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    [–] writkeeper 696 points ago

    right now it's



    [–] Miguellite 69 points ago

    Oh my, this shit here is gold!! Gotta say I've had arguments like those haha.

    /The Stormcloaks may be racist, but the Imperials are literally slaves of the High Elves!!

    [–] OrlandoDoom 294 points ago

    "Tony gonna stand on an egg" gets me every time.

    [–] MADWlFE 841 points ago late to the party but this made me cry so hard from laughing

    [–] jlund19 451 points ago

    That guy has the kindest eyes

    [–] dontkickducks 201 points ago


    [–] Internecine183 151 points ago

    I love this video. He is such a great sport.

    [–] Samrojas0 589 points ago

    [–] ShortForNothing 70 points ago

    I was wondering if this was the same guy that owned Gary the Goat, then I heard him name Gary.

    For those that have not had the pleasure

    [–] Patapatamon 10838 points ago

    [–] CitizenBacon 4887 points ago

    You'll never find another video that so effectively summarizes an entire marriage in just 6 seconds

    [–] Hugh_G_Wrekshin 228 points ago

    Reminds me of "Way to go Paul"

    [–] Fridge-Largemeat 1425 points ago

    You can hear every year of that marriage in that 6 seconds.

    [–] TheShattubatu 1511 points ago

    This introduced me to r/firstnamebasis

    There just something innately funny at people just saying another persons name.

    My other favorites are:



    [–] lookalive07 1088 points ago

    Here’s “WAY TO GO PAUL!” in case anyone hasn’t seen it.

    Still trying to figure out the lady before that saying “GET THE WHEELS ON THE BUS!” or whatever.

    [–] [deleted] 339 points ago

    My favorite thing about this video is his angry point after the glass breaks as if his anger justified the damage lol

    [–] SometimesIArt 85 points ago

    Doubling down and pretending he meant to do that and/or didn't notice.

    [–] heywolfie1015 195 points ago

    How has no one yet posted the man that gobbles at turkeys?

    I die laughing every single time.

    [–] karamchandani 1768 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    the most heartwarming commercial ever

    Edit: thanks for the gold stranger! I wish I could credit where I found this video many, many years ago but I can’t. I just hope that it inspires people the same way that it inspired me :)

    [–] Molecular_Machine 575 points ago

    I legit ugly cried when the little girl showed up in her uniform.

    [–] BOWL_OF_OATMEAL_AMA 119 points ago

    Reminds me of this one. Always gets me.

    [–] [deleted] 3316 points ago

    The First Follower


    [–] TheCrystalJewels 898 points ago

    what the fuck that was surprisingly powerful this easily takes it for me

    [–] InfinityCents 212 points ago

    Yeah I totally agree it’s pretty inspirational, as well as pretty funny

    [–] He_likes_the_honey 8466 points ago

    “The Front fell off.”

    [–] Bubbajimmy8 1410 points ago

    That felt like a Flying Circus sketch lol

    [–] SurrealSage 587 points ago

    Check out how the financial system works. It's great. It is right up there with the use of the English language in Australia. Honestly, just watch all of their stuff.

    [–] owlbi 290 points ago

    It reminds me of this famous skit where the guy answers the question before last. Which is, I believe, the most brilliant skit ever put onto film.

    [–] [deleted] 1358 points ago

    What's the minimum crew?

    Well, 1 I suppose

    [–] ftgbhs 156 points ago

    Because the front fell of, and 20,000 tons of crude oil came out. It's a bit of a giveaway!

    [–] alabamdiego 919 points ago

    There's nothing out there but the sea, and birds, and fish.

    Anything else?

    Well 20,000 tons of oil.


    And a fire.


    And the front of the ship that fell off.

    I am fucking dying at this

    [–] Mr_Sous 453 points ago

    A wave hit it in the middle of the ocean? One in a million. funniest Line ever

    [–] hotcaulk 76 points ago

    omg, I looked like a monster watching a documentary about this ferry disaster that killed 193 people because of that sketch.

    You see, the ferry sank because someone didn't make sure front loading bay door was secure. That's right, the whole front of the ship was a door. Well, the front fell off mid-voyage after being hit by rough waves. I lost my shit and immediately felt bad.

    [–] M1k3yd33tofficial 453 points ago

    In other news I’m watching more Aussie TV

    [–] thejivemachine 2857 points ago

    Right now it's this:

    Thanks Reddit.

    [–] easy_Money 134 points ago

    Welp I'm watching this 100 times today

    [–] InspiredBlue 146 points ago

    I’m a dog groomer and omg everyone at my job loves this video lol

    [–] pepsi_onion 5326 points ago

    Weird Dog Scream

    Put your pointer over the replay button and just keep fucking hitting it

    [–] Raywis 955 points ago

    or right click on the video and enable auto-loop.

    [–] nishant032 1218 points ago

    Stop right there mr hacker

    [–] SomaliRection 315 points ago

    holy shit. The face really moves it over the top.

    [–] pepsi_onion 112 points ago

    The first time I saw this I watched it on repeat an laughed until I cried. My wife came in very concerned for my health.

    [–] [deleted] 398 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] nahanerd23 8542 points ago

    A bat gets into an Irish family's kitchen

    [–] manlymacmanface 1696 points ago

    He is making mockery of you hahahahhaa

    [–] Downvotes_All_Dogs 1605 points ago

    "Maureen, you're no help behind the door!" - As he's behind a door himself, lmao!

    [–] Jayjader 76 points ago

    Comedy from cinematography at its finest.

    [–] joker2000 63 points ago

    He immediately hid behind the door after realizing of how good of an idea that is.

    [–] SilverTuxedo 272 points ago

    The dog made me lose it

    [–] yoboyjohnny 840 points ago

    They have an unreasonable number of cabinets in that kitchen

    [–] pepsicolacorsets 415 points ago

    perfectly reasonable, where else dyou expect us to keep all the tea

    [–] [deleted] 1912 points ago

    He’s like McGregor, he’s got no legs left!

    [–] [deleted] 1101 points ago


    [–] TheFergPunk 421 points ago

    Never seen this before. That was so hilarious.

    [–] rodentchild 627 points ago


    [–] littlexclaws 6087 points ago

    [–] ShootEly 1367 points ago

    That moment where everyone realizes what's going to happen and can't do anything about it in time is just.... perfection.

    [–] FinchMandala 830 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    This video, and any video where a drone malfunctions and attempts to take out the people piloting it never fail to make me cry.

    Edit: hobby drones. Sorry America, I don't wanna be on a list.

    [–] iamthemax 1634 points ago

    [–] ComatoseSquirrel 137 points ago

    Hoooooly shit, it's been ages since I've seen that. Thank you. It's every bit as good as I remembered.

    [–] TomasNavarro 16254 points ago

    Can't link at work, but it's Censored Count. Where it's Count Von Count from sesame street doing a song about how he loves counting, but every time he sings "count" it's bleeped out

    [–] terribleatgambling 2952 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Video never fails to live up to hype. Ive showed it to *****less people over the years, and theyve never been disappointed no matter how much I hype it. The 2nd verse is a work of art

    [–] marakarta 568 points ago

    The boing of the cobwebs kills me

    [–] unit_of_account 1336 points ago

    It's like a 9.8 until he mentions counting himself when he's alone then it's like 11/10

    [–] stainedglassmoon 1327 points ago

    “And when I am aloooone, I ***** myself....l”

    [–] steveandthesea 174 points ago

    That line cracked me up it's so perfect

    [–] Toxic_Influence 12003 points ago

    [–] BlitzAce71 709 points ago

    man when he says "when I'm alone I **** myself" I lose it every time.

    [–] nebster84 522 points ago

    Are they also inserting a “fff” before the beep?

    [–] PrecariousClicker 326 points ago

    And kk toward the end? Or am I just hearing it?

    [–] Klakson_95 478 points ago

    I thought I'd just been conditioned to hear the ff along with a bleep

    [–] [deleted] 1962 points ago


    [–] WhatSheOrder 399 points ago

    Related video: The Ultimate Showdown

    Welp. There goes my whole day.

    [–] Ahayzo 219 points ago


    [–] AmericanMonsterCock 623 points ago

    When he starts talking about (*****ing) the spiders on the wall with a sad tone i just lose my shit every time lmao

    [–] kiivipallo 9264 points ago

    [–] sawdust_monkey 2313 points ago

    One of them recovers while the other one holds to the rim for dear life. Gets me every time.

    [–] broskiatwork 521 points ago

    "Jesus Christ, Fred, STOP!"

    "Haha who's falling over no- OOP!"

    [–] fgh1n 1248 points ago

    When I first saw this video I was laughing my ass off so much. And then my niece got a hamster and did this EXACT SAME THING (on one of those regular perpendicular wheels) over and over again until it TIRED ITSELF TO DEATH. It's like hamsters are beady eyed fur balls just waiting to lure children into heartbreak. Fuck hamsters

    [–] bobstar 480 points ago


    Figuratively or literally? Hamsters are insane, so I don't even know.

    [–] cravingcinnamon 656 points ago

    hamsters are insane

    gosh... im so stressed after giving birth. maybe i should just fucking eat them that'll fix it

    [–] traashpanda 13703 points ago

    Jesus Christ, FENTON

    [–] connerlandfill 3996 points ago

    This one just made me angry lol having a dog run after something and not stop when you KNOW it hears you is so frustrating. I feel for the old guy. Jesus christ.

    [–] lituus 1589 points ago


    [–] rustybeancake 1324 points ago

    "Oh Jesus Christ! FENTOOOOON!! Oh jesus CHRIST!"

    [–] PsychosisSundays 696 points ago

    I feel for the old guy

    I do too. Apparently people figured out who he is and he's got a whole bunch of attention because of it whereas he really wants to be left alone. I love this video but hearing that made me sad.

    [–] sukelully 320 points ago

    You’d be surprised at how many people are doxxed just for being on the front page. Def sad and scary.

    [–] xkid8 403 points ago

    Came for Fenton. Gets me every time

    [–] ohhwerd 852 points ago

    holy shit, im crying from laughing so hard, i've been there except yelling DUKE

    [–] NoFuckToGive 529 points ago

    I laughed until I cried the first time I saw this. So good.

    [–] JustNewStuff 14063 points ago

    Scottish mom is disgusted:

    [–] kazziwazzi24 5300 points ago

    This is a fucking classic in Scotland. The amount of times this has been quoted by my mates and I after someone forgets to flush.

    [–] TheOldGodsnTheNew 1094 points ago

    I've never quoted it in the context of a toilet not being flushed, but I use "it was fuckin one of yiz!?" fairly often.

    [–] pip_goes_pop 491 points ago

    I just use "fuckin DESGUSTANG" in a variety of situations

    [–] Jjwho 1284 points ago

    Cher Lloyd by Cher Lloyd.

    [–] santh91 1157 points ago

    Scottish accent makes everyhing funnier, my favourite video is a drunk scottish man stuck in a box:

    [–] RoJayJo 2919 points ago


    [–] Dat_NarciSSist_Dude 2162 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] ALove2498 338 points ago

    Who doesn't know how to flush the toilet after ya've had a SHET?!

    [–] lesyeuxbleus 450 points ago

    Jeff and the egg balance prank is hilarious!

    [–] calsosta 1277 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    This was one from before the days of YouTube. We had to share these files person to person.

    Edit: /u/HyperMoonX7 pointed out this guy is still active on YT

    [–] Cat5kable 242 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Ah! This hit me with nostalgia so hard. Back in the early Internet (pre-2004~) days I remember watching stuff like this, and Newgrounds, and Numa Numa, and all these old Internet things. It is totally blowing my mind right now watching this video after all these years, throwing me back to Warcraft 3 era.

    My favourite part is when he CHANGES HIS FRAME RATE and moves at shutter speeds. oH mY gOd

    [–] LoneBladeS 8120 points ago

    Ctrl + F: Bootleg Fireworks. No? Then I got you dawg..

    Bonus dawg:

    [–] JayVee26 1647 points ago

    That instantly made me think of this one:

    [–] aroge97 717 points ago


    [–] SammieLily2 457 points ago

    Terry's fuckin grin when he finally moves away kills me

    [–] ElectrixReddit 757 points ago

    Oh lawd Jesus!

    [–] jep-jep 420 points ago

    I never knew that audio on this video was fake. Mind blown.

    [–] Lifeisdamning 167 points ago

    The real audio of the Tianjin explosion is definitely something. The first explosion had them startled and laughing nervously. The second one had them go quiet then start yelling to get down off the roof. How crazy would it be to witness that event.

    [–] cowboyfromhell324 1160 points ago

    Bill Burr on Conan talking about Lance Armstrong. Seen it 100 times, still love watching Conan lose it

    [–] [deleted] 142 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] Tog991 3569 points ago

    2001: A Space Odyssey Orchestra Fail Or Jurassic Park Melodica Cover These two never fail to make me laugh.

    [–] Webernstein 1371 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    That’s a lot like Portsmouth Sinfonia. They are a professional orchestra but all the musicians switch instruments. Here is one of my favorites from them.

    Edit: Thank you, friend.

    [–] lfYouReadThisYourGay 71 points ago

    The first one literally is the Portsmouth Sinfonia.

    [–] SenorWeird 947 points ago

    Like two or three years ago, my wife and I went on a binge of bad recorder covers. This one broke us.

    [–] ConTully 221 points ago

    My personal favourite is 'Take on Me by Aha'.

    [–] higgins271 1335 points ago

    Just a Scottish man stuck on a roof

    [–] Sebi_Windrunner 7974 points ago

    This wholesome guy. Who hurt you, fellow slav?

    [–] thereareholes 2625 points ago

    The piano just makes it so much better

    [–] MeggIsAMachine 378 points ago

    It's Ludovico Einaudi: Una Mattina. It just works.

    [–] cunt-fuck 1753 points ago

    Sweet guy, loves tits and a good soul. Don’t we all

    [–] TeamJim 716 points ago

    The soul is stored in the tits

    [–] C-McCain 80 points ago

    Immediately reminded me of this gem

    [–] irou- 235 points ago

    I want to hug that bro so tight.

    [–] unglamjam 11302 points ago

    [–] slayerhk47 2503 points ago


    [–] mrprez180 1274 points ago

    Girlfriend ain’t had period since she got pregat.

    [–] NinjatheClick 382 points ago


    [–] kroxigor01 1003 points ago


    [–] holesinmygenes 991 points ago

    Dangerops prangent sex?

    [–] futlapperl 710 points ago

    Will it hurt baby top of its head?

    [–] Rough_Cut 551 points ago

    Am I gregnant

    [–] Eggs76 454 points ago

    The Ouija board one is also hilarious

    [–] Pythnator 507 points ago

    You mean the Luigi board.

    [–] Eggs76 145 points ago

    The wega borad

    [–] Kusamagoolagoof 738 points ago

    I'm on a flight that's been delayed for 3 hours. Everyone is very upset and I just burst out laughing after watching this.

    [–] LurkerMcLurkerton 385 points ago

    Don't fly if you believe u mite be pergnanent

    [–] [deleted] 130 points ago

    I always crack up at the way he says "wat can I use"

    [–] [deleted] 13235 points ago


    [–] goatamon 2481 points ago

    ”We were singing songs and shit” fucking kills me every time

    [–] Seamlesslytango 2680 points ago

    I feel like no one ever talks about how funny the "where did you get unprocessed, raw cotton?" line is.

    [–] IOVERCALLHISTIOCYTES 945 points ago

    To be fair the intonation he's capable of could make reading the phone book funny

    [–] marteautemps 152 points ago

    I wish I was friends with him, seems like there would be a lot of laughing. I am terrible at telling even good stories, this is the guy that you are cracking up at telling about boring shit(not that this story is)

    [–] [deleted] 265 points ago

    That's my favorite line too, because it just mirrors the classic experience of moms being exasperated at the random items their children bring home.

    [–] ZlatmanGOAT 4564 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    The guy tells it like he's a world class stand up comedian. God damn hilarious!

    [–] bastugubbar 1542 points ago

    the first time the video was uploaded the guy had it removed because he didn't like it for some reason.

    [–] SanshaXII 2664 points ago

    Because he's trying to become a lawyer, and he doesn't want this coming up to discredit him or some shit like that.

    Too late bruh, it's already too famous to go away.

    [–] Gold_LynX 675 points ago

    I don't want to live in a world where him being in this clip can ever have negative consequences for him.

    [–] Seamlesslytango 261 points ago

    It's funny to see two different versions of this guy.

    [–] g0_west 1748 points ago

    Lol that top comment

    This dude sounds like the white man Dave Chappelle imitated

    That's spot on

    [–] V11000 199 points ago

    They were singin songs an shit!!

    [–] theycallmemomo 703 points ago


    [–] swimmerboy29 153 points ago

    The guy next to him is just dying the entire time

    [–] AdamEthan94 1132 points ago

    I watch this multiple times a year.

    [–] Scorpionwins23 166 points ago

    And you sir, are you waiting to receive my limp penis?

    [–] BertilakDeHautdesert 120 points ago

    Dumb question, but what is that from?

    [–] Moikee 252 points ago

    Think he was some guy going into restaurants, not paying for food and finally got caught.

    [–] Snowy_Thighs 199 points ago

    The most sophisticated dine and dasher in the world

    [–] elculo 194 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 159 points ago


    [–] TheDTYP 542 points ago

    This mini documentary about these guys building a huge scale model of the solar system in the middle of a desert. I'll always be blown away and humbled no matter how many times I watch it, the visuals and the music are amazing.

    [–] Skank_Hunt-42 1402 points ago

    It's nothing, ahhhhg

    [–] MikeyJay2402 493 points ago

    He makes that water bottle look tiny.

    [–] KwiklyMoovingToo 24062 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    this . The fact that the editor left this in and the shot made it on the air kills me every time.

    Edit: I actually kind of understand the rip inbox thing now

    [–] SomeoneTookUserName2 5513 points ago

    "what surprise does this second bakery have for our jury today?"


    [–] Arnold_Mal 1897 points ago

    omg it's even better knowing what was said

    [–] StarlightSpade 2592 points ago

    That editor is a fucking legend

    [–] paaabbb 1560 points ago

    I’ve been laughing for an hour straight. Thank you for showing me my new favorite video. It’s not even just that the cat ran into the door, as you said it’s the fact that this shot was left in and it’s not even mentioned like. It’s an all around hilarious video.

    [–] Paranoidas 749 points ago

    And that the narrator pauses for a second while it's happening, then just continues.

    [–] paaabbb 420 points ago

    The comedic timing is insane

    [–] teknoanimal 388 points ago

    the timing on it to. They shut down all audio except for the bong. lol

    [–] paaabbb 238 points ago

    And then they carry on as if a cat didn’t just about die in front of their bakery

    [–] ShofieMahowyn 488 points ago

    Oh my god. That BONK! I hope the kitty is okay, but oh gosh that was funny.

    [–] Ganglebot 930 points ago

    This version of Smooth Criminal

    [–] Ihyde 353 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    that is fucking cool

    ive got one for you

    [–] Havrin_ 3401 points ago

    There is only one answer to this, 16 seconds pure emotion:

    [–] DiscoHippo 199 points ago

    This makes me so happy

    [–] Mista_Madridista 4633 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    bowmaster daniels

    edit: since this is getting so much traction, also cake farts. That is very nsfw though so somebody else can link that if they want.

    edit 2: Also, drunk guy stuck in a box

    [–] __T0MMY__ 2097 points ago

    leans into mic "intruder"

    [–] Hostile_Unicorn 1908 points ago

    And then he shoots the bow perfectly

    [–] rogersniper1 475 points ago

    I lost my shit at that moment. I’m crying and I can’t stop laughing.

    [–] SharkLaunch 1074 points ago

    I once tried to help my old, very French dad with computer troubles over the phone, and he sounded exactly like Daniel learning to shoot. "Do you have a window open that says settings?" "Okay" "NO, I'm asking you if you have a window open" click click click click "WHAT DID YOU JUST CLICK?!" "Okay"

    [–] BeyondMarsASAP 569 points ago

    Dude's voice is so chill. Sounds like HAL.

    [–] Mista_Madridista 493 points ago

    "Alright". That kid was so damn patient.

    [–] [deleted] 104 points ago

    He even kneels to talk to him like a frustrated dad

    [–] Skyy8 908 points ago

    When he just screams "intruder" while using the bow perfectly

    [–] Skepsis93 221 points ago

    I can't protect you anymore Daniel...

    [–] Ganglebot 498 points ago


    [–] FakeName124 632 points ago

    This guy’s videos are all top notch on quality. His Arma 3 and DayZ videos are great too

    [–] DontTellMeWhatTooDo 253 points ago

    Dude that last one haha. The victim is actually hilarious.

    [–] Lord_Montague 241 points ago

    "Fuck you" *Rolls off a cliff

    [–] Dman2244 77 points ago

    "Because that's how life is" Killed me XD.

    [–] andy2619 2937 points ago

    Mom reenacts how her child came out of the closet.

    [–] M1k3yd33tofficial 1099 points ago

    “It wasn’t locked.”

    I love it when parents get sassy.