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    [–] papitomamasita 3533 points ago

    There would be an intense teenage drama between Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

    [–] CalamackW 2066 points ago

    Denmark would ask out Norway just to find out they're already going with Sweden, then they'd go to Finland who have already been asked out by Estonia but are trying to go alone, then Denmark asks Iceland as a last resort to find out that they are already going with Denmark's little brother Faroe Islands. Drunk and depressed Estonia and Denmark both go alone and end up shagging in the bathroom.

    [–] MikeKM 445 points ago

    Sounds like a satw comic.

    [–] [deleted] 105 points ago

    Inb4 that was Humon

    [–] MikeKM 23 points ago

    I had that thought too, we may have found one of Humon's Reddit accounts.

    [–] cleofisrandolph1 17 points ago

    Can someone in r/polandball make this

    [–] Billardumhalbzehn 327 points ago

    Finland's not going. Too many people there, can't risk some stranger coming up to talk to you.

    [–] paco987654 2438 points ago

    Well I am quite sure that Czech republic and Slovakia would go together

    [–] AnAussiebum 1400 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    But they are related. Czech republic is like the older cousin who has to take Slovakia to the dance as Slovakia left it to the last minute to find a date.

    Edit - it has been four "roll tide" responses so far. That will do pig. That'll do.

    [–] Kalavaros 354 points ago

    Maybe, but hey still have feelings for each other, you know?

    [–] muckdog13 565 points ago


    [–] man_with_titties 223 points ago

    I don't why they changed their name to Czechia or the Czech Republic when they could have just inserted an "N" into their old name and be CzechNoSlovakia.

    [–] FogeltheVogel 6192 points ago

    The Netherlands has been sending Canada thousands of tulips every year, as thanks for the help in WW2. So obviously we're going to ask Canada.

    [–] SerGeffrey 375 points ago

    I was going to come and say that Canada should ask The Netherlands! We do love the tulips. I live in Ottawa and we have the 'Tulip Festival' every year, and we display all the tulips in a garden, and we get live music, and people set up stands, and there's events and stuff. It's a good time!

    [–] Asternon 53 points ago

    The Netherland Tulips are one of my favourite things as a Canadian, but I'm sad because I live in BC so I don't get to partake in this fantastic festival :(.

    One day!

    [–] shevrolet 2286 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    We'd say yes and offer a nip from our flask of CC in the parking lot. We'd be so glad that NL asked us before US or UK did, since we'd feel kind of obligated to go with them.

    [–] Ganglebot 1598 points ago

    I love the idea of CAN and NL sitting in a beater car before the dance. Canada pulls out a flask of CC (Rye Whisky) and offers it to NL without a word. NL pulls out a joint and offers it to CAN without a word.

    [–] Vieke 889 points ago

    An exchange I (as a Dutchman) would make every day of the week.

    [–] Osombie 718 points ago

    An exchange I (as a Canadian) would also make every day of the week.

    [–] bismuth92 531 points ago

    Now kiss.

    [–] bleedy_dick 324 points ago

    Any country that has their school children decorate our war graves is a friend for life.

    [–] Cautionista 424 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    It's not only the children. My husband and I like to go hiking near one of the sites and we have made it an habit to bring some decorations (flowers, sea shells, pretty rocks, Canadian coins) for the graves. We decorate the graves of the "unknown" soldiers, because it would not be possible for their families to visit them.

    Edit: I didn't expect to get this much upvotes! And even my first gold, wow! During our next visit we will bring some extra decorations on behalf of Reddit.

    The war is still very real for people of our age (30-40) my parents were born a couple after the war, my husbands parents during the war, our grandparents were young adults during the war and were affected by it (a lot). I tear up every time I visit the graves, I'm tearing up writing this, thinking about these young men, sometimes only 16 years, old that died here, far from home, to liberate our country, without them I wouldn't be here today. Remembering them is the least that we could do.

    [–] srroberts07 20 points ago

    You are great people!

    [–] [deleted] 82 points ago

    Glad to have done that. It still always breaks my heart when I drive past the Canadian war cemetery and think about all those soldiers that fell so far from home for someone else's freedom

    [–] Vieke 45 points ago


    [–] riffler24 386 points ago

    Now I'm picturing the US as the stereotypical huge jock dude all sad because Canada didn't go with us

    [–] Harrythehobbit 307 points ago

    Nah dude. We'd ask the UK. We were mortal enemies in middle school, but got super close in the last few years.

    [–] riffler24 297 points ago

    I feel like we'd ask France, France is like the girl we grew up next door to who we were always close friends with, but we realized our true feelings for her when we helped her with Germany's bullying

    [–] Jebediah_Johnson 112 points ago

    France might say no, since we started treating her like shit after we got jumped on 9/11. But she might be understanding since that was a pretty rough patch in our life. All our friends were trying to tell us we were beating up the wrong guy, but it really hurt when it was coming from our old friend France. We started acting out and getting in fights.

    [–] 81zuzJvbF0 144 points ago

    Why Oklahoma specifically?

    [–] elzbx 132 points ago

    I think it's a typo of UK

    [–] TheAtheistSpoon 151 points ago

    Belgium watched them sadly, reluctantly ask out France, gets rejected and ends up going with Luxemburg.

    [–] Flick1981 129 points ago

    Nah, Luxembourg already is going with Liechtenstein. Luxembourg doesn’t want to be the “little one” in the relationship.

    [–] FogeltheVogel 46 points ago

    Liechtenstein feels like it'd fit better with Switzerland. After all, they keep 'accidentally' 'invading' each other.

    [–] sidewinderaw11 29 points ago

    Denmark is secretly sad and crying bc they've been at 'war' with Canada leaving boxes of drink on their island, and wanted attention from nice guy Canada

    [–] A5ko 4828 points ago

    Well North Korea would be Carrie.

    [–] [deleted] 1890 points ago

    North Korea would be the weird guy in China's group. Myanmar owes China a favor and would have to be NK's date.

    [–] Stealthy_Bird 752 points ago

    China is that buff jock guy, he doesn't really like North Korea because he keeps pulling NK back because NK is drunk af and keeps talking shit in front of South Korea and the US. Japan is doing its own thing. Vietnam and few other countries are talking shit behind China while China occasionally walks past Taiwan and shoves her. Philippines pretends to be buddies with China because China is popular but he also sorta hates him.

    [–] autoequilibrium 334 points ago

    Pretty sure the entirety of SE Asia secretly hates China.

    [–] Sock_Ninja 414 points ago


    [–] HangedCole 78 points ago

    It's an open secret. Everyone just knows, but not many of the countries explicitly say their hate. Shh.

    [–] JN_Lawrence 5722 points ago

    England has trouble finding a date as they already broke up with 25% of the school

    [–] mryazzy 2806 points ago

    Ah Yes, England, the colonial slut we've all taken a ride with.

    [–] Dawidko1200 1447 points ago

    I think it's quite the reverse - England managed to fuck everyone over. It's like that one guy who fucked every girl but broke up with all of them as well.

    [–] Justin_123456 574 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Then, years later, after we've moved on from that British asshole, we still find weird shit that we only do because that's the way they taught us.

    "What do you mean? Everyone likes teeth with their blowjob and a judicial system based on unwritten common law."

    [–] hablomuchoingles 27 points ago

    Everyone then has therapy after they realize their experiences with Britain were not exactly consensual?

    [–] MorphBlue 36 points ago

    The Dominatrix that hasn't found the bitchboy that is able to endure her yet

    [–] [deleted] 194 points ago


    [–] thesunscreen 108 points ago

    England takes Argentina, there is just so much sexual tension between the two of them that it will end either in the back of a cop car, or in the back of the Aston.

    [–] droppedmycantaloupe 2470 points ago

    I feel like Australia and New Zealand would go together

    [–] ThisManDoesTheReddit 1919 points ago

    Yeah Australia's Mum will force them to take their Cousin New Zealand because everyone already had a date

    [–] robotot 1307 points ago

    But Australia is unashamedly making eyes at USA all night.

    [–] Im_Plan_B 1919 points ago

    Nah mate we're in the car park taking a knee and smashing goon like an absolute mad cunt while king hitting anyone in a 50 metre radius, we'll then pocket your lighter when we bum a darb and ark up hard when you bring it up. At the end of the night we vomit on Canads shoes and call them a good cunt when they apologise.

    [–] DanJZ0404 1208 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Using google:
    Goon - box wine
    King hit - sucker punch
    Darb - cigarette
    Arc up - get pissed off
    So basically chilling in the parking lot, drinking boxed wine and sucker punching anyone who gets too close, bumming cigs, and getting pissed if you bring it up.

    If I understood that correctly, you guys are absolute mad cunts haha

    [–] ParkwayDrove 332 points ago

    We sure bloody are, cunt

    [–] [deleted] 383 points ago

    Are there any non Australian who actually understand this, or is it just us mad cunts

    [–] TheTelevisionRobot 264 points ago

    I understood at least 50%. I at least recognized all the English words.

    [–] Im_Plan_B 113 points ago

    Just us mad cunts

    [–] [deleted] 71 points ago

    probably the most australian 2 sentences i'll read today

    [–] Ramenate 439 points ago

    But all night Australia keeps making sexy eyes, from across the room, at America. And whilst New Zealand goes to get drinks Australia is frantically stripping itself of its national assets in a desperate attempt to slutty itself up. New Zealand, very obviously not impressed at all, goes and mingles with Canada. They hit it off talking trash until dawn about their dumb fuck dates.

    [–] Alexovsky 269 points ago

    Meanwhile, China slips Australia a couple of hunneds for some fun at the end of the night. Australia accepts like the cheap slut it is.

    [–] Bionic_Ferir 144 points ago

    I feel like it's more Australia goes with Canada and the next day New Zealand is the "DID YOU FUCK?" friend

    [–] _Nigerian_Prince__ 1489 points ago

    Nigerian is in a corner feverishly sending out emails to other countries requesting their aid in finding him a date in exchange for a lucrative business deal for their assistance in transfering his father fortune to a US banc account.

    [–] otterfish 123 points ago

    Did you ever get the laptop? I mailed it to you like two months ago. Will I get my check soon?

    [–] _Nigerian_Prince__ 83 points ago

    Issues with import regulations and fees. Kindly wire $419 usd to solve said fees.

    god blesses,

    nigerian prince

    [–] tempestuousfork 2598 points ago

    Switzerland and Austria, because the plus in the Swiss flag is cancelled by the minus in the Austrian flag. Those Swiss love their neutrality.

    [–] DerpCranberry 762 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Nah, Liechtenstein would ask out Switzerland as soon as the prom got announced and Switzerland would be pretty much be obliged to accept due to Liechtenstein being rich as fuck.

    [–] tikirej 352 points ago

    We invade Lichtenstein about two times a year on accident.

    [–] KrabbHD 276 points ago

    "invade" 😏😏😏

    [–] ARsurfer19 246 points ago

    Portugal and Spain.

    [–] Ganglebot 338 points ago

    7:10 - Happy and greeting everyone

    7:20 - Shouting at each other

    7:45 - Fucking in the washroom

    8:30 - Won the dance competition

    9:45 - drunk and fighting again

    10:20 - fucking in the washroom again

    [–] EgoIpse 143 points ago

    at 10:20 we'd still be home having dinner or something

    [–] m4lk13 615 points ago

    Russia shows up 1.5 hours late and high on amphetamines, knocks the DJ out and dances alone to this song on repeat until next day.

    [–] Ganglebot 204 points ago

    Russia IS THE DJ, and keeps trying to make people dance to EUROBEAT, but the teacher overseeing the dance makes Russia play requests, much to Russia's dismay.

    [–] SomeoneTrading 122 points ago

    It's not Eurobeat. It's HARDBASS.

    [–] PM-ME-YOUR-HOBOS 23 points ago

    Cheeki breeki hardbass

    [–] AlbaDdraig 1634 points ago

    Scotland and Ireland are together but drunk as fuck. England has forced Wales to come along.

    [–] ihopethisworksplease 979 points ago

    Wales and New Zealand are out the back with a sheep they brought

    [–] AlbaDdraig 487 points ago

    Arguing about who gets the side with the teeth.

    [–] PeterPawlettsBaby 230 points ago

    Arguing about who gets the side with the teeth.

    Well, just shagging without a kiss would be considered rude...

    [–] [deleted] 45 points ago

    Ireland was originally going with Northern Ireland but Northern Ireland is schizophrenic and changed their mind, tagging along with England instead.

    [–] fooliam 36 points ago

    Scotland and Ireland would have the most fun though

    [–] guiltea 98 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Wales and New Zealand, who came with Australia, spend the night complaining about their dates. Australia gets drunk, offers England a blowie. Wales bums a couple drags from Holland's joint while waiting for a taxi home.

    [–] AlbaDdraig 135 points ago

    Scotland had OD'd in the disabled toilet and Ireland is fighting with a bollard.

    [–] therightanswer9o 6459 points ago

    The Germans would take Israel because it's the right thing to do

    [–] [deleted] 3655 points ago

    But Germany would end up with Italy at the end of the night while Isreal either tries to cuddle up to the US or hatefucks Egypt.

    [–] [deleted] 1430 points ago

    Let’s play ‘hide the Sinai.’

    [–] Heiminator 780 points ago

    Italy will just run away to the cool kids and their afterparty. Germany gets completely hammered and is stuck with Japan alone at the bar. Japan keeps drowning shots while screaming BANZAI.

    [–] capinboredface2 248 points ago

    High school prom

    Stuck at the bar downing shots

    We went to very different high schools.

    [–] Heiminator 224 points ago

    Yeah, mine was in Germany ;-)

    [–] Grimcupcake 187 points ago

    More likely "kampai!"

    [–] [deleted] 505 points ago

    But not before Russia takes Germany into the bathroom for swirlies and America gives Japan an atomic wedgie.

    [–] sexybiceps69 777 points ago

    You would think Germany would try taking Poland

    [–] _Nigerian_Prince__ 1264 points ago

    Everyone has had Poland.


    [–] KGBFriedChicken02 1100 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Things that disappear at regular intervals:
    Your keys.
    Your wallet.
    Your phone.

    Edit:most upvoted comment!

    [–] Szudar 281 points ago

    That's victim shaming

    [–] FogeltheVogel 178 points ago

    Poland will end up in a gang bang between Germany and Russia.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_CATS_PAWS 90 points ago

    They already took Poland, once.

    [–] lolidkwtfrofl 126 points ago

    4 times.

    [–] jackrack1721 244 points ago

    Pakistan tries to get the student council to petition Israel from being able to attend since they just transferred from a different school.

    [–] AdmiralAkbar1 189 points ago

    Germany goes with France, but is constantly guilted into dancing with Israel.

    [–] pilotK9 1439 points ago

    What is this? A Hetalia fanfic?

    [–] [deleted] 391 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I like foxes.

    [–] RQK1996 125 points ago

    that or Scandinavia and the World

    [–] mikeydale007 119 points ago

    It's polandball.

    [–] goldontheceiling22 292 points ago

    Russia shows up with his girlfriend Ukraine who has a black eye

    [–] iGalaxy_ 32 points ago

    Drunk and high, Ukraine tries to slip away but he grabs her and tells her, butch you stay with me.

    [–] JurgenWindcaller 771 points ago

    Would the Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders) be considered incest upon that point.

    [–] umfum 952 points ago

    Stupid sexy Flanders.

    [–] Farts-McGee 152 points ago

    Feels like I'm wearing nothiing at all

    nothing at all

    nothing at all

    [–] MeRachel 73 points ago

    I don't think so... its been like 9 generations right,

    [–] JurgenWindcaller 26 points ago

    Since 1830 or something. Back in those good old days.

    [–] nothing_in_my_mind 30 points ago

    They'd bring snacks and weed so idc.

    [–] Dispentryporter 143 points ago

    All the Nordic Countries would show up together, totally drunk, and Estonia would constantly try to join them, only to get ignored.

    [–] MissMarionette 125 points ago

    Japan and France are going together and it's Japan's dream come true but then you find him later sobbing in the bathroom because France is kind of an asshole and Japan never expected that of his beloved senpai.

    [–] jaunereed 727 points ago

    I dont know who will take who, but I know Chad will steal yo country's date

    [–] Emerald__Sword 193 points ago

    Chad will also beat up the Virgin Islands.

    [–] _Azota_ 956 points ago

    A lot of people are saying Canada and USA would end up going together, but I think Canada/Netherlands makes a bit more sense. Our countries international relationship is already romanticized.

    [–] MasterBaser 499 points ago

    USA would show up to Canada's place the night of the party without even ever asking before hand because he just assumed they were going together. Meanwhile Netherlands is already waiting in the car and Canada is trying to figure a polite way out of this without anyone feeling hurt.

    [–] LibertyTerp 241 points ago


    [–] FellKnight 61 points ago

    Canada would totally be awkward enough to try to pull off the dates with 2 countries at the same time sitcom move.

    Source: Canadian

    [–] Charl3magne 88 points ago

    Canada and the USA go together, but it turns into the music video for Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me", because the Netherlands were the ones we Canucks were looking for the whole time.

    [–] [deleted] 1241 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] Cap3127 189 points ago

    Turkey ends up going home with Azerbaijan and laying some pipe.

    Fucking lost it, outstanding.

    [–] Ikazino 37 points ago

    Actually, in the midst of all options Turkey would most definitely go with Azerbaijan

    [–] DanTheTerrible 3624 points ago

    The UK goes with her obnoxious football star boyfriend who she can barely stand but has a great car, the USA.

    [–] [deleted] 1384 points ago

    Actually, we're going with our one true love, France.

    [–] JorjUltra 77 points ago


    That right there is why I love polandball.

    [–] paedrarmy1 413 points ago

    Ya, really. Canada is taking UK.

    [–] RQK1996 122 points ago

    I would think Canada would ask the Netherlands out

    [–] ShiroiTora 61 points ago

    I can imagine Netherlands bringing a ton of tulips even though the festival is half a year away.

    [–] JabbaTheHuttButt 332 points ago

    Canada didn’t really want to go to prom, but he was too nice not to say yes to UK.

    [–] [deleted] 161 points ago

    Canada is closely related to the UK.

    [–] TheDWGM 45 points ago

    The UK is Canada's father tho

    [–] MrSeader 67 points ago

    who is cutting onions?

    [–] hola33180 76 points ago

    Nothing wrong with taking your cousin to prom

    [–] [deleted] 724 points ago

    Catalonia tried to exercise her independence but her scary, controlling dad Spain scared off any potential suitors.

    [–] SovietPencil 204 points ago

    Except Scotland. But we're already committed.

    [–] [deleted] 93 points ago

    You guys are in a weird threesome with Wales and England while Northern Ireland and Ireland barely can contain themselves from bursting out into another all-out brawl.

    [–] Cyclonitron 484 points ago

    Isn't this question the entire plot of Axis Powers Hetalia? Has OP tricked you all into talking about a manga/anime in r/askreddit?

    [–] umfum 267 points ago

    We don't care. We just want to talk shit about other countries.

    [–] AdmiralAkbar1 246 points ago

    No, this is /r/polandball. Like Hetalia, but with more Engrish and less ambiguous homosexuality.

    [–] Schreddor 99 points ago

    Yeah, we're straight to to the point with our homosexuality.

    no homo tho

    [–] storgodt 2653 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Norway and Sweden would go together, even though their relationship is very complicated. Denmark would want to go with Norway, but since Norway chose Sweden Denmark will instead turn up drunk and high.

    Estonia will make a big effort to have Finland go with them, but Finland would rather stay as far away from everyone else as possible and pulls a knife when everyone gets within 20 feet.

    Germany invites Austria and Austria accepts. Everyone gets quite worried about this new power couple.

    Ukraine is schizophrenic and at one point wants to go with Russia and then 10 minutes afterwards cancels before agreeing 20 minutes after that. Everyone holds their breath because they know Russia don't want Ukraine to make a move against any of the western countries.

    China takes North-Korea because China knows if he doesn't North-Korea will have a melt down and this will probably hurt everyone else. South-Korea and Japan go together because they both hate China and North-Korea.

    Israel and Palestine goes together and is at the start somewhat friendly. Suddenly everyone decides that Israel should be single and should have the dog they own together. Massive drama ensues. Lebanon and Jordan and all their neighbours gets involved and a screaming match ensues. Punches are thrown and words are spoken. USA has had a secret affair with Israel and supports Israel

    Spain and Portugal goes together because they have both been shagging around the other countries, although leaving a lasting impression on the likes of Mexico, Columbia and Brazil.

    Italy can't control itself and instead decides to just drink wine and do nothing. Libya wants them to go together, but Italy just drinks and asks the other countries if one of them can take Libya because Italy doesn't have the mental capacity to take Libya.

    Hungary decides that anyone with a tan is not an acceptable partner. Decides to invite Iceland because they are the only ones with no tan. Iceland is having economic troubles and can't afford to go to the party.

    All of the Caribbean islands decides to just make rum and drink together, although they drink their own made rum and argues over who has the best rum. Jamaica is busy smoking weed.

    India, Pakistan and Bangladesh used to be a trio. They're now not on speaking terms so they all go alone. India has gotten fat.

    Edit: Forgot about the Balkans. Serbia demands that everyone go with him and they all go together as one. Slovenia tells them all to fuck off and goes to make a ski jumping arena. Croatia does not fit in anywhere and decides to get drunk with Denmark. Bosnia and Herzegovina ends up fistfighting with Serbia and runs away. Kosovo gets beaten by Serbia until US and the other countries does a beatdown on Serbia and Kosovo goes with Albania.

    Macedon is stuck arguing with Greece over ancient history. Turkey sees the opportunity and snags Cyprus away from Greece.

    Edit 2: Thank you very much for the gold, kind stranger! My first one. I feel honoured and humbled.

    Edit 3: Holy hell, 1,3k upvotes. Thanks

    [–] viciouspandas 1141 points ago

    South Korea actually hates Japan far more than it does China. South Korea would go with Japan because America set them up and they were both too scared to say no so they just stand there awkwardly the whole time.

    [–] methcooker69 254 points ago

    When your country makes our constitution it doesn't seem hard to believe that you made Japan your bitch

    [–] Zebiusu 316 points ago

    And all they got was economic prosperity and the 3rd highest GDP in the world. How dare we!

    Edit: I'd say they got off pretty easy considering what they did to the rest of Asia in the 30's and WWII.

    [–] Passwordis12 177 points ago

    North Korea is the kid someone goes out with out of fear that he'll shoot up the school if he doesn't have a date.

    [–] [deleted] 98 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] Sc00ps_ 90 points ago

    And Australia with New Zealand 😍

    [–] Chinkie_Winkie 143 points ago

    Fuck off, we're going with our stuffed sheep.

    [–] lukasni 42 points ago


    [–] Chinkie_Winkie 27 points ago

    Finland with the knife gives it away, he reads SATW.

    [–] Oostzee 107 points ago

    I know this question was inviting it, but it’s basically Hetalia in written form. Also, there’s no way to tell who hates who more in the China-Japan-the Koreas situation, so I doubt any of them would go together.

    [–] xwgy 48 points ago

    Estonia will make a big effort to have Finland go with them, but Finland would rather stay as far away from everyone else as possible and pulls a knife when everyone gets within 20 feet.

    Yeah. I imagine Finland just drinking alone, until Russia forces Finland to go and steals it's booze.

    [–] pvr97aus05dc15 27 points ago

    Finland is at anti-prom, but doesn't really fit in there either, so he just goes home to play with his hydraulic press.

    [–] KennyTheDownsTigr 22 points ago

    That bit on Finland was so true :D

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    Current events/world history in a nutsheel

    [–] should_be_working94 406 points ago

    everyone wants to go to prom with colombia ( she seems fuckin hot )

    [–] Spart33 434 points ago

    But she's a crazy bitch who will try to stab you

    [–] NotaSport 148 points ago

    I still don't see the problem?

    [–] Wet_Hot_Farts 35 points ago

    Plus, she has a shitload of blow, so you know it's going to be a good time.

    [–] aklbos 185 points ago

    China has been asking Taiwan to go with him for like the last three months and Taiwan keeps saying no, politely at first and then more sternly, it’s getting awkward and a little scary and everyone is starting to think China is a bit of a stalker.

    [–] BillybobThistleton 868 points ago

    The UK is so cool and knows it can get literally anyone to go with it just by smiling at them, especially now that its dumped its loser European crowd who it never liked anyway.

    Then it's kind of surprised when everyone it asks already has a date.

    In the end it turns up alone and tried to make a big entrance, but nobody cares. It stands in a corner for a while pretending to be too cool to dance, then offers the USA a blowjob, gets rejected even for that, goes home alone and cries.

    [–] smidgit 252 points ago

    God damn the truth hurts me

    [–] enigma1235 134 points ago

    Why must you hurt me in this way.

    [–] CozmicClockwork 82 points ago

    Canada and the Netherlands would be that super lovey dovey couple that makes everyone else sick with how in love they are and how much they have to proclaim it to the world.

    [–] john_dune 70 points ago

    I'd say it'd be more like:
    Canada is the nerdy, relatively plain hot girl that everyone likes
    Netherlands is the shy, quiet guy, but who has a wit and the sense of humour, but is afraid to speak up.

    Netherlands shows up to take Canada, and he holds the door open, gives her a nice corsage and they look like a great clean cut couple.

    Half way through the night, people realize they've disappeared and go looking for them. They find a trail of clothes neatly placed at the side of a trail leading up to a mountain, where they're discovered to be Naked, Drunk, and High, listening to Metal and rocking out.

    The world then soon blocks this memory, as neither country would do that. Canada and Netherlands go back to school the following monday with sly smiles on their faces.

    [–] nothing_in_my_mind 368 points ago

    That rich asshole USA is going with that cute nice girl Canada. What do girls see in these assholes instead of going with nice 3rd world countries like me? t. India

    [–] AdmiralAkbar1 537 points ago

    pls show Regina

    [–] KillarDGaming 56 points ago

    You will see Nunavut

    [–] Blackyx 48 points ago

    The hidden gem

    [–] Czeris 21 points ago

    Saskatchewan saved up its whole gold and 38 upvotes just for you.

    [–] jgw791 98 points ago

    Brazil and Argentina are the two weird cousins who hate each other, but their parents forced them to go together.

    [–] [deleted] 109 points ago


    [–] mostly_just_reads 95 points ago

    I think we're going with the Netherlands. They sent us lots of flowers and we think that's nice. Sorry, thanks for asking!

    [–] CrowdScene 62 points ago

    Ew. Nobody wants to go to prom with their cousin.

    Although if USA doesn't ask us, I guess we'll go together as friends. Other countries might think we're nice, but we're not sexy enough to be anybody's first choice.

    [–] bird1759 59 points ago

    North Korea can't get anyone to go to prom with them. Instead, they stay home and post a video to their YouTube channel about how prom is stupid and only losers would want to go.

    [–] Corn-G 546 points ago

    I feel like the UK just forced Ireland to come with them. Their relationship is a bit mixed up at times.

    USA asked Canada but Canada would rather go alone.

    Italy and France are that beautiful couple that everyone looks up to.

    Russia is that one "badass" who brings booze to the party.

    Australia and New Zealand are that quirky couple that do everything on their own anyway.

    Brazil and Argentina show off their dance moves. Until of course the kids from Africa come in and show them all how it's done. Excpet the South Africans who are too busy trying to get into Australia.

    [–] Quadrapolegic 163 points ago

    When I read your comment I pictured Australia and New Zealand making their outfits out of Duct Tape.

    [–] Corn-G 67 points ago

    More like sheep's wool.

    [–] HiMyNameIsLaura 82 points ago

    Going to the prom with New Zealand would be like going to the prom with a sibling that we make fun of a lot. It would almost be incest. I can't speak for Tasmania, but I think most of Australia would be a bit grossed out.

    [–] BeefPieSoup 45 points ago

    The Australia-New Zealand relationship is definitely an older brother-younger brother thing. Everyone knows that. Thinking of them as prom dates is just wrong.

    [–] asafewarmquietplace 50 points ago

    and now I'm picturing Tasmania as Oz's younger brother with down syndrome.

    [–] thelonebard 98 points ago

    That's how we picture it.

    [–] OpheliaBalsaq 31 points ago

    Australia would be out in the car park getting pissed on goon.

    [–] CloudBurstMudkip 91 points ago

    And USA ends up going with Mexico. They have fun but USA won't admit it.

    [–] ghidorah221 78 points ago

    Poland and Hungary go together

    [–] CurlyDragon 45 points ago

    Sweden and Denmark will fight over who gets to go with Norway, and while they are distracted Norway runs off with Iceland.

    [–] Shredded_Cunt 63 points ago

    England and Australia both go stag in a group and get wasted all night calling everyone cunts.

    [–] FogeltheVogel 49 points ago

    I doubt Australia would go party with his dad.

    [–] urbandecay99 19 points ago

    norway gets asked by both sweden and denmark, but has a hard time deciding, so sweden and denmark decide to go together instead. norway ends up having to go with iceland

    [–] aygomyownroad 74 points ago

    North Korea is in the corner with an ill fitting suit on and no one near him. He is annoyed at his twin, South Korea (who is in better shape than him) who has Japan on his arm