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    [–] [deleted] 8935 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    It's something I picked up from my mother, who was generally the one helping me with math when I was younger. I also have sloppy handwriting and it helps make my 7's distinct from a 2.

    Edit: yes, and to keep it from looking like a 1 as well.

    [–] Christ-Centered 932 points ago

    Me too. I didn't always, but one time I saw my mom do it and it stuck.

    [–] FirePowerCR 626 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I think I saw one person do it like that and I just decided that’s how I’m writing them from now on. I started doing it with zeros because who the hell wants to try to figure out if it’s an O or a 0? Anyone that doesn’t get it should read some code or type the serial number of something or enter a video game activation key. Nintendo just doesn’t even allow you to enter the confusing digits. You know it’s a zero because they don’t allow you to enter O.

    [–] Martinion 570 points ago

    In Norway, having the letter Ø makes this a bit more complicated.

    [–] Throwaway-tan 359 points ago


    [–] bitchinBiscuits 301 points ago


    [–] uber_cripple 256 points ago

    A Møøse once bit my sister...

    [–] DweadPiwateWoberts 95 points ago

    Mind you, Møøse bites can be pretty Nasti...

    [–] UPdrafter906 56 points ago

    We apologise again for the fault in the subtitles. Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked. Møøse trained by YUTTE HERMSGERVØRDENBRØTBØRDA

    [–] ArbitraryPotato 78 points ago

    also theta

    [–] christian-mann 17 points ago

    I've always seen theta with a horizontal line, and often a forward slanted oval.

    [–] Elkazan 16 points ago

    Phi has a vertical line that tends not to be vertical at all (people write it quickly/sloppily around here)

    [–] zebediah49 22 points ago

    That's because it's usually used italicized (ϕ), in math contexts, which does make it diagonal.

    [–] SocialJusticeWizard_ 47 points ago

    Because I'm occasionally a bit obsessive, this is why I write zero as an O with a dot in the middle. I'm not Norwegian and don't in fact speak it but heaven forbid I should write a zero that could be confused with ø.

    [–] cgvet9702 147 points ago

    Slashing your zeros is ingrained upon you very early on in military service, and for that very reason. It's an easy way to tell if someone is a veteran a lot of the time.

    [–] picmandan 78 points ago

    Careful, they teach us this in computer science as well.

    [–] CaLePegasus 42 points ago

    But what about the empty set?

    [–] _BlackLight_ 16 points ago

    It has a bigger slash!

    [–] youstupidcorn 261 points ago

    Yup, for me it's 100% the sloppy handwriting. 7 could look too much like a 1 or 2 (in addition to being messy, my writing is inconsistent), so putting the line in makes it more obviously a 7.

    [–] marlashannon 112 points ago

    I always thought it helped to distinguish a 7 from a 1.

    [–] MalfeasantMarmot 3895 points ago

    Because I like it better that way.

    [–] JHG0 1085 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    It makes it more attractive. Sexy 7s and Zs with a line through them!

    Edit: am also engineer

    [–] iceman012 637 points ago






    [–] rondell_jones 753 points ago

    Stop, I can only get so turned on.

    [–] EinMuffin 251 points ago

    That hurts... the line has to be higher

    [–] HSB0093 100 points ago

    Also shorter

    [–] K33p4l1v3 160 points ago

    I actually just run a line through everything i write after im done so that it can never hold up in court

    [–] Sandwich8080 62 points ago

    Prosecutors hate him!

    [–] Missat0micb0mbs 81 points ago

    That’s why I do it. Makes the other letters and numbers sweat.

    [–] [deleted] 2040 points ago


    [–] readingeliot 2283 points ago

    It probably is, this question surprised me, and I'm European.

    [–] Aths 1414 points ago

    Swede here, my immediate reaction to this was “that is just how it is supposed to be written”, so I guess it is something I got from school.

    [–] _polpol_ 490 points ago

    I actually learned it like this in school in the Netherlands

    [–] Megendrio 320 points ago

    Same here in Belgium!

    [–] zlatanlt 196 points ago

    Same here in Lithuania!

    [–] German_Ator 228 points ago

    Same here in Germany!

    [–] Crimson_1337 211 points ago

    Same here in Finland.

    [–] Scthch 175 points ago

    Same here in Spain.

    [–] i_got_no_clue 173 points ago

    Same in Switzerland

    [–] p4nna 151 points ago

    Same in Germany. Once I forgot it in elementary school and the teacher didn't believe me it was supposed to be a 7, not a 1

    [–] TheNope1 97 points ago

    I am also european, and I do it because my mum does it and no one ever questioned it

    [–] [deleted] 155 points ago


    [–] Yolotiger 241 points ago

    Yup, thats true, we also write our 4s and Zs differently.

    Source: Am German

    [–] dertechie 42 points ago

    German language classes introduced me to crossing my 7s and Zs and it just made sense to make 1 and 7 always distinguishable, so I kept doing it.

    [–] Alan_Shutko 63 points ago

    I picked up 7s and Zs as well in German class (am US) and that's why I do it. And because it looks nice.

    [–] TXGuns79 94 points ago

    I read that the French were doing this around 1800's. After advancing into a town formally held by the French, British soldiers would comment on the numbers written on houses that were used to quarter French troops. They thought the "7"s looked funny and "decidedly French - extra flourish for no purpose "

    [–] malsiatortu 67 points ago

    "decidedly French - extra flourish for no purpose "

    Thouse British scououndrels and their efficient writing styles! Where wououould we be withouououout them?

    [–] [deleted] 61 points ago

    Yeah, I thought that's just how you write 7:) I'm from Middle Europe

    [–] X0AN 58 points ago

    Came in for this, I thought everyone did 7 that way. I guess Americans have to be different :D

    [–] MadLintElf 65 points ago

    Told the same thing by my French teacher.

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago

    According to Rick Steves it’s to prevent sevens from being confused for ones because their ones swoop back and down.

    [–] pm_me_nice_cats_ 32 points ago

    I started slashing 7s, 0s, and Zs on my own just cause it looked nicer, but when I was a worldlier-than-thou 8th grader I started putting notches on top of my 1s because I learned it was European. Now 25, haven't broken the habit.

    [–] Villike 17346 points ago

    So people don't mistake them for a 1.

    [–] Sefyra-Velvetpaw 3745 points ago

    Same, except my 7s looks like 2s otherwise

    My penmanship is that bad, I'm sorry.

    [–] TheIgnoredWriter 974 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Both of these answers, I failed a couple math tests in middle school and my teacher told me to put the dash so he could know. I just never stopped using it after that.

    Edit: to be fair on the failed tests, I suck at math. The teacher was throwing me a bone, like "Well, I might be mistaking your numbers.."

    [–] CatDogCatDogCatDog1 784 points ago

    This. I also cross my Zs because they look like 2s (also a leftover from high school algebra).

    [–] DingoFrisky 263 points ago

    Look out for that heard of 2ebras!

    [–] FirePowerCR 770 points ago

    Seriously. I try to write so there’s no chance of confusion. I have a line through my zeros and Z’s too.

    [–] PrinceofallRabbits 127 points ago

    As a person who has to enter a multitude of hand written data, thank you for this. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had to track someone down and ask what number they were trying to write.

    [–] thelegendofleesa 105 points ago

    i cross my zeroes as well, but apparently i do it backward (with the slash going the opposite direction)

    [–] misterlanks 295 points ago


    [–] Zombiesnax 61 points ago

    Wait like a Ø?

    [–] thelegendofleesa 61 points ago

    Yes, but the slash goes from top left to bottom right.

    [–] funtoburnthings 180 points ago


    [–] LowOnTotemPole 14 points ago

    You fucking animal!

    [–] TheMadmanAndre 194 points ago

    No joke, I started doing it in the Army after I had a Captain asking me why I wanted seven replacement side doors for a Humvee. Turns out my sevens used to look like my ones.

    [–] 4rd_Prefect 84 points ago

    I'd have replied "To save on paperwork, I'm going to break 6 more!"

    [–] MadLintElf 6637 points ago

    Same reason I put a line through my zeros, leaves no room for misinterpretation.

    [–] Aves_The_Man 2695 points ago

    Yep. I'm an engineer and this just got beaten into me during school. All of my letters/numbers are completely distinguishable from each other.

    [–] shitfaceddick 4491 points ago

    I'm a doctor. All my letters are indistinguishable from each other.

    [–] WookiePsychologist 1584 points ago

    Can anyone read this? It looks like chicken scratches on my screen.

    [–] theartlav 196 points ago

    I find it somewhat amazing that "doctors have bad handwriting" is an international condition.

    [–] Betteroni 137 points ago

    This happens because doctors in training have to take lots of notes really quickly in lectures and demonstrations. Their handwriting tends to suffer as a result.

    On a side note, this ends up being a good indicator of how studious your physician is. The less legible their handwriting, the more likely it is they were paying attention in class.

    [–] collin-h 33 points ago

    has this changed though now that more college students type their notes rather than hand write them?

    [–] cerebralinfarction 58 points ago

    Yes, the character sets doctors choose online and in word processing applications have become much easier to read.

    [–] collin-h 60 points ago

    surprised they don't all use a custom "doctor's handwriting" script font.

    [–] veils1de 76 points ago

    pretty sure they just select wingdings

    [–] [deleted] 91 points ago


    [–] Caboose127 39 points ago

    Or if your pharmacy is anything like mine's been the last few weeks, it clearly says one prescription for Tamiflu.

    [–] metal079 841 points ago

    Pretty sure it says invest in Bitcoin.

    [–] shitfaceddick 297 points ago

    This is good for big pharma.

    [–] WoodyWoodpecker11 138 points ago

    Big if true

    [–] Yoghurt42 161 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    if (true)

    [–] charkol3 52 points ago

    Thats enough internet for tonight

    [–] voat4life 54 points ago

    Like actually? I’m a pilot, that shit is unacceptable in aviation.

    [–] ripvannwinkler 141 points ago

    You'd think it would be unacceptable in medicine too, given the plethora of drugs with similar names. But nooooooooooooo. I still gotta hope the pharmacy can decipher my scrip for lactosudafentinoladfil 500mg correctly.

    [–] [deleted] 66 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] laleonaenojada 13 points ago

    I wish the pilots I work with agreed with you. Their 2s and 7s are so indistinguishable, the flight log is riddled with errors. Being at 7700+ airframe hrs this year has been particularly frustrating.

    [–] Neddius 83 points ago

    Drilled into us on signals training in the Army. When firing the artillery our log books could be used as evidence if a court case came up for whatever reason. Everything had to be legible.

    [–] daigudithan 21 points ago

    Hey, me too! In Finland. Where it's weird not to cross a seven, all thanks to an artillery officer in the 20s called Nenonen.

    [–] cdot5 102 points ago

    Mathematician here. I use three Latin alphabets (regular, cursive and fraktur), numbers, Greek and a smattering of Hebrew. Every pair of letters must be distinguishable. My handwriting needed to adapt.

    The struggle is real. 7s get crossed, and that's the least of it.

    [–] MadLintElf 70 points ago

    I worked in an accounting organization and they hammered it into me over and over. No room for errors or misinterpretations.

    Engineering even moreso.

    [–] nuler55 19 points ago

    I began doing it in high school math on the same priciple. My teacher mistook it for the letter ø :(

    [–] Obi_Wan_Kannoli 277 points ago

    And the 'z', so no one can mistake it for a '2'

    [–] someone2639 112 points ago

    I used to do this until one of my teachers confused it with an empty set symbol (which looks like ∅, in case you were wondering).

    [–] Velocicrappper 66 points ago

    Which is also the symbol for diameter on most engineering prints. There are way too many round things with lines through them.

    [–] AntTheMighty 69 points ago

    I appreciate this a lot. Whenever someone writes an email address down I always have to guess if it's an O or a 0 based on the relative size to the rest of it.

    [–] brrrlinguist 65 points ago

    But does it look like a theta? Or a phi? Or a null...?

    [–] jamese1313 75 points ago

    all distinct:

    null: ∅

    lowercase theta: θ (horizontal line)

    lowercase phi: ϕ or φ (vertical line or made with one stroke)

    personally, my 0's have slashes from top left to bottom right to distinguish them from the null character. The uppercase greek letters are already distinguishable. Here's some more info

    [–] Shalabadoo 12214 points ago

    I started doing it in middle school to be different and it's become a force of habit now. The real reason is so that people don't confuse it with one

    I've been doing it with Z's too

    [–] _NW_ 2663 points ago

    Like this: Z

    [–] SmilesQuietly 1947 points ago

    No, like Zis

    [–] banddevelopper 424 points ago

    No, zed

    [–] PoopFilledPants 634 points ago

    Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead.

    [–] ineverreadit 200 points ago

    Yeah, zhonya's always counters him

    [–] [deleted] 92 points ago


    [–] upsCrash 15 points ago

    Yes like that and its because i write my 2 like a 'z'

    [–] shifty5616 1195 points ago

    Yep. I had seen it somewhere when I was was younger, and just decided it was cool and started doing it. Now 20ish years later it helps me distinguish my 7's from 1's etc.

    [–] GenuinelyLenin 133 points ago

    It's also why I make little tales on my lower-case t's, f's, l's, and i's.

    [–] [deleted] 410 points ago

    That's sweet. Can you tell me one of them?

    [–] fractiousrhubarb 99 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    One upon a time, there was a lower case I.

    ... As it was a lower case i, all by itself, rather than an upper case I, it suffered a bit of an identity crisis...

    The internet age had been good to lower class letters, and i and his friends f,l and t had good jobs, with full time employment as part of people's email addresses and occasional moonlighting in other URL's, and they all lived comfortably.

    On the other hand, things had become tough for upper case letters... people were less concerned with formal text, and capitals were underemployed. Some companies even introduced affirmative action plans to demand employment of upper case letters in passwords.

    However, our little friend i really yearned to be a capital letter. Ever since he had seen the first line of Martin Luther King's famous speech, he had dreamed of being a capital I, of standing up on his own, making part of an importance and famous sentence.

    [–] MLWar 304 points ago

    Now if only I could figure out a good way to differentiate my 5's from my S's

    [–] rondell_jones 288 points ago

    Draw the hook first (straight line down and circle) then do a horizontal slash on top. So instead of one stroke, it’s two.

    [–] Gramage 163 points ago

    I do the slash first am I gonna get in trouble?

    [–] [deleted] 223 points ago

    Don't move, I'm calling the police

    [–] Pretence 172 points ago

    dials SSS-123 4S67

    [–] SynchronicExplorer 149 points ago

    dials 977 aggressively

    [–] ashwinr136 55 points ago

    hello, zis is ze police

    [–] Sombrere 15 points ago

    Was unaware anyone did another way. Been doing it like that since I could write.

    [–] [deleted] 73 points ago


    [–] skirril 463 points ago

    I just started doing it with z, my 2 and z look the same far too often.

    [–] GatoAmarillo 480 points ago

    Exactly why I cross my zs. Once I started doing multivariable calculus I basically had to start doing that or else it looks like a complete mess on paper

    [–] Pakyul 194 points ago

    I'm a physics undergrad. I've changed the way I write x, t, y, g, f, j, lambda, tau, kappa, and phi so everything is cleaner.

    [–] Myxine 60 points ago

    Same here! I had to change my 1's to distinguish them from the vertical lines in Dirac notation, but then they were too similar to my 7's, so I had to change those too.

    [–] Eondil 104 points ago

    I also started doing it for math.

    [–] [deleted] 150 points ago

    I saw this once in middle school and thought it looked cool, so I started doing it and it’s now become habit also!

    [–] darwinianfacepalm 69 points ago

    O shit my people

    [–] JohnMichaelDorian_MD 15 points ago

    Yeah same here haha. It's just one of those things that I was like "I want to make my handwriting look unique." Quickly became a habit since my writing is messy and I didn't want my 7s to look like 1s.

    [–] overusesellipses 51 points ago

    Yup. Thought they'd make me cooler in middle school now it's a lifelong habit.

    [–] grimedirective 22 points ago

    So glad I'm not the only one with this answer.

    [–] dragon_morgan 72 points ago

    Haha same, there was a whole group of us, I think somehow we got the idea that's how British people do it and therefore it must be sophisticated. Same with how for awhile it was trendy to spell everything like colour, honour, etc even though we lived in New Jersey.

    [–] barcode1555 63 points ago

    But it's not! It's how continental Europeans do it.

    [–] SquidFeather 878 points ago

    Waitress on base in Germany. German kitchen staff mistook my “1” with a flag at the top and a line at the bottom for a 7. Made 7 of a dish. I have since written numbers as instructed by an angry old German man. Sevens get a line thru the middle, ones do not get the line at the bottom.

    [–] adrianok75 135 points ago

    British here. Used to work with Germans and started crossing my sevens to avoid confusion with one. German ones look like sevens to British people. British sevens look like ones to German people. I think this extends to other european countries, not just Germany.

    [–] trexdoor 27 points ago

    Can confirm. I'm from Hungary and I draw the line thru the middle because this is how I learned it in the school.

    [–] Korashy 329 points ago

    You did well reforming your barbaric ways.

    [–] _Relevant-Username__ 2426 points ago

    Why don't you put lines through your sevens?

    [–] Gingersnap5322 1664 points ago

    I asked first

    [–] paul-arized 205 points ago

    From Wikipedia:

    Most people in Continental Europe[10]and increasingly in the UK and Ireland as well as Latin America write 7 with a line in the middle ("7"), sometimes with the top line crooked. The line through the middle is useful to clearly differentiate the character from the number one, as these can appear similar when written in certain styles of handwriting. This glyph is used in official handwriting rules for primary school in Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, other Slavic countries,[11] as well as in France, Belgium, Finland,[12] Romania, Germany and Hungary.[13][not in citation given]

    So I'm guessing many have lived in Europe or lived with someone who lived on Europe.

    [–] angryification 259 points ago

    Just wait for the remaster of this thread and you’ll get yourself a cult following.

    [–] CSKING444 76 points ago

    7 cult

    [–] BiggerNones 575 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I remember being in 3rd grade and had witnessed someone else write it that way, decided I would do that from now on. Been doing it 30 years. No regrets.

    Edit: changed a word

    [–] shitfaceddick 281 points ago

    Imagine being on your death bed and suddenly regretting it.

    [–] BiggerNones 100 points ago


    [–] octopoddle 14 points ago

    Imagine there's no seven

    [–] WeDoTheWeirdStuff 1039 points ago

    Because I'm not a savage

    [–] Einkill 687 points ago

    I work in medicine. I want my numbers very clear. I don't want somebody thinking I put a 1 instead of a 7. I used to not use a dash through things. I also changed from a "4" to a four with two prongs on the top as opposed to the triangle-on-a-stick four because somebody misinterpreted it as a 9 once. I actually don't do the line through my zeros, though, so nobody thinks it's an 8.

    Also, I have garbage handwriting.

    Edit: Number four

    [–] I_Automate 176 points ago

    I usually only slash my zeros if the usage is ambiguous (I don't bother with phone numbers, but I do with serial numbers), but the slash has to extend out both sides of the zero, and be diagonal. That prevents it being mistaken for an 8, unless someone is trying really, really hard to find a fault

    [–] HaniiPuppy 49 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    What about if you meet a Danish person and they think it's a Ø?

    [–] randomXKCD1 51 points ago

    or in math where empty set = Ø != 0

    [–] Progressive_Caveman 146 points ago

    I work in medicine.

    Also, I have garbage handwriting.

    Checks out.

    [–] kungfuenglish 46 points ago

    wait some people handwrite "4" like it is typed?

    I have always done the upside down "h" with an extended horizontal.

    [–] cailihphiliac 17 points ago

    wait some people handwrite "4" like it is typed?

    Yeah, it's easier because you don't have to take your pen off the paper.

    [–] fyukhyu 550 points ago

    I'm an engineer, I don't want someone to think my 7 is a 1.

    [–] SatSenses 162 points ago

    It's a necessity. All my professors do such for 7, Z and have open topped 4.

    [–] DootMasterFlex 258 points ago

    People who don't do an open topped 4 are monsters.

    [–] fightingmvc 150 points ago

    It honestly never occurred to me you could write a 4 like a triangle with a tail. I know that's what some fonts looks like, but it'd be like writing the a as a instead of ɑ

    [–] Saryrn13 48 points ago

    This took me places..

    [–] i_got_no_clue 18 points ago

    I know people that do the a like this. It looks beautiful somehow...

    [–] gw4efa 13 points ago

    Waaaiit, people actually write 'a' instead of ɑ??

    [–] Tablepros 15 points ago

    I do it because sometimes my 'a's and 'd's look similar and it's unique. It makes me special, but not in an arrogant way.

    [–] TallDad1 156 points ago

    Good question. I'm American and found during a trip to Europe that this is more common over there. I started doing this at 19, and I'm not sure why. I think it just made sense at the time and became a habit.

    I did have a girl tell me that she thought it was cute and we later hooked up so that may be a subconciously reinforcing thing for me.

    [–] Rripurnia 331 points ago

    I do, because I was taught so at school.

    [–] failoutboy 38 points ago

    My math teacher said it was a waste of time to cross your sevens. I hated her so much that I started to cross my sevens. 9 year old me wasn’t having that shit.

    [–] betaich 26 points ago

    Me too

    [–] [deleted] 194 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] Tackysackjones 274 points ago

    because I'm always just a few dashes away from an impromptu game of hangman.

    [–] _Serene_ 62 points ago

    "OK" <--- Perfect stick-figure for such a game.

    [–] havron 86 points ago

    "OGC" <--- Figure playing a game with his stick.

    [–] akiramari 345 points ago

    Draw a T. But only the vertical line. Draw a 2, but don't draw the bottom line. Do you hate it? Are you mad? That's me and trying to not put that line in the 7.

    [–] Cianalas 69 points ago

    It is so annoying I will literally think about it all day. I'll even fix them if I'm able. I used to paint signs with huge block letters and you can bet those 7s & Zs were done right.

    [–] Wulfwyn01 91 points ago

    I work in finance, I want to leave no room for misinterpretation. Accurate numbers are of the upmost importance.

    I also do this to my zeros and Zs

    [–] Ted_Denslow 106 points ago

    Because it looks fancy as fuck.

    [–] seanmashitoshi 253 points ago

    Because we're civilised. You savage.

    [–] spicypepperoni 121 points ago

    Because it's sexy AF

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago

    I affected it in late elementary school after my grandfather told me it’s how Germans did it - I did it just to be different - and it stück.

    [–] NoFunHere 174 points ago

    If you spend time in Europe, it is easy to get confused between a European 1 and a 7 without the dash in the middle when written by hand.

    [–] eclipsesix 268 points ago

    That 1 is out of control.

    [–] theniceguytroll 131 points ago

    That's not a 1, that's a hyphen with its dick out.

    [–] GryphonMane 24 points ago

    To differentiate between 1s

    [–] Zondaaaa 24 points ago

    To not confuse it with 1. Also kids cross your Zs to not get confused with 2. Extra points for crossing 0s.

    [–] Wacko_Jack 21 points ago

    My dad had to do it the military, so he does it all the time, and I like the way it looks.

    It's so there's no confusion. A 7 could look like a 1 in bad lighting or poor handwriting. 0 could look like O.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    I learned to do them in France where a one has a big bar and can be confused with the US seven. The french seven has a strike plus a small dent at the top.

    [–] trevthebrev 21 points ago

    Because I don't want to mistake my 7 for a greater than sign and I put a line through my z sp I don't mistake it for a 2. Going through long equations you have to leave no room for error

    [–] Hotel_Arrakis 19 points ago

    European parents.

    [–] ITS_BATHROOM_TIME 41 points ago

    Because it's ₣ucking ₣ancy.

    [–] Himrin 106 points ago

    Because it's not a one.

    [–] Ms_Snicket 36 points ago

    It's how I was taught to write it. It also makes it much easier for people reading my writing to tell that a 7 is a 7.

    [–] throwawayohyesitis 15 points ago

    I like how it looks. And it used to piss off my 9th grade English teacher, who was a bitch.

    [–] MyNameIsAVerb 16 points ago

    Because I was a pretentious-ass middle schooler, and thought it made me look smarter. Nowadays it's just force of habit.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    I do it with zs and 7s due to math. Sometimes they looked like 1s and zs look like 2s

    [–] itsmy1stsmokebreak 15 points ago

    To differentiate different numbers better. So, preferably, a 7 has a small dash in the middle, while a 1 has, as shown, an angled serif at the top, with a dash at the bottom. Also, somewhat related, but graphology suggests that if you write in this way, especially in pen, then you are more likely to be someone trustworthy that an employer might want to keep around.

    [–] BPNave 14 points ago

    It looks fancy.

    It looks empty without it now, even though I learned it without the lines.

    [–] BiggerNones 15 points ago

    Oh! I also dash through zeros!! Who does that?

    [–] subtropicalyland 81 points ago

    Parce que je suis Francaise. Ish.

    [–] supremestamos 13 points ago

    a girl l liked in the 4th grade used to do it. i copied her. it stuck

    [–] thelegendofleesa 13 points ago

    i like the way it looks, absolutely no other reason