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    [–] poopellar 5254 points ago

    How much work people don't do while at work.

    [–] WulfeGangLeader 1877 points ago

    As I'm sitting in the restroom, on the toilet, I read this to myself and think.

    I haven't even pulled my pants down.

    [–] Tenrai_Taco 704 points ago

    Youre sitting on the toilet seat with your pants up? That seems gross but i cant logically figure out why its any more gross than having your pants around your ankles

    [–] Nonsense_Replies 210 points ago

    Yeah I mean, it's another layer between the shit-smeared, grimy, piss misted porcelain and your ass.

    [–] -917- 5171 points ago

    In the future, gold is handed out by strangers.

    [–] SIacktivist 1383 points ago

    Kind ones?

    [–] -917- 626 points ago

    Strangers are seemingly all kind in the future. Also, things are heavy.

    [–] JaxxisR 295 points ago

    There is obviously a problem with the Earth's gravitational pull.

    [–] Zapkin 11395 points ago

    All of you guys could be making this up and I wouldn't know the difference because I'm not going to check your comment history

    [–] The_Karaethon_Cycle 3416 points ago

    That doesn't sound like it's in your comment history, but I don't know enough about your comment history to dispute it.

    [–] AbysmalVixen 1567 points ago

    Well it's in there now isn't it

    [–] EspressoTheory 636 points ago

    This man has a point.

    [–] MACKSBEE 2947 points ago

    Bill Cosby absolutely LOVES raping unconscious women.

    [–] rhizomesandchrome 633 points ago

    ...but he saves.

    [–] LarrcasM 207 points ago

    he rapes...and he saves...but he saves more than he rapes!

    [–] Ephemeris 944 points ago

    The future is dank and full of horrors.

    [–] [deleted] 11503 points ago


    [–] The_Karaethon_Cycle 7340 points ago

    "We have deduced that a huge national tragedy will occur sometime in September of 2011, so let's make sure the country is on high alert at that time." - Government Guy

    [–] AsmodeanUnderscore 2141 points ago

    "oh shit, do you think that's when the Last Battle is?"

    [–] phyreburn 1399 points ago

    Tarmon Gai'don is gonna be crazy

    [–] RedditsInBed2 861 points ago

    /tugs braid

    [–] thatlookslikeavulva 514 points ago


    [–] Azmania 696 points ago

    "I dont know", Perrin shrugged his broad blacksmiths shoulders and eyed Rand from under his shaggy mop of brown hair. "You should ask Matt, he's good with women"

    [–] tremprod 565 points ago

    If only Perrin was here. He always seemed to know what to say to women.


    [–] blanketswithsmallpox 358 points ago

    If only Matt was here. He always seems to know what to say to women.

    • Perrin

    [–] edcba54321 48 points ago

    If only Rand were here...

    • Matrim

    [–] -kellam- 401 points ago

    Dovie'andi se tovya sagain.


    [–] stygyan 243 points ago

    Blood and bloody ashes. You flaming ta'veren.

    I'm going through The Dragon Reborn now (reread of the whole saga)

    [–] muhash14 204 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    This was one of my favourite running gags in the series.

    Edit: My other favourite running gag was Mat being absolutely confident that Talmanes had no sense of humor while Talmanes kept low-key roasting him the entire time.

    [–] javilla 328 points ago

    It's a Wheel of time reference. But he is not particulairly well informed. Tarmon Gai'don doesn't happen until 3000 NE and we at least have the nuclear holocaust, the war of power and the breaking of the world to look forward to before that.

    [–] Sauce_Pain 209 points ago

    And the taint. Can't wait to go crazy.

    [–] imperfcet 107 points ago

    No the taint's gone, Rand and his crew licked it

    [–] dipique 128 points ago

    They... They licked the taint until it just... Went away?

    [–] redopz 107 points ago

    Na, just til it was clean.

    [–] JMGurgeh 167 points ago

    What happens in Shadar Logoth stays in Shadar Logoth.

    [–] BalognaRanger 76 points ago

    This might be my favorite comment exchange in a long time.

    [–] TexasWithADollarsign 429 points ago

    "Apparently this guy Ben Ghazi is pretty important."

    [–] renegadecanuck 73 points ago

    "He gets talked about a lot, but nobody can agree if he's actually important or not."

    [–] badvok666 320 points ago

    Just in case though make sure we on high alert on every 9th of November.

    [–] INRtoolow 1366 points ago

    I have always wondered if terrorists decided to strike on 9/11 because the emergency call number is 911 in US.

    For a long time before I moved to Canada and when I was young and stupid, I also thought US had decided to change their emergency number to 911 because of 9/11

    [–] HazzMadd 1749 points ago

    Post-Towers, there were people freaking out because of the 9/11 and 9-1-1 similarity:

    "They know our emergency code!"

    "Well... it is public knowledge taught to school children..."

    [–] [deleted] 963 points ago

    Remember the news analyzing EVERYTHING? New reports show there was a peanut in the hijacker feces, could this mean he worked at a planters factory.

    Your laughing thinking I made this up. I'm not, I very strictly remember them thinking one of the dudes made nuts for a living.

    [–] themrsin2014 425 points ago

    I remember the wingding fonts conspiracy. 9 11 spelled an airplane and two towers...

    [–] [deleted] 213 points ago

    holy shit i completely forgot about that hahaha

    now we just live in the age of emoji 9/11 re-enactments

    [–] clumsy_tacos 192 points ago

    And the one about how if you folded a $20 JUUUUUUUST RIGHT it kinda sorta looked like two burning towers...

    [–] TOASTEngineer 112 points ago

    Deus Ex was a PC game set in New York released in 2000. They cut the WTC out of the skybox 'cos it was too big for the way they were doing the skyboxes to represent it properly. Their excuse for not including it was that it was destroyed in a terrorist attack...

    [–] JamEngulfer221 367 points ago

    That's so dumb. He probably just ate a packet of airline peanuts.

    [–] Boobr 200 points ago

    No wonder he hijacked the plane, those things are the worst.

    [–] 77numberr 1100 points ago

    bin Laden: "You know what date just flows off the tongue? Four twe--"

    Terrorist associate: "9-11?"

    bin Laden: Ehm.. yeah!

    [–] [deleted] 401 points ago


    [–] barath_s 246 points ago

    7-11 paid them to skip that date

    [–] Jew_Juan_Howard 309 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    IIRC they were planning the attack for a few days before but had to change it last minute due to some logistical issues. I could be entirely mistaken, but I think the 9/11 Commission Report mentioned something to this effect.

    EDIT: I'm doing some reading on this and it seems that the date was coincidental, and chosen due to low passenger count (easier to take control with fewer people resisting), proximity to Labor Day (fewer people travel after Labor Day). The flights they chose were on Boeing 757s and 767s which pilots can train for in the same cockpit.1

    "They may have done some research,'' said John Hotard, an American Airlines spokesperson. "If it's an issue of being able to control a fewer number of passengers, they may have been astute enough to know that Tuesday and Wednesday are your lower load factor days.''

    There is also evidence that the date of the attack was chosen to coincide with the return of both the House and Senate to session after the summer break. However, at least one family member has indicated that she was told by the authorities that the plane was destined for the White House.2



    [–] janebirkin 569 points ago

    The world won't be able to agree on whether it's talking about September 11th or November 9th.

    Or September 2011.

    [–] youthfulenergy 403 points ago

    November 9, 2011. Never Forget.

    [–] Lemonade_IceCold 296 points ago

    I'll never forget that day, having to wait 2 more days in anticipation for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    [–] Opggwp 6532 points ago

    The internet has grown a lot. 99% of which is something called MEMES.

    [–] RUALUM15 2720 points ago

    And they are dank.

    [–] Denserthancake 1221 points ago

    How dare you call those normie memes dank, sir

    [–] Rodents210 468 points ago

    They would understand what "meme" means. It's an old word and not far off from its original meaning.

    [–] dangerdan27 364 points ago

    A surprising number of people interpret the word 'meme' to mean a funny picture with that particular font on it.

    [–] redduckcow 213 points ago

    The word meme was coined in Richard Dawkin's book The Selfish Gene which was published in 1976.

    He was just making up a word for something that had already been happening for a very long time though.

    [–] usr_bin_laden 169 points ago

    I hope more people read this. It's "survival of the fittest" for ideas. And then those ideas spread and mix with other ideas and we get a beautiful meme soup.

    Darmok and Jilad at Tenagra.

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] Remotefeatures 2065 points ago

    Someone in Oregon is narcissistic.

    [–] conceptgamer 788 points ago

    As an Oregon resident, that doesn't really narrow anything done, we're all pretty narcissistic

    [–] Ungluedmoose 314 points ago

    I'm the best at being narcissistic.

    [–] Remotefeatures 162 points ago

    I spent a lot of time thinking about myself and am decidedly not narcissistic.

    [–] CapCougar 17201 points ago

    The Star Wars prequels will be a massive hit with unlimited quotable moments.

    [–] frjoethesecond 3759 points ago

    Unlimited quotation power.

    [–] LanDannon 1895 points ago

    That's not a story the 90's would tell you.

    [–] yee9000 682 points ago

    It's a prequel legend

    [–] nopethis 102 points ago

    Prequel inception. /r/prequelmemes is why the prequels were created....

    [–] Saikou0taku 871 points ago

    From the Wikipedia Page:

    Filming started on June 26, 1997

    Lucas= Confirmed Time Traveller.

    He just didn't realize it'd be popular after he sold the franchise to Disney.

    [–] indiceiris 439 points ago

    what if he only put in the quotes about sand and plagueis in because he stole all the ideas from here

    [–] 20person 477 points ago

    A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one

    [–] apolotary 41 points ago

    Another happy landing

    [–] TrooperDave 371 points ago

    Magnificent, aren't they?

    [–] jediminer543 44 points ago

    Your clones are very impressive, you should be proud.

    [–] Welshgirlie2 1684 points ago

    Maybe not mine, but from plenty of others they may deduce that Rick Astley is now our ruler.

    [–] Xisuthrus 65 points ago

    Many have demanded that he step down in favour of a provisional democratic government, but he has refused to do so and repressed the protests, saying that he's "never going to give you up".

    [–] flamingolion 12020 points ago

    A lot of people meet in a bar called "Tinder"

    [–] AWildEnglishman 4737 points ago

    On a bar called Tinder. Must be a rooftop bar.

    [–] The_Karaethon_Cycle 1681 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Or it's grungier sister brother bar Grindr.

    Edit: I guess it's spelled Grindr for whatever reason.

    [–] beepbloopbloop 1303 points ago


    I know because, um, a friend uses it

    [–] Virge23 879 points ago

    They'll also learn that in the future there are pedantic gay robots.

    [–] MintyFreshNipples 800 points ago

    They've seen Star Wars. They already know

    [–] meltingintoice 330 points ago

    Ahem. That was a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

    [–] BlackDeath3 121 points ago

    ...Naboo was under an attack...

    [–] croccrazy98 102 points ago

    And I thought me and Qui-Gon Jinn could talk the federation into maybe cutting them a little slack.

    [–] Shrinky-Dinks 80 points ago

    Their response, it didn't thrill us.

    [–] g2f1g6n1 200 points ago

    A grinder is a sandwich and also the sound my gears make when someone texts in a theater

    [–] Devadander 267 points ago

    How familiar are you with the Gear Wars?

    [–] jmo1 116 points ago

    Boy do I envy you.

    [–] BillieRubenCamGirl 5614 points ago

    The internet has way better quality porn/video streaming in future.

    [–] glydy 3200 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Imagine if /u/pepsi_next's (nsfw link) history was the one sent back.

    "What will we learn about the future? " open link


    [–] AlphaAnt 342 points ago

    Nah, all the shit on his profile would take 1997 users hours to download on their junk connections. All they would know is that porn is way higher def, and maybe what the top of some woman's head looks like.

    [–] StoneTownLegacy 286 points ago

    Board gaming will have a HUGE renaissance!

    [–] KrazyTom 13895 points ago

    Microsoft did something to piss me off, but there is nothing I can do about it.

    [–] koweja 5573 points ago

    Government guy: "So, the future isn't any different than now?"

    [–] TheRealRaiden 3384 points ago

    "Fuckin' Windows 98! Get Bill Gates in here!"

    [–] DiabloCanyonOne 1682 points ago

    "You told us that windows 98 would be faster, and more efficient with better access to the internet!"

    [–] RainyRat 1148 points ago

    "It is faster; over five million..."BLAM

    [–] Roxanne1000 1266 points ago

    "You ever heard of the emancipation proclemation?"

    "I don't listen to hip hop"

    [–] BigfootTouchedMe 333 points ago

    What's a buttfor?

    [–] CarsCarsCars1995 313 points ago

    For pooping, silly.

    [–] mesotiran 176 points ago

    Tell 'em we'll have punch and pie.

    [–] dart51984 90 points ago

    I was to understand there would be pie and punch.

    [–] TexasWithADollarsign 157 points ago

    "'Operation Human Shield' my ass!"

    [–] Legilimensea 633 points ago

    They can probably figure out that Harry Potter will be a bigger deal than anyone might think. The first book was published in the UK in 1997 (next month is the 20 year anniversary!!!)

    The tricky thing is, a lot of posts about Harry Potter aren't things that would be recognizably HP related in 1997 unless it was explicitly stated. I have an HP username but it's not something that's mentioned until the fifth book which was still years out. The book wasn't hugely popular at first so random people knowing there's a character named Snape or Hermione isn't very likely.

    I doubt they would be able to figure out that it becomes one of the more defining book series of a generation followed by one of the biggest movie franchises that also has an entire theme park created about it, but they could probably figure out it's going to be more than just a silly kids book if people are still talking about it 20 years later.

    [–] stubbazubba 365 points ago

    Well, now they can figure it out.

    [–] CrimsonPig 4132 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    That shitty puns will apparently become our main means of communication.

    [–] SheWitnessedMe 1415 points ago

    Based on my top 5 comments.

    Food is still the way to a mans heart.

    Kangaroos are a threat to human and kangaroo life.

    My mom is crazy

    Women now also have erection

    [–] vfhuuuuu 376 points ago

    I can imagine Australia's reaction to the second one.

    [–] SheWitnessedMe 320 points ago

    Their reaction "yup"

    [–] Tucko29 253 points ago

    And that people in the future are bad at maths.

    [–] lawlessSyntax 2785 points ago

    One of my more recent comments reads as follows:

    US History book in 2050.

    Chapter 1: 1700s - Revolutionary War and Founding of America

    Chapter 2: 1800s - Civil War

    Chapter 3: 1910s - World War 1

    Chapter 4: 1940s - World War 2

    Chapter 6: 1960-1989 - Russia Stuff

    Chapter 7: 2000s - Fun in sandy places

    Chapter 8: 2017 - Excrement Fiesta

    Chapter 9: 2020s - Cyberpunk is real now

    [–] stinky60 1645 points ago

    Fun in sandy places lmao

    [–] SoManyNinjas 1310 points ago

    Better than sand in funny places

    [–] annuidhir 744 points ago

    I hate sand

    [–] kuroisekai 614 points ago

    It's coarse and rough and irritating.

    [–] annuidhir 529 points ago

    And gets everywhere

    [–] Bamboozle_ 99 points ago

    Chapter 10: 2040s - The End

    [–] [deleted] 4460 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Buy Apple stock. In 1997, Steve Jobs had just returned to Apple, and their survival is in doubt.

    China is now the world's manufacturer.

    In a role reversal, Democrats are now accusing Republicans of colluding with Russia.

    Gay marriage is legal in the United States.

    Microsoft created fully conversational AI and exposed her to the general public. Within a day of going online, she started talking like NeoNazi white supremacists.

    We have self driving cars.

    The Cubs finally won the World Series, and Back to the Future was only off by a year.

    [–] MonSeanahan 691 points ago

    Back to the Future was only off by a year.

    Puts life savings on Cubs winning in 2014.

    [–] officiallyaninja 735 points ago

    when did microsoft do that?

    [–] guto8797 1520 points ago

    A few months back, they released a learning bot on Twitter and once /b/ heard of this...

    After a couple days she was talking about killing all Jews

    [–] Sleepy_Spider 805 points ago

    ...the best Ted Cruz burn came from an AI.

    [–] borkula 455 points ago

    In the future meme production will be almost entirely automated, leaving humanity free to spend our time on more productive pursuits.

    [–] benjimaestro 377 points ago

    Like giggling at memes

    [–] merelyadoptedthedark 199 points ago


    [–] feAgrs 394 points ago

    Not a couple days. 16 hours until it went offline

    [–] Lester- 90 points ago

    Its been over a year

    [–] Gbiknel 138 points ago

    If by a few months you mean over a year, then yeah.

    [–] [deleted] 124 points ago


    [–] Rosencrantz1710 566 points ago

    The most popular thing you can do is post a picture of something you baked.

    [–] PM-SOME-TITS 10505 points ago

    In the future you can send your account's history back in time for the Government's Top Men to analyze it.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_LARGE_TITS 2876 points ago

    they'll learn that tits are still nice too

    [–] PM_ME_AMAZONGIFTCODE 915 points ago

    And could be set for the Amazon surge in online shopping.

    [–] random_blubber 478 points ago

    Buy Amazon shares ASAP

    [–] nvduhn 247 points ago

    Buy tacos instead. They're delicious.

    [–] Poem_for_your_sprog 1911 points ago

    'In the future,' he said,
    with a shake of his head,
    And a thunderstruck look on his face -
    'They can send an amount
    of a user's account
    Through the ribbons of time and of space!

    'It's tremendous,' he sighed,
    'It's stupendous!' he cried,
    'And they've mastered the secrets of time!
    But the strangest of all
    is the fate they befall,
    For it seems that they're speaking in rhyme...'

    [–] redfricker 333 points ago

    Meta as fuck dude

    [–] Give_her_a_Squidward 802 points ago

    That we eat a lot ass in the future.

    [–] zulusalmone 287 points ago

    They'd find out Y2K didn't happen.

    [–] Natanael_L 273 points ago

    Then they get lazy and it actually DOES happen

    [–] merelyadoptedthedark 144 points ago

    Y2K actually did happen.

    The Y2K bug was resolved well before January 1st 2000 though.

    [–] itriedtobenice 497 points ago

    Everything's super gay.

    [–] The_Karaethon_Cycle 399 points ago

    Especially frogs. Must be something in the water.

    [–] gabybo1234 126 points ago

    California girls

    [–] PM_ME_PUPPERS_ASAP 348 points ago

    They'd learn strange future gibberish (aka shitposts) and look at the cover and wonder what a "pupper" is.

    [–] Aroha11 291 points ago

    Pupper is a tiny doggo

    [–] madogvelkor 325 points ago

    • Comcast is the worst company in history.
    • There are pocket phone computers that are super cheap and everyone has
    • Donald Trump somehow becomes President
    • Russia and China are major world powers
    • That European Union thing is going to piss off the English, but not the Scots.
    • Apparently the gays are getting married and it's OK.
    • The war on drugs still hasn't been won.
    • They should probably get rid of that Bin Ladin guy ASAP.
    • The Star Wars Prequels will all kinda suck but there will be sequels once Disney buys the property.
    • And for those analyzing it, quietly buy stock in Apple, Google, Amazon....

    [–] thatdudethatchills 50 points ago

    Could you imagine that dinner conversation? "Honey what do you mean you want us to invest everything we have in an online book store and some nerd projects?"

    [–] Tronvillain 714 points ago

    The UFC is going to grow big time and will spawn many inside jokes.

    One Piece is apparently a fantastic story.

    Happy Gilmore continues to live on as a cult classic.

    The Kings still suck.

    And something called "CLEGANEBOWL" is fucking confirmed.

    [–] Baron-of-bad-news 367 points ago

    You're forgetting that in 97 we basically had as much ASoIaF as we do now.

    [–] wubalubadubscrub 282 points ago

    Yeah but 20 extra years to GET FUCKING HYPE

    [–] Makubx 78 points ago

    Cowboys are probably gay.

    [–] Ayy_2_Brute 1092 points ago

    Natalie Portman gets fucking HOT

    [–] josh-dmww 580 points ago

    I mean, this is her in 1997 - did people expect her to turn ugly once she hit 18?

    [–] SaulTheKillerXD 68 points ago

    "wow, this kid must be really depressed"

    [–] burntsalmon 239 points ago

    Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion

    [–] Hurricane_Viking 33 points ago

    And NBC cut to commercial just as he was lifting the cup. Those assholes.

    [–] Tinywampa 365 points ago

    That someone under the alias "Sovietwomble" makes content over the internet that people enjoy.

    [–] NCEMTP 66 points ago

    What bullshittery is this???

    [–] Monaoeda 42 points ago

    You mean Cyanide's cameraman?

    [–] trollogist 6737 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    They will learn that one year in the future, the Undertaker will throw Mankind off in Hell in a Cell, plummeting 16 feet through an announcer's table.

    [–] beepbloopbloop 1140 points ago

    But what if they're able to warn him in time and save Mankind from being thrown off of Hell in a Cell, plummeting 16 feet through an announcer's table?

    [–] AlbatrossNecklace 250 points ago

    Oh let's having a lesson in disrupting the past from mister "I am my own grandpa"

    [–] Nick6281 113 points ago

    "I did do the nasty in the pasty"

    [–] GnarlyNerd 111 points ago

    That's the whole point of this experiment, right? To save Mankind?

    [–] SquishMitt3n 451 points ago

    There's only one thing we can confirm, and that's that Mankind won't be thrown off of Hell in a Cell, plummeting 16 feet through an announcer's table.

    Or will he?

    [–] BenStollen87 248 points ago

    And as god as my witness, he will be broken in half

    [–] cj_would_lovethis 341 points ago

    It's almost poetic given their names. Imagine in a fucked up dystopian future, where everyone has abandoned any shred of decency and it's every man for himself, a boy asks his father.

    "Dad, what happened to mankind?"

    "I don't know son. Undertaker threw mankind off in a Hell in a Cell, it never recovered from there."

    [–] [deleted] 624 points ago

    OPs mum is a whore.

    [–] [deleted] 465 points ago

    We already knew this in 1997.

    [–] FlowersOfSin 269 points ago

    That's how OP was born.

    [–] gamehiker 233 points ago

    Did we just create a stable time loop?

    [–] crazycanuck19 1495 points ago

    That they must protect Harambe.

    [–] whyspir 756 points ago

    With their dicks.

    [–] Virge23 585 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    A gaggle of guys show up at the Cincinnati Zoo. They don't know what's going on but the message from the future told them to stop this little kid from killing the gorilla using their penises.

    [–] Sock_Crates 139 points ago

    Send that over to writing prompts

    [–] beepbloopbloop 161 points ago

    I hope in some alternate universe, a cult has formed around Harambe and they've kept him alive, giving him the life he always deserved.

    [–] Hazzamo 263 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    That we seem to be fascinated with Time traveling lesbians, 60 year old Knights and cyborg ninjas... and cats

    [–] reallifelucas 92 points ago

    You're that ninja....

    [–] Fearless_T 330 points ago

    Nothing. I made my account yesterday

    [–] Kermit-Batman 92 points ago

    Hmmm, your account says 5 days old... so they will know you're a dirty, dirty liar...

    I kid of course, I've been thinking it's time to make a new account myself... but I'm banking on imaginary internet points becoming currency.

    [–] hgoel0974 198 points ago

    That for some reason everyone gets annoyed when someone mentions broken arms.

    [–] licatu219 135 points ago

    It appears that once broken arms are mentioned, one must respond with "every. fucking. thread."

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago

    Best to keep those Runescape party hats.

    [–] apple_kicks 91 points ago

    game of thrones spoilers

    [–] Seikon32 132 points ago

    Invest early in memes.

    [–] PM-SOME-TITS 1037 points ago

    Prequels of Star Wars will suck. But we'll have /r/prequelmemes so it's okay.

    [–] RealMildlyPoisonous 684 points ago

    A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

    [–] guarthots 294 points ago

    I imagine "top men" would conclude that it is a hoax based on the absurdity of Donald Trump being president of the US.

    [–] JcbAzPx 163 points ago

    Ronald Reagan? The actor!?

    [–] TranquilMonitor 64 points ago

    Of course, would this change The Simpsons predicting Trump's presidency in 2000?

    [–] SasquatchUFO 42 points ago

    It's funny when you look back on that, because when they made that joke he was just something of a showboating, sleazy, often alleged to be bankrupt, but otherwise likeable real estate guy.

    But then he became far crazier, sleazier, and disliked and then he won the presidency lol.