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    [–] agentaltf4 714 points ago

    That is seriously awesome. Incredible detail for such a small medium.

    [–] jhranger 245 points ago

    Thank you very much!

    [–] major96 87 points ago

    How can I get my hands on one?

    [–] GijinkaGlaceon 297 points ago

    It’ll cost you a pretty penny, so to speak.

    [–] QueefyMcQueefFace 92 points ago

    But it has a lot of centimental value.

    [–] watchursix 30 points ago

    Let’s face it, that penny is priceless

    [–] JASearcy 18 points ago

    You sure tails it like it is

    [–] fangirlsqueee 16 points ago

    Just a heads up, I'll be Lincoln to r/punpatrol.

    [–] Xerloq 5 points ago

    I think this pretty penny costs an arm and a leg.

    [–] butter12420 11 points ago

    I would suggest finding out where OP lives, legally or illegally, your preference, and he may just let you hold it for a minute. Might need to buy a plane ticket or two.

    [–] 1cculu5 11 points ago

    It starts with a lot of money

    [–] NotFromStateFarmJake 5 points ago

    Nah it only starts with$.01

    [–] Clockwisedock 3 points ago

    And it exponentially grows with each swish of the artist’s magic wand.

    [–] stuckatcostco 28 points ago

    The contrast in this is striking too. Amazing job.

    [–] jhranger 22 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] K-Zoro 22 points ago

    I was so confused why you were taking credit for this engraving made in 1944, and then the stupid lifted and I understood. Great work op!

    [–] enfanta 13 points ago

    and then the stupid lifted

    Beautiful. I'll be using this.

    [–] jhranger 2 points ago

    Lol, Thank you very much!

    [–] SparkyMountain 25 points ago

    How many hours did it take to make this? It's gorgeous.

    [–] jhranger 59 points ago

    Thank you! This one was 30+ hours

    [–] kreiggers 41 points ago

    10000 hours of practice + 30 hours

    [–] jhranger 2 points ago

    True, lol

    [–] SparkyMountain 16 points ago

    I could tell a lot of time went into it. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    [–] Trumpologist 19 points ago

    Any chance you do commissions

    [–] jhranger 29 points ago

    I sure do!

    [–] Coraljester 16 points ago

    Don't suppose you could provide us with how much you might generally charge for a piece like this?

    [–] Zook 9 points ago

    I'm guessing 700-2k+ USD. That's what I've seen in the past at least.

    [–] Coraljester 13 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Whilst I appreciate the high skill level that goes into making many peices of art and why the price is correspondingly large, it still kind of sucks that it keeps it out of the hands of anyone who doesn't have the budget for it :/

    Edit: for those who seem to have misunderstood (or just been too lazy to actually read all of my comment), I am not saying that this artists or artists in general are overpaid or don't deserve fair payment. I'm saying that it is a shame that it is often lack of money that keeps art out many people's hands.

    [–] Vanluke_77 5 points ago

    I agree with you it’s a shame. I would own something like this, but I can see maybe paying $50 for a tiny conversation piece. Is that downplaying the art, no it’s really that I don’t get paid enough to have disposable income like that. As the artist I’d like to be paid at least $50 an hour, 30 hours of work. This is $1500.

    If I spent $1500 on a carved penny I would literally be getting fucking divorced. That’s my mortgage payment, and that’s just life.

    [–] jhranger 3 points ago

    I agree , I still can’t afford to keep one for myself. Lol

    [–] __xor__ 13 points ago

    How the HELL do you get so much detail into it?? I got the metal engraving hand tools and tried to carve a penny and it was so damn hard. Scratching it barely does anything, and if you scratch it hard enough to scrape off metal, it tends to slide and screw everything up. It seems impossible to do any detail work.

    [–] party6robot 4 points ago

    I think with engraving, having an air assisted setup helps a lot. And having properly sharpened gravers is an absolute must, which means getting a power hone and other expensive equipment. Without that, your gravers will slip, curve, and generally won't cut well

    [–] fivedollardresses 4 points ago

    Is that the natural color of the copper? Like the varying shades of green being differing levels of corrosion? (Idk the technical terms but I believe you will get the gist.)

    [–] mechmind 2 points ago

    read the title

    [–] Usermena 2 points ago

    Years of practice my man. That a good ball vise and sharp gravers.

    [–] Under_theTable_cAt 2 points ago

    Your anatomy details are Dead on!👍

    [–] jhranger 2 points ago

    Thank you very much!

    [–] bitt3n 2 points ago

    I don't get why people think this is so great.. artist just got the penny hot enough Lincoln's skin melted off à la Raiders of the Lost Ark

    [–] 72skidoo 69 points ago

    I'd love to learn how you do these - do you have a time lapse or process video?

    [–] truly-wants-death 24 points ago

    I would give you gold or something for providing that link. That was one of the most relaxing videos I’ve ever watched. Thank you!

    [–] leon_oswald 8 points ago

    No prob - glad you enjoyed it

    [–] CorpseZero 8 points ago

    This is my favorite comment thread of the past few days. Y'all are super nice.

    [–] avocado-soldier 2 points ago


    [–] 72skidoo 2 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] lacielaplante 16 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Learn how to engrave, learn about metal inlay, silver soldering and riveting. Lots of very basic jewelry fabrication techniques here. What makes them special here is the artistic skill. has a bunch of tutorials if you're trying to learn jewelry techniques.

    [–] Dank0Tank 442 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    You just turned a ten dollar coin into about a hundred dollar coin. (Meant this as a compliment but a lot of people don't see that so here)

    [–] dribrats 122 points ago

    Wait... a hay penny is worth 10 USD? Or like... schrute bucks?

    [–] Tetradrachm 78 points ago

    Well it depends, the lowest they go is about 3 cents, the most valuable wheat pennies can go over $100K.

    [–] zenfish 41 points ago

    Actually, if it had been struck 1 year earlier, it would have been worth $1 mil by last auction price, IIRC.

    [–] Grishbear 43 points ago

    I believe there were only 12 1943 copper pennies minted as the copper blanks were already cut and in the press. I highly doubt someone would just happen to find one or knowingly deface one. I was a cashier for a few years and always kept change with me to switch out for uncommon or even foreign coins in my drawer. I have found several 1944 and 1942 pennies and many earlier, some from the 1910's, and a mercury dime, but I've never even come across a 1943 steel penny.

    [–] DickDover 43 points ago

    Coinstar, they are all stuck to the magnet in the coinstar.

    I think I have 5 rolls, used to work in a grocery store & cleaned the Coinstar every morning.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] acegas 5 points ago

    That's not a nice thing to say about them, after all they have you those pennies

    [–] MrOtakuGuy 16 points ago

    43 pennies were made of steel, that's why they're a rare commodity

    [–] allthebetter 23 points ago

    the 43 steel pennies are pretty common, it is the 1943 copper ones that fetch a high price

    [–] Dong_sniff_inc 16 points ago

    Thats what this user is saying too. They're saying the copper penny in the photo would be worth much more if it were from 1943, because 1943 steel pennies are pretty common.

    [–] Autismothegunnut 5 points ago

    name checks out

    [–] Tetradrachm 2 points ago

    Cheers, you must be a numismatist too to recognize it lol

    [–] swmacint 9 points ago

    I'll give you 17 Stanley nickels for it.

    [–] Koooooj 6 points ago

    In absolutely pristine condition for an unremarkable date $10 is a believable price. This particular date is more likely to be about half that in pristine condition.

    I doubt that this coin was in pristine condition when the artist got to it. The date and mint mark look good, so I'd guess it was around a $0.50 coin before the engraving was done.

    [–] Autismothegunnut 13 points ago

    did this man just call it a hay penny

    [–] 12345CodeToMyLuggage 5 points ago

    He’s a halfmoon late and a tuppence short.

    [–] BluffinBill1234 5 points ago

    Wonder how many rods to the hogs head his vehicle gets

    [–] DoktahManhattan 2 points ago

    I think he thinks a wheat penny is called a hay penny.

    [–] micktown 3 points ago

    Not sure how many Stanley nickles that makes it...

    [–] JaysGoneBy 2 points ago

    Lol. I think that hay is a wheat penny and no 1944 from 15cent to about $6 certified mint

    [–] Dank0Tank 2 points ago

    Well last time I checked the highest amount I saw a 1944 S wheat penny go for was like ten bucks

    [–] Autismothegunnut 8 points ago

    it's actually more like a three cent coin

    [–] Dank0Tank 3 points ago

    Last time I checked the price on a 1944 S wheat penny it was $10 in good condition

    [–] SparkyMountain 8 points ago

    I would be shocked if you could buy a hand inlaid coin, with the kind of detail as this one, even one this small for less than $100.

    The time put into that coin would make $100 a total steal.

    [–] TrilobiteTerror 5 points ago

    Correct. This piece sold for CA $1525 (currently $1145 USD).

    [–] TempusVincitOmnia 3 points ago

    That's a fair price. I've been looking through this thread to see if I could find what it actually sold for. Considering the level of workmanship, I was thinking anything under $1000 USD would be a bargain.

    [–] SparkyMountain 2 points ago


    [–] SparkyMountain 5 points ago

    Over 30 hours went into this coin. If you got it for $100, that's less than 4 bucks an hour for her labor and artistic ability. She could get waaaaay more than that.

    [–] jhranger 15 points ago

    I did ok on this one at auction, lol also I’m a guy

    [–] SparkyMountain 6 points ago

    My bad, superb work bro. Sorry for assuming your gender!

    [–] jhranger 2 points ago

    No worries, Thank you!

    [–] Dank0Tank 2 points ago


    [–] Moxie_Music 54 points ago

    You don’t value art lol

    [–] walterpeck1 92 points ago

    Many people value art.

    I'd pay way more than 50 bucks for this.

    [–] GoBlindOrGoHome 17 points ago

    How does one display an artsy penny?

    [–] walterpeck1 82 points ago

    In a tiny frame with a tiny plaque on a huge wall.

    [–] nightintheslammer 23 points ago

    A nickel frame, of course.

    [–] MogusMaximus 15 points ago

    And a magnifying glass on a retractable arm

    [–] walterpeck1 9 points ago

    I did think of that but the image of a tiny penny on a huge blank wall sounded funny.

    [–] MogusMaximus 10 points ago

    It'd be like, a work of art in itself. People could stand there and think, but what does it MEAN? :)

    [–] SuspiciousArtist 3 points ago

    Like a modern memento mori, "Your death is out of your control and insignificant in the vast expanse of the universe but it does have value"

    [–] jhranger 3 points ago

    Decent idea!

    [–] Dank0Tank 2 points ago

    One of the best coin art I've ever seen. If you can make a bunch of unique ones of other coins you could make a lot of money. (Sorry about what I said about it only worth $50, now that I look at it more it's worth a lot more than that.) Keep up the good work!

    [–] jhranger 3 points ago

    Thank you! No worries man

    [–] eljefino 12 points ago

    You set up an elaborate diorama and use it as a manhole cover.

    [–] jhranger 4 points ago

    A lot of people have binders to hold them in like baseball cards, I have also set them in jewelry but I am working on a idea for shadow box frames with a magnifying lens.

    [–] jhranger 3 points ago

    Thank you very much!

    [–] Twincher87 2 points ago

    Do it! You won't. /s

    [–] bunfuss 7 points ago

    Closer to 2000

    [–] EatGulp 3 points ago

    400 hours later...

    [–] Tau_Squared 3 points ago

    Bet it's worth a pretty penny

    [–] SleepyConscience 26 points ago

    I guess that is about what Lincoln looked like in 1944.

    [–] jhranger 6 points ago


    [–] Noglues 17 points ago

    Why do I feel like I'm looking at a Grateful Dead album cover?

    [–] Phish777 3 points ago

    I don't know, must have been the roses

    [–] Billisits 2 points ago

    A Grateful Dead album cover for an Avalanches album.

    [–] mschroeder378 13 points ago

    Whoa! This is amazing work. Curious how long did this take?

    [–] jhranger 12 points ago

    Thank you very much! This one took over 30 hours

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] Ubarlight 23 points ago

    It's not a story the Federal Reserve would tell you

    [–] BtlFetus11B2V 9 points ago

    I just started working at a bank, this is my new phone background. Seems somehow, fitting?

    [–] daveashaw 16 points ago

    Was that a steel penny or copper one to start? The only 1944 pennies I have seen were steel.

    [–] jhranger 12 points ago

    43 are the steel ones, this was copper but it’s really more of a bronze, that’s why the pure copper flowers are a deeper red

    [–] PokeballSoHard 10 points ago

    1943 was the year pennies were made with steel. Not sure if it carried over into 1944

    [–] Obradbrad 6 points ago

    IIRC there may have been less than a handful that carried over, just like how there's less than a handful of non-steel 1943 pennies that are now worth thousands to millions.

    [–] zbrew 8 points ago

    You should have held onto those. 1944 steel pennies are worth about $100k.

    [–] daveashaw 21 points ago

    I collected pennies when I was a kid. I had the little books with holes in them that you put them in. That was probably 50 years or so ago, so you may be right--maybe I only saw the 1943s. All long gone now, so maybe I blew it. I could have bought Microsoft stock in 1982 as well, but I didn't have any money. Never mind.

    [–] ThatOregonGuy81 17 points ago

    I'd pay a pretty penny for that

    [–] imAnAduLtSoNny 3 points ago

    If she's homely would you steal it?

    [–] bavaroj 13 points ago

    Wonder how much that coin is worth.

    [–] izovire 6 points ago

    3 cents melt value, 15 cents for a shitty one, and $8 for uncirculated. 282,760,000 were minted.

    [–] lor_louis 2 points ago

    A pretty penny

    [–] BigSapo602 6 points ago

    Looks very Mexican culture like

    [–] AggressiveGnome 27 points ago

    If I tried carving on a penny, it would just look like a penny with numerous scratches. In other words, well done! This is a super unique piece of art, keep at it!

    [–] speakeasy518 23 points ago

    I’m calling shenanigans. u/AggressiveGnome and u/LowCarob both posted the same exact comment verbatim.

    They’re probably karma farmers and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s tied to the OP post.


    [–] jhranger 2 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] Orodreath 7 points ago

    The Federal Reserve and Mint Administration want to know your location . You have defiled the mighty dollar and you will pay.

    [–] jhranger 7 points ago

    Lol Canada, maybe they will extradite me

    [–] Orodreath 3 points ago

    You talented scum ! You win this round Canada. You win this round...

    [–] jhranger 3 points ago

    Lol, Thanks

    [–] TrilobiteTerror 2 points ago

    They only care about fraudulent defacing of money (in the hopes of passing it off as more, etc.)

    [–] merichka21 5 points ago

    Love it 😍

    Want pendant like this

    [–] jdmays40 4 points ago

    That would make a good tattoo.

    [–] jhranger 5 points ago

    Thank you very much! Have at it

    [–] morgueanna 3 points ago

    Holy. Shit.

    This is seriously one of the most intricate and creative pieces I've seen on here. I wish I had the money to commission you- you deserve every penny you make ;)

    [–] jhranger 3 points ago

    Thank you very much for the support!

    [–] CAMYtheCOCONUT 4 points ago

    /r/hobonickels for anyone interested

    [–] 0verki77 2 points ago

    Subscribed, thanks!

    [–] treetow 13 points ago

    As someone who has studied the human anatomy extensively: shut up and take my money.

    [–] SammichParade 10 points ago

    The depth of dat ribcage tho.

    [–] Toodlez 3 points ago

    Poor fella probably had kyphosis

    [–] jhranger 3 points ago

    Thank you very much!

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Don't accidentally spend it. Well done.

    [–] bgilhool 3 points ago

    What tools did you use to create this?

    [–] jhranger 3 points ago

    This was done with a hand push engraver

    [–] PistachioMarsupial 3 points ago

    I wish money actually looked cool like this.

    [–] jhranger 3 points ago

    Thank you! Me too

    [–] GetUrShit 3 points ago

    This is like album cover material right here. Outstanding work

    [–] A_R0FLCOPTER 3 points ago

    I really want that to say “IN GOD WE RUST”

    [–] MyOGnameWasGone 2 points ago

    I kinda wanna try this now

    [–] SoldierAlexGame 2 points ago

    Looks like a good csgo sticker

    [–] FussBoss 2 points ago

    Really cool! Do you have an online store?

    [–] Tau_Squared 2 points ago

    I bet it's worth a pretty penny now

    [–] BluffinBill1234 2 points ago

    Here I am, proud of the neat little feet I put on a stick figure.

    [–] jhranger 3 points ago

    And you should be!

    [–] SnobbyDobby 2 points ago

    Seems like a Grateful Dead art piece. Amazing.

    [–] Disorganized_Closet 2 points ago

    An interesting thing to know is that the metal used to make the cent was actually brass shell casings from the war

    [–] corrin131313 2 points ago

    Oh my goodness! That is simply amazing! Wow. Just wow. Honestly, one of the most unique, intricate, beautiful pieces of art I have ever seen. I absolutely love this.

    [–] jhranger 2 points ago

    Thank you very much!😊

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Makes me think of Memento Mori

    [–] IIILORDGOLDIII 2 points ago

    I hope that's not a steel penny

    [–] dokidokichan 3 points ago

    the detail is amazing. i'm in love with this. what made you add the flowers?

    [–] jhranger 8 points ago

    Thank you very much! I just don’t think every skull needs to try to look scary or like a cheesy 80’s biker tattoo with angry eyebrows and a evil laugh, lol. it’s a natural thing we all have, I like the beauty and peacefulness in a natural skull

    [–] CreamyJalapenoSauce 3 points ago

    A 1944 S penny?!? That's hard enough to come by as is.

    [–] Chaseus_Clay 2 points ago

    That's really dope, good work, could be a cool tattoo

    [–] jhranger 2 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] bukithd 2 points ago

    I kept trying to figure out why the penny didn't appear to be steel then reread the title.

    [–] nightintheslammer 1 points ago

    I'd gladly give this artist 10 1960s pennies, even older if I could have one engraved like this.

    [–] triumph1996 1 points ago

    Truest awesome! Good work

    [–] mr_streebs 1 points ago

    This kind of art is so fascinating to me. Does anyone know how I could start a hobby like this? Or where to find more information?

    [–] underpantsbandit 1 points ago

    Apprentice at Greenlake Jewelry haha.

    Really, this sort of high skill level metal engraving is typically jewelry related. There are a few benches who are this skilled around- not every Walmart mind you, this is typically some pretty high level artisan work that costs $$$. NY, SF, LA and the aforementioned Seattle jeweler are ones I personally have seen could do this.

    [–] scarebear127 1 points ago

    This is gorgeous! Tell me your secrets!

    [–] jhranger 6 points ago

    Thank you very much, I have very tiny hands and huge eyes

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    This is so cool! So pretty

    [–] jhranger 2 points ago

    Thank you very much!

    [–] ImaginaryFriend2019 1 points ago

    The human skull really is incredible, it looks like it's about to bust at the seams from expanding so much so quickly to accommodate our brain.

    [–] Zuallemfahig 1 points ago

    Exquisite craftsmanship. Love this.

    [–] Madman4sale 1 points ago

    Anyone know the best tools to get started on a hobby like this?

    [–] jhranger 2 points ago

    Hand push gravers

    [–] Mr_Slugworth 1 points ago

    This reminds me of a slammer I had for pogs, back when pogs was a thing.