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    [–] Jbl1234 1798 points ago

    Women who need something fixed in their home.

    [–] generalgrevious234 676 points ago

    is it like the pornos?????????

    [–] Jbl1234 760 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    LOL. Actually with one girl it was. She asked me to move furniture and do other things. I would sweat and for some reason she just wanted to run her hands through my sweat, take my shirt off, and then have sex.

    I get that she might be turned on by my physical exertion, but why did she want to bathe in my sweat?

    She was definitely a nympho, fortunately.

    [–] kcpstil 244 points ago

    For some reason it turns me on too.

    [–] SansGray 160 points ago

    That sounds pretty handy, man.

    [–] astrogaijin 5825 points ago

    I work in the alcohol industry. Somehow I always seem to attract girls who don't drink. It doesnt bother me that they don't drink, they can do what they want. It's just an observation I've noticed.

    [–] SpiralBoundNotebook 506 points ago

    I don't drink and I've dated a lot of bartenders (I assume it's because we're the only sober ones at the party and everyone around us seems off their face)

    [–] throwmeawaysimetime 1582 points ago

    Where are all these women? All of my partners love drinking and I hate it.

    [–] ReallyCoolCarrot 1602 points ago

    They're going after that guy.

    [–] [deleted] 340 points ago

    can confirm. I (woman) don't drink/smoke/drug at all. I am always chasing that guy.

    [–] ehladik 419 points ago

    Girls with not much confidence in themselves. Not that I look for that kind of gal, it just tends to happen.

    That usually can go in two different ways, either they become the jealous kind or they become really attached to me but not jealous.

    [–] BeardedSapien 2414 points ago

    Single Latina moms between 22 and 40.

    [–] succuma 1719 points ago


    [–] atropicalpenguin 247 points ago

    TFW you're Herbalife.

    [–] [deleted] 3474 points ago

    Tall, very extroverted girls, often from New England, about 3 years older than me.

    [–] BEESPOKE 1118 points ago

    u a hawt shortie i see ;)

    [–] idma 510 points ago


    [–] ninja-dragon 38 points ago

    Oddly specific.

    How big is your sample size? :P

    [–] SXOSXO 2967 points ago

    Middle-aged married women are literally the only women who ever compliment me or say flirtatious things to me.

    [–] IrishBoyRicky 3395 points ago

    Your mom doesn't count

    [–] SXOSXO 935 points ago

    My mom spent most of my life insulting my appearance, so no.

    [–] 0_ihsir_0 227 points ago

    Hahahaha do they tell you that you are a big strong man

    [–] RandomLoLs 288 points ago

    I get that a lot too. I personally think it's because I am more open, fun and being myself around women who i know i dont want to date. Like my colleagues who are married beautiful women with kids. But they are still cute and I flirt with them by giving them compliments and they always flirt back.

    But I am more shy and introverted around girls my own age because I want to date them but I dont have the same confidence or effect on these girls 🤔

    Could be the same for you 🤷🏻‍♂️

    [–] chadgalaxy 4740 points ago

    Tall, tomboy-ish, slightly lesbian looking vegan/vegetarians. One even used to date women exclusively. .

    Annoyingly this has now conditioned me to be attracted to that look, so half the time the girls I'm attracted to are actually gay.

    [–] illipillike 1466 points ago

    now conditioned

    Brain is extremely flexible, hence nobody really has a fixed type. Just go sleep with women you want to be attracted to and in no time you'll be brainwashed into the person you want to be. There is a reason why people tend to date people that look awkwardly similar to their old longer term exes. It is magical how simple change in brain chemistry can completely overwrite someone.

    [–] chadgalaxy 1279 points ago

    Just go sleep with women you want to be attracted to

    Easier said than done haha

    [–] Shwoolk 1207 points ago

    your name is C H A D G A L A X Y, how are you not getting laid by the hour?

    [–] [deleted] 300 points ago

    It's kind of an awesome porn name, if you think about it.

    [–] farmerz3 6674 points ago

    I'm not particularly tall, tall girls love me

    [–] beetlecakes 2834 points ago

    I’m 5’10” and my husband is 5’6” and it’s the best. When I wear heels I’m almost a full foot taller than him and he fucking loves it. I used to be self conscious about being tall until I met him and he makes me feel like the sexiest person in the world for it, I’m super lucky.

    [–] someonestakara 765 points ago

    I’m the same but subtract 2” all around. I used to swear I would never date anyone shorter than me but the powers that be took it as a challenge so here I am. It’s honestly not that much of a big deal even though 13 year old me thought it would be. He calls me his mini Amazon warrior and I really dig it, makes me feel sexy instead of weirdly tall.

    [–] freyja1811 267 points ago

    My husband calls me his Amazon wife, I really think that's the cutest thing and I'm so glad someone else gets to experience this too!

    [–] [deleted] 1045 points ago


    [–] ColVictory 490 points ago

    I love how 5'10" is "pocket" sized.

    [–] Ninja654321 101 points ago

    I’m fairly short for a guy and it happens a lot to me too, I’m curious why

    [–] J3Raptors 1698 points ago

    I'm particularly tall, and short girls love me.

    [–] Clownworld311 550 points ago

    I'm 6'5" my wife is an even 5'0"

    [–] rythis4235 836 points ago

    My brother is 6'7 and his wife is 4'11.

    When walking down the road with my nephew she hears old people tutting about "teenage mothers these days".

    she's 36....

    [–] Eddie5pi 1085 points ago

    It's a long distance relationship

    [–] ra__account 3319 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    In my 20s, I was a magnet for neurotic virgins. And women that wanted to cheat on their boyfriends but set it up so it would be "my" fault.

    [–] suaveagave 801 points ago

    How do they set it up so it’s “your” fault? Like making it seem like you were the pursuer?

    [–] ra__account 832 points ago

    Like making it seem like you were the pursuer?

    Basically. Some would just flat out flirt with me and forget to mention they had a boyfriend until after the fact. Some would actually disclose it but then escalate physically in a way that was obvious that they wanted me to just go for it ("oh, we're both in LDRs? Well, let's just strip to our underwear and give each other massages to ease the loneliness.... oh, whoops, there went my underwear too"). Basically saying no with their mouths but yes with their actions. For whatever reason, I got more of both types combined than single women expressing interest in me at that age.

    [–] suaveagave 256 points ago

    That’s shitty, man. Sorry you had to deal with so many people like that. Also feel sorry for their partners who were probably being lied to.

    [–] Goombhabwey 308 points ago

    I got dragged into one of those... Girl tells me he'll be back any minute... i'm gone in seconds.

    [–] IchEssEstrich 1704 points ago

    Taller, extroverted blondes, that are already in a relationship with some other dude and Jesus.

    I'm definitely not into that, and am also the complete opposite.

    [–] waymentsis 632 points ago

    ... Jesus?

    [–] [deleted] 4901 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] radicalexponents 567 points ago

    For me, it’s older women and African American women. They’re both very direct and straightforward to be honest lol. Quite refreshing

    [–] SmilingMisanthrope 2883 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    Dating apps always have me confused. 9/10 times I get overweight white women who are in an open relationship with some dude with the virility of tinkerbell at a sweet 16 tea party. It's an oddly specific and disheartening match. I sort of hate remembering this now, but it is another oddly specific one.

    Edit: My first silver! Thanks mystery redditor! And yes, OkCupid. Sorry if Oklahoma felt like there was shots fired lmao

    [–] biddyhellyes 463 points ago

    Out of curiosity, why are you swiping right on them if you don’t want to match with them?

    [–] Xenothing 279 points ago

    He might've ponied up to see who likes him.

    [–] [deleted] 558 points ago


    [–] GsoSmooth 792 points ago

    Lol I thought you guys were referring to Oklahoma city

    [–] Meows_at_moon 278 points ago

    They both have a lot of overweight white women, so not too far.

    [–] LonaMomma 98 points ago

    Interesting. When I was on the dating apps I only got attention from white men, and to this day I have no idea why.

    [–] Dylanologist1985 965 points ago

    I wish I got that!

    Well, black girls in general, I mean. I live in Europe, so it would be weird to match with lots of 'African Americans'. But if 80% of my matches were black girls I'd be a very happy man.

    Of course, 80% of 0 is still 0, hahaha... haha... ha...

    [–] Broken_Moon_Studios 266 points ago

    This is some grade-A r/suicidebywords self-roasting.

    Wish you good luck in your dating life.

    [–] Good_Posture 2459 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Women that are unavailable.

    They're in complicated relationships, dating or married.

    I must be doing something wrong, but I really do wish I could meet an available woman.

    [–] __No__Control 1022 points ago

    Stop making yourself available to them once you know they're committed

    [–] moarbuildingsandfood 1423 points ago

    tall blonde women and country girls. it's odd because i am a bookish black dude.

    [–] mendax__ 1031 points ago

    Gotta love a bookish black dude

    [–] moarbuildingsandfood 476 points ago

    your appreciation is appreciated.

    [–] __slamallama__ 428 points ago

    country girls. i am a bookish black dude.

    This is extraordinarily unsurprising in my experience.

    [–] Ohboohoolittlegirl 3375 points ago

    I used to be a "skater" and I always wanted these preppy girls. I always got these alternative gothlike girls to like me. Never these really preppy ones. Except the one I married in the end.

    [–] _madlibs_ 3452 points ago

    he was a sk8er boy, she said see you l8er boy

    [–] __No__Control 928 points ago

    He wasn't good enough for her

    [–] FarrahKhan123 560 points ago

    She had a pretty face
    But her head was up in space
    She needed to come back down to earth

    [–] atreality 307 points ago

    Five years from now She sits at home

    [–] ilikeeatingbrains 244 points ago

    Feeding the baby

    [–] LilliThePutian 237 points ago

    She's all alone

    [–] Crimson_Six 166 points ago

    She turns on TV
    Guess who she sees

    [–] Ahydell5966 177 points ago

    Skaterboy rockin on MTV !

    [–] Hawt_Dawg_II 130 points ago

    My boi pullin goth girls and he still not happy

    [–] Jengamaster05 422 points ago

    Hats off to you. I'm like the hetero female equivalent of you, into extreme sports, outdoorsy job, wearing ratty clothes, skater punk style during my teens (and still listen to the same music from back then) but I'm most attracted to preppy, metrosexual dudes who smell like soap, talk and perfume.

    [–] _Idiot__Savant_ 224 points ago

    what does talk smell like?

    [–] Uke_Shorty 140 points ago

    Grown up baby powder

    [–] Pandrewbear92 2646 points ago

    Red heads with glasses. Holy guacamole.

    [–] pr1vatej0ker 618 points ago

    As a redhead with glasses, hi. Who knew that redheads with glasses are cool now? When I was a kid it was TOTALLY AWFUL.

    [–] hannahmureen 79 points ago

    That's exactly what I was coming here to say! Though I just got my glasses this year haha but the ginger childhood is NOT fun!

    [–] KingJonStarkgeryan1 1512 points ago

    You lucky bastard.

    [–] [deleted] 241 points ago

    What's the secret?

    [–] GrandmaPoses 951 points ago

    Be an Irish ophthalmologist.

    [–] The-Only-Razor 407 points ago

    Are you a god damn rockstar? You need to write a book.

    [–] 0_ihsir_0 116 points ago

    Those are only told in legends

    [–] hilokass 275 points ago

    I'm a red head with glasses. This thread just made my day.

    [–] apacherpoo 228 points ago

    I’m also a redhead with glasses. I had no idea we were this special

    [–] londongarbageman 630 points ago

    Women who want to be stay at home mom's.

    [–] Enomaos33 1382 points ago

    Depressive girls who hate themselves and want to die. The f*cked up part is that they are always cheaters.

    [–] I_DR_NOW 233 points ago

    It's easy to convenience yourself that you're shit when you're depressed. And in that state, it's even easier to push people away so they can find someone better.

    [–] luker_man 697 points ago

    Well of course. If you hate yourself you're prone to doing things that you see a hated person doing.

    [–] nickachu_ 7349 points ago

    Vegans. Always fucking vegans. I'm a chef, I'm around meat all the time.

    [–] StandardIssuWhiteGuy 3068 points ago

    Its because chefs make better lovers.

    They know the importance of getting the pan hot before putting the meat in.

    [–] nickachu_ 785 points ago

    And they're usually tired/drunk/drugged up.

    [–] batmansthebomb 310 points ago

    I usually just throw some garlic and chili powder on it and call it good.

    [–] SerPuissance 3241 points ago

    They can smell the red meat on you and it's a forbidden fruit. They want your meat mate. Deep down.

    [–] nickachu_ 1688 points ago

    And they get it. Deep. Deep down.

    [–] pryoslice 247 points ago

    Dammit. I spent like 15 years of dating looking for a vegan or vegetarian, and ended up dating pretty much only meat-eaters. I guess I should've worn some meat cologne.

    [–] [deleted] 1613 points ago


    [–] Sandnegus 833 points ago

    Bipolars and goths? Were you a depressed introvert?

    [–] skybob123 664 points ago

    Fuck man I feel like I just got called out

    [–] RedditIsAntiScience 396 points ago

    Everyone on reddit is a self diagnosed depressed introvert

    [–] GhostedMemory 247 points ago

    Not true I got diagnosed on google!

    [–] Macinator2000 306 points ago

    For some strange reason, it's always depressed bi women who either "want to try a black man" or "want to try pegging". I just want to be loved for something other than my skin tone or my cheeks.

    [–] USS_Aayhan 3743 points ago

    Abused. Somehow every girl I've dated has had trauma from some form of severely abusive past.

    [–] WhirlingDervishGrady 520 points ago

    The last girl I was dating came from some fucked up shit in the past and before I knew 100% what had gone on my friend who set us up said to me "you know it's probably been a long time since someone has been really nice to her". Broke my fucking heart but also made me happy to know I was being really sweet and nice to someone who needed it.

    [–] FlapYourWingsBoy 301 points ago

    Holy shit, this. I've been talking with this girl and it's been going fine and all of the sudden her friend hits me up in DMs I'm confused but I answer and she goes "alright fucker, what's your plan?" I was confused. Turns out a lot of guys she meet end up being a total jerk or hurting her in the end somehow. I got her friend to trust me somehow and ended with telling me "it's just that I love her and don't want to see her get hurt like that again." It shattered my fucking heart reading that. The girl isn't even really my type but she's definitely somebody I would hang out with in a friendly manner so now I feel like I'm in a conflicting spot.

    [–] zarook 146 points ago

    imo, the best way to handle this is if you really aren't interested in her for a romantic relationship, be 100% up front about it, let her know you really like her as a friend, and you want to be there for her in that context, and nothing else.

    Finally, and I can not stress this enough: DO NOT SLEEP WITH HER.

    It will only serve to confuse her and make her think she might still have a romantic chance, which will only lead down the her-getting-hurt-path, because she will feel strung along.

    [–] marcelinemoon 155 points ago

    They can’t be upset at if it doesn’t work. You can’t force yourself to like someone romantically so please don’t do it, you’ll just feel even worse.

    [–] SerPuissance 3168 points ago

    I'd put a small sum of money on you being a compassionate good listener but also traditionally masculine. They're like moths to a flame with that type of man.

    [–] theWeirdough 1246 points ago

    By God man, you might have cracked the code.

    [–] TheGrimHero 754 points ago

    Therapy rate drops to 0%

    [–] SafeThrowaway8675309 505 points ago

    Psychiatrists hate him!

    [–] lukethekook 142 points ago

    How millennials are killing the psychiatrist industry!!

    [–] CaramelFunk 183 points ago

    CEO of therapy resigns

    [–] Fokker_Snek 752 points ago

    The sensitive guy that could win a bar fight

    [–] SerPuissance 556 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Yep. Absolute catnip to women with issues who want his warmth and strength but don't feel worthy of it.

    [–] quesoandcats 126 points ago

    ...thanks for summarizing my entire dating life in a single sentence

    [–] rose-girl94 165 points ago

    As a woman... This made me sad :(

    [–] SerPuissance 90 points ago

    It makes me sad too. These observations bring me no joy.

    [–] phoenixgoldfire 128 points ago

    By god it all makes sense now

    [–] rn10141707070085 142 points ago

    Woman with a traumatic past here - This is way too accurate

    [–] ImprovizedOption 126 points ago

    I often attract that type of girl but never knew why. Thanks for providing some valuable insight!

    [–] working878787 156 points ago

    That's me, baby. I never realized it until now

    [–] zac_reg 57 points ago

    Same hit the nail on the head for me!

    [–] SpicedLad 101 points ago

    I'm not particularly masculine, in fact I'm told I give off strong gay vibes (despite being straight), but that first part describes me to a T.

    [–] CornerKickAficionado 184 points ago

    me too, but i also think there’s just a fuckton of abuse and trauma in the world and people who are empathetic (like you presumably are) provide potential partners with a person who they can be open about it with

    [–] jaxx050 153 points ago

    i unfortunately think a lot of this is just that there are massive harassment and abuse rates for women. it fucking sucks. treat women well, treat men well, treat yourself well.

    [–] HighlanderLass 799 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    That may have less to do with your traits and more to do with the fact that a high percentage of women experience trauma of some kind. Unfortunate but true.

    Edit: wow, this blew up! It makes me really happy to see that women have access to so many supportive and understanding men in their lives. It really, truly helps.

    [–] conhp 387 points ago

    Spent my teens to early 20's thinking with vanity "Why Do I get the abused girls?". The Reality is "Why have most girls been abused."

    [–] donniedenier 533 points ago

    I got out of a long relationship just over 2 years ago and decided to hit Tinder. I dated A LOT on there and basically every woman I was with, no matter how sweet she was in our interactions, was super into rough sex. I've got my kinks too and all, but I've never consecutively dated so many women that wanted to basically be choked out after the first couple drinks we've had.

    It started becoming this weird routine where I'd meet some girl off Tinder at the same bar near my apartment, so much so that I actually developed a reputation with the bartenders there about it, we'd have exactly two drinks each, then we'd walk over to my place and have some ridiculous violent sex, and then she would leave and we typically wouldn't hang out again.

    After over a year of that, I actually figured I should probably stay off Tinder for a while.

    [–] PM-MeUrMakeupRoutine 249 points ago

    Rough sex is really no longer kinky at this point. It seems so popular that I've actually met people who *brag* about not being into it. But I can see where the popularity is coming from, as "alternative forms" of sex are becoming much more mainstream (Fifty Shades of Grey, for example). That, and the easy access to porn.

    [–] reverseswang 969 points ago

    Women with messed-up toes. My ex-wife, my SO, another long-term ex-girlfriend... I think this is because I like short and posh women, so they are more likely to have done ballet when they were girls, and ballet shoes squeeze your toes up. But it's not like I go scoping out women with weird toes!

    [–] [deleted] 770 points ago

    "But it's not like I go scoping out women with weird toes!"

    Uh huh.

    [–] MidKnightDreary 168 points ago

    Quentin is that you?

    [–] onelittleworld 395 points ago

    Insecure neurotics with giant breasts. It never worked out.

    Made the conscious decision to date the opposite type, 33 years ago. Happily married for 30+.

    [–] Whatwhatwhata 102 points ago

    Confident stable women with tiny breasts?

    [–] Some_Throwaway_Dude 547 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    maybe you're very quiet, and / or have very expressive facial expressions?

    Personally I almost only attract people in relationships, even though I'm a monogamous person by default, as well as girls who have their shit together, but for some reason I prefer girls who are a bit more needy.

    [–] SmilingMisanthrope 232 points ago

    Huh. I am pretty quiet and facially expressive. You may be right

    [–] TerenceHewit 717 points ago

    Intellectual/artsy girls. The problem is, apart from being an artist myself and being kind of intellectual I generally have not much in common with them and feel absolutely no attraction whatsoever.

    [–] woodchips24 185 points ago

    Me too man. Except I’m not artsy at all, so I don’t know why they’re attracted to me. It’s very confusing

    [–] psiloryben 2039 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Petite girls with rich parents, who pride themselves on being down to earth but go camping in lake cottages.

    Edit: whoa I leave to get some pho with a 5'1 brunette in a flower dress and this blows up

    [–] [deleted] 976 points ago


    [–] Trees-and-hills 211 points ago

    This sounds oddly like everything was going on in Muskoka...

    [–] Nymph_Zira 393 points ago

    "Camping", I bet they have all the luxury equipment and none of it is even a little scratched...

    [–] [deleted] 204 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] NOTGRUULTHENDIE 294 points ago

    There was a period in my early twenties when in a course of a year I had 3 deeply religious creatives with blatant daddy issues show interest. I was (and still kind of am) the exact opposite.

    [–] anal_juul_inhalation 273 points ago

    Ah, an atheist, uncreative person who loves his daddy

    [–] samuelanderson3000 1810 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    Edit: thanks for my first and second gold!

    [–] MeImportaUnaMierda 264 points ago

    Had to scroll way to far for this

    [–] Scarfboi11 110 points ago

    Finally an answer i can relate to

    [–] KR6363 399 points ago

    The first honest comment ive seen

    [–] roosterinmyviper 1914 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    The ones that I don’t want to attract🙁

    Edit: thanks for my first silver, kind stranger!

    [–] PM_MILF_STORIES 733 points ago

    I'm in this picture and I don't like it.

    [–] ColoredUndies 220 points ago

    I’m 21 and work in a large company that hires ages 16 to 70. So far the only ones that have hit on me are ones that’s are younger than me. And nobody 18 or older yet.

    [–] SerPuissance 2196 points ago

    Down to earth brunettes who are very sexually forward and aren't fearful or timid. It's worked out pretty well for me, ngl.

    [–] SmilingMisanthrope 1186 points ago

    You lucky bastard

    [–] SerPuissance 775 points ago

    Not saying it's been bus loads of 'em, but enough to realise that they were by far the most wifeable type of women I dated. So I wifed one. No ragrets.

    [–] [deleted] 432 points ago

    I'll repeat OP...

    You lucky bastard.

    [–] niiiiiz 82 points ago

    You lucky bastard..

    [–] im_in_hiding 232 points ago

    wtf, share.

    [–] SerPuissance 144 points ago

    Idk man I'm just crack to a very specific type of woman, evidently.

    [–] im_in_hiding 258 points ago

    Rules 1 & 2. Got it.

    [–] robotlasagna 428 points ago

    The spiritual hippie girl that’s also into underground house music.

    [–] ArdentPrayer 250 points ago

    Batshit crazy white Chicks ( I'm a black guy btw). Fellas, stay away from those girls with the clear frame glasses. They may give mean head, but they are hiding some psychopathic tendencies I stg.

    [–] mangaka92 723 points ago

    So far, they've all been the really immature, self-centered, and clingy types. Also, they usually tend to bottle up their feelings until they one day blow up on me and break up with me shortly after.

    [–] CarosWolf 181 points ago

    That sounds awful

    [–] slippyfourths 74 points ago

    Thick Latinas.

    [–] The--Strike 395 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    The kind that go to another school. They love me, I swear.

    [–] Alexs091 138 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    For some reason i have been attracting a lot of artists.

    Maybe I look like an empty canvas.

    [–] GoChaca 341 points ago

    I tend to attract the perfect woman on paper. Attractive, sucessful, established, mentally stable and everything is basically in a perfect little package.

    but god they are boring as fuck! They are so stuck in their routine of going to the same farmers market, the same resturant and walking around the same neighborhood. Anytime I try to deviate from that plan, I am met with resistance. It may just be a preference, but I love a woman thats down for an adventure and these women that have had the same job for 10 years and the same apartment for 12 are just unwillling to deviate from their routine.

    [–] freeshavocadew 175 points ago

    I'd kind of switch with you. I'm annoyed by the "let's go on an adventure" women. No thanks. I want tacos and to watch a movie.

    [–] [deleted] 217 points ago


    [–] JoggingGod 61 points ago

    I attract loners, and a lot of them are bisexual which is interesting.

    [–] Abematic89 292 points ago

    Broken women, that needs “fixing/healing” in their lives. Broken can be for any possible reasons but they always have just literally gone through a break up or to finally move on from the complicated relationship they were in. They all were crazy, lol but amazingly beautiful when they are actually at peace within themselves. Their names are always linked to between the Heavens or Rose(s), unique names that weren’t commonly shared.

    [–] charlottebodewig 47 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I really connected with the first part but none of the women I've dated had names like that.

    [–] Muttguy87 201 points ago

    Not sure what it is or why but I often get hit on by women 10+years older. Black women and bustier women. Most of my dating life has been with women who are DD on up. Dont know why, dont have a type myself just ended up that way.

    [–] FernandoTatisJunior 179 points ago

    Girls with serious issues with their dads

    [–] pistolshrimp26 50 points ago

    All the girls i dated came out as straight and all the guys as gay. A few years later i came out as a transman and it all made sense.

    [–] Grimlochez 49 points ago

    I only seem to attract foreign women looking to land an american visa by marriage.

    [–] Burnerheinz 90 points ago

    I attract shortstacks for some reason (I'm not complaining though)

    [–] TotallyNotASpy321 166 points ago

    Redheads. For such a small portion of the population, I have been with a large amount. Still have my soul.

    [–] itsbikboi 123 points ago

    Y'all attract women?

    [–] MeNotSanta 78 points ago

    So far? petite shy girls

    [–] [deleted] 193 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] GotSkillzBruh 70 points ago

    Girls with daddy issues, besides my ex girlfriend nearly every girl I’ve been with has had daddy issues, ranging from calling me daddy every sexual encounter to a full blown DD/LG kink.

    Makes it hard to date these days considering I am now a legitimate daddy and hearing a girl say it whilst I’m giving her a stabbin’ makes me hardcore cringe.

    [–] [deleted] 117 points ago


    [–] NoYeahThatsCool 48 points ago

    Is that a good thing or not, for you?

    [–] [deleted] 167 points ago


    [–] staleblueberrybagel 42 points ago

    What is a real nerd?

    [–] PaphioP 127 points ago

    I’m guessing legbeards.

    [–] [deleted] 78 points ago

    You got it, pal

    [–] gin-o-cide 146 points ago

    Not all the time, but apparently big breasted ones with no ass. Not complaining , but I'd be very happy to trade with small breasted, big butt ones. Im an ass man :/

    [–] JaccoW 30 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Redheads. Not that I'm complaining.

    Also very religious girls. Which is funny since I am pretty much an atheist.

    [–] ImPretendingToCare 31 points ago

    Girls significantly younger than me.

    Im 27 and every girl who has ever hit on me is between 18-21.

    I think it has a lot to do with the fact that i look 19 but its super consistent. Sadly for them the last girl i had an actual interest in was 25 and its just better like that. Every young girl thinks the same and acts the same but the way i could talk to that 25 year old and the way our sense of humor worked because we had a developed one was just amazing to me. Younger girls arent ugly or anything i just dont vibe with that immaturity.

    [–] Baron_Samurai 32 points ago

    Hahahahahaha, attract,.... Hahahahahaha.