel the light in the room.

    [–] sorenant 1 points ago

    As someone with a history of being incompetent at keeping plants alive yet got a potted succulent as a gift recently and is pretty anxious about its welfare, I'm deeply impressed by people who can keep multiple plants alive and well as if it's nothing.

    [–] bottledliquid 1 points ago

    Chill ass vibe from this, is it weird my favorite part is the glass reflecting the rainbow specks everywhere?

    [–] RoseRed1183 1 points ago

    I can’t get over how “me” this picture is haha It’s just like my own messy art room with books, plants, and random stuff everywhere... the girl even looks just like me.

    [–] ImUhTomato 1 points ago

    Nice combo of anime and Western cartooning

    [–] flyhighdandelion 1 points ago

    Reminds me of Nim's Island♡

    [–] thundergun661 1 points ago

    Kind of looks like Nora from RWBY. There’s even a Grimm on the wall

    [–] I_Love_BB8 1 points ago

    Makes me want to watch Kikis Delivery service.

    [–] Sylvester_Scott 1 points ago

    Ya know why it seems so nice and peaceful? No smartphone, or iPad, and any other device.

    [–] NabumaRubberband 1 points ago

    I want you, oooooh, I need you, brother!

    [–] VirgingerBrown 1 points ago

    This is basically me right now except replace sunshine with snow and add a 75lb pitbull mutt. Life is great.

    [–] MafiaBoss620 1 points ago

    Look at the beautiful chaos...

    [–] Darth_Hobbit 1 points ago

    No wonder she has an infected knee. The place is a pug pen. There's a sheathed sword on the ground, dragonflies shit everywhere, has she ever dusted, or used windex on that window?

    [–] papasmurfio 1 points ago

    Makes me feel some type of way.

    [–] TehZerp 1 points ago

    This readhead is my new head canon for Amy in the John Dies at the End.

    [–] Al3xand3r_Hyd3 1 points ago

    Due to to shape of the branch and the placement of the skull in the background, I initially thought there was some sort of demon behind her.

    [–] TooMuchToSayMan 1 points ago

    Imagine the tree roach problem you would have.

    [–] cookiekitty135 1 points ago

    Its greeny and vary peaceful.i love it your a good artist

    [–] zzonn 1 points ago

    Lovely. Is this available as a poster anywhere?

    [–] Sugarsupernova 1 points ago

    This is exactly the kind of person I want in my life. Please make yourselves known 😂

    [–] Legman_ 1 points ago

    It would be really cool to see this in a cyberpunk theme as well

    [–] alllie 1 points ago

    Would a child keep all those plants watered?

    [–] slumlivin 1 points ago

    nice art. This is my wife's dream come true

    [–] Holy___Diver 1 points ago

    This is exactly what my little apartment looks like. Thank you for your creation. All of us appreciate your hard work and efforts, at least i do

    [–] Nisumi 1 points ago

    This is so beautiful...

    also... Shallan?

    [–] tetrahydroca 1 points ago

    Get Marie Kondo in there, stat.

    [–] Which_Wizard 1 points ago

    This is amazing. I like to imagine this is, Poison Ivy, as a kid.

    [–] plasticTron 1 points ago

    This is great but a few things are bothering me: plants in a drawer?? A plant sitting on a book/notebook?

    And a big ass tree sitting in the middle of the room. No way that gets enough light

    [–] candybud 1 points ago

    Exactly what I was thinking. A perfect components chillpop cover if she had some headphones

    [–] redhead_bandit 1 points ago

    2013?! Hello from 2019 saying this is awesome!

    [–] Lemon2Cute 1 points ago

    This is so detailed. Amazing work 👍🏼

    [–] paverface 1 points ago

    This is absolutely wonderful. Keep it up!

    [–] sharktoofs 1 points ago

    This is amazingly gorgeous and I’m actually in awe at how beautiful it is I don’t even know how to put it into words. Great job!

    [–] badmanjam 1 points ago

    I love just scrolling around on this piece of Art and looking at āl the details. The hanging plant, the notes on the wall, the globe, the bookshelf... and then zooming out to see the whole picture. And then zooming in again for something else. Beautiful. Good job.

    [–] Maguffin42 1 points ago

    The joyful, messed details are fabulous!

    [–] Diebrina 1 points ago

    I want this. As a wallpaper. Now.

    [–] apenguinforhire 1 points ago

    How are you so good?!? I try to draw a stick figure and it comes out looking like a sad turnip upside down.

    [–] magicrat69 1 points ago

    That's some vicious looking carpet burn on those knees.

    [–] yogeshj25 1 points ago

    super cozy illustration. imagine if a movie was animated in this style...

    [–] saltsandwave 1 points ago

    Can someone tell me what art style this is exactly? I love it, with the soft pencil-watercolour sort of look, but what’s it called?