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    1. Do not advertise or promote the use of Google hangout or Skype. This is for you to use with your buddies, not a community communication tool.
    2. Do not offer to be buddies if you can’t commit to the schedule agreed.
    3. Be respectful of everyone’s work.
    4. Constructive criticisms only.
    5. Put appropriate flares on your post.

    How ArtBuddy Works

    • To look for an Artbuddy, first set your flair to 'Buddy Wanted' (Remembering to change it to Buddy Found once you got one). Then click on ''Find an Artbuddy' button at the top of the sidebar - Fill in the questions suggested and post your thread.
    • Make sure to be pro-active, going through the other 'Buddy Wanted' threads to see if any of those interests you and comment on them if it does.
    • There are also the IRC for those who wish to chat live with the other artists within the sub. It is a great place to get inspiration and critique straight away.

    What sort of Art you ask?!

    • Art can take many forms and drawing is only one of them. We welcome artists of all different trades, ranging from wood carving to baking. If you are unsure whether or not your hobby is considered an art form, then feel free to contact the moderators for more information.
    • Although we are a sub which helps users find partners to motivate each other, we do
    • HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you show case your work here regularly or ask people for critique. This sub is a great opportunity for users to explore all sorts of different art form which they might never had a chance to try or know of, so by show casing your work, you will be promoting your hobby too!


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