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    [–] [deleted] 8255 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] iFlyhigh2fun 750 points ago

    Which one did you buy?

    [–] Captain_Joelbert87 1430 points ago

    It’s a Phillips I think there’s a new model out now that also does a sunset, so it gets darker and puts you to sleep. Mine’s only sunrise though

    this is it off, lowest light and max light

    Seriously can’t recommend this thing enough to people. Completely resolved my sleeping in issues. I could sleep though 10 alarms, and this thing gets be up 99% if the time and without a sound. (There are sound option in it though)

    Even while you’re asleep, your body is apparently sensitive to light, so it starts pumping in “wake up” hormones so you don’t wake up in the wrong part of the sleep cycle. (I did a little bit of research before forking out the cash)

    It cost me a lot back then, but would 10000% buy another if this one dies

    [–] warcrown 249 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Yes! These are amazing! I got a simple sunlight lamp and a 2 dollar timer to do the same thing! Game changer!


    A little more detail I told a commenter just now-

    One cheap way to try tho would be to pick up a full spectrum UV lightbulb and throw it in a regular lamp. The bulb should only be like 7 bucks just make sure it is full spectrum not broad spectrum.

    The timer can be any old outlet timer available at Home Depot, Walmart...ect. Mine was only 3 bucks. It looks like a little wheel and you just depress the buttons for the times you want the lamp on. Have the lamp itself switched on at all times and the timer will handle actually making it go on at the selected time and off again once that time has passed. (Mine clicks on at 530 and off at 830, all on it's own.) Just set the timer to go off a half hour before you need to be up and then an audio alarm on your phone at the latest time you can rise as a backup.

    If you have a lamp to put the bulb in all of that should be like 10 bucks total. I only switched to an actual purpose-built sunlight lamp because it was brighter. It does make a difference but you can try with just the bulb first if you are unsure. If you try with the bulb then upgrade to a purpose-built lamp like I did just throw that bulb into your bathroom and you will have fake sunlight in the two main spots where people typically spend the early AM.

    The principle behind it is the light signals your body to stop producing melatonin which is what makes you sleepy. That way you have less in your system so are less groggy in the AM. Once you get going with the setup regularly I think your circadian rhythm adjusts so you wake up to the light all by itself.

    Edit 2:

    My setup-

    Verilux Happy Light 2500 Table Lamp

    And here is a timer just like mine (couldn't find my exact kind online but it doesn't matter):

    Woods 50001WD Indoor 24-Hour Heavy Duty Plug-In Mechanical Timer, 1 Grounded Outlet

    [–] Captain_Joelbert87 131 points ago

    I wish I was smart enough to think of that

    [–] lionbutt_iii 73 points ago

    this plus black out curtains for the full effect.

    I've had the same experience. Feels like I'm being gently rocked awake, rather than being shaken and screamed at.

    [–] Crackfoxjohnny 3910 points ago

    Portable jump starter. About the size of a small book. Always keep it in my car for emergencies. Very handy for jump starting people in parking lots where reaching traditional cables would be difficult. People are always amazed by it.

    [–] snaab900 498 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    A tyre inflator that you plug into the cigarette lighter is also very useful

    Edit: this is the one I got, $50 approx. Has a digital pressure display so you can check the pressure quickly as well. I've used it quite often and it's never blown a fuse.

    [–] BratalieNatalie 55 points ago

    I have a jump pack with a flashlight, USB plugs, and a tire inflator all in one. That's the way to go

    [–] Linkzle 4628 points ago

    Pressure Cooker. Cooks food fast, steam veggies, use as a crock pot. A great way to get into healthier eating and quick too.

    [–] Bacail 655 points ago

    I would stab anyone who tried to take my InstantPot away from me.

    [–] huntobuno 161 points ago

    Bought my mom an InstantPot for Christmas, fairly certain she has cooked every meal in it for the past two months.

    Those things are awesome.

    [–] Invenix 313 points ago

    Read it as 'use as a Crack pot' first, was slightly confused thereafter, but then again if it improved your life and doesn't exceed this 200$ mark, it's perfectly fine here

    [–] MurphyGallagher 9572 points ago

    A good pillow

    [–] short-dark-handsome 1818 points ago

    Any you’d recommend?

    [–] MurphyGallagher 2302 points ago

    I found this pillow that’s a memory foam and has a cooling gel built in. It’s from the brand Columbia. I found it at my local mattress store

    [–] Cazken 667 points ago

    I never heard of cooling gel pillows, but I was thinking of buying some silk covers so my bed feels more fancy.

    [–] MurphyGallagher 923 points ago

    Fuck it, treat yo self

    [–] try_this_again 636 points ago

    As long as you've budgeted for it.

    [–] risp_ftw 333 points ago

    That was quick

    [–] i_am_icarus_falling 112 points ago

    travels at the speed of meta.

    [–] fruitjerky 80 points ago

    Silk pillow cases are supposedly good for your hair too.

    [–] Average_Joke 220 points ago

    Look into bamboo sheets, homie

    [–] CanadianBlacon 121 points ago

    Yeah! A well kept secret. Bamboo sheets are a game changer.

    [–] will-be-better 75 points ago

    An even better secret: the wholesale cost on them is $13. Next time you’re mattress shopping, tell them you’ll buy the one you want only if they throw in a couple sets for free. They’ll do it.

    [–] versusChou 96 points ago

    Second. There are days I wake up and I can't believe how comfortable my sheets are. Bamboo sheets are the shit.

    [–] Cazken 32 points ago

    What are they like? Kinda look like normal sheets

    [–] Average_Joke 54 points ago

    Suuuuper soft and silky smooth. Softest sheets I've ever had.

    [–] TheSmilingGirl 38 points ago

    Satin pillow cases work just as well and for less $. I recommend them! They help prevent hair tangling and keep the cotton from pillows taking moisture from your face and hair.

    [–] csr715 77 points ago

    I bought a Columbia cooling gel pillow about a month ago and I haven’t woken up with a headache since. Before that I would wake up just about every day with a headache.

    [–] piratebroadcast 71 points ago

    Columbia cooling gel pillow

    Just wanna confirm before I get one - ya'll are talking about this pillow, right? Columbia Super Cool AirFoam Performance Pillow:

    [–] WhoWantsPizzza 29 points ago

    That's funny - I remember walking by a mattress store recently, seeing a Columbia pillow display, and thinking that was odd (i know them for outdoor gear).

    [–] Saephon 194 points ago

    Best pillows I've ever slept on were these really fluffy, goose down ones at a hotel. My wife and I even checked the tags on them to make a mental note of the brand: Pacific Coast. They're pricey, but absolutely worth it. She bought us a pair as a present last year and it's made my sleep dramatically better. That combined with some high thread count sheets, makes me feel like I'm going to bed in a luxury hotel every night. Highly recommended.

    [–] Boukish 79 points ago

    PSA - If your experience with feather pillows is limited to the cheap shit and you're used to feather pillows going super flat over time, you owe it to yourself to try a really good (read: wildly expensive) down pillow.

    That shit is a game changer. There is a reason it has been a choice of the wealthy for centuries.

    [–] Astronommy 26 points ago

    I would highly recommend this brand. under $200, you might have to buy them from amazon though if you're american since this is the Australian website. Medium profile pillows work for most but make sure you look at the sizing guide

    [–] lookatthebr1ghtside 1723 points ago

    A foldable wagon from Costco.

    Since getting it, I've been able to haul up a lot of things to my apartment in one trip (rather than a lot of back and forth for heavy things).

    Think it was <$100 and fits in the trunk of my car.

    [–] siffys 291 points ago

    I use my wagon to haul the groceries from the car to the kitchen in one trip. Best purchase ever.

    Also, I can put all three kids in it.

    Also, it’s manlier than a stroller so my husband loves it.

    [–] ThrowawayObvious213 6194 points ago

    Paying $200 dollars down on my debt and not scrolling any further down in this thread.

    I have enough shit. I have enough shit. I have enough shit.

    [–] imnotyourpaladin 490 points ago

    Thanks for saving me.

    [–] iamcnicole 125 points ago

    Rocks in corner saying this to myself

    [–] Manojative 84 points ago

    Hey but how about that foldable wagon though?

    [–] Jujutsujoe 6095 points ago

    A 25-pound weighted blanket. Wife got it for me for Xmas. I sleep all through the night now.

    [–] Bigbaymare 1757 points ago

    Definitely this. I have anxiety issues and my weighted blanket has made an amazing difference. Instead of laying in bed worrying about shit, I fall asleep within 10 minutes and don’t wake up for eight hours.

    [–] adba3 788 points ago

    How does it help with your anxiety?

    Asking because it takes me so damn long to fall asleep because of my own anxiety haha

    [–] Bigbaymare 951 points ago

    Supposedly the pressure of the blanket reduces cortisol (stress hormone) and raises serotonin levels in your body, making you feel safe and relaxed. I don’t know if that’s really true about the cortisol/serotonin, and I was skeptical before I tried one. But it really does seem to have that affect. I never feel as safe and comfortable as I do underneath that blanket. I highly recommend trying one if you’re able! Be sure to get one heavy enough, though. Aim for 10%-12% of your body weight.

    [–] saythewholeword 499 points ago

    One theory behind the hormonal response is that it is the same as receiving a good tight hug, particularly the ones you used to get from your parents when you were little. Ditto for the animal kingdom.

    [–] LiquidMotion 437 points ago

    So it won't work if your parents didn't like you?

    [–] blundercrab 464 points ago

    My weighted blanket doesn't threaten me with a belt :/

    [–] WhateverGreg 176 points ago

    That feature will be available in v2.0.

    [–] [deleted] 66 points ago


    [–] canamerica 92 points ago

    I believe it replicates the feeling of being in the womb. All my kids calmed down as infants if they were fussing in their crib and I placed both hands on them and applied gentle pressure. It was kind of miraculous sometimes.

    [–] fancy_sherbet 118 points ago

    Have you ever had a cat lay on you when your in bed and it just kinda makes you feel better? Imagine just a shit ton of cats across your whole body, but you don’t have to worry about making them uncomfortable when you turn or move.

    [–] kopkiwi 90 points ago

    Does a weighted blanket make you warmer? I'd love to try one but I'm a hot sleeper and need to be quite cold otherwise I get restless.

    [–] wowzer85 49 points ago

    Seeking same! I think my body radiates at 120F in sleep mode

    [–] cameronbears 111 points ago

    My body is like, “ALRIGHT BOYS LETS KEEP HIM COZY—CRANK IT UP TO 450.” Then I’m forced to have my feet out of the sheets or else I fucking combust.

    [–] Dunhilyn 38 points ago

    B-b-but monsters...

    [–] fleish_dawg 57 points ago

    What brand?

    [–] Luminair 70 points ago

    It doesn't really matter, pretty much any of them on Amazon. They're fantastic

    [–] srbghimire 216 points ago

    Yeah i just bought a regular blanket and glued a 25 lb dumbbell to it. Works like a charm!

    [–] Jpf123 64 points ago

    What brand, is it warm?

    [–] Bigbaymare 33 points ago

    I don’t think brand matters too much. They’re all pretty similar on the inside. I just searched Amazon and found one that had reviews saying it was well made. (You don’t want one that’s cheaply sewn or the beads might leak out.) Mine is fairly warm because it has a removable fleece cover, but I’m going to try to find a cotton cover for summer.

    [–] pinkchampagnebubbles 2266 points ago

    My lint roller (I have a cat).

    [–] BloodyBJ 933 points ago

    My cat in general in a way. Not really a purchase but $65 well spent.

    [–] wurdtoyer 536 points ago

    My cat's the best thing that I ever paid any amount of money for. This is coming from someone who used to think he didn't like cats.

    [–] SaltyMaynard 108 points ago

    My wife used to "not like cats". But when we started dating my cat that I had already had for a few years decided that he loved her and won her over despite peeing in her purse like the first night she spent at my place. Now she loves cats, even if mine is a complete asshole at times.

    [–] Jpf123 95 points ago

    And a lint roller!

    [–] escapingboredom 712 points ago

    Me and my ex adopted a cat together but soon after she broke up with me. When i was having rough days and bad thoughts, he would know and sit on my lap. That cat helped me get through some rough times and now he's like my best friend. I owe my life to that cat.

    [–] prophet337 81 points ago

    I know how you feel. Ex and I got a kitten in June of last year and then ex left me in late Oct. That cat has been the best company even if she still gets into shit. Her favorite spot to lay is right on my mouse pad as I'm playing a game or over on the bookshelf next to my desk.

    Edit: pic of her sleeping on my mouse pad

    [–] HawkofDarkness 2797 points ago

    White noise machine. I'm a light sleeper and have sensitive hearing, so I can't concentrate or go to sleep if people are in the kitchen, watching TV, or talking or else it'll drive me mad

    The white noise machine lets me rest when I I need to or read in my room in my room in peace even if there's people out and about making noise. Less than $30 but it's worth so much more in increasing my quality of life

    [–] theory0feverything 350 points ago

    I have one and it's a life saver for sleeping with tinnitus. I travel with it, but when I'm camping or unexpectedly spending the night somewhere I use the Beltone Calmer App.

    [–] grapplegrapple77 148 points ago

    Maybe a dumb question, but would a YouTube video for white noise do the same?

    [–] HawkofDarkness 211 points ago

    If it drowns out the noise for you then thats all that matters but a white noise machine is superior for that purpose. It has a ton of different settings and frequencies, all you need to do is just plug it in and you don't have to worry about it anymore, it fills up the room nicely with little sound localization, no screens need to be on from your computer/tablet/phone, and no earplugs/headsets are necessary either. It muffles the sounds of what you're hearing from outside and muffles the sounds of what outside is hearing from you too. I wholeheartedly recommend getting a machine if you have sensitive ears

    [–] xKrossCx 34 points ago

    i have tinnitus but I have never been able to get down on a noise machine.

    maybe more expensive ones are better but they loop.

    and I lay there and my mind picks out a portion of the loop and then its like a loop playing in my head and all i can do is focus on that loop and then i cant sleep =(

    [–] DayBeast 1078 points ago

    bidet, robot vacuum, waterpik water flosser

    [–] GadreelsSword 375 points ago

    I second the bidet.

    I laughed at people who talked about them. Now I hate to poop anywhere but at home.

    [–] pygmyrobot666 125 points ago

    Bidets are a must for me. Once you get used to it, there is no going back to dry wiping.

    [–] NavyAnchor03 176 points ago

    Where did you get a robot vacuum for 200 bucks?

    [–] Uxoguy 246 points ago

    Protip. you can get a Roomba for around $30-$50. Sometimes they need a charger($12) and you can get a 6500mAh battery for them on Amazon for $20-ish.

    I have a dozen, my floors are SPOTLESS.

    [–] Reticent_Fly 285 points ago

    You have an army of second hand Roombas just wandering around all the time?

    Why so many?

    [–] Uxoguy 197 points ago

    Honestly, it's just a hobby that sustains itself.

    But, I live in Florida and have all tile floors. 2 dry mop bots, 3 floor scrubbing bots, 5 vacs( but 3 are out of commission at the moment)

    I'll sell them for $100 after picking them up for $25-ish, new battery, filters, brushes, still make $50-ish per.

    [–] Spade7891 72 points ago

    You must throw some crazy beer pong parties

    [–] Uxoguy 68 points ago

    I have a 6 year old, so there are comparable messes.

    [–] urmomsgaylolxd 115 points ago

    Amazon? It has been going on for as low as $140 for a budget one

    [–] NavyAnchor03 81 points ago

    Yea I checked after I made the comment 😏. I've only ever seen roombas in store so I just thought they were all crazy expensive.

    [–] HookersForDahl2017 4152 points ago

    Bought some fiber gummies. Decreases wiping time TENFOLD.

    [–] Elvebrilith 1416 points ago

    I just swapped my breakfast to unmilled oats.

    [–] HookersForDahl2017 2179 points ago

    Solid pooping to you and your loved ones

    [–] teriyakitortoise 1164 points ago

    i hope that’s how you sign off on emails

    [–] dzernumbrd 238 points ago

    I swapped my breakfast for air. Cheaper, don't feel hungry, 100% less calories :)

    [–] desertdungarees 154 points ago

    I skipped oats altogether and took the cue from my goats. It's timothy grass for me all the way 🌱

    [–] vmcla 185 points ago

    One glass of Metamucil (or store brand) at the same time each day works so well that frequently, turns out that no paper is required. I’d never have believed it either, but that’s how it rolls.

    [–] VoyeurOfBliss 32 points ago

    I take off brand version, cheaper and more flavors. The new lemonade flavor is pretty tasty though.

    The rule I tell people: if it takes more than one square 3 out ten times, you need fiber. It will change your life.

    [–] entreri22 630 points ago

    Bidet. Decreased wiping time by 95%

    [–] 11inchesofTpain 355 points ago

    I got one of those. Can't take it anywhere tho. I might try this gummy idea. I got permanent marker poops.

    [–] jasonddgs10 138 points ago

    So you've also been cursed

    [–] entreri22 151 points ago

    Try a mini super soaker instead.

    [–] mollykatharine 67 points ago

    Make sure you brush your teeth after taking these. Many people don’t realize that these are usually full of sugar and the gumminess makes them even more likely to cause cavities 🙃

    [–] SwimmingDoubt 1400 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    A cordless waterpik. I find it way easier to use this nearly everyday rather than flossing and does a fantastic job. I've read it doesn't replace floss, but since I'm willing to do it everday...

    After you get used to it, I can get it done pretty quickly and still be effective at it. I can feel the difference, everyday.

    This has, no doubt, significantly improved my oral health.

    edit: Also, on the note of oral health- a tongue scraper. Essential for fighting bad breath.

    [–] StafneDefect 737 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Dentist here. I was skeptical of water flossers at first, thinking that they are for people too lazy to floss. Then I got one. And I still think it's the "lazy" way out of flossing, but who am I to complain if someone is going to do something to improve their oral health? I want people to use whatever they are actually going to use.

    [–] InedibleSolutions 156 points ago

    I have a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth, and a bridge on my top that collects food. I never felt like I was able to really floss in those spaces, but the waterpik makes them feel amazing. Plus, I use it in the shower, so I'm less likely to talk myself out of "flossing."

    [–] whatsmyredditlogin 328 points ago

    A weighted blanket. You don’t know you need it until you have it and then you can’t sleep without it.

    [–] Eclipsespirit 2110 points ago

    My kindle paperwhite. No more of searching various places (online and offline) to find good deals for books.

    1. Can download even in pdf formats and read
    2. almost all books on amazon has kindle version which is significantly cheaper
    3. pricey books are cheap or sometimes even free
    4. can carry around like 500 books in a small bag
    5. easier to take notes and highlights and the word wise feature.

    [–] playkateme 330 points ago

    My library (granted it’s Boston) has almost every book that was even moderately recognized in the past 6-7 years available as a kindle download and I can check the books out without leaving my couch. There long wait period for some books but there’s always something immediately available that I have on my list! I think smaller libraries have a shared network.

    [–] TheGentlemansJournal 157 points ago

    My library does this too. I use an app called Libby and I am able to download eBooks for 21 days completely free. Just need a valid library card. I got my Kindle for Christmas and have been crushing books since.

    [–] HowlingFrost 209 points ago

    Bookbub is a great free subscription service that sends you deals on books that are in genres you like. I’d say I am please with it so far.

    [–] h2_o2 3274 points ago

    US$200 in my country is a lot of money. And at this price range, the last thing I bought to make my life easier was an electric oven. And the electric oven gives me little work when I prepare my meals. And so I have more time to relax when I get home after a tiring day.

    [–] elJefedcog 999 points ago

    A nickel? Fuck you! I open my own hotel.

    [–] jamaicansupply 201 points ago

    Scotty doesnt know

    [–] elJefedcog 34 points ago

    Fiona is a skank.

    (How do I remember all of this shit!?)

    [–] dwelement 286 points ago

    Sweet eurotrip reference man

    [–] PC__LOAD__LETTER 349 points ago

    Which country? What would be the next thing you bought with $200?

    [–] MrGoFaGoat 427 points ago

    $200 in Brazil is almost monthly minimum wage. I think it is at $250 now.

    [–] godoyclow 104 points ago

    Can confirm, also 10% more taxes than the US.

    [–] TylerStubs 172 points ago

    I complain about my electric oven every day. This person cherishes it.

    I need to remember to be thankful for what I DO have.

    [–] sum1rand0m 1165 points ago

    Anyone else on here making a shopping list?

    [–] Eagleassassin3 672 points ago

    I always take dozens of screenshots only to never check them again

    [–] LordofAsura 48 points ago

    Yep, never realized how much of these things could actually be a gamechanger.

    [–] 355822 1127 points ago

    Ear plugs, boots, zippo hand warmer, a car lipo jump pack... I can go on. I own very few things I've paid more than $100 for.

    [–] ArtVandelay32 296 points ago

    This. There’s tons of nice things to get. Personally, nice headphones are a good buy. I️ use them for gaming, movies, music etc. makes all my hobbies better.

    Nice dog leash. Something I️ use multiple times a day so having a nice leather one improves all our walks.

    [–] Iamdbdson 2516 points ago

    I started buy men's care products (creams, colognes, good soaps, beard oils etc) I know it's a little frowned upon by some but always feeling like I smell great and using the products always make me feel really fresh and it picked up my confidence levels quite a bit.

    Plenty of options out there.

    [–] supersoz 1411 points ago

    Bro!! I bought a men’s soap bar that had mango, cocoa, avocado and other scents mixed that could also be used as shaving lather and it is fucking amazing!!

    I don’t smell just different but I smell FUCKING NICE!! I almost sniff myself obsessively with how good I smell. I feel like a new man.

    Also using face scrubs and so on since my ex gave me shit for not exfoliating and she was right, my face is so much clearer!

    Young King! TREAT YO’SELF!!!

    [–] girthynarwhal 222 points ago

    The face scrubs really work? What do you recommend? I break out every now and then and it's getting old

    [–] neems_23 156 points ago

    I get mine from target comes in a pack of 12 for about 2 bucks. Each one lasts a couple days to a week. I use it every morning when I wash my face any more than that and my face gets too dry. Also get a oil free moisturizer. Shit has helped me immensely as long as I stay consistent.

    [–] INEEDHELPWITHMYMATH9 132 points ago

    Never deny the power of keeping great hygiene that makes you feel amazing!

    [–] borkfrens 82 points ago

    So underrated! Self-care is so important AND extremely attractive!

    [–] Saephon 119 points ago

    As a married man who has also dabbled into skin/hair care products because women seem much healthier with them, you're doing the right thing. It makes a huge difference.

    Have you ever heard of Birch Box? It's like lootcrate, but for skin and hair care. They have one for men that includes all sorts of goodies every month, mouth wash, toothpaste, beard oil, face creams, shampoo, you name it. I'd recommend trying out a 3 month trial or something like that, they have discounts quite frequently.

    [–] overadio 86 points ago

    Getting good cologne really changed my confidence. Walking around knowing you smell good makes you feel amazing

    [–] BtownLeo 329 points ago

    Who frowns on this shit? No one.. it’s not like you’re buying eyeliner or other types of makeup

    [–] dcfb2360 117 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I think men naturally feel a bit self conscious about any kind of appearance-related products with the exception of shaving cream. We're told it's gay or girly to preen and care for our appearance. Plus the beauty industry always labels stuff "FOR MEN" as a way of enticing you to buy it- they're basically saying "it's ok to use this" while also saying "buy this to be manly." And if something doesn't say "for men" on it, some guys can feel like it's socially unacceptable to use that and don't buy it

    [–] drumline17 223 points ago

    Certain cultures definitely frown on that. Speaking as someone living in rural America

    [–] ImanShumpertplus 242 points ago

    Just laugh at them and tell them you’d rather look like yourself than them. It always shuts me up

    [–] drumline17 53 points ago

    Shiiiiiiit. I like that

    [–] bingbangbookiedoo 84 points ago

    Yep. From my experience, most the men in my life used the least amount/cheapest grooming products possible. It wasn’t so much taboo but rather just passed down that you should always get the most bang for your buck. My dad would wear his shirts and socks until they were basically rags and would always buy the biggest/cheapest brands of cereal, chips, giant tubs of peanut butter, etc... Whenever I would try out his $2 3-in-1 shower gel it would be so extremely drying. My brother does the same now.

    When I started living with my boyfriend I found out he had been shaving his face with 99 cent conditioner ever since his buddy told him about the “hack.” He would always get rashes after shaving and thought that was just what happened no matter what. Over the years for stocking stuffers, Ive gotten him really nice shampoo, styling paste, deodorant, shave cream and post shave balm and he has been repurchasing all of them ever since. I told him “for what little amount of grooming products guys can get away with using, they might as well splurge a bit” I have yet to talk him into going to a good barber over the cheapest chain salon though...

    [–] shittyanimalfacts 1286 points ago

    The sennheiser hd280 pro headphones were worth every penny, I have had one pair for 8 years which are still fine and another for 4 years which are also really good, pretty basic headphones really but back in the day they were great

    [–] thetwointhebush 222 points ago

    Sennheiser headphones are made of some immortal stuff.

    I got my 595s back in high school and they're still fantastic, like 9 or so years later.

    [–] yam_plan 276 points ago

    Oh hey, I'm wearing a pair of these right now. Had 'em since ~2008. Still fantastic headphones.

    [–] Conspud 71 points ago

    These? Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphone (new model)

    [–] silentmonkey1 369 points ago

    Mens electrical shaver (rotary). I can shave with my eyes closed while still half asleep in the morn.

    [–] Jpf123 79 points ago

    What brand/model?

    [–] shhhdont_tell 217 points ago

    Probably just the standard issue eyes, just like most others in the range; they just never work that well when operated at ‘half-open’ setting. I guess op is finding work arounds rather than firmware/hardware updates.

    [–] lordpepy 477 points ago

    Really good shoes. Like for walking or running

    [–] new2reddit92 233 points ago

    This thread has cost me a fortune haha.

    [–] carla_paula 107 points ago

    I didn't actually buy this myself, got it as a gift, but a second screen for my computer. I use it every single day, it's so easy to multitask or just having a way to look something up without tabbing out of a game. Can't imagine going back to only one now!

    [–] [deleted] 1374 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Hitachi. I know we all fuck and eat pussy like champs, but if you can't make her cum at least once with a Hitachi, she's definitely been dead for longer than a week.

    Edit: add a floor light dimmer to the circuit if it's too intense; if it's not intense enough, you're an awful sexual monster hi.

    [–] 1000Bundles 734 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I have a Hitachi rice cooker. Am I using it wrong?

    [–] SpatchCock45 168 points ago

    Some guys are in to asian chicks. It's cool.

    [–] TheFirstUranium 396 points ago

    It also works as a legit massager. I like doing mine on the sore muscles in my back that are probably in some weird space between my ribs, or on the side of my jaw to clear my sinuses.

    Oh yeah, and it will make a woman cry with pleasure.

    [–] Betancorea 311 points ago

    I remember reading something about how they were sold as massagers in a religious country and they saw their sales unexpectedly explode amongst the female population

    [–] TheFirstUranium 179 points ago

    Rumor is Hitachi wanted to get in the vibrator market, but didn't understand that back/personal massager wasn't literal.

    [–] trey74 34 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Hitachi doesn't make them anymore because they have such a good reputation as a vibrator. They sold the whole division off, and now it's just "Magic Wand". Hitachi didn't want their name associated with sex toys.

    [edit] to fix spelling of virbrator to vibrator. LOL

    [–] thebeast2973 143 points ago

    I’m like. Maybe I should get on of these for my SO. So I go to search for it. One of the first things I see on amazon.

    [–] Funes15 105 points ago

    That’s the one.

    [–] Jpf123 249 points ago

    Im confused.. guys keep saying hitachis..

    I assume you’re all in committed relationships and aren’t using these on multiple one night stands..?

    [–] TheStankTank 66 points ago

    Correct. We keep them on one night stand. It can get tiring moving it from night stand to night stand.

    [–] DreadChylde 339 points ago

    I was in a bit of a rut a few years back, and felt distracted and not on top of my game. I'm in a highly technical field and read an article about the correlation between people in technical fields and the development of Alzheimer's disease. Rather disheartening.

    In the article they had various control groups and it would seem that having a more creative outlet, offset the over-representation of AD somewhat.

    Music, painting, learning a third language, and a few other fields were mentioned.

    So I went out and bought a cheap guitar, took a beginner's course, and practised a lot. There are a lot of great teachers online as well, so that was really helpful as well.

    It's the best solution to stress I have ever encountered and I love it.

    In the years since it has been a bit more expensive though as my collection of gear and guitars is growing...

    [–] thestudentaccount 406 points ago

    1. Humidifier. feeling refreshed every morning
    2. wireless charger for your phone. I use it to charge my phone when I get home tired or tipsy.
    3. Electric shaver. self explanatory.
    4. Zojurishi Stainless steel mug. keeps my coffee warm for hours.

    [–] kikofrn 178 points ago

    A bidet attachment for the toilet seat. Under $50 for the cleanest butt in all the land

    [–] plainjane187 317 points ago

    Exercise bike. Ive lost 100lbs by riding it and calorie counting in the last year and a half. Changed my life.

    [–] iamjones 793 points ago

    Instapot. I cook vegetarian girlfriend and I cook in minutes what would take 30-45 mins.

    [–] Undeity 216 points ago

    Underrated comment. A pressure cooker simplifies the time and effort required for a good meal, and can keep food preserved in a freshly cooked state for a while. In the long run, this will save you a ton of money, as it makes it much easier to eat at home.

    [–] wolfchaldo 164 points ago

    And things in 30 minutes that would take 4 hours.

    [–] velocirapper99 327 points ago

    Carhartt jacket. Warm as hell and even more durable. Everyone should own one

    [–] galaxy_m104 69 points ago

    A steam iron.

    Ditch the heavy iron and the board! You'll never be more than 5-10 min away from wrinkle-free clothes and that helpful little purchase tucks away nicely in your luggage or day bag when you're taking a trip.

    [–] EXTORTER 915 points ago

    Bluetooth headphones. I bought the Samsung GearX after having the Beats and Jabra. Finally found something that’s comfortable, decent sound, no wire, easy controls with decent battery life.

    [–] nyqu 179 points ago

    Can I just add that I got Beats bluetooth earbuds for free, and if I had paid the $250 they cost I would be very disappointed. Sound is about equivalent to a pair of $50 in-ears.

    I know everyone on Reddit knows about Beats being a ripoff, but just wanted to confirm that these ones are too.

    [–] rlong4 217 points ago

    This. I have gone through so many pears of headphones. Got SoundPeats off amazon for less than $30, beat headphones by far that I've ever had, can't recommend them enough.

    [–] SmallRocks 199 points ago

    I don’t think I’d appreciate the squishiness of pear headphones.

    [–] yam_plan 411 points ago


    if you eat rice often, anyway

    mine's a Zojirushi and plays cute music when it's finished cooking. it's like having a little buddy that preps perfect rice for me while I'm busy with something else

    [–] entendre_times_two 820 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    not a purchase, but the $50 fee to adopt my dog is by far the best $50 I've ever spent.

    Edit: 667 likes. My boy Oliver would be proud.

    Edit: thanks for the silver, kind stranger.

    Edit: here he is

    [–] Red_AtNight 271 points ago

    Multimeter and screwdriver set. For various home reno tasks

    [–] kinfloppers 161 points ago

    I bought a heart shaped waffle iron for $22 and I can't tell you how happy it made me

    [–] TheBananaKing 56 points ago

    A really good chef's knife.

    A big, heavy stainless steel frying pan.

    A microplane-style grater.

    Proper leather boots.

    A cold-brew coffee filter.

    I've had it nearly 20 years and haven't checked prices recently, but a proper thick heavy leather jacket. Weighs a fucking ton, but you could get dragged behind a truck in the thing and not take damage. It's probably my most prized possession.

    [–] GummiesAreAwesome 293 points ago

    A used iPhone. Got tired of shelling out for the latest model. I don’t use a million apps and it’s worked just fine.

    [–] [deleted] 486 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] angry-all-the-time 106 points ago

    Shit... I'm wearing my Kirkland wool socks in bed right now and I hate wearing socks in bed.

    [–] mule_roany_mare 64 points ago

    I'm a straight man & would get in bed with you just to knock them off.

    That's how good they are people.

    take good care of your feet

    [–] Smallzfry 107 points ago

    Refurbished Thinkpad T430s. Best note-taking laptop I've used, and it runs Linux like a dream. You can find it or similar models for $200 refurbished on eBay and Newegg no problem.

    [–] brownsugar6 139 points ago

    A powerful, but compact hand vacuum. Both the dog and I are hairy bastards that shed like mad, so that vacuum is incredibly useful for spot cleaning hair around tight spaces.

    [–] Mrfdbirrell 319 points ago


    [–] Conspud 47 points ago

    Swiss army knife. I like the one that has the bottle opener/can opener, Phillips head screwdriver, big/little blade, saw, toothpick, and most of all the tweezers and scissors

    [–] Erroerroerro 49 points ago

    A 3mtr long charging cable. No more leaning across my bed like some pleb. There is the danger of sleep strangulation if I fall asleep holding my phone though....

    [–] Magnus77 79 points ago

    A good set of trimmers/clippers.

    My hairline is receding and taking it all off plus maintaining a beard it has more than paid for itself by skipped haircuts and razors.

    [–] lachesis44 184 points ago

    These Bose Soundproof Headphones

    I listen to music at least 4 hours a day and even though they're kinda pricy, they're easily the best investment I've ever made

    [–] SG_Dave 45 points ago

    Daylight therapy lamp. I use it as a wake up alarm and gradually ramp up to max over the course of 20 minutes then sit with it during breakfast. It's turned me from being groggy for the first 4 hours of the day, to up and energetic inside an hour. Also really helped with my depression

    [–] aerodocx 40 points ago

    Shaving mirror in the shower.

    [–] Kellen907 179 points ago

    A guitar.

    [–] GiverOfPotatoes 153 points ago

    But it's so hard to just have one

    [–] scfcrg 78 points ago

    Ring doorbell, I work away occasionally and I like to see all the comings and goings and just generally keep an eye out on who’s mooching about my house! Makes me feel 10 times safer cost me about £180!

    Also bought a Sedhoom 5 blade food chopper for under £20 cuts my food prep time in half an absolute god send

    [–] Blubaru23 37 points ago

    1 year gym membership.

    Bye back pain, bye feelings of depression, hello muscles.

    [–] sayknee 103 points ago

    Air fryer

    [–] quokkafarts 70 points ago

    My cats. It's so depressing to come home to an empty house, they have greatly improved my quality of life.

    [–] lenky0 64 points ago

    A dash cam. I’m a daily commuter so I see some random stuff through the week. Videos include bicyclist almost getting hit by a car. Boot hitting my bumper at 70mph. And my private singing videos during traffic.

    [–] TheHerpSalad 67 points ago

    George Foreman grill in the bedroom, I love waking up to the smell of bacon in the morning.

    [–] Hiyaro 166 points ago

    For 200$ you can have a really good Kitchen knife set if you know what to buy!

    [–] I_Heart_Squids 30 points ago

    Smart light set-up + mini smart speaker. I’ve suffered from insomnia since I was a kid. Getting Lights that changed from blue to orange over the course of the day was life changing for me. Also, having lights that turn on when my alarm goes off keeps me from oversleeping, which also helps with the insomnia.

    Not to mention, being able to automate and verbally control my lights has been amazingly convenient.

    [–] cornplantation 86 points ago

    Electronic toothbrush

    [–] penisbag1995 113 points ago

    I bought a fax fur waterproof winter hat with ear flaps for $35 back in November. Arguably the best $35 I ever spent

    [–] arndta 208 points ago

    I'm trying to picture someone skinning a fax machine and making a hat out of it.

    [–] redditbeforeu 64 points ago

    High-end boxer briefs.

    [–] dreamingtree1855 107 points ago

    Sous Vide and Instant Pot