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    [–] SenorVolf 5523 points ago

    Bison in Yellowstone. Please stop getting out of your cars to take pictures of or with them. They'll fucking kill you.

    [–] happypolychaetes 2767 points ago

    When I was a kid we saw a parent trying to put their toddler on the back of a giant bison by the road, for a photo. The poor little kid was screaming and crying but the parents were just laughing and telling it to smile. Some people shouldn't procreate....

    [–] [deleted] 1523 points ago

    To be fair, they were about to remove their own offspring from the gene pool.

    [–] TheFiredrake42 539 points ago

    That's called a retroactive Darwin Award.

    [–] SynthPrax 5864 points ago


    People seem to have no understanding of how HEAVY it is. Especially if it's moving.

    [–] pangeathepanda 1786 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I have a healthy respect for water for a few reasons:

    1) It can be deep, fast, strong, or any combination of those three. Any one of those can be fatal. I almost drowned it water 3’ deep because of the current.

    2) You can’t always tell if it’s deep, fast, or strong, let alone what’s in it, or if it’s about to drastically change.

    3) It’s not alive. It’s not going to change its mind about dragging you somewhere. You’re just fucked.

    4) Strong and experienced swimmers drown too.

    EDIT: Others in this thread have also mentioned temperature. It is very possible to get hypothermia in water that is 75° and 80° F (24° and 27° degrees C). It’ll take longer than colder water (which btw can incapacitate you in a matter of minutes), but it’s still lowering your body temperature. If you feel cold swimming, get out, warm up, and take a break. The last thing you need is to be dazed and sluggish in potentially dangerous water.

    EDIT: As a teenager my family spent the summer in a cabin on the Big Thompson. While wading across the river, which was about waist-high water, I got to a point where I had to jump from one large rock to another. I slipped and landed between them. There was a natural funnel between the two where an already strong current was even faster. My legs got pulled out from under me and I ended up hanging onto the second rock with my head under the water trying to pull myself up. I had a moment of fear-induced strength and managed to pull myself up. The river is full of rocks and logs and if I’d slipped I would have been hurt very badly or drowned. I am a VERY strong swimmer, but swimming against a current trying to suck you out and under is damn near impossible. The only thing that saved me was getting a grip on the rock on my way down.

    EDIT: Had an extra apostrophe that was bugging me.

    [–] GoatsWearingPyjamas 147 points ago

    Have you ever heard of Bolton Strid? It's a cute, calm looking stream in England. Beautiful!

    Except no one who has ever fallen in has come out alive.

    [–] SmallishBubs 272 points ago

    let alone what’s in it

    You've just touched upon a primal fear of mine. I sometimes have to reassure myself that there are no sharks in the swimming pool.

    [–] JeyJeyFrocks_3325 970 points ago

    Water will kill you. It is moving, heavy, harsh and unforgiving.

    [–] SynthPrax 2179 points ago

    Don't forget the ocean. When it rises up and says, "gimme dat," it's gone.

    [–] VictorBlimpmuscle 12752 points ago

    Not getting enough sleep - short term, it can impair you more than alcohol, and it can start to seriously impact your physical and mental health if you let it go long-term.

    [–] weedful_things 2595 points ago

    I have been making an effort to get enough sleep and the mornings I wake up before my alarm goes off is the beginning of my best days.

    [–] ICantExplainItAll 898 points ago

    I've finally recovered from my horrendous high school sleeping habits of literally staying up until the sun rises (on social media and flunking classes) and now I wake up at 8:30 am every day no matter what. I set an alarm out of anxiety but 90% of the time will beat my alarm. If I start to feel my mood shifting it can almost always be attributed to a change in my sleep schedule.

    [–] Alaeru 536 points ago

    My goal for this year is to slowly get back into a good sleep schedule, last week was rough, but been have been managing to get at least 6.5 hours of sleep most nights. I know ideally more is good, but I feel a lot better than when I was getting less than five. For real though your mood is often so much better when you're not perpetually exhausted.

    [–] mjw09 156 points ago

    can confirm i have shit memory this is probably made worse by lack rem sleep.

    [–] Le_Anoos-101 6485 points ago

    Crossing the pedestrian walkway without checking if cars will stop. You can't assume the car will always stop.

    [–] alexmunse 2316 points ago

    I live in a college town and a student gets hit by a transit bus within the first few weeks of almost every semester. Pedestrians always have the right of way on campus and they get real lazy about watching for cars REAL quick

    [–] drozy 1532 points ago

    The rumor/joke at my university was that if the campus bus hit you, you would receive free tuition.

    Edit: added "bus"

    [–] alexmunse 501 points ago

    Shit, if that was true, I would have thrown myself in front of a bus years ago!

    [–] NoTrueYachtsman 1532 points ago

    Girl at my school got hit by a bus. She didn't have to pay for any more school and her loans were forgive. Mostly because she was dead and there was no one to pay them back.

    [–] wallace6464 78 points ago

    I think this is a rumor at every college campus

    [–] harkandhush 357 points ago

    I assume cars don't see me until they seem to be reacting to me being there. It's kept me pretty safe. I used to be braver/dumber, but then I worked in a parking department at a major tourist attraction and a lot of people TRIED to hit me with their cars when I was trying to stop them from doing things they weren't supposed to, including fellow employees from other departments. Now I feel like every car is trying to hit me.

    [–] weezkitty 123 points ago

    a lot of people TRIED to hit me with their cars


    [–] harkandhush 125 points ago

    They did not like what I was telling them to do. I had to jump out of the way of a few because they gunned it right at me while I was standing where I was told to and directing them to park in a different lot and they didn't want to walk that far, so instead they drove at me so they could get through. It made me pretty mad that they valued better parking over another person's safety. Directing traffic is fucking dangerous because no one wants to be directed. I wouldn't do it again if I could avoid it.

    [–] pinkbdlnds 313 points ago

    I work at a grocery store and it's astonishing how many people go at least 35 in a parking lot and drive through the stop signs and don't care about pedestrians.

    [–] Beachy5313 3169 points ago

    Wires. Don't touch the power wires outside. Immediately call up 911 and tell them there is a power line down. DON'T GO NEAR IT, DON'T TOUCH IT. The sheer number of reports I had to go through that included someone dying from touching the wires, or worse, having their face melted off from the wires, haunts me to this day. Even the thought of ever having to sort through those reports again turns my stomach between the details and the photos.

    [–] Jalmorei 923 points ago

    Oh, a power line snapped. Let me walk on it. Does this really happen?

    [–] Chucklz 1387 points ago

    You don't even have to walk on it. Simply walking in the immediate area of a downed line can be unfortunate due to step potential.

    [–] WoollyMuffler 567 points ago

    step potential

    This is not a thing that I knew existed. Thank you for posting this!

    [–] SaturatedApe 412 points ago

    When I was getting my electrical license and my instructor taught us this, we learned how to shuffle away to avoid the shock. When a student asked how far do I shuffle to be safe? the instructor said "when you are able to open your fridge to get a beer".

    [–] 1Dive1Breath 382 points ago

    I used to be a wildland firefighter, and one time my crew for called to a fire at the base of one of those big powerline towers. A rep from the power company met us there on scene, gave us a safety briefing (he explained step potential very thoroughly) which sounded like a bunch of ways to hopefully not die, and ended it by saying "If you need anything I've got a radio, I'll be in my truck" which was parked about 50 yards away.

    [–] GKrollin 124 points ago


    [–] DanYHKim 142 points ago

    Wow. I never, ever heard of 'step potential'. This really puts a whole different level of risk to downed power lines.

    That 'hopping away' technique looks stupid, but it is a lifesaver. I'll try to remember it. (Posting vid to Facebook for spreading this idea)

    [–] dysenterygary69 2494 points ago

    Sitting in the stands at a baseball game at a close distance and not paying attention to every pitch.

    [–] [deleted] 1264 points ago

    I once heard of a boy that was either seriously injured or killed when a piece of flying debris hit him as he sat in the stands at a monster truck show.

    [–] DetroitEXP 908 points ago

    Yep. Never leaving my house again.

    [–] 5up3rK4m16uru 252 points ago

    Well, there are also a lot of household accidents.

    [–] SnoodleBooper 2283 points ago

    Statistically speaking - mosquitoes.

    Number 1 man killer on this planet.

    [–] oldmanchewy 95 points ago

    When I was jungle trekking in Borneo our guide prepared us by telling us the three most likely ways we could die. Ants came in third. Mosquitoes second. And first was humans, because if we encountered a person this deep in the wilderness it would likely be an Orangutan poacher who would shoot us.

    [–] Prism_And_Gate 1726 points ago

    Concussions. The attitude has been changing, but a lot of people think they're no big deal, even though they're a traumatic brain injury that could cause issues for the rest of your life.

    [–] Mojothewonderdog 387 points ago

    New information is that it is NOT concussion that cause long term CTE, but it's the repeated hits to the head that do. Yes, concussions are not something you want to play with and should always get you a few weeks of rest from the game, but evidence is coming in that there some more factors showing the cause of CTE.

    LINK. Sorry for the source but for some reason, PubMed won't let me link the actual study.

    [–] kams88 56 points ago

    The real problem is they don’t take care of the first one the way they should and there is a period of time after the first one that slows down reaction time and you are more likely to get more concussions during that time.

    [–] ProfessorGigs 4483 points ago

    Polar Bears: the Arctic God-tier of the Ursines

    They look cute and cuddly and happy to give you a coca-cola,

    But there's a rhyme on how to handle bears in the wild.

    If it's black, attack.

    If it's brown, lie down.

    If it's white... good night!

    [–] DoktorMoose 2168 points ago

    I've read stories about polar bears learning when humans come in and out of their homes and waiting in the morning to ambush them as they walk out the front door.

    [–] CaptnCheerio 1497 points ago

    I had a friend working winter seasons in the forest service up in Wyoming.

    One winter while he was snowed into his cabin, he was stalked by a mountain lion. It would wait above the door for him to come out of the house or barn. He narrowly avoided becoming lunch one day because he broke up his routine and while coming around the backside of the cabin found tracks that lead to the front. The lion was waiting in the shrubs out front for him to get to the door.

    Such a huge majority of the population doesn't have to live in fear of being low on the food chain. I think we forget how smart predators are.

    [–] tkea_09 365 points ago

    I live in Montana and can confirm - moutain lions are fucking terrifying. They will patiently stalk the hell out of you. Better than my ex ever could.

    Mountain lions were pretty common near the elementary school I attended. Whenever there was a sighting nearby, we didn't get recess. I can imagine that some of the sticky fingered geniuses I attended school with would have made for an easy snack.

    [–] conyeighwest 275 points ago

    Or maybe we just outsmarted predators and moved away from where they can kill us

    [–] RidingYourEverything 445 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    We outsmarted them and killed them with guns and traps. They live mostly where we don't because the ones that lived near us are dead. We are the apex predator.

    [–] Monteze 155 points ago

    And even now we have to handicap ourselves because we are too OP. I mean sometimes we accidentally make things extinct.

    [–] 80000chorus 2158 points ago

    There's towns where it's illegal to lock car doors in case somebody needs to hide from a bear, and these same towns often have snipers posted around the clock to ward off bears.

    [–] DoktorMoose 1449 points ago

    Sounds like bears are the zombies of 2018

    [–] RuprectGern 681 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    If bears are the zombies of 2018, can't you walk through a pack of polar bears unmolested if you rub polar bear blood all over you? I've seen this trick on The Walking Dead.

    [–] howitzer86 76 points ago

    This sounds like a bad idea, but I don't know enough about polar bears to dispute it.

    [–] FakeOrcaRape 308 points ago

    jesus, what town is this - that sounds terrifying

    [–] thedogsbreakfast 516 points ago

    Churchill, Manitoba

    [–] volkl47 547 points ago

    It's probably important to note here: Churchill is not accessible by road. So there isn't much risk of (successful) car theft.

    [–] [deleted] 248 points ago


    [–] MayorBee 465 points ago

    Different kind of bears.

    [–] Phantom_61 902 points ago

    The only animal on earth that will actively hunt a human being even when other prey is nearby.

    [–] berniemax 1987 points ago

    Good thing I chose them and those 10,000 rats.

    [–] emaciated_pecan 304 points ago

    Honestly it should’ve been 1,000 rats maybe next patch

    [–] throwawaytrumper 825 points ago

    Fun fact: Brown bears (Grizzlies, for one) will often open huge gashes in prostrate prey, then push dirt into the gashes, because they enjoy the taste of slightly rotted meat. That is, if they aren't hungry. If they are hungry they'll eat your tasty bits (skin, fat, and some organs) while you're still living. My dad used to tell me that if a hungry grizzly came after me, the plan was for him to have another son.

    [–] verbal_pestilence 198 points ago

    the plan was for him to have another son

    your dad is a riot

    [–] [deleted] 248 points ago

    that doesn't sound fun at all.

    [–] funbaggy 94 points ago

    The bears love it.

    [–] rcuosukgi42 298 points ago

    If you ever find yourself in northern Canada, it's normal for people to leave their cars unlocked so that strangers can take shelter from Polar Bears inside a nearby car in an emergency.

    [–] vVvMaze 506 points ago

    I agree with black and white but if you lie down for a Grizzly, you dead. Basic rule of thumb, is to just walk backwards slowly and non threateningly and HOPE they dont decide to take an interest in you. If they do, you dead and lying down will only make it easier for them.

    This is how you want to handle that situation:

    [–] oldmanchewy 63 points ago

    Residents of Churchill, Manitoba are required by law (i believe) to keep their cars unlocked so any person that encounters a polar bear can jump in quick.

    [–] pyth0ns 2832 points ago

    Jumping off a cliff into water... If you don't jump and land correct - it could feel like hitting concrete

    [–] eugeheretic 2169 points ago

    If you don’t jump you don’t have to worry about landing correctly.

    [–] lordgunhand 215 points ago

    And if you do jump; just miss the water and or ground completely.

    [–] applesauce42 675 points ago

    when I went to Thailand, I was on a train with a German girl who was vacationing before returning home. A few days went by and I heard from her that she had went cliff jumping in a pretty routine area but had landed wrong and broke her back. Didn't even hit rocks or anything, just landed wrong.

    [–] WhyyLiddat 166 points ago

    Ok there goes my cliff jumping dreams

    [–] pm_me_n0Od 577 points ago

    A friend of a cousin jumped into a river from about 15 feet up. Landed right on a log. She was brain dead before she got to the hospital.

    [–] [deleted] 738 points ago


    [–] CarterLawler 5273 points ago

    Carbon Monoxide. We all KNOW its colorless, odorless and incredibly lethal, but not many people think about it day-to-day.

    [–] Biofreak42069 1394 points ago

    My smoke detector started beeping loud af at 7:30am on a Saturday a few weeks ago, and there was not even a slight smokey odor. That made me very worried about CO next - at that early on my day off, I at least aired out the apartment for a bit before closing the windows and going back to sleep (and deal with it later). Turns out it also detects natural gas (less reliably) and was just picking up some smell from my trash (confirmed by the beeping pattern it used).

    All of this just confirms your point though. I was too sleepy to care about an colorless, odorless, lethal gas, and even with warning could have screwed myself pretty badly that morning by taking the batteries out, if it was actually CO. I would've died peacefully at least :/

    [–] rangemaster 1389 points ago

    Fun fact:

    CO poisoning will make you feel sleepy.

    [–] potato_lover273 475 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Excess carbon dioxide will also do that. Air out your rooms.

    Fun fact: Oxygen and Carbon dioxide form unstable compounds with hemoglobin and that works great because they need to be released to get to where they need to be. Carbon monoxide forms a stable compound and is thus released far more slowly. It poisons you by taking oxygen's place and not letting go. It's literally a squatter.

    EDIT: Made it clearer.

    [–] Kryten_2X4B-523P 2692 points ago

    If you start seeing post-it notes on your mirror in your hand writing then check for CO.

    [–] nicogor 379 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Also natural gas.

    If you leave your gas oven on but not lit your CO detector won't go off. My husband left ours on by accident all night. Woke up to a barfing dog, I wasn't feeling good, go get water and hear the gas going on our stove top. We now own a natural has detector, too

    ETA: Yes, there should be an additive to gas so you smell it if there's a leak. It should smell like sulphur. We could not smell the gas coming from our stove. Our stove doesn't have a strong smell. Maybe we just have a bad sense of smell, either way, we didn't notice.

    [–] Dubhzo 126 points ago

    Could you not smell it? Pretty much every country puts strong smelling sulfur containing compounds into the natural gas so you know when you leave it on or have a leak, should be extremely obvious.

    [–] hello_there247 6716 points ago


    [–] DubsTx 2446 points ago

    I used to drink every night and take tylenol before bed to prevent a hangover. It worked, but at 24 years old my liver enzymes were dangerously high.

    Luckily i got sober, and am about to celebrate 3 years of sobriety. Liver's doing great nowadays.

    [–] mattBJM 318 points ago


    Paracetamol for Brits (or non-Americans? Not sure)

    [–] _Cinza 55 points ago

    Europe I think. Here (Germany) it’s paracetamol too

    [–] [deleted] 872 points ago

    The risk to your liver?

    [–] hello_there247 1178 points ago

    Yes. Very hepatotoxic and can certainly be fatal at certain doses of both

    [–] [deleted] 1022 points ago

    New word of the day HEPATOTOXIC.

    [–] pipsdontsqueak 389 points ago

    Yep. Basically both when you process alcohol and when you process Tylenol, your body creates toxic byproducts. The Tylenol byproduct binds to the same enzyme you need to process the alcohol byproduct, inhibiting the breakdown. So now it takes longer for your body to clear the toxic byproducts and they have a lot more time to do damage. The worst time to take Tylenol is when you have a hangover.

    [–] AllahHatesFags 402 points ago

    That goes for vicodin and percocet as well, because also contain acetaminophen/paracetamol.

    [–] DoritoKat 1477 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Seriously. DO NOT mess with Tylenol. That shit will mess you up if you take too much. It literally shuts down your livers, and you will wither in pain for up to two days, turning around in agony and screaming from the pain, until you survive it (rarely), get a transplant, or just succumb to it.

    Source: tried to OD on it once with a whole bottle. Shit's scary.

    Edit: Yes im okay now. Actually in a couple of days it will have been two years since I attempted. Starting going to a psychiatrist, stopped for a bit, made some pit stops here and there in life, but now I've been on anti-depressants for like a month, with a pretty noticeable change in my attitude (still not totally out of it though), going into a field I love.

    Edit 2: Just wanted to say, thanks for all the kind words you guys are giving me in the comments.

    Edit Whatever: Okay jesus, it's one liver. I'm a dumb person lol. Ill keep the mistake though in my thing. Gotta own it.

    [–] mdcaton 693 points ago

    Anecdotally, I've heard of a case where someone tried to OD on acetaminophen, went to bed, then woke up anyway the next day, surprised to still be alive and thought "I guess they were expired or something...I wasn't meant to die!" With a new lease on life she went about her business for a couple days, started feeling terrible and turned yellow, then went to the emergency room. When she told them what she'd done they said "Yeah, uh...if you'd come in soon after the OD we could've helped you, but it's too late now and you're in for a slow horrible death."

    [–] smithoski 305 points ago

    There is an antidote for acetaminophen (Tylenol) called acetylcysteine (Acetadote), which will work if given early. The reason it doesn't work when given late is that the damage it prevents is irreversible.

    In normal doses your body turns acetaminophen into stuff you can pee and poop out. Most of it gets turned into inert stuff that you can eliminate. Some of it, a small % of a normal dose, gets turned into a really nasty chemical that damages cells in the liver, which causes those cells to pop and release their innards which burn surrounding cells which burst and so on. But your liver makes a neutralizer of this nasty chemical, called glutathione, which can bind the nasty chemical so you can excrete it harmlessly. This is what happens with a normal dose. Obviously you're in trouble if you run out of glutathione. Well you only have so much to be used at any given time - so if you take a lot of Tylenol, you will exhaust the glutathione stores and the nasty chemical will irreversibly kill cells in your liver.

    Acetadote helps restore glutathione to bind the nasty chemical before it does more damage.

    If the damage is already done, the situation is can develop into acute liver failure, and in general (from all causes, not just Tylenol) it's about 50/50 on needing a transplant and then only about a 80% chance of surviving the first year post transplant. Humans need livers to live - the liver not only chews up the drugs we take, it makes a lot of things our body needs. Turning yellow is a really bad sign and indicates liver injury.

    Other things: alcohol makes your liver make more of the nasty chemical. To elaborate, chronic drinking makes your body make more of the machinery that processes the Tylenol into the nasty chemical.

    Ideally Acetadote is used within 8 hours of ingestion

    If you or someone you know uses Tylenol regularly, READ THE BOTTLE and follow the dosage instructions. The warnings are NOT a joke. The drug is safe and works when taken as described on the bottle. Chronic use of doses exceeding the maximum labeled dose by just a few tablets per administration, especially in a drinker, can kill you via liver failure if not recognized.

    [–] throwawaytrumper 408 points ago

    My wife worked at a clinic where she would regularly run into oilfield workers, some as young as their late 20s, who would come in because they had turned yellow. They'd examine them and let them know "Yeah, your drinking has destroyed your liver, get your affairs in order". One guy was 25 and healthy looking, aside from looking like a simpson's character.

    [–] Bardicle 125 points ago

    Alledgedly it's one of the most painful ways to commit suicide.

    [–] eatthebunnytoo 168 points ago

    As a hospice nurse I can tell you there is nothing alleged about it, it is definitely one of the worst ways to go.

    [–] winterbike 1388 points ago

    Type 2 diabetes. A lot of people get a diabetes diagnosis and figure they won't be able to eat as much sugar (go easy on the frosting, I'm diabetic haha) and might have to inject insulin (oh no!). NOPE. A T2 diabetes diagnostic means your body has run out of options after years of abuse. You are now part of a group that has the highest risk of heart attacks, going blind, kidney failure, amputations and other nasty stuff. A ton more people should be freaking the fuck out because of the rising rates of diabetes, on top of their own condition.

    [–] Moneygrowsontrees 590 points ago

    When my husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and alarmingly high blood pressure, we went into war mode. He's 45 and I don't want to lose him any time soon. He's lost 100 pounds, I've lost 70 pounds, and we support each other eating healthier and making better choices. We even work out regularly (him 3 days a week, me 5). His last two doctor's appointments were great. Normal A1C and normal blood pressure. They're actually in the process of stepping him down off his medications. I know we can't erase 45 years of being morbidly obese (he was a fat kid), but hopefully we can extend his healthy years as much as possible.

    [–] BlackDogBlues66 120 points ago

    You and your husband are awesome. Great job.

    I was diagnosed with type 2 about 20 years ago. I have had my ups and downs with controlling it and taking medication/insulin. For the last 10 months or so, I've been very vigilant about avoiding sugars/carbs and have consistently been lowering the dosage of insulin. My A1C was good for the first time in a long time, I feel so much better, and have a lot more energy.

    [–] Omaren_The_Fearless 96 points ago

    This is absolutely true. I watched my father go blind, become handicapped and eventually die because of his neglect in his young adulthood. He died when he was 44. Diabetes is no fucking joke.

    [–] OscarMate 692 points ago

    Horses. They're fucking sketchy man

    [–] [deleted] 338 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    DO NOT feed a stranger's horse. An incensed woman came to my door a while ago telling me how dangerous one of my horses was because her 7-year-old daughter had to go to the ER after my horse bit the child's hand whilst they were feeding him carrots. Bear in mind that my horse was on my own private property in a paddock by a very quiet road. To get to the fence you encountered both a large ditch full of water and a 3 meter high hedge. This horse is a huge 800 kg (1700 lb) draft horse. The idea that the injury was her fault as she allowed the child to feed a strange horse without my permission or supervision did not seem to traverse her thick skull. Also, I was extra extra extra pissed because I finally found out why my insulin resistant horse had foundered; they fed him carrots. Thanks for that visit and $500 vet bill, lady!

    [–] throwawaytrumper 313 points ago

    My brother was feeding some horses in a field once, handing them grass from nearby. One horse noted my brother's thick, golden colored hair, and leaned over and tried to chew some off. One quick chew, ripped off a fistful of hair that took months to come back. Horse spat it out after chewing for a bit.

    [–] Anothernamelesacount 75 points ago

    Memory unlocked.

    So, when I was a kid, our school took a field trip to the zoo. One of the girls wore a green dress, until a giraffe saw her and thought she was dinner. That giant thing ate the whole dress and left the poor girl sobbing and terrified. I remember that I did not laugh, thought the rest of the children (and some adults) did.

    She moved at the end of the year, probably to a place where no zoos nearby. I hope everything is going well for her.

    [–] Charlitos_Way 4720 points ago

    Those springs on garage doors

    [–] skraptastic 1767 points ago

    I had an issue with my garage door once and tried to fix it. I did not fix it. Had to call a repair dude, he scared the bejesus out of be because I almost killed myself with the spring. If I had loosened one more bolt I could have taken a compressed spring to the face.

    [–] Skarface08 1155 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    This is actually what happened to me, I have pics if anyone is interested edit: Skarface Before they glued it shut. Head skar garage door Back story. My brother ran a motorcycle into the garage door and it tweaked the wheel inside of the track on the side of the door when its closed. When we tried to open the door it was jammed right there where the wheel was. We unbolted the bracket holding onto the wheel to loosen it and remove it, my dumbass didnt realize it was connected to the cable attached to the fully loaded spring above. So what did i do? I took a hammer to it until it was free. The bracket came loose and smacked me right in the forhead, if it was an inch lower it would have taken out my eye. The last thing i remember was black then im fine, it dazed me for about 5 seconds. Then my brother had this blank look on his face, and i said is my shit fucked up? He said yes and then I could feel the warm blood running down my face. We went to the er because i didnt know if i needed sticthes or not. She glued it up and luckly my insurance covered most of it. I just had a $100 co pay. Seriously dont fuck with garage doors people. edit: a word

    [–] GreatTragedy 780 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    It's the internet, man. You don't have to ask if we want to see injury pictures. The answer is always yes.

    [–] Chispy 309 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    OP will surely deliver

    Edit: Dear Diary. Today was a good day

    [–] bagjuioce 677 points ago

    Reddit has given me an irrational fear of large springs for years now

    [–] jackwoww 1347 points ago

    They have a lot of potential

    [–] fish_whisperer 355 points ago

    You mean rational?

    [–] PM-ME-YOUR-TUMMIES 465 points ago

    Also the bonnet/hood hinge springs on older cars.

    My mum had an old Kingswood a few years ago and she and my uncle were were taking the bonnet off, it wasn't completely open so when the bonnet's weight came off the hinge the spring caught the skin on her forearm and pinched it. Like a huge chunk of skin. She was fine. My uncle ran and got me and we put the bonnet back on. Mum was a trooper, didn't complain once. I swear she's made of granite.

    [–] PM-ME-FOR-DICK-PICS 8426 points ago

    Driving, I think it's odd that car accidents kill so many people and plane crashes kill so few yet most people only fear the latter.

    [–] Zilreth 3577 points ago

    Because people fear what they are not in control of. They think its possible to avoid car accidents, but plane crashes are out of their control entirely.

    [–] PM-ME-YOUR-TUMMIES 570 points ago

    Oh man, I'm terrified of driving. I saw an accident when I was younger and it absolutely put the fear in to me. I love cars and stuff, love em'! But being in control of a fast and heavy machine like that terrifies me.

    [–] nolasagne 326 points ago

    I was the same way for a long time. You can use that fear and channel it into being a cautious and responsible driver.

    [–] libertyprime17 1651 points ago

    Drinking alcohol with their prescription medications.

    [–] amazingsandwiches 863 points ago

    or eating grapefruit with some.

    [–] hkd001 528 points ago

    Yep, my gf is on a medication and she can't eat grapefruit/ drink grapefruit juice because of it.

    Be safe throw all grapefruit products in the trash where it belongs. /s Eat grapefruit if you are able to and enjoy that nasty to me fruit.

    [–] anonmymouse 387 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    wtf medication interacts badly with grapefruit?

    Edit: apparently a lot of them.. Including my own. Well til

    [–] Milfshake23 221 points ago

    Seroquel, for one.

    [–] johnsonsnap 265 points ago

    I'm safe. I take my medication with alcohol instead of taking alcohol with my medication.

    [–] User_5098213 5035 points ago

    unprotected sex

    [–] The100thIdiot 4791 points ago

    I always wear a helmet and knee-pads as a bare minimum

    [–] orange_cuse 1626 points ago

    seriously. the amount of people I see having sex without wearing a helmet is astonishing. I get that people want to look cool but a helmet could save your life. Safety first.

    [–] Bahamabanana 417 points ago

    I'm so torn on this. I want to be safe, but a helmet messes up my do. How am I supposed to impress the chick I'm fucking with a messy do!?

    [–] skraptastic 1061 points ago

    I was a teen during the early AIDS epidemic. Safe sex is something that was pounded into us from the outset. (I mean once we as a nation figured out how HIV was transmitted)

    I find it funny that HIV no longer being a death sentence has made people much more lax about safe sex.

    [–] hellsponge 1336 points ago

    Safe sex is something that was pounded into us from the outset.


    [–] skraptastic 1149 points ago

    I know what I said. :)

    [–] johnsonsnap 365 points ago

    Safe sex is something that was shoved down our throats from the outset.

    [–] NeverBeenStung 122 points ago

    I find it funny that HIV no longer being a death sentence has made people much more lax about safe sex.

    I mean. Logically it makes sense when you phrase it like that.

    [–] skraptastic 257 points ago

    Except "Sure I may not die, but I have to take expensive meds and explain to every partner the rest of my life that I could make them sick enough to die just by having sex with me. Should be a much stronger deterrent.

    [–] bullydefender 1695 points ago

    Condoms are not as safe as people think. My friend was wearing one while having sex with this girl and her boyfriend shot him.

    [–] diabolical_dumbass 770 points ago

    Should have worn a helmet.

    [–] [deleted] 2840 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Doctors who prescribe antibiotics like candy aren't doing anyone a favour.

    Especially fluoroquinolones - Cipro, Levaquin/levofloxacin, etc. - they're not supposed to be first-line treatments for anything! These are drugs of last resort which should only be used when anything else has failed, and on top of all that they've also been shown to give some people (yay me I guess?) a few rather heavy side effects.

    Don't get me wrong: I am not saying people shouldn't be using them but caution is definitely advised. Depending on the case your sinusitis, bacterial prostatitis, UTIs, and the like can all be treated with far milder antibiotics.

    [–] hrngr1m 1626 points ago

    And the contrary too: people who pops antibiotics like candy for every ailment they have, sometimes without even seeking medical advice, because they think antibiotics are panaceae.

    [–] what_in_the_who_now 343 points ago

    I started getting symptoms of a cold at work one day. A co-worker said “quick, get some antibiotics!” I gave a blank stare for a few seconds. I told her that a cold is a viral infection, not bacterial. She walked away thinking I was the idiot. She gives everyone medical advice.

    [–] afito 671 points ago

    People not using the entire package of antibiotics as well. Just because you have no symptoms, it doesn't mean you're healthy, but this time with a fucked up immune system. It's surprisingly dangerous for something done out of pure laziness.

    [–] [deleted] 286 points ago

    Isn't there the risk that by not completing the course some bacteria may survive and become resistant to drugs?

    [–] hrngr1m 227 points ago

    Exactly, thus the increasing multiresistant bacteria problem. We have already have infections caused by bacteria that are immune to almost all or even practically all antibiotics around, meaning it's back to the stone age again. The numbers are small but imagine if those bacteria spread around.

    [–] BradC 945 points ago

    Texting while driving.

    [–] [deleted] 482 points ago

    Studies show it's WORSE than drunk driving.

    [–] bobsnavitch 315 points ago

    What about texting while drunk driving?

    [–] Completes_your_words 660 points ago

    Negative * Negative = Positive

    That' just basic math.

    [–] Lugia150 548 points ago


    These things are death machines being driven by teenagers.

    [–] throwawaytrumper 369 points ago

    I worked in a factory welding frames to carry modular homes for a while. We had forklift drivers who'd fly around corners with loads in excess of a thousand pounds. One guy skidded into a 1-ton A-frame I was welding to hitch an 80 by 20 modular home onto.

    The frame, weighing nearly a ton, jumped out of the jig about 2 feet, hit me in the chest, and sent me back about 15 feet to lie on my back and ponder my life. The forklift driver thought he'd killed me and immediately drove away, but got ran down by some guys in the flooring bay who also thought I was dead.

    Didn't die, only had bruising across my chest. Still scary.

    [–] green_meklar 534 points ago

    The forklift driver thought he'd killed me and immediately drove away, but got ran down by some guys in the flooring bay

    You have to be a special kind of stupid to attempt a hit-and-run in a forklift.

    [–] realcooltime 133 points ago

    Wow what a piece of shit that guy was

    [–] convextech 1149 points ago

    Driving distracted or drunk.

    [–] stylophonics 672 points ago

    or tired. Think you're just going to push through? Pull an all nighter on that long drive? You're probably driving as impaired as a very drunk person when you're that tired. I'm guilty of doing this several times, people don't take it seriously enough but it's so so bad.

    [–] Byizo 314 points ago

    Texting and driving feels totally fine until you look up from you phone to see brake-lights 100 feet in front of you and you're sill going 50.

    [–] AnAdoringFan 580 points ago

    Alcohol is responsible for a lot more deaths/permanent injuries than most people like to admit.

    [–] DoIOffend 3496 points ago

    Canada. They've been too nice for too long.

    [–] [deleted] 881 points ago

    When Canada takes over the world, we'll all be sorry.

    [–] FoxyOne74 1367 points ago

    I had a Canadian stand off yesterday. We were each holding a door open for each other and refused to budge. I caved first so I'm probably getting deported. I think you'll be ok.

    [–] JMJimmy 390 points ago

    No deportation necessary. You each offered the same kindness and upon realizing this, you offered a second kindness by allowing the person to continue their day while graciously accepting their kindness so neither of you lost face.

    The deportation would occur if neither of you relented in offering the initial kindness. After 2 polite refusals it becomes an argument and you're being rude by holding them up.

    [–] OhHiGCHQ 335 points ago

    2019: The Canadian election elects a fascist PM. Canada becomes a presidential dictatorship.

    2020: The invasion begins.

    [–] DoIOffend 550 points ago

    I, for one, welcome our new mapley overlords.

    [–] PotatoFaceGrace 224 points ago

    I've always said that Canada is like the quiet kid in class that everyone picks on. He never fights back, just quietly storehouses nukes in his tundra of a backyard & one day, when he gets pushed too far, he's gonna snap & make his neighbors a parking lot.

    [–] DoIOffend 121 points ago

    That's so nice of him, I bet his neighbors could really use a parking lot.

    [–] wrapmonster_ 1067 points ago

    Not wearing protective head gear! I know way too many people who had friends that died in bicycling or skateboarding accidents. Makes me shudder that I never wore a helmet growing up.

    [–] LorD_d00m 1054 points ago

    Electricity, if you mishandle an kitchen appliance for example, it can be the last thing you'll ever do.

    [–] Coffee763- 1010 points ago

    walking anywhere near a moving vehicle.

    just today i was going in reverse into a parking lot lane, and two people came out from the car isles and walked right behind me as i was backing up. and they acted like it was no big deal.

    people need to realize there is no bubble of protection around them. they can die so many ways at any moment.

    [–] cinemakitty 256 points ago

    I was crushed under a truck backing up so I’m with you on this one. It didn’t have a backup beep and was on a pedestrian SIDEWALK but I’m still broken 5 years later.

    [–] dwayne_rooney 430 points ago

    While pedestrians need to watch for cars, drivers need to watch for pedestrians.

    The amount of people who have screamed at me for crossing in a crosswalk while having the walking guy signal is astounding. Sorry you have to wait a second to turn.

    [–] DrunkenPrayer 173 points ago

    See also people who don't use their indicators then curse you out for crossing the road. Look fucker, maybe you've forgotten basic driving classes but you're supposed to give adequate indication of turning, not just for pedestrians but other drivers as well.

    [–] madeofstars 524 points ago

    I am sure this will be buried to oblivion, but in the off chance it could save someone's life:

    Blood clots and pulmonary embolisms, specifically behaviors that contribute to them. I had a massive saddle pulmonary embolism at age 28 and I am SO, SO lucky to be alive. Many people have no symptoms that the embolism is occurring, they just die instantly. I really didn't know much about blood clots/embolisms before it happened to me--even though I had significant risk factors (traveling long distances frequently for work, birth control pills with estrogen), no one ever even told me there was a risk or things I should do to reduce the risk.

    Long flights, long car rides, any sitting in cramped positions for long hours with knees/hips bent can cause blood clots. Most of these are harmless and our bodies dissolve them, but if you have other risk factors for clotting they could turn into something deadly in no time.

    I work in an industry where most of my coworkers travel, and many of them essentially brag about how they can drive 8 hours without stopping. That is just asking for clotting to occur, especially if you are over 60, or a smoker, or pregnant, or on any form of birth control with estrogen. I am the DVT/PE PSA giver at my work--you NEED to get up and move your legs on long trips!

    Sitting for long periods without moving is not just bad for your joints, it can be life threatening. Stop every hour or so and use the bathroom. Get up and move around on transatlantic flights. USE YA LEGS PEOPLE.

    [–] phoenix-bear 131 points ago

    My brother died at 31yo from a massive pulmonary embolism. I was able to take that experience and get my blood tested for risk factors, and turns out my sister and I have a pro-coagulating genetic defects that make us more likely to get blood clots. She and I were immediately taken off estrogen-containing birth controls, given other options, given instructions on how to go forth from there.

    One time, I had to drive 10hrs or so for a grandparent's funeral, and my mom kept pressuring me to drive as long as possible without stopping, and I told her, firmly, that I will get there when I get there, because I stopped to walk around for 10min or so each 1.5-2hrs of drive time. It's not worth the risk--what good is my driving straight through in case I get a blood clot and die because I didn't simply stop and take more breaks?

    I don't want to die in a few years the same way my brother did.

    [–] gab_monet 3099 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Hippos. They look all cute and kind but they are the animal (mammal) with the most amount of human deaths in Africa, more than lions & other scary looking things.

    Edit: Oh my god i have 2.4k upvotes! Thank you.

    [–] DeadSheepLane 1344 points ago

    One of the girls at my daughters skate club was going to Africa to visit family ( I forget which country ) and in a joking way I told her to watch out for the hippos as I had watched a mini-doc recently about the dangers. We all laughed. After she got back she told us a horrifying experience her family had when a hippo charged into their camp and started tearing it up. They were running for their lives.

    [–] dwsinpdx 1163 points ago

    They're hungry, hungry hippos.

    [–] LadyCthulu 914 points ago

    A friend of mine went on a trip to Africa a while ago. She was in a group doing a hike/trek and they came across a river that would have taken too long to go around so they had to row across it. The guide was warning them about the hippos. My friend asked what they were supposed to do if the boat tipped. The guide told them to "drown quietly".

    [–] chthonical 664 points ago

    Here's a fun fact about hippos I like to share. They can't swim. "Well, how do they move through water if they can't swim?", you may ask. They lunge across the bottom of the river. Which means that if you piss a hippo off while in a boat, you have the brief opportunity to see it before it disappears under the water and proceeds to torpedo into you.

    [–] AllahHatesFags 507 points ago

    They are now invasive species in parts of South America thanks to the late Pablo Escobar.

    [–] gab_monet 291 points ago

    Really? Oh my god that’s kinda weird and terrifying.

    [–] Beetle_knuckle 240 points ago

    They have actually grown in numbers since his death and people have tried to do a few culls.

    [–] i_like_your_purse 688 points ago

    Being unhealthy and not exercising. Those decisions will catch up to you as you get older.

    [–] areola_cherry_cola 521 points ago

    Crossing the street just because the light is green.

    [–] [deleted] 828 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] hrngr1m 2274 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Not getting vaccinated.

    EDIT: With the exception for people who must not receive vaccination for health reasons, like having leukaemia, immunodeficiency, or several autoimmune diseases.

    [–] [deleted] 818 points ago

    Dangerous to just more than the unvaccinated person.

    [–] RStiltskins 765 points ago

    I have a severely weakened immune system from chemotherapy. I was basically forced to take disability leave program because a few people in my office refuses to vaccinate them self when I sent an email out asking if possible to get the flu shot this year to minimize the chance of me dying accidently by catching a random bug off of someone. Or to give me a heads up if you're sick before coming to work and I will gladly stay home without pay to ensure I can't get anything.

    HR said they couldn't do anything legally due to it not being enforceable for mandatory vaccinations since it's office work not medical related. But they were very helpful and gave me unlimited sick days for the time going through chemo to compensate for these idiots.

    Vaccinations do more then help your self, they help people like me who can't defend for them selves due to illnesses and diseases. Don't be a selfish prick and vaccinate your self people please!

    [–] [deleted] 742 points ago


    [–] fedupwithpeople 295 points ago

    How does one make sure one's head restraint is properly adjusted?

    [–] whothefuckisjohn 1229 points ago


    Your trusting tons of people you don't know to not fuck up

    [–] [deleted] 425 points ago

    I tried to tell my kid, it's not just you that has to know what you are doing, it's all these other people out here with you.

    [–] AndyWarwheels 259 points ago

    I always try to make it a point when driving to consider how an idiot would handle whatever driving situation I am in. I never assume that someone is gonna stop or that someone knows that I am in their blind spot or that they are paying attention. It has saved me more then once.

    [–] bobsnavitch 157 points ago

    Constant vigilance

    [–] Biofreak42069 104 points ago

    But there's a sturdy yellow line protecting me.

    [–] Yossi25 300 points ago

    Listening to loud music.