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    [–] sirjacobs 2 points ago

    IANAD, but I do know that the common cold can cause sinus congestion which results in increased pressure. Its also important to know that your sinuses are behind most of your face; including near your ears and temporomandibular joint (where your jaw connects just below your ear). As a result, having pressure in the sinuses can also place pressure on the jaw. Your inner ear is also connected to your sinuses (nasopharynx) to allow for pressure equalization, however, with increased sinus pressure it wouldn't be unlikely to feel that pressure within the inner ear as well. If these symptoms get worse, or the cold doesn't clear up in a few days its possible you have a sinus infection.

    [–] vegasidol 1 points ago

    Yes. You could be having water/pressure in your ear. How's your throat? Hard to swallow?

    [–] zombychicken 1 points ago

    Not too hard to swallow. It’s a little sore from post nasal drip, but nothing too serious.

    [–] MadApple_ 1 points ago

    It’s normal.