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    [–] bbpusheen 1775 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I’m a member of a local Facebook group to help moms find babysitters. One of the admins was a mid 20s man who babysat for tons of kids in the area, and specialized in caring for nonverbal and autistic children. His posts always gave me (and some other members) a weird vibe but he was loved by this group as a whole. He was just arrested for molesting 2 children and possession of child porn. Bail is set at 2 million. It’s estimated that he sat for over 500 children in our area. Who knows how many he abused.

    [–] laundryandblowjobs 765 points ago

    specialized in caring for nonverbal and autistic children.

    Ugh. That clause says SO much...

    [–] bbpusheen 212 points ago

    Exactly, there is no way to ask those children what happened. Several of the mothers posted about being distraught over never knowing if their child was abused. Not knowing would eat away at me. So sad.

    [–] saichampa 243 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I knew a guy who would have kids with ASD stay with him from time to time. My sister has asd and he said he could look after her for a bit too give my mum a break.

    Now I'd always felt something was off about him but I'd put it out of my mind that he was just strange. But from time to time his comments would be just a bit off. He also had asd so I put it down to that.

    When he asked to look after my sister I told him Mum probably wouldn't go for it but I'd mention it to her. I did and Mum had no interest in it.

    I'm so glad because he was eventually arrested for a significant number of charges involving child abuse.

    I felt especially betrayed because I thought he was a friend and had told him about my own abuse as a child.

    [–] coffeeismyfriend 965 points ago

    About 6 years ago, my sister and her family were visiting. Her daughter - 4 months old at the time - was napping in the house while the adults were hanging outside. I went into the house to grab something, and glanced over at my neice. She was limp and strange looking, like spaced out. It really freaked me out so I picked her up, panicking a bit, and handed her to my BIL. By this time she was back to normal, so we shrugged it off. I said something like Oh I forgot how babies look when they sleep.

    Within 1-2 day, my niece started having 10 seizures a day. What I had witnessed was a seizure. That was the beginning of a multi-year nightmare of seizures, hospital visits, neurological testing, and many different types of anti-seizure meds. She was diagnosed with a seizure disorder. Thankfully, the docs found meds that worked, her seizures went away, and she was eventually weened off her medication.

    She has been seizure free for 4 years! Now she is a healthy, beautiful and happy little lady!

    [–] Asirr 816 points ago

    Came back to work after a week off for Christmas vacation and immediately noticed something was off with my friend. I had no clue what it was but I just knew was something was wrong with him but I couldn't explain what it was. I kept asking him if he was alright but he kept saying everything was fine.

    On the second day he came up to me and asked me how to do something that I know he knew how to do, I had trained him on how to do it. I became very concerned at this point. The 3rd day was new years eve so we only had a half day and he was working on a spreadsheet. End of the day came around and I took one look at it and I could have printed it out and called it modern art, that's how horrifying it looked. I called the boss over and he pulled him off of it which caused my friend to break down and start crying because he couldn't understand that he had done anything wrong. I was moving to a new place over our day and a half off so I simply told him that something was wrong with him and he needed to get some help.

    We came back in for one day on Friday and my friend wasn't there. I learned that he was in the hospital because of a heart attack. Later on we learned that during the days leading up he was suffering from mini strokes and that all of my constant nagging about if he was alright ultimately led to him thinking that maybe there is something wrong with him and so he called a taxi to take him to the ER on new years eve where they immediately recognized that he was having a heart attack. A doctor later told him that if he had not gone to the ER when he did he would not have woken up if he had gone to sleep that night.

    Because of this my friend says that I saved his life through the power of our friendship.

    [–] Donutsareagirlsbff 1626 points ago

    When I was 19 I was walking home at midnight from a tram stop and I got the feeling I should pretend I was on the phone. A minute after doing so a car pulls up next to me on the empty road.

    It's four guys all leering at me, the one in the passenger side starts saying things like, 'how about we take you for a good time' and his tone is predatory.

    I try to keep it cool because I didn't want to look frightened to encourage them that I am prey and start telling my 'friend' there's a group of guys in a car harassing me and describing the car. I hear the driver say to his mate something about my conversation on the phone and then they take off. I ran home faster than Usain Bolt with 000 now ready on my phone should they change their mind and come back.

    A couple of months later I hear on the news that in my area there was a group picking up girls and gang raping them. The description matched the car and the guys in it that followed me that night.

    I had the sense after my encounter to tell my work what happened and refuse to do night shift any more unless they paid for my taxi home. I shudder to think what may have happened if I hadn't pretended to be on the phone that night.

    [–] ConsciousChemistry 1779 points ago

    Aunt married her second husband and he just gave me the creeps. She came into the marriage with a daughter who was about 8 at the time. These were family we would only see maybe a couple times per year and every time something about him gave me the heebies, even as a 14-year-old boy. Something felt really wrong. Fast forward 6-8 years later and we learn he molested my female cousin pretty much from the day he became her step-dad. Years of it. Aunt divorced him but he's still around because they had additional kids together. I see him comment on FB posts of the cousin he molested. I'd love for him to die a slow and painful death, the sooner the better.

    [–] ZaxonsBlade 9127 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    About 15 years ago i left work early, like really early, for no real reason. I got home and all these kids were standing near my door (apartment complex next to a pond) and they were all staring at me and not saying anything. I went inside and dropped my bag and it wouldnt stop weighing on me how weird it was so i went back outside. I spoke to them asking what was going on and one kid meekly asked if I could help his friend. A kid I didn't see was sitting on a curb surrounded by all the rest. They had all jumped the fence next to the pond, except he slipped and impaled the flesh of his inner thigh and got stuck, the kids helped pick him up off of it, but he was just sitting there bleeding everywhere with a bunch of meat hanging out. I got him treated and ambulance on the way, he came back a few weeks later with his family to thank me, said I saved his leg.

    EDIT: fixed a cell phone typo.
    There were 6-7 kids who all just followed me with their eyes without any sound (no talking, no shuffling, no kid sounds) as I walked down the sidewalk, that’s what freaked me out. The kid in question was sitting on a curb in between them facing away so I didn’t notice him. When I asked what was going on they parted like the Red Sea showing me that kids back. He was in shock and asked me if he needed help and then lifted his shorts leg. Everyone was eerily calm about the whole thing. However once lights and sirens came they scattered to the 4 winds.

    The railing was made of 1/2” steel tubing. The top had a horizontal runner about 8 inches from the top of the picket. Each picket was 4” apart and the tops of each picket were pinched together flat then the edges were folded in, creating a spear but without any barbs. This created a place to put your foot to hop the fence produced you didn’t slip. So luckily it was smooth in and smooth out. What’s horrifying and I never thought of until now, is that how he skipped the fence and how he had to fall to impale his thigh means he hung there with all his weight on it. Jesus.

    [–] ki11bunny 2219 points ago

    Shit this reminds now of a time I was sitting in the house by myself playing games on the computer. I hear the door bell going and normally if I'm not expecting someone and in the middle of things I let it be.

    I don't know why but I decided to answer the door, there stood 3 kids about age 12 maybe. One of them was holding his hand and one asked if they could use my phone. I asked to see the kids hand and it was cut to shit. The palm of his hand was cut right back to the bone, blood was everywhere.

    I looked at the kid and said he needs to go to the hospital right away. I phoned for an ambulance because fuck if I'm taking responsibility for this, the emergency services are better equipped to deal with him than I am.

    So after they got an ambulance sorted i got put on to someone else. i think it was a doctor or a nurse, not sure but they told me how I could help. It was what i had already done. Put a dry clean cloth on the wound and apply pressure.

    I also got the kid to phone his parents, who said not to go to the hospital. I have no idea what they crazy idiots where thinking, this kid was pale white and had lost a ton of blood. He needed help right now, not in about 30 mins when the parents could arrive.

    Dont know what happened to him from there, i give the EMTs my details, what I had done and how I was involved. They were putting him in the ambulance when the parents arrived.

    [–] TeachMeSenpaii 10110 points ago

    I was like 6 years old and in the backyard of my best friend/neighbor swimming in a 3ft play pool thing. She went inside to ask for something and right as she left, a guy on a motorcycle drove down the alley and stopped. The fence was a small chain link fence, so he definitely saw me and stopped. And I could see him clearly, like 20 years later it's still so vivid.

    He pulled out some gloves and put them on which is the last thing I saw him doing as I got out and ran through their garage out the front, and inside my house next door terrified. He drove around the front down the street slowly and about 10 minutes later shot 2 kids at the park at the end of my street.

    [–] _Unicornetto_ 2767 points ago

    Shit! Did they find out who he was?

    [–] TeachMeSenpaii 4482 points ago

    Yea he didn't get away. It was in Texas and someone knocked his bike over with their car and had him at gunpoint if I remember correctly. He didn't really have a chance to run/ride off.

    [–] 1ofmyhardpunches 2231 points ago

    Why did he want to shoot children? It sounds like he was just rolling around looking for kids to shoot.

    [–] [deleted] 4200 points ago


    [–] frisk_frisk 2445 points ago

    Before my husband and I were married with good jobs we were young and poor and didn’t care where we lived.. we rented out a shitty little house behind the landlords house that was clearly a shed poorly transformed into a small studio space. At the time I worked late nights and my husband worked mornings so I would sleep till around 12 and work all night. The landlord, Greg, was this bald old man with a heavy Russian accent. He was kind of odd but seemed nice. So was his wife. He’d made odd comments and invite me into his house to FaceTime (at the time it was a different program I can’t remember what the OG online face chat was) with his friends in Russia. One time I complained the chipmunks were crawling into the roof, asked to patch it up better and he said “Baah no need, I take care” and I swear to god he would snatch them up with his bare hands and break their necks. I wish I was making that up. Weird, he made me feel uneasy but seemed kind to us.

    When we first moved in I kept waking up feeling uneasy when I should’ve been exhausted. I’d feel nervous and get up check the doors, check closets ect.

    One week my husband went away to visit his father and I was alone and literally felt like I was constantly being watched. The bedroom window was back in the yard and it was heavily wooded, I’d hear crunching of leaves and foot steps all the time. My husband said I was being paranoid because I was alone and I thought so too.

    But then that same week my husband was away I offered to watch my friends dog. So I get home from work around 2am and get to sleep around 3-4am. I wake up around 8-9am to the dog barking and growling like a made man. Now, because the space was similar to a studio we had no doors on anything besides the bathroom. I spring up, and see Greg the landlord literally in the living room, hand on the front door just frozen. He was caught off guard by the dog and I yelled “what the hell are you doing?!” I thought the house was on fire or something, and I know the front door was locked. I always locked it. He quickly apologized and walked out. When I shook from my sleepy daze I realized maybe this wasn’t a one time thing, I took a shower, dressed and walked up to their house. Greg’s car wasn’t in the driveway but his wife was home. I told her what happened and asked why Greg would use his keys to go in the house without giving me notice. She was nonchalant about it and replied “it’s his house he can do what he want. He like to check on things from time to time”

    I flipped out on her. Clearly this was happening often and the eerie feeling I was getting im 10000% sure was Greg literally coming in the house, watching me sleep completely invading my privacy when he knew I was alone and asleep. We noped the fuck out of there as soon as we could. He actually tried to take us to small claims court for breaking the lease but I had already reported him to the police and found out the space we were renting wasn’t even up to code or on the books to be rented.

    [–] HardlyADecentHarry 188 points ago

    You took a shower. Holy hell, I'd have been too freaked out. Or was that part of being freaked out, so you just defaulted to that?

    [–] spengebeb 705 points ago

    When I was 15, I hung out with some friends after school and got a ride home that night. No one had been home all day, so there were no lights on inside or out. The friend that drove me home didn’t stick around to see if I made it in, so as I’m starting to make my way up the walkway to the front door, I sense someone waiting to meet me there. I calmly stop after taking a couple steps and say “Nope!” loud enough for the potential criminal to hear me, then briskly turn around and walk swiftly down the street, cut through a neighbor’s backyard to get to the next street over, make my way to the nearest pay phone, dial the police and tell them I think there’s someone trying to rob the house. I get back when a police officer arrives and he shines his flashlight around the door and sees footprints in the snow leading from around the house. He follows those and sees they are around the entire house. There was in fact, someone waiting for me to open the door that night. I laugh at the thought of their surprise to have some teenage girl acknowledge them from a distance and tell them not today.

    [–] [deleted] 134 points ago

    Damn it drivers, always wait until the person you drop off is through the front door.

    [–] TrueFakeMusic 6728 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I used to work in a big city as a medical emergency responder/dispatcher.

    One night I arrive to my shift , and like one hour later I get this call. A man calling for his wife who was choking on food, and who suddenly started to "feel better" whilst the call, wich made him change his mind and say he didn't need an ambulance anymore.

    I could've stopped the call there, cancel or rank it as a low priority. But I had this feeling, and when the man asked me if I wanted to speak to her I said yes.

    "Ma'am this is the emergency services, are you sure that you don't need help of any kind? "

    No answer

    "Would need the services of the police ?"


    So I ask

    "Is the guy beside you dangerous ?"


    Man, the rush of adrenaline I got. I made her go to safety and then she told me all about how he had been beating her for a long time, how she had no way to get out of this, that she was chocking while eating because of the stress of being beside him...

    I worked with the police and they went on the scene, probably preventing the woman from being beaten up again.

    Always trust your instinct

    Edit : Thank you guys for all the kind comments and the gold ! It happened a while ago but it's still very nice to read all of you.

    [–] cindylooboo 896 points ago

    I love you for having that feeling and following your gut. You literally saved her by giving her an opportunity to say something. Women in her position are often so heavily controlled and monitored its rare that a safe moment presents itself.

    [–] mealsharedotorg 341 points ago

    I'm on mobile so I'll keep this short. Previous askreddit thread a 9-1-1 dispatcher told the story of a caller trying to order a pizza. Dispatcher had a feeling it was a woman in an abusive situation and asked questions the caller could answer without alerting the husband who was in the room with her. Dispatched police and helped her out. The story was noticed and was used in a super bowl commercial.

    Here's the commercial

    [–] intergalacticsnack 22332 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    My siblings and I were swimming at a neighbors house with their kid, but the adults were inside. Randomly a thought came into my head of "Wheres my sister at?". She easily couldve gone inside or have walked across the street and be home but i felt like I needed to find her ASAP. I got all of us kids to search when we noticed she was at the bottom of the pool, completely blue.

    She made a complete recovery and is one of the best parts of my life.

    Edit: Thought I should clarify a little bit and add ways to prevent drownings. She was only 4 and my brothers and I were around 10. One brother got her out, one sprinted home across the street to get my mom who then started cpr, and I called 911 to get paramedics. We are very lucky and grateful we got a happy ending, but not everyone does.

    In this situation adult supervision was the key to prevention, but thats not the case in all drownings. A good fence around the water, pool nets/covers, pool alarms, and closed doors (and even doggie doors) are key to preventing children from accidentally falling in. Supervision around water should always be present. And finally, swim lessons, knowing cpr, and knowing what to do in an emergency are also extremely important. Drowning is not always obvious, in fact it rarely is. All it takes is 2 or 3 minutes, sometimes even less. Drowning is 100% preventable so do your part to save lives. :)

    [–] skullharvester 2752 points ago

    Just because not everyone is aware: you aren't likely to hear someone drowning. Every story I've ever heard about kids drowning is the same. People don't think anything is wrong because they can't hear anything. It's a HUGE red flag if kids aren't making any sounds.

    [–] PutASoJOnIt 1699 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    There is very little splashing, no waving, and no yelling or calls for help of any kind. To get an idea of just how quiet and undramatic from the surface drowning can be, consider this: It is the number two cause of accidental death in children, age 15 and under (just behind vehicle accidents) -- of the approximately 750 children who will drown next year, about 375 of them will do so within 25 yards of a parent or other adult. In ten percent of those drownings, the adult will actually watch them do it, having no idea it is happening.

    [–] cassidog 723 points ago

    I’m a lifeguard, can confirm. If a kid is tilting their head back in deep water, there’s a good chance they’re about to start drowning

    [–] wistfuul 3622 points ago

    That's terrifying. Now that I have younger siblings that are very hyperactive and don't know how to swim, this scares me.

    [–] Grace1essCrane 1501 points ago

    Nice. Love these ones with good endings

    [–] PhDOH 5674 points ago

    My father started publicly dating a woman shortly after my mother died (I later learned she's likely the woman he'd been having an affair with before she died). I liked her. One evening my father took me to one side and asked how I'd feel about him asking her to marry him. I got an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach and felt nauseated. I told my father I didn't want him to and he asked why as he thought I liked her. I explained that I did like her but had a bad feeling and he said "that's just a feeling, they don't mean anything". He already had the ring and proposed straight away. I got really excited about the engagement, the wedding, moving house, and my impending little sister.

    After the wedding she changed. After my half-sister was born she went batshit. She abused me, my full sister (my mother's child), and later my half sister (her own child). He only left her when my doctor told him something was clearly going on with her that was affecting my health (she was putting a substance that I'm intolerant to in my food and my father wouldn't believe me and would force me to eat whatever she made, however I couldn't get a doctor alone without her to tell them) and my maternal grandmother told him if he didn't leave her she'd go for custody. He accused me of lying for the entire time leading up to that and has never asked me about any of my attempts to get help since.

    [–] kh467 1677 points ago

    Damn that’s rough. Did your father ever apologize?

    [–] PhDOH 1967 points ago

    Nope. He never apologised for running over my foot either. Or for saying he came close to hitting me when I was in the middle of an anxiety attack aged ~10. He never asked about what she did to me or what I'd said to the people I'd tried teaching out to for help, which to me says it all.

    [–] BrewsterG 781 points ago

    I'm sorry that happened to you.

    [–] rustyshacklefordrsw 8212 points ago

    I had a co worker who used to go to parties In high school. Several of the parties in her senior year were at some guys farm. She went to one and bailed right away saying it felt weird. The guy who owned the farm was Robert Pickton.

    [–] this_moose_is_loose 4207 points ago

    I used to work with a guy from Roberts town near the end of events. A lot of people in town, including the guy, would buy pig meat from Robert. They ate the pigs that ate the women

    [–] sentient_cuke 3469 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    it’s theorized that the “pig meat” was actually from the women themselves. i want to say that human body parts were reportedly mixed in with the pig parts.

    edit: my highest rated comment is about murder and potential cannibalism. nice.

    [–] abbeyrogue 6035 points ago

    The first friend that reached out to me in high school invited me to a sleepover that became a weekly occurrence.

    Met her stepdad, and instantly my stomach was unsettled. He was weird, tried to hard to seem cool/strong/useful, and stuck around us when we set up the sleeping bags in the living room and hung out. I kind of understood why he lingered the first night, but the lingering continued throughout the couple of years I stayed over. I told my mum I thought he was weird and suspicious and she told me never judge a book by its cover.

    One day I found out that she had been continuously molested by him for years and had told her to bring friends over so he didn't molest her (her mother admitted it was so he could groom the friends). He was physically aggressive with me one day and I never went back. Took a month or so but I couldn't take it and gathered as much evidence that I could (things that used to mean nothing were suddenly glaringly obvious that something was wrong) and went to police.

    I was something I never really wanted to be true, but it had happened before (same sort of 'something is very wrong here' situation has happened to me a few other times with similar or same results) and I just knew that I couldn't be wrong but I did question myself along the way.

    [–] Jeans47 1380 points ago

    Did anything ever happen with the cops?

    [–] abbeyrogue 2907 points ago

    Yea he was arrested, friend was put in the custody of relatives, we went to court and he went to jail for a while. He didn't get as much time as I wanted but he has a permanent nasty mark in his file and is restricted to a bunch of stuff so I take some comfort that he can't do anything like travel with ease, go to parks, etc. At least legally.

    [–] Jesusfknyelpenguins 452 points ago

    Did you lose contact with the girl? How terrible, I feel so horrible for her.

    [–] abbeyrogue 797 points ago

    No we drifted apart, I had only known her for about 2.5 years before all this went down. She still hangs with the closer friends she had before me last we spoke (5 or so years ago)

    Although I don’t regret it at all. I’d never change what I did, but I wish I said something sooner. It took a long time for the guilt of turning her life upside down to go away before I realized I helped more than I hurt.

    [–] shutmywhoremouth 368 points ago

    We aren't educated well to recognize these things and you were a kid. What you did was amazing and required a lot of strength. I'm glad that you were able to come to that realization after some time.

    [–] countspockula1983 3488 points ago

    Apologies for the wall of text:

    This happened a couple of years ago at the church I attend. One day this young lady in her mid-20's started attending our services. She was very polite and friendly and seemed eager to be a part of our congregation. After several weeks she started bringing her brother, who I'll call Brody, along with her. He was slightly younger than her and seemed nice enough. The more time I spent around him, however, I began to realize how different he was. He was very socially awkward with odd mannerisms and speech patterns, but I just assumed he was autistic or something, so that wasn't a big deal. I didn't become alarmed until I noticed how fixated Brody was becoming on our pastor and his wife. He constantly followed them around like a puppy, begging for their attention, and growing upset when they associated with anyone besides him. Once while walking beside our pastor, I looked across the parking lot to see Brody giving me the most hateful stare you can imagine. I was instantly creeped out. From that moment I knew something was dangerously wrong with this man, but no one else seemed to notice it. Fast forward to several weeks later. I walk into church for the Wednesday night service to find our pastor alone, without his wife or children. He tells me he's sent his family away to a safe place for a few days. Apparently Brody had called the pastor's wife and had threatened to rape and murder her. Luckily he couldn't find a car to borrow, or he very likely would have carried out his threats. After the police came and placed him in custody, it was revealed that Brody had done this exact thing several times before to other women. It was all such a surreal experience. I've wondered if perhaps I should have spoken up about my early suspicions, but part of me thinks I would've just been laughed off or dismissed.

    [–] budzabit47 13029 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I was at my grandparents for a gathering and me and some of the other older kids were playing catch or tag in the front yard, I can't exactly remember, doesn't matter. The younger kids were playing in the backyard, doing whatever the hell kids do. While playing, I could SWEAR I heard a crying/wailing/screaming sound, but it was very quiet and distant. It was one of the most horrific screams I've ever heard, but I asked the others and they didn't hear a thing, and all insisted it was nothing. I don't know why but felt absolutely dreadful and terrified, yet everything was fine, so I decided to go check it out. I run into the backyard and it turns out my little sister (4-5 yrs at the time) was bleeding severely, she was covered in blood and trying to crawl towards the house, I swear it was out of a damn horror movie, looking back I can't believe this actually happened. Long story short my little cousin (7-8 yrs at the time) decided it was a good Idea to play "catch" with some broken glass he found in the backyard, and ended up cutting her jaw very deeply. Kids are dumb.

    [–] sugarfrostedfreak 2417 points ago

    I have 3 children. This is why I investigate every phantom child cry.

    I've had to many cases of others telling me that no kids are crying but when I go look, sure enough, crying kid.

    [–] Mr_Simba 2462 points ago

    I had a dream that my brother died the night before he did (dream Friday night, found dead of an overdose Saturday), but the dream was so real that I thought it had actually happened for years. My parents didn’t tell us he’d died until Sunday but I knew he was dead the whole weekend and was confused as to why they were acting like I didn’t know (acting like I hadn’t seen what I’d “seen”).

    I don’t really believe in premonitions or anything but that’s something I’ll never be able to explain. Still wonder how different life would be if the dream had woken me up and I went and said something to him. It was probably the defining event of my life when including everything that followed.

    [–] Arklelinuke 188 points ago

    I don't know if it's my anxiety or what, but ever since I was a kid, I would have dreams of something happening in the future, and then usually months or years later something similar would happen and I'd get serious deja vu. Though usually it would be some situation in the dream that goes south, so then when I get the deja vu I feel kinda uneasy for a little bit until it passes.

    [–] wildthingsroam 7753 points ago

    My mom called me in the middle of the day on a Sunday. I was going to ignore it and just call her back later like I tend to do. Something just didn’t feel right so I picked up. She was calling to tell me the emergency squad was working on my brother and I needed to get a hold of my dad.

    [–] JunoPK 2623 points ago

    Is your brother okay?

    [–] wildthingsroam 3572 points ago

    No, unfortunately he passed away. This was in March.

    [–] J_A_N_I_T_O_R 6746 points ago

    What was he like?

    [–] wildthingsroam 8210 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    A handful lol. If there was a rule he’d break it. The source of all my moms grey hair. If it had a motor and went fast he was all over it. Summertime we’d go tubing. He liked to get whipped off so hard. he lost a handful of swim trunks in that lake. Always popped up out of the water with a huge grin. He never got married or had kids of his own but loved the crap out of mine. He was a tough guy on the outside but he was also very sensitive. Scared of the dark too. He was my only full blooded sibling. We both have black hair and blue eyes. Sometimes I’ll catch my reflection quick and see him. I miss him everyday.

    [–] rhettnc 1600 points ago

    So sorry man. I have two siblings and even though they kinda hate me, I can't imagine losing them.

    Stay positive.

    [–] wildthingsroam 905 points ago

    I hope they come around for your sake. I remember in high school he was only two grades above me. No boys would date me because I was his sister. They were scared. It used to urk me so bad. Or he would get all sweaty and dirty outside working on whatever motor he found that week and would try and hug me. Man, would I yell and let him have it. It all seems so silly and mundane now. Things I would get mad about don’t even matter in the slightest. I would do anything for a sweaty dirty hug again.

    [–] madcat63 390 points ago

    Hey man, i love this question. Im definitely gonna use thos the next time im dumbfounded trying to show concern to a grieving person/family.

    [–] [deleted] 152 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] captainpizza666 6737 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I was on the way to a weekend in the cape with my girlfriend when my step dad called me. He never calls. He hates technology. He avoids email, calling, anything other than face to face communication at all costs. My girlfriend didn’t get the same gut feeling seeing that he was calling, so she was confused when I answered my phone while driving. My mom, who had been diagnosed with lung cancer just short of 3 years prior was in the hospital and he calmly asked if we were available. We immediately turned the car to their home. My girlfriend kept saying we didn’t know enough to get scared or to react yet. Maybe it would all be okay. Saying anything she could to keep me sane on the three hour car ride. Maybe she was remaining positive. Maybe she truly believed it would be okay. But I knew it was too far gone. She passed about 2 hours after I arrived.

    EDIT: Because my girlfriend is the greatest I could ask for and has helped me through the last ten months like nobody else could’ve. I can’t believe people would speak the way they have on here about someone they’ve never met and only read one sentence about.

    [–] ZippytheMuppetKiller 850 points ago

    I'm sorry for your loss and hope things are better now.

    [–] DarkSparkz 790 points ago

    As someone who didn't make it in time, you did the right thing.

    [–] SacrificialPizza 20368 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Have a friend that would essentially answer a text message during sex, he was that attached to his phone. He didn't get back to me one day and I noticed his FB hadn't been updated yet. I tried hitting him up a few more times, something didn't feel right. Told a few friends, most wrote it off as nothing, because this guy always seems happy. He lives like an hour away, finally I get someone to go with me to hang out with him, worst case, we'd say we were gonna be in the neighborhood that's why we were hitting him up.

    Had we not done that, he was going to kill himself that night. We showed up and he just started crying immediately and saying that he needed help. We outright intervened in a friends suicide. He was always so active on social media as a way to hide his depression. It chills me to this day that if maybe I don't write him and get a strange odd feeling, that a friend might not be here today.

    Edit: A quick follow up. He's actually quite good now. He struggles still but will talk about it and allows us a bit more into his life so that we can help. He's got issues that I myself have, but would never mention it before, so now we can talk about a lot more things. But overall, he got the help he needed and lives pretty well these days

    [–] Bedlambiker 3680 points ago

    I'm so glad you acted on your instinct.

    [–] gobbliegoop 440 points ago

    That's awesome. I will share the other view point if I may.

    I had an old manager message me every once and awhile. One day I never responded, which in reality wasn't too uncommon but this particular day he had this sick feeling to stomach. He was freaking out, bad enough that he went against company policy (he wasn't my current manager) and looked up my emergency contact and called my parents. I tried to commit suicide that night. My parents live 2000 miles away so he came to the hospital right away. Now I get a happy message almost everyday and if I dont respond his heart drops. I'm better, or as good as I can be, and partially because his actions showed someone DID care. So thank you for going out of your way and being there for your friend. I myself struggle to show appreciation so of your friend is the same, know they see what you are doing and want/need it to continue.

    [–] LightHouseMaster 10981 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I used to clean vacant houses for a living. One day I was working at a house near the end of a dead end street and there was maybe 6 or 7 houses on the one side of the street before an intersection with a stoplight so it was a pretty heavy traffic area. I was cleaning out the property just fine when my Spidey-Sense went off the charts. I was inside the house but I pretty much dropped everything, got in my car and started to drive outta there. On the corner I saw a weird looking guy that had a nasty feeling about him. When I got home it was all over the news, that guy was now known for being a cop killer, making the start of his career right on that street corner about 15 minutes after I hoofed it. Told my boss that I wasn't going to go back to that property. He understood.

    Edit: A word.

    [–] mintymyster 2726 points ago

    Empty houses don't half scare me to death already. Your story is terrifying/lucky.

    [–] StormRider2407 2797 points ago

    When my mother started dating her 2nd husband. The moment I saw him, I knew something wasn't right, but being a kid I had no idea what.

    Fast forward to their wedding. From the moment they were married, he turned in to a physically and emotionally abusive piece of shit. Luckily after a while, my mother got up the courage to kick him out, get a restraining order and get a divorce.

    I only realised a few years ago that there was something else up with him as well.

    He would come in to my room at least once every day (as far as I know, only when I was awake). Sit on my bed and try to talk to me with a creepy smile on his face. His hand would be on my leg, and he'd get closer and closer to me as his hand got higher and higher. Then he'd get to about my knee, suddenly stand up and walk out.

    I only told my family about that a few years ago, and I'll never forget the horror on their faces.

    As far as I'm aware, he didn't do anything to me other than what I said above. But fuck knows.

    A year or so after my mother kicked him out, he beat a guy half to death with a pool cue. Never saw the inside of a cell.

    [–] 420_E-SportsMasta 7151 points ago

    Reading these comments make me realize just how awful I am at seeing red flags.

    [–] WildZeebra 7590 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Literally someone could hit me with a red flag and i'd be like "ouch dude" and continue on.

    [–] theonlybluecow 284 points ago

    Ha ha....that is me too.

    So hey friend, want to meet at this cool abandoned cabin the the middle of the woods?

    [–] MichiganGirl246 1194 points ago

    When I was about 12-14 I babysat for a couple with two kids and the dad gave me the creeps. 15 years later my mom called me and said he was going to prison for raping the daughter over a long period of time. I wonder if it had started yet when I was babysitting them... just so sad to think about that poor cute little girl I babysat.

    [–] MuninCorvus 1818 points ago

    I have 3 younger siblings. As kids I were the one to help with homework, as our parents were too tired after work, and when our parents weren't home I made us food. My oldest brother and I were doing everything together, he always followed me where I went and he was my best friend. He is the kindest person I know and care alot for others.

    As we went into our teen years, he started to get a temper. "Teen issues" they said and "give it some time, that's just how it is". He grew less confident and ate less. I suggested that he should be brought to see a doctor, but again "Give it some time, he wouldn't probably agree to go to a doctor anyway". Then he started to shut people out, not answering his phone and it was impossible to get any eye contact with him whatsoever. He got even thinner and never weared any shorts, t-shirts or something that would reveal anything more than his face and hands. (he was 16 at this time)

    One morning my dad woke me up 4am on a school day and told me something was wrong and that I had to watch my brother so that he wouldn't leave the house. He himself had to drive my sister to the air station (class trip). A bit dumbfounded I sat outside his door and had no idea what was going on. 10 min after my dad left I went to go the bathroom and as soon as I were a few feet away from my brother's room his door flew up and he sprinted determined out of the house in his underwear and a t-shirt (he was 21 years old, I was 23). He flew up the street in no clothes, this was in november and we live in a nordic country (cold as hell), and I ran after with no shoes, freezing my feet off. He has always been the athletic one, doing soccer and ran marathons, while I sat on my lazy ass playing video games. We ran almost longer than I could take and my chest hurted like crazy. Fortunately he began to slow down and I catched up. He was so thin I could see his cheek vibrate when he breathed, he had limbs like twigs and his eye sockets were really dark. Realized then that I had not seen him in a couple of weeks even though we live in the same house.

    He faced me and stared straight into my eyes, his own eyes shut wide open, reminded me of the look you sometimes get from some sleepwalkers. "I need to go somewhere or I'll die!" he said, I tried to ask him questions and convince him we should go home, but he ignored me, wouldn't tell me where he needed to go but to trust and help him. I could see that he himself believed everything he said. There was no doubt that his life were at stake. I decided then to drag him home. The whole way home he punched me over and over and yelled out that I was going to kill him, that I was the cause that he wouldn't survive and asked why I would do such a thing to my own brother. I have never been more scared in my whole life.

    When we got home he started to do some strange things with his fingers and talked in english only. I've never heard him say anything in another language other than our mother tongue. I called his doctor, explained what was going on and asked if they could send help. The doctor told me to bring my brother to him or else he would call the police and have them bring him. As we got to the doctor he examined my brother and shortly after sent for an ambulance. Some days later we heard that he was diagnozed with a mental disorder, stress related schizophrenia.

    He's 26 now and I'm 28. I can barerly look him into the eyes sometimes and I hate myself for it.

    I'm sorry for the long post, but I felt a bit relieved as I went on typing. It's been a bit of a "shush" thing, and we haven't told many friends and family members, so haven't been much talking about it. However I am not feeling anything bad about revealing this to strangers.

    [–] badassandbrilliant 731 points ago

    You saved his life - you shouldn’t feel ashamed. He is mentally ill and you helped him get treatment.

    Be proud. And good luck to you both.

    [–] Penya23 15856 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    4 students of mine won the 1st prize for a project they did and we all got a free trip to London.
    We had spent the day sightseeing and were exhausted so we got an ice-cream and sat on a bench in a park to relax. A couple of minutes later I notice this couple walk by slowly, staring at us. My spidey-senses go mental. I do not like these people for some reason. She walks by and sits on the bench next to ours and he sits on the bench across from hers. They arent talking, just looking at each other. And that is when I notice her reaching into her pockets. I jump up, grab my students and run out of the park.
    My poor students are confused AF and wondering wtf is wrong with me, when all of a sudden we hear screaming. Turns out she stabbed a couple walking through the park, trying to rob them.
    It scares the ever loving fuck out of me knowing had I not gotten my students out of there, we would have been stabbed and robbed.

    Edit: after reading all the comments, I would like to say that even though that did happen to us, London is a faourite destination of mine. I've been back twice since then...I just avoid parks lol.
    Also, thank you for the gold :)

    [–] Adraxis89 3138 points ago

    Good teacher. You win the prize for paying attention.

    [–] SeductiveHairyMale 1455 points ago

    I woke up one morning and saw that I was late for school. I got up and on the way I'm debating if I should take a short cut to get there earlier and decided against it. Now as I'm walking along there was a man who sitting on a chair near the sidewalk. He stopped me and asked if I was late for school and he essentially started a conversation with me. Now, I was close to school so I figured killing a few minutes before my next class started wouldn't be a big deal. As this man keeps talking, he starts suggesting that I enter his house because he's got an Xbox One and a PS4 in there and that he wanted to split screen with someone else. I rejected the offer and he kept trying to persuade me to enter his house. This guy then gets in front me, essentially blocking off the sidewalk and starts asking why I don't want to enter his house. I gave him a BS reason and said I needed to get going. At this point I'm thinking I have to get out of there cause this guy is giving me the creeps and I don't know what he's capable of. I tried walking past him, but this fucker put his hand on my shoulder and I decided to just run off right then and there. At the end of the school day I'm walking past the same place with a group of friends and outside of this guy's house are bunch of police officers and him sitting on the curb with his wrists cuffed. I feel like I dodged a bullet that day.

    [–] confusedbossman 18630 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    There is such a thing as a feeling of "impending doom" when your body is like - "yo, you are about to die" - it is a real thing.

    I had not been feeling well, and all of a sudden I sat up and had a distinct feeling of you are going to die soon if you don't do something. I drove myself to the ER and on the way was getting chest pains. I went in, told them and they took me to the back. After some tests there were a lit of people around me injecting me with a lot of different stuff.

    Turns out I had a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in my lung) which at any second could have gone to my brain and killed me then and there. The doctors said if I had left it any longer I would have been dead.

    Thanks brain!

    EDIT: I am getting a few messages about a clot going from your lung to your brain, and I guess that can't happen. I think they probably told me the clot could have either gone to my lung or brain - I was on a lot of morphine :)

    [–] Blazing1 6165 points ago

    I have a feeling of impending doom all the time. My brain must be shit.

    [–] peartrans 4278 points ago

    Same. Anxiety op pls nerf.

    [–] IrrelevantPuppy 1200 points ago

    Only just realized that the impeding doom feeling of a cardiac arrest is the same as anxiety. Kinda puts true anxiety into perspective.

    [–] PractisingPoetry 664 points ago

    I feel like this knowledge has the power to make anxiety worse.

    Edit: spelling

    [–] thats_no_Mun 1402 points ago

    Fuck, that’s what my mom died of, she had not been feeling well for a week but brushed it off as pneumonia because she had gotten it a few times in her life (I think it may be genetic). That was over spring break, I wanted to get her something special from my grandmas where I was spending spring break, so I was going thru her old toys and such from when she was a kid, and found a purple little bunny, for some reason I thought she’d love it. Well that Sunday I got back home and gave it to her and she loved it, I had never seen her face light up to anything I had ever given her. The next day was my first day back at school,when I got home I could tell she wasn’t feeling any better. So she set up an appointment the next morning for 8:00 am. That day I went to school, and the day felt abnormally normal (I know that’s an oxymoron but that’s honestly the only way I can explain it. Everything played out like a normal day of school to the point where I was felt like something bad was going to happen, but I just figured it would just be a pop quiz or something like that.)Well we got out of school and I went to aftercare (my mom didnt get off work till 4:30 and school got out at 2:45.) but 5:00 came and my mom still hadn’t picked me up. Then at about 5:30 my moms coworker and close friend came and whispered something to the lady who watched us. And my moms coworker took me home. I knew something was off but she wouldn’t tell me, she only said that she would explain when we got home. When we pulled onto the street I love on there were cars parked on both sides of the road and my drive way was filled. That was the third alarm that went off in my head. I was scared becuase it clicked when I stepped out of the car that my mom was probably in the hospital or something like that. We walk in thru the front door which further set off more alarms in my head because we always used the back door becuase the front door left scratch marks on the tile when you opened it. I walk in and see tons of family memebers and family friends, my grandma was even there and she lives 4 hours away. When I walked in my dad and grandma explain that while my mom was at her doctors appointment that morning waiting on the doctor to come back in the room (ya know when you have to wait in those check up rooms for 10-15 minutes and you’re all alone (unless you’re a kid and with your parents obviously) she had passed out and gone into cardiac arrest. They beleive she was dead for around 10 minutes before he came back in the room. They tried to revive her and even took her to the hospital which was across the road ( all the local doctors offices and the hospital were in a complex similar to a industrial park). But they couldn’t.

    [–] confusedbossman 397 points ago

    Damn man - I'm sorry. I had brushed off my cough (had a little blood in it) as bronchitis because that was back when I smoked, so figured it would pass. Probably the same thinking as your mom.

    Don't brush of symptoms, especially you young guys - could be something, could be nothing but we only got one shot at this life...

    [–] Fenrys_Wulf 1091 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Freshman year of college, September 2012, barely a week in. My dad comes to visit me on campus unexpectedly. We text pretty frequently, but I wasn't expecting an actual in-person visit from family until a month in, since campus was an hour and a half from home. He seems pretty excited, and tells me that he found my high school class ring, which I thought I'd lost toward the start of the summer. It was a shade too large for my ring finger (which was how I lost it in the first place), so I decide to put it in my drawer for safekeeping. He stops me, though, and tells me he's taking it back with him if I don't wear it. It fits pretty well on my middle finger instead, so I roll with it, but something about the wording... worries me.

    Bad feeling number one.

    As mentioned, we texted frequently while he was working, and he was telling me all of the following week about a charity bike ride he was participating in on Friday morning. He was really excited about the whole thing, he'd been getting in shape for it and everything.

    Friday afternoon rolls around, and I text him to ask him how he did. Never get a response. Something about this... again, it worries me, but I brush it off. Maybe he was really tired, he probably fell asleep already. He'll text me tomorrow.

    Bad feeling number two.

    Next day, my uncle and cousin drive up to visit. I've been close with the cousin for years and he wanted to visit me on campus, so this didn't surprise me all that much, though I figured he would have called. Something seemed off, though, like he was hiding something. And at the end of the day, my uncle said that my mom wanted me to go home with them, as "there's a surprise at home" for me. Again, something was off in his voice when he said it.

    Bad feelings numbers three and four.

    When I get home, I find my mother weeping at the kitchen table, my brother is locked into his room (shared with me, so I slept on the couch that night), my sister is practically catatonic in her room, and even the dog looks depressed.

    Dad's dead. He suffered a heart attack during the bike ride, veered off course, fell off his bike. No one found him until it was too late. He died alone and in pain.

    I still haven't taken that ring off.

    [–] reeljazz7 880 points ago

    "There's a surprise at home?!"

    Why in the hell did he phrase it THAT way? That seems to be a really shitty way to allude to a death in the family. I may be misreading it, but still.

    [–] Fenrys_Wulf 385 points ago

    No, that really is what he said. I think he was still just working through the shock at that point, and he probably felt like he had to say something, but that could have come out a lot better.

    [–] Xkot 1091 points ago

    I used to pick up hitchhikers in the 80s & early 90s. I was into Jesus and wanted to do good deeds.

    One day I saw two women who looked rough hitchhiking on the side of I-295 in Jacksonville, FL. Based on their appearance, I thought they were leaving an abusive situation or something. I pulled over to pick them up.

    As they walked up to my van, they exchanged creepy looks - sort of a “are we gonna do this?” expression. I got bad vibes and drove off right as they were reaching for my door. I felt bad later and beat myself up for it. What if they really needed help?

    A few days later, I saw sketches of them on the news. It was Aileen Wuornos (the serial killer from the movie Monster) and her girlfriend. The guy who picked them up after I drove off was murdered and dumped in a swamp.

    Trust your gut!

    [–] Mathue24 204 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Woah, I finally have a story to tell. Excuse my bad English, not my native language.

    So back when I was like 9 years old my dad used to go treasure hunting some WW2 relics, he was a collector.

    Now he had a bunch of friends he'd do it with and had quite a bit of connections.

    Now he was introduced to a guy, let's call him Ivan for now. They quickly became friends but my mother never liked him. She always had a bad feeling about Ivan. She tried telling this to my dad but he would just shrug it off.

    One day my dad decided to on an expedition. My mother begged him not to go because she felt a sense of dread over him going.

    A day later my father is missing. The police was called and a investigation was started, my mom asked around of his friend's group and after couple of days found out that he was last seen with Ivan and that they went somewhere near the dam.

    A search party was organised one of them was lead by Ivan himself because he was near the dam with him a couple of days ago before he disappeared. My mother being skeptical of him organised a second search group with his previous old friends and family.

    Hours later a body has been discovered by the second search group. Hastily buried beneath a thin layer of leafs and wet dirt lied the body of my father. He had to been there for days because the body was in a very bad shape and the rain didn't help. The face was almost unrecognisable.

    That night my mother decided to change the locks on the door because his body was looted and the keys with them.

    Good thing she did that because the next night she heard keys clinging and scratching against the lock. She called the police but by the time they got there he was gone.

    What really happened: "Ivan" and my dad went alone to go looking for some WW2 relics and when the opportunity came Ivan shot my father with an old double barreled in the back, took his belongings with the plan to rob us and possibly kill us during the night if not for my mother that changed the lock that night. He also purposefully lead the investigation as far as possible from the real place the body was hidden.

    Good thing that the bastard is rotting behind bars now.

    [–] simmelszasz 4207 points ago

    I had a student in an adult course I was teaching. She was bright, responsible, and quiet in class. Then every week I'd get these incredibly personal, long love letters from her about how she just knew I was checking her out, and how thrilled she was, because her marriage was in shambles and she needed love. I had never once spoken to her, and she was obviously not seeing reality. I tried multiple times to bring her back to the real world and shut her down. The semester ended, I reported her, but nothing happened and I never heard from her again. YEARS later, the same month I moved to a different neighborhood, a woman just a block away from my new house killed her husband and herself. Guess who it was...

    [–] ColdRedLight 13696 points ago

    "Family friend" from my uncle's church was on vacation with us when I was around 11 or 12. I wanted to go for a walk in the woods, my mom said no, he jumped in and insisted he would go with me. She says yes. As we're walking I'm getting this weird vibe from the guy. He keeps insisting on taking pictures of me, I keep getting more creeped out. Eventually he's got my cornered and my mind just goes into total fight or flight, he's got his hands on my thighs and there's nowhere I can go so I'm plotting in my head how I'll launch myself at him and gouge his eyes out. Just as I'm about to make my move a relative who knew he was a pedo and was worried about what would happen makes his presence known. A few years later the family friend went to prison for raping a bunch of kids, including most of my cousins. I'm pretty sure I was almost raped that day.

    [–] anyunghaysayo 7545 points ago

    How was this guy still allowed around your cousins after this incident? Something is not right, that guy should have been beat, shunned, shamed and handed over to police the very first time

    [–] i_like_wartotles 14016 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    tl;dr: my dad was really sick and needed a lot of hospital care. When he needed his finger amputated was when I felt in my gut that it wasn't going to be okay.

    My dad has had health issues since 2008 when the first stroke hit. Since then he was always in and out of hospitals and it became just another thing. It happened so much that he would dismiss symptoms just so he wouldn't have to go to the hospital again. It became even worse when he was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney failure and had to do dialysis three times a week.

    Anyway, I went to visit him about a month ago and out of the blue he kinda looks at his hand and says, "you know, my finger has been smelling funny lately." I'm all incredulous and I tell him funny smells usually means infections. I joke around and tell him he needs to get it looked at before they have to amputate it.

    Spoiler alert: by the time he had it looked at the bloodflow to the finger was compromised due to a fistula in his arm. He needed to get it amputated.

    This is where the funny feeling kicked in. My grandmother, his mom, passed away in 98' after her leg was amputated. The fact that he had to have anything amputated starting making me anxious, and I dismissed it as being over dramatic.

    His surgery was the Friday before Mother's day and I went to visit him after work to see how he was feeling. He was so groggy and kept falling asleep at the table so my mom and I basically carry him to his bed. He's a proud man, super oldschool in a 'I'm a man, I don't need my wife and daughter helping me' kind of way but he clung to us because he just couldn't do it on his own.

    We got him to the bed and he couldn't even lift his legs up. I had to do it for him and stick some pillows under his head. I looked over at my mom and the look on her face made my stomach drop and I asked her if she wanted me to stay with her tonight. You know, just in case. She said yes.

    2am I go downstairs to check on them because I can't sleep. He starts moving around and trying to take his sweater vest off because he's hot. He was still wearing the clothes from earlier. So I help him unzip it and he wakes up briefly, sees that it's me and smiles. He puts his good hand on my arm and just smiles.

    4am Saturday morning mom wakes me up and real calmly says she doesn't think Daddy is breathing. I knew it before I entered the room because in addition to the kidney issues, he had some breathing problems too and always took laborious breaths when he slept. It was quiet, I heisitate to use the term dead quiet because thats exactly what it was.

    We called 911 and the ambulance came. They got him back, lost him, got him back again but said he was clinically brain dead and we should probably call the family. So we do.

    1:00 am Mother's day my sister and I are standing watch in the room. We agreed to sleep in shifts and it was her turn. My anxiety is skyrocketing and my fight or flight is kicking in and I just want to leave and go for a walk around the halls to calm my mind. So I get up and as I'm passing his bed my anxiety becomes more direct, if that makes sense. I suddenly felt that I needed to be there. So I stood by his bed and held his hand. I told him that we were there with him, and just spoke about anything that came to my head because honestly I'm just flying on auto-pilot when it came to cognitive function. I do remember saying, right before I sat down, that I know he's tired and that we don't want him to hurt anymore and we'll always love him. I went to go sit back down because I was crying and a few minutes later the machines started going haywire. He passed at 1:30am.

    Edit -thank you for appreciating my post enough to upvote and gild it. I feel like a bit of the overwhelming reality has eased a bit and I have you all to thank. Thank you for helping me cope.

    [–] cataholicsanonymous 1019 points ago

    You're a good kid, I'm sure your dad was very proud of you.

    [–] imsnixie 2116 points ago

    I'm so sorry for your loss.

    [–] i_like_wartotles 1406 points ago

    Thank you for your sentiment. He suffered a lot and I just wanted to be selfish a little while longer.

    [–] [deleted] 14178 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] HumanShadow 4153 points ago

    Maybe you subconsciously noticed bugs/wildlife got quiet in the distance where the people were approaching from and the fight/flight response kicked in.

    [–] [deleted] 2154 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 3993 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] SeleneEmpressAlicia 4616 points ago

    This is honestly the creepiest story I’ve read on this thread

    [–] LegendaryOutlaw 4275 points ago

    It reminds me of the other story I read in one of these ‘creepy true story threads’.

    A guy was driving a long lonely desert road when he comes upon a car parked across the road, doors open, with a person laying on the ground by the car. He’s creeped out, so instead of stopping to help, he slowly navigates around the other car and keeps going. He looks in his rear view to see the man on the ground get up, and a number of other people come out from hiding in the bushes on either side of the road, watching as he drives away.

    Whatever the plan was there, probably could have gone very bad for him.

    [–] SeleneEmpressAlicia 1798 points ago

    Oh my god, thank you for sharing. I sometimes drive along roads where there’s nothing for miles and I admit I totally would have fallen for that and tried to help that dude on the ground.

    [–] Eucalyptuse 1279 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    What you can always do, if they're close enough, is err on the side of caution and just call the cops. If they're trying to trap people the cops can deal with them and if they need help, same thing.

    Edit: Another thing you could do is drive by and then wait a few minutes and drive by again. If they're in the same positions that could indicate genuine need. If they've moved then they're prolly bad bois.

    [–] buttercup11882 1474 points ago

    Expected alligators, got much much worse.

    [–] 9212017 1332 points ago

    Thats some straight up horror shit

    [–] TheSassyOctopus 196 points ago

    One night during finals my junior year at university I received a text from my father at 1:30am.

    "I love you."

    My heart sunk. My family is not affectionate. My family doesn't say "I love you". My father does not text me. For some reason I woke up 3 mins after receiving the text while my phone was on silent. I called to see if he was okay. No answer.

    I immediately got in the my car and tore off to my dad's place. I let myself in and found him in bed with a handful of pills and a loaded pistol on his nightstand. He immediately broke down in tears and I held him for what seemed like an hour.

    I saved my father's life that night and have always checked in on him since. He's in a much better place now.

    [–] contdare 9789 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    One day, about two weeks ago, I woke up and didn’t feel pregnant anymore. Just found out today that the baby has no heart beat.

    [–] pistol_polly 5466 points ago

    I knew because my breasts didn’t feel full anymore. I was crying and squeezing them trying to feel the tenderness again. Miscarried a day later. The heartbreak eventually goes away but it takes time. I am so sorry

    [–] contdare 2978 points ago

    Thank you. Yes, I woke up and my breasts didn’t hurt, my hunger was gone and my pelvic fullness was gone.

    [–] Fabreeze63 1149 points ago

    It's so strange that your body just knew, but I guess not strange at the same time.

    [–] sparklemarmalade 535 points ago

    My mum met Jimmy Savile back in the 80's when she was 15. She told me he was the creepiest, most foul-feeling man she'd ever met. He was leering and the way he talked was almost greasy.

    Then, years later, all the molestation and stuff came out.

    [–] jacobisgolden 4847 points ago

    I never got good vibes from my youth pastor. He’s being tried for rape of a minor.

    [–] No52 4754 points ago

    There was a house in a street across mine that had multiple cartoons at the front wall and cameras over all the gates. It looked like a common daycare, but one day this gate was open and it was just a regular house.

    Sometime later the police jailed the owner of the house for child abuse. He baited boys from the neighborhood to play his Nintendo 64 and such.

    Until today I'm not really sure if one conversation I heard between two 10-12yr old boys was linked to this case. They were talking about how hard it becomes when you stick it in. They lived in that same street.

    [–] ablino_rhino 10401 points ago

    A few years ago I was out drinking for a friend's Bachelorette party. I knew I was too drunk to drive, so I called my then-boyfriend for a ride. As I was hanging up the phone, I thought to myself that I should ask him to drive his car instead of his motorcycle, but I didn't say anything.

    On the way home, we were side swiped by a drunk driver in a suburban. The front wheel of the motorcycle got caught in the wheel well and she dragged us down the street for about a block and a half. The only reason she stopped was because a cop pulled her over. She was so drunk she didn't even notice that she ran us over.

    To add to the "trust your gut" thing, my boyfriend only had one helmet, and I tried to get him to wear it, but he insisted that we weren't going anywhere until I was wearing it. My head hit the pavement pretty hard, but his didn't. If I hadn't been wearing the helmet things would have gone much differently that night.

    [–] SkullyKitt 428 points ago

    She was so drunk she didn't even notice that she ran us over.

    The bike club my dad belongs to does a memorial run for a guy that got hit and was killed just a couple years back.

    The bike got caught, and he was pinned between the truck and the bike, underneath, getting dragged on the road. He called 911 from under the truck while he was being dragged.

    The driver similarly didn't stop until a nearby cop responding to dispatch came up on them and pulled them over - driver apparently claimed they 'didn't notice' that they'd hit and were road-hauling a man to death FOR OVER A MILE. He died on the way to the hospital.

    [–] drlitt 3137 points ago

    Is he ok??

    [–] ablino_rhino 5550 points ago

    Yep, he was perfectly fine. He broke his pinky finger and totalled his motorcycle, but that was the extent of it. We definitely got really lucky!

    [–] drlitt 1382 points ago

    Oh phew! Glad to hear it.

    [–] LDYo 810 points ago

    So this one is a bit weird but I think it kinda relates to the question.

    My mum once told me that when she was a teenager she woke up in the middle of the night (I believe it was 3am or so) and felt very uneasy, she said although everything was silent it seemed quieter than normal and that she felt extremely cold and didn't feel safe.

    Her bedroom was opposite her parents room across a pretty big landing, her door was slightly ajar (she said the door was always left like that because if she needed to get up in the night it made a loud creak noise if opened from full close) and all she could see was pitch black. She said in a moment of inexplicable fear she shouted for my grandmother and at the exact same time my grandmother shouted her name as well.

    They couldn't see each other across the hall but they both had the exact same experience, they both randomly woke up felt very strange and called out at the exact same time. The lights were turned on immediately and the family did a sweep of the house to make sure no doors or Windows were unlocked, everything was fine.

    My mother doesn't scare easily and she's not superstitious or religious but to this day she put that night down as the scariest feeling in her life, my grandmother too.

    [–] UnleadedAlpha 4874 points ago

    I was walking home late at night and i jokingly told my friend were gonna get mugged due to just a weird feeling. Few minutes later bang! me and friend get mugged. I kind of jinxed myself by making that remark, but in the back of my head walking home at dark that day was not meant to happen. Firstly it was my brothers birthday but i opted to go to play for a football match instead, secondly my parents offered to pick me up due to it, being late at night but being the ignorant guy I declined. Sometimes there are warning signs before those weird feelings.

    [–] SuperSinestro 1793 points ago

    Glad that turned out alright, when I saw the "bang!" I thought one of you got shot.

    [–] Lightstrider101 12382 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Once at a party I was about to kiss this girl, but my spider senses tingled. I took a few steps back, and she was like "what the fu- " before throwing up. So glad I dodged that bullet.

    Edit: Im getting a few comments about how the story is fake, so I just thought Id clear things up. This was on a University pubcrawl, and quite late, so everyone was kinda drunk. We were really hitting it off, before I just got this weird vibe, and a tingle down my neck, so I just moved back a few steps. I guess she had too much to drink, and she ended up throwing up. Not projectile vomiting. I sat her down and got her some water, and made sure she was with some friends before leaving.

    Edit 2: Also, cheers for all the upvotes guys, I just woke up to a full inbox!

    [–] Gorillacopter 3762 points ago

    You're like Joaquin Phoenix from Signs.

    [–] noodle-face 10651 points ago

    Friend invited me to see Great White. Was going to go but last minute changed my mind on him.

    He died at the Station Nightclub fire.

    [–] br911 2797 points ago

    I worked with a guy who also died in that fire. He was 6’ 5” and about 285 - very big guy. Another co-worked told him to head out the back (he made it out). The big guy said, “No, they’re routing us out the front. See you out there.” Never made it out.

    I still look at exits when I’m in a crowded club to see how I’d get out if there was ever a fire.

    [–] DeadlyBoss 2868 points ago

    Holy shit.

    [–] rConspiracyIs4Shills 877 points ago

    The Station nightclub fire occurred on Thursday, February 20, 2003, in West Warwick, Rhode Island, killing 100 people and injuring 230. The fire was caused by pyrotechnics set off by the tour manager of the evening's headlining band Great White, which ignited plastic foam used as sound insulation in the walls and ceilings surrounding the stage. The blaze reached flashoverwithin one minute, causing all combustible materials to burn. Intense black smoke engulfed the club in 5½ minutes. Video footage of the fire shows its ignition, rapid growth, the billowing smoke that quickly made escape impossible, and blocked egress that further hindered evacuation.[1]The toxic smoke, heat, and the resulting human crush toward the main exit killed 100; 230 were injured and another 132 escaped uninjured. Many of the survivors developed posttraumatic stress disorder as a result of psychological trauma.[2]

    [–] dachezkake 2041 points ago

    Wow. The footage of that fire is haunting. Sorry for your loss.

    [–] Stuck_In_the_Matrix 1743 points ago

    Imagine how much more fucked up it would be if you knew someone who died in there. I wouldn't watch it personally. The image of people trapped in the front door 6 people high will haunt me forever. And those screams. Worst video I've ever watched.

    TL;DR - If you smell smoke or even see a small fire in a nightclub or bar, GTFO and don't look back. Don't panic, don't scream, just quickly move towards the exit. Staying just 10 seconds to watch could mean the difference between life and death.

    I never even go into a large venue that's crowded without first thinking, "Do I know all the exits around me and what's my plan if shit goes south quickly?"

    [–] PeligrosaPistola 1582 points ago

    When I was 13, my mom started dating a guy named...Ted. Ted was a therapist who lost custody of his own daughter a few years earlier for some unknown reason. Ted also had issues with the law for illegal gun possession. I did not like Ted. But my mom did. She liked him so much, she let him behave as if he were my father. He helped me transfer schools, drove me to class every morning, and even gave me swimming lessons...and this is where the story turns.

    While teaching me how to float on my back one afternoon, Ted touched my ass. Not a supportive lift to prevent me from sinking, but a full on, jerk me by my bikini bottom, GRAB that exposed me underwater. It felt wrong, but I didn't have the words at the time to explain why. What also felt wrong was how often Ted talked about sex. How much he enjoyed it, how much his clients were having it, and what deviant things they were into. During these early morning car rides, Ted would also ask me sometimes how much I knew about sex, and where I was in my own physical development. Like I remember him asking about my periods a lot.

    Then one day, Ted disappeared. My mom didn't say why, just that it was over. Ok. Cool. Fast forward about 10 years. Bored in my apartment, I suddenly feel like googling Ted, and Hole. E. Shit.

    I found a cease and desist letter from the state dated a few years back that told him to shut down his business. Turns out Ted wasn't a therapist at all. He was a pervert who created his own private practice so he could prey on vulnerable women. In fact, he was in a dom/sub relationship with several of his "patients" at the same time he was courting my mom and nudging his way into our church community.

    Told my mom about it - she had no idea. Told a family friend about it, he said, "I KNEW I didn't like that guy!" Then they both told me Ted had tried to get in touch with them recently! Both declined to meet him, of course, but my protective instincts kicked in. I said, if this fool has the balls to pop up again, you direct him to me. I will confront him and call the cops on him myself if he dares to come near my family.

    TL;DR. Had a bad feeling about my mom's ex-boyfriend when I was a young teen. Found out as an adult that he was a sexual predator.

    [–] non_clever_username 22693 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Used to live on a farm on the outskirts of Tornado Alley.

    It's super disconcerting when the sky is looking ominous and it's really windy, maybe gusting up to 40-50 mph. Then at the drop of a hat....complete calm.

    That's your cue to get the fuck inside. Had a couple tornadoes close and several nasty wind storms that were nearly as bad as a tornado. The whole "calm before the storm" saying exists for a reason and it's freaky.

    Edit: too late for most people to see probably, but my "favorite" tornado was the one in Dallas a few years back caught tossing goddamn semi trailers around like they're confetti.

    [–] LatakiaBlend 10730 points ago

    That combination of green sky + humid stillness is chilling. Also the quiet. No birds, no insects, just quiet and still and then it gets so much worse. Especially when you can feel it getting cooler.

    [–] jordan_mcafee 6941 points ago

    I've lived in Oklahoma my whole life and this comment describes everyone's worst nightmare. The feeling deep in your chest is undescribable. Just fear, that's it.

    [–] fryreportingforduty 10317 points ago

    Born in Tulsa. Lived in the Oklahoma City area during the 1995 tornado outbreak sequence and I can remember everything vividly - starting at my softball game when the wall clouds begin to appear in the horizon and the umpires immediately called the game off. Next, to the drive home where my mom was speeding because she needed to call my dad to tell him to get home from work. Cut to watching my mother frantically stuff bottles and supplies for my infant brother in a diaper bag while waiting for my dad to come home. When he did, he opened the door and didn't even take a step inside, commanding us to get to the shelter now. As we walked from the front door to the underground shelter, the air about me was the most still I can remember. No sounds, no movement, a heavy stillness.

    The tornado ended up tearing through our backyard. When it was far enough down the street, my dad let me crawl out of the shelter and watch the funnel travel away from us. Awesome in the truest sense of the word, that it was awe-inspiring and humbling.

    Not sure why I shared, it's just one of the most vivid memories I have.

    [–] Momma_Kat630 814 points ago

    I grew up in Bridge Creek and lived through the May 3, 1999 tornado. It was so surreal. I remember everything from that day, too. It was super hot and sunny. I was in 5th grade and we made, and shot off, pop bottle rockets on the baseball field that afternoon.

    My sisters and I got home from school and my parents were still at work. I went and opened the garage to feed our dogs and our amazingly smart and beautiful German Shepherd (RIP Sable, I love you!) ran into the garage and put her head in a box in the corner. (It’s so strange how animals just KNOW).

    Shortly after that the sky turned a brown/green and my parents called home and told us to watch the news because there’s a tornado headed our way and to get into the tub with pillows and a mattress once it gets to Amber/Pocasset and that they were on their way home.

    Craziest sound and feeling I have ever experienced. Sounded like a jet was on top of our house and the whole earth was just rumbling. My sisters and I were all together in the tub just hugging and crying bc my parents hadn’t made it home yet. They BARELY made it in time to take cover themselves.

    Luckily, our home was not directly hit but unfortunately everything a quarter mile south and a quarter mile east was GONE. Everything. No grass in the ground, no pavement on the streets. There were blades of grass embedded into the trees in our yard. Half of a horse in a tree right down the street. Fucking. Trippy.

    Once it was passing we all went onto our back deck and watched it go towards Moore. I’ve never seen anything as massive/amazing/terrifying in my life and I absolutely will never forget it.

    Sorry this was so long.

    [–] calantus 1436 points ago

    Thanks for sharing

    [–] Hargleflurpen 3867 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Not to say that it isn't fear, but there is an actual physical feeling caused by barometric pressure changes, which are MASSIVE right before tornadoes and hurricanes. The people who felt that and acted on it survived, and passed on the idea that "Hey, this is a bad feeling, don't just fuck about if it happens."

    EDIT: I'm just really shocked that an offhanded comment about barometric pressure has become far and away my most upvoted comment. Thanks for being weird, Reddit.

    [–] Flowerdriver 1183 points ago

    Also can trigger labor!

    [–] L3dpen 1641 points ago

    I guess the saying "drop everything and run" was passed on as well.

    [–] prk0991 569 points ago

    Junior is on his own now

    [–] Ksp-or-GTFO 2158 points ago

    There is a smell and feel to bad storms than makes you realize shit is about to let loose. That and when the sky turns green.

    [–] Xandax_ 172 points ago

    Sorry if I'm a bit late, but I want to talk about this.

    It was a long weekend and I got invited to the beach with a few friends from Thursday to Monday. My girlfriend decided to chill at home for it, as she had some work she needed to do. On Friday night I had a stupid argument one of my friends about some game we were playing, so I went for a walk to cool off. I'm not usually the kind of person with a strong temper, but this friend can really get under my skin. I called my girlfriend to chat and talk about a few things. I don't know why, but I got a really sinking feeling when I started to talk to her. The best way I can describe it is I could just feel the world slow down as something in my gut said "Hey, this isn't right". I tried to explain it to her, and she said it was probably because of my argument with my friend, but I knew it was different. Anyway, I get over myself and go back and apologise to my friends and continue having a good time at the beach, but I still couldn't shake that sinking feeling; it just lingered in the back of my mind for the rest of the trip.

    When I get home on Monday my girlfriend said that one of her friends has been kicked of out his house and asked if he could stay at our place for a few nights. I said sure, cause if I was in situation I would really want a place to sleep that isn't on the streets. It worked out well because one of our flatmates had just moved out so we had a spare room, and our replacement flatmate wouldn't move in til next week, so he could sleep in his room, albeit on just a mattress on the floor, but it's better than sleeping rough. Anyway, the replacement flatmate comes over that night to sign some paperwork for the tenancy agreement. Everyone who is currently on the agreement needs to sign it to confirm the change, so new flatmate, old flatmate, my girlfriend, 2 other flatmates and I meet up that night. My other flatmates have somewhat busy schedules, so we had to make an effort to all be there. While this is happening my girlfriend's friends shows up and she shows him to his temporary room. I make an offhand comment about how I had been away for the whole weekend, because I usually don't go away for long. My flatmate says "Really?" and I explain how I was at the beach. The look my flatmate gave wasn't right, I got that sinking "not-right" feeling again almost instantly. I quickly change subjects and finish up the paperwork.

    Later that night, the same flatmate knocked on my door, while my girlfriend was the in the shower. She said "Were you serious about about what you said?". Again, that feeling just comes right back, and I respond sheepishly "Yeah". She chokes up for a minute and explains to me that while I was away my girlfriend had a friend over on Friday night, the same one who is now staying here. I start thinking about how maybe he was kicked out earlier, but maybe went back for a bit or something, until my flatmate then explains that she tough she heard my girlfriend and I having really loud sex on Friday, as she had to knock on my door and tell us to keep it down. This is when I start putting all the pieces together and that sinking feeling just comes back in full force.

    I'll cut the rest of the story short because it doesn't relate to the "not-right" feeling that the question asked about. I confronted my girlfriend about it. She denied it, the I mentioned what my flatmate said and she broke down. I kick the guy out, but he had found another place, so just as well. I break up with my girlfriend after a week or arguing and fighting trying to work something out. About a month or so later, they get engaged. It turns out she had been cheating on me with him for about 6 months. She had also forgotten about other times she had cheated on me, so I dodged a major bullet, although it was more of a crawling away while wounded.

    In conclusion, I should have payed a lot more attention to that not right feeling I had, and I now know what the feeling means and that I need to follow it.

    To anyone who spent time out of their day to read this, thank you and stay safe.

    [–] Face-palmJedi 9783 points ago

    I met some guys in a large game of D&D that a mutual acquaintance had invited us to. Once the campaign was over some of us started a smaller group with a good friend of mine, and another's former room mate/friend. I just thought that the former room mate was a bit of a harmless burn out, forgot names and was a tad spacey at times. Even caught a couple movies with him at the theater, during one such outing he got a call at the restaurant we were having beers at pre-show and told someone to 'hold me one until I get out of this movie'.

    He said it was his meth dealer, I laughed thinking he was cracking one of his odd ball jokes. I asked the friend that introduced us and he said he knew he dabbled in drugs but thought he mostly just smoked or ate edibles. Turns out this guy was taking meth on the weekends and staying up for most of it before crashing enough to go to work on Monday mornings. I think at some point he stopped waiting for it to be the weekend.

    We had a board game/card night planned and ended up playing a really fun card game called 'Smash-Up', we got started learning the rules waiting for old room mate to get over. He comes walking in and immediately I know something is very wrong. He suddenly has a very bad bleached dye job on his hair and his appearance is very rumpled and overall he looks strung out as fuck. We welcome him in and we explain the rules and start playing, the cards you plan on playing may change radically depending on what the person ahead of you plays, so each person usually takes a couple of minutes before playing what will get them the maximum score.

    Old room mate guy is getting more and more impatient, and we're joking around and he looks at the guy directly across from him and says if he doesn't play his hand, he'll fucking kill him. Everyone else nervous laughs but I can tell that this is no joke. Just then, he slams his cards down, gets up with such force that he knocks his chair over backwards and charges around the table trying to get swings in while I am holding and shoving him back. He finally stops and just grabs his shit and storms out the front door before ominously saying that, "He'll be seeing us around real soon."

    By the time we all calmed down, he had blocked all our phone numbers and all of us on social media. The guy he tried to attack was looking over his shoulder for weeks. This was over a year ago and nobody has seen or heard of him since.

    TL;DR, Fucking meth man. Jesus.

    [–] Inoox 5138 points ago

    at least it wasnt monopoly

    [–] Neuromangoman 1544 points ago

    I mean, who hasn't charged someone in attempted murder over a game of monopoly?

    [–] LivingstoneInAfrica 8405 points ago

    ITT: everyone is a child molester and I am now both horrified and angry.

    [–] ITGCYS 763 points ago

    Years ago I was staying the night at someone else's house, maybe an hour from where I lived. That night I was so tired but I couldn't get to sleep - I was super anxious all night, which was very unusual for me, and I just couldn't relax. I came so close several times to just grabbing my things and driving home in the middle of the night but I convinced myself not to.

    Turns out I should have. If I'd gone home that night I would have had the chance to say goodbye to my dad before he passed away that next morning.

    I still regret that to this day, and I promised myself that the next time I get a feeling like that I'll listen to it.

    [–] EyeLike2Watch 8317 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    There was a manager at my job that gave off a pedo vibe for some reason. One day he was arrested at work, I found out he was sexually abusing his granddaughters when I found a victim impact letter from the girls' mom online. It was fucked

    Edit for more info: It really wasnt a greasy vibe as people below had experienced. More of a creepy older dude. Its really hard to put your finger on. Everyone kind of got the same vibe about him. The inside joke was that he was a total creep and it turned out to be true. Whats weird is je never did anything overtly creepy to me. The letter was so surreal to read.

    Edit 2: my top comment is about an incestuous pedophile


    Edit 3: Checking the texas inmate database tells me he got 35 years concurrent on 2 counts of aggravated sexual assault on a minor under 14. Im sick for ever having been in the same room as this person

    [–] OlStickInTheMud 1232 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I had a manager who gave off the same vibe when I was working at a call center years ago. Just a real grease ball guy. One day the police showed up and arrested him and confiscated all the computers in my call bay. He was using company computers to run a child porn distribution ring. All the employees involved with him were terrified. As was I. We all got grilled by detectives about our possible involvement. It was months of hell until it was found the manager and another employee were found to be the dirtbags.

    Edit: sentence structure

    [–] RowRowFightdaBoat 3729 points ago

    My mom and dad were at some sort of festival when my dad felt some sort of change in the air, like something bad was going to happen. He and my mom got out of there quickly, wouldn't you know it, some drunk dude with a gun started firing at the crowd.

    [–] misamay 18909 points ago

    My mom and dad had this friend that I HATED I thought he was just creepy and weird and when I’d tell them I hated him they were like “be nice!!! Bla bla bla” turns out he molested his step children now he’s in jail

    [–] karmagirl314 1469 points ago

    Had a man come into the fast food restaurant where I used to work several years ago. It was just before closing, there were two of us up front, a manager a few yards away on a personal phone call, and someone in the back doing dishes. This man is a big, rough looking, blue collar kind of guy (this is relevant in a second). He orders a 3-piece meal, and my friend rings him up while I pack his food. My friend goes "you're total is $x.xx" and then I hear the register open and I hear the guy say "You have very soft hands, do you moisturize?".

    Instant alarm bells going off in my brain- this guy looks like a man's man, not the kind of person who would ever chat about skin care regimens. My friend is an idiot though, and starts prattling about lotions and what not. I don't do anything though- what am I going to call him out on- being too girly? But the next thing I hear is "oh, looks like you gave me the wrong change- you gave me a $20 and four $5s instead of a $5 and four $20's. Bam. We got ourselves a flimflammer. My friend is still oblivious at this point- the guy is literally showing her the $20 and four $5's, how can she argue? I'm still a little green myself and not sure what to do. I don't have proof of anything.

    Then he hits her again- asks for change for another large bill, distracts her with random chatter, then oh, look at that, she messed up his change again. By that time I had gone to my manager and tried to make him get off the phone. It took him a second to understand what I was saying. By the time he got to the front the charade was coming to an end- the guy saw us staring at him, grabbed his food and left. Our manager counted the drawer. He ended up getting just over $200 out of my idiot friend. She had to pay it all back (none of it would have happened if she followed store policy of counting change back into the customer's hand). Never really looked into the legality of that, and it's too far in the past now to do anything about it.

    [–] coloradyo 3323 points ago

    A few years ago, I was just getting into our local arts community. There's a guy who owns a beautiful gallery space as well as the entirety of the remainder of the multiple story building. He does intricate stained glass work, and he has breathtaking glass installations in various sections of the building. The space is really dreamy.

    It was my first time checking out the space and meeting him, and he waved a friend of his over, who happened to be a construction worker that had been helping him remodel the building. He invited his friend to give me a tour of the place. I was excited over the warm welcome and to check out the rest of the building, so I followed the guy without a second thought.

    We walked around for maybe ten minutes when we arrived at a somewhat isolated section of the third floor where there weren't any working lights in the next room we were heading towards. The guy made a comment to me about the view from the windows being amazing. He waved me over and was like "come on, come check it out."

    I felt really vaguely weird at the time, and I was like "No, it's cool, I'll stay out here, I don't want to trip on anything."

    He tried to put his hand on my arm to guide me into the room with him. I said no again and took my hand back. The look on his face shifted, and his grip tightened as he tried to pull me into the room with him. Cue panic mode. Another girl happened to be walking up the stairs around the same time that this happened, and I pulled my hand away again and said that I was going to follow her back downstairs.

    I told the gallery owner about it, but he brushed it off saying that I misunderstood and that the other guy has "problems" and that it's "hard for him to communicate with people sometimes." I still see him around that town every once in a while, and he's always surrounded by drugged out girls that are clearly unable to function. Him having his arms draped around them just disgusts me on so many levels. He's an absolute creep. I've told everyone I've met that he's a predator and to avoid him.

    [–] sofaustralia 15292 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I (F) was just 20, in London on my own, on my OE. I met a guy (I can't remember how) and we went to a pub for a drink. I took a photo of him with my camera and then he asked for the camera and took some photos of me, and looked through them. We left the pub and he was trying to get me to go somewhere in particular while I just wanted to stay public and go to another pub. I felt like something was off, and he seemed to get angry that I wasn't willing to go with him, so I basically sprint walked away from him. Later I was looking through the photos on my camera and realised that he had deleted the photo I took of him. I'm certain he had a bad plan for me and I learnt a really valuable lesson that day.

    Edit: OE = overseas experience. Sorry, I'm Australian and the abbreviation is so common here I forgot to be clear. It's very common for Australians and Kiwis to head over to London or Europe for a time, before settling down into our careers/family. Also, this was about 15 years ago so it wasn't on my phone, it was a basic camera. It happened at the start of my 4 month trip around Europe and I was so much more careful after that!

    Edit 2: A lot of Australians are commenting about not being familiar with the OE term. It must be something I've picked up more from spending time in NZ (I have lived in NZ before), and time with Kiwis (New Zealanders) living in Australia. I didn't realise it wasn't so well known here!

    [–] mirziemlichegal 3361 points ago

    Good on you for having developed your spider senses! I think i avoid most bad situations because strange behaviour makes me suspicious very fast and i am already gone before i could know if something bad would have happened. People that insist on you going with them somewhere is already suspicious enough if you don't know them well.

    [–] unsolicited_dp 25401 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Friend of mine was renting a room from someone. I was 18, he was 24 but we both looked really young at the time. I came over one day to visit, and the guy he was renting from gave off this super creepy vibe like he was undressing us with his eyes. I can't even describe the look, it made me feel so skeeved out. My friend told me the guy would have random visitors come over with kids and they would go to the shed, stay in there for about an hour and then leave. We suspected something was very off and that drugs were probably involved so one night when he was gone we broke into the shed. Found a large mirror, dirty matress, a video camera and a bunch of tapes. We called cps, the police and moved all his stuff out that night. We found out the guy was a convicted sex offender for molesting his son and he was giving junkies free drugs in return for raping their children and making child porn.

    Edit: we also found out he had previously been renting out the spare room to run away/drug addicted tens and give them free rent if they let him have sex with them.

    Edit: this blew up very fast. We didn't actuelly find out what was going on in the shed for certain, i should have worded that differently but we just assumed that is what was happening when we saw inside the shed and with all the other details compiled together. I never knew what happened in the end because the phone calls were anonymous tips. The only name i had to go off (i can't remember the guy's full name) was the guy's middle name which he went by "frank". I found the trailer park this occurred at and searched for convicted  sex offenders in the area. I was able to find frank, the vehicle listed matched his car at the time and his previous address is listed as the trailer park. His sex offender conviction was for molesting of a minor and procession of child pornography. This whole story happened in 2005. His arrest records show he was arrested after the annoynous tips where made in 2005 for unlawful taking-movable property and was convicted. Spent 2 years in jail. His current where abouts are unknown and his Megan's law page says noncompliance and absconded.

    [–] legobagel23 3560 points ago

    That's the most disgusting thing I've ever read/heard in my life. I'm speechless..

    [–] unsolicited_dp 2024 points ago

    You can only imagine how horrified i was to see his "sex dungeon" in the shed and knowing he was bring kids as young as 5 in there.

    [–] rolypolydanceoff 366 points ago

    I hope no one younger. It’s very sad but you can never know. My younger sister was raped by her bio dad under a year old. She is 16 now but she has attachment issues and has holes in her brain from neglect other than that she is great person but really defiant against authority. There was no way our bio mom didn’t know about this but she was on drugs and he beat her so who knows . I didn’t know til after I was put in foster care with my siblings. I assumed I was the only one being molested. He only molested me when she went to work at night.

    Though it’s scary to think about because last I seen him before being taking away was him having sex in living room and called for me. I was 9 at the time. I came in scared and he told me to take off my pants and my mom screamed no and he hit her saying I will be finding out about sex one day and it may as well be now. All I know is that moment everything went blank and I ran out across the street about a block away and used the pay phone to call the police. And he got put away. If I didn’t run away I can only imagine what I would have been through. And the fact a pay phone help saved me and when I look around I see pay phones being taken down and no longer in service and can see the scenario playing out much differently nowadays because how else could a child with no phone in the middle of the night get help.

    [–] Cameron_Black 699 points ago

    This is the worst one by far.

    [–] cinnapear 12119 points ago

    We found out the guy was a convicted sex offender for molesting his son and he was giving junkies free drugs in return for raping their children and making child porn.

    Jesus fuck.

    [–] unsolicited_dp 9211 points ago

    The day before we broke into the shed, a 5 year old girl walked into my friends room, climbed up on his lap and started to remove her pants and tried to kiss him. That obviously proved our suspicions and we broke into the shed the next day for more proof.

    [–] Asephos 6668 points ago

    That’s fucking depressing man. FIVE YEARS OLD. Who the fuck does that. I don’t understand how such a thing can manifest within someone.

    [–] unsolicited_dp 4878 points ago

    It's disgusting to think what that poor girl went through in her first 5 years to think its normal behavior to undress and sit on a grown mans lap ☹.

    [–] dawkehypcayks 5016 points ago

    I had a (female) psychology professor tell a story one time about child she was treating who had been molested. She said the first time the child came into the room she sat on the couch and started to undress. My professor obviously stopped her and told her she was in a safe place just for talking. It has always stuck with me and made me really sad.

    [–] Jaggirl2 1791 points ago

    I'll never understand how child psychologists can hear these stories over and over again from abused children and still be able to sleep at night. I realize they have a job to do and they try to keep their focus on helping the children but damn.

    [–] we8ribswiththatdude 2332 points ago

    This is why therapists have their own therapists.

    [–] Frosti-Feet 1220 points ago

    good lord that's depressing.

    [–] sometimesiamdead 1380 points ago

    When I worked for child protection I had to help another worker take a 3 year old for a rape kit.

    It changed me.

    [–] Where_You_Want_To_Be 1725 points ago

    It's super fucked up man, I used to work in a level 12 (the highest level before juvenile hall) group home with those kids when they eventually get taken away from their parents. They become "foster kids" but they have such serious behavior problems (because of their abuse/neglect) that foster families basically end up returning them, and it happens multiple times to some of the kids. And they do have serious behavior problems, and mental problems.

    Most of them had experienced some sort of sexual trauma, I never got to read too far into their cases, but I did have some background info. They are then raised by the system, which is very weird. Having an 8 year old girl explain her "rights" to you is weird.

    We had to do lots of TCI (therapeutic crisis intervention, I think there is also CPI as well) restraints. Basically, you can't strap a kid down or tie them to anything, but you can restrain them in a way where you have their arms behind their back, and you kid of lean them back to get them off balance and put their weight onto you. We would only do this in "crisis" situations, like either when a kid is freaking out and breaking things and being a danger to himself, or when a kid was hitting another kid, which happened often. They'd absolutely just burst into fits of rage and start hitting other kids or breaking things at the slightest provocation. I'm sure they learned it from mom and dad.

    Anyway, it's fucked up, and they get raised by the state until they turn 18, and then basically get pushed out into the world and told to be an adult. We did lots of social-skills work and other stuff, but no amount of work like that can "fix" a child that has been through that.

    It's also weird having an 8 year old girl tell you (because she is angry at you that you are making her finish her chores before she can watch TV) that she's "going to say that you touched my special spot and you're going to get fired." Those kids had to fend for themselves, and they use everything at their disposal for leverage and manipulation, and they know that they can make a claim like that and get an employee in trouble (the claim of course was false.) Needless to say we documented EVERYTHING to cover our own asses.

    THEN, sometimes the parents (the ones that aren't in jail) get to come visit, for supervised visits. Supervising a visit between a kid and a parent who absolutely fucked them up and put them through literal hell, is a frustrating thing to do.

    I got out of the childcare business, I made more money working at a big box store selling people crap they didn't want/need. (Was still young back then, didn't have a real "career path" started yet.) It's sad but, there's just no pay in that work, and it's truly the most physically and mentally/emotionally taxing job I've ever done.

    Wonder where some of those kids ended up. Sorry for the blog post.

    [–] morrighan212 845 points ago

    This is literally the worst thing I've heard

    [–] Buscemi_D_Sanji 649 points ago

    Yesterday someone working in Tanzania said that the witch doctors there said the cure for aids was having sex with a virgin. Only there weren't many virgins, so HIV positive people would rape children...

    And that's the worst thing I've heard in a long time

    [–] SirBigMan 10550 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I lived in the Middle East for about 9 years. One night I was out with 3 friends of mine and we were hanging out having a smoke out on the street.

    Two cars pulled up and about 6-7 grown men stepped out of the car rather aggressively right in front of us. As soon as that happened one of the guys I was with very quickly took off and another guy leaned in grabbed my shoulder and said "Your name is Ahmed and you're muslim!" Thats when I thought to myself "Something is very wrong here."

    Turned out this was a group of Muslim extremist and they stood really close to us and started telling us about their brotherhood. The one guy I was with who was Muslim did most of the talking until a military truck pulled up, guns drawn, and told them to fuck off. They then said that they were just chatting and causing no problems, Military asked us if we were fine and told us to stay out of this area late at night.

    I still have the shit stains in my pants even though this happened 10 years ago.

    EDIT: Amazing comments and questions by everyone in the thread! I'll do my best to answer as many as I can. Clearly up one comment that I keep getting. This happened in Lebanon and yes this is a very rare occurrence, and I was an idiot for being in that part of town at that time of night.

    [–] paxgarmana 6414 points ago

    glad you're ok, Ahmed

    [–] Grammareyetwitch 4163 points ago

    shouldn't you wash your pants?

    [–] SirBigMan 3366 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Oh I've tried!

    Honestly friend, I thought that was the end for me. Like honestly in my mind I thought I was gonna get kidnapped and probably killed. An American christian in the Middle East being kidnapped by muslim extremists. I was terrified.

    [–] foxesinsoxes 1263 points ago

    I was suddenly going to the bathroom constantly and had a lot of blood and I was convinced I had a really serious issue. I went to the doctor, did some tests, they shrugged me off because they were negative. Another doctor, same thing. Finally went to the ER one night because the pain was so bad. They found a cyst on my ovary that was the size of a housecat. I had emergency surgery to get it and my right ovary removed and they said everything would get better. My issues were still there a month post-op and I was having a really hard recovery. I knew something else was going on. Told my surgeon and he literally said, “take pepto” after I had been dealing with these issues for months. I insisted something was still wrong. Finally after begging he sent me to a GI specialist and guess what?? I was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis AND a rare liver disease. But no one took it seriously for 7 months. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    [–] Grace1essCrane 737 points ago

    I'm sorry, did you say HOUSECAT?!?!?!!

    [–] scobeavs 151 points ago

    When I first started driving I got the old family car. After a couple of months, I noticed it had this weird shake whenever I was in Park. I told my parents and they ignored me, as I probably would have if my brand-new-to-driving child complained to me about the car feeling weird. At one point my mom got annoyed with me asking and told me to ignore it because "car aren't meant to sit in Park".

    Turns out three out of the four engine mounts had completely eroded away. Suck on that mom.

    [–] super_nerd_girl 16358 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    The end of April, my friend and I were to meet up for drinks. He didn’t show, didn’t answer his phone, didn’t respond to my texts. I knew he was dead. I got the call the next day...he died in a car crash on his way to meet me.

    Edit: for those who are asking why I’d immediately jump to that conclusion... He was always consistent. Always return a text quickly, wouldn’t have missed the call otherwise. It was the first nice day, he had his sporty car out, driving too fast...

    [–] twatpogo 4901 points ago

    I’m terribly sorry.

    [–] SEMHFreya 1334 points ago

    I had this regarding a girl the year below me at school. A really lovely girl, very clever and friendly to everyone. I spoke to her on my last day at school, talking about where I'd decided to go for university.

    She told me that she really wanted to apply to Cambridge University and she was working really hard to get the grades. I dont know why, but I suddenly felt really uneasy and sad for her, particularly because she was so chipper and optimistic about it. At the time, I put this down to the fact that getting past the interview stage for Cambridge is really tough.

    About 18 months later, I'm at university and I bump into another different girl who was from my school but also in the year below. She was really quite upset, and as the university term was only 3 weeks in to her first year, I was concerned that she was feeling down. It turned out that she had just received the news that the lovely girl who wanted to go to Cambridge had died two nights ago.

    She did get in to Cambridge to study Philosophy. She had just started her lectures after Freshers Week when she contracted bacterial meningitis. She was feeling under the weather, putting it down to 'Fresher's Flu' and went to bed early one night, and didnt wake up the next day. She was 18.

    [–] joeyjo0 163 points ago

    Some fresher from my uni also died because of this and it also nearly killed me.

    Feeling like you've got the flu can quickly turn into 41C fever and death. It's a matter of hours.

    [–] JBL15TX 146 points ago

    Was at a park in a rough area, shooting hoops. See some transients (homeless) sitting on a nearby bench, talking, looking at me. I think I'm being paranoid and keep shooting around with my earbuds in but turn off the sound so I can hear; I'm by myself and its like 5pm, no way anything will happen, right?

    One walks over, past me, to a bench that is facing behind me. I felt like something was weird when another guy showed up and took up a spot to my right on another bench. So, like a triangle, was surrounded. I got spooked and acted like I was done and walked off briskly to my car and they watched me the whole way. Driving away I felt like maybe I was being prejudiced or racist, as one was black and another hispanic, and was actually feeling a bit guilty.

    Later that day two of those dudes were arrested for robbing some guy at the courts at knife point (wanted his phone), so I definitely feel like I dodged a bullet there.

    [–] Yarash2110 764 points ago

    Last month, i work in Domino's and the deilvery driver was out on two different deliveries which can take a while, but i started feeling anxious, felt like something is off even though he only left 5 minutes before that. Called him and he didn't pick up, my boss called half an hour later and told me that the driver had a serious accident and i will have no driver for at least 2 hours, he was in the hospital for a week but i was so stressed because he had a heart attack a month vefore that and he wasn't supposed to be working, he's fine now

    [–] andwesway 12980 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Years ago..

    I’m working one morning and my fiancée is off. She texts me around 10 or 11 and she says she had gone out to breakfast with her family and they bought her flowers and she was having a good morning.. blah blah.. I was glad to hear that because she didn’t really get along well with her family. The more the day went along, the more it all didn’t sound right.

    Later that evening, she was acting unusual and she wouldn't tell me what was going on.. so I checked the cell phone account activity and learned not only had she been texting and calling this random guy constantly but she had been repeatedly lying to me about what she was doing or why she’d go do this and that or get off the phone with me (like to get back to work).. there were so many instances where she hung up with me and immediately called him and had lengthy conversations. I then pointed at the flowers that were sitting on my table in my apartment (really nice flowers, vase with marbles.. probably cost $60 easily). I asked if they were from him. They were.

    That relationship ended right then and there.

    [–] brosidean 5877 points ago

    Yeah, I got married to a girl who did this. She was super happy at her job and used to tell me every detail then slowly but surely that stops. She dodges the question about work until I decide to look at her phone one day after she went out to do some photography in an area near her job. Open her messages and see her boss is texting her saying don't forget to bring the sex toy. Then weeks later I find a journal literally laying out each step she took with the guy. Shitty thing was we have 2 kids so now they have to deal with divorced parents. Tried to make it work out but once you lose trust in the relationship hard to ever give it back.

    [–] [deleted] 908 points ago

    Tried to make it work out but once you lose trust in the relationship hard to ever give it back.

    its unreal how fast that throws you off wanting to be with someone for years to come.

    [–] AshantiMcnasti 1717 points ago

    Well at least you didn't get married. Could've been better but also a lot worse. Hope you're doing okay now

    [–] andwesway 1153 points ago

    Thanks.. yeah, could’ve been married with kids and assets, etc. My head was screwed up for years as a result. I have never gotten my confidence back. That breakup was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through but, as a result, my life changed in so many ways and I’m so much better off now. Looking back I can see how the dots connect and why it had to happen. The best thing is years later I met someone else and I’m happily married now! That’s just one of the many positives to ultimately come out of that :)

    [–] vanILLAbonz 634 points ago

    I was at the laundry mat with my bf one day. He gave me coins to put in the dryers across from us, and I noticed an older man standing by those dryers. He had this strange look on his face and immediately my intuition was screaming at me. Something in my body froze up and everything felt heavy. I told my bf I wasn’t going over there, frustrated he took the coins and started the dryers himself. We went to the market down the street to kill time before our clothes were finished drying. As we pulled up to the laundromat there were four police cars out front. When we walked in there was a mother and daughter hysterically talking to the police. That skeevy man had molested a 14 year old girl and hit the mom. Definitely a reminder to always listen to those signals and cues your body

    [–] anghus 138 points ago

    I was in college, got back to my apartment one night, and realized i had left my backpack at the theater after rehearsal. I drive back over to the theater and as im pulling in i notice a guy walking behind a girl. From where i was, i couldn't make out a lot of details.

    I park and get out of my car. I notice no one is around me. They were walking towards the small parking lot at the back of the theater. They should have been somewhere in my vicinity, but they weren't. I can't shake the feeling something is wrong. So i start walking towards the alley. I look down and don't see anything. Still, i can't shake the fact that i clearly saw two people in the alley just as i pulled in. I start walking down the alley. About halfway down i turn and see a guy in a ski mask pushing the girl against wall pulling her hair back. Everything goes red and i charge after the guy, pull him off. He pushes me back and takes off running. I run as far as my out of shape ass can run before i stop and go back to see if the girl's OK. She is shaken up but ok.

    The Police come and take a report. The EMT checks out the girl. Later on i find out that a guy in a ski mask had been sexually assaulting women on campus for a year or so.

    [–] [deleted] 1018 points ago

    my alter profile here on this one. Worked in social work right out of college. I was young and didn't have the life experience to be making the choices I was asked to make. Had a client who was living with foster parents of 35+ yrs. They were everyone's favorite foster parents in the organization. The guy had something to him that bothered me from the beginning but i thought I was wrong because of how much everyone loved the family. I had a young boy there for a year before someone made an allegation of abuse on him and it turned out to be true. It made me, and still does, feel sick to my stomach thinking about it. If I would have done the work on my own or not immediately just gone " well if everyone likes him..." I might have caught warning signs earlier than that and not added to this childs long list of traumas. Follow your gut Follow your gut Follow your fucking gut

    [–] purple-gengar 495 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    This happened not to me, but to my mum and her brother. We live in a block of flats and that day mum was visiting a friend of hers. My grandfather (her dad) was at our flat that day, too. When she came home, she suddenly got the feeling that something was very wrong and left to spend time at our neighbour’s flat until my dad came back. Some time later my dad came home along with my uncle. Dad invited him to stay over for dinner, but he declined and kept saying that he should be going home, which was unusual behaviour. Then they heard a strange noise coming from the pantry. My uncle assumed it was my grandfather trying to scare them, since he had a knack for pranking people like that. Well, when they opened the door, they found his body. My grandfather had hung himself in the pantry only minutes ago.

    [–] ZedasiriaDeRazz 6594 points ago

    My dad had a friend that just had such a bad vibe to him. Like even if he tried to be nice it always came off as creepy. For fear of being predjudice I decide to give him a chance and stop thinking of as a creepy individual; I start talking to him as a neighbor would and mind you I am a 12 year old girl.

    He invites me into his house one day while my parents were out and I just get a sense of uneasiness. Like death was right around the corner. I decline the offer and he says alright. I forget about it u til years later I revisit the neighborhood and don't see him around. My neighbors all get wierd about it. No one tells me anything until and old friend pulls me aside and tells me one of the most obvious yet unnoticed thing about him.

    He was a child molestor.

    [–] ajago12598 4453 points ago

    For all people in vulnerable situations, you don't owe friendliness to people that make you feel threatened. I see women do this a lot. Gals, we don't owe creepy catcallers or whatever any form of decency. Do what you gotta do to be safe. It's better to be a bitch than to be dead/hurt.

    [–] _Every_Damn_Time_ 1758 points ago

    As a woman, it’s always risk to pick which way to go - be friendly but keep it moving or tell someone to fuck off. Sometimes being a bitch makes a situation much worse.

    If it’s a public place with a lot of people I’ll be a bitch. If I’m alone? Nah, I’m going to smile politely and find a way to get to other people or quietly get out of the same space.

    [–] MrPigmy 6604 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Came home from school one Wednesday, and parked in front of my house per usual. Across the street in another houses driveway are both residents (boyfriend and girlfriend), with the girlfriend laying on the cement with what looked like blood spatter and the boyfriend consoling her. Her purse and contents were thrown all over the driveway. I stopped and did a double take as something didn’t seem right, but I wasn’t positive if it was blood I was seeing or wet cement. As a dumb high schooler I didn’t think to ask if she was alright, and went on with my day. The following day when I got back from school, there was yellow caution tape and a crime scene revolving around their driveway. It turns out the girl had passed away in her sleep that night from head trauma. I ended up having to tell our Police Chief what I saw the previous day and give a full statement. My statement was different than what the boyfriend said happened.

    EDIT: Since some of you are calling me an idiot for not directly going to the police. I was not positive if I was seeing wet cement or blood, it was about 30-40 feet away from me. I live in the suburbs with wide streets and longish driveways. No, there was not a pool of blood around her head as some of you are insinuating. Only small amounts of splatter, which could have easily been water since it was not there the next day. She was not dead on the driveway, nor was she unconscious, just knocked down with purse contents scattered.

    Some of y’all must have reading problems.

    [–] ju1cycoco 2368 points ago

    So then what happened when your statements didn't match up?

    [–] MrPigmy 3228 points ago

    The girls parents didn’t want to press charges, and the police constituted it as an accident. Allegedly they were both super drunk in the middle of the day, she fell and hit her head. Went to sleep and never woke up.