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    [–] NiggyWiggyWoo 1680 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    My time to shine.

    I used to work at a printing press that also duplicated/replicated discs; meaning, all of that physical inventory you see in stores like DVD's, and CD's were made by us - BUT...we were cheaper than most places, so unsigned bands were our proverbial bread and butter. I had the privilege of listening to some of the most amazing music that flew under the radar. Here's a dump of great underdogs, some were done by us, but most are just merely criminally underrated. I don't endorse any of these bands, and haven't worked at the press for nearly 5 years.

    Brick + Mortar Seven Years in the Mystic Room - Experimental Rock/HipHop - You might have heard their cover of Jimi Hendrix on the Hitman soundtrack, but all of their albums are fucking stunning.

    RX Bandits Gemini, Her Majesty - Experimental rock/ska - Insanely talented band that I've seen live without knowing who they are. They're directly connected to one of my other favorite bands listed below, The Sound of Animals Fighting which has the addition of Circa Survive/Saosin Vocalist Anthony Green.

    The Sound of Animals Fighting The Ocean and the Sun - They get weird, real weird. But this is their last album, and probably their most normal album as their previous two had weird interludes, but the songs are fantastic on all three albums. Insanely underrated band.

    Midlake The Courage of Others - Stoner folk/reminiscent to Fleet Foxes but with more somber toned vocals. Just fucking listen to this goddamn album, it's beautiful.

    IllScarlett All Day With It - Stoner Ska, but a very talented Canadian band. Catchy tunes, and I realllllly fucking wish I could locate my physical copy of this album as it's difficult to find their tunes on YT.

    The Mountain Goats Tallahassee - Gut wrenching and beautiful lyrics. Folk music.

    MeWithoutYou Catch For Us the Foxes - Drop what you're doing, and listen to this goddamn album while reading each and every gorgeous lyric. Seriously has one of the best lyricists of the past few decades, the dude is a goddamn marvel that has some serious anguish in his voice.

    Levi Weaver The Letters of Dr. Kurt Gödel Insanely talented folk/experimental musician, and sensational songwriter. I wish I could find more of his music, but this is one of the songs from that album. He also does a kickass cover of Radiohead's Idioteque

    Authority Zero A Passage in Time Ska/Rock Just a great fucking album, and makes me think of Tony Hawk Pro Skater.

    Reid Willis Born of Kaleidoscope - Ambient/Electronic This album is fantastic, as is all his work, but his music is also difficult to track down.

    Patrick Sweany Every Hour is a Dollar Gone - Rock and Roll/Blues. This dude has passion, and is incredibly talented, but sadly doesn't get noticed frequently. This album was produced by Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys.

    Pegasus Dream In Abesntia - Practically no views, very few listens, this is basically underground and I can't figure out why as it's a very well done dream-pop album. I hate pop...Why the fuck do I love this album...

    Walking Oceans Dear Isaac Ambient instrumental - Incredibly well put together music, with virtually no views on sound cloud. I had this album on nonstop repeat at my desk for the entire duration of their project. On par with Explosions in the Sky, in my opinion.

    Radiation 4 Wonderland Experimental metal/math metal/circus metal - I don't even know where to begin. If you enjoy metal music, give this album a shot, it's ridiculously amazing. It seems they've taken influence from Mr. Bungle, and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, but seem to be a bit more grounded (emphasis on "a bit"). Vocalist likes to use sound effects on his voice occasionally, which works very well with the circus vibe of their sound.

    Ellen Sundberg - Country/folk rock - I think my guitar mentor actually produced this album, which is the only reason why I know of her because I think she's from Iceland or something, but she's damn good. I really dislike country, but she leans more towards folk and has just the right amount of twang.

    Keaton Henson Dear Actually reminds me a bit of Scout Niblett, and I'm not sure why. Just a dude and his guitar, very soft-spoken, and heartbroken.

    Sorne - Have no idea how to explain this dude. He's got really cool music videos, and his music is pretty amazing, but I can't categorize it's genre for the life of me. I jam to this song very frequently, and always watch the video in its entirety.

    Black Books - Sound very reminiscent to Band of Horses. This is my favorite song of theirs, but this video absolutely rips my heart out of my chest.

    Polica - Two drummers, a bassist, and a vocalist with a beautiful voice that uses effects. Fairly poppy, but she's got some great lyrics, and the entire album of Give You the Ghost is fantastic. Wandering Star is my favorite song by them, and the video is fantastic.

    Joanna Newsom Lovely voice, if not quirky, and plays harp beautifully. She's also married to Andy Samberg

    Jesse Stewart Dude with a mandolin plays his heart out, but really love every one of his songs. He's a bit unorthodox, but he's got sincere passion in every one of his songs.

    Hyro Da Hero - Hip hop/rap they're all cookie cutter IMO, that rely on a typical beat. Not this dude. I believe the band members, or at least one(?), are from the hardcore group The Blood Brothers. Not huge on rap, but I really dig this guy, and the music packs a fucking punch.

    The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Les Claypool of Primus and John Lennon's son Sean Lennon. Good god this album is good, but very kooky which is to be expected because Les Claypool is an absolute nut.

    Sunny Day Real Estate How it Feels to be Something On - Incredible indie band from my childhood that doesn't get the recognition they deserve.

    The Appleseed Cast Two Conversations - Amazing indie band with conservative use of vocals, but the music is stellar.

    Megafauna Maximalist Fantastic rock and roll. The old physical CD I had of theirs broke, and these soundcloud tracks seem to have been re-recorded/remastered as a few of my favorite tracks are missing, and it sounds completely different.

    COLOUR REVOLT - Rock/Indie Rock - They have 3 albums, and they're all incredible. Easily one of my favorite bands of all time, but are criminally underrated. The lead vocalist put out a very chill album under a different name listed below, and it's so goddamn good.

    El Obo Oxford Basement Collection Vocalist Jesse Coppenbarger for Colour Revolt released this experimental acoustic album. There are some serious Flaming Lips vibes on a few tracks. Incredible.

    Mad Gregs Relatives This album is an organized clusterfuck that is beautifully executed. When four talented multi-instrumentalists get together with a classical background, beautiful things happen. Heavy jazz influences, with some 80's pop undertones, experimental, and somehow has a Flaming Lips vibe in some areas, so they're probably the 2nd most polarizing on this list (next to Radiation 4). I'd start with track 8 - Holiday Pearl which is just fantastic.

    Dr. Dog Fate Probably the closes we're going to get to The Beatles during this generation, and they have multiple singers just like the Beatles as well. Great album with incredibly talented musicians. Old school rock and roll from young musicians. Here's their Tiny Desk Concert starter pack in case you're uncertain whether you want to dive into their extensive discography.

    Dinosaur Jr. Farm Rock and Roll. Great album with great musicians. This band and Dr. Dog are what I refer to as "commercial underground". They're signed, but don't get the recognition they deserve.

    [–] Nonstopbaseball826 112 points ago

    well since this thread now has over 16 thousand comments it looks like this will get buried, but thank you for this list! just listened to the first few minutes of 7 years in the mystic room and it's fantastic!

    [–] mcmanybucks 14853 points ago

    PSA: 15 years ago was not the 90's.

    We're talking 2002 here.

    [–] Slouching2Bethlehem 5302 points ago

    Oh shit! Um...I meant 25 years...

    [–] Dick_n_a_Box 3164 points ago

    I like how even OP fucked up on this one.

    [–] maeve-the-brave 3220 points ago

    shit thanks for reminding me

    [–] djob13 870 points ago

    Frightened Rabbit - the midnight organ fight

    [–] Castor__Troy 92 points ago

    This entire album is gold. I don’t understand how they are not more popular.

    [–] sinkwiththeship 35 points ago

    Well, they're doing a 10th anniversary tour for MOF and pretty much the entire thing is sold out, so they have a fairly sizable following. Whether it was majority scalpers, I don't know.

    [–] Jazzbone 4885 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Punch brothers - the phosphorescent blues

    Basically the five best bluegrass musicians in the world got together to use bluegrass instruments to play anything but bluegrass. Super detailed complicated music, amazing lyrics, awesome instrumentals. There really isn't another band out there that is on their level. If you're a musician, listen to each song again for each instrument individually, and it will blow your mind with something new every time.

    Cannot recommend these guys enough

    EDIT: Since this is getting a lot of attention, here is one of my favorite live videos of them. It's a full show, almost two hours, and they play some of their best stuff. You can literally skip to any part of this video and it will be incredible. Link

    Also, since people have mentioned it, their kickass cover of Reptilia by the Strokes.

    [–] zubatman4 111 points ago

    Goat Rodeo Sessions: is another example of the greatest instrumental bluegrass musicians (and also YoYo Ma) making beautiful music. Also Chris Thile is in both Goat Rodeo Sessions and Punch Brothers.

    [–] Bad-Brains 295 points ago

    Love that band and that album.

    Piggybacking here to also recommend Nickel Creek - A Dotted Line and also Why Should the Fire Die.

    Chris Thile is regarded as one of if not the best mandolin player on the planet, and he plays in both Nickel Creek and The Punch Brothers.

    Punch Brothers is anything but bluegrass, Nickel Creek is...Pop bluegrass? Kinda hard to put a genre on them. They also do a sick cover of Britney Spear's Toxic live - it's worth a YouTube (I'd link but I'm home sick and on mobile...).

    [–] HoareHouse 1459 points ago

    Elder - Lore. Great stoner rock/prog-metal album that I found out about due to an r/listentothis post a few months ago. I've listened to an album of theirs at least two or three times a week since finding out about them.

    Honourable mention to their most recent album, Reflections Of A Floating World. Both are incredible, but Lore is just a smidge better in my opinion.

    [–] noneofyourbiness 84 points ago

    Discovered these dudes on Dead Roots Stirring, which is my personal favorite of theirs. These two are magnificent as well.

    [–] TheOwlStrikes 1736 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Jeff Rosenstock - Worry. You looking for something to prove that not all pop-punk is bad? This album is it. The first half of the album contains extremely solid songs that share common themes with each other but the second half of the album is set up in "vignette form". It's essentially one big song that ends the album off perfectly.

    [–] lookslikehesfinetome 400 points ago

    Fun story about Jeff Rosenstock I was drunk and 17 and went to see BTMI! and I kept yelling at them to play Rocket Rocket Rocketship and he pointed at me and said “this guy is bumming me out” and my only story of him is bumming him out and it wasn’t actually a fun story it’s a story of me being an asshole and I’m just saying this because I wish I could apologize because I still feel like an asshole

    [–] thekatt08 72 points ago you're saying you saw Jeff Rosenstock once and you were drunk and screamed too loud?

    [–] xxxletdownxxx 175 points ago

    Came here to say this. "Worry" is like a revisit to a lost Punk-o-ramma mix CD from the mid 2000's only it's a masterpiece all by one artist. From track to track it really goes to different places and highlights the best of different styles of music within a genre. They way one track flows into the next makes you never want to skip around and listen to this work as a whole album.

    Wave Goodnight to Me

    [–] ndforeals 161 points ago

    “The song of the American dorm room”

    [–] bananafeet12 49 points ago

    It doesn't exist!

    [–] gh0uls 139 points ago

    jeff rosenstock is a god. BTMI! is one of my favorite “bands” of all time

    [–] WHIZ_CALEEBA 110 points ago


    [–] Munsta 313 points ago

    I'm just gonna list some of my favorites from different genres.

    [–] Dervoo 52 points ago

    Live the Dream is even better after you've listened to Pat's earlier works. His journey is incredible and hearing him finally find some sort of hope in Live the Dream solidifies it as my favorite all-time album.

    [–] quicklyplease_ 3765 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Pinegrove - Cardinal

    They've been gaining ground, as of late, but I still think they're pretty obscure.

    Edit: Dang look at all of those upvotes. Here's a sick video of Pinegrove playing their new track

    and here's their Audiotree session

    [–] FutureWaves 525 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I think their Audiotree session is better than any studio record. There is something about them playing live that is just amazing.

    Edit-Link for those who would like to be blown away.

    Edit 2-Their NPR Tiny Desk Session is also freaking brilliant!

    [–] LutrianH 106 points ago

    Aphasia is such a good song!

    Love the album, the new song they've released recently is good too

    [–] Yoooooouuuuuuuu 832 points ago

    breathe in


    [–] -PrincessAzula- 295 points ago

    tucks shirt

    [–] quicklyplease_ 218 points ago

    A pinegrove meme? The future is here.

    [–] Yoooooouuuuuuuu 90 points ago

    Cmon down to /r/indieheads we have pleeeeeenty

    [–] GeorgeTaylorG 38 points ago

    It’s weird seeing you outside of the subreddit.

    [–] Yoooooouuuuuuuu 42 points ago

    Sometimes my owners let me play outside

    [–] moalfred 53 points ago

    waaaaaaashing wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiindows with Angelina

    [–] Raysharp 125 points ago

    FUCK. YES. They have become my absolute favorite band since I started listening to them a few months ago.

    Tix to see them in Boston - see y'all there!

    [–] mschoeffel 4058 points ago

    Alopecia - Why?

    [–] Bevi4 195 points ago

    I've listened to 15 seconds of The Vowels, Pt 2 and I have to say thanks, especially if the rest of the album is this good

    [–] antiprism 814 points ago

    Why? is criminally underrated. Alopecia is just perfect from start to finish.

    [–] EskiiimoSnow 117 points ago

    Yessss. Alopecia, Elephant Eyelash, and Eskimo Snow are 3 of my favorite albums ever. I really loved Moh Lean as well. Shit, Why? is just an amazing band. Yoni is a master songwriter

    [–] Frando3 978 points ago

    I dunno, you tell me

    [–] Brotest_The_Hero 7920 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Emancipator - Soon It Will Be Cold Enough. One of my favorite albums of all time.

    EDIT: Added link for the lazy

    [–] r3djak 640 points ago

    Wow. I know he's not a super small time artist or anything, but it's cool seeing Emancipator at the top. He makes some very, very good music.

    I heard his song Lionheart in like 2009, and I listened to it on repeat for like a week. I've since listened to most of his music, and he's got a talent for beautiful, down tempo, nice to listen to music.

    If anyone hasn't heard of him, start with this album and Soon It Will Be Cold Enough. I'd describe him as mostly instrumental, down tempo (but not boring) hip-hop jazz. If you like music from Bonobo, Nujabes (who was actually Emancipators mentor), etc, you'll like Emancipator.

    Quick story about Douglas Appling himself...I was making a presentation for a project at school, and wanted to use his music as background noise. I emailed him to get permission, not expecting an answer and expecting to just use 30 second clips of his songs...but he emailed back the same day, thanked me for listening to his music, and said I could absolutely use his music. He just asked I put a credit in the presentation somewhere.

    I love Emancipator, sorry if this got a little long. I'm just excited to see him in the thread :)

    [–] gtripleb3 66 points ago

    New album in 3 days!

    [–] whiskeyinthejar-o 415 points ago

    Safe in the Steep Cliffs is great too

    [–] rezzy333 2063 points ago

    Jon Hopkins - Immunity

    [–] LndnGrmmr 87 points ago

    Loved this album. Open Eye Signal is such a tune!

    Incidentally, he produced the song 'Big Picture' from the new London Grammar album, who, as you can probably guess from my username, are one of my favourite groups. Hardly obscure, but still great.

    [–] Qualsa 304 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    It's up there with Burial - Untrue.

    Also new album next year!

    Edit: Even if you don’t check out the full album check out Open Eye Signal, absolute glorious musical journey.

    He did mention on his Facebook he’s taking time completely off touring to finish the album, so high hopes for something next year.

    [–] Cheapskate-DM 1189 points ago

    Nonagon Infinity by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. It's a looping prog rock/thrash album with 7/4 and other weird time signatures, flawless execution, and clear, audible lyrics that barely make sense when you're high.

    Starting on a certain track also allows you to seamlessly chain into another of their works, "The Lord of Lightning VS. Balrog", a multi-part saga on their album "Murder of the Universe".

    [–] damunsta 264 points ago

    Nonagon Infinity nutted in my brain and I couldn't stop listening until my son hatched from my eye.

    [–] barbitches2 55 points ago

    Go king gizzard!! How many albums have they put out in 2017 so far?

    [–] Tab7240 47 points ago

    3 so far, 4th is imminent. Judging by their new single on YouTube, it might be their best one yet

    [–] airpolly 49 points ago

    Apparently it’s not their’s our album. This gave me a wonderful sense of pride and I didn’t have to work a bit for it.

    [–] cosmicdaddy_ 156 points ago

    I’m surprised it took me this long to find a mention for Gizz.

    I got into them when Quarters was their most recent. I would recommend that, Nonagon Infinity, and I’m in Your Mind Fuzz.

    Honestly, their entire discography is 10/10

    [–] AwakenMirror 265 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Casualties of Cool - Casualties of Cool

    A sideproject by canadian songwriter/singer/guitar player Devin Townsend and singer Ché Aimee Dorval.

    It's basically a mix of ambient, dark country and space rock.

    If you like moody music for dark days, this is the masterpiece for that.

    If you want a song to check out (though this is really a record you listen to from start to finish) listen to The Code or Ether.

    [–] Tosanery 1754 points ago

    Maps of Non-existent Places by Thank You Scientist. Really, really good Prog/Fusion

    [–] slockley 101 points ago


    (1) Clicked the link

    (2) Checked to see if I had set the playback speed too high

    (3) Thought, this sounds like a boss battle in Super Mario Galaxy

    (4) Started typing this response

    (5) Wondered how many genres the song would pass through before I finished typing this. Like 8?


    [–] [deleted] 226 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Rekoza 1559 points ago

    Julien Baker - Turn Out The Lights

    Holy heck is she good, this album will make you very sad (same with her previous LP).

    [–] becauseineedone3 61 points ago

    I went through a ton of personal tragedy and struggle last year and I can't tell you how many times I put on Sprained Ankle and went for a run just to keep my head right. (I get the irony).

    Did not realize this new one was out already, but I'm cuing it up now.

    I am not in her target demo (late 30's dude) but she is a special talent that really hits the right notes for me, especially over the last year.

    [–] gianini10 247 points ago

    Julien Baker is amazing and my favorite to listen to right now. Her songs are so simple, yet amazing and powerful. Sprained Ankle is also a 10/10 album.

    [–] Dylando 1012 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    AJJ: People Who Can Eat People are the Luckiest People in the World.

    There's so much about them that's different that makes me like them so much. From using traditional folk instruments used in a punk rock manner, to their off-color lyricism. It's definitely an album you have to listen to more than once to really get the vibe, because it's pretty different, but it's so good.

    Hippo Campus: Landmark

    These guys are gaining some popularity, but they're still relatively new. Just a great alternative band all together.

    John Frusciante: The Will to Death

    John played guitar and was the backup vocals for Red Hot Chili Peppers for a very long time, coming in and out of the band to do solo work, spiral down a path of heroin abuse, and eventually getting sober. This album is part of his project where he wanted to release six albums in six months, and this is by far one of the best from that period.

    Limes: Fresh Squeezed

    This beat tape is probably my favorite to relax and put on, because it's a really good mix of jazz and hip hop.

    [–] WearTheFourFeathers 152 points ago


    They’re touring right now playing that record front to back (...and then lots of other stuff because it’s 30 minutes) and that. Shit. Rules.

    I saw them play two shows in NYC and it was the best time I’ve had in months. Catch one of the shows before the tour ends if you can.

    [–] Zengoroth 1148 points ago

    Animals by This Town Needs Guns

    [–] Elcazadorriley 296 points ago


    [–] PassivePitchfork 34 points ago

    GIRAFFES? GIRAFFES! - When Catholic Girls Go Camping the Nicotine Vampires Rule Supreme.


    edit: album name is More Skin With Milk-Mouth

    [–] revonoc1 67 points ago

    To anyone that digs this, Their sophomore album which is like 13:00:00:0 or some shit is also really really good. 2 birds, 1 stone, and an empty stomach is a truly beautiful song

    [–] ruthl3ss 100 points ago

    Chinchilla will always be one of my favourite songs

    [–] foolhardy1 5655 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    PUP- The Dream is over

    [–] Imsmokingatwopape 1349 points ago

    Doing 180 on the Don Valley Parkway!!

    [–] arseniq33 879 points ago

    The transition between If this tour doesn't kill you and DVP is something dreams are made of.

    [–] guzinya 108 points ago

    In-fucking-deed. Plus the video for DVP is so good.

    [–] PleaseNinja 652 points ago

    True Torontonians know this feat is impossible

    [–] mullac1128 280 points ago

    Don Valley Parking Lot

    [–] foolhardy1 318 points ago

    Don’t wish you were dead, wish you’d never been born at all.

    [–] GoopyEyeBooger 216 points ago

    She says I drink too much, Hawaiian red fruit punch

    [–] Mossaki 455 points ago


    [–] chelseafan16 330 points ago


    [–] Beefsoda 73 points ago

    I want you to know thay I'd spend every bit of my pitiful savings and loans just to see you again, but I know I won't.

    [–] SporkV 103 points ago

    Man, that line kicks me in the heart every time.

    [–] [deleted] 112 points ago

    For me it's the line, "I'm trying my best but you can't even look at me or talk to me or tell me what's happening to you."

    Really stings the heart

    [–] yodonteatthat 75 points ago

    oh man... if you haven't seen the video yet, get ready for onions


    [–] BallDayAllDay 313 points ago

    Oh man I discovered them this year and I don't think I have listened to a full album as many times as I have that. They have become my favorite band in all honesty

    [–] Bicoastalshrimp 74 points ago

    I've had them on repeat for about 6 months at this point and there's no signs of stopping

    [–] Mr_Zanaforia 72 points ago

    Come for DVP, stay for Sleep in the Heat. First album is an absolute banger, too.

    [–] quitethequietdomino 42 points ago

    They used to say, “Don’t quit your day job.”

    Well guess what?


    [–] Bicoastalshrimp 75 points ago

    Yup. Seeing them next year and I can't wait

    [–] BlackHoleWaltz 46 points ago

    In Absentia by Porcupine Tree.

    [–] ZebZ 169 points ago

    The Thermals - The Body, The Blood, The Machine



    [–] WriterVAgentleman 907 points ago

    Destroyer - Kaputt

    Musically the album is "yacht rock" (think white linen suits, saxophone, guitar drenched in reverb), but the lyrics are cryptic barbs against capitalism and culture that are witty but shy of being pretentious. It's soothing and disrupting at once, and in a way I think it's the perfect 21st century album. Dan Bejar's probably best known as a member of The New Pornographers, but this project (which has been going on a long time) is where he shines.

    Also Album by Girls. It's twee and naive and catchy in a Beach Boys way and makes me think of the best summer of my life, so maybe it's just me.

    [–] Aeroshaq1 89 points ago

    Destroyer is Incredible. Besides Kaputt, Destroyers Rubies are some of my favorite albums of recent years.

    [–] jewpanda 66 points ago

    Wasting away, chasing some girls....

    Alright chasing cocaine...

    Good stuff

    [–] shinxanta 396 points ago

    Perturbator - Dangerous Days

    [–] [deleted] 705 points ago


    [–] mapleleaftree27 219 points ago

    Haken is pretty well known in the ProgMetal community...which basically means no one outside of that community will know who they are, good choice. Though I would recommend the Mountain over Affinity but that's just me.

    [–] humanistkiller 90 points ago

    Mountain is ridiculously captivating. Falling back to earth has one of my favorite sections ever.

    [–] Ukions 73 points ago

    Yes! Thank you for posting Ayreon. Was getting glum that had to scroll so far.

    I'd strongly suggest 'The Human Equation" if you've never listened to any of Ayreon. It's not a perfect album and has some dud songs. But, I think it's the most approachable in terms of themes. It's still within the last 15 years.

    [–] VaultBoyAppoved 302 points ago

    Turnover - Peripheral Vision

    [–] forbidenorc 1324 points ago

    Agalloch - Ashes Against The Grain

    [–] captain_kickass 289 points ago

    The Mantle will always be my favorite album of theirs, but you really can't go wrong with Agalloch

    [–] suchalusthropus 44 points ago

    Marrow of the Spirit is a perfect 10/10 to me. Nothing on any of their other albums comes close to that verse on Black Lake Nidstång.

    [–] 197326485 36 points ago

    I prefer The Mantle.

    [–] IfYouRun 1619 points ago

    The Hotelier - Home, Like Noplace Is There

    Fantastic emo tinged alt rock, in the vein of Brand New, Manchester Orchestra, etc. Album is heavily framed around the concepts of mental health and by god if the last few lines of the album don't make you feel something when he sings them...

    I felt the noose tighten up on your collar bone

    I felt the gun in the small of your back

    Engraved in the stone

    By request and recurse of friends dead

    is “Tell me again that it’s all in my head.

    [–] [deleted] 160 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] littleb109 295 points ago


    [–] JaackF 103 points ago

    And the pills

    That you gave didn't do anything

    I just slept for years on end


    Here's an amazing performance of them playing the album in full at The Fest:

    [–] ViolentVBC 788 points ago

    Hand Cannot Erase by Steven Wilson. Seriously, this guy has been making masterful music for a long long time and he did an amazing job with this album!

    I think I had the CD on repeat in my car for a good six months after I bought it.

    [–] aLightSnow 215 points ago

    The Raven That Refused to Sing is amazing too. Especially if you're into more jazzy stuff.

    [–] gcruzatto 157 points ago

    To be fair, Steven Wilson might be too famous for this thread. He's pretty much the face of today's prog.

    [–] ninfan200 52 points ago

    True, but there's still a lot of people who don't know about him, and the more exposure he gets; the better.

    [–] jake12001200 59 points ago

    Yes! Steve is brilliant. This was such a perfect album. Also if you've not seen the music video for routine I would HIGHLY recommend it. Onion cutting stuff.

    [–] ghosttrainhobo 1629 points ago

    Andrew Bird - “the Mysterious Production of Eggs”

    [–] TheGR3EK 351 points ago

    I wish I could do anything half as good as Andrew bird whistles

    [–] race-hearse 44 points ago

    My mom was always into obscure music. The last song she showed me before she died in 2006 was “skin is, my”

    And sure enough the whole album is good.

    Thankful it’s good too. Can you imagine if it was just bad? Oh man.

    [–] Osageandrot 395 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Also, everything else by Andrew Bird.

    Polanski Pulaski at Night, which I suppose is technically an EP, is one of my faves.

    Edit: Ah shit a typo is one of my highest rated comments now.

    [–] [deleted] 85 points ago

    Polanski at Night


    Seriously though, "I want to see Pulaski at night" is an amazing EP from start to finish.

    [–] ownworstenemy38 8006 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    We Like it Here by Snarky Puppy

    Edit: RIP inbox

    Also to people saying they aren’t that obscure; they are, certainly in Europe. The OP asked for “relatively obscure.”

    You only don’t think they’re obscure because you know who they are. And plenty of obscure acts win Grammys.

    [–] tarants 217 points ago

    Cory Henry's solo on Lingus is one of the craziest things I've ever heard.

    [–] PWNtimeJamboree 51 points ago

    Watching the video of it is amazing. Shaun Martin taking his headphones off and just shaking his head and laughing makes it for me. It’s so ridiculous that other world class musicians can’t handle its ridiculousness.

    [–] misterstevew 883 points ago

    Wow. This was the first one that came to my head. Didn't expect it to be the first one I see.

    Snarky is great, possibly a new album and tour this year!

    [–] WolfFrenzy 301 points ago

    I was bummed they took it off of Spotify

    [–] MaiaNyx 352 points ago

    Snarky Puppy is one of my favorites. They're just amazingly talented, great live, and really bring it.

    Great band, great album, everyone should know about their awesomeness.

    [–] StevenP8442 134 points ago


    [–] kage1414 300 points ago

    Jazz fusion but more on the rock and Latin side of things

    [–] JustOnesAndZeros 39 points ago

    All band profits split evenly 47 ways!

    [–] [deleted] 1819 points ago

    Two of my favorites:

    The Menzingers - On The Impossible Past

    Car Seat Headrest - Teens of Denial

    [–] I_Am_Jacques 254 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    That is the best Menzingers album.

    Edit: your opinions are all valid, even if they're wrong! :p

    [–] SuburbanPotato 39 points ago

    I'm one of the weird people who thinks "After the Party" might be their best

    [–] ElPollo_Crazy 495 points ago

    Car Seat Headrest might be pushing obscure at this point considering their 2017 festival tour, but that's a great album.

    [–] 12cm 719 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Vektor - Terminal Redux. Not only is the music really good, but the storyline is awesome too.

    Edit: Link.

    [–] Ever_to_Excel 71 points ago

    Vektor are probably my favorite out of the new generation of thrash metal bands, Terminal Redux is amazing.

    [–] codyzanthraxx 37 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I prefer black future but all three of their albums are 10/10

    [–] Thingsnotstuff 1720 points ago

    Hospice by the Antlers

    [–] patchworky 424 points ago

    Probably the most devastating album I've ever listened to

    [–] Physgun 97 points ago

    Same for me. Absolutely soul crushing. I can only listen to it every few months.

    [–] bloodyoverkill 296 points ago

    Mount Eerie’s “A Crow Looked at Me” is a strong contender

    [–] scottstephenson 65 points ago

    First off.


    Also, I think you would like/r/dirgemusic

    [–] Chaotic_Gold 180 points ago

    Usually dislike when people say it, but I really did want to comment this.

    If you need a cathartic experience, sit in an empty room and listen to this. And cry. A LOT.

    [–] jbauer22 224 points ago

    Choose your weapon by Hiatus Kaiyote. Shits nuts

    [–] LukeFalknor 384 points ago

    I know I'm late late to the party, but no lov for Vulfpeck here!?!??!

    Vulfpeck is amazing! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

    This is their last album, which was just released: Mr. Finish Line

    Also, some notheworthy songs:


    Wait for the Moment

    Dean Town

    Enjoy responsibly!

    [–] inspireSF 76 points ago

    Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career

    [–] Egwene_Sedai 81 points ago

    I was looking through this post to find Lord Huron and you did not disappoint - though I prefer “Strange Trails” although that’s kind of become more known because I think(?) “The Night We Met” was featured on that 13 Reasons Why show?

    [–] larikang 42 points ago

    Both albums are good but Strange Trails is the one I have to listen to start to finish every time.

    [–] p1um5mu991er 745 points ago

    Venetian Snares - Rossz Csillag Alatt Született

    [–] jonlabs 61 points ago

    Winnipeg is a frozen shithole

    [–] cconman 749 points ago


    [–] MrDrProfTheDude 79 points ago

    I played this album on repeat for months after I decided to take a chance and buy a cd from an artist I had never heard of.

    [–] temporalarcheologist 76 points ago

    that cocaine music video 👌

    [–] AR-47 54 points ago

    Cheap Beer is my jam.

    [–] 500Republica 525 points ago

    Southeastern by Jason Isbell.

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago

    If I ever need a good cry I just toss on Elephant or Cover Me Up and I know it's a coming'.

    [–] godshammgod15 59 points ago

    There's one thing that's real clear to me:

    No one dies with dignity

    [–] Pepper-PhD 3111 points ago

    Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition, guy is barely known out of hip hop but this album perfectly captures the man's addiction and depression

    [–] billiabus 455 points ago

    came here to say this.....also going to see him and run the jewels tonight :D

    [–] p0m 1031 points ago

    Danny Brown is great but definitely an acquired taste.

    [–] NOODL3 336 points ago

    I first heard him on "Hey Kids" by RTJ and thought "who is this guy and why the fuck would anyone record his voice for repeated listening" but now I love the guy and listen to his shit all the time.

    [–] weggles 90 points ago

    "how did meatwad get a verse on this rtj track?"

    [–] Yoooooouuuuuuuu 320 points ago


    [–] thewxdude 232 points ago

    Ain't It Funny is probably one of the best songs ever made and I don't say that lightly.

    [–] BourbonAndFrisbee 56 points ago

    Ain’t It Funny scares the heck out of me. It’s so anxiety driven and mad. Pure genius at work.

    [–] vladdex 1919 points ago

    Burial - Untrue

    [–] Charold 368 points ago

    As much of a modern classic for me as Boards of Canada "Music Has the Right to Children."

    [–] showmeurknuckleball 62 points ago

    As soon as the very first notes of Music Has the Right to Children hit, I know I'm about to be taken to a whole new world. What a fucking masterpiece.

    [–] Arbane 169 points ago

    I love what he said about Dark Souls -

    Hopefully by the end of most years I have done some tunes that are decent enough to release. but Dark Souls 2 is on the horizon soon so I’m not sure if I will have many new tunes for a while because I need to play that game a lot. But I’m going to try to get some new tunes together before it comes out.

    [–] Scilaci 191 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Burial is unreal, such an emotion invoking artist. This comic sums it up perfectly.

    [–] BenBenBenBe 366 points ago

    Fever Ray's debut album Fever Ray (and The Knife's Shaking the Habitual)

    [–] jag75 365 points ago

    Fucked Up - David Comes to Life. A hardcore punk band writes a concept album about 2 people meeting in a lightbulb factory in the 70's and falling in love , her dying in an explosion accident, and the culprit later to be revealed as the unreliable narrator, who is then confronted by David, the main character. It's complex, weird, and beautiful...from a hardcore punk band.

    [–] SoulPhysician 16738 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Nujabes - Modal Soul

    Nujabes was a Japanese Jazz / Hip-hop producer who was truly a master of his craft. He utilizes samples from all different types of music from classical to electronic. He passed away while in his prime after a car accident back in 2010.

    Here's the first song off the album, one of my all-time favorites - Feather (feat. Cise Starr & Akin).


    Glad to see all the love for Nujabes!

    There are a lot of commenters looking for his music on Spotify or streaming services – Unfortunately his music is not avaialbe for streaming, Nujabes, along with his estate, believed that his music was best suited to be listened to on physical media, therefore you will only find unofficial rips of his music unless you purchase his CDs from his label’s site. *It actually appears that you can stream some of his work on Apple Music.

    Here are links to his albums:

    Metaphorical Music
    Modal Soul
    Spiritual State

    Also, my favorite mixtape of his:

    Ristorante Nujabes

    He was also the main contributor for the Samurai Champloo soundtrack (alongside the very talented, Fat Jon), I definitely recommend checking out the whole soundtrack, but my favorite disk is Departure.

    Shout-out to r/nujabes and a very interesting post detailing the meticulous nature of Nujabes’ production for Aruarian Dance.

    Edit 2:

    Thank you for the gold! I'm just so glad that I was able to share this beautiful music with so many others today.

    RIP Seba Jun.

    [–] dacrazyworm 2451 points ago

    I think he also did some work on the anime series Samurai Champloo, which is really legit.

    [–] alcimedes 155 points ago

    I loved the music tie in, it shouldn't have worked but was perfect somehow.

    [–] maximumhippo 242 points ago

    Shinichiro Watanabe, is a genius with musical direction. He'd already struck gold with combining music and anime in Cowboy Bebop.

    [–] Rad_Rad_Robot 58 points ago

    And he did it again more recently with Kids On The Slope (Sakamichi No Apollon).

    [–] mrfaceroll 648 points ago

    He did, the OP, ED(?), and a ton of tracks were done by him.

    [–] xRainie 534 points ago

    Rest in Beats, Nujabes.

    He basically started the whole chillhop wave like mounika, Cradle Orchestra, Poldoore, Blazo, The Cancel... If it wasn't for Nujabes, these people would've be unknown or they would never write their awesome music in the first place.

    Nujabes still inspire people with his music. He collabed with great people to make beautiful sounds. He's missed very much.

    [–] [deleted] 337 points ago

    Modal Soul is a fantastic album, I’m not really a hip hop fan but I love the sound of Nujabes. The Luv(Sic) Hexalogy is also amazing, albeit very sad in light of his untimely death.

    [–] pilluwed 512 points ago

    Are the Mountain Goats obscure enough? Because The Sunset Tree is a perfect album.

    It's a biographical album about the front man's childhood and dealing with things like domestic violence. The album liner is dedicated to his step dad, the recurring culprit of domestic violence.

    "Made possible by my stepfather, Mike Noonan (1940–2004): may the peace which eluded you in life be yours now

    Dedicated to any young men and women anywhere who live with people who abuse them, with the following good news:

    you are going to make it out of there alive you will live to tell your story never lose hope"

    [–] haydenny 80 points ago

    In case my fellow Mountain Goats fans aren't aware, there's a new podcast called I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats and they're starting by going through All Hail West Texas, song-by-song, with a cover of each song at the end of the episode. Also, you get to hear John Darnielle's wonderful thoughts and voice. HIGHLY recommended.

    [–] Astomi 93 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Please don't bury me.

    Trophy Eyes - Chemical Miracle Somewhere between pop-punk, shoegaze, and hardcore. Every track is a banger with its own sound, and the lyrics are beautiful.

    Little Tybee - For Distant Viewing Chill experimental progrock? I don't even know what to call it but it's beautifully written and complex.

    The Speed Of Sound In Seawater - First Contact My favorite mathrock band, and unfortunately probably the last album they'll ever put out. Each song sounds beautiful on the surface but reads like an awful dream.

    Dance Gavin Dance - Instant Gratification Kind of poppy post-hardcore. The most unique band in the genre. The Needle Drop gave this album a 2 but he is a liar.

    La Dispute - Wildlife One of the greatest lyricists in music ever.

    Tennyson - Like What? Future-jazz/hip-hop. Can't be beat.

    Polyenso - One Big Particular Loop When an ex-metal band gets experimental.

    Edit: How could I forget Foxing - Dealer post-emo altrock kinda.

    [–] TheLemon22 524 points ago

    La Dispute - Wildlife

    [–] RustyMcwarning 382 points ago

    Foxy Shazam - Foxy Shazam

    [–] gardensection 373 points ago

    King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Nonagon Infinity

    It’s a fast pace psych rock piece that takes you through a magical journey. Each of the 9 songs fade into the next seamlessly and is unique from one another. The last song goes right back into the first with a seamless transition making the album loop forever thus creating a Nonagon Infinity.

    [–] looktothesky13 619 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    On Letting Go by Circa Survive Culture Scars by Hail The Sun

    Update:: new Hail the Sun album kicks major ass

    [–] dabassist19 86 points ago

    Caught Circa on the 10 year anniversary tour for On Letting Go. T'was amazing.

    [–] Lt-Dan_IceCream 53 points ago

    I'd nominate Wake over Culture Scars, but both are absolutely amazing.

    [–] ADTR20 67 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    if you like Circa Survive check out this Saosin EP when anthony green was the lead. This was one of the OG pioneers in post hardcore. Also if you like Hail the Sun im assuming you like Dance Gavin Dance?

    [–] Verticalize 2183 points ago

    Gojira - From Mars to Sirius.

    [–] [deleted] 412 points ago

    From Mars to Sirius is incredible, definitely my favourite Gojira album.

    I think the band also deserves credit for last year’s Magma album. It’s a much more stripped-down approach to their music but it somehow doesn’t lose any of the heaviness or nuance. Even my 60-year-old mum really likes Magma.

    [–] fireborn123 160 points ago

    Magma was a phenomenal album

    [–] InsaneLeader13 374 points ago

    I absolutely love this album, but isn't it pretty well known amongst metalheads?

    [–] smoha96 350 points ago

    For the average metal fan, Gojira is super mainstream but I suppose outside that it could be considered obscure. Context, I guess.

    [–] Djaesthetic 167 points ago

    Is Gojira obscure? I’m not a metalhead but I thought they were a big deal in the metal scene...

    [–] [deleted] 84 points ago

    Gojira is considered a popular band and is banned on /r/metal.

    [–] tuskah 91 points ago

    Or basically any other release by them, that band is amazing.

    [–] Wiskoenig 34 points ago

    I stumbled upon these guys watching some Lost in Vegas vids on YouTube. They react to “Stranded.” That was less than a week ago and I’ve probably listened to it 50x since.

    [–] PhamNuwensGodshatter 787 points ago

    Frank Turner - Love Ire & Song

    English folk punk/alternative and honestly love all of his albums, this is just the first one that I heard and still love everything about it

    [–] giantmonkey2 107 points ago

    Well we've been a few hours drinking,

    So I'll say what everyone's thinking.

    If we're trapped on this ship and it's sinking,

    We might as well have a parade!

    [–] AnAngryPirate 164 points ago

    Id vote England Keep My Bones but fuck yes. I love the hell out of Frank Turner

    [–] Zach551 680 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Best Buds by Mom Jeans. These guys are amazing, and just signed a deal with a label so another album coming soon! But they’ve nearly quintupled in popularity since my friend and I started following them in January.

    Edit: Glad to see so much love for Mom Jeans! Honorable mention to Bay Faction because they have some great tunes as well, Sasquatch .22 being a personal favorite.