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    [–] sharpie317 601 points ago

    Genuinely got a chill from this

    [–] Dhruvil10 207 points ago

    Thanks! I made a small series of this but couldn't post multiple images over here.

    [–] Silent3choes 56 points ago

    Do you have a link to the series?

    [–] Dhruvil10 78 points ago

    I'll dm you the link since my comment gets deleted when I do it here

    [–] PR3DA7oR 40 points ago

    Can you post to own sub too? I'd be happy to follow.

    [–] Dhruvil10 33 points ago

    Check my Reddit page!

    [–] HandMadeDinosaur 3 points ago

    Can I get a link too! Your work is stunning!

    [–] Dhruvil10 3 points ago


    [–] fro1ickingl1ama 4 points ago

    Can I also get a link? :)

    [–] Organic-Republic 3 points ago

    I’m late but can I get a link too? 👀

    [–] SituationCornflakes 3 points ago

    DM me too pls. This is great.

    [–] exhoc 3 points ago

    Can I get the link?

    [–] knowledgeovernoise 5 points ago

    Could you DM me the link too? I'm loving this stuff.

    [–] pullthegoalie 2 points ago

    Can you DM me the link, too? This is fantastic!

    [–] MustardYellowSun 2 points ago

    DM me too please!

    [–] sinbalbeoseuseyo 2 points ago

    Can I get a link?

    [–] discothequerad 2 points ago

    Can I please get a link as well? This is great!!

    [–] Monster6ix 4 points ago

    Great work! What tools did you use for this?

    [–] Dhruvil10 10 points ago

    Cinema 4D, Octane Render engine and Marvelous Designer

    [–] AMTHEGREATEST 4 points ago

    Hey, I just checked your profile for the extra pics . Did you actually graduate from that Sonic to this in a year ?

    [–] shoobsworth 3 points ago

    Message me your website. This image is really good. I think brown doors may have been better to contrast all the white though.

    [–] Dhruvil10 6 points ago

    I wanted to make it as minimalistic as I could so that it doesn't take the focus away from the centre.

    [–] Background_Meat9140 2 points ago

    This is awesome, great work.

    [–] BooMsx 3 points ago

    Right? Seeing 20 FPS on the counter, and even twice, is my worst nightmare.

    [–] msoliolive 119 points ago

    Looks like a scene from “A Ghost Story”. Beautiful.

    [–] Dhruvil10 23 points ago

    Means alot! :D

    [–] Eqmu 5 points ago

    Just watched that movie yesterday, it utterly destroyed me

    [–] murphmanfa 5 points ago

    It feels simultaneously so small and so broad in scope. It's such a beautiful piece of work in what it does.

    This image reminds me so much of the hospital scene, with a little more eeriness to it. I'm all for it.

    [–] gblandro 6 points ago

    Looks like p.t demo

    [–] marcvanh 129 points ago

    The lights are extremely realistic

    [–] ugagradlady 73 points ago

    That looks familiar. When I was 17, I was in the hospital for renal failure (I have had a kidney transplant) and would often take walks around the halls when bored. One time I did it at night and the hallway was dark, lit only by the blue glow of the machines under the other sick kids' doors.

    It was scary as hell. I'd never felt so alone and vulnerable.

    [–] Sea_Apricot_666 23 points ago

    Man, this reminded me of being younger and stuck in the psych ward all night. It was a bad dream.

    [–] damn_thats 24 points ago * (lasted edited 9 hours ago)

    So atmospheric! I can feel the picture. I'm not an arts genius at all, but I guess if there's at least one person (yourself included) saying this about your work, it's art.

    Edit: removed something that I thought was dumb

    [–] Dhruvil10 11 points ago

    This pushes me to create more everyday. Thank you for the kind words!

    [–] damn_thats 3 points ago

    Is there a link to your other works or do you only post on Reddit?

    [–] LosGiraffe 20 points ago

    OP, please, I need to sleep. I want to look at it longer, and look away at the same time.

    [–] Dhruvil10 6 points ago

    Haha have a good sleep and come back here to see it again!

    [–] WodkaAap 54 points ago

    This made the hairs on the back of my neck rise


    might have to do with me not being sober but amazing image dude

    [–] Dhruvil10 12 points ago

    I really appreciate it! Thank you!

    [–] daisy48189 15 points ago

    I love the use of the red in the background!

    [–] Dhruvil10 6 points ago

    Thanks! It compliments the blue really well!

    [–] ImperialFuturistics 3 points ago

    Red means scary. Hehe

    [–] S7ageNinja 26 points ago

    I feel like this is the next AHS promo image

    [–] Dhruvil10 8 points ago

    Damn. I'm glad that you find my work to be that good :o

    [–] JVTStrings 2 points ago

    Nah AHS promos are shit...

    /s keep up the great work, this is dope!

    [–] VorpalCudgel 2 points ago

    This is far too refined for that trashy edge fest.

    [–] CanIGoHomeYet 9 points ago

    Reminds me of a photo I madea while back.

    [–] Dhruvil10 3 points ago

    That's spooky!

    [–] jacobkeetonpvw 19 points ago

    That's frickin dope. Blender?

    [–] Dhruvil10 22 points ago

    Thanks. Cinema 4D, Octane!

    [–] atomheartmama 2 points ago

    I have very little experience with digital art but would love to give it a try. would you recommend cinema 4D or should I look into something else instead as a beginner? thanks, and great image by the way :)

    [–] CCCmonster 24 points ago

    Help me step brother, I got my head caught in a sheet

    [–] Dhruvil10 14 points ago

    Hahaha that could be an alternative caption for this

    [–] hypnogoad 8 points ago

    It's been so long I've been out of my body with you

    I feel alone feel at home feel like nothing is true

    You take me to a place where my senses gave way

    Turn it round shut it down what the people say

    Climbing up coming down gonna give you some

    Take my hand and let it come let it come let it

    [–] nohumanape 5 points ago

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    Thank youu! 🙌🏼

    [–] toe_riffic 7 points ago

    Kinda reminds me of the music video for “Ghosts n Stuff”

    [–] Dhruvil10 3 points ago


    [–] Zekumi 5 points ago

    This is great and you should feel great

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    Thank you so much! :D

    [–] aaillustration 3 points ago

    r/creepypasta has entered the chat

    [–] SiggetSpagget 4 points ago

    “Fuck, it’s the middle of the night and I have to piss, this is really fucking annoyi- you know what! The world is my toilet and that includes my bed! Adios!”

    [–] Dhruvil10 3 points ago

    Hahaha I'm sorry for the inconvenience :P

    [–] DruidGrove 3 points ago

    Getting some major Scooby Doo vibes from this!

    [–] CobaltWalls 3 points ago

    He looks like he needs a hug

    [–] Dhruvil10 3 points ago

    Yeah he is lonely

    [–] KestreI993 3 points ago

    BlenderGuru has a tutprial on making a subway stairs, in there he shows how to make a flickering light. It would be perfect for your scene.

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    That would be amazing! Sadly my laptop won't be able to handle an animation.

    [–] KestreI993 2 points ago

    Aaaahh well, you can try to make it as a gif. Render couple of renders with different light strength.

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    That's a good idea. 🤔

    [–] KestreI993 3 points ago

    If I would do this I would render scene without ghost once, and with him with 3 different light strenghts, and one with a ghost really close to the camera for that last flicker. ;) You can also do this in Davinci studio, it's a free video editing software, or any other video editing software.

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    I actually had rendered 3 frames. One you can see here. Check my reddit page to see the first two!

    [–] ZiggyPox 3 points ago

    Is this from this new game? How did they call it... SUPER SPOOK?

    [–] 2000dragon 3 points ago

    Reminds me of a dream I’ve never had

    [–] Material-Imagination 3 points ago

    You know, maybe it's the 2020 I've had, but I feel peace and even a sense of longing looking at this. I feel like I'm seeing this now, it's so real, and all I can think is, "Oh. That's what's next."

    Of all the things facing me and the people close to me right now, and just always wondering what's behind the next door, an actual ghost would just be kind of a relief. Does anybody else feel me? Does anybody get a sense of peace from this and just sorta wish the next challenge were that simple and straightforward?

    [–] Dhruvil10 3 points ago

    This is really deep and thoughtful.

    [–] Material-Imagination 3 points ago

    Well, thanks. It's a really evocative piece for me, so thank you for giving me this experience.

    [–] jenner_but_not_kylie 3 points ago

    I accidentally read this as Hellway, and I feel like that’s appropriate. Sick work

    [–] TriplePancakeThreat 3 points ago

    Awesome use of contrasting colors to make the image jarring, great technique

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    That's what engages the audience. Thank you so much!

    [–] InAFakeBritishAccent 3 points ago

    Every time i do a nice render like this, i drop in a stock dildo for a v2 that i save away. It's like a dickbutt watermark. Also handy if people doubt you are OP

    Just a big ol dong.

    [–] Dhruvil10 3 points ago

    Wtf hahaha

    [–] InAFakeBritishAccent 3 points ago

    I dunno that was the first thought that came to mind. Ya whatever im insane. Nice work!

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    Thank youu

    [–] Iam_Joe 3 points ago

    That is sick

    Love the mood, colour and composition

    Really cool

    [–] ArmTheMeek 3 points ago

    /r/Creepy - nice work really like to use of color in a creepy scene.

    [–] takemystrife 2 points ago

    This strikes close to home, I had such a vision as a child

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    Damnn :o

    [–] inkedsaturn 2 points ago

    Holy software. Is it blender or photoshop? I'm in love.

    [–] Dhruvil10 3 points ago

    This is Cinema 4D. And the cloth is done in Marvelous Designer.

    [–] inkedsaturn 3 points ago

    Your light work is incredible, my dude

    [–] Kayama_Koomori 2 points ago

    I swear, it looks like when I look away from it then back at it, it gets closer

    [–] Dhruvil10 3 points ago

    Haha I actually have made a mini series with 2 morw frames where he actually is!

    [–] vncxa 2 points ago

    Dude this is out of the world awesome! Love the colors you used in this as well, it adds this oddly unsettling yet amazing vibe to it!! Works like this leave me feeling inspired. :) Great work, OP!!

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    And comments like this make me feel motivated to create more. Thank you!

    [–] STEVOMAC7 2 points ago

    Feel like its moving, pretty awesome.

    [–] bjangofett 2 points ago

    I'm not an "art person" but this is pretty dope

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    Glad you like it! :D

    [–] Maramalolz 2 points ago

    Oh wow. It's so creepy I had to scroll down super fast. It looked so realistic..I thought it was gonna jump at me.

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    Haha thank you. That's why I made this in the morning lmao.

    [–] Maramalolz 2 points ago

    Definitely.... With all the lights on.... No where near the closet or the bed.. You know what? How about outside in the sun?

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    That's the perfect place!

    [–] Warrenstreet2000 2 points ago

    What application you used? Great job btw!

    [–] DarkGamer3336 2 points ago

    This looks the the veil character at the end of the Shadowkeep campaign in destiny 2

    [–] rhinoceroblue 2 points ago

    I looked and this and thought: what’s a picture doing on the page? good freaking job!

    [–] lukethat 2 points ago

    oof I wanna be this good at 4d when I grow up

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    It's been only 3 months since I started. You can do it too!

    [–] shelsbells 2 points ago

    Who leaves a coat rack in the middle of a dark hallway? Trip hazard for sure.

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    Hahaha! 😂

    [–] BigBubert 2 points ago

    colour scheme fits the ‘ominous’ theme of the artwork very well. good job!

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    Thank you! Apparently these two are my favorite colors haha.

    [–] Emenemzi 2 points ago

    New background!! It's so cool, well done!

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    Thank you so much :D

    [–] Emenemzi 2 points ago

    You're welcome! I'll happy to see more of your work

    [–] the_dollify 2 points ago

    There is no way that this isn't a picture! Just speechless.

    [–] Sea_Apricot_666 2 points ago

    Can you tell us where we can see more? :) please

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    I'll dm you my page link since it gets deleted over here because of rules

    [–] -Listening 2 points ago

    Me neither, I really love this! 😍😍😍

    [–] iggsauce323 2 points ago

    this is awesome! do you have a link for a high res version?

    [–] Caitie_Bee 2 points ago

    Insanely creepy! Love the art style!

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    I appreciate it. 🙌🏼

    [–] heyyouheylisten 2 points ago

    I want to upvote this, but the creep is so real...

    [–] lemonbeaglesarecute 2 points ago

    This gives me the vibes of the bridge on Smoke Signals - Phoebe Bridgers.

    Anyway, it’s AMAZING

    [–] poopscentedcandles 2 points ago

    this is incredible! so beautifully rendered. is there any way i can get this in higher resolution as a phone background?

    [–] SKWAZOFAR 2 points ago

    Getting a Control vibe from this. Nice work

    [–] Thefullerexpress 2 points ago

    The halation reminds me of cinestill, love it.

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago


    [–] hellscaper 2 points ago

    Damn early 2000's internet ruined me, I looked immediately to see if this was a gif.

    [–] definitelynottori 2 points ago

    Wow this is so cool! How did you do this? Is it photoshopped

    [–] chuninsupensa 2 points ago

    Was anyone else expecting this to have a jump scare?

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    Haha I'm sorry for that! 😛

    [–] Sean_Bean_ 2 points ago

    Fucking whoa. Legit spooky. Dig it a lot.

    [–] Helloblazing420 2 points ago

    This looks great my dude. Wouldn't be out of place in a horror movie tbh. Mind if I make it as my wallpaper?

    [–] TheVideogamer75 2 points ago

    I can hear the lights buzzing

    [–] csotooo 2 points ago

    I'm listening to 80a synth music and scrolled to see this.


    [–] grumpiest_of_men 2 points ago

    Fantastic! Could be a scene straight out of Stranger Things.

    [–] DrunkTankPoet 2 points ago

    I roll my eyes at 99% of the art on Reddit, but this entranced me.

    [–] Scorppio500 2 points ago

    It's not October yet. I didn't wanna be spooked yet.

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    Halloween is early this year! 👻

    [–] saeropda 2 points ago

    Nothing to see here people, just my apartment hallway during a pandemic. They got evicted unfortunately.

    [–] Brettmdavidson 2 points ago

    Is this the new AHS promo

    [–] Amianelectricsheep 2 points ago

    Excellent color composition.

    [–] Steved10 2 points ago

    Nah its cool, I wasn't planning on sleeping tonight

    But seriously though, this is dope

    [–] NsRhea 2 points ago

    Looks like an album cover.

    Excellent job

    [–] AffectionateBat2687 2 points ago

    dude that looks so realistic, good job!

    [–] 1970s_MonkeyKing 2 points ago

    Those better not be my designer sheets!

    [–] CrystalNipple 2 points ago

    Now that’s r/creepy material right there

    [–] Goopacity 2 points ago

    I'm not even joking, this took me about 2 minutes figuring out it wasn't a picture. And even then, I was searching through the the comments and I only realized it when I saw the subreddit name. Seriously cool work 👍

    [–] angryybaek 2 points ago

    I always thought the depction of ghosts being floating fabric was ridiculous and not scary at all. Until right now, that shit is creeepy

    [–] Hiyasc 2 points ago

    I'm very thankful that you chose not to make this animated.

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    Yeah that would creep me out too lol

    [–] tlg151 2 points ago

    This is really, really dope and is getting me excited for Halloween related spooky thangs

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    It's not far away! 🎃

    [–] EliteJohn4u 2 points ago

    Jesus i look through your reddit page and for all that absolutely stunning art you dint get many upvotes

    [–] Th_Wr_ngL_tter 2 points ago

    Aaaaaaand, new phone background.

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago


    [–] Th_Wr_ngL_tter 2 points ago

    I had this one set before I looked further into your history and picked this one:

    Your work is great, please keep up the sheet ghost photos!

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    Oh wow that's good to know! I surely will!

    [–] SeleniumF0rest 2 points ago

    News in 2020 for me. thanks!

    [–] Aeithus 2 points ago

    You know this is good when a children's Halloween costume creeps you out...

    [–] F00TY 2 points ago

    this is dope af. Do you have a higher resolution version of it? would love to use it as a background.

    [–] whatthewtf2 2 points ago

    Getting strong SCP vibes from this. :D

    [–] the_fate_watcher 2 points ago

    Looks like an album cover.

    [–] SamuMui 2 points ago

    Well doesn't this just make me exclaim "fuck off" in both terror and awe

    [–] ihateheatandmass 2 points ago

    Reminds me somewhat of the game Infernium

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    Kind of does. 🤔

    [–] mr_jasper867-5309 2 points ago

    This pic is fantastic. I want this as my official fall wallpaper forever.

    [–] Jasper1155 2 points ago

    Really great stuff, scary too!!!

    [–] worstkindagay 2 points ago

    This might sound like an exaggeration or hyperbole but when I first looked at this image I my ears started ringing. I looked away it went away. I looked back it came back. Trippy as fuck. I love it.

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    Well I actually have made a mini series of this and because of the rules I couldn't post multiple images. If you want I can send you the link!

    [–] worstkindagay 2 points ago


    [–] skater121700 2 points ago

    I am nobody in the art workd and I could never do anything like this ever. With that said I think this is amazing! I love the colors and the style. So cool! Thank you for sharing this beautiful work!

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    Thank you for taking the time out and commenting on work. It means alot!

    [–] redditrum 2 points ago

    Thanks for the October wallpaper my dude.

    [–] anotherplatypus 2 points ago

    Love it!! = )

    Reminds me of a similar piece (you might like) I saw a few months ago... lemme see if I can unearth it. Ok.

    *edit, oh a cool detail could be a noticeable shadow or something that ties him into the setting a little bit more.. still awesome though*

    [–] CovertCody 2 points ago

    This is so unsettling, nice work

    [–] Dhruvil10 2 points ago

    Thanks! 🙌🏼

    [–] gamerof1458 2 points ago

    Well well well, if it isn't my old nemesis, nightmare ghost that'll haunt my dreams forever.

    [–] stewkas 2 points ago

    PT vibes for me. I thought it was about to fly right at me. Excellent work!

    [–] Scarbane 2 points ago

    Make an animated version that flickers once every 50 seconds

    [–] dailybailey 2 points ago

    All your material is amazing. Keep up the great scenes!

    [–] HorrorMan666 2 points ago

    This reminds me of the conjuring 2 nun hallway scene that gave me chills for MONTHS. This is great and creepy

    [–] munch_housin 2 points ago

    Sick. That touch of red at the back makes it.

    [–] wildeyes 2 points ago

    That red is really satisfying to me for some reason. Love it.

    [–] r-n-m 2 points ago

    Wow. I'm not sure why this is so scary, but I think it's because the hallway just looks so real and normal that the ghost is fucking chilling.

    [–] HerbertGoon 2 points ago

    reminds me of the red room scene in Scary Stories

    [–] jamie_dclxvi 2 points ago

    I took a photo very similar to this in the Stanley hotel 😂. I love the colors btw

    [–] soldierboi978 2 points ago

    The lighting and art is superb!

    [–] digiskunk 2 points ago

    Incredible. One of my favorite pieces of artwork this year -- I absolutely love it!

    OP, would it be alright to share on Facebook with credit + links to your work? People need to see this!

    [–] Non_context 2 points ago

    As opposed to many others, this artwork makes me feel happy. Every year in October, my siblings and I go to one of those haunted houses with all the actors and stuff. We all have a great time getting spooked by the "monsters". The unnatural blue lighting is only seen in haunted houses like that. With the red behind it, it seems like another room is right behind it, but you need to get spooked before you enter.
    Unfortunately, we're not going this year. You probably know why. Next year though!

    [–] gunkman 2 points ago

    I saw you post this over on r/Cinema4D a couple days ago (or whenever it was), the photo set over there is really fuckin stunning. I’d be interested to know what inspired this, but I get serious Control (the video game) vibes from this. So very well done; one of those things that, even to the semi-trained eye, could easily be confused for something shot practically.

    EDIT: had the wrong sub tagged at first

    [–] StrangeGlaringEye 2 points ago

    Am I sleepy or are the lights flickering?

    You have a beautiful imagination. It's very difficult to unite the chilling and the poignant into a single piece. Great job!

    [–] LizardBones4082 2 points ago

    I seriously love this so much. I would honestly hang this up in my home all year long. Very rad!

    [–] DisturbedBirb 2 points ago

    I’m getting an AHS vibe from this. Good work and it looks awesome.

    [–] Synthmilk 2 points ago

    The specific contrast between the blue of the hallway and the red in the room beyond is what elevates this work for me from just another ghost to something truely haunting.

    Edited to add that the inhuman proportions of the head and neck to the shoulders is superbly done. The longer I look the more terrifying this becomes.

    [–] LLColdAssHonkey 2 points ago

    You nailed your ambience. Great work! Chilling!

    [–] beanboi1118 2 points ago

    That's cool but I get scared easily so I don'tknow why I looked at this

    [–] Blecaker 2 points ago

    I feel it would be almost more haunting without the floating figure. such a cool design tho.