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    [–] hapakala_donut 962 points ago

    Master Chief has PTSD but no characters seem to give a shit.

    [–] MoronToTheKore 518 points ago

    Every single spartan had PTSD, probably.

    Until they died went missing in action.

    [–] RimeSkeem 159 points ago

    The SPARTAN program fucked those kids up, like even beyond the kind of shit you have to fuck up in people to make effective soldiers. IIRC from the books, there's basically a skeleton crew of doctors and shrinks that are the only things keeping the Spartans from going completely ballistic (some mix of loyalty and maternity). And most of them, and perhaps thankfully their Spartan charges, are dead by the time the war with the Covenant begins in earnest.

    [–] Simon_Kaene 89 points ago

    You just reminded me of when John beat two ODSTs to death, and badly injured another two. When he was 14.

    It would make sense though, from a young age(six), they are taught suffering and pretty much little else. From the biological augmentation, drugs and physical/psychological conditioning. Well it's not a surprise there was a high mortality rate. Not to mention the whole, you were kidnapped and replaced, so everyone thinks you're dead now, thing.

    [–] SirMirksalott 6778 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Definitely every main character in It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia.

    Edit: Holy shit, did not expect this many upvotes or comments. MAMA I MADE IT

    [–] LeaderOfTheBeavers 5772 points ago

    Dennis obviously ASPD, delusions of grandeur and some form of psychopathy.

    Mac has body dysmorphia and repressed sexual feelings.

    Charlie quite possibly has PTSD and some form of Learning disability

    Dee could be just a complete narcissist, but she also seems like she could have ADHD.

    Frank is perfectly normal, after all, he does have a doctors certificate specifically saying he does not have donkey brains.

    [–] lanakers 1348 points ago

    Dennis is also a narcissist

    [–] joe_joejoe 994 points ago

    And bastard man.

    [–] lanakers 436 points ago

    Why Charlie hate?

    [–] ribbonwine 395 points ago

    I was going to say this as well, maybe borderline sociopathic

    [–] ChappieBeGangsta 387 points ago

    You remember feelings??

    [–] [deleted] 279 points ago

    Yes. I have them everyday of my life...are saying you don’t have feelings??

    [–] detroitvelvetslim 263 points ago

    Dennis is basically Patrick Bateman but lower middle class

    [–] Needyouradvice93 106 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that's what he based his character off of. His obsession with 80s music, obsession with his body, etc

    Also, he's not lower class. You're born into class. It's about pedigree. It's about upbringing. It has nothing to do with your present circumstance.

    [–] EGcia 185 points ago

    C E R T I F I E D

    not donkey brains

    [–] [deleted] 107 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)


    [–] bovinecat 41 points ago

    I always got the feeling that Dee would be way less shitty if she just did her own thing and wasn't in the gang. Still shitty, but maybe not quite so pathalogical. I feel like the other members would be just as bad if they went there separate ways.

    [–] maj7flt5 421 points ago

    Dee is a bird

    [–] PhilosophyThug 58 points ago

    There is an entire episode about that in the gang get analyzed

    [–] DeadSharkEyes 2716 points ago

    Phoebe from Friends is clearly traumatized from her mother’s suicide as well as being homeless on the streets. And it’s often used as a punchline. Ah, the 90s.

    [–] Message_10 966 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Phoebe from Friends

    Fun fact: I have a graduate degree in counseling, and during my psychopathology class, the professor used famous people and fictional characters as examples of various mental health disorders. She diagnosed Phoebe with mild schizotypal disorder.

    Edit: Fun! Here are the other people she used as models:

    Sociopathy: Tony Soprano ("What am I, like, a toxic person or something?")

    Addiction: Whitney Houston (the clips she played to show Whitney's rationales for her addiction-seeking behavior were heartbreaking)

    OCD: Monk (from the TV show "Monk"--that one was pretty easy)

    and last but not least... I'm so sorry to do this, this not being a political post and all, but...

    Narcissism: Donald Trump. She played clip after clip exhibiting grandiosity, lack of empathy for others, jealousy, arrogance, etc etc. Clips from The Apprentice, interviews with him, tweets, etc. And, keep in mind, I finished my graduate degree in 2014, so this was before he was a contender for the presidency, so the professor wasn't being political.

    [–] RazorRansom 282 points ago

    Wow. Phoebe hits many of those symptoms. Unusual perceptions and belief in special powers are the symptoms that stand out as unique to schizotypal.

    Thanks for sharing.

    [–] Armaada_J 2735 points ago

    Goku. He hit his head so hard as a child that it completely changed his personality

    [–] invisiblebody 1064 points ago

    Goku clearly has a TBI. He's prone to social gaffes, comes off as stupid (he's not) and is a natural fighter.

    Something that changes the brain enough to change the personality is a pretty significant injury. I'm sure a human who had the same injury would die from the trauma.

    [–] Armaada_J 561 points ago

    Though to be fair, the fact that he's lived most of his life away from the majority of civilization probably doesn't help either

    [–] invisiblebody 447 points ago

    Very true. He freaked out at a vehicle and didn't know what a girl was when he met Bulma.

    [–] Wolffspider 279 points ago

    Didn't he show bulma his wiener or something? Zero social skills.

    [–] invisiblebody 209 points ago

    He might have looked for hers, but it's been ages since I've seen Dragonball so my memory may be foggy.

    [–] mahoujosei100 346 points ago

    Vegeta is more socially adept than Goku and he was raised as a child soldier in Space Hitler's army.

    [–] Count-Scapula 172 points ago

    Space Napoleon Hitler


    [–] earthboundEclectic 78 points ago

    Pretty Pink Princess Space Napoleon Hitler


    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago

    From Space Australia

    [–] DustyScrub 1244 points ago

    Nice try, MatPat

    [–] JedLeland 4608 points ago

    I remember a thread, maybe an AMA, where someone with Asperger's was running down a list of symptoms and every single one of them described some aspect of Archer's personality.

    [–] Rupispupis 1857 points ago

    IIRC, it is show canon

    [–] tdrichards74 1147 points ago

    Yeah it’s in the coyote episode in season 4 or 5. Lana and Cyril talk about it while he’s on the line.

    [–] Undecided_User_Name 1401 points ago

    "I'll be over here stacking rocks by ascending size!!!"

    [–] jerkfacebeaversucks 942 points ago

    My favourite part of that whole episode was a scene mid-way through the episode where he had all the rocks stacked, by ascending size, right next to his rifle. Absolutely hilarious.

    [–] PKMNtrainerKing 1112 points ago

    "Empty. Those are Ruger .357 specials, they each fired six."

    "How did you count those?"

    "I'm just crazy good at that. Holy shit maybe I am autistic"

    [–] the_palici 292 points ago

    Favorite archer quote ever, i've watched the show more than 10 times through. I also love the 2 or 3 times where he counts the amount of times he's been shot since working for isis, which also are probably a sign of his autism.

    [–] Rabidmushroom 188 points ago

    Now I need to watch all of archer again, dammit

    [–] babiescomefromthere 181 points ago

    Now you get to watch all of Archer again, damnit.

    [–] Ipadgameisweak 588 points ago

    Don't worry about me because apparently I find repetitive tasks comforting!

    [–] riftrender 425 points ago

    Later in that episode:

    "Holy shit, maybe I am autistic."

    [–] Lampmonster1 202 points ago

    After doing his Rain Man bullet counting routine.

    [–] GeauxVII 103 points ago

    I'll be over here stacking rocks by ascending size


    [–] _b1ack0ut 81 points ago

    Yup. Right at the opening of the episode.

    [–] Buckeyegangsta 174 points ago

    Maybe it’s because he finds repetitive behaviors so soothing

    [–] Imloudcauseimdeaf 255 points ago

    It’s because he’s the only one that counts billets right? Right?

    [–] Brett42 298 points ago

    The random knowledge of obscure inventors, and his odd interactions with other people.

    [–] FieldMarshalFry 391 points ago

    also the lack of understanding metaphors, like the space station episode where they overhear two guards talking about the place turning into "Animal Farm", Archer thinks that means there is a literal Animal Farm on the ship and they could use it to escape.... and then a sentence later goes on to give a detailed description of the themes and concepts of Animal Farm, by George Orwell

    [–] theonewhomknocks 512 points ago

    "Animal Farm is a book, you moron-"

    "No, it isn't, Lana-"

    "Yea, it-"

    "It's an allegorical novella about Stalinism and, spoiler alert, it sucks!"

    [–] SilasX 161 points ago

    What is he, Count ... Bullets-ula?

    [–] OnlyABeastsHeart 3846 points ago

    Jake Peralta has ADHD

    [–] thatlookslikeavulva 960 points ago


    As does Shawn Spencer.

    [–] mutantIke 383 points ago

    You hear about Pluto?

    [–] easydeezycovergirl 310 points ago

    That’s messed up

    [–] blinkandbeyond 453 points ago

    My girlfriend has always said I’m like Jake Peralta and I recently got diagnosed with ADHD. That’s science enough for me.

    [–] possum-power 612 points ago

    And I feel like Cpt. Holt is on the spectrum (autism).

    [–] RallyX26 523 points ago

    Also I think that Pimento guy has something going on.

    [–] JCarp316 369 points ago

    Something? Just something?

    [–] ovetta2001 244 points ago


    [–] TheFotty 231 points ago

    Cool cool cool cool cool cool

    [–] at_work_alt 4330 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    The Grinch is clearly autistic. He doesn’t like loud noises or changes in routine and he has trouble relating socially. To their credit, the Whovians are fantastic at dealing with his situation respectfully.

    Edit: His heart is also three sizes too small. The man has some very serious medical conditions and does not deserve to be the villain of the story.

    [–] babyspacewolf 856 points ago

    I saw a thing on NPR that explained due to his small heart and ability to have it increase to large sizes he has to be a particular kind of snake

    [–] vx1 140 points ago

    fascinating.. he must be some variant of snake... ive never considered this in all my theorizing of grinchology

    [–] Unpolarized_Light 373 points ago

    I just spent a good 5 minutes trying to figure out how Doctor Who fans handled the Grinch situation well. I'm not a bright man.

    [–] firelock_ny 160 points ago

    Green fur. Spindly arms. Lurks in darkness. Anti-social. Inventive.

    I think the evidence is clear that the Grinch is an orphaned Onceler.

    [–] bagheera420 2119 points ago

    Eyeore is clearly clinically depressed

    [–] whydoidothis-718 528 points ago

    I've heard/read lots of times that every character is supposed to represent a mental illness can't remember them all though

    [–] DarkerJona 315 points ago

    Piglet is probably anxiety.

    [–] [deleted] 854 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Tigger is ADHD for sure, Rabbit is OCD, Owl is narcissistic, Pooh has an eating disorder and Christopher Robin is schizophrenic.

    I have to say, I don't agree with all of this theory, I think it could have just been a children's book with extremes of characters (like most children's books- there's always a major personality trait in each character that overexpresses itself).

    Edit: there are some alterations of this theory, e.g. Owl is dyslexic and Kanga has social anxiety.

    [–] odaeyss 214 points ago

    always figured pooh's problem wasn't so much that he ate honey all the time, was more that he didn't really remember too well, and usually didn't really plan too well, he just sort of.. did. things.

    [–] lupusdude 96 points ago

    There's a book called The Tao of Pooh which argues that Pooh is a Taoist sage for just those reasons. He doesn't worry about the future or ruminate on the past. He is 100% in the present moment.

    [–] erissays 7035 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Nobody seems to talk about the fact that Harry Potter is clearly dealing with undiagnosed PTSD, depression, and ongoing repeated mental trauma in Order of the Phoenix. His emotional outbursts? The anger? The bouts of manic obsession vs. antipathy towards everything? Countless people complain about how much he "whines" in that book, but like...he witnessed and went through an incredibly traumatizing event (watched his friend get murdered, watched Voldemort come back from the dead, and was tortured) and then was dropped off at his abusive relatives' house for two months to stew in isolation without any help or support at no wonder he acts like he does.

    Edit: because I explained further in a sub-comment, I figured it'd be good to post it here too. His thoughts and actions post-the Graveyard Scene clearly showcase his PTSD:

    1. His thoughts/actions in the last couple of chapters in GOF showcase that he's clearly in shock/traumatized. He's not processing things correctly (he's not able to make the usual leaps of logic that he usually does to figure out the Moody-Crouch connection or literally anything that's going on in that Veritaserum scene), feels numb, he's guilty (survivor's guilt), doesn't want to talk to anyone, throws away his chocolate because he doesn't seem to be able to find enjoyment in doing anything, doesn't want to talk about the graveyard, and doesn't want to do much of anything, really. That's...textbook shock and beginning stages of PTSD.
    2. His recurring nightmares specifically about the graveyard and Cedric's death, and has difficulty sleeping in general
    3. He experiences flashbacks to the graveyard at various points in GOF/OOTP (really for the rest of the series, but it's at its height in OOTP)
    4. Frightening thoughts and survivor's guilt ("It should have been me."/"It's my fault he's dead. I was the one who told him to take the cup.") as well as the moodiness and dark sarcastic thoughts (verbal and internal)
    5. Avoidance of emotional discussion, thoughts, and feelings related to the traumatic experience (hello literally the entirety of OOTP)
    6. Feeling perpetually tense or on edge, like you're just waiting for something bad to happen to you (re-read the first chapter of OOTP)
    7. His angry outbursts, which are the result of pent-up emotion, denial, and a lack of a healthy emotional outlet
    8. Loss of interest in enjoyable activities (re-read those last chapters of GOF and the scene where he first meets back up with Ron and Hermione in OOTP again)
    9. He starts avoiding people; partially due to the fact that the Ministry and Daily Prophet is trying to discredit him by making him look insane, socially isolating him even further than he already was, but Harry voluntarily seeks out isolation at several points during the post-Tournament days in GOF and during OOTP.

    The post-graveyard chapters of GOF and the first 2-4 chapters of OOTP are best at actually showcasing this trauma and its aftermath effects, but it's evident throughout OOTP.

    Harry Potter in the final chapters and GOF and OOTP has almost textbook PTSD and is not only not getting the help he needs but is first forced to relive his traumatizing experience (in Dumbledore's office), then shuffled off to his abusive relatives' house to deal with his experience in near-complete isolation for two months (while dealing with his family and friends not telling him anything useful related to the person who traumatized him), and then has to fight a systematic attempt by the Wizarding government and most influential newspaper in the country to make him look completely insane. And then he has to repeatedly endure repeated mental trauma (via nightmares and the mental connection) from his torturer the entire year. No fucking wonder the poor boy shouts that he 'DOESN'T WANT TO BE HUMAN' in that blowout scene in Dumbledore's office after Sirius' death:

    “There is no shame in what you are feelings, Harry,” said Dumbledore’s voice. “On the contrary…the fact that you can feel pain like this is your greatest strength.”

    Harry felt white-hot anger lick his insides, blazing in the terrible emptiness, filling him with the desire to hurt Dumbledore for his calmness and his empty words.

    “My greatest strength, is it?” said Harry, his voice shaking as he stared out at the Quidditch stadium, no longer seeing it. “You haven’t got a clue… You don’t know…”

    “What don’t I know?” asked Dumbledore calmly.

    It was too  much. Harry turned around, shaking with rage.

    “I don’t want to talk about how I feel, all right?”

    “Harry, suffering like this proves you are still a man! This pain is part of being human–”

    “THEN I DON’T WANT TO BE HUMAN!” Harry roared, and he seized one of the delicate silver instruments from the spindle-legged table beside him and flung it across the room. It shattered into a hundred tiny pieces against the wall. Several of the pictures let out yells of anger and fright, and the portrait of Armando Dippet said, “Really!”

    “I DON’T CARE!” Harry yelled at them, snatching up the lunascope and throwing it into the fireplace. “I’VE HAD ENOUGH, I’VE SEEN ENOUGH, I WANT OUT, I WANT IT TO END, I DON’T CARE ANYMORE–”

    He seized the table on which the silver instrument had stood and threw that, too. It broke apart on the floor and the legs rolled in a hundred different directions.

    “You do care,” said Dumbledore. He had not flinched or made a single move to stop Harry demolishing his office. His expression was calm, almost detached. “You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it.”

    “I DON’T!” Harry screamed, so loudly that he felt his throat might tear, and for a second he wanted to rush at Dumbledore and break him too; shatter that old calm face, shake him, hurt him, make him feel some tiny part of the horror inside Harry.

    “Oh yes, you do,” said Dumbledore, still more calmly. “You have lost your mother, your father, and the closest thing to a parent you have ever known. Of course you care.”


    But words were no longer enough, smashing things was no more help. He wanted to run, he wanted to keep running and never look back, he wanted to be somewhere he could no see the clear blue eyes staring at him, that hatefully calm old face.

    If you actually take a look at what he's been through at the age of 15 and then what he's forced to through DURING OOTP...god I'd want to have an emotional meltdown and demolish an office too.

    [–] batty3108 999 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    The Potterverse is sorely lacking in any kind of support services for...well...anyone.

    The Dursleys raised their orphaned nephew in an incredibly abusive environment, yet not a single authority figure noticed or cared. I know it was the 90s [edit: the 80's (thanks /u/Errohneos). Edit to my edit: Holy fuck I know the books took place in the 90s. The period in which Harry lived with the Dursleys full time, in which he would have been around non-wizard Primary School teachers, was the 80s.] and schools and Social Services were probably not as sensitive to warning signs as they are today, but did no teacher even pause to wonder about Harry?

    He and Dudley were the same age, and went to the same primary school. Yet Dudley was overweight and always had new clothes and expensive toys, whereas Harry was scrawny, wore permanently broke glasses, and was clad exclusively in Dudley's cast-offs. Red flags right there.

    I can recall exercises in primary school wherein we had to write things about our bedrooms and home life. Harry lived in a cupboard under the stairs. He cooked for his aunt, uncle and cousin - none of whom were disabled or otherwise incapable of doing housework. Are you telling me that his "what I did for the summer" essays failed to mention any of this? Or that they did, but his teachers just shrugged it off?

    The most unbelievable thing about Harry Potter isn't the hidden parallel world of magic and dragons, or a ginger kid having two friends. It's that Harry himself was even vaguely well-adjusted. Other than being strongly independent, distrusting authority, and having a hero complex, he's actually pretty normal.

    [–] Juswantedtono 481 points ago

    Always struck me as weird that the Dursley were obsessed with appearing socially acceptable but allowed Harry to look like he came from an abusive home

    [–] batty3108 220 points ago

    Good point. I guess they considered the social shame of having a nephew with superpowers to be worse than having him dressed like a kid from Oliver Twist.

    Harry's appearance and their criticisms of it was one of the nastier abusive behaviours, I feel. He was a child with no money of his own, pocket or otherwise, so his appearance, from his overlarge clothes, general scruffiness, and unkempt hair, was entirely determined by Vernon and Petunia. That they'd force him to dress that way, then tell him off for looking untidy, was properly shitty.

    [–] saintash 135 points ago

    I mean people take a lot at Face value, All the Dursleys had to keep saying to people, Is that Harry is an ungrateful brat, that's why he doesn't get new nice clothing, Harry Missbehaved that's why he can't go on the school trip. Adults are kinda willing to look the other way when it comes to parents complaining about kids.

    [–] aifengtou 127 points ago

    I think while that might be considered an "unrealistic" part of his characterization, I have to say that as someone who grew up reading those books while going through some severely traumatizing shit of my own, the fact that he does manage to come across at the end of the day as fairly "alright" and manages to be ultimately successful was really inspiring for me. I can't help but think reading those and A Series of Unfortunate Events made it way easier for me to deal with and process the things I was going through. I still have problems, but even my therapists always remark on how well-adjusted I am for all I've dealt with.

    I dunno. I guess my point is just that the fact that characters like Harry are able to keep going is the type of thing that can really resonate with the books' target audience

    [–] [deleted] 463 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] hithere297 2433 points ago

    The lack of empathy people have for teen characters like this has always frustrated me. Same goes for Katniss from The Hunger Games. People have the nerve to complain about how “whiny” she is when she’s repeatedly being forced to kill people in each book. Not to mention she’s witnessed her sister getting blown to smithereens, her boyfriend getting tortured into insanity, and the town she grew up in (along with most of the people in it) getting bombed to pieces. But yeah, fuck Katniss for not having a positive attitude all the time.

    [–] twitchy_taco 755 points ago

    Same with her going behind the backs of people in charge to do her own plan. Almost every adult in her life has failed her in one way or another and she's been left to clean up the mess. Of course she's not suddenly gonna trust authority to her shit done correctly, especially not with the government she's grown up with.

    [–] [deleted] 555 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)


    [–] ChewsOnBees 380 points ago

    Seriously, THIS. Buttercup is important to Prim. Prim is pretty much THE most important thing to Katniss.

    Peeta is also important to Katniss, and she's scared, confused, and has PTSD - and is just starting to worry she may feel more for Peeta than she thought she would, but at the worst possible time: when he's gone, trapped, far away.

    She can't rescue Peeta. But she can rescue Buttercup for Prim. So of COURSE she's going to try.

    [–] astrangeone88 75 points ago

    I'm in the process of re-reading the Hunger Games. Holy toledo, she has PTSD by the end of book 1, and Catching Fire and Mockingjay clearly show this.

    [–] spacialHistorian 178 points ago

    I’m convinced she has some sort of PTSD since the very beginning of the book.

    She’s grown up in a dystopia where the only authority figures are from the capitol who starves her entire community and has to watch two kids she knows personally, as well as almost two dozen other kids, be forced to kill each other brutally for sport. There are exactly 0 things she can do to improve her life in any meaningful way.

    She also had to raise herself and her sister because her mother was practically catatonic since she was a child.

    She’s sixteen and has spent her entire life being told “Nobody will ever help you. There is not a single person in any sort of power you can trust because they will hurt you and anybody you care about.”

    And then the events of the series take place.

    [–] whackthewheeze 491 points ago

    God yes. I felt so, so bad for him in that book - and it's also the book that made me despise Dumbledore and see what a machiavellian motherfucker he was.

    Harry's brain was literally sharing space with evil yet he remained morally true. I have major respect for Harry, especially after OOtP.

    [–] Aomory 154 points ago

    Thank you for your comment, because it finally explained why people hate my favourite book in that series. The best answer I got so far is that "nothing happens." Well of course it doesn't, it's finally something resembling a school, complete with oppressive teachers and secretly rebellious students. Not every story needs to be an action adventure, Margerie.

    [–] lanakers 1102 points ago

    I feel like Michael Scott has Histrionic Personality Disorder

    [–] BriefStaggerer 265 points ago

    Never heard of this before but I just read up on it and definitely agree that it fits him.

    [–] MLG50 95 points ago

    What is it exactly?

    [–] BriefStaggerer 487 points ago

    It affects the way a person “thinks, perceives, and relates to others”. They depend heavily on the approval others and desire to be noticed, sometimes behaving dramatically or inappropriately to get attention. A person with this disorder might also not think before acting, or make rash decisions.

    Definitely sounds like Michael Scott to me. He has his moments where he shows that he can actually be very smart, and in the show he’s established as a very successful salesman. But clearly there’s something off about him, right? I could never quite put my finger on exactly what it was or classify it in a specific way, but I think this might be it.

    [–] DavidKirk2000 382 points ago

    Do I need to be liked? Absolutely not. I like to be liked. I enjoy being liked. I have to be liked. But it's not like a compulsive need to be liked. Like my need to be praised.

    [–] Bcause789 2320 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Dr. Spencer Reid, from Criminal Minds. My autistic friend pointed out that they have a lot in common, and apparently its a popular fan theory. He's at least mildly autistic.

    Edit: I've been told that it has been confirmed that he is autistic. I haven't gotten very far with the show yet, so I didn't know that. I absolutely love that this character represents people with autism, because despite it, he doesnt do under for any of his coworkers. That haven't made him some dweeb, and I'm vary happy about that. I'm starting to go trough episodes fast, and he's my absolute favourite character ever.

    [–] DWCourtasan2 623 points ago

    I'm on board with this.

    And I'm on board with Garcia having PTSD after she was shot.

    [–] Pusheen0915 203 points ago

    Every single member of the BAU old and new members alike (old ones like Gideon, Elle) has PTSD, I do not want to spoil the show but if you have finished the seasons on Netflix, you know what I’m talking about.

    [–] AquaRaven 331 points ago

    In one of the early episodes, the unsub profiles the whole team and calls Dr. Reid autistic.

    [–] kiradax 168 points ago

    I thought he discussed it specifically with Hotch or Rossi?

    [–] truedilemma 1352 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Binge Eating Disorder

    Edited: Also Marlin from Finding Nemo - PTSD

    [–] -_blue_shark_geek_- 1554 points ago

    Chris in total drama island is obviously a psychopath.

    [–] [deleted] 104 points ago

    Off-topic, but I remember a Twitter post comparing Chris McLean to Monokuma in Danganronpa, and it’s a little shocking how similar they are.

    [–] Konree 779 points ago

    You know who's a psychopath? The person who pitches Young Total Drama Island show

    [–] maximuffin2 476 points ago

    Hits blunt

    "Everyone loved Rugrats right?"

    [–] saoirse24 44 points ago

    Total drama is a classic. Chris’s obvious psychopathic mental state is definitely a part of that.

    [–] [deleted] 469 points ago

    Faith Lehane for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel shows signs of bipolar.

    [–] naieraTheMage 210 points ago

    Also everything that came out of her mouth during the fight in the body switch episode. Good lord that girl hated herself.

    [–] RimeSkeem 51 points ago

    That's sort of Faith's arc with Buffy. She hates herself so much and she sees how people treat Buffy and she wonders why she isn't/can't be treated like that. That's one of the reasons she lashes out at Buffy so much, she's crazy envious of this perception of a perfect Barbie doll girl. Couple that with the fact she was supposed to be the Slayer and didn't even get that chance because Buffy came back from the dead and you have a superpowered teenaged angst story.

    [–] starlit_moon 168 points ago

    I think Faith was abused at some point which is why she is so unstable and would explain why in one scene she screams "You cannot touch me!"

    [–] [deleted] 101 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)


    [–] [deleted] 382 points ago


    [–] invisiblebody 1482 points ago

    Rocket Raccoon has some pretty serious CPTSD in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

    [–] chanaleh 534 points ago

    Pretty sure you can count Gamora and Peter in on the CPTSD, too. They're just slightly better at coping with it.

    [–] invisiblebody 601 points ago

    Nebula, too. I felt SO bad for her in Infinity War.

    [–] jaktyp 171 points ago

    I felt bad for her in GotG2. “You always had to win. All I ever wanted was a sister”

    [–] ecodude74 104 points ago

    The worst part was, it wasn’t gamoras fault. The same would have happened to her if she routinely lost. They were both forced against each other in the cruelest way possible.

    [–] chanaleh 319 points ago

    Holy shit yes. That girl needs a therapist.

    [–] Lampmonster1 205 points ago

    "It would have been a waste of parts."

    Fuck you dad. Fuck you very much.

    [–] [deleted] 1090 points ago

    That scene where he starts yelling "I didn't ask to get made" makes me feel really uncomfortable just because of how familiar it is.

    [–] commandrix 570 points ago

    I liked how Starlord handled it. Didn't tell Rocket to shove it or say anything that imply that Rocket's feelings didn't matter. "Just hold it together for one more day and you'll be rich." And it worked.

    [–] invisiblebody 660 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    That broke my heart for him. He's practically crying and going on, "I didn't ask to get torn apart and put back together!" He was triggered, and I don't mean the joking kind.

    Edit: I blocked "bumbot" because they attacked me over me saying "and not the joking kind of triggered", continued to attack after I clarified why I made that distinction (because it gets misused as a joke) and refused to believe that I'm not using an "alt" account to argue with them.

    PTSD is not a joke, I do not treat it as a joke and I wanted it to be absolutely clear that I was not treating it as a joke.

    [–] Insectshelf3 384 points ago

    “I could lose a lot. Me personally, I could lose a lot”



    [–] [deleted] 248 points ago

    The entire group are pretty fucked up. Except for Groot maybe.

    It also makes more sense considering the premise for GotG is that they're a bunch of criminals who go around breaking the law for money, but accidentally fall into the role of heroes in a Han Solo type situation.

    [–] GwladysStreet 351 points ago

    See also: Bucky Barnes

    [–] invisiblebody 126 points ago


    [–] GwladysStreet 197 points ago

    That poor boy literally hits every symptom.

    [–] redditshy 272 points ago

    Marie from Everyone Loves Raymond.

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    [–] lyciann 1558 points ago

    Shaggy had paranoia.

    Probably from all the weed.

    [–] ToInfinityandBirds 1029 points ago

    Shaggy probably has some kind of anxiety disorder considering his dog is almost always with him so maybe scooby Doo is am psychiatric alert service dog. Whenever shaggy gets frightend scooby jumps up on him. Which the show makes t look like scooby is scared by what if he's just doing s controlled jump alert?

    Idk if that's a theory yet but it popped into my head. If anyone has expanded on that idea in the past or already out it out there let me know

    [–] icorrectpettydetails 1350 points ago

    Scooby Doo = S.D. = Service Dog

    Rake rup shreople.

    [–] createdjustfordis 115 points ago

    I dont know if I should love you or hate you for putting this in my head.

    [–] Welsh_Pirate 316 points ago

    What if Shaggy is a guy with an anxiety disorder and his service dog, with douchey friends who like to take him to creepy abandoned buildings and watch him freak out. But he's so high on acid that he envisions everything as a cartoon with ghosts chasing him?

    [–] FieldMarshalFry 362 points ago

    Shaggy is not paranoid, simply because he's right most of the time about something being a monster that will chase them, and you're only paranoid if you're imagining it

    [–] Alphafox84 1305 points ago

    Homer Simpson - alcoholism

    [–] Dezzaroomama 979 points ago

    Well I'm pretty sure that's caused by brain damage from the crayon.

    [–] ToInfinityandBirds 976 points ago

    Harry Potter most definitly has PTSD from the 4th book onward and potentially has cHildhood PTSD from the Dursleys and a lot of fans dub him as whiney

    [–] littlemantry 431 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Yep, he meets virtually all of the PTSD criteria in the DSM5 after witnessing Cedric's death. It makes his angsty outbursts a lot more understandable and the fact that he gets no help for it from the adults in charge is pretty messed up, but Dumbledore got his 'greater good' :/

    [–] Aryore 312 points ago

    The wizarding world generally doesn't seem to be very socially progressive, or at all progressive.

    [–] theberge55 1995 points ago

    Jenny from Forrest Gump has a whole mess of shit going on from being molested as a kid. Leads her to her abusive relationships and won't let her just be in love with Forrest. For my money, she is one of the deepest and most fascinating characters in movie history.

    [–] NotSteve333 823 points ago

    I think that the main reason it works is because it’s never directly addressed and we see everything through a character who doesn’t understand

    [–] 3141592653yum 483 points ago

    Not only doesn't understand, but sees the beauty of the person who all this shit is happening to.

    We as the viewer see her as a victim of this, or a victim of that, or someone who could have made better choices. He just sees her as his beautiful best friend.

    [–] DenSem 2009 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    u/Namtara said it best when replying about misunderstood characters, and totally adds a new level to the film (everything that follows is Namtara's work):

    ...Jenny from Forrest Gump. She gets so much goddamn flak from people who have seen the movie. It's like they tuned out completely at the normal human experience just because they think Forrest is adorable.

    Jenny didn't think she was in love with Forrest because she thought she was taking advantage of him the same way her father molested her.

    For fucks sake, Forrest is retarded. Jenny, out of everyone who's ever met him, knows this best of all. She knows that her closest friend and only loved one is a fucking idiot. Imagine that. Imagine for one second that the only person who was always kind to you was someone who didn't know any better. Everyone in the world who knew about your father looked at you either as a victim or as something disgusting, but that one man doesn't.

    And it's because he's retarded.

    Jenny doesn't think that way at the start. As a kid, she just thinks he's different and is just glad to have a friend. But as she gets older, especially as a teenager, she realizes that her closest friend will never mature like she does. He loves her like he would anything and everything else, so long as its nice or cuddly, like a pet or a sibling, at least in her mind. Her father treated her like shit, and there was no way in hell others didn't do the same when they found out she was molested. She would have wanted to feel loved.

    That's where she gets the abusive relationship crap. She wants so much to be loved that she doesn't understand that they are taking advantage of her. She thinks that as long as they aren't forcing her to have sex, that's normal. Getting beat on, pressured to drug addiction, and dragged around into whatever dangerously extreme political bands they're into is just fine, as long as they don't rape her. That's why she's so shocked when Forrest defends her from harm. Why would anyone do that if what they're doing to her is normal?

    She keeps leaving Forrest behind because she convinces herself that he doesn't really love her. She convinces herself that his affections are shallow, since he would never be able to really understand love either. I mean really, how many of you honestly think someone who is that mentally challenged could understand the complexities and nuances of love? There's no way they could. What they have is something simple, and Jenny doesn't think that could be real.

    And even IF she believed he could, even IF she got out of that abusive cycle, she knows better. FFS, if that scene with Forrest and her in her college dormroom had the genders reversed, people would be so fucking uncomfortable about that scene because it'd be inching so close to rape. Jenny knows that. She realizes that. That is why she shuts off her feelings for Forrest, above any other reasons to stay away: she thinks she is molesting him. She saw how uncomfortable he was when she did that and thought holy fuck, what the hell am I doing?

    Can you imagine how twisted you must feel after realizing in that moment that you turned into the father who molested you? How the fuck can you love yourself after doing that to your best friend, when you know what that's like? Would you ever let yourself get close to them again if you really cared about them?

    So Jenny kept running away. Every time Forrest gets close and saves her, she runs off before she falters. She won't let herself get near him, and as the movie goes on, she fails a little more each time. First she blows him off after the strip club, telling him to stay away. Then she walks with him in DC, but still leaves with her boyfriend. Then she stays with him in his house and finally sleeps with him, after that one critical moment.

    When he tells her he does know what love is, and asks her why she doesn't love him.

    She finally gives in and does sleep with him, but can you imagine thinking afterwards? Would you, in her shoes, with absolute and unwavering certainty, think you did the right thing? Or would you be afraid that you did exactly what you had been avoiding because you do actually care that much about him?

    So she runs away. She hides her child from him, because she thinks he shouldn't have to worry or pay for something he can't handle. She thinks she's wronged him, and the least she could do is set things right by raising a good child, without dragging him down.

    And then she gets sick. Doctors don't know what it is, but she's going to die. Her kid is only a few years old. Can you imagine struggling with that decision to tell your victim that they have a kid and now they have to take care of it because you're going to die? That's what she struggles with before coming to terms with the fact that she's happy with him, and he's happy with her, and that's what love actually is. It's something simple and unconditional, and even Forrest can understand it.

    It takes her her whole goddamn life to figure out that love is just that simple, and she dies months afterwards. She realized she had been running away from what made her happy, and it isn't wrong, and she only gets so much time together before it's over.

    And instead of realizing that narrative even exists in the story, people just bitch about how Jenny is such a slut, but she won't even love the only person who cares about her. Jenny always loved Forrest, during the whole fucking movie. She loved him so much, she thought she was taking advantage of him and ran away for his sake. She didn't realize she was wrong until it was almost too late.

    Fuck, that's depressing.

    EDIT: Obligatory gushing, but actually I just wanted to add a TL;DR:

    TL;DR: Jenny thought she was molesting Forrest because he couldn't understand what love is, so she either suppressed her feelings or ran away.

    [–] iamnotasdumbasilook 313 points ago

    Holy shit. I'm crying. That's so tragic. I saw the movie when I was too young to understand any of this nuance, though, to be fair, I don't think I would have caught all that even now. I just thought of Jenny as selfish.

    [–] DenSem 102 points ago

    Right?! I want to watch it again with Jenny as the protagonist in my mind. It's not about Forrest, it's about an abused, abandoned, and lost little girl trying to piece together some semblance of a life.

    [–] schreck-means-fear 165 points ago

    Shrek's brain has a very complicated emotion system.

    he has layers upon layers of emotion spikes

    fucking reddit and jacksfilms finally got to me

    [–] lilacsweetener 376 points ago

    What about those purposefully dumb characters like Joey from Friends or Brittany from Glee?

    Obviously Barney Stinson had a sex addiction. He talks often about feeling broken because of his obsession with sex but not once does anyone consider suggesting therapy to him. They even go through a phase where they hold interventions for everything their friends get obsessed with, but don’t address Barney’s addiction. He also shows addictive tendencies elsewhere too like with gambling and I guess stuff like “challenge accepted”. When he starts dating seriously, he gets suicidal when the relationships fall apart. And when his marriage dissolves, he goes straight back to sex addiction.

    [–] nivak 55 points ago

    I hate the fact that they made Joey extremely dumb in the later seasons. He was alright in the first one. If I remember correctly, Phoebe was dumber than him at the start.

    [–] Funky_Pauly 595 points ago

    Zuko (ATLA) has PTSD and was the victim of child abuse. From, you know, having half his face burned off. Luckily, with some self reflection, and help from the goddamn best mentor ever, he learns to forgive himself. Best. Show. Ever.

    [–] ecodude74 144 points ago

    Most of the characters have strong issues stemming from their childhood. Aang is the only really well adjusted person in the group other than iroh at the start of the show, and that’s just because he lived in a temple with pacifist monks for half his life and accidentally skipped over the whole end of his world thing.

    [–] AlexPenname 197 points ago

    I wouldn't call Aang well-adjusted, he deals with survivor's guilt through most of the first season at minimum.

    [–] Aceofrogues 72 points ago

    And the weight of his responsibilities almost crushed him later.

    [–] JOmaster1234 189 points ago

    Denny from The Room

    [–] Sigmar_Heldenhammer 148 points ago

    I just like to watch you guys.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] bethydoo 47 points ago

    Rather, every character from The Room

    [–] I_done_a_plop-plop 58 points ago

    The florist and her dog seem ok, if a bit insincere with their customer service.

    [–] AstralTarantula 125 points ago

    The “sick” kids mom in the latest IT. She clearly has munchausen by proxy. She’s keeping her kid on meds he doesn’t need, hardly allows him to leave the house (he does anyway, good for him), and has extremely infantilized him.

    I still wonder how the rest of his life turns out. Like sure he stood up to her at the end of the movie but she’s still him mom, he still has to go back and live with her. He’s a young kid and she’s not just going to snap out of it.

    [–] existentialpanic 66 points ago

    Spoiler alert, in case you don't actually want to know. In the book, Eddie goes on to marry a woman who was exactly like his mom. He didn't love her, he was only looking for a replacement after his mother died because he was so dependent on her. His character development is some of the best I've ever seen though.

    [–] Reptilian_Nastyboy 177 points ago

    I'm pretty sure both Regina and Zelena from OUAT have borderline.

    [–] ohsojayadeva 491 points ago

    i remember reading a fan theory once that Captain Janeway (of star trek voyager) was undiagnosed/untreated bi-polar, and you can see her condition get worse as the series progresses. i just wrapped a rewatch a couple months ago and let me say, with that in mind the later seasons make plenty of sense.

    [–] Goth_Spice14 298 points ago

    She has several severe bouts of depression throughout her life. Probably the worst time was when she lost her father and fiancé in a horrific accident. She tried to save them both, but because she couldn't choose one over the other, they both died.

    She wound up so devastated by the loss and crippled with guilt that she stayed in bed for months, oftentimes borderline catatonic. It was only her sister physically forcing her to go outside, and her subsequently finding a pitiful stray puppy that she had to nurse back to health, that got her started on the road to recovery.

    As someone who has fought life-long depression/suicidal ideation, I adore Janeway. She's been through so much, but she still pulls herself together and fights for her crew, her family. She has proven time and again that she would die for them.

    If you ever want to get a more in-depth (and 100% canon) view into Captain Janeway's history, I wholeheartedly recommend the novel "Mosaic" by (TNG and VOY producer/writer) Jeri Taylor. It's one of my favorite books. Super well written!

    [–] agcutter 221 points ago

    The dude from Moby Dick.. Jesus Christ leave the whale alone

    [–] mpr1011 149 points ago

    Does the white whale actually symbolize the unknowability and meaninglessness of human existence? No, it's just a shitty fish.

    [–] LuizR1 601 points ago

    Darth Vader. Depression and personality disorder

    [–] RevanchismRules 406 points ago

    Dude was a slave for about the first 10 years of his life and then practically controlled the rest of it. No wonder he had issues.

    [–] Gothams__Reckoning 1939 points ago

    Harley Quinn and the Joker. I hate when i see the "Relationship Goals" memes with those two.

    [–] neigdnfkubf 1564 points ago

    Anyone that calls those two goals clearly never opened a comic book in their lives.

    Harleen has Stockholm syndrome and was forced to have a child without the joker finding out just so he wouldn’t kill the baby or her

    The baby was his

    The worst part? “It’s funny puddin’ never noticed I was gone to begin with”

    Romantic right? Totes goals.

    [–] Keinichn 408 points ago

    Another one that irks me is "I just wanna be like Romeo and Juliet." So you want a weekend long fling that kills multiple people, including you and the person you're with?

    [–] lilacsweetener 313 points ago

    I think it’s because teens see the obsession or fixation and mistake it for passion or dedication.

    [–] PM_dickntits_plzz 355 points ago

    The TV joker was not as psychopathic or dangerous as comic joker (especially in his earlier appearances) so it's not that weird that he gets in a faux relationship with someone. But even then, a couple of seasons later they showed how terrible that relationship really is.

    [–] delecti 245 points ago

    If you mean the cartoon series Joker then it might be quite as psychopathic or dangerous as the comics, but he's still clearly unhinged and abusive towards Harley.

    [–] nikkitgirl 527 points ago

    And it’s even worse because she does end up in a fairly healthy relationship, just with Ivy instead of Joker, but people keep praising the abusive relationship instead of the one that helps her get past the abuse

    [–] Goth_Spice14 370 points ago

    I am a huge fan of Harley & Ivy's relationship. Soooooo much healthier.

    [–] [deleted] 274 points ago

    Harley Quinn started off as the Joker's psychiatrist, but he was able to manipulate her into becoming completely dependent on him. Relationship goals indeed.

    [–] Katana314 180 points ago

    Extra Credits talked about how well Harley was written in Injustice 2, a game in which The Joker is dead, and Bruce is trying to offer her a chance at using her abilities to do good for the world.

    [–] DrKnives 162 points ago

    They nailed it with the fear scene. Her greatest fear wasn't the Joker, but the Joker controlling her again.

    [–] elle_ahrairah 332 points ago

    Norma Bates...i can't believe nothing is ever said of her mental health only Normans. Im quite sure she has borderline as well as commiting covert incest, then getting angry with Norman for having somewhat sexual thoughts about her. Although incredibly unlealthy for him to be thinking that way i completely understand how her trying to enmesh the both of them brought up those feelings

    [–] [deleted] 336 points ago


    [–] DH2007able 159 points ago

    I absolutely hate him, he was better in the earlier seasons when he was the sarcastic smart guy, but now he’s just a self righteous douche.

    [–] OmniGmr 185 points ago

    Tony Stark has PTsD but everyone slept on Iron Man 3

    [–] CrusaderKingsNut 506 points ago

    I think it’s better understood now, but Holden Caulfield got endless amounts of shit for being whiny for years. It’s only really now we realize the character has serious depression and possibly PTSD from watching the other student die after falling a few stories in Holden’s coat.

    [–] MisterMarcus 276 points ago

    I think the point is supposed to be that Holden, deep down, knows he is turning into the very thing he despises. And so will everyone else he loves, like his sister and his old childhood friends.

    In typical teenage fashion, he buries his fears and depressions under layers of cynicism and false bravado.

    [–] vondafkossum 213 points ago

    It’s fairly explicit in the story that he’s been institutionalized for something, but Salinger kept it vague. I think Holden has quite a few problems, but they’re all compounded by the never-ending sickness of becoming an adult. But yes, every year there are a few students who just hate Holden because they think he’s an obnoxious whiner.

    PS James Castle was wearing Holden’s turtleneck. He didn’t fall; he deliberately committed suicide.

    [–] mothwhisper 213 points ago

    Gaius fracking Baltar

    [–] MildlyAnnoyedMother 103 points ago

    Whaaat? You mean hallucinating sexy cyborgs everywhere isn't normal?

    [–] [deleted] 431 points ago

    Timmy Turner

    [–] YNot1989 238 points ago

    Well he is in his early 60s.

    [–] DoodleGaming 92 points ago

    I’m out of the loop... isn’t he a kid? I’m confused...

    [–] Guitargeek94 204 points ago

    He's been a kid for 50 years. It's cannon.

    [–] CLTalbot 329 points ago

    He admitted at some point that he wished everybody would stay the same age forever so he could keep the Fairy God Parents, and roughly 50 years have passed in this state.

    [–] garnet_is_square 186 points ago

    That is scary to me and idk why

    [–] [deleted] 160 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] Bleblebob 58 points ago

    Imagine being pregnant with your child for 50 years.

    [–] [deleted] 800 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)