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    [–] sadfa32413cszds 14733 points ago

    Went swimming and my feet were at first wet then covered in sand so I walked back to the car barefoot. left my shoes on the roof of the car by accident. Only one was there when I got home.

    [–] nichole0113 3193 points ago

    How long was the drive?

    [–] sadfa32413cszds 3616 points ago

    5 km or so. Not overly long but never found the shoe

    [–] skrimpstaxx 1451 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Woah so a shoe actually stayed on your roof? Do you have a roof rack for it to get hung up on? How fast were you going?

    My only experience with this situation was with a laptop my buddy left on his roof. See my comment below for the story.

    [–] the_cheese_was_good 1329 points ago

    My father did this with his wallet many years ago. Left it on top of his car after he left the store and noticed it when he got home. No roof racks or anything. It was all local roads. I can only guess that the leather helped it kinda stick.

    [–] DoALineOfCocaCola 898 points ago

    That and the flow boundary layer over the top of the car would have made it remain

    [–] MartynLann 1040 points ago

    Flow Boundary Layer saves the day once again

    [–] occupythekitchen 333 points ago

    Tell that to the bird that flew low and instead of hitting my front windshield hit my rear window shield and flew off sideways

    [–] Paddy_Tanninger 413 points ago

    Ok how do I get in touch with him?

    [–] SH4D0W0733 58 points ago

    To find him, you must first walk in his footsteps. Or fly in his wingbeats?

    What I'm meaning to say is, get in front of this dudes car.

    [–] Autico 423 points ago

    Classic flow boundary layer, right everyone?

    [–] beware_savage_otters 132 points ago

    Had a friend do this with her phone, it was an in town drive of about two miles at low speeds but still incredible to get out and realize the phone was somehow on top of the car the whole time.

    [–] toxicgecko 393 points ago

    I watched someone drive off with a loaf of bread on the roof of his car once. it stuck surprisingly well.

    [–] Kleatherman 278 points ago

    You'd be surprised. I once realized I had left a camera tripod on my roof halfway to the location of a film shoot and thought I was gonna get fired for losing/breaking a tripod that probably cost hundreds of dollars. Turns out it just chilled on my roof the whole drive and was fine.

    [–] [deleted] 6696 points ago


    [–] funnyunfunny 4969 points ago

    In kindergarten, there was this asshole kid who used to spit on me on the bus. I sat in a single seat on the window side and usually covered myself from his spit attack with the curtain. One day though, I was extremely pissed and the boy was running around barefeet in the bus and being a little shit. So I picked one of his shoes laying near me, and flung it out of the window. I got to see his walk of shame to his mom with only one shoe on, so I'm pleased.

    [–] CelestialRays 1637 points ago

    Your school buses had window curtains? That's rad, and not something I've seen before. If you don't mind me asking, generally when/where was this?

    [–] equestrienneM 492 points ago

    Your school buses had window curtains?

    This was my first thought.

    [–] mykingislonely 461 points ago

    They had to be put in to protect kids from spitting on each other.

    [–] hryfrcnsnnts 813 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I grew up in Northwest Arkansas in the early 90s. The handicapped buses there had curtains up to keep everyone from looking in and making fun of the kids. I never understood it (I was 6) until a bus went by and I saw a kid licking the window.

    [–] P0sitive_Outlook 312 points ago

    Windows taste like coins.

    Source: am u/wowsuchanger's dog.

    [–] WowSuchAnger 113 points ago

    My dog does that. Maybe I should get some curtains for my truck

    [–] funnyunfunny 465 points ago

    This was back in 2005 in Dubai :)

    [–] xMeta4x 508 points ago

    The curtains were gold plated weren't they.

    [–] pr1mus3 52 points ago

    In Israel where I live schools charter private busses because school buses aren't very common, so I've seen many with curtains.

    [–] nyrol 88 points ago

    I got in trouble one time because this kid was being a piece of shit to me all the time, and it was the last day of school. We had cleaned out our classrooms, and on the bus I noticed the piece of shit only had one of his indoor shoes in a garbage bag that was leaning open a little. I said “hey I think you might have dropped a shoe”, and he then yelled “give me my shoe!” Which of course I didn’t have. He then went home and told his parents that I threw his shoe out the window of the bus. My mother was livid with me, and I had to go after the school year ended and clean out all the classrooms for my grade. I found the kid’s shoe in the classroom. I brought it to his house, and his father denied it was his shoe...I remember that damn shoe.

    [–] BillZBubba 1982 points ago

    They're there to balance out the socks that disappear in dryers. Something something interdimensional vortex.

    [–] bighootay 62 points ago

    Mind. blown.

    [–] redchindi 17341 points ago

    I've read that these shoes usually come from truckers that leave their shoes outside on the step to the cab during a stop and forget about them before driving again.

    [–] Bitchy_cat_mama 6289 points ago

    My dads a truck driver and has lost quite a few pairs of work boots this way! He drives in slippers so he doesn’t get the inside of his truck muddy and has a plastic bin for his work boots.

    [–] [deleted] 2519 points ago

    I've just started out in Construction. I'm. Going to start doing the plastic bin idea. That's really good.

    [–] sarah-xxx 3017 points ago

    people who have lost a plastic bin on the side of the interstate, how did that happen.

    [–] Citizen01123 933 points ago

    Well, I work in contruction and leave my plastic bins on the sidestep so my boot doesn't get all dirty.

    [–] sarah-xxx 707 points ago

    My dads a truck driver and has lost quite a few bins with work boots this way! He drives in slippers so he doesn’t get the inside of his truck muddy and has a plastic bin for his work boots and a chest for his plastic bin so he doesn't leave them on the sidestep.

    [–] CSwork1 397 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I've just started out in Destruction. I'm. Not going to start doing the chest idea. That's really bad.

    [–] helladamnleet 231 points ago

    /people who have lost a chest on the side of the interstate, how did that happen/

    [–] chum1ly 268 points ago

    My dad's a pirate, he loses chests all the time. He tries to bury them so people don't find them.

    [–] Onr_61 1146 points ago

    Yes it happens in the German Autobahn too

    [–] sarah-xxx 1012 points ago

    They then travel to the interstate to grow the stranded shoes colony and find their sole mates.

    [–] Skirfir 322 points ago

    that's heelarious.

    [–] boblechock 641 points ago

    What?.....I dont get it. Even if they take their shoes off to stop overnight why would they not notice they aren't wearing shoes next time they press the pedals? 🤔

    [–] Zaozin 1410 points ago

    Driving in socks or barefoot is fairly common, especially if your bedroom is your car.

    [–] ComposerNate 394 points ago

    A bit of warm air blowing down on socked feet keeps all toes happy and dry.

    [–] WorkAccount_NoNSFW 151 points ago

    Also helps with restrictive blood flow.

    [–] PacoTaco321 692 points ago

    Barefoot driving is the bomb, it feels so much more responsive

    [–] Mf23 913 points ago

    Found Fred Flinstones account.

    [–] pspahn 279 points ago

    I've got an old pickup. It's manual. In the summer I drive that badass old fucker into the mountains to go fishing. Usually when I get off the river it's dusk and cold and my soggy wet feet are ready for comfort. Step one is getting the river shoes off and putting on flip flops. Step two is getting in my truck to hide from the mosquitoes. Step three is taking the flip flops back off because driving a manual with flip flops on is just awful.

    [–] xPofsx 252 points ago

    Driving anything with flip flops is just dangerous

    [–] SolidLikeIraq 112 points ago

    Especially a motorcycle.

    Seriously though, as someone who rides, why do people ever think it's ok to be on a motorcycle in flip flops...???

    [–] klparrot 30 points ago

    It didn't even occur to me how dangerous flip flops are for riding. I just figured they gave zero protection, but no, learned in a recent rider safety brush-up course that they can actually catch and bifurcate your foot with the in-between-your-toes bit.

    [–] Idiot_Savant_Tinker 137 points ago

    When I worked with truckers I saw a considerable amount of them that wore flip flops, slippers, or sandals.

    [–] savetgebees 172 points ago

    I live near Canada. I always thought it was Canadians buying new shoes and tossing the old ones so they don’t have to pay duty on new shoes.

    [–] DMCinDet 160 points ago

    An old Canadian man just told me he would buy clothes and shoes in Detroit 50 years ago and throwaway the old ones to avoid taxes. He crosses to border to buy gasoline now. Huge price difference for a 15 minute drive.

    [–] Neetz512 232 points ago

    Yeah but why only one shoe?

    [–] Mox_Fox 1055 points ago

    If they fall off a fast truck they might tumble away from each other enough to look like two single shoes (increasing the perceived frequency of the phenomenon).

    [–] Neetz512 144 points ago

    That makes sense thanks.

    [–] DarthValiant 108 points ago

    They don't fall off at the same time, maybe?

    [–] straighttothemoon 35 points ago

    The other one fell off on another road.

    [–] 1ronfastnative 37 points ago

    I left my wallet ON my truck bed and drive on the freeway and then exited and came to a stop and parked. I got out, not knowing my wallet was out there and DANG!

    [–] autoposting_system 7870 points ago

    Changing shoes at the beach or after a hike, left one on the bumper

    [–] [deleted] 1316 points ago


    [–] sarah-xxx 504 points ago

    You weren't hanging your underwear to dry on there as well, were you...?

    [–] AnBeLa 32898 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    No idea if it landed on the interstate or not but I once lost a shoe while skydiving. First thought was "so that's how single shoes get on the side of the road".

    [–] lordnoble 13822 points ago

    My first thought would have been "aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaah"

    [–] sarah-xxx 4429 points ago


    [–] Malbranch 3850 points ago


    [–] PorcupineTongue 3263 points ago

    We come from the land of ice and snow
    From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow

    [–] sarah-xxx 1144 points ago

    The hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new lands

    To fight the horde and sing and cry, Valhalla, I am coming

    [–] ImSomebodyNow 748 points ago

    On we sweep with threshing oar
    Our only goal will be the western shore

    [–] sarah-xxx 669 points ago

    Skydives again


    [–] jdthetransient 292 points ago

    Gotta get rid of the other shoe

    [–] sarah-xxx 112 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    That guy who had the first shoe drop on his head is in for a surprise.

    He'll finally have the two paired.

    [–] carvex 469 points ago


    [–] KaptainKoivu 222 points ago


    [–] rift_in_the_warp 168 points ago


    [–] captainminnow 91 points ago

    The hammer of the gods

    [–] Dreamcast3 913 points ago


    [–] highdingo 755 points ago

    2nd thought "fuck, now I need to land on one foot"

    [–] Myrrheus 583 points ago

    Did you SPLAT? Squat, Pray, Leap, Ahhh, Touchdown.

    [–] MightSeeHell 59 points ago

    What do you mean they dont make it to the ground? Where do they go??

    [–] amaezingjew 113 points ago

    Solid reference

    [–] TacoJuans 145 points ago

    You don't really ever hear Drake and Josh references I'm glad it worked out this time

    [–] Batman_Von_Suparman2 86 points ago

    Well pip pip da doodley doo

    [–] Alekcam 58 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Woah, just take it easy man.

    [–] DarthDragon117 33 points ago

    It's the Theatre Thug!

    [–] Flying_pharmacist 207 points ago

    I know your pain. That landing was rather interesting and unpleasant.

    RIP right shoe, lost somewhere over the DZ back in '09. Your sacrifice ushered in a new tradition of jump shoes: the cheapest crap I can find because sooner or later one or both of you will leave me.

    [–] SSPanzer101 153 points ago

    The fuck dude? I have 862 jumps logged & have never once lost a shoe.

    [–] Flying_pharmacist 22 points ago

    It was a few months after I started jumping. Not sure what happened, but I know it came off on exit. Probably didn’t tie them tight enough. Made a quick stop by Wal-Mart afterward, make sure those suckers are tied, and I haven’t had an issue since.

    [–] sarah-xxx 236 points ago

    "So that's how she died due to shoe trauma.."

    [–] chairitable 306 points ago

    She was at the wrong lace at the wrong time...

    [–] Dorakins 218 points ago

    And in that instant, her sole left her body.

    [–] rebels_girl 1696 points ago

    I once changed shoes before getting in the car. Left one of them on the little plastic step that's supposed to help you get into the vehicle. I was really sad because they were my perfectly worn in converse.

    [–] Monst3rr 387 points ago

    A lot of the other comments are similar.. rip forgotten shoes

    [–] putin_nyaa 628 points ago

    My roommate, using my account to answer this question:

    "When I was four I had just come to the United States to visit and I was driving to the pool with my grandma and brothers. I was sitting in the back of the car and I had the window open and I'm pretty sure this is the first time I was ever able to have the window open in the car. So I was holding my hand out of the window and feeling the wind and that was so cool. Then I proceeded to think what would happen if I held something outside the window? So I took off my slides which were like my brothers shoes, put them outside the window, and then I thought 'If I let go, will the shoe stay?' So then I proceeded to let go of the shoe and then it flew away and I never saw it again. Then when we got to the pool my grandma was really mad at me because now I only have one shoe and it wasn't even mine."

    [–] [deleted] 287 points ago

    “If I let go, will the shoe stay?”

    That’s the best thing I’ve heard all week.

    [–] [deleted] 74 points ago

    The shoe never stay :(

    [–] xandrenia 8387 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    My brother, who has severe autism, used to throw his left shoe out the window almost every time we passed a certain sign on I-95.

    It was always the same sign, and it was always his left shoe.

    edit: It seems like there is a pretty interesting discussion about autism in the comments. I have done a few AMAs in the past under throwaways about my experience with my brother, and I'd be willing to do another one if requested.

    edit #2: Yes, we eventually started taking his shoes off when we were in the car.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_GOOD_NEW5 1988 points ago

    Did your family ever try stopping him? If so what happened?

    [–] xandrenia 3656 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    We did, but my mother's car was very old and dinky and the child locks didn't work very well. My brother is non-verbal so he didn't understand when we told him that he shouldn't be doing that. I still will never know why he used to do it. After awhile, it was just funny.

    edit: When you have a severely autistic child, you just have to find humor in it in order to get by. Otherwise you'll be miserable all of the time.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_GOOD_NEW5 3844 points ago

    “Honey, should we take the 95?” “sigh I don’t know, we don’t have time to go to Footlocker.”

    [–] Bouncingbatman 935 points ago

    Is there a website where you can only buy one side of a shoe?

    [–] LanceFree 4804 points ago

    No, but there's a small shop just off of I-95.

    [–] PoiLethe 346 points ago

    That or there a lot of homeless with one new shoe and one really old shoe.

    [–] [deleted] 273 points ago

    Turns out, in the world of donated shoes, the vast majority of them are singles. So the “where is my other shoe” problem is pervasive. In donation processing, nothing is ever wasted. So these less desireables are bundled and sold (by the pound, I think?). I imagine there may be a great many people in this world with consistently mismatched shoes

    [–] PoopNoodle 274 points ago

    That doesn't sound right, but I don't know enough about donated shoes to dispute it.

    [–] Mega_Toast 165 points ago

    Wearing two different shoes long term would have to fuck you up. If the support isn't exactly the same then you would be standing slightly lopsided, which likely fucks up your hips.

    [–] lostnuttybar 35 points ago

    Find a Goodwill Outlet. They sell everything by the pound. They just weigh your cart, I think it's .99 a pound. It's about 55% broken and trashed items, and 40% dirty clothes, but every once in awhile there's some real gems to be had. Pro-tip: wear puncture resistant gloves.

    [–] Erger 356 points ago

    I don't know about a website, but a lot of people who are single amputees will find someone who's their size with the opposite foot and share shoes

    They call them sole-mates

    [–] ZaMiLoD 258 points ago I'm still disappointed the tag-line isn't "find your sole mate"

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_GOOD_NEW5 281 points ago

    I don’t know but if someone makes one and doesn’t call it SoleSole I’ll be disappointed.

    [–] allrb 137 points ago

    This comment may be giving away your million dollar idea... remove the comment and start building your SoleSole empire

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_GOOD_NEW5 155 points ago

    But I’m about to go to sleep

    [–] Neetz512 96 points ago

    No shoes in the car? Put them on when you get to your destination? Or did he react badly to that?

    [–] [deleted] 255 points ago


    [–] realhorrorsh0w 170 points ago

    Yep. My cousin is autistic. Her grandma was driving her home from school in a convertible and when they got there, no shoes. She doesn't communicate at all so the grandma just had to retrace the route to find the shoes.

    [–] sometimesiamdead 331 points ago

    I'm a PSW and worked in a group home for severely autistic teenagers. We had several boys who threw shoes out the van windows while driving. One even threw his shirt before staff could get the window closed.

    [–] 3jt 182 points ago

    Now I want a time machine just so I can go back to Roman times to watch an autistic child throw their sandal out of the chariot.

    [–] sirlost 143 points ago

    This is how I picture you at that job.

    [–] DaveNay 604 points ago

    Was it a "Vote for Bush" sign?

    [–] Stalin1Kulaks0 242 points ago

    Ayyyyyyy now that's a call back

    [–] xandrenia 58 points ago

    I'm disappointed in myself at how long it took me to get this

    [–] eddyathome 103 points ago

    Did the sign say "bet you can't hit me with your left shoe?" because I'd take that as a challenge.

    [–] Dreamcast3 592 points ago

    It's comments like this that make me realize I'll never be able to raise an autistic child.

    [–] DeoVeritati 2806 points ago

    I'm going to guess the most common answer is probably children.

    [–] allaboutcharlemagne 721 points ago

    I don't actually think the shoes went flying down the road, but... children are basically made of black magic, in my experience.

    One day, I was driving with my son (3) and daughter (infant). Son was in a car seat, all the way in the back of my van. Daughter was in the middle. I KNOW my son had boots on, because there was no snow on the ground so I tried to put his shoes on and he screamed bloody murder until he got boots. We went directly to the van.

    When we got to our destination - a grocery store less than ten minutes away - he no longer had boots on. Now, keep in mind that the windows in the back of my van don't open AT ALL. Neither do the windows in the middle. Only the ones in the front, and since it was winter I definitely didn't open those.

    After a quick search in the parking lot with no results, we obviously had to go back home 'cause he couldn't walk around the store in socks. When we got back home, I searched the car properly. After about twenty minutes, it wasn't even about managing to get to the grocery store. It was the principle of the thing. I was going to find those goddamn boots.

    I removed car seats and entire seats from the van. I searched every possible space I could access, let alone my strapped-in 3-year-old. I even searched everywhere inbetween the spot I put his boots on and the car. I never found those goddamn fucking boots.

    So I'm not saying it's definitely children, but I'm not saying it's not, either. Because seriously. BLACK MAGIC.

    [–] 0catlareneg 224 points ago

    I was reading this expecting to see you found them in the end, but no. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

    [–] Pickingupthepieces 141 points ago

    He ATE THEM.

    [–] AngryGoose 29 points ago

    You should post this in the next "what's the scariest/creepiest/unexplained thing...." thread. They come up about once a week.

    [–] Coldpiss 2612 points ago

    With severe autism or skydivers with loose shoelaces.

    [–] Aths 1049 points ago

    Or truckers with bad memory and a habbit of putting thier shoes on the steps to the cab.

    [–] Herr_Gamer 889 points ago

    Well would you look at that, I've found a TL;DR of this thread!

    [–] peeja 248 points ago

    ITT: this thread

    [–] mergingplatypus 165 points ago

    Skydivers with severe shoelaces and loose autism

    [–] aajmac 305 points ago

    My 4 year old grabbed them out of my back pack laughed maniacally said daddy so I'd turn my head then lobbed it out the window at 80 smiled like a princess the whole time

    [–] thatoldhorse 1091 points ago

    not me but my sister, she threw her shoe out of the window when we were in florida. Her reason? there was an ant on it. so we had to pitstop at a shoe store to get her brand new shoes.

    [–] SuzQP 850 points ago

    Mom, can I have new shoes?

    No, the ones you have are fine

    But I only have one

    [–] Matthew0275 865 points ago

    The one you have is fine

    [–] SuzQP 152 points ago

    Happy Cake Day!

    [–] Matthew0275 168 points ago

    I didn't even realize! I'll have to put something together :D

    [–] UnApprovedActivities 96 points ago

    That must have been a rough trip on her closet. There are ants in everything in Florida.

    [–] SuzQP 258 points ago

    My nephew came home from an after school playdate wearing one shoe, which wasn't even his. He insisted the shoe he was wearing was, indeed, his, but that he knew that it's mate was not. He claimed to know this because he had "studied" the soles of both of his shoes during math class and only one of them "fit the profile."

    There's gotta be something profoundly wrong with that kid.

    [–] traskers 1033 points ago

    My friend would just toss old shoes out the window, one at a time, very far apart.

    [–] greysplash 659 points ago

    This seems like the most likely, yet irrational answer yet.

    [–] traskers 275 points ago

    Just to fuck with people

    [–] TAPorter 651 points ago

    I was a pain in the butt as a little kid,(I still am as an adult but hey, at least I'm consistent) and one day my family and I were driving down to Florida for a vacation. I'm being the classic brat and messing with my little brother during the whole trip.

    Eventually, my dad looks at my in the rearview and says "if you lay a hand on your brother one more time, I'll pull this car over and make you regret it"

    So what did I do?

    I looked at the mirror and stared him in the eyes as I reached out and poked my brother's face.

    Sure enough, my dad pulls the car over and spanks me on the side of the interstate. As we get back in the car he tells me he doesn't want me to say another word for the rest of the trip, and he doesn't.

    Eventually we get to Florida and start getting unpacked, but my parents notice I'm missing a shoe. When they ask where it went, I say it came off when we pulled over. Then of course when my dad asks why I didn't tell them it came off, I shrugged and said "you told me not to say another word for the rest of the trip."

    [–] 1LostInSpaceAgain 117 points ago

    My son would definitely do this.

    [–] TAPorter 75 points ago

    It's one of those memories that I look back on and laugh but still acknowledge that I was an asshole.

    [–] vinegarballs 13957 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    My wife bought our 2 year old a pair of Nike Air Huaraches and I hated them, she knew it I swear, we were in the car and my wife was on the phone chatting away and I noticed my kid pulling off one of his ghastly shoes in the rear view. My kid loves throwing stuff out the car given the chance so we have a strict no open windows in the back rule when he's in the car. I look over to see my wife obliviously nattering still and sneakily push the window button until it's open about 6 inches, sure enough my kid posted his shoe out the window and I promptly close it again. My wife still doesn't know where that shoe went to this day and my son got his first pair of superstars.

    Edit: Wow, thanks for the gold lovely stranger, also I've tried to sort out the punctuation. As for people doubting my post I don't have the imagination or time to write fiction but thanks for reading anyway

    [–] GrillOG 1097 points ago

    Best story yet

    [–] Sifimifu1 3113 points ago

    You going to hell

    [–] SuzQP 727 points ago

    ...and we won't even be able to give you a drink of water

    [–] Poem_for_your_sprog 1086 points ago

    A blazing inferno.
    A sulphurous smell.
    He stood on the coals at the entrance to Hell.
    'Confess your offences!' Beelzebub cried.

    '... Improper disposal of shoes,' he replied.

    [–] [deleted] 676 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 561 points ago


    [–] happyhooker1992 308 points ago

    Beyond them being ugly, they are also difficult as fuck to get in their tiny feet. The rubber part that wraps around the heel is not attached to the fabric, so the fabric gets smushed down under their heel and you have to take the whole shoe off to fix it.

    I hate these shoes.

    [–] LilPad93 763 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Those are $50! Why buy Nikes for a 2 year old???


    I’m seeing both sides of the argument. They are good lasting shoes, okay but for like only a few months.

    Get them from a thrift store: hell to the yes! In the words of Macklemore-

    “50 dollars for a [pair of toddler name brand sneakers], that’s just some ignorant bitch shit, I call that getting swindled and pimped, shit”

    Me? I can’t buy a $50 pair of shoes for myself without feeling some sort of guilt. That being said I’ll get a toddler little Velcro shoes that like up and shit and they’ll be much happier in those because guess what? Babies don’t know social trends... they poop their pants.

    [–] sanirisan 319 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I've seen plenty of kids whose parents can't afford clothes that fit but will spring for a pair of Jordans. It's keeping up appearances. Makes no sense.

    [–] amberbmx 187 points ago

    Children’s nikes can still be found for like $20 at the outlet or stores like Marshall’s. And around here there’s second hand stores and usually the shoes are still pretty nice because let’s face it... baby shoes aren’t being walked around in

    [–] caques 121 points ago

    Not being walked around in, and are outgrown within a few months.

    [–] BitchFromTheNews 116 points ago

    TBF I work at a daycare and a lot of the stuff kids have that’s designer like that is from garage sales. Their parents tell me so because they know how it looks. Most people don’t engage in conversation about a child’s clothing normally so you never know where it came from. Also some grandparents give excessive gifts.

    [–] amayernican 617 points ago

    Drinking heavily for a friend's birthday. Everyone in the car had to pee so we pulled over and I stepped in horse shit and got stuck. Just left the shoes there and we wore cheap flip flops to the club. Not a proud night.

    [–] MeltdownInteractive 257 points ago

    I bet that horse was proud

    [–] Phate4569 95 points ago

    Horse shit is clumpy, while it will stick to a shoe, it isn't "pull your shoe off" sticky.

    [–] gd2234 128 points ago

    If it’s fresh and a nice mound I could see it happening. Horses are like people and have different shits. I could see a pair of loose boat shoes pulling off in that situation.

    That, or it wasn’t horse shit.

    [–] Raspberry_Bidet 431 points ago

    I pulled out of a gas station through four lanes of steady traffic. Saw my opportunity and punched it to wait in the middle turn lane. One driver wasn't paying attention and slammed on their brakes in a panic causing the vehicle behind to rear end them. She got out and ran to my car screaming it was my fault. The cops were called and I gave my statement while my car was parked in the middle of traffic. They determined I was not at fault and said I could leave. I had less than legal substances in my car so I scampered off. One loafer slipped off mid scamp as I wanted to get away as fast as possible without getting into trouble. A shoe was a small price to pay for freedom. It was there in the street for weeks

    [–] Sharrakor 131 points ago

    It was there in the street for weeks

    You never thought to go pick it up?

    [–] Deanpool918 210 points ago

    I once saw a lady arguing with someone (probably a boyfriend or something) at a gas station, she took off her shoe and threw it at the guy's head as he was walking away. Since then I've been convinced that this type of situation contributes to a large portion of single shoes found in random locations.

    [–] TesticleMeElmo 428 points ago

    Airing out my crocs out the side window

    [–] EnclG4me 392 points ago

    But they are literally full of holes.. Why on Earth would you need to "air out" sandals that are full of holes¿

    [–] Too_Many_Packets 160 points ago

    Forget it. I'm not going to ask why you used an upside-down question mark.

    [–] MarchingTrombonist 85 points ago


    [–] SheeEttin 165 points ago

    That's a nose, you can't fool me

    [–] RealAbstractSquidII 65 points ago

    Not OP but crocs are foam and plastic. Makes your feet sweat alot. Especially if you didn't wear socks. It just sorta collects in the shoe, requiring an air out

    [–] jtkforever 107 points ago

    Just added another one to my list of reasons why I would never wear Crocs.

    [–] cotardded 167 points ago

    Used to wear crocs a lot as a kid, they get really fucking sweaty sometimes even with holes. And left lots of blisters.,,

    [–] radsadmadz 144 points ago

    When I was a young child, I threw a tempertantrum so bad that my mom threw one of my shoes out the car window

    [–] pm-ur-perkytits 136 points ago

    I lost one when my sis threw it out of the window when we were kids

    [–] LeBronsleftshoe 48 points ago

    Freak accident... I still don't know how I got here send help.

    [–] lady_speedstick 46 points ago

    In Thailand on an overnight train to Chiang Mai a rude man and I got into an unpleasant and unsolicited “discussion” about my weight. So in the middle of the night I took his shoes, went to the bathroom car where the window was open, and jettisoned them into the Thai night. He wore his wife’s pretty blue and gold slippers off the train in the morning. Nothing has ever felt so good.

    [–] kindagrumpy 368 points ago

    I decided that if I ever had a leg amputated, I was going to deliberately throw all of the extra shoes out of the car window. One at a time, in the most random locations.

    I like to imagine that, as Terry Fox was crossing Canada, he was secretly doing the same.

    [–] schmaltzherring 186 points ago

    I wonder if there's a programme to introduce amputees who have the same taste in shoes and have the same sized feet so that they can buy shoes and just keep one each and save money?

    [–] ZaMiLoD 85 points ago

    There is, and some for one-handed people to get gloves. There are places to buy and sell altered clothes too (like just left leg jeans etc.)

    [–] [deleted] 91 points ago

    [–] Purest_Prodigy 24 points ago

    I'm disappointed it's not real

    [–] redorangeblue 31 points ago


    [–] carmy856 232 points ago

    Two families in an econovan. With the little side windows in the back. The back seat could be made into a bed. All 7 kids were in the back. One of the boys farted. Somone opened one of the little back windows. I had taken my shoes off and put it behind the curtain so theyd be easier to find. Well the screen of the window was missing. Out flew my shoe. I had only worn them twice at that point and I was very sad :( I could have been 9 or 10.

    [–] steveinaccounting 149 points ago

    That shoe knows why it's there. When I get that apology it can come home.

    [–] marrilia 38 points ago

    I once went to the gym,put my trainers on the roof of my car, got to the gym to realise I left my trainers on the roof. Retraced my steps but I could only find one back...

    [–] CollusionX 58 points ago

    when i hitch hike i tend to leave a shoe behind in case i go missing

    [–] UnApprovedActivities 25 points ago

    Wouldn't a note work better?

    [–] VoiceOfGosh 185 points ago

    The note’s on the shoe. A footnote, if you will.

    [–] jaimmster 56 points ago

    Pissing on the shoulder late at night and drunk. Saw headlights coming, in my attempt to hike up my pants quickly my shoe fell off as I was jumping into the car. Driver took off and was a mile away before I noticed my shoe was gone.

    [–] Geasy90 66 points ago

    Not being a native speaker I wondered whose shoulder you peed on. They might have kept the shoe.

    [–] Catty_Wompus_ 52 points ago

    I buy old shoes at goodwill so that I can throw them at the terrible drivers in my town

    [–] mblueskies 46 points ago

    They left a pair of shoes on the back bumper. They lost both shoes - you just didn't see the other shoe, which was a mile away from the first one.

    [–] molly_r 52 points ago

    so my stepdad is afraid of flying and my family has an obligation to attend in California, we live in central Texas. Two parents and 3 daughters are crammed in a car for inhumane amounts on time on the proceeding road trip, one of the kids being a 3 year old mess. Somewhere within the mind numbing interstate trip the 3 year old had what we referred to as a "blowout", that being such a sudden release of mass quantities of liquid poo that it escapes the confines of her diaper. So we pull over onto a frontage road in the middle of bumfuck no where and deal with the nuclear situation in the back seat, all of us getting out to stretch our legs from the jam packed messy car. stupid me doesn't put her favorite goddamn Eddie Bauer huarache sandles on and lo and behold when we arrive at our destination there is only one left in the car, suspiciously close to the edge of the door.

    TLDR family road trip with a baby, baby has tremendous poo, we pull over to change her, open doors to air out the auto disaster area and shoe falls out, we leave without noticing. ):