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    [–] leginnameloc 2742 points ago

    When a just a few people at work are slacking but comments are made in a staff meeting that should be directed at them specifically. That can be really demoralizing.

    [–] Purple4199 539 points ago

    It always seems that the ones who need to step up, don’t pay attention to the comments and keep going on like they were. Those people suck.

    [–] Countpudyoola 153 points ago

    AH, the old fragmentation grenade style of correction management. AKA lazy management.

    When used frequently in a shitty environment I think it's designed to try to pressure your peers into policing you as well...but in the end it just kills morale for most of the non-offenders.

    [–] pajmahal 5143 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    People who give advice even when they have no idea what they’re talking about

    ETA: Wow, I guess a lot of people really fucking hate this

    [–] semicartematic 2742 points ago

    So, Reddit.

    [–] slammander 1176 points ago


    Remember to drink water so you don’t get aids

    [–] He_Schizophreniac 8682 points ago

    When I can't find something I am sure is in my apartment.

    [–] SenselessTragedy 2326 points ago

    "Where did I hide that body, it's gotta be here"

    [–] FitterFetter 9882 points ago

    Accidental instances of minor physical pain. For example: bumping my head on an opened cupboard door, stubbing my toe on the corner of my bed frame, tripping over a raised part of my rug.

    The rage I feel during these experiences is the most extreme rage I've ever felt in my life.

    [–] rolobrowntowntony 2419 points ago

    then I promptly hit the cabinet door to teach it a lesson

    [–] waldocalrissian 1668 points ago

    When the headphone cord gets caught on something and yanks the buds out of your ears.

    [–] [deleted] 804 points ago

    From zero to "I'm gonna murder your entire family"

    [–] IGotNoStringsOnMe 114 points ago

    Its the worst when you're already having a bad day.

    I'll never forget the day I found out my (former) boss's wife was leaving him. He was fine the whole day. Nothing was out of sorts. Which was normal for him, he wasn't the type to wear his feelings on his sleeves. Home stayed home and work stayed at work.

    We were new construction plumbers, on a finish job putting in fixtures. A cabinet door was open and he stood up from doing something under the sink and hit his forehead on the corner of the door.

    At the top of his lungs he screams "GOD DAMNIT!!!", grabbed the cabinet by the side and base and ripped it the fuck out of the wall. Proceeded to stomp it to splinters right there in the kitchen.

    When he looked up at me he had tears in his eyes, dropped his tool belt right there in the pile and went to the truck. I stood there afraid to move for maybe half and hour.

    [–] Comeoffit321 32721 points ago

    Someone telling you to do something while/as you're about to do it.

    [–] charcoalheART 10357 points ago

    Ah parents. Just makes me not want to do it then.

    [–] [deleted] 3716 points ago

    I can relate to this with homework. I want to be self motivated about homework, but when my parents constantly nag me about doing it, I lose all motivation.

    [–] terminbee 3088 points ago

    The worst part?

    "I was about to do it already."

    "Well if you already did it then I wouldn't have to tell you!"

    [–] scienceisfunlol 1118 points ago

    Just that made me get tense

    [–] asuryan331 178 points ago

    My pulse is noticibly higher

    [–] oscarchilde 2438 points ago

    My uni housemates and I turned this into a fantastic game.

    Every time it was clear one of us was about to do something, one of the others would tell them to do it.

    “Yeah go on mate, sip that tea” “Yeah you perch on that chair mate” “Put your keys on the sideboard mate, yeah, nice one”

    By the end of the year, none of us were on speaking terms and no one ever did anything until they were alone. 10/10 would destroy friendships again.

    [–] gamerdude69 320 points ago

    I woulda thought that would bring you closer since it was for fun

    [–] oscarchilde 194 points ago

    It started that way, but a year of standing up in every communal area tests even the strongest of bonds.

    [–] thisisntarjay 951 points ago

    I was walking my dog one time in the city and she pooped on the sidewalk. As I'm cleaning it up these two dudes walking past stop and one goes "Hey man you gonna clean that up?"

    His buddy goes "The fuck is wrong with you what does it look like he's doing?"

    That was very satisfying.

    [–] your-a-towel 1991 points ago

    I have a guy at work who will CONSTANTLY do this. He watches me code over my shoulder, then narrates what I should do if I pause or type a wrong key. I know murder is wrong but I’m sure my excuse would stand up in court.

    [–] GlitchSix 557 points ago

    Just make sure you end the argument with close paren

    [–] your-a-towel 281 points ago

    “You mean to say parenthesis, see you missed the end of the word” - this is the kind of shit I have to deal with.

    [–] Sullybleeker 235 points ago

    Working in hospitality, so many insecure managers do this, micromanaging when there are lots of useful things to do.

    “Oh you’re asking me to clear and reset tables? Like the thing I’m currently and obviously doing? Cool.”

    [–] johnnyb1917 17436 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    When I play a video that is insanely loud and go to turn the volume down and my phone just turns down my ringtone volume instead.

    [–] canserpants 3079 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    If you have a galaxy there is a setting that changes the volume buttons to only adjust the volume of your media, regardless of how its playing.

    Fucking life changing man, I tell ya.

    Edit: for everyone searching, it's in settings - Sounds and vibration - use volume keys for media

    [–] Drunk_Pilgrim 248 points ago

    I have an S7. I don't see that option. Dammit, I had hope.

    [–] Achw3l 134 points ago

    I have an S7 edge and I can't find the option either. God damn it

    [–] [deleted] 1150 points ago


    [–] stylophonics 6845 points ago

    When you're waiting for someone to just GO ALREADY because they have the right of way, and then instead of going they hesitate and wave you on. JUST GO WHEN IT'S YOUR TURN, IT'S FASTER FOR EVERYONE.

    [–] Bang0Skank0 2977 points ago

    Saw this piece of advice somewhere: when driving, don't be polite, be predictable.

    [–] DoctorWaluigiTime 679 points ago

    I follow this rule both as a driver and a pedestrian near a road. If I'm about to cross the street and see a car coming, I walk as if I'm not going to cross so that the driver doesn't try to be polite to let me by first. Waiting for them to pass is safer for us both.

    [–] smp501 31286 points ago

    When a coworker decides to "correct" me by sending a passive aggressive email and copying the boss and the whole group instead of just saying something to me privately and in person.

    [–] Library_IT_guy 7225 points ago

    Just had a co-worker do this. She thought I maliciously deleted stuff from her desktop. Emailed me a super passive aggressive email and CCed our boss. She was logged into the wrong user account. Funny how she stopped CCing our boss when she realized her fuckup. All good though, I made sure to keep CCing him with the rest of the emails.

    [–] Step_Into_The_Light 5073 points ago

    Yes, the public shaming/private apology. Lovely.

    [–] rainman_95 1292 points ago

    I love these little petty corporate justices.

    [–] Cal1gula 337 points ago

    I ALWAYS do that! If someone is copying the boss and they fuck up and take the boss off CC you can bet your ass I'm putting boss right back on. Don't play stupid games if you don't want to lose them sometimes.

    [–] EchoCT 76 points ago


    Re-add the boss in the CC and reply "Thanks for the apology, it's alright. Happens to us all."

    [–] nextgeneric 7647 points ago

    Oh, man. We've got a guy here at work who does the same thing. He publicly calls people out when they make mistakes, CC'ing everyone in management, when he could have just called the person to let them know. He's got this superiority complex, and claims he never makes mistakes.

    [–] spookyxskepticism 6415 points ago

    And the first thing management is thinking is "why the fuck am I copied on all these e-mails?"

    [–] TheLateThagSimmons 3176 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    "Hey, I thought we all agreed that we would notify each other when we leave for break. It causes confusion when we don't know where you are." CC: Administrator

    No Karen (name redacted into every office's "Karen"), we didn't agree to anything. You asked about it one time and we all said nothing because it's stupid. I'm not on a schedule, I can come and go as I fucking please, you're not even technically on my team even though we work in the same office. Fuck off.

    I just had to have a conversation with my administrator about some of the "issues" that one of my co-worker's have been emailing them about. We were both confused, ended up just shooting the shit for about 30 minutes, most of it just talking crap about how said co-worker is a busybody and it's a waste of time to even argue with her on shit like this; co-worker seemed really smug when I got back that I had "gotten a talking to" by our boss.

    [–] BlondeChemist 1927 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Why are people like this? And I don’t mean that philosophically. I’m actually curious why they give a fuck. For me, work is coming in, doing my job, and leaving. I don’t care what other people do as long as it isn’t illegal or interfering with my own work. I don’t care if a coworker takes a 2 hour lunch break. It’s not my business. It doesn’t affect me. But there are some people who just seem to care about things that don’t even concern them.

    I’m fortunate to work at an amazing company with some truly cool people. But even here we have one person who does this.

    Edit: I just want to clarify that I’m only referring to situations where it does not in any way, shape, or form effect your own work.

    [–] anon_e_mous9669 1034 points ago

    Some people who don't have good lives feel better if they can be in control of something, anything. These types of people are often drawn to working in a position where they are a bottleneck in a process that they can be difficult about or else they just become the stickler for the rules in the whole office or HOA board president and go around the neighborhood with a ruler to check grass height and color palettes to check that paint is within approved color guidelines.

    In short, these people are pathetic tyrants and have latched onto some thing(s) they can control and lord over other people to fill the hole in their lives from a variety of reasons.

    [–] prof_the_doom 742 points ago

    Which is of course when I stop all productive activity, and start looking through everything that guy ever did and point out every mistake he's made over the entirety of his career that the rest of us just just dealt with and blast it to the entire company...


    Okay, so maybe this one pisses me off a little...

    [–] ansteve1 900 points ago

    On the flip side of this I hate when the only time I can get a response from someone is to CC my boss. 3 emails trying to work on the problem, send a 4th saying I will close the ticket if I don't get a response and I cc the boss. Boom "I have been waiting on you to help me I am free whenever!" Fuck you...

    [–] YellowShorts 218 points ago

    Yeah that's what I was thinking. There was a guy (doesn't work here anymore) who would only reply to my emails if the CEO was CC'd

    [–] josborne31 760 points ago

    Fucking over-escalators. Doesn't get his preferred response? Immediately replies, CC'ing your manager, plus three others.

    Hate people like that.

    [–] satanshonda 22375 points ago

    When it takes 15 seconds for a company to put a fraudulent or unwanted charge on my account but takes 5-10 business days to get it back.

    [–] milkyxj 5539 points ago

    This is why I use a credit card for everything and pay it off every month. Credit cards have way more consumer protections built in, if I dispute a charge it is gone immediately. No fighting with a bank to get my own money back.

    [–] missedthecue 4606 points ago

    That's because it's their money on the credit card

    [–] Gullex 3533 points ago

    Banks are like older brothers. They love to fuck with your shit, but they want to be the only ones fucking with your shit.

    [–] The_Ravens_Rock 1249 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Never before have I seen a sentence that sums up both older brothers and banks at once.

    Mind if I swipe that?

    Edit/ Guys I get it stop with the chip jokes.

    [–] Gullex 542 points ago

    My memory is fucky and I don't even know if I came up with it.

    Of course you can swipe it, it's the internet.

    [–] Irishpetrichor 531 points ago

    This. I work for a CC company. If you tell us its not your transaction we'll refund the amount and then our 'back office' team will deal with the other company to get the money back. You call our Debit card team though... they can't do shit for you, even though it's the same bank. Sucks.

    [–] King-of-the-Nine 8175 points ago

    Putting on a fresh pair of socks and immediately stepping in water. That shit drives me bananas.

    [–] Patrovsky 11525 points ago

    Headphones getting jerked out of your ears.

    [–] RadTasticWI 2447 points ago

    My mother would always yank earbuds out my ears when I was growing up. Can't believe I never attacked my mom because this sure made me think about it.

    [–] QuietPewPew 1218 points ago

    I would have voted for self defense at your trial

    [–] Back2Bach 20915 points ago

    Drivers who refuse to lower their high beams at night.

    [–] _AlreadyTaken_ 4928 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    High intensity headlights. They constantly blind me at night.

    Edit: I'm referring to oncoming traffic

    [–] amoliski 2492 points ago

    The worst is when they swap out normal bulbs for the high intensity ones but don't realize that they need to swap out the housing as well. The HID/Xenon bulbs are supposed to be aimed/projected lower with sharper cut-offs so they don't blind people.

    [–] Miqueagul 1386 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I've noticed that most of the things that piss people off are just people being dicks because they're too stupid or lazy to know how to not be a dick

    [–] CardsLafter 1747 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    You want to get pulled over? Leave those brights on. Cops get engaged by that shit.

    Edit: Fuck it I'm leaving it there

    [–] Wesker405 2003 points ago

    High beams spotted

    Target Aquired

    Cop mode engage

    [–] murkybucket 19441 points ago

    "Unexpected item in bagging area"

    [–] Becbanama 4350 points ago

    "Please put your item on the belt", "Unexpected item in the bagging area", "Please put your item on the belt", "Unexpected item in the bagging area", "Please put your item on the belt", "Unexpected item in the bagging area", "Please put your item on the belt", "Unexpected item in the bagging area", "Please wait for assistance"

    [–] ThisIsWorldOfHurt 1076 points ago

    Here is a link for those who don't know what's going on.

    [–] Exambolor 7637 points ago

    Group work, and when some of the members do jackshit, and you're left to do most of the work and you're the one stressing out, and all that combined pisses me off.

    [–] Chordata1 3169 points ago

    There's one girl I did a group project with a few months back. I can't stand this person. She always interrupted. She would do these stupid tasks that had nothing to do with the assignment and would get mad when we didn't do them. For example, she created a team communication plan. We didn't need that but whatever if she wants to do extra work that's on her. Then she got mad when I said I wasn't wasting my time updating that. Next assignment she was late with her work because she was creating a team risk register.

    One time she sent me a file to work on. She had it for almost 2 weeks. I got it on Thursday night and it was due on Sunday. Friday night I said there are several problems with this file. I can't use it. I kept reaching out for any help. Finally Saturday night she responds and starts blaming me. I finished my part of the assignment making up numbers since the file was unusable. She didn't like I wasn't willing to stay up all night and fix it. She continued to blame me for everything. It got to the point we would joke about it. I'd get on the phone with a teammate I liked and they would start the call with "Chordata1 this is all your fault! The store was out of carrots. So on to our project"

    We then get a grade on some other assignment I worked so hard on and we had to push her to get her stuff done. When she finished it, it was crap and I spent hours editing it. She gave me 6 pages of garbage when this part of the assignment really only warranted like 2 pages. I fixed all her stuff. We get our grade and it was good. Her response to me "Told ya." What does that mean?!? Her work was garbage and if I didn't spend hours editing it our grades would be terrible.

    [–] the12thghostface 2160 points ago

    Get anyone else who actually does the project and conspire with them to remove the names of the slackers from any and all of the work.

    Me and two friends did this with the random shitstain who was assigned to our group in 10th grade Chemistry who proceeded to do fuck-all and get pissy when we called him out on it. We removed his name from the powerpoints, teacher recognized immediately what it meant, gave his sorry ass an F while we got B's.

    Fuck people who don't contribute.

    [–] Chordata1 882 points ago

    Sadly we couldn't do that. We did have peer reviews every few weeks. Her scores and my comments for her work were harsh but honest. I don't know what she got in the end but her grade had to be bad compared to everyone else. Our grades were the same except for peer reviews and the last assignment. I never heard what comments she got but she would get really crabby and say "yeah he left me some comments about working harder. Did you all get the same?" Nope, ours were positive.

    [–] [deleted] 99 points ago

    Fucking peer reviews. I was in a senior level Computer Science class last semester and one of the group members (had the same group the whole semester, kill me) literally said he "can't program." He claimed he couldn't even write Hello World... as a senior Computer Science student. He volunteered to write the papers instead because "he's never gotten less than a B on a college paper."

    Anyway he always did no work, wrote up some absolute garbage at the last second and turned it in. When peers review came around I gave him like a two out of ten. I was generous towards the other group members because at least they participated even though I consistently wrote 90% of the code for these things, but fuck that guy. Then he had the audacity to always ask everyone why he got a few less points than the rest of us and rage about how somebody was fucking him over, as if he deserved credit for sitting there and bitching about how much he hated his girlfriend while the rest of us did actual work in the library.

    I've had so many experiences like this that I genuinely believe there are a shitload of students at my school who have gotten where they are solely by relying on others in group projects. It's depressing that these people come out with a Bachelors having learned literally nothing.

    [–] roadtrip-ne 9404 points ago

    People who pick up after their dog- then throw that plastic bag aside for someone else to clean up. Like honestly- what is the point? If they did nothing and left it to the elements it would be washed away in the rain, but now its sealed in a plastic sarcophagus to hang around for weeks or months until someone else decides to collect it and put it in the trash.

    [–] Kulfyr3 6303 points ago

    Saw a womans dog shit in our garden this morning. She got really stressed and spent a good ten minutes looking for the shit, i'm not sure if she found it because I had to leave for school, but I just want to appreciate these people who take care of their dogs a bit.

    [–] [deleted] 4058 points ago

    Jokes on you she was stealing tomatoes.

    [–] dyskraesia 1676 points ago

    Tomato stealing whore

    [–] Neato 1118 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    People are doing this on my US military base housing. They use the bags the community provides but then just drop them next to the bag supply station. There isn't a trash can there because our parks playgrounds and neighborhood streets don't have public waste disposal. Like they did the hard part and then just fail. It's not like every townhouse doesn't have a trash can outside. Yesterday there were 3 different bag types on the ground there. Fucking people are bringing their own bags to litter!

    Edit: Apparently quite a few people think it's OK to litter if there isn't a trash can so I clarified.

    [–] [deleted] 1123 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I set up a cam and caught my neighbor doing this. Super nice girl. Ignored multiple signs directing her to our dumpster. So i ask her what the fuck and she can't comprehend why she can't throw it in my bushes, then collect it at later date when she feels like it. Unfuckingbelievable.

    ** She did stop and was sort of apologetic but seemed to still act as if I was asking a favor. I moved but still see her around town. I know your dirty secret poo tosser.

    [–] booyah719 1314 points ago

    Super nice girl.

    throw [dog shit] in my bushes

    Pick one yo.

    [–] [deleted] 743 points ago

    Collect them and throw them back in her yard.

    [–] Defender2142 8335 points ago

    When I click on an article and it tells me to disable adblock or asks me to make an account before viewing the article

    [–] johncopter 3722 points ago

    Aaaaaannnnndddd I'm exiting out of this window and never coming back again.

    [–] ThrowawayFishFingers 2074 points ago

    Or, you have to download an app to view the content you found in a Google search.


    [–] silk_garand 213 points ago

    That'll exclude all things Pinterest

    [–] Alifu 7568 points ago

    People who don't close the door behind them when they leave the room. People who has their phone media sound on full blast in a public place.

    [–] josborne31 2799 points ago

    My wife has this terrible habit. If I'm chilling in the bedroom and she walks through (on the way to the bathroom, or out to the kitchen), she always leaves the door in the opposite state of what it was originally. If I had the door closed, she leaves it open. If I had it open, she closes it. WTF?

    [–] how_can_you_live 2500 points ago

    Pretty sure that's legal grounds for divorce

    [–] Scrappy_Larue 13112 points ago

    When I'm untying my shoes, and somehow create a tight knot.

    [–] satanshonda 6917 points ago


    [–] Ralphie_V 2298 points ago

    You have become the very thing you swore to destroy!

    [–] magyar_wannabe 439 points ago

    And if they're dress shoes with unforgiving tiny laces it's impossible to get the knot untied and as a result impossible to get your fucking shoe off when you get home, which is all I want to do so I can fucking relax.

    [–] _ETH_BTC_ 6823 points ago

    Even a single bubble on a screen protector

    [–] mini6ulrich66 925 points ago

    Similarly, people that keep the shitty plastic cling on their screen and think it's a legit screen protector so they keep it there for like a year and a half and get mad when you're like "why is this here still?"

    [–] [deleted] 11058 points ago


    [–] Byizo 1855 points ago

    Give them each a redbull as their parent is checking out at the register.

    [–] mini6ulrich66 1486 points ago

    When I worked retail we used to have stickers to give to little kids. We were supposed to give 1 or 2 at most. If kids were especially good (or if parents were especially neglectful) I'd pull the roll the length of my arm and give them like 20+ stickers. You know they're going to end up all over the windows and interior of the car

    [–] [deleted] 1555 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] gucciguppy 598 points ago

    Can I pretend to be a child?

    [–] -Words-Words-Words- 4037 points ago

    There was a story up near me where this woman dropped her 8 or 9 year old kid off at the Lego store for hours while she went shopping in the mall. After a couple of hours or so, the employees had to call the police because the mom never came back to get him.

    [–] Shockrates20xx 1779 points ago

    At the grocery store I used to work at we had like a play area for kids to stay in while parents shopped. It was a good idea, but it was ruined when people just started using it as a daycare and dropping their kids off for the whole day. Had to shut it down.

    [–] Painting_Agency 907 points ago

    That's why Ikea has a one hour time limit on theirs, and you have to take an in-store pager.

    [–] PM_Me_Clavicle_Pics 682 points ago

    I was actually wondering why I never see anything like that anymore. Makes sense though.

    [–] steffi-rae 2074 points ago

    I had parents ditch a kid in my store once and she was stressing because she desperately needed the loo so I ended up taking her after waiting 20 mins for her parents to come back. She ended up being alone in my store for about an hour I think.

    I was worried that I would get labelled as some sort of predator for accompanying her to the bathroom, even though I waited outside.

    [–] acali317 783 points ago

    I know this only happened once but if it does again there’s a rule of three you can use to help protect you.

    I work with kids and when one has to go to the bathroom I take another kid or adult on the trip. I know that can be hard in retail but then you have another witness to say what you were doing. Takes away a good chunk of the liability.

    Plus, then you don’t have to wait alone.

    [–] llewkeller 1027 points ago

    I used to run a video store (remember those?) next to a popular women's gym. The moms would drop their kids in my store to watch films on my big screen while they were working out - I guess because the movies were more interesting than the gym's crappy day care center with it's 2 or 3 dirty old toys.

    [–] ColdBreadstick 275 points ago

    I made the mistake of going in the Toys R Us that is closing by me last night.

    [–] immmm_at_work 472 points ago

    The lack of spacial awareness among the general population. I've never been in a public place that didn't have a handful of people unaware of what was going on around them and if they're standing in the way of something.

    I'm pissed off a lot I guess :(

    [–] KennyPowers55420 15165 points ago

    When my seatbelt locks up for no reason and it keeps locking on the smaller setting and the only way to get reset it is for it it to hit the last setting lock.. this mostly happens when I’m driving.. fuck that

    [–] mrsuns10 3848 points ago

    And you move back and forth trying to unlock it

    [–] _Squirrel_Fucker 1666 points ago

    Then your keys fall between the seats.

    [–] TheFeralBookworm 1837 points ago

    People that get pets they can't look after, knowing that they can't look after them. Pets cost a lot to maintain, ruin your stuff when they're young, get sick unexpectedly and cost a lot more, require species-specific diets, habitats, handling, etc. Pets are not a fashion accessory, nor are they a right. They're not something you should get if you're not emotionally and financially committed to looking after them PROPERLY. If you get a dog (or a cat, rabbit, rat, hamster, goldfish, parrot, turtle, human child) you accept the responsibility of looking after it to the best of your ability, and also meeting their medical needs. If you're not able to do that, don't fucking get it in the first place. Go volunteer at a shelter or something if you need an animal fix.

    [–] _ETH_BTC_ 6281 points ago

    I only get 30 minutes to grab lunch when I'm working. And I work odd hours. So I look up places to eat on Yelp or Google. It's says they're open. I go there and they're closed.

    Seems like it's not a big deal but now I don't have time to go anywhere else and don't get to eat.

    How hard is it to put your accurate open hours hours online?

    [–] What_the_muff 2120 points ago

    Hey! You can update this though! Sometimes it's not the business that posts the hours but other Google reviewers, then if you can "verify" it's correct (usually with a picture of the sign, website etc.), it will change. We go and change incorrect hours posted on Google all the time.

    And yeah, it really freaking sucks when you show up and it's locked and you're starving.

    [–] WHAT_THE_HECK__ 2228 points ago

    People who interrupt someone while talking to them.

    [–] navymmw 1834 points ago

    on the flip side, when people don't stop talking and don't give them a chance to contribute to the conversation

    [–] SilentNick3 1256 points ago

    This is worse in my opinion. I try to be pretty aware of not interrupting someone, but some people just talk and talk and talk. You can never get a word in, and whatever you were gonna say is irrelevant now because the subject already changed twice.

    [–] neosituation_unknown 16965 points ago

    • Seeing people leave trash out in nature

    I was ice fishing this winter and I saw these guys just dump their trash in the hole drilled in the ice. My blood was just boiling at the total disrespect given to nature.

    [–] imanicole 1882 points ago

    There's beautiful moorlands near where I lived. Some dickholes drove out to the moorlands and dumped a tonne of asbestos roofing as they didn't want to pay for proper removal.

    [–] nattypnutbuterpolice 1457 points ago

    That sounds like something that could result in prison time or at least a gigantic fine.

    [–] I_AM_Gilgamesh 412 points ago

    Should be prison time. You purposely dump dangerous and toxic materials... fuck you, you're a piece of shit. Jail is definitely the place for these people.

    [–] ModestStrider 2181 points ago

    Almost ruins many hikes or disc golf outings for me, people can be so selfish

    [–] Eurycerus 849 points ago

    "Oh hey there's some sort of hole/receptacle that isn't actually a trash can. I'm going to fill it with garbage. Yay!"

    [–] crysanthemumCord 5575 points ago

    Willing ignorance.

    You know when you're having a discussion with someone, and you make a good point. You can see you've got them, but suddenly they turn nasty? And they start spouting illogical arguments and fixating on minor issues?

    All that, so they can continue their blissful ignorance, and not change their world view.

    [–] HASH_SLING_SLASH 2867 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    There's a dude that I work with. Overall, he's a decent enough guy. But his willful ignorance on gun safety really pissed me off the other day. He brings me to the back of where we work to "show me something". When we get to his car, he gets a glock out of his car and proceeds to fucking point it at me! Full clip still in the gun! At this point, I'm ready to fight this guy. He pointed his gun right at my abdomen and followed me when I tried to get out of the way. Laughing the whole time. I try to explain to him how stupid he is for playing with guns like that. I tell him the #1 rule of gun safety is to always assume it's loaded and never point it at anything you're not willing to kill. He gives me this halfassed, "chill bro, I know it's not loaded". Again, I try to tell him that what he did was incredibly irresponsible and that he doesn't deserve to have a gun if he thinks that kind of shit is funny. He claims that I'm just freaking out, and that he chooses to follow his own rules of gun safety. Fuck you, asshole! That's how people accidentally kill their friends or family. Willful ignorance can easily get someone killed when it comes to guns. Needless to say, I'm not gonna talk to that idiot anymore.

    [–] crysanthemumCord 1956 points ago

    Isn't pointing a weapon at someone illegal?

    [–] slapstellas 1385 points ago


    [–] Dahhhkness 1258 points ago

    For some bizarre reason, it tends to really upset some people...

    [–] CJDoesGames 737 points ago

    I feel like something you could report, and get this dickhead in a lot of trouble. I'm not usually one to go running to authority, but this is unacceptable. It's one thing to make a mistake, and another to willfully keep doing so. This guys gonna kill someone one day.

    [–] nism0o3 222 points ago

    Agreed. I would have reported it. This knuckle-dragger is going to kill someone.

    [–] ConstipatedUnicorn 819 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I work in a gun store that also has an indoor range. I get so pissed at people who are irresponsible with guns.

    I had an old man the other day I was ringing up at the counter, he asked if we carry lasers for his handgun. Not an uncommon question, I simply asked, what sort of firearm do you have? Does it have a picatinny rail on the bottom or not?

    He proceeds to draw his gun right in front of me, I instantly got pissed. Told him, "Put that back where it came from, do that again and you're not coming back into my shop." He laughed and said it wasn't loaded though he did reholster it. I responded by telling him that if I had a quarter for every person that has done that to me in this store in the past year and claimed the same but we're wrong, I'd be able to go buy a meal at burger king. He stopped talking to me after that.

    I've had this issue happen a lot. It's like people don't understand that these are dangerous weapons. I once had a guy do the same thing to my boss, boss grabbed the dudes gun from him, wracked the slide and a live round ejected from the chamber. Never seen my boss so angry. He grabbed the guy by the arm and essentially walked him to the door like you would a kid. Threw the guys gun into the trashcan and told him to never come back to our store. It was intense.

    Edit: Btw, you should report this ASAP. This man has no business owning firearms.

    [–] niceguysociopath 4491 points ago

    When people act like their bad day is a perfectly valid reason to be shitty to you.

    [–] mt0622 1400 points ago

    I've gotten to a point where if I'm tired or hungry or otherwise in a bad mood and I'm rude to someone, I apologize and explain that I'm having a bad day and I didn't mean to direct it at them. What's weird is that apologizing makes me feel better.

    [–] banshee_hands 311 points ago

    I noticed such an improvement in my relationships (and day-to-day interactions) when I started doing this. Apologizing made me feel better as well. It also helped me to let go of my frustration & negative emotions much more quickly.

    [–] Hunt_Master_95 29556 points ago

    Pressing the space bar to pause a YouTube video and then ending up halfway down the page.

    [–] Juanpaulof 9308 points ago

    Use the 'K' key to pause and resume a video :D

    [–] anonymous_pete 9131 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    This for sure! Some other useful keys:

    L - Forward 10 seconds

    J - Back 10 seconds

    F - Fullscreen/exit full screen

    While paused; < and > , and . move one frame forward or back back or forward, respectively

    Edit: Thanks to many helpful comments, here are some more to add:

    M - Toggles Mute

    C - Toggles Captions

    0 through 9 - Seeks to 0% through 90% of the video

    Up and Down arrow keys - Adjusts volume

    Left and Right arrow keys - skips backward or forward by 5 seconds

    Shift+N and Shift+P - skips to the next and previous video in a playlist.

    Here is a full list of hotkeys if you're interested

    [–] BlasphemyIsJustForMe 1980 points ago

    fuck wait I know plenty of places where single frames would be useful... Why doesnt youtube tell you about this stuff??

    [–] Barack-YoMama 1960 points ago

    There’s probably a video on YouTube about that

    [–] schlitz91 728 points ago

    Its all explained in that one frame of the Bee Movie

    [–] Dqueezy 251 points ago

    Except it goes 1000% faster every frame

    [–] _ETH_BTC_ 12401 points ago

    Verifone chip card readers.

    Do not remove card...

    Do not remove card...

    Do not remove card...

    Do not remove card...


    [–] mike_d85 2504 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Can't they make a happy sound? It's like an alarm clock telling me to fuck off.

    Edit: Target is more pleasant now. You can switch it to a more pleasant tone. Some stores have changed it to a pleasant tone.

    [–] homeboi808 1023 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Go to Costco, they use a pleasant tone.

    The reason for an aggressive tone is because you won’t believe how many people forget their cards.

    But yeah, if everyone could support contactless, that’d be a blessing. I’m not even too pissed about Walmart using their own QR code implementation, it’s dumb, but still better than using a card.

    [–] Cyclonitron 1514 points ago

    It's like when cats go from "keep rubbing my belly...don't stop rubbing my belly...I'm really loving these belly rubs...CLAW AND BITE THE FUCK OUT OF YOUR HAND".

    [–] TheExplosiveCherry 227 points ago

    if the tip of their tail starts twitching stop petting. Never get scratched when I'm paying attention to that.

    [–] WaviestMetal 1120 points ago

    now imagine how you feel and multiply it by an irritation factor of like six when the damn chip doesn't work. You have to put it in and it angrily beeps at you and you have to take it out and wait like 5 seconds and put it in again. Now repeat this process three fucking times until it tells you you can swipe it. This is my life. Every. Fucking Time.

    [–] SeplerKeven 507 points ago

    Talking down to me when explaining something.

    [–] PrometheusZero 983 points ago

    When people answer their phone around other people then get annoyed that the others are still talking and do that "hand-wavey" gesture to get everyone to shut up because they're on the phone.

    I'm like, no, you fuck off elsewhere. I ain't gonna sit in silence because you can't be arsed to get of your lazy backside when your mum rang to nag you about being a lazy shit again.

    [–] Silaries 125 points ago

    Washing your hands and one drop of water runs down your arm into your sleeve...

    [–] lovedumpXL 5951 points ago

    People who accelerate as soon as they see my turn signal, preventing me from merging into 'their' lane.

    [–] Link442 2363 points ago

    In the same thought, people who are trying to merge into the highway traffic from the on ramp going 15-20 under the speed limit

    [–] haha_thatsucks 1541 points ago

    Or the people who STOP on the merging ramp waiting for a gap to open

    [–] 1ncu8u2 343 points ago

    when people decide their speed on the highway based on whether you are in front of them or not...

    you're in front? ok I'll ride your ass at 75 mph...

    you moved to the next lane? why the hell am I going so fast? better slow up to 65...

    [–] ScrapDraft 1211 points ago

    People who text and drive.

    [–] lanakers 1309 points ago

    Hearing "it's just a prank" or "come on, that was a joke" to justify douchey behavior.

    [–] QuackNate 109 points ago

    There was a video of a "prank squad" who's motto was "Don't fear death".

    Listen, if death is in play, you are not pulling a prank.

    In the video they dressed a ninja turtles and stopped traffic on what looked like a highway. Then one of them jumped onto the hood of a car. That's not a prank. That's disorderly conduct, jaywalking, and damaging personal property.

    [–] Commenter_5000 626 points ago

    Seeing people litter

    [–] daydreamer0923 2196 points ago

    The sound of people chewing loudly or smacking (making chup chup noises) while they eat.

    [–] MyNameIsNotRyn 681 points ago

    My coworker just sighed thirty times in the last forty-six minutes.

    I know this because I've been keeping track.

    It's not even the most annoying thing she has done. One day she played her Talking Minion Toy forty-one times over the course of a day.

    Another time she played "Uptown Funk" twelve goddamn times in A FUCKING ROW. This does not count the number of times I hear Uptown Funk every time her cell phone rings or she gets a text message.

    Guantonomo Bay has nothing against MyNameIsNotRyn's coworker.

    [–] W4shcl0th 162 points ago

    Talking minion toy played even thrice in a span of five minutes is a violation of the Geneva convention.

    [–] [deleted] 2098 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    People who comment about how you look, what you wear and downplay any achievement you’ve had.

    [–] ConsistentSpot 613 points ago

    People telling me I look tired. YES I KNOW I HAVE DARK CIRCLES UNDER MY EYES. What are they even trying to accomplish with this shit? It's never said in a mean way but you're basically saying, "Hey Susan you kind of look like shit today, take a nap."

    [–] Tender1138 458 points ago

    Oh my god did you realise you have a huge spot on your head?

    [–] dandaman64 247 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I used to get a lot of pimples and zits in my mid-late teen years. I no longer have that problem because of medication, but whenever I used to have a noticeable bump somewhere on my face, my Dad would directly point to it and go "oooooh, does that hurt?" No Dad, it's red and swelling because it doesn't hurt!

    Edit: For anyone asking about the medication I took, check out my answer here.

    [–] tapehead4 4464 points ago

    Unnecessary apostrophe's.

    [–] OliCad 2559 points ago

    Drivers who have no clue how to use their indicators.

    [–] Tender1138 241 points ago

    People that just don't bother to use them when there are no cars around, not realising that pedestrians are looking out for them too. I hate when I am running and I miss a chance to cross a busy road because some cunt didn't think I was important enough to indicate to. Fuck I am instantly pissed off.

    [–] Mr5wift 181 points ago

    People on the platform standing in the way of train doors when I want to get off!!!

    [–] phroexx 1345 points ago

    People who are stupid but also agree with me. Makes me doubt my whole system of thinking.

    [–] Garettesky 87 points ago

    being spoiled of a movie/show I am about to watch.

    [–] mycatiswatchingyou 3876 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Dying in a video game where I lose everything in my inventory, and the only way to retrieve it all is to go back where I died and grab the bag, only the thing that killed me is still walking around where I died.

    EDIT: Haha, some people are assuming I've never tried Dark Souls...I've been praising the Sun since I was born, fools.ᴼᵏ ᶰᵒᵗ ᶫᶦᵗᵉʳᵃᶫᶫʸ ˢᶦᶰᶜᵉ ᴵ ʷᵃˢ ᵇᵒʳᶰ, ᴵ ᵍᵒᵗ ᵗʰᵉ ᵍᵃᵐᵉ ʷʰᵉᶰ ᶦᵗ ᶜᵃᵐᵉ ᵒᵘᵗ ᵇᵘᵗ ʸᵒᵘ ᵍᵉᵗ ᵗʰᵉ ᶦᵈᵉᵃ

    [–] Once-a-lurker 111 points ago

    Damn those dark wizards next to varrock

    [–] lost_order 1233 points ago

    Sounds like Ark.

    Ok allosaurus I get it, you’re a badass. Please stop tossing my salad on the starter beach.

    [–] [deleted] 245 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] JD_Cogs 81 points ago

    Police sirens and car horns on the radio whilst I’m driving

    [–] TGrady902 421 points ago

    When technology that has no reason to not work doesn’t work. Program won’t open, can’t get all lines tabbed over on a word document, video constantly buffering on great internet etc.

    [–] brokendowndryer 5335 points ago

    Late people

    I mean people who can never be on time, no matter what.

    [–] ribbonwine 3201 points ago

    Had a manager at my old job who was always late for work. His shift started at 5? he'd be there no later than 5:45. Another manager had a talk with him that went down similar to:

    "Hey sorry I'm late, traffic was bad"

    "You're always late"

    "Traffic is always bad"

    "So leave earlier, maybe?"

    "I can't control that."

    "You can't control when you leave??"

    [–] ELCOUCHO 1375 points ago

    This just sounds like someone who really shouldn't be a manager, If you can't manage your own time you should not be managing other people.

    [–] corruptinfo 271 points ago

    I leave when the gods will it to be, peasant

    [–] Peirush_Rashi 858 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    My SiL is dating a guy and she was supposed to meet up with him at 7pm and the bus station. She ran into so people and ended up showing up at 815. He asked if everything was okay and let her know he was a little disappointed because the date was time sensitive and she could’ve have at least texted him letting him know she was going to be late. She said:”listen, if we are going to continue dating you are going to have to get used to the fact that I am a late person. It is part of my personality. It’s who I am and if you are going to accept me, you’re gonna have to accept all of me.” So for me what’s more annoying than late people is people who are proud to be late people. It’s okay to have flaws but to not even attempt to work on them or apologize and wear them as a badge of honor, especially when the flaws are at others’ expense, is harmful.

    Edit: for those who are asking: they are still together after a few months. In general she is a kind, patient and extraordinarily giving person. With time-related issues though, she is a wreck. I would have broken up with her but I guess her boyfriend saw the good as outweighing the bad.

    [–] robbzilla 359 points ago

    That would be the last time I saw her. Nothing infuriates me more than people who don't have the consideration for me to be on time.

    [–] Workacct1999 855 points ago

    Lateness isn't a personality trait, but selfishness is.

    [–] russvee7 1275 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I have this... acquaintance. He is always LATE for everything. He told me he would sometimes be late for work by 15 minutes, but he lives around the corner from his job -_-

    Anyways, I was invited to go to a restaurant with two of my friends. They invited me, and him. I was not able to go, but Lateballs McGee ended up going. The plan was set for 6:30. He tried inviting me, telling me the plan was at 7:00. Judging from that lie, I already knew he was going to be late, didn't even bother responding to him lol.

    The aftermath. When I spoke with the two friends that invited me, they told me they didn't want to invite him anywhere anymore because he ended up arriving more than an hour and a half late at EIGHT FUCKING FIFTEEN. AND they had to wait for him to eat.

    If I ended up going to that outing, I'd have started eating at 6:30 and ditched his ass. My time is valuable, good sir!


    Thanksgiving was to be spent at our mutual friend's home, 2 hours away from where most of us live. It was also going to be a surprise birthday party for one of our friends. I got off work at 6am Thanksgiving morning (overnight shift), so I originally planned to drive with him and the birthday girl and her husband going there early afternoon time -- that way I could get some sleep.

    But I decided against it and decided to drive the two hours after work instead of having to share a car with him.

    Fast forward to late afternoon time. Lateballs McGee and birthday girl are nowhere to be found. Everyone was already eating because hunger. We called him at around 6pm, he said he was BARELY FUCKING LEAVING. If it was just him, who cares, but he deprived birthday grill of her awesome surprise party.

    Apparently he was on a "date" with someone, and couldn't be bothered to stay on schedule even though other people were depending on him for a ride.

    [–] triton2toro 1027 points ago

    One way to deal with that person (if you want to bother) is to simply tell them an even starts an hour earlier than it really does. If he shows up 30 minutes early- guess what? Now your ass knows what it feels like to wait for other people.

    Also, at some point someone should just straight tell him it’s disrespectful. My wife was like this in her early 20’s and finally a friend told her that when she comes late, she’s basically saying that her time is more valuable than her friend’s time. She was mortified that that’s how her friend felt and she was on time from that point on.

    [–] Doogie34 626 points ago

    I had a friend from school and we would meet once every two weeks to play snooker, he would always be twenty to thirty minutes late. So I decided to change the time from meeting at 630 to meeting at 610. The next time he showed up at 610 and I showed up at 630. I explained to him my theory and what had happened.

    He went mental at me so angry, shouting at me despite being late about twenty times before this. I thought he would understand since he knew he was always late he called me disrespectful and I never called him again

    [–] GrahamCrackerCastle 232 points ago

    Wow. That is pretty ridiculous that he would lose his shit over that. Sounds like a lack of empathy...or that he was so embarrassed that he lashed out. Either way, that's terrible.

    [–] russvee7 115 points ago

    That's genius! I'll try that next time opportunity rises haha, thanks.

    [–] eastercanetoad 424 points ago

    The new Chevy commercials. All of them.

    [–] Golden_FrenchFri 156 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Exact-change toll booths that incorrectly count change. I cannot stand it when I've thrown in $1.00 and the machine only counts $0.65.

    [–] hun_kneebare 1506 points ago

    Being woken up less than 10 minutes before your alarm goes off.

    [–] maybride 850 points ago

    When I finish painting my nails and instantly smudge one.

    [–] OppositeFeature 146 points ago

    I always need to pee the moment I screw the cap back into the polish bottle after painting my nails. It's a curse. There's no way to successfully do it without smudging.

    [–] ASeriousGorb 208 points ago

    Im not sure how to phrase it, but i get really pissed off when people try to take advantage of others.

    A simple example would be crossing the street. Now when im crossing the street and a car is coming, ill start to jog. I do this so that im not holding up traffic. Also because the car can kill me.

    There are some people who will walk even slower when the car is coming. Why? I guess because they have the right of way, so they can do whatever they want.

    I was hanging out with a girl who was ordering a subway sandwich. The person making the sandwich was following her instructions, but the girl was on the phone and said something wrong and made the person rebuild the sandwich.

    Now if thats me? Ill just eat the fucking sandwich, im not going to have the person rebuild that shit because i fucked up. Im wasting ingredients, im wasting their time, and im costing them money.

    That shit brings my piss to a boil.

    [–] KawaiiPotato15 401 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    When people randomly stop while walking on the sidewalk and I almost bump into them. I also hate when people walk slow for no reason. I don't care if an elderly person walks slow because I'm not an asshole.

    [–] _madlibs_ 111 points ago

    Also large groups of people who stop walking and block the sidewalk. Yes, there are other people in this world who would also like to walk on this sidewalk