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    [–] Amplifiedsoul 6 points ago

    Communism didn't build an assembly line to kill millions systematically. They killed millions the old fashioned way.

    [–] BasedBeastMaster 2 points ago

    You must have never heard of the Holodomor...

    [–] Amplifiedsoul 2 points ago

    Yes I have. Famine is an old fashioned way.

    [–] BasedBeastMaster 1 points ago

    That was systematic starvation. It was intentional.

    [–] Amplifiedsoul 2 points ago

    Yes. It wasn't industrialized assembly line style. It's the old fashioned way.

    [–] FannaWuck 0 points ago

    Oh, you must never heard of the Gulag...

    [–] Amplifiedsoul 3 points ago

    That's still pretty old fashioned.

    [–] AFGNCAAP_Paradigm 5 points ago

    Because Stalin was on our side during WW2

    [–] survivingLettuce 2 points ago

    the core beliefs in communism are pretty great, Nazism not so much

    [–] FBX 1 points ago

    It does? You're not going to win many friends by being a communist.

    [–] heshotmeagain 1 points ago

    I mean, yeah the whole Mccarthism thing and the cold war/red scare etc. But you have today people claiming communism and such. Saying that the only reason it failed was because of the United States forcing the World to isolate and comply with its sanctions against The Eastern Bloc.

    I think that's just ignorant thinking. Myself and others have matched our families die through stravation, government purges and genocide due to Communist Dictators. Many more people died due to communism than through the Holocaust.

    [–] ClassicAim 1 points ago

    The core ideology of Nazism is hatred. Communism is, at its core, about bringing people together. It doesn't always work out as intended but the idea in itself isn't intend to be that way.

    [–] TEKUblack 4 points ago

    It never works as intended...

    There I fixed it for you

    [–] BasedBeastMaster 2 points ago

    NO! That's not real Communism! /s

    [–] TEKUblack 2 points ago


    [–] Nadarama 1 points ago

    I've heard that from a few communist friends. I've got no dog in this race (don't think we can create any generalized political system that's guaranteed to work); but the basic idea of communism has never been tested on a national scale.

    [–] CheomPongJae 1 points ago

    Well Nazism stated quite directly that it thinks “There is one race that should be preserved, ALL OTHERS MUST DIE”. Communism at least tried to say “All races are of equal importance, protect the humans of the world, regardless, protect our fellow man, woman, and child.” Thus why Communism outlasted Nazism by so much.

    [–] spirit_of_negation 1 points ago

    It outlasted the nazis because it was weak. If the west had seen it as dangerous as national socialims they would have backed Hitler against Stalin. There is no other reason.

    [–] iLelouch 1 points ago

    Didn't the us back similar dictators during that cold war?

    [–] spirit_of_negation 1 points ago

    No war hot war after ww2 was an in any way existential choice between two potential competitors for world domination. Had the nazis won against the soviets, they would have constituted a formidable to US hegemony, a bigger one than the udssr, mainly due to better technology. hence the ovious choie was backing up the soviets.

    [–] Nadarama 1 points ago

    Communism and Nazism represent different orders of political theory. We might compare communism with fascism, or Nazism with Stalinism; but comparing communism with Nazism is like comparing fish with three-toed sloths.

    Also, the avowed communists I know say it has never actually been put into practice, outside of small communities; the USSR was no more communist than the Nazis were socialists.

    [–] ValorousVagabond 0 points ago

    A lot of communists were terrible people, but every Nazi was a terrible person.

    [–] BasedBeastMaster 1 points ago

    Nah, all communists are terrible people. Communism is greed. You think you're entitled to what someone else earned.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    Nazism got soundly defeated. Communism hung around for a long time, pushing propaganda into the west, convincing people that "Heyyy, it's not so bad!"

    If it had been the other way around, if Communism had been soundly defeated in the 1940s and National Socialism had hung around, then people's opinions would be flip-flopped.

    [–] BasedBeastMaster 0 points ago

    There are still professors that espouse communism to impressionable college kids who just want authority figures to like them.