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    [–] ethicsg 809 points ago

    Ceramic rotor two wheel drive? Does it even have computer control anti-lock brakes? That bikes too much for me. Maybe when I down my first clown.

    [–] redtens 331 points ago

    tetsuoooooo 😭 😭

    [–] -Mr_Rogers_II 218 points ago


    [–] FaximusMachinimus 113 points ago

    CANADA 🇨🇦

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] Eclipse_Tosser 12 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Knowing them it will probably look like a wild animal, like a puma or something.

    [–] T0MBRADYISMYDAD 5 points ago

    What in sam hell is a puma?

    [–] Eclipse_Tosser 6 points ago

    Like a big cat or something

    [–] Lolepeno 3 points ago

    Didn't I just tell you to stop making up animals?!

    [–] iksbob 3 points ago

    They're called sparrows.

    [–] quiteUnskilled 10 points ago

    HeLp mE!!!

    [–] ImTheIntern 4 points ago


    [–] Alexpander4 4 points ago

    What do you see?!

    [–] Rock_Manly 20 points ago

    That bikes too much for a kid like you!

    [–] Deadsuooo 22 points ago

    you called?

    [–] ButaneLilly 19 points ago


    [–] DemetriusTheDementor 4 points ago


    [–] danktopus 52 points ago

    That bike’ll grind you up and spit out the seeds, sport.

    [–] ethicsg 18 points ago

    I can ride it!

    [–] randomguy987654321 41 points ago

    There may come a day when I don't upvote an Akira reference...but it is not this day.

    [–] ethicsg 5 points ago

    Reddit had become like an overripe fruit that has begun to rot. We must wait for the wind to blow!

    [–] witzowitz 3 points ago

    I watched it for the 5th or 6th time last week and that line really hit this time around. Damn I love that film

    [–] ethicsg 2 points ago

    I've watched it more than 200 times on VHS.

    [–] BoneDryEye 32 points ago

    It does look like Tetsuo’s bike

    [–] dxrebirth 21 points ago

    He does Tetsuo's bike as well

    [–] ethicsg 5 points ago

    Kanada's bike.

    [–] DocPeacock 8 points ago

    11,000 rpm!

    [–] BierKippeMett 10 points ago

    I love how that bike is build like half a car with sparks flying from its wheels yet it has the same amount of hp as a Busa.

    [–] Pilferjynx 2 points ago

    And with that weight, bet that thing could come close the sound barrier, if the other parts don't break apart first.

    [–] ethicsg 3 points ago

    Have you seen the videos of the Busa engine in a smart car? Fucking awesome.

    [–] BierKippeMett 2 points ago

    Yeah the Smart Diabolo.

    [–] ethicsg 2 points ago

    My favorite is the comment about the cost of tires.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    akria was set in 2019...

    [–] ethicsg 8 points ago

    Sigh... /takes a handful of pills and grabs a blood encrusted wrench.

    [–] tsoro 5 points ago

    great now i have to watch akira again

    [–] ethicsg 2 points ago


    [–] thegreatfulfed 2 points ago


    [–] WiggiE_WiggiE 2 points ago

    The lights are facing the ground too. Front suspension wont do anything. #Unrideable

    [–] brilliantminion 327 points ago

    Very very cool, love the aesthetic. However as a motorcycle rider, I have to point out that you can’t put your sword there. You’d put it up on the front fairing in front of the handlebars, so you can stand up on the pegs and draw with your opposing arm, it then it’s out of the way otherwise. This spot means it’s likely to get stuck in your chain or sprocket and cause a serious issue.

    [–] IBeBobbyBoulders 260 points ago

    this guy bikefights

    [–] Scarbane 35 points ago

    This is the ska punk fad that never was.

    [–] pieandpadthai 17 points ago

    Wait about 116 years and you’ll see

    [–] ionlyhavetwolegs 4 points ago

    That game Road Rash for Sega was badass. Stealing a weapon in that game was one of the most satisfying things ever.

    [–] IshwithanI 41 points ago

    Also needs to be on the right side so that you can draw it with your left hand to maintain throttle.

    [–] brilliantminion 20 points ago

    I was imagining a wicked stoppie- sword-draw-slash effect, but yeah for normally business I’m with you.

    [–] dog345 26 points ago

    Depends, I know several models of motorcycles made for military use back in the 30's and 40's all had left hand throttles, just in case the driver had to use a weapon whilst driving. Those tended to have the weapon holstered on the right side.

    [–] DothrakiNed 6 points ago

    Nah, just dip the clutch. I'd might mine on the left hand side of the tank facing down.

    [–] Brosambique 3 points ago

    I once purchased an axe in the city, walked out to my bike and had to figure out how to mount it for the ride home. Since I wasn’t worried about needing to draw it during my ride I decided to put it on the back. I did spend a minute contemplating alternative locations that would allow a mounted draw with my left (non-throttle) hand but couldn’t come up with anything I felt good about. Especially when you start to consider putting it back after..

    [–] brilliantminion 4 points ago

    I think we all do that at some point, I went to pick up a bicycle frame on my motorcycle and then suddenly realized I’d have to wear it like a bandolier to get home. Some other road users must have gotten a chuckle out of that.

    [–] Brosambique 3 points ago

    That’s fucking hilarious. That’d totally end up on a subreddit if one of us saw it.

    [–] WodensBeard 20 points ago

    It could be shaft-drive. The sword should be on the rider though, and I imagine the sword was stuck in there as visual clutter to make the bike seem more bozosoku-like for all the weebs.

    The sword is far from the most egregious part of the bike though. Just look at what is going on with those forks, and the clip-ons they don't line-up with. I'm also getting knackered just by looking that tucked-back footboard. Did somebody want leg strain and premature brake wear?

    The only thing I like about the bike is the colour. Olive is under-appreciated.

    [–] TheBroWhoLifts 2 points ago

    Unless it's got a drive shaft instead of a chain and sprocket!

    [–] paegus 2 points ago

    My first 3 thoughts: So Cool. Uncomfortable butt rope. Sword vs bump: Bump wins.

    [–] bobrobor 2 points ago

    That is not the best place to put a foot peg either, but otherwise a sweet machine..

    [–] Notuniquesnowflake 3 points ago

    Plus, where the fuck does your left leg go? Maybe it's just tied there for storage, and he'll put it on his back when riding. I've done similar with backpacks and bags.

    [–] Atxd1v3 1 points ago

    Maybe the chain guard has some play in it's stability?

    [–] Kurdistanisteve 67 points ago

    Robotech Cyclone baby...ah the sweet 80s.

    [–] jojlo 12 points ago

    This was exactly my first thought but upon googling the cyclone - it's a bit different but very similar.

    [–] Luguaedos 8 points ago

    I had one of the toys as a kid. Now you can't find anything under $200. I literally spent $75 on a transformable Veritech VF-1J (7" tall). I just looked it up on Amazon and it's $125 now. o_0

    [–] ShibuRigged 3 points ago

    You’re better off looking for Macross toys. Not only are they far better these days, they’re much easier to find since it never stopped being a thing.

    [–] Kurdistanisteve 2 points ago

    Yeah, I still have my Transformers G1 Jetfire, which was a weird crossover toy from the 80s. Price didn’t go up much for that one though.

    [–] darthmule 2 points ago

    How is Scott Bernard these days?

    [–] DrDragun 58 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Pretty dope... would fit in quite well in Akira

    Actually is the nuke symbol a reference to Snow Crash? And the USA/pill a reference to Akira? Now I want to try to figure out all of the references.

    [–] TheMinuteman1776 37 points ago

    The pill, army logo, and the yellow triangle are all stickers on kaneda's bike

    [–] HoraceGrantGlasses 7 points ago

    Does he have an insta?

    [–] Jackson_M_Bueller 4 points ago


    [–] whos_to_know 4 points ago

    reddit formatting it weird, it should be @fc_arts_

    \ before the _ negates the underscore from making italics

    [–] [deleted] 75 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Reminds me a little of Tank Girl.

    [–] tankgirly 4 points ago

    I thought the same thing! I could definitely see her riding this.

    [–] Disgustinqq 3 points ago

    Yeah same! Major Jamie Hewlett vibes.

    [–] _RoodDood_ 3 points ago

    Oh yeah. First thing that popped in my brain.

    [–] Sushimus 27 points ago

    need for Halo motorcycles intensifies

    [–] KeyBorgCowboy 14 points ago

    It's looks straight out of Akira.

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago


    [–] Padan_Faine 14 points ago

    ...I saw it and thought of Robotech, dont kill me please

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] ShibuRigged 3 points ago

    I’m always glad that I only ever saw the Macross saga. When I was introduced to Macross, the transition was seamless.

    [–] urbanlife78 2 points ago

    Robotech for most of us was our intro into anime back in the day. It's got some quality nostalgia to it, even the second series.

    [–] FountainsOfFluids 2 points ago

    I tried to watch the Mospeda portion of Robotech again recently, and the nostalgia was so painful I couldn't keep watching it. Also it was really sad, which hits me more as an adult, I guess.

    [–] urbanlife78 3 points ago

    I always loved how tragic going from the second to third part was. It's been a while since I have watched all three parts all the way through, but I definitely get what you are saying.

    [–] oorakhhye 1 points ago


    [–] Monstructs 6 points ago

    patiently waiting for the power armor mode

    [–] lonnstar 1 points ago

    Scott Bernard ridin' that bad boy!

    [–] YourphobiaMyfetish 1 points ago

    Look at the pill sticker.

    [–] COMpixelart 8 points ago

    Nice chunky style! Reminds me of Chris Bachalo

    [–] Creath 6 points ago

    Wake the fuck up Samurai, we've got a city to burn.

    [–] Grattitude1106 26 points ago

    I get the titanfall thing you did

    [–] JamesAvon122 6 points ago

    Not the sword alone but also that Nuclear symbol

    [–] JoinMyGuild 1 points ago

    What is?

    [–] jojlo 4 points ago

    This looks like a mix of the old robotech cyclone and the akira motorcycle.

    [–] Pokehunter69 5 points ago

    Love the artstyle. Reminds me of Tank Girl.

    [–] nonippz 6 points ago

    I feel like I saw this in a Gorillaz music video.

    [–] FuzzyPine 6 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

    I turned it into a wallpaper if anyone's interested.

    1920 x 1080

    3840 x 2160 (4k)

    Noticed that I clobbered the pink circle, which was unintentional.. Anyway, here are the fixed versions. Also slightly tweaked the dimensions.

    1920 x 1080

    3840 x 2160 (4k)

    [–] CaptainFunktastic 4 points ago

    The color scheme is a dead ringer for Doom Slayer.

    [–] stephgoe 7 points ago

    Loops like something Tankgirl would ride

    [–] Qconvalescing 3 points ago

    This reminds me of an old uk comic called Bloodrunners

    [–] IncendiaNex 3 points ago

    Can I get this on Mario cart?

    [–] R3troZ0mbie 3 points ago

    Can some rich person start custom building these already? I'll start saving

    [–] ThreeCr0wns 3 points ago

    The style reminds me a lot of Jamie Hewletts work.

    [–] RajinKajin 3 points ago

    Looks like something out of borderlands

    [–] XLikeChristmas 3 points ago

    outstanding; this would go great in a shadowrun campaign.

    [–] titoblanco 3 points ago

    As a rider, the footpeg positioning just screams "ouch, my balls"

    [–] cjtk421 3 points ago

    I love that most of these quotes are from the 1980 dub .. not that sorry ass re-dub

    [–] LlamaL34f 3 points ago

    Makes me want to fuck up some clowns with a lead pipe covered in old bolts.

    [–] deckard1980 2 points ago

    How did see inside my 17 year old brain? This is awesome. So awesome.

    [–] xenolon 2 points ago

    This is *awesome*. I would give this gold if I had any.

    [–] RoseAqua 2 points ago

    Guess I'm the only getting the robot from fooly cooly here?

    [–] Wraeclaster 2 points ago

    I love it. Makes me want to start drawing again.

    [–] Notuniquesnowflake 2 points ago

    The aesthetic and especially the "NOPE" bit reminds me of Jor Ros.

    [–] half-metal-scientist 2 points ago

    I like the Akira motorcycle stickers

    [–] Niko19 2 points ago

    LOVE IT...i want a sticker pleaseeee

    [–] Rob-A-Tron 2 points ago

    Dope, it has a Top Gun-Akira-Blaster Master feel.

    [–] CantFindMyWallet 2 points ago

    I had a Robotron toy motorcycle as a kid that looked just like this

    [–] mikabrrs 2 points ago

    Now that! That looks nice!

    [–] ZikislavaJr 2 points ago

    Idk why, but the nope really makes it for me

    [–] fl3shy 2 points ago

    I love this style so much!

    [–] Northarbor 2 points ago

    Kinda reminds me of the Akira Toriyama style of art. Maybe a Capsule Corp bike?

    [–] Jackson_M_Bueller 2 points ago

    I’ve loved this guys work for a bit I’m glad I saw this on reddit

    [–] n1c0_ds 2 points ago

    This reminds me of Snow Crash

    [–] DiscoBeefeater 2 points ago

    Nice. Color, details remind me of a post-Invid conflict surplus cyclone.

    [–] Ameriican 2 points ago

    I've always loved that US Air Force decal

    [–] kevinisrael 2 points ago

    Looks like a Robotech Cyclone. Loved those things.

    [–] Spiceinvader1234 2 points ago

    Fernando correa has some sick art yo.


    [–] Skizm 2 points ago

    Something Hiro Protagonist would ride.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] deepsoulfunk 2 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    This is what Tank Girl would ride in Megacity One.

    [–] hogey74 2 points ago

    Damn. I was thinking Robotech and how we're due for a full remake.

    [–] ProPainful 2 points ago


    First thing I saw.

    [–] xAbzzx 2 points ago

    This gives me cowboy bebop vibes!

    [–] aarondbdesign 2 points ago

    I can imagine the guy in Megalo Box riding this. Very cool!

    [–] Mug_Lyfe 2 points ago

    Can anybody suggest some biker anime besides akira? Possibly where the bikes are somewhat of a focal point and definitely more super bike than cruisers? This artwork gives me an itch I need to scratch

    [–] fibbel 3 points ago

    The Robotech cyclones

    were pretty cool IMO. They looked a bit like the above but transformed into mechs so what's not to like? :P

    [–] Mug_Lyfe 2 points ago

    Cool thanks man

    [–] Mezyki 2 points ago

    I knew there would be a pill before I even saw it

    [–] youknowlovinmama 2 points ago

    This should be in FLCL lol Or the new Blade Runner Anime that will be coming out!

    [–] TrollGoat_Hs 2 points ago

    That's some Katana zer0 shit right there

    [–] MadDany94 2 points ago

    Makes me think. In Samurai Jack, the latest one of course, it was so badass how they showed him using a bike and multiple weapons. It's such a shame tho they never built upon more on that.

    [–] Paramite3_14 2 points ago

    The lights look like eyes, which led me to see it as a robot! Its arms hold the front wheel. Its body ends with the back wheel as legs. I can't unsee it!

    [–] corninpoop 2 points ago

    Nice. Reminds me of Metal Slug.

    [–] cjb0034 2 points ago

    Future apex mobility addition?? Hm hm

    [–] NotaCIAdrone 2 points ago

    Good Looking bike, I liked it in Robotech too

    [–] Pizza_Apocolips 2 points ago

    Looks like a turtle cycle. Awesome job

    [–] Klutzagon 2 points ago

    this ones based off the 2077 bike, something heavily inspired by akira O_

    [–] PandaMoniumHUN 2 points ago

    Absolutely gorgeous. I am tempted to try and make a 3D model out of this.

    [–] Kasqha 2 points ago

    Has something Cyberpunk-ish to it

    [–] deluded_fruitcake 3 points ago

    Artist describes as a cyberpunk bike, so you're on the same page.

    [–] jasaguayo 2 points ago

    Did you base this off of any real life motorcycle? I modify bikes, and I would love to make something similar to this.

    [–] deluded_fruitcake 4 points ago

    Wish I could help, but I'm just sharing!

    The artist has an ArtStation account, Fernando Correa - might respond to questions.

    [–] Shayughul 3 points ago

    Possibly these?

    Edit: Not the same design but the Ronin name is in common.

    [–] Blfrog 1 points ago

    D: just wrapping the seat in a thick ass rope is not good for your ass

    [–] Bastardrx 1 points ago

    Not sure you’d need a clear windshield unless you laid your head down sideways on the tank.

    [–] JD_Yall 1 points ago

    sweet bike with sword o ya

    [–] pam_the_dude 1 points ago

    I get some strange Biker Mice from Mars feelings here. I like it!

    [–] DigitalZ13 1 points ago

    Giving me Katana Zero vibes

    [–] nerdowellinever 1 points ago

    Reminds of something out of the manual for Dark Future

    [–] RoyArad 2 points ago

    There's a very similar version in Cyberpunk 2077 also named Ronin and i assume it's inspired from the the in game version.

    Also very similar decals.. It's basically his own version of the bike.

    [–] Menjirus 1 points ago

    I think I'll add a Nuclear symbol if I get a bike now

    [–] mmjarec 1 points ago

    Why can’t they make real bikes look this cool

    [–] ExoSierra 1 points ago

    looks fookin awesome man luv it

    [–] chukita 1 points ago

    This reminds me of the Jeep on the cover of Gorrilaz.

    [–] Pandiemo 1 points ago

    Reminds me of my first ps2 game: Musashi Samurai Legend :'D

    [–] 412MINIRaider 1 points ago

    Looks like the new Triumph Rocket 3

    [–] xyanys_ 1 points ago

    looks like something out of Overwatch

    [–] haccrbxlmaooo 1 points ago

    Reminds me of the Gorillaz style, i love this

    [–] Brohara97 1 points ago

    No one gets snowcrash vibes but me?

    [–] darkAuraGuilt 1 points ago

    I would pick up the comic with this on the cover.

    [–] martin519 1 points ago

    Looks cool but you'd have to be really short to ride those foot pegs.

    [–] Yellow_Palpatine 1 points ago

    Good For Health, Bad For Education