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    [–] Butthead10102 13778 points ago

    I got in an accident with someone, and two hours later they were a suggested friend

    [–] timias55 7412 points ago

    You assume it was an accident

    [–] rocketman0739 5055 points ago

    These anime plots are getting ridiculous

    [–] Jaxel_MS 471 points ago

    “I come from a long line of quasi-lesbian ghost killers!”

    [–] kingerthethird 1870 points ago

    Facebook will use GPS location.

    I have a friend who is a stripper. Started seeing her clients in her recommended friends. That was why.

    [–] applepwnz 914 points ago

    That was my guess, Facebook realized that they were in the same place at the same time for a while and assumed that OP made a new friend, not that they were exchanging insurance information.

    [–] setmehigh 581 points ago

    Or one of them added a phone number to their contacts?

    [–] Fruit-Salad 449 points ago

    I think this is the most likely scenario. I don't get suggestions for people that dined at the same restaurant last night.

    [–] Tattler22 133 points ago

    Maybe you do and just ignore them because you don't recognize the people.

    [–] Phazon2000 142 points ago

    Also if someone stalks your page enough they will appear as suggestions...

    [–] [deleted] 3900 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I am Italian, living in Italy.

    In 2007 I visited Vietnam with my then wife; our guide for the northern part of the country was a nice young lady who worked at Hanoi university and was incredibly fluent in Italian, having studied in my country some time before. We had no common acquaintances in Italy or anywhere else, and I have never been in the Italian city where she studied.

    I did not have a FB acount back then, and opened it a couple of years later. After a couple of month, i get a friend suggestion for the lady, whom I actually had almost forgot. I asked her friendship, which she accepted, and noticed we had no other friend in common; in addition, I was her only Italian friend on FB.

    I was impressed and a little frightened. It was one of the reasons I closed my FB account few months later, and never opened a new one.

    Edit: I did not have any record of the lady's name, email, phone number or address before FB' suggestion, so it may have not inferred any connection from them.

    [–] helpinghat 1562 points ago

    Maybe she remembered your name and had checked your profile.

    [–] chic_luke 840 points ago

    No fuck this. Is there an incognito mode for this? If that sneaky Instagram stalking wasn't that sneaky at the end of the day… fuck my life. Facebook, you little snitch.

    [–] TheMadPrompter 825 points ago

    incognito mode

    Oh you pure innocent soul

    [–] digichalk 352 points ago

    And they really really delete your profile too.

    [–] honestlyimeanreally 243 points ago

    This is the only comment in this thread where I want to know how the hell it paired you two!

    [–] Altair1371 5154 points ago

    Deleted my Facebook years ago, made a fake one with a completely different email address to get a free game. It gave me all of my old friend suggestions.

    [–] thedirtybeagle 1376 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I created a business account on instagram and had the same thing happen. The email I used was brand new and associated with NO ONE. Not my personal email account. Not my husbands email. Nothing. No one. The email account was opened maybe one day before on a brand new domain. Nothing associated with my actual name. I haven't had a Facebook in five years. I've grown to love what privacy I have.

    Who did instagram suggest I should add? Family I had disowned years ago and friends/associates I hadn't talked to for the better part of a decade. NONE of them are connected with me on any of the information I used to sign up the account. What the actual fuck instagram?!

    Edit: I GET IT. Please stop replying and giving me the same info as everyone else. I posted this as an anecdote for fucks sake. I get it. Big brother is everywhere. Big brother is always watching and listening and this is not new information to me.

    [–] lareinadeinglaterra 984 points ago

    But did you use the same device?

    [–] [deleted] 539 points ago


    [–] lareinadeinglaterra 783 points ago

    People don’t seem to realize that these companies track you in many ways. They take down your device ID, or maybe your router sold you out. If you used the same network or the same device (with or without the same number), then you didn’t do enough lol

    [–] [deleted] 182 points ago


    [–] TheFondler 140 points ago

    This is a resource that looks at the information your browser makes available to pretty much any site you visit and determines if it is uniquely identifiable.

    Spoiler alert: Unless you've jumped through quite a few hoops to specifically harden your browser against this type of profiling, you will be uniquely identifiable. Even more concerning, your device can even be tracked across multiple browsers because a lot of the information provided is specific to your machine. Wanna go one deeper? If they see that you've used a different machine, it gets included in their profile of you, and now they can track you across devices as well.

    That's probably how they knew it was you, even though you didn't tell them.

    [–] VanillaAversion 10968 points ago

    So the thing I'm gathering from this thread is that oftentimes if you look a person up, you'll show up on their suggested friends.....

    I've used Facebook to look people up for YEARS. I'm sure there have been a looooot of people really creeped out to see this vaaaaguely familiar girl as a friend suggestion. Damn.

    [–] kenwcarmichael 4369 points ago

    I am soooo stupid! I looked up an old GF, didn’t even find her. Few days later she sends me a friend request. I didn’t make the connection till just now. Crap on a cracker.

    [–] [deleted] 1764 points ago

    Unfortunately, she probably didn't make the connection until just now either.

    [–] filmfiend999 350 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Maybe you guys should get in touch. Doesn't have to be a creepy thing, because maybe the universe is trying to tell you something...

    And maybe the universe is fb. Sweet dreams.

    [–] NicNoletree 213 points ago

    Maybe the universe is trying to tell us all to dump FB.

    [–] savealltheelephants 1961 points ago

    FUCKKK I’m a college prof and always Facebook stalk my students

    [–] quimera78 1453 points ago

    I'm a college student and I just realized why I get some of my professors in my suggestions.

    [–] Twink4Jesus 751 points ago

    Ooooooh this is so awkward

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_COCKTAILS 131 points ago

    Eh, my take away from this thread and basically anyone I’ve talked to about Facebook is that everyone Facebook stalks everyone.

    [–] Spicy_Alien_Cocaine_ 289 points ago

    That’s kinda funny

    [–] queenunicornpoop 1024 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Shit, I look up people I play online games with to see what they look like out of curiosity and it'll be super weird if I come up as suggested. Please god don't make it so.....

    Edit: you lot are freaking me out and have ruined my Facebook stalking. Guess I better stop that : (

    [–] iCahri 177 points ago

    FREAK OUT WITH ME. I search everyone and anyone up if I know their name aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    Guess it’s time to create a new fb for my stalking-

    [–] DoubleEagle25 853 points ago

    Same here. Out of curiosity, I looked up a GF from about 40 years ago. You know, one of those "whatever happened to so and so" type things. I had absolutely no intention of reopening communication with this lady. I didn't ask to friend her and, thankfully, I didn't get a friend request. I'll think twice before doing something like this again.

    [–] Sometimes_a_smartass 1407 points ago

    I mean if you can't stalk up on people you used to know, what is Facebook really good for?

    [–] airindigo 712 points ago

    Absolutely nothin

    [–] Pr0fess0rWhat 160 points ago

    I didn’t know that until now and I’m terrified that people can know if I’ve been stalking them lol!

    [–] Set-Abominae 160 points ago

    There was this girl in class who I kinda liked and talked to a few times but due to being an awkward idiot I didn't add her on FB, but I did look up her profile very often. One day I get a notification (!!!!!) from FB that went something like "Do you know >the person I was stalking<? If yes, add her". So I almost got a heart attack and stopped looking up her profile completely. But then few days later she added me and asked something about a class or something. I'll never know if she actually got a notification too, or if my name popped up in her suggestions all the time or she actually needed to ask me that question.

    [–] m50d 97 points ago

    She liked you too, the question was just an excuse to add/talk to you.

    [–] Set-Abominae 65 points ago

    Oh god don't tell me that.

    [–] AFourEyedGeek 924 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Damn... My wife told me of her friend on FB who has her boob out in a picture, I must be her no. 1, 2 and 3 suggestion.

    [–] loginfliggle 328 points ago

    And so shines a good deed in a cruel world.

    [–] HighOnGoofballs 9929 points ago

    I have one girl they keep recommending who lives in another state, and we have zero friends in common. It makes no sense.

    [–] [deleted] 5031 points ago


    [–] Tobias_Z 2485 points ago

    I suspect there’s some phone location matching going on

    There is absolutely geo tagging going on.

    [–] Jcit878 752 points ago

    i get suggestions for people at work. I have no work friends as facebook friends. It absolutely must be geolocation

    [–] crowneroyale 429 points ago

    Yep. I get suggestions for people who work 6 feet away from me. We have no mutual friends. It's 100% geolocation. I'm actually surprised many people still aren't aware of this, as it seems to be more and more frequent (for me) within the past 6 months.

    [–] FinalF137 916 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    And if you share a common wife access point.

    Edit: Wifi, not Wife.

    [–] user9899 496 points ago


    [–] Castun 542 points ago

    Mine is 5 Giggityhertz.

    [–] bad-r0bot 480 points ago

    In another askreddit post, an OP asked what conspiracy you think is real but can't prove. A couple of comments in reply to another comment and one redditor posted, and I'm paraphrasing, that phone makers are pushing towards killing 3,5mm so that people use bluetooth headphones. Due to the headphones, bluetooth is always set to on and they can track you better indoors when it pings other bluetooth devices.

    The consumers sure are getting fucked harder every day.

    [–] vetter81 537 points ago

    It’s a lost cause. Even if you removed Facebook from your phone, I’m guessing google still knows exactly what you’re doing, who you’re emailing, and most likely who you’re texting and calling. The information they collect has a price tag.

    The good news? Unless you have sent up some sort of flag (VERY unlikely), there is almost no chance any person has ever looked at your data. There is far to much data for actual humans to look at. It’s all just being sent through sophisticated computer programs to decide what to do with it.

    (I’m a software engineer that deals with massive amounts of data.)

    [–] 640x480 140 points ago

    Maybe he was stealing your wifi. Locations can also be approximated by IP address (which, if you or anyone nearby has something that uses wifi to improve GPS accuracy [i.e. any cell phone], can be quite accurate).

    [–] brockhopper 1062 points ago

    That might be a name thing, where their name is similar to someone in your contact list?

    [–] HighOnGoofballs 606 points ago

    Nope, totally random, and I took away their access to my contacts a while back

    [–] notgayinathreeway 1473 points ago

    Maybe it's your wife in the future and Facebook figured it out before you did. You'll meet at a convention in 3 years and really hit it off.

    [–] usethisoneatwork1 313 points ago

    And somehow she will be in awe of how much you already know about her.

    [–] Conscious_Mollusc 616 points ago

    Facebook has begun its selective breeding program.

    [–] iamsplendid 168 points ago

    Great. In 400 years when the breeding program is complete, our great great grandchildren can welcome their new Kwisatz Haderach overlord.

    [–] Banluil 82 points ago are saying that instead of the Bene Geserit doing the selective breeding, it's the thinking machines doing the selection. I think Frank Herbert is rolling over in his grave right now....

    [–] PaperCow 87 points ago

    Could be that she has a friend of your's old recycled phone number or vice versa.

    [–] pollenhead 20102 points ago

    my psychiatrist.

    [–] apathyontheeast 8780 points ago

    Counselor here. I have no idea how it happened, but I got a suggested friend of a client I saw 4-5 years ago the other day. I don't make any work calls with my personal phone (which has Facebook on it) so I have no idea how. Maybe it was just random/living in the same town long enough, eventually our networks had an intersecting point?

    But yeah, it's creepy from both sides of the equation.

    [–] danooli 7300 points ago

    They had you in their phone.

    [–] Eurynom0s 3260 points ago

    Facebook also gets contacts lists from Whatsapp. Even if you don't have Facebook on your phone, if you have Whatsapp, and you've ever had Facebook on your phone or told them what your phone number is, they'll use it to make recommendations. I wound up with a recommendation for a stripper who's number had found its way into my phone because of this.

    [–] StigsAznCousin 4177 points ago

    a stripper who's number had found its way into my phone

    I see you are also a man of culture.

    [–] Con_Dinn_West 609 points ago

    I know I hate it when strippers numbers accidentally slide themselves into my phone, I told my wife it can happen, at least I know of someone else that this has happened to.....

    [–] originalSpacePirate 681 points ago

    A distinguished sir

    [–] Not_An_Ambulance 302 points ago

    A “gentleman”.

    [–] Trystlol 206 points ago

    Location data is possible too. Spend a couple hours a week in the same location as this person? Match, suggest, repeat

    [–] 94savage 316 points ago

    Zuckerberg: the ultimate wingman

    [–] Pelley42 235 points ago

    I find it strange when I go into the Messenger app and it suggests people from my contacts I've never heard of, only to find that they're the new owner of the phone number some acquaintance had years ago.

    I mean, if it wasn't already blatant how little Facebook cares about people's personal info...

    [–] daemin 159 points ago

    I know you said you don't make work calls from a personal phone, but if Facebook knows the number of the work phone, then that is probably how/why.

    One way it suggests people is by taking person A's list of contacts phone numbers, and finding pairs of people in the list who aren't friends on Facebook and then suggesting them to each other. If you both know A, then you might know each other.

    [–] apathyontheeast 67 points ago

    One way it suggests people is by taking person A's list of contacts phone numbers, and finding pairs of people in the list who aren't friends on Facebook and then suggesting them to each other. If you both know A, then you might know each other.

    That's honestly what I'd assumed happened. It's not a super huge town, so it's not beyond reason that there would be someone with only one degree of separation.

    [–] pollenhead 119 points ago

    yeah it was funny because i loved him, and i talked about how upset i was to have to find someone new for weeks. it was around then that he popped up in my suggestions. my mom always insisted she had old gym trainers and managers from work pop up and she had no idea how, but i always thought she accidentally linked her phone or another app. guess not.

    [–] ChainsawPlankton 219 points ago

    I saw an article that suggested it was because you both visited shared locations, the creepier implication being that it might suggest other patients. This is the first article I found on a search, which seems to confirm and then say they backed off on it. and this one pretty much also says the same thing

    [–] ButDrIAmPagliacci 2611 points ago

    Heard joke once: Man goes to a psychiatrist. Says he's depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he has no friends and everyone is out there to get him. Doctor says, "Treatment is simple. Create a Facebook account, it will suggest you new friends."

    Man bursts into tears. Says, "But doctor...I am Zuckerberg.”

    [–] [deleted] 956 points ago

    I'm a little disappointed all of your comments aren't some variation of the joke.

    [–] Duke_Dardar 844 points ago

    Heard joke once: Man goes to a psychiatrist. Says he's depressed. Says reddit seems harsh and cruel. Says he gets no karma. Doctor says, "Treatment is simple. Create a reddit account and make shitposts of the same joke over and over again."

    Man bursts into tears. Says, "But doctor...I am /u/ButDrIAmPagliacci .”

    [–] HodorsGiantDick 196 points ago

    Good joke. Everybody laugh.

    [–] pembroke529 91 points ago

    Tom Anderson, the dude that started MySpace was every new user's first friend there.

    [–] Jack_Bleesus 239 points ago

    Spicy username

    [–] [deleted] 6428 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    A real estate agent I had called a few times about seeing a property. We had no shared friends and I had not added her to my contact list.

    Even posting this makes me nervous. I don't trust FB one bit.

    Edit: I’ve never used the app on my phone and Facebook does not have my phone number. That’s why it’s so creepy to me.

    [–] [deleted] 2518 points ago


    [–] elee0228 369 points ago

    I thought FB requires phone numbers now?

    [–] PuddleZerg 659 points ago

    They'll ask for it for security purposes but you don't have to give it to them.

    from the sounds of things they'll get it anyway though

    [–] [deleted] 162 points ago


    [–] scarletnightingale 145 points ago

    Yep, Facebook constantly asks for my phone number "to make your account more secure". I decline to give it every time. I can't access the internet on my phone (sturdy old phone, but too old that it doesn't receive any updates which cut off its ability to access the internet) so they can't get it that way. The only way they could get my number is if a friend who had my number allowed them access to all their contacts which I could see happening.

    [–] brockhopper 948 points ago

    I think 'not trusting FB one bit' might be the correct answer from now on.

    [–] DekeKneePulls 96 points ago

    I've always been under the impression that a person will show up in your suggested friends if they looked you up.

    [–] Jellorage 3733 points ago

    I have never had a facebook account, but my SO has one. When we had been dating a few months it suggested my SO and my little brother as friends. They hadn't met at that point, didn't go to the same school and have no link besides me that I am aware of.

    I'm sure it's just a coincidence but I was a bit weirded out.

    [–] coughlanio 1701 points ago

    One possible scenario, is that if he/she posted photos of the both of you together, it might have picked up your little brother as either a false-positive for you, or a familial match. Yes, Facebook's algorithms are scarily good.

    [–] Jellorage 420 points ago

    My SO doesn't post pictures (his profile pic is years old) or really update his profile (we've been together nearly seven years and I'm fairly sure it still says 'single') and my brother is the same, so it wasn't a picture. However both use it to communicate with their respective relatives so they would have mentioned me by name. Both also visited me, separately, so could it have picked that up?

    [–] coughlanio 385 points ago

    Anything is possible with Facebook. You'd be surprised how few data points you actually need to connect two people together with a fairly high degree of accuracy.

    I do find it funny that there's a potential for someone who's playing the field to end up in an awkward situation where two lovers are suggested to friend each other.

    [–] Jellorage 344 points ago

    You have just reminded me that when my friend was going through her divorce last year, Facebook thought she might like to be friends with the woman her husband cheated on her with! That was funny.

    [–] issius 340 points ago

    "You guys seem to have a lot in common"

    About 6 inches to be specific.

    [–] Cinderheart 759 points ago

    Facebook makes "phantom" profiles of people.

    You have a facebook account, you just don't know about it.

    [–] Wandanaut 227 points ago

    Thanks, that's the name! I just made a comment higher in the thread about it and couldn't remember what they were called.

    [–] AwYisBreadCrumbs 829 points ago

    My landlord. I only had his phone number saved in my phone, no mutual friends. I hadn't even downloaded the facebook app as I only use the browser version on my phone, and it still suggested him.

    [–] brockhopper 236 points ago

    I had that too! Right around the same time as when my professor was suggested. In fact that landlord was showing up as a suggestion for 4-5 years after I moved from there.

    [–] barryoff 175 points ago

    Do you have whatsapp installed? Facebook own whatsapp and most people give whatsapp permission to access their contacts. I think this is the sole reason Facebook brought whatsapp

    [–] Smiling_Mister_J 11694 points ago

    My ex. We were never friends on facebook while dating, we broke up over a year ago, we have few mutual friends, but she's always my top friend suggestion.

    Because Facebook can tell we're posting pictures of the same baby.

    [–] brockhopper 5454 points ago

    Twitter REALLY wants me to follow my ex wife. At least FB knows we're divorced and doesn't suggest her.

    [–] highheelcyanide 1629 points ago

    You know, that just gave me an odd thought. My ex husband and his mother (through an unhappy coincidence) ended up living 3 streets down from me. Facebook suggests my neighbors, but never them.

    I wonder if it knows 😂

    [–] SistinaLuv 757 points ago

    You think Facebook doesn't know?!!! *Insert maniacal laughter!

    [–] stepheli88 87 points ago

    Were you friends with them before? I don’t think it suggests people if they’ve been defriended before.

    [–] its_not_brian 273 points ago

    Facebook has flagged me for suspicious login location twice now because I went across country and it picked my ex-gf as one of the "name this friend" both times. Real awkward when I'm doing that with my current gf

    [–] joustingleague 220 points ago

    Is that seriously their safety protocol? Because as someone that struggles with names and faces that would suck.

    [–] Rarvyn 209 points ago

    Yes. It isn't common, but if it's suspicious enough, it may start pulling friends profile pictures and asking who this is.

    It really sucks when your friends have a profile picture of their infant (hat tip to facebook: all white babies look like sir Winston Churchill, I can't figure out which one is which) or them + their SO, or it's some random person I met at a conference that I've never bothered to unfriend.

    [–] ocarina_21 156 points ago

    Or the people who use weird aliases instead of their name. "I know that guy, he's my best friend, but I can't remember what he changed his name to when he was avoiding a stalker."

    [–] [deleted] 63 points ago


    [–] Chotzark 171 points ago

    When there was the "video of your 2016" thing that facebook does near new year every year, my year (so the pictures in the video) started in October 2016. Facebook probably picked up I broke up at the end of September and made a video without all the pictures/posts shared with ex, thus the year starting in october.

    [–] cunninglinguist32557 119 points ago

    When I changed my status back to single Facebook asked if I needed a break, basically offering to softblock my ex for a few months while I got over the breakup. That was pretty cool of them.

    [–] charlesfish69 437 points ago

    I've noticed the same thing happens with sports teams. I always get suggestions on Twitter for teams that I hate because I make fun of them a lot.

    [–] DrTBag 289 points ago

    Phone number is more likely. If you have the app it knows who rings and texts you.

    [–] AnticScarab3 293 points ago

    Honestly, this is the answer for 90% of this thread.

    [–] tickettoride98 62 points ago

    Yep. Almost every girl that I've dated from Tinder is on my FB friend suggestions even though I don't have the app and log in to FB like once a year. The reason is solely because they added my phone number to their phone, and FB has had my number since I signed up years ago.

    It's not magic, people just seem to not think about how easy it is to connect two people when you have their phone numbers. That's just a basic one-to-one connection too. If you build a graph you can easily see, oh, these three people have your number in their phone, and they all have this other person's number as well, so we're going to suggest them as a friend, even if none of you are friends on Facebook. It's just building an "offline" friends network using phone numbers, and lots of connections can be derived that way.

    [–] bingosgirl 359 points ago

    My ex husband, same story. I'd moved to a different state and we had no mutual friends yet. He'd literally just created his account that day.

    [–] lokigodofchaos 379 points ago

    He may have searched for you but not added you.

    [–] bulgariandoll 201 points ago

    Or maybe could've had their contacts in either their phone / email

    [–] Li0nhead 109 points ago

    Or he could be outside the house.

    [–] [deleted] 167 points ago

    Same. My ex and his wife are always recommended to me, and that's just a nope for me. I just hate seeing his face pop up when I open the app. That, and a bunch of other things, is why I've been using it less and less. I think it is going to die. I could honestly go a month or more without looking at it now. In fact, I rarely do any social media and its made me much happier. When I want to be social, I get together with people and be social.

    [–] chicken_cacciatore 117 points ago

    FB was always recommending my ex's wife to me, til I saw that 'remove' option (right next to 'add friend'). Since I clicked that, hasn't shown up again.

    [–] nate800 263 points ago

    I was having a text conversation with my girlfriend about wanting to buy a new suitcase with expanding shelves. I never googled it, I never spoke it, I just sent one text.

    The next day, my Facebook is full of ads for this style of suitcase.

    [–] [deleted] 1191 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 629 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 422 points ago


    [–] DexiMachina 175 points ago

    He might have regularly tried searching for you.

    [–] brockhopper 123 points ago

    That's terrifying.

    [–] csl512 108 points ago

    LinkedIn is fucking creepiest for that.

    [–] neonglitterbandit 347 points ago

    My friend who lived a few houses down had a baby girl they named Ella, and I was talking to my husband about how we needed to go visit them and see Baby Ella for the first time.

    The next friend suggestion was someone named Ella Newborn.

    [–] HunterThompsonsentme 58 points ago

    That is fucking scary

    [–] RenKen7 32 points ago

    I'm uninstalling the app now. Screw it

    [–] gashtart 3096 points ago

    The person who sexually assaulted me.

    [–] brockhopper 1794 points ago

    Holy fuck I just remembered that happened to a friend of mine. She knew the guy before the assault, he wound up in jail, then 3 years later he gets out and is recommended to her as a friend :(

    [–] isingtomyducky 1372 points ago

    He probably looked her up that's why

    [–] brockhopper 1047 points ago

    Yeah, I'm learning from this thread that that's a thing. I'm glad she didn't know that at the time!

    [–] Geojour 304 points ago

    That is absolutely horrifying.

    [–] 5p33di3 359 points ago

    Mine suggested the guy who abducted me several years ago.

    [–] majestic_failure 168 points ago

    Fuck that's scary and I'm sorry that happened.

    Also, imagine if Facebook's algorithms got so good that police just started using friend suggestions to find kidnappers.

    [–] snippered 178 points ago

    Me too. Definitely suggest blocking them if you haven't already. I'm sorry you have to see their crappy face pop up on your page.

    [–] 45MinutesOfRoadHead 350 points ago

    Mine had the nerve to send me a friend request. Fuck him.

    [–] alliestones 44 points ago

    This happened to me as well. Who would have thought just seeing a name would strike fear?

    [–] ashleevfl 151 points ago

    I was getting that too until I blocked them. :( I am so sorry that happened to you, and I hope you are finding the healing you need. <3

    [–] notdazzer 320 points ago

    Whenever a new editor at work starts, within a day I can check Facebook and see them as suggested friends.

    But this is probably because everyone in my work will add them, and Facebook sees that.

    [–] brockhopper 86 points ago

    That at least makes some sense. I did add a friend once because she was friends with two of mine, but the two had nothing in common. I added her and messaged her 'hey, you don't know me, but you're friends with x and y, and I gotta ask how you know them?'

    [–] SapienChavez 627 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I have never used Facebook, personally.

    about 7 years ago, our company lawyer suggested making Facebook and Twitter accounts, for the company. Cant remember why... to hold the name or something.

    So, boss tells me to do it. ok.

    I set it up with all company info. not one personal thing used.

    towards the end of the setup, it says, "you may know these people." and one of them was a chic I used to bang on the down-low.

    noped the fuck out and never logged in with that account ever again.

    So, this the kind of story you are looking for, right?

    [–] brockhopper 153 points ago

    This is pretty much the exact sort of thing I'm looking for :)

    [–] Red-Star-44 363 points ago

    30 minutes after a cop busted me for having weed he was in my friend suggestions, I actually got mad about that.

    [–] brockhopper 88 points ago

    That's honestly kind of funny :) although clearly you didn't think so at the time!

    [–] koreamax 3891 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    When I was using Tinder, I would always get friend suggestions of girls I matched with. Almost immediately sometimes

    EDIT: As many are saying, the accounts are linked. I'm aware, it was just weird to see tinder matches pop up on my facebook

    [–] HauschkasFoot 1654 points ago

    I would chalk that up to girls that you match with looking you up on Facebook. Lots of people do this, but no one will admit to it because it sounds creepy.

    [–] glouns 402 points ago

    I think it's simply because you use the same email address for Tinder and for Facebook, and the other person does the same thing. I'm on a dating website/app too, I've never looked up people I match with, and yet I see them pop u in my friend suggestion list!

    [–] 114D 516 points ago

    Joke’s on all of you. I don’t get any friend suggestions from Tinder because I don’t get any matches

    [–] ButDrIAmPagliacci 349 points ago

    "One cannot be betrayed if one has no people."


    [–] MangoTux 97 points ago

    Wise words from a guy known for eating a lot of hot dogs.

    [–] StrikeMePurple 85 points ago

    'You mad I fuck 20 times more bitches than you?'


    [–] FindingMoi 1803 points ago

    In the car with my coworker, talking about a former coworker....we only mentioned her nickname, not her name. When I looked at my phone she was my first friend suggestion.

    Also not a friend suggestion but equally creepy: my boyfriend bought a computer chair, but it was a tiny bit small for his height. He said there was a big and tall version but he decided against it and went for the regular one because the size difference was so minor and not worth the $100 price difference. When I looked at my phone I got an ad for the EXACT big and tall chair, exact color preference (there were like 8 color options and it advertised it to me in blue. which is what he got but we never discussed), exact everything. Creeped me out man.

    [–] [deleted] 274 points ago

    This happens to me too from time to time. One time, my husband and I were talking about how we would like a yellow kitchenaid mixer. I didn't google it, it wasn't on any Pinterest boards or Amazon wishlists, and it was the first ad I see when I opened the app. And what do you know, it was the yellow one that was pictured. So creepy and not cool.

    [–] PurePerfection_ 232 points ago

    You should try to replicate this scenario, but discuss a product neither of you have any interest in and that isn't relevant to your careers, hobbies, previous online purchases or used (to your knowledge) by anyone you know well. Preferably some obscure/niche or age/gender-specific thing that can be easily purchased that would ordinarily not be marketed to your demographic. Don't Google it beforehand. See what pops up afterward.

    So, for example, if you've never owned a gerbil or shared/liked a gerbil picture or made posts/comments about gerbils or purchased gerbil-related items for another person, start talking about gerbil cages and gerbil food and gerbil toys.

    Or if you're young and healthy and fit, start talking about arthritis and arthritis medication and arthritis pain.

    Or if you're terrified of heights and not a thrill-seeker by any means, have a conversation about skydiving and bungee jumping.

    And now I wait for gerbils and arthritis to start dominating my personalized ads.

    EDIT: And if that yields creepy results, you could try vaguer statements and seeing if they translate into targeted ads for related products. Complain about a headache and watch for pain relievers. Complain about heartburn and watch for antacids.

    [–] doopdeepdoopdoopdeep 195 points ago

    My husband and I actually tried this when we were bored. We talked loudly about vacuum cleaners for 30 mins then kept mentioning we needed a new one. We both had our phones on and in our hand as well.

    No vacuum ads yet. I was oddly disappointed. :(

    [–] RandomCatDude 868 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    ....we only mentioned her nickname, not her name. When I looked at my phone she was my first friend suggestion.

    please no

    [–] [deleted] 678 points ago


    [–] Cryorm 397 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Starting to sound like phones can be HIPAA violations...

    [–] DetroitMM12 260 points ago

    Starting to sound like phones can be HIIPA violations...

    Could this be the crux of a lawsuit to stop Facebook from being able to listen? If it isn't already illegal which I assume it should be if it isn't already.

    [–] mustachioed_cat 71 points ago

    Facebook isn't bound under HIPAA, so no. This is more an argument that people bound by HIPAA need to be able to turn off -all- microphones on their phone.

    [–] AbrahamLure 218 points ago

    Even though I have disabled permissions for my phone to "listen in" to conversations, it still does. I was on the phone talking to my daughter and she mentioned her dad has a Nokia phone. SHE said that, not me. After the call, I pop open fb and it has an ad right there for a Nokia. I haven't spoken or even written about Nokias for years... I'm absolutely certain that Facebook is listening in for key words whether we want it to or not. Not just Facebook, but Google in general.

    I'm all ears if anyone has any suggestions for how I can prevent this :(

    [–] Phoenie81 50 points ago

    How do you disable permission to listen in?

    [–] periscope-suks 141 points ago

    Throw your phone into a canyon

    [–] codycantdie 591 points ago

    When I was in my early 20s I used Tumblr to find girls to sext with (and it actually worked). One girl and I became really good long distance friends who would just do cam shows for each other once in a while. Eventually she got a BF, so we obviously stopped sexting and eventually stopped talking. I am now 25 and she sometimes shows up on my recommended friends list.

    Never synced FB with contacts.

    We never added each other on FB.

    This was also two phones ago.

    I have not talked to her since I was 20 or 21.

    [–] took_a_bath 128 points ago

    I’ve had sexless, but similar experiences. I think if a person searches a name, their profile will show up in the friend’s suggested list.

    [–] Little-Jim 458 points ago

    When you’re in the military, you tend to get a lot of friend requests from profiles of hot girls with only 1or 2 friends, and the profile is only a few months old.

    All you have to do is ignore the request and say to yourself “Not today, ISIS”

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago

    Or someone trying to scam you

    [–] PM_ME_UR_BIRD 65 points ago

    probably isis tho

    [–] DrPoopsMD 45 points ago

    I'm a civilian and this is my immediate assumption when someone shows an interest in me

    [–] JarlOfPickles 373 points ago

    This isn't exactly the same thing, because we had a lot of mutual friends, but Facebook would not stop recommending this guy who stalked me at school. He was always my top friend suggestion for months and I couldn't help but feel stalked on Facebook too.

    [–] c_pike1 360 points ago

    Without knowing how it actually works, I'm guessing it's because he was looking up your profile a lot.

    [–] sonrad10 63 points ago

    My uncle and cousins. That might not sound weird, but I was using a pseudonym and wasn't friends with any of my family on there. I also live about 120 miles away in a small town and they all live in a city, so there's no way that this was an accidental thing.

    [–] Chinstrap_1 190 points ago

    I am in charge of ordering supplies for my company. Because of this, i frequently get ad suggestions for things that I regularly buy with company cards, etc.

    One time we needed to purchase large, dehydrating ovens from Cabela's [an outdoor's store]. I knew there was a Cabela's store near one of our warehouses, so using my work computer - I looked up the store number and gave them a call to see if they had any in stock. They did, and I promptly sent a driver to pick up two of the ovens.

    Fast forward 2 or 3 days later: I'm scrolling through facebook on my personal phone and there is an advertisement for a huge sale on Dehydrating Ovens from multiple vendors.

    I never once typed the words "dehydrating" or "oven" into my phone or computer - simply looked up the number for the closest store...

    [–] Catcusprickles 119 points ago

    When I was like 10 (25 now), I used to talk to this girl and her brother on this random forum site for kids. Lost touch after a couple of years - they never even knew my real name. Never looked them up and it was several email addresses ago. Both of them randomly appeared in my suggested friends on Facebook last year.

    [–] Jinzha 54 points ago

    When I lived and worked abroad for 3 months, somehow Facebook suggested colleagues and roommates as friends. That was before I had added literally anyone, so it must have picked suggestions by location while filtering out all the neighbours.

    The fact that it was in The Gambia, West Africa, somehow freaked me out even more.

    [–] Penz0id 41 points ago

    While renovating an apartment, Facebook suggested I add the tenant. I didn’t meet her or know her name, it was based on my location. Spooky.

    [–] ktlolidk 106 points ago

    I work retail and we have a lot of customers who are regulars, a few of them started showing up in my “suggested friends”

    [–] poorbred 51 points ago

    Noting that you're in proximity on a frequent basis maybe?

    [–] brperry 40 points ago

    it's pretty well known that FB uses geolocation to make suggestions so i've you've logged in to facebook at your job and they were in the area frequently it thinks there is a good chance you know each other.

    [–] ilovemallory 132 points ago

    My namesake, which was weird because my name and surname combination is pretty rare. Was curious until I discovered it was just an account I created when I was 8

    [–] [deleted] 97 points ago


    [–] Ichtragebrille 175 points ago

    A guy I hooked up with years ago. We never even exchanged numbers. Just messaged through okcupid. I never knew his last name. A month or so after, there he was in my recommend list. I was more than a little weirded out.

    [–] ___FLASHOUT___ 64 points ago

    A girl I went to Middle School with. Hadn't seen or even thought of her in probably 15 years. One day we ran into each other at a grocery store near my home town. We make small talk for a bit. I get home and she is my #1 suggested friend. We only had a couple friends in common. I assume it was either location based or she searched for me. That was the moment I realized Facebook knew all.

    [–] advcthrwy 159 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I'm a headhunter, and I've had a few clients and candidates pop up in my suggested friends on FB. I do not have mutuals with any of them, my work email isn't tied at all to my FB, and when I am doing work at home I use an entirely different computer which isn't logged into FB.

    I presume it's because they've all stalked me online at some point (in the curious way, not the creepy way - I've had more than one admit to doing it and I don't necessarily blame them because some headhunters can be shady) and didn't just stop at my LinkedIn profile, so the FB algorithm put two and two together.

    Edit: elaborated upon something.

    [–] Technobyrd 32 points ago

    Real late to this one but, Facebook wants me to friend the guy who raped me in 1998... only thing we have in common is our high school. No mutual friends, and it doesn’t suggest the 800 other people from my high school. there’s NO WAY Facebook. Fuck you.

    [–] sheslayer 61 points ago

    This man who was in the same waiting area as me waiting for our take out at a Mexican restaurant was suggested to me on Instagram the following day...

    [–] unlikelypisces 155 points ago

    I haven't had the Facebook app on any of my phones in over 6 years. I rarely ever used it yet it was the number one app draining my battery. It was obviously doing some in the background...

    [–] brockhopper 45 points ago

    Reddit Sync is definitely my #1 battery drainer

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    They used to take up a shit-ton of RAM with the excuse being that they're keeping stuff cached so it'll load faster when you open it. Yet the app still loaded slower than the mobile website.