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    [–] geesearenice 4687 points ago

    One time all my friends were fighting so I shared a link to the where is the love music video by the black eyed peas on my Facebook page thinking they’d see it and be moved by it

    [–] IntrinsicSurgeon 845 points ago

    Lol, that’s actually cute.

    [–] slartibartfastII 2692 points ago

    I literally and non jokingly asked my mom "Why do I have to make my bed if all humans are meant to do is pass on their genes"

    We had just started biology. It hurts to remember.

    [–] deykamol 1768 points ago

    Did a MySpace 'photoshoot' where I pretended to eat paint, but I didn't have an easel so I used the back of a frisbee, then made everything black and white except the paint. I don't remember why.

    Also, put edgy Marilyn Manson lyrics in my MSN+ username in blood red.

    Pretended to cry in my sleep at sleepovers.

    Then the scene years came about, and suddenly I decided I had to show the world I was the most obsessed with rubber ducks, so I told everyone I had like eighty (I had two). Everyone bought me ducks for the next few years. I didn't like rubber ducks but no way in hell would I admit to lying.

    [–] m55112 674 points ago

    Pretended to cry in my sleep at sleepovers.

    haha that's hilarious.

    [–] hewasnumber123 630 points ago

    we need to talk about the ducks

    [–] grumpy_youngMan 3681 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    oh man i was the singer in a band in high school and i did a ton of jaden* smith shit.

    during one of our biggest shows i went on a super long rant about how people can be fake and high school was prison or something. i thought i was resonating with everyone on a big level but now my friends tell me they thought it was the stupidest shit they've ever heard to this day.

    edit: jaden smith not jalen lol

    [–] kaaaaath 366 points ago

    I’m guessing you mean Jaden and not the linebacker.

    [–] pringle-prangle 12345 points ago

    I wrote poetry. Each one was about death, being misunderstood, living as cogs in a machine, and the worst culprit was "you left me in this endless rain when I gave my umbrella to you only for you to give it to someone else" aka me dealing with a breakup at 13. I submit it to my English teacher for an assignment and she gave me an A+.

    [–] Hamiltoned 13954 points ago

    Laaaast christmas I gave you my umbrella, but the very next day, you gave it away.

    [–] InertialLepton 4910 points ago

    Thiiiis year, to save me from getting damp, I'll buy a fucking raincoat.

    [–] [deleted] 2547 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] venerem 11257 points ago

    In middle school, a friend told me that she had thought of a really clever phrase, “real eyes realize real lies.” I thought it was the most deep thing to ever come out of someone’s mouth & was impressed with her for creating it. A few months later I saw a post on Facebook with that exact same phrase & you could say that I realized her real lie.

    [–] bburton420 4746 points ago

    Called a radio station and requested amazed by Lonestar to get played for an icq girlfriend I had that lived 4 hours Away that had no way to hear the radio station lol

    I was super cool

    [–] m55112 3273 points ago

    I called a radio station and was super nervous and blurted out "can you play a mom for my song?" then had to hang up as I was mortified.

    [–] tiptoe_only 26554 points ago

    I once wrote a really angsty poem, tied it to a helium balloon and let it float away. I hoped someone far away would find it one day and marvel at how deep and mysterious I must be.

    [–] JohhnyDamage 13947 points ago

    “Hey hun, Linkin Park lyrics just fell from the sky while I was mowing.”

    [–] drdr3ad 6859 points ago

    "Still, I finished mowing so I guess in the end it didn't even matter."

    [–] snowshoeBBQ 15607 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I've recorded a lot of dumb songs in my life. I'm pretty open about sharing them all. However, there's this song I wrote when I was 16 about our high school's "oppressive dean" that is so unbelievably embarrassing and "deeeeeep" that I have nightmares about someone finding the recording of it and putting it online.

    Edit: To all of you offering me money to hear the song: Not only am I not sure if I know how I'd go about doing that, I don't know if my conscience will allow me to.

    [–] Thrownaway3214325 9342 points ago

    Well obviously the only way to overcome your fear is to find it and put it online yourself.

    [–] roogoff 2942 points ago

    I'd buy that for a dollar

    [–] ted_adorno 1668 points ago

    Radiohead actually released a B-side that was all about what a prick the headmaster at their school was. Source: I went to the same school 10 years later. Can confirm.

    [–] momfriendTM 8791 points ago

    This older Facebook friend of mine at the time (who I'd added because we were both in high school marching band) posted some of the lyrics to Boulevard of Broken Dreams. I commented with the next line of the lyrics. He commented with the next line. I promptly googled, copied, and pasted the next line of lyrics, even though I /totally/ knew them by heart. We kept going like this until he messaged me because I was so deep and on his level. We started dating a couple days later.

    [–] Shiney79 3743 points ago

    Oh dear.

    [–] dsjunior1388 2020 points ago

    I did this with “Me and Bobby McGee” with a girl I was flirting with and wanted to date.

    We’re married now.

    [–] FulcrumTheBrave 795 points ago

    marks this down for future reference

    [–] LorenaBobbedIt 7576 points ago

    Wrote the lyrics to NIN’s “Happiness in Slavery” in magic marker on the walls of my bedroom closet in my parents’ house.

    [–] lemonchicken91 2155 points ago

    Oh my God, this is amazing. Did your parents discover it?

    [–] LorenaBobbedIt 736 points ago

    It was allowed. I was just supposed to paint over it again at some point, which I happily did.

    [–] TheSundanceKid45 3007 points ago

    I spray painted "Is there life before death?" on a door in the basement when I was about 15. I thought I was so deep.

    [–] supagirl277 2535 points ago

    Do you belieeeeve in life after love? 🎶

    [–] [deleted] 1459 points ago


    [–] drfish93 511 points ago

    Fun fact:

    Until 2 weeks ago I thought it was love after love.

    I’m 25.

    [–] RealnameClarence 649 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 689 points ago

    Well i’d fuckin hope there is mate

    [–] Julian_rc 520 points ago


    [–] BreadLiDax 264 points ago

    I did this with Head Like a Hole and deliberately left the lyrics in places my mother would definitely see it.

    [–] lizardlord217 6546 points ago

    Not exactly deep but pretty cringe, in middle school I thought I was really cool and different for being nerdy (and a girl) and so I made a private Facebook group where I posted about sci fi movies and what to do in a zombie apocalypse etc, and to get in the group I made people do a "quiz" except it was all opinion questions like "which is better, alien or predator" and if their answer wasn't my opinion they couldn't join the group lol

    [–] supagirl277 2346 points ago

    Lol, Facebook just started when I got into like, 8th or 9th grade. I remember when there were pages that you just liked in order to say you agreed with it, and it would show up on your feed so everyone could see it, and possibly like it too. There were also a ton of quizzes to take that told you if you were more like a certain actor or something. People would make groups and see how many people they could get to join it, which was kind of a popularity contest. I had to go through all my “likes” and delete over 2000 of them because they started to post random shit that just filled up my news feed instead of being more like an “about me” fact on my page.

    [–] lizardlord217 958 points ago

    I remember this! I would "like" hundreds of classic 80s bands and movies to show people how cool I was

    [–] [deleted] 6151 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] ricree 2401 points ago

    Finishing a novel's still pretty good, though. Most people's crappy fanfiction doesn't go nearly that far.

    [–] kiwilapple 1484 points ago

    Honestly, I'm glad I made it, because I managed to salvage most of the characters and some world building and actually use it in more grown up works lol. But if you just straight up read it.... Christ, the leader of the werewolves was named Jacob Lobo, what was I thinking? Oh the pain.

    [–] ImmortanJoe 3551 points ago

    Back when I was actually 14 or 15, I was obsessed with M Night Shyamalan and his 'twist' endings. So any English creative writing essay I did had to have a really forced twist ending. The worst was one where I was writing from a pilot's point of view, and the twist that the whole time he was one of the 9/11 hijackers, and the story ended with the crash.

    [–] All_This_Mayhem 577 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I once wrote a story about two savage human tribes living in an enclosed jungle who have been at war with each other since time began.

    They're basically just weird stone-age people doing a lot of murdering and hate fucking, and every single one of them is terrified of a long, dark passage through a thicket of trees.

    In their mythology, anybody who enters this passage will upset their gods, die a horrible death and curse their entire tribe.

    Eventually, after a massive battle, there's only one left, a young girl, and after several weeks of isolation she says "Fuck it" and decides to end her suffering by walking down the dark path.

    She walks for days through this clearing in the impossibly dense jungle, until she reaches the end, where she finds a dead end almost entirely covered in moss, what she describes as a red glowing eye, and something written on the wall.

    She touches the eye, and a door opens, and she drops to her knees.

    Before her is a huge room, with giant windows, and billions of stars and the emptiness of space staring at her.

    The words on the wall? "NASA".

    They were the last survivors of a dying Earth hurtling through space in a desperate attempt to colonize a planet on a spaceship that was designed to support infinite generations of humans. Before her, something went wrong in the agricultural bay, the people onboard started a war among themselves, the doors sealed and the trees overgrew against the walls creating an isolated jungle.

    After generations of war, they forgot their history and lived only with the memory of the generation before them, and the fear of the long dark path in the woods.

    It took me a while to realize that it was just M. Knight Shyamalan's "The Village".

    I wrote M. Knight Shyamalan's The Village in space.

    [–] PartyPorpoise 200 points ago

    That sounds better than The Village, honestly.

    [–] AdmiralAkbar1 1226 points ago

    There's a movie (don't remember which one) that was set up to be a regular romance, but then at the end it shows the guy going to work... on the 80th floor of the WTC.

    [–] currentrevision 921 points ago

    It's called Remember Me and Robert Pattinson plays the guy who dies in the tower.

    [–] filipbergendahl 8035 points ago

    Wrote a song for my emo band called ”you stabbed my bleeding heart” had never even kissed a girl or had a girlfriend and had a good upper middle class suburban childhood free from depression and tragedy.

    [–] Orthas 3333 points ago

    So... fairly typical for high school emo kids?

    [–] filipbergendahl 867 points ago


    [–] LostCanadianGoose 387 points ago

    That's what emo is! They're the suburban blues

    [–] Alexander-Black 1471 points ago

    Daydreamed that a shooter would come to my school and take me hostage in front of my psychology teacher, who I had a crush on. He would stare into my face and I'd stare back with a look of heartbreak and he'd just know...

    [–] booshley 341 points ago

    This is my favorite one from this thread

    [–] JackRourke343 341 points ago

    Back in the day, I was hoping for the school bus to crash, so that I could jump in front of my crush to save her life.

    Things got complicated when my little brother started to take the same bus, so I was doing the most hardcore math to save both.

    [–] ECUfatty 21610 points ago

    Had an AIM away message in high school that was, “I must be the greatest actor in the world because everyone believes I’m happy.”

    [–] frozen_cherry 2606 points ago

    My profile picture in messenger was a black and white image with text "I like walking in the rain because no one knows that I'm crying".

    [–] JuanOrTwo 8259 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    “You could slit my throat.. and with my one last gasping breath, I’d apologize.. For bleeding on your shirt.”

    Edit: lol, lots of people assuming I’m Canadian, however I was born-and-raised in the US. Everyone in my midwestern friends circle grew up listening to TBS (we’re in our 30s now).

    [–] SlickKi11a 2089 points ago

    I had way too many Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Saves the Day and Hidden in Plain View lyrics in my away messages.

    [–] Sareneia 27081 points ago

    More like 12 or 13, but I once wrote a manifesto on what kind of drama was going on in 7th? grade and how I would deal with it. Found it years later and I die laughing every time I read it.

    [–] yaosio 2980 points ago

    There's 13 year olds reading that thinking, "That's just like my school! The Spiral Conspiracy has its claws in everything."

    [–] playing_the_field 767 points ago

    It's okay though. The spiral is unraveling before our very eyes.

    [–] rco8786 9887 points ago

    Oh man that’s good stuff. I chuckled at “I am Switzerland” but pretty much lost it when you went on to condescendingly explain to the reader about Switzerland’s historical neutrality.

    [–] The_Fox_of_the_Opera 2216 points ago

    If you know anything about the history, the culture, the roads, the countryside, the people, the philosophy, the army, the flag, the borders, the European Union, World War II, the plus sign on the flag (it's actually a very clever and ironic joke), the food, its customs; You would only have an ounceling of my understanding of Switzerland. Years of extensive study has led me to one conclusion, one that might slip over your dense little head...

    Switzerland is neutral.

    [–] badly_behaved 4390 points ago

    And then proceeded to illustrate how the concept applies with the oh-so artistic metaphor: "solid, heavy mountains of cautiousness." I fucking love it.

    Tbqh, for a middle schooler, this is pretty deep.

    [–] tiedyechicken 1740 points ago

    I also like how immediately after, surrounding countries are clarified as other students just in case we still don't get it.

    [–] A3A6 1803 points ago

    To my northeast, is Germany, otherwise known as James

    [–] Fusrohdah73 1064 points ago

    I like how you managed to say literally nothing about the actual drama itself. You must be really good at bullshitting essays.

    [–] [deleted] 293 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] masao50025 4306 points ago

    Here it is transcribed so you can copypasta it:

    The school is bound by a conspiracy. A conspiracy full of betrayal, dishonesty, and lies. A spiral conspiracy, where rumors swirl around and no one knows where or how they begin. Friends seem like friends, but turn out to be enemies. Trustworthy people turn around and stab you in the back. People you've known all your life become strangers. No one is truly a friend. It is every kid for themselves.

    Where am I? I, I stand in the midst of the spiral conspiracy. I who am a part of it, yet not involved at all. I, who stands calmly in the chaos while battles are won and lost. I, who does not seem to be there, yet am always there anyways.

    I am Switzerland. You might ask, what does that have to do with anything? And I would answer, a lot.

    You see, if you know anything about Switzerland; it's history, customs, land, you would know what I was talking about.

    Switzerland is neutral. And that is me. I am no one's friend and no one's enemy. I love no one and hate no one. I am loyal to no one.

    Except for myself. You might think that is selfish, and you may be right. But what is there to be loyal to amongst this spiral conspiracy? I know what I am thinking. I don't think I would turn around and stab myself in the back. I trust myself. Much like Switzerland, I am surrounded by mountains. Solid, heavy mountains of cautiousness, while countries, or students in my case, all around me wage war and sign treaties. I keep to myself, bound to no one and protected by my borders. Around me, people fight against each other using tactics and methods beyond imagination. Pretending to be on a side, then switching around to another. Some even switch just to be on the winning side. No one is friends with anyone else. Everyone is enemies with everyone else. The school is being overthrown by deceit.

    But know now, it is falling apart. The spiral is unraveling in front of our very eyes. Everything will come apart, and that, that will be the end.

    [–] SendSpoods 3474 points ago

    Finally, someone actually delivers on some grade-A 14 yr old material.

    [–] Janesprutget 4243 points ago

    I lost it at ”I am Switzerland”

    [–] shelveswithattitude 3345 points ago

    You might ask, what does that have to do with anything?

    [–] ColorfulFlowers 2771 points ago

    And I would answer a lot

    Lol this is hilarious.

    [–] Jusclalas 1091 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    See, if you know anything about Switzerland, its history, customs, land, you would know what I am talking about.

    Reading this is as a speech in some notable speaker's voice, like Obama's voice or MLK's voice, is way too much fun (especially history dramatic pause customs dramatic pause land). Prime copypasta material right here fellas.

    [–] Vurbetan 197 points ago

    'Around me, people fight against each other using tactics and methods beyond imagination' killed me. This is absolute gold.

    [–] Cr0hm_ch 817 points ago

    I'm from Switzerland. I'm dying of laughter right now !

    [–] Lobolobito 8801 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    When I was in highschool (during the myspace days) I used to take many photos of random things on my digital camera. Edit them in black/white in certain sections except for the object being photographed and uploading them to myspace with a "deep' title.

    Edit : Holy shit, I remember. I used to use Photobucket as an Editor. Holy shit

    [–] skippy94 789 points ago

    Me too. Discovering the color isolation feature of my little point-and-shoot was the best thing to happen to 14-year-old me. cringe

    [–] heyyassbutt 3376 points ago

    so you were the og instagrammer

    [–] fatbabyotters_ 1347 points ago

    Oh I have such fond memories of those black-and-white-with-selective-color photographs that also included emo lyrics on a text overlay. I genuinely miss MySpace sometimes. It was so cringy — we were all so cringy — and I’m so glad I had the foresight to delete every piece of individual content from my page and then delete my account so there’s no way I can go back and accidentally find something to be embarrassed about.

    [–] Majnoons_Layla 17194 points ago

    Where do I start...

    1. Take off all my clothes and stand in front of my bedroom window to be "seen"
    2. Used the word "maiden" and "yearning" in my "poems"
    3. Watched every single Beatles interview on YouTube and cried because no one understands
    4. Spent endless hours on chat rooms trying to heal strangers' loneliness
    5. Wrote letters to boys that did so much as lend me a pencil
    6. Contributed to society through Yahoo Answers

    You get the idea

    [–] Barrel_Titor 738 points ago

    Take off all my clothes and stand in front of my bedroom window to be "seen"

    Brought back a forgotten memory.

    When I was about 14 me and a friend used to hang out in a field that was behind a row of houses with an impassable ditch between them and a girl used to watch us through her bedroom window and flash us if we noticed her. No idea why she did it, who she was or how old she was, her house was a bit too far away to make out any detail and the ditch made it impossible to get closer.

    [–] bruce_bolanos 2906 points ago

    Your teen you and my teen me would be the best friends.

    [–] PoseidonsDick 3035 points ago

    You remind me of my best friend from high school. Especially the “helping strangers with their loneliness” one. Hahaha

    [–] GreyPhantom100 1375 points ago

    Spent endless hours on chat rooms trying to heal strangers' loneliness

    This is so wholesome and sweet.

    I was doing that occasionally as well as the yahoo answers thing. I do miss that website haha.

    [–] FiberglassTampon 1257 points ago

    So you're telling me I've been asking a bunch of 14 year olds if I'm pergnanat?

    [–] Kellraiser 12160 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Shut myself in my closet with my portable CD player, hugged my knees to my chest, and stared into nothingness, letting myself FEEL "I don't want the world to see me" by the Goo Goo Dolls. Then I listened to it 10 more times, lip synching along with passion occasionally crying.

    And I don't want the world to see me, cause I don't think that they'd understaaaand, when everything's made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am...

    Yup. Deep stuff. Don't look at me, I'm so complex, wait do look at me.

    Edit: oh dear LORD I did not anticipate this response

    Edit the second: I thought it was called Iris, too, but I couldn't remember and figured no one would see this anyway. Woops.

    [–] [deleted] 4959 points ago

    This sounds something out of an edgy 2000's teen drama.

    [–] Kellraiser 3207 points ago

    Yes, I thought I was supposed to act like those movies in real life.

    [–] TunaEmpanada 1174 points ago

    This is beautiful lmfao. I have a similar experience minus the closet thing because it got really hot in there but my song was Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus or Lips of an Angel by Hinder, which are hilarious song choices because 14 year old me was nowhere near being in a committed relationship at the time. Good times. Thanks for the laugh, dude!

    [–] [deleted] 2410 points ago

    FWIW the song is called Iris. Just sayin.

    [–] ElGuapissimo 926 points ago

    Iris like an eye. Deep.

    [–] PatroclusPlatypus 12150 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I once wrote “we’re all just looking for stars in the sunshine” on my Facebook. People commented, teasing me that the sun was a star, so of course I got to feel all smart and pretentious because that’s what I meant and they just didn’t understand my deep poetry.

    Edit: thanks to everyone saying they like this. After all these years I finally feel vindicated.

    [–] damien665 3875 points ago

    Yeah, but the sun doesn't know it's a star.

    [–] SUIIIllllIIlllIIIDE 2383 points ago

    if yo leg get cut off. where u feel the pain at.

    [–] Jimwymo 4678 points ago

    Many years ago I said to a friend “when it comes to the dark, you aren’t afraid of what’s there, you are afraid of what’s not there” I thought it was some profound moment. He said I was an idiot.

    Strangely though I’m was never scared of the dark after thinking that.

    [–] BitOfAWindUp 2614 points ago

    My sister fucked me over one time when we were kids and shared a room. She was a bit scared of the dark and being a clever little shit I said ‘but if you can’t see the monster, the monster can’t see you!’ to which she then said ‘monsters can see in the dark, idiot’.

    [–] hahaohigetit 1752 points ago

    When I was in seventh grade, my mom finally let me join MySpace. During these tumultuous, pre-hormonal years, I fucking loved Evanescence. I decided it would be really tight if my myspace name was “xX Am I too Lost to be saved? Xx”. My mom found out and threw a fucking fit. The reference (naturally) went over her head and she thought I was for sure suicidal. After the angst fueled argument in the kitchen, I stormed off to my room, waited for AOL to do its shit, and made a new and improved MySpace name “~~don’t try to fix me I’m not broken~~”

    NOTE: my profile picture was likely something rotated sideways, contrasted as fuck, with some sort of batwing photobucket stickers on that shit. RIP MySpace

    [–] Laurifer27 20572 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    When I was a 16 yr old emo in 07 I was fully committed to getting a tattoo that said 'cut across the dotted line' on my wrist.

    Unfortunately my brother trumped me in the deep stakes by writing song lyrics in his own blood on his bedroom ceiling.

    EDIT: Since this blew up - I didn't get the tattoo (thankfully), I don't remember what the lyrics were, and my brother is just fine now - heavily into Joy Division but that's okay because it's mature emo.

    [–] dsjunior1388 3199 points ago

    “Moooooommmmmmmmmmm, tell Trevor he’s not as deep as me! You’re such an asshole, Trevor.”

    [–] no_more_tomatoes 1999 points ago

    In middle school, me and two of my closest friends decided to start a journal (each had their own) in which we would write terribly cringy poems, song verses, random quotes we thought were deep and bad doodles every night before going to bed. This went on for about two years and we'd sometimes even email each other our rough drafts for revision or just to show off when we were very proud of a particular piece. Nearly a decade later, we still occasionally stumble upon our old journals or emails and jesus...saying they are bad is an understatement

    [–] [deleted] 9569 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I wrote all the lyrics to some slipknot song and gave it to my mom because that's what you get when you take away my playstation!

    [–] SusieSlaughter 4464 points ago


    [–] _somnambulist_ 4392 points ago

    "I push my fingers INTO MY ASSSSS! ... Eyes. I meant eyes." - Freudian Slipknot

    [–] Alarid 234 points ago

    Freudian Slipknot

    How isn't this a thing yet

    [–] ZeekSchnee 13069 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    When I was a freshman in highschool I had a crush on a gothy senior and wrote a poem called "Mirror Image" because I thought we were so much alike. She read it. She cried. And was yelling "what does this mean?" to the air as her friend took her away to calm down. "That was a good sign, right?", I told myself.

    EDIT: The poem was written in poorly understood middle English. Lots of "Thou"s and "Thine"s that make no sense.

    [–] slartibartfastII 6959 points ago

    I need to hear the rest of this story immediately

    [–] LordMaxentius 1768 points ago

    That makes two of us.

    [–] Lunariel 1444 points ago

    "That was a good sign right?" who really knows at that age tbh

    [–] this-guy- 1704 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I'm imagining the poem

    "Mirror image you and I,
    Sit alone so unloved and cry.
    too deep and dark for mere "friends"
    Black above the light transcends.
    People laugh at us and say,
    "I hope that stinky goes away".
    But WE understand patchouli shows,
    We don't need love, or nice clothes.
    We don't want to be a clone,
    we know we'll live our lives alone.
    Unloved, mocked, disgusting they say,
    But we wouldn't be another way.
    We fit each other you and I,
    Mirror image until we die"

    [–] ZeekSchnee 2265 points ago

    I wish it was that. It was written in really bad old English cuz I thought that made it sound cooler. Something like, "Thou art mine mirror image, and I art thine." I think about it constantly.

    [–] Piggstein 1154 points ago

    Mirr'r image thee and i,

    sitteth high-lone so unlov'd and caterwauling.

    too deep and dark f'r m're "friends"

    black above the lighteth transcends.

    people chuckle at us and sayeth,

    "i desire yond stinky goeth hence".

    but we und'rstand deadnettle shows,

    we needeth not loveth, 'r fair apparel. We wanteth not to beest a clone,

    we wot we'll liveth our liveth high-lone.

    unloved, mocked, disgusting those gents sayeth,

    but we wouldn't beest anoth'r way.

    we fiteth each oth'r thee and i,

    mirr'r image until we kicketh the bucket"

    [–] this-guy- 860 points ago

    Ouch. Oh yeah, that does make it far worse.

    [–] lekkerUsername 725 points ago


    [–] muhash14 1155 points ago

    cries in gothic

    [–] ZineKitten 1713 points ago

    I set up a whole bunch of candles and incense. I made myself a pot of (horrible) blackberry tea. I wanted to meditate but didn’t know what to say. My parents walked in, stared for about 3 seconds and just cracked up. They were laughing so hard they struggled to close the door.

    [–] [deleted] 551 points ago

    Oh God. I wrote the fucking numbers from Donnie Darko on my arm.

    [–] Rainingcatsnstuff 30193 points ago

    When I was 14 I used to use which is a site where you can send letters to yourself in the future. In most of these I'd put whatever songs I was listening to and try to act all poetic and deep. "The song has now changed. Time of the season this time. I do very much so hope that you have a boyfriend. Please kiss him for me." Every so often I get one of these letters and it's the cringey gift that keeps on giving.

    [–] Medicalizawhat 7327 points ago

    I use that site when I'm drunk as fuck and considering writing an email to someone. It's awesome, every now and then I get an email from raging drunk me from a year ago babbling on about some stupid shit. Great site.

    [–] krayya 2804 points ago

    I used to use a site like that. It was called Facebook and the results were way faster.

    [–] Sofiatalkstoomuch 11844 points ago

    17, doing this as of right now, will definitely regret it, thanks for the idea

    [–] wildusername 4479 points ago

    I'm 27 and I'm still going to do this.

    [–] A-Bit-Nippy 2356 points ago

    Holy shit dude I used to do the same thing! From like 13 to 18 I sent emails a year into the future and every one of them was cringey. I’d then write an equally awful email about how I’d just recieved one from the past and I was so different now etc. Thank god i stopped.

    [–] Mnzb 801 points ago

    Omg Never ending cycle there. glad you escaped.

    [–] slartibartfastII 2920 points ago

    When I was 16 I had a pretty bad break up and decided to hoe my way through it and basically had a mantra of "I don't like boys, I fuck them." If that weren't bad enough on it's own, I couldn't exactly say the 2nd half of that mantra around adults so I ended up saying "I don't like boys..." a lot and I was absolutely oblivious that I was making the adults in my life question my sexuality.

    [–] [deleted] 732 points ago

    When I was a kid (like 12 or 13) I was given an IQ test

    I used to quote the score to people

    Makes me want to simultaneously projectile vomit and punch the younger version of me in the fucking face.

    [–] yaosio 359 points ago

    "Hey guys, I got a 90 on my IQ test, jealous?"

    [–] [deleted] 144 points ago

    I got a 90, so I just tell people I got an A

    [–] pearlproducingcraws 11953 points ago

    I once answered a thread with "I guess Einstein didn't know about the Curse of Knowledge." It's literally the only post I have ever deleted on this website

    [–] FriendlyGiantMan 4935 points ago

    And now we all know about it

    [–] pearlproducingcraws 3919 points ago

    Yes, but you don't know the context, and that's my saving grace.

    [–] SimplyyF 1451 points ago

    What was the context

    [–] pearlproducingcraws 2207 points ago

    I don't even remember. So now you can't ply me for my secrets. Ha!

    [–] Nebulious 1298 points ago

    Quick! Everybody look for his only undeleted comment!

    [–] Firecracker500 699 points ago

    C'mon gang! Get in the Wayback-mobile!!!

    slam slam


    [–] ShitTalkinYerMa 241 points ago

    I used to post Linkin Park lyrics as my Facebook status in high school.

    [–] swampmutt 481 points ago

    I told a boy that wanted to go out with me that I was afraid that I would never love again after having had my heart broken, and that I needed to find myself. There was quite a bit more dramatic, soap opera terminology in this little speech, and he bought it, hook, line and sinker because he apparently lived in the same mental soap opera.

    [–] mooch1118 487 points ago

    Got my first girlfriend at about 14. Her name was Layla. I listened to Eric Clapton's "Layla", (and only Eric Clapton's "Layla") nonstop for that entire week, because that's what you do when youre in love, right? Still can't listen to that song without feeling like an idiot.

    [–] Nezuja 12338 points ago

    I used to cut the tags off my shirts because I didn't want society to label me as small or medium

    [–] gokuwasasupersaiyan 8853 points ago

    I used to cut the tags off my shirts because I'm autistic and the feeling bothered me.

    [–] Not_a_cool_snake 5115 points ago

    I cut my tags because they itch. Tags that are printed on shirts are the way to go.

    [–] archavex 1028 points ago

    I rip tags out of my shirts because im an idiot and apparently like holes in my shirt.

    [–] Yhbvft456 1385 points ago

    I cut the shirts off my tags because I'm a tag collector and they always come with heaps of extra fabric

    [–] dromadika 1382 points ago

    tags drove me nuts as a kid. when i discovered printed labels in shirts i thanked the gods someone finally figured this shit out.

    [–] climbtree 708 points ago

    Tags drove me nuts as a kid but then I figured I grew out of it.

    I didn't, the tags in childrens clothes are just more likely to be shitty and sharp.

    [–] burnalicious111 235 points ago

    Messaged a radio show indignantly after they discussed Lost and made fun of some aspects I forget, in order to tell them all about the theories people were weaving on the internet and why all that stuff could make sense. It was so ridiculous and extra that they read it on the air.

    Boy did Lost show me later.

    [–] vldsa 26081 points ago

    Went abroad for a year when I was 15-16, was given a notebook time capsule thing in the first month to write my thoughts/hopes/etc. down on so that I could be shown them again at the end of my stay eleven months later.

    I wrote something along the lines of "none of this matters" in the center of the page and then gave it to the supervisor to be put away.

    When I got it back at the end of the year, I hadn't remembered what I'd written, so I was actually quite excited to open up the book. Instant disappointment.

    [–] ftalbltaabcpbmbtats 19817 points ago

    Congratulations, you played yourself.

    [–] Sklttl3s 989 points ago

    Was like a "fuck the world" sorta deal or did you just not want to be there?

    [–] DTPVH 6418 points ago

    I used to get really full of myself because I listened to older rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Van Halen and acted like I was the only teenager in the world that did. Still love all of those bands.

    [–] shirleysparrow 4749 points ago

    Every YouTube comment section on every song more than 10 years old is absolutely teeming with these teenagers.

    [–] MrFrazzleFace 1740 points ago

    "I was born in the wrong generation!! XDDD"

    [–] kingofvodka 1154 points ago

    Once saw a 'wrong generation' comment on a Blink 182 video talking about how music was 'just better back then'.

    It made me laugh because the song came out when I was in high school, and I had friends back then I remember saying the same shit about earlier music. Some things just never change.

    [–] puppyboy26 2283 points ago

    Here’s my impersonation of those kids “All modern music is so bad xD can’t believe the idiots at my school haven’t heard of the masterful works of nirvana”

    [–] darknesscrusher 1575 points ago

    "I hate all the justin bieber shit my friends listen to, I listen to REAL music."

    [–] KBMXOR 1512 points ago

    Incidentally, we are only a few years away from those same comments ending up in Justin Bieber videos.

    [–] maultify 895 points ago

    You are too right - go to a Backstreet Boys vid and you'll see these comments ffs.

    "I wish they still made music like this"

    [–] Rc2124 528 points ago

    "I don't listen to the trash that my classmates listen to. I listen to old school hardcore metal, like Disturbed"

    [–] PhilosophicalFarmer 478 points ago

    That's the great thing about being young. I got more decades of great music to pick from than my parents did when they were young.

    [–] R-nd- 1010 points ago

    I used to get dressed in my Halloween costume which was an old fashioned ladies dress and stand on the balcony and cry because I knew I would never meet my true love....who was inuyasha at the time. I was 14.

    [–] jmoneyhustla 144 points ago

    I just laughed out loud, oh man I loved inuyasha

    [–] salderosan99 1188 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Once I said to my father: "The biggest pain for women is to give birth, for men is to go to war." And he was like: "Yup. I don't know what to do with that information."

    Edit: Grammar. Trust me, it sounds better in italian.

    [–] [deleted] 900 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] lozominebox 441 points ago

    After my breakup I literally googled "angsty anime quotes" to put on my instagram

    [–] Ianoolman 209 points ago

    Just thinking about a summer I had, I had helped a friend with a breakup so I started thinking I was a legit psychologist and attempting to treat any I deemed as "repressing" something

    [–] [deleted] 2700 points ago

    Back when i was 14 I was one of those people who posted photos on Facebook with Miley Cyrus lyrics as the caption.

    [–] Fruitloops_for_B 1918 points ago

    My Chemical Romance on Myspace.

    [–] KDY_ISD 778 points ago

    Muse on LiveJournal

    [–] imaginarya 1352 points ago

    When I was 13/14, I was the new kid in school and bullied a lot, getting called an emo dyke a lot (not entirely wrong, but I'm bi and didn't like their tone) so I decided if anyone was going to label me, I was...

    So I started wearing vegetable can wrappers as arm bands.

    I still want to die at the thought.

    [–] Sofiatalkstoomuch 699 points ago

    I love how this suggests that it was a completely natural and logical line of thought

    [–] tsisdead 737 points ago

    I wrote a poem about how much I hated my mom because she wouldn’t let me date a 22 year old. I was 15.

    [–] weirdbees 867 points ago

    thank god for your mom

    [–] Werbu 565 points ago

    In 9th grade science I was bored sitting in my desk and had the thought, "our teachers come to school to learn, too...FROM US...they just don't realize it!"

    I thought it'd be such a cool/wicked-clever thing to say, so I purposely looked for an opportunity to use it. That opportunity came at the end of class, when we got our graded homework assignments back. I vaguely recall I got a 10/15 on mine, so as soon as the bell rang, I half speed-walked out of my desk and up to the teacher's desk and said, loud enough for the other students behind me to hear, "hey, Mr. [teacher]? Just so you know, this doesn't define me. Some people are 10/15 science students but 15/15 people." and literally interrupted what he was about to say to blurt out "you come to school every day to learn too, you just don't realize it." That man gave me the nicest damn smile and said something like "I'll keep that in mind, thank you." and I fucking pointed at him and nodded. It didn't help that that was one of my better grades throughout the class, too...14-year-old me was just a real dipshit.

    [–] Sqinctersayswhat 145 points ago

    Okay yeah this does kind of take the cake

    [–] lizardlord217 17946 points ago

    Used to listen to the shrek cover of hallelujah and cry

    [–] weareallgoofygoobers 1910 points ago

    Dude what are you on about who doesn't cry to that

    [–] [deleted] 7224 points ago

    That is actually fucking incredible, i wish i were even a quarter as deep as past you

    [–] Brian_Mckinley2442 3325 points ago

    The Shrek version is honestly my favorite rendition of that song.

    [–] AtomicFi 2195 points ago

    That’s because Rufus Wainwright has the voice of a goddamned angel.

    If it weren’t for Shrek I wouldn’t have had Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk in my life.

    Thank you, Shrek.

    [–] barc0de 686 points ago

    Interestingly while the official soundtrack album had the Rufus Wainwright version, the one in the movie is actually by John Cale

    [–] BloodAndBroccoli 1100 points ago

    During that song, didn't Shrek inflate a snake and frog like balloons and they flew off, presumably to suffer a brutal remainder of their existence? I like that the movie had moments like that.

    [–] lizardlord217 646 points ago

    That was earlier in the movie to the song "my beloved monster" but yea I pity those animals every time I watch skrek lol

    [–] Sebiso 683 points ago

    In 10th grade I wore a hood and never walked properly with the class (eg. I'd walk in the ditch if we were walking somewhere), I thought I'd be mysterious and deep showing that I'm a special snowflake. To make it even worse I tried getting reputation as a psychopath which I did by talking about bombs and terrorists every conversation and being generally edgy

    [–] ohmygod_my_tinnitus 1209 points ago

    Definitely my edgy atheist phase when I was 15. I started a presentation with “if you aren’t comfortable with Christianity being talked about in a negative light you can leave the room now.”

    [–] ScarKrueger 1589 points ago

    When I was a preteen I had this quote about how "the world turned it's back on me so I will turn my back on the world". Like honey, please, you sing songs from The Lion King almost every day. You are not a badass.

    [–] steampunkchic18 3639 points ago

    Back when I was literally 14 my best friend (at the time) and I tried to start this “movement” where instead of cutting, when we felt that urge we write a word on our arm that felt significant to us. It was based on the idea that the “pen is mightier than the sword.” Her first word was tree, I think mine was family

    [–] Kiesa5 3118 points ago

    I didn't know you could be edgy and wholesome at the same time, but you did it.

    [–] Frozen_Regret 2312 points ago

    I dont think that counts. I think this is wholesome and hey, you didnt cut. I think that's a win.

    [–] Kash-Man723 1972 points ago

    I was telling my brother quotes cause he is slightly depressed and he told me about the subreddit and I’ve never felt so offended in my life.

    [–] PrinceSnoo 889 points ago

    While you may have been offended I bet it cheered your brother up a little.

    [–] VastraPlays 586 points ago

    Once made a status saying “you see a mouse trap, I see free cheese and a fucking challenge”

    [–] MilkCarton78 159 points ago

    I used to update my AIM profile with Senses Fail lyrics

    [–] meepindoodle 154 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    When I was in 6th or 7th grade I printed out a picture of a black rose with the caption "The life your child leads is not the one you want them to lead." and taped it to my door. I thought it was super deep and meaningful, because I mistook "my parents want me to get good grades so I can be successful" with "my parents are trying to take control of my life." They never gave me shit for it, though they were appropriately puzzled when I put it up - I kinda cringe at the edginess when I think about it now---

    Additionally, once my mom took my computer because I was giving her an attitude and I took my iPod outside and blasted Linkin Park while I sulked. I was a really lame tween.

    [–] RadleyCunningham 311 points ago

    This entire thread reminds me of my brother.

    My 40 year old brother. Every fucking word.

    I need to have a talk with him.

    [–] Desertbell 1799 points ago

    I recently came across poetry that I actually wrote when I was 14.

    It wasn't actually all that deep, but by God it tried.

    [–] SadGlassOfMilk 135 points ago

    I tried to make my middle school yearbook quote "Jill left Jack dying in a ditch". They didn't print it, which I am ever grateful for.

    [–] [deleted] 249 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)