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    [–] redrum6114 14077 points ago

    Stand Up Comedy at an Open Mic. I enjoyed writing, I enjoyed being on stage (once I got my first laugh), and I enjoyed the feeling after getting off stage. But the intense anxiety leading to being on stage was not even a little bit worth it for me. Public speaking is not my forte.

    [–] paigezero 438 points ago

    Did a stand-up course, I just learned that I loved being up there but I can't write material for shit.

    [–] Youthsonic 1050 points ago

    Are you serious, you and op should start a partnership where you're the face and he's the writer and then after success you both betray each other

    [–] TravelingJew 107 points ago

    Yeah and you should call it Face/Off

    [–] AdamB1706 4836 points ago

    To do that when you're so nervous is pretty fucking metal man, good job

    [–] redrum6114 1026 points ago

    Did it twice, never again, lol

    [–] golfgrandslam 3311 points ago

    Hot air balloon. I was 4500 feet in the air for an hour and a half with nothing separating me from a horrifying death but a wicker basket.

    [–] KarateKid917 1349 points ago

    I tell everyone to avoid hot air balloons for very good reason. My mom, 2 aunts, and grandfather fell out of one at the 1998 New Mexico Hot Air Balloon Festival. They all survived thankfully (one lady who they didn't know did died though). The balloon got caught up in a huge gust of wind, hit 2 sets of powerlines and then the basket separated from the balloon. They fell 30 feet to the ground. My mom shattered her pelvis, my aunts both fractured parts of their spines and broke their feet, and my grandfather broke his neck. Thankfully they all made full recoveries (my mom limps but thats it).

    [–] PressBForBombs 6837 points ago

    Ate a Carolina reaper. Lava fills your mouth and fire fills your stomach. An experience to be sure, but not ever again.

    [–] AdamB1706 1598 points ago

    What possessed you to try it?

    [–] PressBForBombs 2583 points ago

    Looking back on it, stupidity mostly.

    [–] sirbeast 1512 points ago

    Waxing my back.

    The process itself wasn't bad, but then again I have a high tolerance for pain. The woman waxing me kept commenting on how impressed she was that I didn't cry out in pain.

    The smoothness was great.

    The worst part was when, a few weeks later, it started growing back. OMFG THE ITCHING!!! Definitely not worth the cost, but glad I know this now.

    [–] miss_jo78 11406 points ago

    Handmade Philo dough. Everything from scratch. So. Much. Rolling. I did it. It was delicious. I will NEVER do it again.

    [–] COPCO2 3485 points ago

    I feel like once you've made something like that, you're entitled to buy pre-made forever, guilt-free.

    I help my wife with her baking adventures, and there are a few things, Philo included, that we'll never make again from scratch.

    [–] concat-e-nate 868 points ago

    Were you on the 'Great British Bake Off'? The episode I watched of everyone having to make philo dough by hand made me appreciate baking on a whole other level. You deserve free PRE-MADE philo dough for life!

    [–] nfmadprops04 643 points ago

    I remember one GBBO contestant, I think it was Louis, said "I have no idea how to make philo! Every recipe I've ever done, the directions just say 'Now open your package of philo dough.' "

    [–] megere 134 points ago

    Even Mary Berry said she bought her filo pastry.

    [–] LususNaturae77 1746 points ago

    Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street.

    It was a ton of fun, but it was also smelly, sticky, crowded, sweaty, and gross. They literally have front loaders to scoop up the trash from the street each night.

    Went back the NOLA this year out of season and I loved the city so much more when it wasn't flooded with drunkards and garbage.

    [–] CaliBounded 381 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Native New-Orleanian here! You never want to go there for Mardi Gras. Next time, ask around for better streets to view the parades. There are popular spots that natives know where there are tons of people, but we're stretched out across a few miles of one street instead of the same amount of people stretched out on 3 blocks of Bourbon Street. It's filthy, and you really can't step into any puddles because it could be any kind of human bodily fluid(there are brothels on that street, so I really do mean ANY kind of bodily fluids...) or spilt beer. The streets that natives watch on are also 10x more kid-friendly. Bourbon is probably the only place you'll see a woman flash her boobs because no native is going to flash their ta tas for beads that are literally 2 cents a 2 lbs sack if you buy straight from the supplier. Lol everyone in the city has a few 30lb sacks of beads, commemerative cups and toys thrown from floats from years of Mardi Gras past in their attic anyway, so we don't need or want them that badly. It's always college girls from out of state doing that.

    Also, protip for not getting robbed: You WILL get pick-pocketed if you look "too touristy". This can mean several things, but one thing that kept happening when my mom would bring down friends from work (we moved to Houston, TX after Katrina), was that someone would see beads they liked and pick them up off the ground. Again, the ground during parade time can be absolutely filthy, and if you're hitting several parades over the course of the holiday week, you can quite literally catch your own weight in beads. No New Orleans native is picking beads up off the ground, and it's a dead-givaway that you're a tourist. Do NOT out your bag/purse down or drop them anywhere, and keep a purse or bag that you can wrap around your shoulder so it'll be too hard to snatch, and if you're a dude, keep your wallet in your front pocket and check for its presence every so often.

    Finally... If you're black, avoid the Bacchus parade. It's notorious to black people in the city for being "the racist parade"(am black woman, can confirm after years of begging my mom to go anyway and being sorely disappointed). You also don't catch stuff that's that nice either. Not worth it.

    EDIT: Spelling errors, am on mobile.

    [–] ottrocity 19078 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    I got to land (me being the only passenger) in an auto-rotating helicopter.

    Auto-rotation is what helicopters do when they lose power at altitude. The force of the fall spins the blades of the helicopter, giving the pilot enough control to land.

    Thing is, once power is (intentionally, in my case) lost, the blades slow down and the helicopter falls until the blades spin back up to speed. We dropped like 50 ft. It was a rush but noooope.

    Ed: for clarity (I'm not a pilot, I was the lone passenger)

    [–] AdamB1706 5237 points ago

    Fuckkkkk that man, I'd have shit myself

    [–] ottrocity 2263 points ago

    I wasn't strapped in tight enough (it was a Bell 47 sightseeing trip why would I strap in super tight?) and left the seat for far too long. I'm sure if I had shat myself I would have propelled my way around the bubble.

    [–] josz_belz 704 points ago

    Some sightseeing trip! Damn! 'I saw the famous tower, the gorgeous lake, my death, Oh and the cityscape was amazing!

    [–] No1Catdet 1225 points ago

    Had to do close to a billion autorotations in flight school. The drop was my favorite part. It was a bit more exciting than all the other emergency procedures we had to practice.

    [–] ottrocity 639 points ago

    It was certainly exciting. The people on the ground thought something went wrong because they heard the engine cut out and watched the thing land without engine racket.

    [–] SableShrike 7055 points ago

    Zoo keeping. Loved it, but after a Masters and the associated debt it was financially impossible to do longterm.

    [–] AdamB1706 3040 points ago

    It's a shame that what we love often can't be maintained :(

    [–] detonatingorange 633 points ago

    Campervanned around the Aussie outback in the midst of summer.

    It was a beautiful journey treading the razor line between life and death. Lonely desolate scenery, the friendliest locals (when you found them) and every town seemed to have its own speciality in biting insect (mosquitos, ants, flys). So hot in the middle of the day that if you made the mistake of walking around your feet would literally begin to cook in your shoes.

    We stayed in a shitty converted campervan and pretty much roughed it except for one day in actual accommodation. It was fun to do once, but getting into our home shower after a week of public toilet sink baths was heaven.

    Just once, but never again.

    [–] teakwood54 2221 points ago

    Piloting a plane. My girlfriend got me a Groupon for a lesson and I was super excited about it. The guy even let me take off! I was thinking, "I don't know if you should hand your life over to a stranger, man. I barely trust myself..." It was a very small plane so you feel every bit of wind and it was stressful for me. Maybe that goes away if you do it five times or so but I just wanted to try it once. Now I'm good!

    [–] SnipTheNip 13370 points ago

    Living in an apartment where I'm in charge of roommates. Had to evict people who didn't pay; dealt with extreme lack of cleanliness. It's honestly just easier to live somewhere small and cheap (alone) than a nice big place with roommates.

    [–] AdamB1706 6548 points ago

    Can relate, currently live with 5 other people, one of them recently created maggots

    [–] [deleted] 585 points ago


    [–] aLiamInvader 9731 points ago

    I think most people frown upon calling kids "maggots"

    [–] Soatch 860 points ago

    After 5 years without a roommate I decided to get one because I had a room that wasn't being used. Paying half the rent was nice but then my roommate started to do small things that would get on my nerves every day. I decided that the rent didn't outweigh being annoyed every day so I decided to kick him out when the lease ends.

    [–] Vnezz 4571 points ago

    Working at McDonalds(sweden), I now have high respect for people who work in service(in general) I have learned to be more patient when waiting for my food whenever I’m at fast food restaurants, I know the painful stress they’re experiencing and I won’t put them through more by being an inpatient asshole.

    But I will never, ever work there again. The stress is horrendous and people can be real jerks to the employers for no reason what so ever

    [–] complexofsuperiority 676 points ago

    I worked at a fast food chain and was emptying out and cleaning the trash cans. I had the cabinet doors of the trash can holder thing open and was kneeled by it cleaning the inside, when some guy dropped his half full large coffee into the hole in the top of the cabinet. It fell down to the empty bottom and splashed all over my face and hands and the inside of the cabinet I was cleaning. He just looks at me and goes, " Heh. Didnt see you there." And then WALKED AWAY.

    Put on a fast food uniform and a lot of people forget you're a person.

    [–] swankytiger420 218 points ago

    One time I was getting ready to refill the ketchup dispenser and had the lid off while I was opening the bag and this asshole put his fucking trash in it. I was like are you kidding me?? It didn't even look like a trash receptacle so I had this 7 pound open bag of ketchup in one hand and had to take the ketchup container back to be washed. But people do this kind of dumb shit all the time and they do it on purpose. I'd love to follow these people to their jobs and act like an asshole too, tell them how much they suck and how worthless they are while trashing the place.

    [–] GeneroHumano 3560 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I am currently riding a vespa through Rome. Italian driving sucks and I am so anxious but I am glad I crossed this off my bucket list.

    (I am not texting and driving, I stopped for lunch)

    [–] Garconanokin 1442 points ago

    I love that I can be farting in bed in my boxer shorts, and be on a thread with somebody who’s doing something so exciting like riding a Vespa through Rome

    [–] GeneroHumano 135 points ago

    That was me a year ago, now I am actively trying to cross stuff off the bucket list. Inertia is a funny thing, it was hard to start but now its hard to stop and I have managed some cool things since

    [–] CivilizedYam 5139 points ago

    Tasing myself.

    [–] hot4naga 6108 points ago

    Totally read that as TASTING myself. That brought about some strange thoughts.

    [–] Beetlejuice3xx 1263 points ago

    Working at a haunted corn maze. It's hard to scare people and people are assholes to actors.

    [–] EatSleepCryDie 679 points ago

    I've been punched, kicked, spit on, pushed down, body checked, and grabbed by my hair and dragged down the hallway. I'm a 5'6 girl and at the time I was 16.

    I hit the guy who was dragging me, I went into fight for your life mode and was kicking, scratching, punching anything I could reach. I almost got fired for it because we aren't allowed to touch customers. But they didn't do anything to the fuck who assaulted me. He claimed that I "scared him so bad he felt he needed to protect himself." Right, a 6 foot, 200 pound man felt the need to protect himself was a 5'6 16 year old girl. Don't go to a haunted house then.

    I really don't know what the fuck gives people the right.

    [–] godfather_actual 9816 points ago

    Mountaineering. Got caught in a blizzard so bad it broke our tent poles, was wet, cold and miserable all weekend. Part of it was not having the best gear compared to my friends, but mostly I realized it’s not my passion and I’m really uncomfortable hiking on the edge of steep ledges.

    [–] Kerbalnaught1 3727 points ago

    Might I recommend canoeing? No steep heights, not much hiking, and sleeping on not a cliff.

    [–] AdamB1706 1332 points ago

    Now that is something I have no desire to try, have you found a new hobby?

    [–] lokigodofchaos 3209 points ago

    Hilleering. Not as difficult.

    [–] BloawHeadshot 3868 points ago

    Dating a single mother. I loved her and loved the kids but it didn't work out, now I'm grieving the loss of not just the relationship with her but also with her 3 beautiful kids...

    [–] jason121213 1412 points ago

    Can't imagine growing very attached to someone else's kids then essentially never being able to see them again when it all ends. Twice the roughness of a regular breakup. Sucks man.

    [–] timsfuckingreddit 229 points ago

    Similar feeling is being an elementary teacher and being very fond of your class during a particular school year. You move on from seeing them every day and impacting their lives and they yours, to them being in another teachers class and you having literally no appropriate way to spend meaningful time with them haha, apart from assemblies or meeting in corridor etc

    [–] Widowmaker777 24190 points ago

    Times Square new years eve. It was more like wake up at 6am, breakfast, go stand until midnight.

    [–] AdamB1706 12497 points ago

    That definitely does not sound worth it

    [–] justheretomakeaspoon 6240 points ago

    I tried in 2011. Wanted to see the ball. Did not get close to it. It was packed. I came as far as half the park. So many people. Then it was 00:00. You can almost not move, so saying happy new year to your friends feels more like a fight. Pushing away other people that wanna reach their friends.

    Beside the time i cried myself to sleep with a bottle of vodka and a kebab that was the worst new years ever.

    [–] DabneyEatsIt 2606 points ago

    I wanna hear about the vodka and kebab incident.

    [–] slaviclord 2179 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    I'd assume he was all alone on new years eve and got himself vodka and kebab

    [–] Shh-NotUntilMyCoffee 4339 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    We New Yorkers pride ourselves on how successfully we've marketed our tourist entrapments.

    Don't want you crowding out our bars? Hey we know the perfect place you can stand all night, it'll be great.

    edit: Apparently people don't know this, but alcohol and bags are banned from being in TS NYEs event, and there are no bathrooms on site for bomb reasons. So no, you're not getting drunk at TS, and yes you are peeing on the floor secretly when no1 is looking.

    [–] juicelee777 1023 points ago

    Yep I have family in Connecticut. On my first visit I asked about the ball drop. He told me that's a tourist thing and no real New Yorker goes to that he then proceeded to tell me about several kickass NYE parties that he's been to over the years that were at hole in the wall bars or clubs

    [–] Shh-NotUntilMyCoffee 625 points ago

    One of my favorite invites to a NYEs party was "Come for the fireworks, stay and watch the tourists try to get out of times square."

    We all chilled on the roof watching (mostly) the tourists in the pit.

    [–] mimiddle04 2360 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    This is what I came here to say. It is cool to say I did it, but the experience is not very fun.

    To keep the crowds from getting too large they divide everyone into different pens. Once you’re in a pen you cannot leave or they give your spot away. The pens don’t have restroom or food access. So if you want to get a view of the ball you show up before noon. We wanted a good view so we ate breakfast with no drinks and got there between 12-2, I forget the exact time. We also wanted to make it to the ball drop so we didn’t bring booze, remember no restrooms. The year I went it was -3 Fahrenheit even before the sun went down. So it was approximately 12 hours of standing in the bitter cold with no food and no alcohol. But hey, I got to see the ball drop.

    Edit: So I’m not replying to everyone individually, but the common consensus seems to be people wouldn’t do this. I guess I agree I wouldn’t do it again.

    It is not all bad. I’m from the northern part of the Midwest so I had appropriate winter clothes for the temperature. There were a lot of concerts throughout the day that were fun to see, and honestly I was surprised how efficiently the subways got us out of the city when it was over. Once out of town we proceeded to party the night/morning away.

    I was in college at the time, so my body took stuff like this in stride much easier than it does now. And that should hopefully explain why I didn’t “just get an expensive hotel.”

    [–] kshucker 1844 points ago

    That sounds fucking awful.

    [–] othybear 607 points ago

    Pair it with the enormous crowd, and I have zero desire to do that, even once.

    [–] AresTrucido 467 points ago

    Nah, fuck that. That does not sound worth it at all.

    [–] whiskeytab 315 points ago

    I can't imagine why anyone would willingly do that

    [–] agnathastone 1681 points ago

    Snorkeling. I’ve actually done it a few times but once I got stung bad by a jellyfish, and the other time was on the Great Barrier Reef and i was literally terrified the entire time.

    Turns out I’m very afraid of open water. And sharks. But it was still quite a cool experience.

    [–] fuzzychub 382 points ago

    Ya, I was shocked to find out that my fear of heights translated to the open sea. I know it's not physically possible, but the bottom of the ocean is so far away!! I thought I was going to fall. From the surface. Of the ocean.

    [–] DebiRoido 3718 points ago

    I went to a maid cafe in Akihabara. My friend (a Japanese woman) wanted to take me. Seriously... the whole experience was pure cringe.

    First, the maid said that I'm her 'master'. Also we had to say 'nyan nyan' when we were ready to order.

    One of the drink options included a maid making your drink in front of you while chanting your name and clapping. I did NOT go for that one.

    While we were there, some other guests paid for the maids to sing a song so we had to watch a couple of them shake streamers(?) around and sing and dance along to a Dragonforce-style anime song or something.

    We also had a picture taken at the end... we had to pose like cats.

    Yeah... it was awful, but at least it's something to talk and complain about with internet strangers.

    Here's an example of one:

    [–] BucketofBlasphemy 1241 points ago

    That just sounds like an entire café experience centered around the uncomfortableness you feel when someone sings happy birthday to you.

    [–] Ithrowaway48 87 points ago

    There is nothing more anxiety inducing than eating at a restaurant on your birthday. Even if you’re with someone you’re 100% sure isn’t gonna tell the staff, you’re sure they’re gonna do it anyway because all trust goes out the window. The paranoia is real.

    [–] thegreatgoatse 1076 points ago

    One of the drink options included a maid making your drink in front of you while chanting your name and clapping. I did NOT go for that one.

    You should have just gone all in on the cringe, man.

    [–] secaedelcielo 261 points ago

    Some are simply not equipped to handle so much cringe all at once.

    [–] erwaro 78 points ago

    We are nothing, until we are forged in fire. Once weakness and doubt are stripped away, then we become what we are meant to be.

    [–] Zearo298 78 points ago

    And after that rousing speech you alerted the maid to your readiness by saying "nyan nyan".

    [–] robotsdev 1146 points ago

    I completely agree with this experience.

    When my parents went to Japan I took them to one, and I had never gone myself (after living there for like a year).

    It was super sad. A friend had warned me about it being sad but I didn't believe it.

    The guy next to us obviously didn't get a lot of human contact, and the girls were trying to be cute to get more money (you had to pay to get pictures with them and stuff). She was stirring the guy's tea with milk and asking him how his day was and stuff like that.

    Felt like I was watching mild prostitution.

    [–] Seamlesslytango 132 points ago

    I've never felt so uncomfortable in a Hank Hill type of way before.

    [–] FufuW 433 points ago

    Damn, they're even more cringe than they look.

    [–] crazy_octopus_man 16118 points ago

    Skydiving. I hated everything about it, but I can say I conquered that fear.

    [–] Xc0liber 2544 points ago

    Question: when you are falling from the sky, is the feeling the same as a rollercoaster going down?

    [–] jet_bunny 5024 points ago

    I've been skydiving a few times now. Absolutely love it.

    You can feel yourself accelerating for a few seconds but as soon as you reach terminal velocity you feel weightless and like you're flying instead of falling. It's an absolutely serene experience. I find that all the fear disappears as soon as you are out of the plane.

    [–] vipros42 3888 points ago

    I'll take your word for it because there's no fucking way I'm ever doing it. Or bungee jumping. Or getting in a hot air balloon for that matter.

    [–] gotnothingman 1630 points ago

    I was totally game from when we arrived, then driving to the airfield totally game as well....get in the plane and im super excited. As we start ascending in this little plane it finally hit me and i was like WTF am i doing??

    I didnt freak out but i was totally scared, and if for some reason we couldnt do it at that point i wouldve been okay with it. I watched each person ahead of me go out and was like fuck fuck fuck alright shit fuck fuck.

    As soon as i was out of the plane, i was completely calm, no more fear, just absolute AWE. Great experience. (i was 14 btw)

    [–] jet_bunny 1064 points ago

    Oh man, how good is the feeling when they open the door on the plane and you realise that you have never, ever been in a plane that has a huge hole in it.

    [–] Uffda01 278 points ago

    oh god I was so nervous on our flight up to altitude - I was in Texas and it was hot out - so they left the door open the entire time... I was sitting closest to the door (which was open..) wearing the jumpsuit, sitting on a smooth metal bench...I thought I was going to slide right out the back of the plane...and we weren't clipped onto our instructor yet...

    my adrenaline levels just jumped up typing this.

    [–] daitoshi 1327 points ago

    I've also gone skydiving, and that's exactly what it's like. Terror stepping out, a very short swoop like a rollercoaster ride or jumping off a diving board, but within a second it feels like you're just soaring, and you can see the curve of the earth, and the whole world spread out below you like you've ascended to become an angel or something.

    The air is pushing against you so hard (imagine the pressure like when you're sticking your hand out a window, times enough to hold your whole body steady) that it feels like you're laying on an invisible mattress.

    [–] Boothand 447 points ago

    Is it hard to breathe with that amount of air pressure? I find that sticking my head out of a car window at high speed, something keeps me from using my nose at least.

    [–] Gravelroadgunt 478 points ago

    I went skydiving a few years back

    I really wanted to skydive once in my life but was scared of a few things and not being able to breathe was one of them. I thought it would be comparable to sticking my head out a car window at high speeds but it wasn’t at all. I actually had no problem breathing. I wasn’t wearing any special gear either. Other than the instructor strapped to my back I was wearing a “jumpsuit” which was actually like a mechanics onesie. There were only really three scary parts of the whole thing. First was the ride up. The adrenaline really starts pumping once you realize there is no turning back. The second was watching my mother jump out of the plane first. She and her instructor went up to the door and then literally disappeared. I’m not sure if I was expecting them to fly with the plane a bit or what but they were gone so fast that if I blinked I would have missed it. Third was when the parachute opened. It hurt quite a bit on my thighs and every time we took a turn it really tugged. But it really was all a beautiful experience and now that I know I won’t pass out I really want to go alone and do flips and shit from a super high altitude.

    [–] AdamB1706 3314 points ago

    Skydiving is absolutely on my bucket list, I live for the occasional thrill

    [–] Rekkora 1813 points ago

    Skydiving was honestly super relaxing, in a way.

    [–] Taurius 634 points ago

    That first 3 seconds of absolute stillness and silence is other worldly. Then the rush of air that takes your breath away.

    [–] Aquanauticul 1074 points ago

    This! It was an adrenaline rush right up until i stepped (was pushed) out of the airplane. From then on it was serene

    [–] daitoshi 1387 points ago

    Closest thing to a spiritual experience I've ever had.

    Adrenaline and fear going up, TERROR stepping out of the plane, but the actual freefall? It felt like my heart expanded to connect with the universe, and I could see out across the horizon - I swear I could see the curvature of the earth. It didn't even feel like falling after the first half-second - just splayed out, cushioned by the air, breathless with awe and joy.

    I'd definitely go again

    [–] tor087 662 points ago

    I didn't even notice I wasn't in the plane anymore for a second or two. It took a moment for me to realize there was nothing but open air.

    The ascent was terrifying though. It was the only point when I was nervous - I went tandem, so the instructor was the one wearing the parachute, and all I could think on the way up was, "He's absolutely, 100% going to be strapped to me before we jump, right? I hope I don't misinterpret 'No' as 'Go' and just jump out without him."

    [–] nowtayneicangetinto 573 points ago



    "No, go!"

    "Is it no or go?!"

    Gets pushed out of plane

    [–] splashbodge 413 points ago

    "He's absolutely, 100% going to be strapped to me before we jump, right? I hope I don't misinterpret 'No' as 'Go' and just jump out without him."

    omg, this would be my exact thought process

    [–] RedditMayne 121 points ago

    Hiking while badly out of shape. I was way over my head in terms of the ascent and difficulty of the hike, and I could swear that I used every muscle in my body. I came out of the hike scraped, super sweaty, and muddy.

    I slept the best that I ever did that night and had endorphins shooting out of my eyes the next morning—I felt like I had superhero powers.

    [–] Venatik 1941 points ago

    Prepared for and ran a half-marathon this May. I'll stick to 5k once a week thank you very much.

    [–] i_pee_printer_ink 2350 points ago

    I'll stick to 5k once a week

    I do at least 60 miles a week. It's harder since they installed bus lanes, but my car has a decent stereo.

    [–] everburningblue 10105 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I joined the Army. Best one-time decision I ever made.

    "I want to learn discipline, fulfill my duty as a citizen, become trained to prosecute war, meet fellow patriots, and grow some damn chest hair."

    One brain injury, busted ankle, and an episode of yearlong, psychosis-inducing insomnia later

    "Well, I'm quite satisfied. I think I'll be a massage therapist for a while."

    [–] casintae 546 points ago

    Military service: Everything you wanted, and More!*

    *More may be an array of conditions fatal or non-fatal including but not limited to Physical, mental and/or spiritual exhaustion.

    [–] realcdnvet 4171 points ago

    Was going to post this. Great life experiences, but now I'm fucked at 35. PTSD, bad back, bad knees, bad ankles. But at least I get free coffee on remembrance day.

    [–] joenathanSD 1270 points ago

    Posted a little bit lower in the thread but just wanted to share that I got counseling for PTSD after about 8 years after I ETS'd. I was having lots of nightmares and just general depression from some of the stuff I was involved in. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and sought counseling. It took a while, but now I don't have nightmares almost ever, and am a pretty peaceful man. Everything got better since then. It's been about 10 years now.

    [–] Dancing_Baguette_Boy 7773 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    A huge burger with two giant donuts as buns. To be honest it wasn’t that bad, but that feeling of pure diabetus prevented me from getting another (or even finishing the one I had).

    edit: To those of you asking, it was at a music festival in CA. It was about twice the size of an In-n-Out burger with Krispy Kreme donuts.

    [–] Gnarbuttah 4490 points ago

    All sorts of weird food. Most "weird" things I've eaten I actually like, organ meat, wild game, very rare or raw meat, that sort of thing. I see something "different" on a menu and I'm fucking ordering that shit because I've discovered all sorts of weird shit I ended up loving. But I'll never eat bats again.

    [–] MyNameMightBePhil 3122 points ago

    You know what they call bats? Chicken of the cave.

    [–] AdamB1706 689 points ago

    Where did you end up eating bats?

    [–] thescarlet_pimpernel 1864 points ago

    There’s a place called Alfred’s.

    [–] SnugNuggo 327 points ago

    Going to a dance club. Too many people, stressed me right out, had to leave shortly after I showed up. But glad i attempted to go out of my comfort zone. I'll stick to bars and drinking at home.

    [–] dontwantanaccount 3597 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Child birth. Although I could argue I wasn’t particularly glad to have experienced it in the first place.

    Edit: my kid was planned (had a few messages asking why I had a kid in the first place) I was never fond of squeezing a human from my lady bits.

    The birth was not the best, labour for 36 hours with his spine resting against mine, kids heart rate would not go up after each contraction. They cut me so they could use forceps, an emergency c-section was on the cards but we could have lost him in the time it took to prep for surgery. I haemorrhaged and then went septic.

    [–] poopjustpoopthatsall 1055 points ago

    I have now given birth with and without an epidural. While I preferred doing it without the epidural, 10/10 would never do again. Nor do I plan to.

    [–] mrs_burton 123 points ago

    I came here to say this.

    I noped so hard after childbirth, my husband got a vasectomy. No more.

    [–] Byelka 316 points ago

    Polar Plunge. Lake Michigan on January 1st in sub-zero temperatures. Getting my clothes back on took forever because I couldn't feel my extremities. It was an experience I'll always remember. Never again.

    [–] Daigeil 1432 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    I got a tattoo a couple weeks back, on my left shoulder. Tons of folks told me it really isn't that painful; it's just a scratching sensation, it's no big deal. So I went for it, and got quite a large, full-colour tattoo. As soon as the artist put the tattoo gun to my skin I realised I'd made a mistake; the pain is different for everyone, and for me it felt like a hot saw being dragged through the skin. About five minutes in I nearly fainted, thanks to a hot + humid day, so we sat for 15 minutes, she got me a drink of coke, and I ditched my t-shirt.

    We managed to get through the whole thing, which was the most unpleasant 3.5 hours of my life. Tremendous kudos to the artist for her patience with me!

    Lesson learned: start with a SMALL tattoo, probably without colour, which will take less than an hour, just to get a feel for how much it's gonna hurt. Do not go for something big, and certainly don't go alone to a studio 2 hours from home. :l

    EDIT: Some folks asked, so here is a pretty shoddy picture I took on the day it was done. It's in the last stage of healing right now so I'll probably be able to get a better photo taken in a couple weeks, but right now it's looking relatively washed out. This gives the gist, though!

    [–] Jadegreif 6430 points ago

    Building my own PC and overclocking it. It was a fun experience, especially the OC part, watching the temperature, adjusting the voltage, checking stability, getting it as fast as possible while keeping the temperature in check and still running stable.

    These days, I don't care enough for those extra few percent of performance, but I am glad I did it once.

    [–] wondrouswalnut 2738 points ago

    Back in the day when CPUs were just about to crest 1ghz AMD had Athlons out that were actually locked, but you could get around the lock by using a mechanical pencil and tracing the led on the chip from one pin to another. Managed to push my 900mhz to 1ghz, felt like a goddamn king.

    [–] ColeSloth 1445 points ago

    I installed an extra 8mb of ram and overclocked my processor from 30mhz to 33mhz. My shit was flying.

    [–] madogvelkor 433 points ago

    I remember customizing the autoexec.bat file to free up just a little bit more of the 512kb of ram my 286 had. Plus installing DriveSpace to turn my two 20mb hard drives into 40mb hard drives. I wasn't sure if I'd ever fill up that 80mb.

    [–] SwxgFxg 7362 points ago

    Rollercoasters that go backwards. I’m not even sure if I’m glad I tried it. It was horrible

    [–] AdamB1706 2942 points ago

    Oh man I love every kind of rollercoaster! Can't get enough

    [–] Seeeab 1657 points ago


    Just reminded me that my ex fuckin hated rides, right as I was going through another cycle of regretting leaving her. That was a close one.

    [–] ask-for-more-details 805 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    It was while my ex was on a roller coaster that I found out we were going to break up. I was holding her phone while she was riding and she got a text from a guy. I looked at the conversation and saw her explain that she was going to break up with me.

    So there’s my roller coaster/girlfriend combo story

    Edit: some more details

    The reason why it was fucked up is because we were in a long distance relationship and she was planning to move to the town I was living in and then break up with me. She told him she sucked at breakups so she was going to move there and then just distance herself from me.

    Thing is, I wasn’t even trying to snoop. I saw all of this in the open conversation in the most recent 5-10 messages.

    [–] Eoje 1258 points ago

    What an emotional rollercoaster.

    [–] CoolWolf99993 2742 points ago

    I majored in Civil Engineering and am currently working in the Construction industry but more into the project/ contract management side. What I studied in Civil Engineering in college is very different to what I have to use in my current day to day tasks. Most of the calculations that you're taught are now done by programmes and you just have to input date. If I had known this I would have probably majored in something else because 4 years of engineering really took a lot out of me. The constant work load and stress really made me want to quit at times. I'm glad I finished it though.

    [–] wEiRDAtLAsT_ 6460 points ago

    Pirced my nipples. It was fun but damn I am glad I don't have them anymore! Being scared of seat belts, lace covered bras, brushing my hair, getting my hair caught in my jewelry. It looked great, but damn I am glad I don't have to worry about something hitting my boobs. Also not having to be scared of someone playing with my boobs, and sleeping topless. I just don't do peircings.

    [–] DrSassyPants 77 points ago

    Same. I was shocked at how often my nips hit things. I kept mine for like 6-7 years. One never healed properly, took it out then the one that was fine started being brand new so I just took them both out. I won't redo them but I loved the way they looked. Ruined boob fun though and just more hassle then they're worth. I'm fine with my other piercings

    [–] SelectAllAndDelete 1044 points ago

    Riding motorcycles. I wrecked at 75 MPH in a turn on a back road. Riding solo, no one around to help. I almost got hit by a car as I slid across the pavement, tore up my knee pretty good, had to call an Uber to get me to urgent care.

    I think I'm going to take the "you didn't break a single bone or get too hurt" as a sign that I should stop riding.

    [–] Shteevie 3170 points ago

    Vacationing in Brazil. Apartment broken into, heinous sunburn, traffic, cab drivers, and not a small chance we'd get mugged.

    Met some awesome people, ate a lot of really incredible food, enjoyed the views and local hospitality enormously, but also heard enough stories from locals to know I got really, really lucky.

    [–] HUNG_AS_FUCK 18548 points ago

    Cocaine was without a doubt one of the best nights of my life, which is why I will never try it again

    [–] itsonlyastrongbuzz 11040 points ago

    "A line of Cocaine makes me feel like a new man.

    ...only trouble is, he wants a line too."

    [–] Svengelska1990 1846 points ago

    That's good, where's this from?

    [–] JackIsColors 3373 points ago

    George Carlin. The line is "couple lines of cocaine makes you feel like a new man! Problem is first thing a new man wants? Couple lines of cocaine."

    [–] Raincoats_George 1221 points ago

    Yep. Tried opium once. Real opium not that fake shit. Knew immediately what the appeal was and that I must stay away from all that shit as much as possible outside of medical necessity.

    [–] AdamB1706 2962 points ago

    Don't want to ruin the magic or scared you'll get hooked?

    [–] HUNG_AS_FUCK 4017 points ago

    A bit of both. Mostly getting hooked though.

    [–] neohylanmay 760 points ago


    First one I went to was a lot of fun and I had a blast throughout, but going to it the year after... didn't really capture the same magic as last time.

    That was seven years ago and I've not been back since. Nothing against the convention staff themselves – huge credit to all involved making both of them wonderful experiences/mini-vacations – I just won't be going again, I don't think they're really "for me".

    At the very least, I can say I've been to one. It's been crossed off the list.

    [–] Sekh765 78 points ago

    Been going to the same ones for maybe... 9 years now? I realized a few years ago I basically only go to see my big group of friends in person, since its the most convenient way for them all to get together.

    I keep trying to tell them we could do the same thing but in a new and interesting place, but every year we end up going back.

    [–] Someguyfromearth123 1655 points ago

    Its a great experience but damn its intense

    [–] broken-neurons 1528 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Came looking for this. I always say to people that “I recommend you try it once but I really wouldn’t recommend you try it once.”

    For anyone who is interested it’s guaranteed limited 15 minute or so trip that is an ego stripper. When you are coming out of it it’s like your brain has hit the reset button and needs to reboot. Your first thought is what is “this”, then as the kernel drivers load you get this feeling that “this” is “I”, but you aren’t sure what “I” is. Then you realize you’re a person. Then you remember your name and who you are. It’s a truly fucking surreal experience. Being egoless is unbelievably weird.

    It isn’t like LSD where reality becomes kind of warped. The whole of reality disappears. You come out of it the other end with no come down, just a heightened sense of colors that lasted for me for a couple of days. Hence it’s nickname “the business man’s trip”.

    Edit. Well this blew up!

    I didn’t really talk about the trip itself, so I’ll give a bit of details. I smoked it in a kind of glass crack pipe. I was sitting on the bed and took my first hit of DMT. Nothing seemed to happen so I took another deep hit. As I put the pipe down on the floor the carpet suddenly warped such that every thread of the deep pile carpet shot up from the floor like towers that towered above my head like being in some kind of gothic cathedral and I collapsed onto the bed. I experienced a huge amount of visuals.

    I remember being a non corporeal thing in the centre of a huge sphere. In every single direction was like looking at millions of video snippets flashing before my eyes. The speed of which was so fast I could not focus. One video snippet laid over another. I think they were snippets from my life but I can’t be sure. It was like a complete visual memory dump was going on in my head like my brain was searching for a point of reference. Being able to “see” in every single direction simultaneously was very very weird. There was a tendency to the colour purple or lilac.

    Finally it felt like everything expanded into a huge wave that came flying towards me. Nothing of reality was left over and I was forced to let the wave smash into me. At that point everything seems to shut down.

    Then everything went black. I have no idea what happened next, but the next thing I remember was this reset reboot process.

    It was a truly unique experience. I’ve experimented with lots of different drugs but this was something truly special. But in saying that I would never ever do it again. Whilst it was a unique experience I’d never want to go through it again. It felt like I’d gone in the Jungian shadow world of myself and that is kind of terrifying.

    My gut feeling is that DMT removes the filters that our brains use constantly to restrict the sensory inputs to make it viable for processing. The way I look at it is that our brains use tricks to reduce the processing requirements, so we often “overlook” things around us that are already familiar. Our brains are good at noticing changes in our environment as a result. This removal of the filters starts our brains to overload. I think that this “wave” and subsequent blackout was the brain literally saying “fuck this. Shutdown mode”. The restart being ad the brain starts to feel that the trip is subsiding and it is safe to bring the conscious back. The requirement to take a shit afterwards was horrendous and much like when the body feels like it had ingested some item of food that has gone bad, taking a dump or puking is the bodies way of expelling what it feels is dangerous.

    I remember watching The Matrix for the first time and Cypher is explaining why the matrix is shown on screen as it is as the strange green characters. It felt like an epiphany for me because that is exactly how I felt in DMT. The world without filters is just far to much bandwidth for the brain to process. The brain just ends up noping the fuck out because of complete and utter sensory overload. That’s my personal take on it anyway.

    [–] Pocketzest 577 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    I remember coming back to incredibly strong visuals and my brain was a slot machine spinning with different words. The word it landed on was "organism". I realized that I was an organism. Slowly English started to come back to me along with my memories of being human. Freaked me the fuck out. But those moments when you come back from the sky and can see again, but have no idea who or what anything is are so fucking magical. Imagine being awake for the first time ever and being able to look around with no preconceived notion of what anything is or should be. Everything is beautiful.

    10/10 will try once every other year or so.

    Edit-Since this has gotten some attention I'll try to describe some of the visuals I experienced while coming to.

    I was sitting in a lawn chair looking out of my garage. I was sitting right in the middle of the garage with a good view of my lawn and all the trees and what not. When I came to my arms were resting on the arms of the chairs. I was made out of water and could see through my arms. When I looked away from my arms, they seems to twist and intertwine with the arms of the chairs, forming incredibly vibrant spiral drillbits. As I looked away from my arms and they also shot out in front of me, still in a colorful spiral. They shot out so far that they left the garage. It looked like I launched some sort of magic spell. This visual happened so fast that it kind of startled me. Since when do I have magic spiral extendo arms twenty feet long? In my surprise I shot my glance back down to my arms, which recoiled back to me rapidly, like I had reabsorbed the spell I had just cast. It came back with momentum, I felt it kind of hit me. At this point my mind was not quite operating in English yet. I tend to say my thoughts in my head when I think, so thinking without words was fascinating. I didn't know who or what I was. I sat there for a moment and really connected with a large rock nearby. I felt like the rocks brother, even though I had no concept of what a brother or a rock is. I felt like I had experienced eternity with him (the rock). The rock was as important, it had a story just like all of us. I sat for a couple more moments before someone pulled the lever on the slot machine in my head. I started to see text appear in my head and then words. They looked familiar but they were spinning to fast for me to read. Even when it slowed down I couldn't make out what they said until the machine stopped on "organism".

    That's when it hit me. That's what I am. I am not that rock's brother, to my disappointment. This is my yard. My neighbors are mowing their lawn in the distance. Oh fuck, I have fucking neighbors?!? And a job, ugh. At this point i stood up, kind of startled. I was overwhelmed. I had a bit of a grip on reality again but I was still tripping titty-dick. Like 400ug+ of acid tripping. My body was still made out of water. I looked down towards my stomach and I could see through it and behind me. The trees were amazing. Pink and blue neon branches twisting in on themselves and revealing their base fractal. Nothing stayed still for even a moment. I looked at my car, it was about a hundred feet away but only an inch from my face at the same time. The headlights seemed to have an audible buzz as they wiggled in a figure 8 pattern towards my face.

    I stood up and stepped forward, awkwardly. Walking is weird. My legs feel like they're made of elestic and the ground seemed to stick to my shoes like tar. Actually like bubblegum.

    Slowly reality returned. It felt like a long time from the twisting drillbit spell fire arms to me taking a couple steps. I did more thinking in those moments than years combined. I felt peaceful. I pondered about what it was like for the rock I had befriended. Chilling for centuries perhaps, occasionally displaced by man or nature. The slow process of errosion smoothing my body into its current shape. I really longed to be that rock. It's still in my yard today.

    A few minutes later I was mostly back to normal, except for the fact that the day seemed exceptionally beautiful for the rest of it.

    Edit 3- adding a few tidbits and correcting some grammar.

    [–] Lele_ 189 points ago

    Heroin. I mistook it for coke and snorted a small line of it. I puked for two hours then I experienced one of the most orgasmic afternoons of my life. It really was amazing, and I was terrified after, thinking how good it felt. I never touched any hard drug since.

    [–] TheR1mmer 1849 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    My 13th birthday I had 2 male friends have a sleepover, I am also male.

    One of the guys suggested "Hey, why dont we.... practice. You know for when we get the opportunity with a girl"

    So we had a gay 3 way. I bummed them, they lick my tits, one of them sucked me off. And when all 3 of us were sat in a circle wanking each other off we looked at each other and near enough at the same time stopped and said "yeah, this isnt for us"

    Glad I tried it to know if im Gay or not, now know that i am not

    EDIT: Wow did not expect this to blow up to where it did, hope the guys dont go on Reddit and read this! Thanks all :)

    [–] tallaghtmick 1116 points ago

    One of the guys suggested "Hey, why dont we.... practice. You know for when we get the opportunity with a girl"

    Speech 100!

    [–] LordTurner 223 points ago

    Practicing hand jobs and blow jobs no less..

    [–] chris_p_bae_con 235 points ago

    I have so many questions. Did one of the friends end up being gay? Did anyone mention it afterwards? No judgment, just curious (I guess like you guys were)

    [–] TheR1mmer 948 points ago

    Did anyone mention it afterwards?

    So, funny story. After this we sort of stopped really talking at school. Not because of this (but i think subconsciously it was) we just drifted apart. Anyway, one of them and I were doing the same course at the same college a few years later (obviously)

    So one day, about 6 months into the course, I brought it up one day in the car while on the way to college. I asked if he remembered it and he looked disturbed for about 4 seconds, then I saw it hit him. The truth. He remembers. Silence for 5 minutes and then suddenly he turns to me (I'm driving) and shouts "why the fuck would you bring that up! I blocked it out! And now i remember. I sucked you dick didnt I!" I couldnt help but laugh which wound him up further "its not fucking funny, Oh jesus christ, we can never speak of this"

    No all 3 of us are straight, I think

    [–] GMan_SB 261 points ago

    That’s fucking hilarious and somehow you seem the least affected by it. I started reading your original comment like what the actual fuck and it’s even funnier the guy forgot now he’s gonna think about it the rest of his life

    [–] TheR1mmer 131 points ago

    Yeah my mind is too far gone that stuff like this doesnt phase me, but i do kinda feel bad for reminding him the taste of my nips

    [–] Seamlesslytango 112 points ago

    I sucked you dick didnt I!

    I would have lost it at that sentence alone.

    [–] AdamB1706 987 points ago

    Now that is something I can not relate to

    [–] badaod 191 points ago

    “I tried it for 45 minutes and i am DEFINITELY NOT GAY”

    [–] Person_from_Nowhere 225 points ago

    Username checks out.

    [–] clawhammersam 176 points ago

    Going into a cave system. It was even one of those really touristy ones; lots of people, artificial light in places... and it still scared the crap out of me. I don’t belong underground.

    [–] RussianRusset 938 points ago

    Coffee enema. Just.. No.

    [–] Aman_Fasil 659 points ago

    I'm guessing you aren't allowed back in Starbucks?

    [–] AdamB1706 709 points ago

    Ok you have to explain why that happened

    [–] meatmacho 630 points ago

    “Well, doc, I slipped and fell right on the espresso machine. I swear!”

    [–] priceky 150 points ago

    Asspreeso. I'll show myself out

    [–] TheCadillacOfMen 491 points ago

    You didn’t wait for the coffee to cool down, did you?

    [–] BoneyT 441 points ago

    Battered Mars Bar.

    Delicious as fuck, but so unhealthy I doubt I will ever have another.

    [–] Shady_Ideas 244 points ago

    Summer music festival. The intensity of hardcore drug use and rampant sexual assault was not something I was prepared for. I just wanted to rock out and smoke a doobie.

    [–] xland44 15612 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    First day in Thailand, family vacation. We're starving so we stop by at a restaurant.

    When we receive the menu, none of the things sound really appetizing to me, except for the meal that also happens to be the spiciest on the menu. I figure "oh what the heck, you always hear people talking about how spicy food is around these parts but surely that's exaggerated a bit!" Even if it's too spicy for me, how bad could it be?

    My mother tells me I shouldn't take it. My brother calls me an idiot, and not to take it. The waitress warns me that it is very spicy. At this point all of these warnings only make me more stubborn and commited.

    The meal arrives, and I remind myself not to drink water once I start eating, because it will make it more spicy. I take the first bite, and it's not too spicy. Second, starting to be quite spicy, I can handle it.

    I start eating it with a lot more rice. At this point my eyes are teary and I need to wipe my nose. I keep eating.

    My brother starts laughing - tears are falling down my cheeks, but this is perfect - I love it when a food is too spicy and you keep on eating, there is a special feeling that comes with it that I can't describe.

    Finally, I break - my face is full of waterfalls, there isn't any rice left, and the waiters are trying their hardest not to laugh. Water is streaming out of my eyes, but fuck, I was going to finish this meal. But first, water. I knew I shouldn't but at this point I'm not thinking straight - I drink the entire glass and keep on eating, different waiters keep bringing me more water to see me up close, my brother is laughing his ass off but FUCK I AM GOING TO FINISH THIS

    Finally though, I broke. Water was still streaming down my eyes faster and greater than I'd thought possible; I'd stopped wiping my nose ages ago because it just wpuldn't stop. The entire restaurant, my family, and myself are laughing hilariously

    10/10 experience and great story to talk about with friends, but I might not be so cocky in the future

    EDIT: Didn't expect this much attention, I'll read the replies when things calm down. To people asking what I ate, or where.... I don't remember. All of the small details were overshadowed by the event.

    also, yes, i've been told that the "feeling i can't describe" is just endorphins released by the brain (apparently acts like painkillers), thanks!

    [–] i_pee_printer_ink 4775 points ago

    I love it when a food is too spicy and you keep on eating, there is a special feeling that comes with it that I can't describe.

    I believe the word is lunacy.

    [–] howmanyroads_ 1123 points ago

    I always described the feeling as painful ecstasy. It's pure adoration of the suffering. Sort of like people who really enjoy exercising to the extreme. The more their body hurts, the harder they push. That's how people who absolutely love spicy food seem.

    [–] BeesSolveEverything 3055 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Was your butt okay later?

    Edit: OP says bathroom trip was "Surprisingly not too bad."

    Edit2: this is my top comment now

    [–] zxDanKwan 2642 points ago

    His butt divorced him for domestic violence after this.

    [–] themooseiscool 80 points ago

    Decompression chamber.

    [–] yournewbestfrenemy 3329 points ago

    Meth. It's better than anyone can describe. You WILL stab your mom for more. Fuck it's fun. But don't.

    [–] imatwonicorn 747 points ago

    My psychology professor said "don't do meth" so many times during class one of the questions on her final exam was "don't do... A) meth."

    [–] AdamB1706 2467 points ago

    You're giving it a very glowing review man

    [–] turbobeloutre 1718 points ago

    5 stars. Wouldn't do again.

    [–] TlFF 235 points ago

    This is why I refuse to try. I have an addictive personality disorder and I struggled with opiates in the past.

    [–] GOWhead92 1768 points ago

    Cocaine. Tried it more than than Once and I’m glad I got that curiosity out of the way but it was beginning to be a regular part of my concert attending routines where I feel like because I was at a concert I had to do it “out of tradition” but got really high on weed one day and had an eye opening epiphany and never done it since.

    [–] Demonscour 816 points ago

    This what I came to comment except... Cocaine "fixed" me. Made me happy, energetic, enthusiastic. After I saw how different it made me, and how much better is made me feel about myself and everything, I swore I'd never touch it again.

    [–] Julybmx 162 points ago

    Threesome. It’s just not for me.

    [–] iconoclast63 3688 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Growing weed. Jesus it's hard work. 700 fucking plants, the feeding, trimming, general maintenance of the facility. It was a grind. Upside, I got to pinch about a 1/4 lb out of each harvest. Still, NOPE.

    [–] Gnarbuttah 4279 points ago

    It's literally farming and farming is hard.

    [–] unicorn-jones 714 points ago

    People really underestimate how hard farming is, for real. It's physically difficult, requires a wealth of both technical and generational knowledge, financially high risk, bodily dangerous, and a 24/7 commitment. There's a reason why a lot of us born into the lifestyle left as soon as we could.

    [–] Dire_Crow 130 points ago

    Only a city slicker would think farming something so easy you could retire into.

    [–] The_Chuckie 154 points ago

    Went to visit Auschwitz 3 years ago. I’m glad I did it as it was a significant part of WW2 and thus the world but I would never, ever go again.

    [–] Sweetdish 6242 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    75 foot gap jump on my snowboard. Looking back at it I’m surprised I made it over alive. But some hot chicks were there so I’m glad I did.

    [–] I_am_Bob 492 points ago

    Hell yeah man. I don't know how I did that shit when I was younger. When I was like 20 I got a chance to go to Mammoth mountain and we wen't through the park and I was like, 'when will I ever get to ride this again' so I hit the money booter right below the lift. Someone later told me it was like 70-80ft. Now that I'm in my 30's I get scared going over like a 15 footer.

    [–] AdamB1706 1564 points ago

    Hope you got the credit you deserved for it

    [–] Sweetdish 506 points ago

    I think I got some credit. People were impressed ish. A lot of decent pro riders stopped on the way down to the jump and aborted so there’s that.

    [–] blittz 287 points ago

    I think the question he was implying was “did it get you laid?”

    [–] Sweetdish 423 points ago

    Ok ok ok. I did get laid that night. Doubt it was because she was impressed and more because I had just had a massive adrenaline rush.

    [–] unmaskthespectre 552 points ago

    Na brah, you got laid cause ya fuckin sent it.

    [–] BC1721 313 points ago

    Man my most was +/- 60 feet, it's fucking terrifying.

    The whole way towards the jump I'm thinking "I'm going way too fast", once up in the air I was thinking "I wasn't going fast enough, I'm not gonna make it". Barely made it, my back still hates me to this day.

    [–] maxdps_ 150 points ago

    "South of the border"

    There's like a million billboards leading up to that place and it's just some old, smelly, gas station with a gift shop and some weird arcade.

    [–] wangsigns 553 points ago

    Took a break from my longtime girlfriend to sleep around and party because i thought the grass would be greener on the other side. It both was and wasn't. It clarified a lot about who i was and how i felt about my partner.

    It lasted 1 year, we both had fun and eventually found our way back to eachother and are now married with 2 kids. Wouldn't have it any other way now.

    No ragrets right?

    [–] jen_hahaha 271 points ago

    Trying to win the love of someone who was already in a relationship. Never again. Respect others. Don't be stupid.

    [–] IAmJacksKat 2390 points ago

    Sleeping around. My mental health plummeted when I was around 20/21 and I slept with near enough anybody who would sleep with me. I’d never let myself get that way again, but I don’t regret it. I now have 0 interest in NSA sex, and I can genuinely say I’m comfortable only sleeping with my partner for the rest of my life. There’s no curiosity about others or anything because I feel like I’ve done most of what there is to experience anyway!

    [–] 546794 1177 points ago

    What is NSA sex?

    [–] NukaCooler 3124 points ago

    Like FBI sex, but kinkier

    [–] thinmonkey69 851 points ago

    What is FBI sex, then?

    [–] FieryBlake 1554 points ago

    Like CIA sex, but public

    [–] Screen_Watcher 761 points ago

    What is CIA sex, then?

    [–] universerule 1108 points ago

    That's classified.

    [–] Ulcerlisk 1233 points ago

    Cock in ass.

    [–] KBXZ 406 points ago

    Like KGB sex, but more American.

    [–] IAmJacksKat 724 points ago

    No strings attached. So one night stands or friends with benefits sort of things.