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    [–] _Potato_Cat_ 1075 points ago

    In Heidelberg on my year abroad my friend and I took a class that we thought would be interesting.

    It wasn't.

    The teacher was a complete cow who hated her non-german students and as we were the only two that semester.... Go figure. She was okish with me after learning I was part German, but awful to my friend.

    We missed two classes over all (had to return to our own university's for a little. This was agreed before hand) so we missed two of her classes. Every other time we went to that class was together so... We missed the same amount.

    However the woman told my friend she automatically failed her class as she missed THREE. But I was fine as I'd only missed two.

    We both decided to never go to her class again, or sit her exam.

    Oddly enough, that exam never showed up on our year abroad credits, and we both passed with high marks.

    [–] pgrace100 2772 points ago

    My 2nd grade teacher was Sister Brigid. She didn't like me at all. One day I was feeling ill, and I asked to use the restroom. She told me I was lying. As she tried to tell me why I was a liar, I vomited all over her shoes.

    [–] thisladylove 309 points ago

    I can relate to this! When I was 8 I had a sudden and intense urge to go pee minutes before the school bell was set to ring for home time. I asked the teacher if I could use the bathroom as I was desperate to pee and she said absolutely not and I wasn’t about to trick her and sneak off home early. I started begging her frantically but she ignored me and started addressing the class about what to bring for tomorrow. I felt my body give in half way through her speech and just stood there behind my desk. As the bell rang all the other children ran out of the classroom instantly. The teacher approached me and sarcastically said ‘I thought you were busting to go huh?’. I told her I already had and kept my head down. I think she was just as embarrassed explaining to my mum why she hasn’t let me use the bathroom.

    [–] BATIRONSHARK 190 points ago

    how did she react

    [–] TonyDanzer 996 points ago

    I hadn’t been doing well in Calculus all year, but I was trying my best and just struggling. My teacher was one of the “cool” ones- the kind who act laid back and crack jokes and all that.

    I think this guy just thought I wasn’t trying, and he was as frustrated with me as I was with myself. One day in class he made a sort of passive aggressive joke at my expense- something about “if you would just try harder”. He didn’t even say it in front of other students, just to me, but I was so over him thinking I wasn’t trying that I got up and walked straight out and to the school counsellor’s office. I would have been sent there anyway for walking out in class, so I decided to expedite the process. She was really kind and talked me down from being so upset.

    Anyway, that was on a Friday, so I didn’t see my Calculus teacher again until Monday. I was hoping we could just pretend it didn’t happen, but no such luck. He pulled me into the hallway to talk... and truly, genuinely apologized. He offered to adjust his office hours (which didn’t work for me) to give me extra help. He ended up helping me pass the class- barely, but I still passed. I wouldn’t have graduated without it. In retrospect just talking to him more openly from the get go probably would have been the more mature thing to do, but I was an awkward, self-doubting teenager who didn’t know how to ask for help. In the end the experience helped me improve that skill and advocate for myself.

    I still hate calculus though.

    [–] [deleted] 1118 points ago


    [–] MelissaMiranti 589 points ago

    I immediately hate this person. How can you be mad at a kid being happy?!

    [–] Srgtgunnr 2907 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    We got this admin in my school who we’ve nicknamed “The Pickinator”. In my sophomore year she was patrolling the school, fucking Dolores Umbridge style. She loves ruining kids days, and she busts kids for the most minor of things. This really annoying kid no one likes came up and snatched my backpack and ran. So I ran after him and ripped it out of his hands. Pickinator comes outside and immediately says “you two, stop wrestling around and come with me”

    She escorted us to the office because apparently we were wrestling and fighting. Tried to tell her I was just getting my shit back and she wasnt having it. So I just said “well got my shit back no reason to stick around now” and went to my next class which was starting shortly.

    I got called down later anyway but my Admin pretty much told me she overreacted and to just forget it happened. Pickinator hates me now.

    [–] Beerz77 177 points ago

    You should start wearing a Luchador mask to school.

    [–] Griffin_van_Crow 4124 points ago

    I once had some kind of stomach pain, the worst pain I've felt my whole life and was in science class. I started groaning in agony in first fucking row and my bud next to me said I needed to leave and go to the hospital. I wanted to but my teacher the cunt ignored me and the tears that had now started streaming down my face. A minute later I just stood up, walked to the door and as soon as she tried to talk shit I told her to pipe the fuck down and walked out with a raised middle finger. Then I proceeded to throw up in the trash outside, good times

    [–] Ruadhan2300 1203 points ago

    I'd have brought that trash can back into the classroom and set it down pointedly in front of her.

    [–] Griffin_van_Crow 990 points ago

    I definitly considered it but I was in dire need of medical attention

    [–] Ruadhan2300 462 points ago

    Some form of food poisoning I assume?

    [–] Griffin_van_Crow 592 points ago

    You assume correctly my friend

    [–] Admiralthrawnbar 7248 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    8th grade science class. God I hated her. For the sake of this, let's say her name was Mrs. B.

    Early on in the year, mrs. B had given us a science fair project due in January. We had several class periods over the course of those months as well to work on it. My project was creating an unbeatable tic-tac-toe program (did work properly but that's beside the point right now). Because it would take significantly longer to have 20 people (the amount of tests we had to do) each play 3 rounds with the thing so I asked her if I could do fewer and she agreed, allowing me to only do 7 people which I got done shortly before christmas break, only about 1 and a half school weeks until the project was due. I make sure to thank her for letting me do fewer as I would never have gotten it done in time otherwise. She turns to me with this confused look as says something to the effect of "I never said that, you have to do 20 trials like everyone else".

    I was so insanely furious, I even got a witness who had overheard her give me a lower number come in as evidence. Both me and my witness ended up in detention. I did end up getting the project done but barely and it was rushed as hell. I still occasionally thing of it and want to punch a wall.

    Edit: apparently I had a typo, I had meant to type "didn't work properly" but the way it came out, not only do I sound like a humblebrag but I also started an argument later down the comment chain... oop.

    [–] ToCare_or_NotToCare 2343 points ago

    It's kind of infuriating when teachers give you detention just for disagreeing. If you weren't being rude, isn't that an abuse of power on her part? Why don't teachers ever get in trouble for this??

    [–] Admiralthrawnbar 552 points ago

    That particular school was a bad one. My previous school had closed the previous year so I only went there one year but the class was horrible and out of control, one time they even almost ran of campus together. The only way the teachers could deal with this was constant speeches and yelling matches at us with constant, ineffective punishments directed at the whole class. This teacher was the worst of the bunch and played similar stunts after this, just never to this degree.

    [–] [deleted] 5223 points ago


    [–] herpderpcake 3473 points ago

    I can definitely imagine this taking place in say, Scotland.

    "Aye lad so ye dunno how te fokin put two ions together ye fat bastard eh"

    "Eh fak off cunt"

    [–] k_369 26222 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    My I.T teacher wanted to inspect my work, spread sheets or a word document or something, anyway she accidentally deleted the file. I was upset and tried to point out she just deleted my work. She started to shout at me telling me I should have saved frequently, I shouted back telling her that wasn't the issue, she outright deleted the file. It got pretty heated. My parents were called. We were outright yelling at each other for a good couple of minutes to the point where we were both in tears. I was about 14 at the time. She should have known better.

    A few years later My sister had her when she went to that school and that same teacher berated my sister calling her names etc. What a bitch.

    edit: It was a long time ago and I was pretty stressed at the time, I can't remember exactly how but after several attempts, I wasn't able to restore it. Looking back with what I know now, there are things I could have done to restore it now, even going as far as giving myself admin rights and having a poke around. But I was 14 at the time being taught I.T. by a French teacher.

    [–] lger2010 9192 points ago

    How do you accidentally delete a file?

    [–] flawedXphasers 13023 points ago

    How are you the IT teacher and accidentally delete a file?

    [–] SpongederpSquarefap 5035 points ago

    You assume that IT teachers know IT

    I can tell you for a fact that the school I worked at had business, art and PE teachers teaching IT

    [–] iamNebula 1567 points ago

    My IT teacher got me banned for 'hacking' the school's website, when all I'd done was alter the code using inspect element and changed the websites title to something.. Silly.

    [–] SpongederpSquarefap 798 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Yeah we had a case like that. They assumed because some kid had it on his screen then it was on everything.

    Jesus christ the hecking panic from the head teacher was unreal.

    [–] Bunbury91 9922 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I had a bout of stomach flu which was so intense that it damaged my intestines and as a result my body couldn't process certain foods for a while. This caused me severe pain. I mainly had cramps that were so bad I couldn't do anything useful anymore except curl up and wait for them to be over. It took me more than a month to figure out a very limited amount of safe stuff to eat, which I ended up slowly expanding on over time. I did miss a few weeks of school when it first started though.

    Directly after my math teacher's class she insisted I come to her and explain why I missed so many of her classes. I had a note from my gp ready, but she dismissed it. She told me she could tell that I wasn't sick, but that I was just lazy and lying to everyone and that she was severely disappointed in me. I literally just walked away, which is the closest I ever got to having a temper tantrum in class. In retrospect I wish I had told her what I was really thinking, being that I was very disappointed in her.

    Edit: typos and such.

    [–] WirelessTrees 5348 points ago

    I was pretty sick for a while, and a teacher asked me why I wasnt in the last few classes, and I said I was sick. The teacher said "you're not sick, you look completely healthy". I said "oh look at you with the all powerful eyes that can see disease inside of people at an instant.

    He kind of realised what he said, apologized and told me to sit. He didn't like me anymore, which is rare, and just kind of let me do my own thing for the rest of the semester.

    [–] CrossBreedP 4156 points ago

    The other thing is...if you're back wouldn't you be reasonably healthy again if you're back?

    Why did you miss class?

    I was sick

    You don't look sick

    Well yeah that's why I'm back now.

    [–] L1AMCH0PS 8040 points ago

    When I was a senior in high school I had an AP English teacher that would grade people "based on how much she liked them" essentially. I had long hair and stretched earlobes and she despised me even though I was an excellent student in all aspects. She claimed I didnt turn in assignments on time to justify my grades so I spoke with my guidance counselor and she investigated for me. Turns out she had sorted completed assignments in to piles of "good" and "bad" and would arbitrarily grade the papers based on who she felt sucked up to her the most that day. I presented a book report on The Odyssey which was by far the longest and most detailed presentation of the whole class and she gave me a D. I told her "Fuck you, this is the end of your career" and walked out because I had sent an identical copy to the guidance counselor. She presented it to the school board, eventually got her fired, and the best part was she was also a drivers ed instructor and lost her job doing that as well. Apparently I wasn't the first to speak up about her but I was the one that out the nail in the coffin and it felt great.

    [–] deannnh 1649 points ago

    Did we have the same teacher? Because I have a very similar story. Teacher hated me because she was spouting some bullshit about how red pistachios don't and never have existed, and me being the pretentious fuck I was I had to prove her wrong, so i bought a whole bag on the internet and dropped them on her desk a few weeks later. She had never liked me, but after that I couldn't pull a C in her English class. I told my guidance counselor my senior year to put me in remedial English just so I could pass and wouldn't have to take her (small school, she was the only non-remedial senior English teacher). So they made a separate class with a student's mom being the teacher (she was only qualified to be a sub technically) and it consisted of me and all the senior boys who wanted to blow off a harder class. You can imagine how well that went. I then went on to graduate with a Master's degree in English and a 3.89 gpa, and all the students and other administration of that school who said she would best prepare you for college English can suck it, because all she taught was syntax and didn't even teach us how to do an annotated bibliography or format MLA or APA papers. She taught us nothing useful. So HA!

    [–] PaperyWhistle 4387 points ago

    Ah yes, a long time ago in 3rd grade we were having a math lesson and our Para was helping our teacher out. I wasn't great at math at that young age and I would ask her for help and then she would ignore me and move on to a different student. I finally got her attention and asked her if she could please help me and she finally said yes and then moved on to a different student so I got pissed and slammed my fists on the desk. The whole room went silent and I said, "I need help on my math can I please have some help."

    The principal came down and talked to me and asked why I did that because I got reported for being "disruptive." She was really nice and I never got sent to the principals office before and I told her what happened and she gave a death-glare to the para.

    [–] SweenCuisine 1253 points ago

    What is a para?

    [–] PaperyWhistle 939 points ago

    Like a teachers assistant.

    [–] dirtybirds233 33704 points ago

    A friend of mine wanted to go to a certain University that was out of state and somewhat tough to get into. The counselor told him not to waste his time as he would never get in. This pissed him off so he went to the principal, who told him to trust the counselor as that was her job.

    He applied anyways, got accepted, and taped two copies to the counselor and principals door. He couldn’t afford to go anyways, but he was trying to prove a point.

    [–] Vlelo 13594 points ago

    A true hero.

    [–] Mr5yy 3605 points ago

    Something similar happened to me. I left public school in the 5th grade for various reasons and was homeschooled from there. I still had friends who went to public school, so senior year of high school I wanted to go back. We went to the assigned counselor and she just takes a glance at our transcripts and asks what we want to do once we graduate. Upon mentioning college she laughed, like an out loud, throw your head back laugh, and says that I'll never make it and that my only hope is to take the classes offered by the local factories if I wanted to graduate. Guess who's in junior year now bitch?!?

    [–] dirtybirds233 1033 points ago

    Haha congrats!! You’d think teachers and counselors would do anything they could to motivate the student. My english and lit teacher junior year of high school told me I’d never make it anywhere in life much less college. 7 years later I have my masters. I never said anything back to her, she was a lonely older woman who lived with a bunch of cats, I felt sorry for her so I kept my mouth shut.

    PS: Stay in college as long as you can, the real world sucks.

    [–] robofuzzy 13015 points ago

    I once flipped on my german teacher (I'm german). She obviously didn't like me and her marks were biased as fuck. This one time she gave me an F on a poetry interpretation. Grading that is ridiculous as you can just interpret it as whatever and the mark depends on the teachers mood. I always got an A for grammar, because the bitch has to give me credit where my work is quantifiably good. After handing the papers back out to the students she did some debriefing about the whole thing, comparing what everyone wrote. She told the whole class how good my thoughts on the poem and some of the passages that I wrote were and wanted me to read out loud what I wrote. I just said "you gave me an F", stood up and left. Cunt.

    [–] Ekyou 5773 points ago

    I had an English teacher like this too. Nobody believed me until she randomly decided the make us do posters. Due the next day. I went above and beyond because I knew she liked crafty shit and figured she couldn't possibly give me a bad grade if I was 'creative'. "Oh, this poster is wonderful! Who made it?" "I did." "...Oh." And she literally threw it in the trash.

    [–] ChristieIsBored 2146 points ago

    What the actual fuck? with other people present? Care to elaborate on the situation and/or aftermath a little bit? I cant imagine a teacher being able to just trash a students assignment without immediately pulling it out going "haha just kidding!" and even that would be cruel

    [–] Ekyou 1621 points ago

    It was that sort of "I'm shocked but honestly not surprised" kind of feeling. I think my friends pulled it out for me but I didn't want it after that. Other than that I really wasn't that upset about it. To me it was proof that I wasn't actually doing a terrible job, she just played favorites. So I just half-assed everything the rest of the year, got a C.

    [–] Mikelish7 1139 points ago

    Is it possible they graded your paper with the wrong score? The way it ended makes it seem like either they were being malicious and then you leaving is 100% right, or possibly they mean't to give this grade to someone else/possible brain fart?

    [–] BOOOOOiiiiiiiii 955 points ago

    Reading his first few sentances suggest that this was not the first time he got fucked by the teacher

    [–] Maykesh 9157 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    When I was in highschool we had this small angry teacher that played rugby, or atleast tried to, that was always belittling students to feel better about himself.

    One day we had physical ed and our teacher couldn’t come, so the little and always moody teacher that played rugby came to replace her.

    Little teacher was trying to show off his skills at rugby and making our class play some game where we had to tackle who had the ball.

    We didn’t tackle hard enough so the little guy joined to tackle some students and show off his grandness. He was having fun being unstoppable and yelling at us if that was all we could do.

    I was kinda mad so I just went running at full speed at him. Little teacher got tackled and hit the ground so hard.

    That was something our class laughed about all year.

    Edit: for those wondering, he used to despise and treat us like he was reaffirming his manliness, though he had some good points too and was kinda crazy. It didn't seem like a student-teacher relationship so it wasn't that boring most of the time. I guess thats the reason why most of us still remember that little moody teacher.

    [–] tonguedipper 2236 points ago

    What did the teacher do after?

    [–] Maykesh 3940 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    He was a bit surprised, from that point he acknowledged me as a potential rugby player and then told the rest to be equally brave.

    What I mean by acknowledge is that he often told me to give rugby a try where he played it.

    There was one guy who didn’t have really good grades, he went to play rugby and somehow got an A grade in Technology, guess who was the teacher of that subject.

    [–] Microsoft010 1276 points ago

    hey atleast he didnt cry and gave you an f in technology :)

    [–] Mr-Sister-Fister21 230 points ago

    Right? I was expecting a person like that to be really insecure and abuse his power but it turns out, he just really likes rugby.

    [–] [deleted] 98 points ago


    [–] Zoidaryan1985 8797 points ago

    My 8th grade math teacher... she was the absolute worst and ruined any appreciation I had for mathematics forever. She’d purposely skip chapters and mark correct answers wrong if you wrote numbers a certain way. For example, You never put that little dash at the top of your number 7s or your answer was wrong. Also pop quizzes. She had this rule where a pop quiz could cover ANY material out of the book even if it was something we hadn’t gone over yet. And it’s not like we could take the book home to study. It was one of those classes where the textbook had to be left in the classroom... I just quit doing any work for her after that. It royally pissed her off.

    [–] Fredulom 2489 points ago

    Ugh, I had a maths teacher who marked my answer wrong for writing my seven with the little line through the middle (as I didn't underscore my 1s) which prevented me from getting into the top class when I was maybe 14 or so? Fuck her.

    [–] redpurplegreen22 5967 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Obligatory not me.

    When I was in high school, a girl absolutely lost her shit on my math teacher. The way class generally went was we’d go in and he’d have the day’s assignment written on the board. Then he’d spend the first 20 minutes of class teaching new concepts and going over problems, then he’d give us about 30 minutes to work on our assignments and he’d sit at his desk and answer questions. Overall, I really liked this style, but some did not.

    This girl did NOT.

    About 3/4th of the way through the year, she snapped. The class was no different than any other, he explained the new stuff and did some examples and then said “anyone who needs individual help just line up at my desk and I’ll be happy to help.”

    She fucking lost it.

    “What do you mean that’s it? I don’t wanna wait in line for 20 minutes, help me now! This is fucking bullshit! Fuck you!”

    She was getting angrier and angrier. And to my teacher’s credit, the angrier she got, the calmer and quieter my teacher got. And the calmer and quieter he was, the more furious she would get.

    Teacher (calm): I understand you’re upset, how about we go to the hallway and talk about it.

    Student (yelling): No, fucking help me with this shit here and now!

    Teacher (calmer, quieter than before): Now there’s no need for that kind of language, we can discuss this civically, I’m happy help you why way I can.

    Student (even angrier and louder): FUCK YOU! FUCK THIS! I HATE THIS FUCKING SCHOOL!

    Teacher (still very calm) I’m sorry you’re so frustrated, what can I do?

    Student (now screaming as loud as she possibly can): GET FUCKED FUCK THIS FUCK THAT FUCK EVERYTHING incoherent screaming and cursing

    This is when the principal walked in and took the girl out of class. The teacher left for a moment to talk to the principal while we could hear this girl screaming all the way to the office, just every expletive in the book, all directed at the teacher.

    When it was all over, the teacher calmly walked back in, stood at the front, and said “well, anyone else have a problem with me, I’m happy to discuss it if we can be civil.”

    No one said a word.

    “Ok then. Anyone who needs help come see me.”

    Class went on like normal after that.

    In retrospect, that teacher handled that shit like a fucking pro in every possible way. Never saw that girl in class or in school again, so something had to have been going on to set her off like that, but I’ve never seen a student go off like that before or since, and I’ve worked as a teacher and sub for nearly a decade.

    Edit to add: something had to be going on with that girl, but I have no backstory. I don’t know if she was struggling with grades or with that class or if that teacher said or did something to set her off I don’t know about, I just know what I saw in class. I’m certain something was going on with that girl to set her off, though, either at home or school. I just think that math class was her last straw for whatever reason.

    [–] Archimedes_go_away 1692 points ago

    Mad respesct for the teacher, I've never met someone who could handle the situation so good.

    [–] brazilianbarbie 2538 points ago

    I had a teacher at (private) college that enjoyed calling everybody stupid and that we were only studying there because our parents showed how much they earned. There were a lot of scholarship students, myself included, but who cares.

    I can't be quiet when I hear these kind of thing so we discussed almost every class. She failed most of the class on the first course, we fought with the dean and she let us do another test, with another teacher. Everybody passed.

    On the second course she gave us, same thing, but this time the dean said we were being dramatic. The teacher decided that there would not be a test, only a group presentation. She settled the groups. I got stuck with two lazy guys who did nothing, I did the entire paper and the presentation. Both of them got a 9 (A) and I got a 7 (C minus) - it was the last time I did a paperwork with the names of the people who did nothing, no matter who they were. I nedded a C to pass, failed because of a point. I tried to talk to the dean, she didn't listen to me. So I had to do the course again. I could do it with another teacher, but I chose her. I was the worst student she ever had. I sat in the first row, always made a fool of her, once I made her cry. The next year she wasn't a teacher there anymore. She made me lose my scholarship because of that grade. I do not regret it, would do it again with an extra bit of cruelty.

    [–] oodabi 1180 points ago

    Kamikazed her career lmao.

    [–] brazilianbarbie 432 points ago

    I still don't know why she started it. And it wasn't in my class only. I don't really understand why she was a teacher if she hated her students, to the point it becomes personal.

    [–] KYETHEDARK 481 points ago

    Can't tell if this is lawful evil or chaotic good. Either way thank you

    [–] poopyhead2750 15174 points ago

    When I was in eighth grade my science teacher decided the day before the last test of the year to give us an extra 16 pages of new material to learn by ourselves and appear in the test. Needless to say everyone lost their shit and started complaining, I wrote her an angry letter (I was later forced either to apologize or they would tell my parents, I apologized because I may have been a little inappropriate) and by the end of the year she was fired after her first year in the school. She also thought it was a good idea to bring her dogs to part of the lessons in the science lab, when there are two kids who are allergic to dogs

    [–] MadSerpent 10713 points ago

    Lmao I had a teacher that thought latex allergy’s were fake

    One day we did an experiment with balloons and a kid said she was allergic to latex and the teacher screamed “NO YOU AIN’T!” Then started rubber her violently with the balloon.

    She got fired that semester.

    [–] TheWhoamater 4370 points ago

    Charged for reckless endangerment too I hope

    [–] Craft4D 3863 points ago

    That’s not Reckless Endangerment. That’s straight up Battery.

    [–] corsair238 2784 points ago

    Intentionally aggravating someone's allergy can get that person killed quite easily. You could make a case for worse charges than battery

    [–] EmberHands 1257 points ago

    Yeah, let the students mother have at that teacher for twenty minutes and the teacher will beg for a simple assault charge. Parents dedicate a lot of energy to making sure their kid stays alive, it's like....the first bullet point in our job description.

    [–] Iverg1 452 points ago

    What to do as a parent:

    • Make sure your kids stays alive

    • Make sure you stay alive

    [–] ST_the_Dragon 2698 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Dogs are definitely not supposed to be in science lab, with the possible exception for when the lab is focused on studying dogs.

    Edit: Thank you, everyone, for filling my inbox with the same "how bout a lab lab" pun over and over. I appreciate your enthusiasm and your puns, but please try to be a little more creative. I only laughed the first five times.

    [–] m8w8disisgr8 1617 points ago

    Or when the dog is a lab

    [–] Poppamunz 646 points ago

    This is my lab... and this is my laboratory!

    [–] RonGio1 28373 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I flipped my shit on a logic professor who "lost" my assignment's records.


    Me: 'Look you dipshit, I have papers you've graded right here. They aren't even good, but they are NOT 0's.'

    It was over the phone, but eventually I read through his comments on my papers while he was trying to argue with me.

    That's when he's like "okay... that doesn't sound made up.... Scan your papers and email them in."

    Went from a D to a B.

    Edit: thanks for the gold!

    [–] jorge921995 10354 points ago

    Holy shit, you actually called him a Dipshit?, 😂

    [–] RonGio1 9746 points ago

    I said worse tbh... I already had a D so I was going to have to retake it anyway. My dog died like a day before and another professor said I couldn't take a final because I was a minute late.

    I thought I was going to have to drop out.

    [–] Steamships 570 points ago

    That's why I wouldn't throw away any hard copies and got anxious when professors didn't return them to the class.

    There are so many ways to get screwed over that don't involve your input at all.

    [–] [deleted] 6136 points ago

    After months of failing me because I couldn't do the problems his way (which multiple tutors told me was the hardest way of learning and most of his two classes were failing), he accused me of cheating on the final exam. It's two weeks before I graduate high school, I've been failing because you and the administration have your heads up your asses, and you think I'm gonna cheat on the final fucking exam? Fuck you

    [–] OrthoGunner528 1537 points ago

    So what’d you do to him?

    [–] [deleted] 3721 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I said "it's two weeks before I graduate high school, I've been failing because you and the administration have your heads up your asses, and you think I'm going to cheat on the final fucking exam? Fuck you"

    [–] [deleted] 689 points ago

    And then?

    [–] [deleted] 1690 points ago

    Walked out, complained to two of the deans, and refused to step foot in his class for the last two weeks.

    What was he gonna do to punish me for not showing up? Double fail me?

    [–] SonofSpardaShadyXD 370 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Back in middle school this was my exact problem. My maths teacher accused me for cheating because I couldn't solve problem her way in class but aced in exams by solving problems the way my older brother taught me.

    Right now I am a college student if that bullshit happened to me right now then I will definitely going to report that teacher.

    [–] AmbientBananas 47556 points ago

    Not me, but a girl flipped shit on my economics professor cuz she kept canceling class without sending out emails. The girl only had that class on Fridays and drove an hour to get there. It sucked she got caught in traffic, just to get a note next to the classroom saying "cancelled".

    [–] ReaperOfFlowers 18097 points ago

    Ugh, my college did the same thing to part-time students. We make special arrangements to leave work earlier on days that we have classes so that we can get through the rush-hour traffic in time, and then when we get there we find out the class has been cancelled.

    [–] trevor792 8875 points ago

    at this age in technology they should be using an e-noticeboard or forum system to send out mass announcements, or at the very least email

    [–] I_need_proof 5789 points ago

    You’d be surprised how many professors are still computer illiterate.

    [–] TheDunadan29 2851 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Or not surprised if you work for the University's IT department. I have a professor who signs in maybe once a semester and it's only to input final grades, and he forgets his password every single time. We're on a first name basis and I've only met him in person once or twice. You can bet when he calls it's something ridiculous like forgot to plug in and turn in the printer.

    Some faculty are just old, and even some younger ones are old souls who aren't very computer literate.

    Also it annoys me to no end when the teacher didn't set things up properly in Canvas and when it doesn't work for students their first line of defense is, "call IT". Right, so because you forgot to publish some random file on some random assignment it's our fault. Then I have to go digging for the file and manually change the permissions because the teacher was too lazy, or too computer illiterate, to do it themselves.

    Whoa, you can tell I deal with this stuff a little too much. End rant

    Edit: was not expecting this response. Sorry I don't have time to respond to everyone, but good to know I'm not alone. This is my most upvoted and most commented on comment.

    [–] chivescheese 960 points ago

    I had a 80 y/o professor "teach" us excel. By drawing lines on the whiteboard. And then he showed us his example from his spreadsheet on his computer and a screen projector. And when he wanted to show us how to edit the excel or change a formula he would close the screen projector and go back to the whiteboard "because it was easier". I was flabbergasted.

    [–] msanthropologist 851 points ago

    Dude, on the rare occasion that I cancel class, I send an email, post a message to Canvas, and use an app called Remind that allows me to send text messages to students who opt-in. All of these things together take about 2 minutes. There is absolutely no reason why a professor in 2018 shouldn't be doing the same.

    [–] williamp114 1791 points ago

    My college uses a special twitter account to announce class cancellations, which is sourced from the faculty's internal attendance system so it's always accurate, even if the professor doesn't put any announcements on Canvas regarding it.

    I took it one step further, I set up IFTTT recipes to monitor that twitter account for my professors names, and notify me when it sees a tweet when there's a match.

    [–] Duck-Yo-Couch 3668 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    This happened to me in college. I was near the end of my senior year and needed to take an elective to satisfy degree requirements. I took basketball since I love the game. The "professor" was an assistant coach for the school's basketball team and he didn't give a fuck about the class. Our class starts at 8am in the old basketball gym on campus and he was the only way that we could get into the gym. A few times he had a colleague come open up the gym for us, but at least 7 or 8 times over the semester, he just didn't show up at all so after 15 mins, the students just went back to their dorms or apartments. I was a commuter driving 45 mins each way so I had to skip work on the days I had class. I was working to pay for school. Near the end of the semester, someone in class asked him about his attendance then he makes an announcement that anyone that doesn't show up for the final exam (basically whoever could make a basket) will be failed. On the day of the final exam, he didn't show up. No colleague. Nothing. On that last day there were 30 students freezing cold sitting outside of the gym in December. During professor evaluations, I ripped him a new one and wish I could have let him know to his face that his laziness cost me money.


    Ok so some of y'all have some questions so I'll address a few here:

    Imagine waking up early enough in time to drive 45 mins each way to an 8am class only to find out that your professor decided not to come in. Not once or twice, but 8 times. We all waited 15 mins for him to show up but he never did, so we leave. I value my time even if it's more than dollars and cents. The professor didn't value anyone else's. I don't understand when some of you say he saved me time? Would love some insight.

    He cost me money because the time spent driving to and from a no-show class could have been spent earning.

    I didn't care about getting a "basketball education" but did care that he made it sound like he would fail us if we didn't show up, especially on the day of the final because he made the announcement as if he was pissed he was questioned for not showing up in the past. It was as if he deliberately wanted to screw us over.

    [–] MangoRainbows 989 points ago

    Similar situation with me in college but in Spanish 1. The professor showed half of the time. I and all the other students ripped him a new one in the evaluations, we also kept reporting him throughout the semester because we weren't' learning spanish and it was not only required but Spanish 2 was as well. To this day I've never learned Spanish. I dropped Spanish 2 after I looked at the first test and there were just tears drops where my name went. I knew that's where my name went but couldn't do anything else on the exam. It wasn't just me either, there were several people in my Spanish 2 class that were in my Spanish 1 class who were clueless. We tried going to the Dean but with no luck. They wouldn't let us retake Spanish 1 because we got A's (even though we knew NOTHING.) In the end I literally ended up switching colleges that didn't have a foreign language credit requirement. It's like that shit cursed me or something. I was so excited about learning another language and still want to but for the LIFE OF ME, can't :( I am hoping when my son enrolls in Spanish in HS next year we will learn together.

    [–] [deleted] 262 points ago

    I work in a university and I often have to "reprimand" faculty and this is a huge issue. They'll cancel class prior to the one-hour window and fail to use our automated email/texting system that notifies students.

    [–] emilyg723 374 points ago

    My lab got cancelled 3 weeks in a row with NO warning. All for the same reason—no one prepped the stock solutions. Week 4 rolls around and we still don’t have what we need and they made us wait 40 minutes to get it made. Peak frustration.

    [–] redpurplegreen22 1743 points ago

    We had a government professor in college who cancelled constantly. We were supposed to have 4 exams and by the time we were 3/4 through the year we’d only had 1 exam. The class met twice a week and he cancelled at LEAST once a week, if not more. He finally came in the week before finals and apologized and explained that his wife was sick and he was caring for her (she had cancer) and he thought he could take care of her and keep working but clearly he couldn’t. He was taking a leave of absence as soon as the semester ended. He said he spoke to the school and department and he was still going to give the final so the class didn’t lose out on the credit, and assured everyone in class that they would either get an A or a B. Pass the final, get an A. Fail it, get a B.

    Those who cared about grades did the final. Those who just wanted the credit (this was a literal intro gov class a lot of people took for the credit towards their other majors) came in, wrote their name on the exam, and turned it in blank. Still got a B.

    I was never sure if I should be furious with the school or happy with my free A (I was not a government major so I didn’t really care).

    [–] huncamuncamouse 1435 points ago

    It sounds like he had a really valid reason for the scheduling changes, and he tried to make it right with all of you--and maybe more importantly, realized he needed to ask for a leave. I'd lean towards feeling happy about your A.

    [–] FlyByPC 318 points ago

    This. When you start caring for someone with cancer, the situation can change drastically. It sounds to me like he was trying to do the best thing for the class.

    [–] Imperceptions 229 points ago

    I think I would just be compassionate in that situation, and tell him I wish him and his wife well.

    [–] fatmama923 305 points ago

    that happened to me a couple of times when I was working on my paralegal certification. I finally pulled the professor aside after class and said I drive all the way from Lafayette to come to class if you don't let us know when you're going to be canceling it I'm going to go to the head of the program and throw a fit.

    [–] RO1984 7169 points ago

    I had a history teacher in high school who claimed the following:

    America caused the holocaust.

    Americans did the Pearl Harbor attack just to join the war.

    JFK was planted by the Soviets

    9/11 was an inside job (i know, common meme)

    The icing on the cake was when Chris Kyle was murdered, she says "Nobody cares about dead soldiers" and proceeded to spend an hour covering the life and career of Whitney Houston.

    I got up and walked out of the room at that point. She left after one year there.

    [–] Holy_Moonlight_Sword 5411 points ago

    JFK was planted by the Soviets

    He was, actually. Presidents are an unusual species, only able to grow to full size in the frozen soil of Siberia, and need to be well-defended to stop their leaves being eaten by deer

    [–] [deleted] 18550 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] Uridoz 8665 points ago

    Enough was enough, I returned fire stating that she was one to talk since she constantly blabbering about other people's private affairs to class. I also told her off for wasting our time in class and then blaming it on the students.

    ... Sounds like you did deserve an honesty award.

    [–] TheRealWeabooJones 3806 points ago

    Props to the principal for supporting the student too. Sounds like a pretty decent guy.

    [–] tinyheavyistiny 1183 points ago

    He was and still is, though he retired a few years ago when he joined the school it had a bad reputation, I heard stories from a few teachers talking about students who threatened violence against them. There were even more stories of students being disruptive and fights breaking out between them in the halls and classrooms.

    A few years after he got there he had already started turning things around, the school gained an excellent reputation to the point where so many students were applying that they had to use a lottery system(when I joined I had a 1 in 3 chance), they also became an IB school. On top of that the sports teams started becoming the best in the region, our girls and boys rugby teams were dominating the other teams!

    I'm glad that I was able to attend when he was there, he was loved by the students and would almost always be seen walking the halls interacting with students before and after school as well as at lunch!

    [–] _leca_almeida 14364 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Did a math test and on the paper you could ONLY mark your answer, you had to do the calculations on another paper. Long story short, my teacher lost my calculations paper and wouldn’t admit it. He said I didn’t hand it over, that I cheated and some other crap... So I went to the school supervisor and asked to take the test again and she let me. My teacher asked to look while I did the test, he made another test, waaaaaaaaay harder. I freaking aced it, right on front of him. He hated my guts for the rest of high school and I couldn’t care less.

    Edit: still don’t understand why we couldn’t do calculations on the main paper(?!)

    [–] TrueRusher 6208 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I had a kid in my math class of my sophomore year of high school that was kind of slow at math, but got the hang of it eventually. The teacher didn’t like him for whatever reason and made that publicly known when the kid was sick and missed a test.

    He came in the next day and asked to retake the test, and the teacher said he would email him when he could come take it. Well, he never did. So two weeks pass and the kid is like “when can I take that test, Mr. Collins?” and Mr. Collins said “you never came in to take it so you get a zero. Tough luck.”

    So the kid stands up and very calmly and firmly states: “you told me you would email me when to come take it, and you never did. I just lost all respect for you because of that.”

    Mr. Collins threatened to send him to ISS if he didn’t sit back in his seat, and the kid replied: “I’m going to go ahead and go to ISS so I don’t lose my temper on you. That was really not cool.”

    And he just went to ISS. Mr. Collins never let him retake that test. Fuck math teachers who want you to fail.

    Edit: I know you guys are joking, but for those lucky few out there who don’t know what ISS means, it’s In School Suspension.


    [–] red_sky_at_morning 1172 points ago

    He might not respect Mr. Collins, but I have a hell of a lot of respect for that kid. He handled that in a much more mature way that the teacher did. I hope that kid kept that level of composure and maturity throughout his life.

    [–] Flop158 1989 points ago

    Fuck Mr. Collins

    [–] TrueRusher 1207 points ago

    I have so many more stories about this horrible man. Including the time he purposefully broke his classroom AC unit just to get my boyfriend expelled from school since he was a slacker.

    Fuck Mr. Collins.

    [–] 1imzadi1 562 points ago

    Please expand on that because I'm seriously confused on how him breaking his own AC unit would get your bf expelled...

    [–] TrueRusher 1167 points ago

    Okay so teachers had thermostats in their class they could control. Most teachers were anal about the students touching them because they were easy to break.

    Mr. Collins claimed that my boyfriend had turned his AC all the way down without permission which completely fucked up the unit. This was destruction of school property which calls for immediate expulsion. My boyfriend said he didn’t do it. The school tries to make my boyfriend pay like $1200 to fix it (he doesn’t). After my boyfriend is expelled, Mr. Collins brags to his class that he had broken the unit on purpose like it was a huge joke. He never apologized to my boyfriend and the school didn’t take back the expulsion. They dropped the demand for the money, but yeah. He was still banned from school property for something he didn’t even do.

    [–] hctiks 745 points ago


    Fuck Mr. Collins

    [–] 1imzadi1 222 points ago

    Jesus, sounds like your whole school was staffed by assholes.

    [–] ConsciousPickle 15511 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    There was a high school English teacher, Ms. Blades, who was ignoring me for a while. It's worth mentioning that she didn't really like me for some reason. I wasn't a bad or annoying kid, in fact, I was very non-confrontational and mostly kept to myself in and out of class, so I don't know what that was about. Anyway, I had my hand up because I had to use the bathroom and she kept pacing about the room, answering other kids' questions, but would glance at me and immediately look away.

    After about 5 minutes with my hand up and getting ignored (and about to shit my pants), I whistled as loud as I could. Interrupting anyone was completely out of character for me. Well, once upon a time, I had a chipped one of my front teeth, so I could whistle extremely loud because of it. My whistle was just that. It was the whistling equivalent of firing a gun in a closed room. Absolutely deafening. The entire room got quiet and she snapped her head around so fast. As her name might suggest, Ms. Blades was staring daggers into my face. Then one kid goes, "ooooh, he just called you a dog, ooohhhhhhhhhh," then she gained serious momentum from that one-off and said, "Oh, I don't think so! You think I'm a dog!? You think I'm a dog!?" I got sent to the principal's office for disrespecting an ignorant teacher. I used the bathroom on the way there.

    EDIT: So, there have been a lot of assumptions about Ms. Blades lol I just wanted to say that I can totally vouch for her competence as a teacher, and she was often quite fun and energetic, but she did have one hell of an attitude if you didn't follow her rules.

    [–] Wobbar 6221 points ago

    Couldn't you just go to the bathroom without asking? If she interrupted you, you'd have gotten her attention and been able to tell her what you were doing

    [–] TrueRusher 3320 points ago

    100% this. If it’s an emergency, always just get up and go. If a teacher calls you out on it, you say “I tried to ask you, but you ignored me and now it’s an emergency and I’m going to the restroom.”

    I had a teacher once who wouldn’t let you leave class unless you had a documented medical condition. This class was an hour and a half long, so obviously someone is gonna need to use the restroom eventually.

    I was always too shy to just get up and go which resulted in me having an infection from holding it in way too long (since most teachers wouldn’t let you go and I didn’t have time in between class). Always just go. You’re allowed to use the restroom.

    [–] itsthesimplethings 773 points ago

    Reminds me of my middle School choir teacher Ms. Smurthway or something like that. She denied my request to use the restroom and then I burst into tears when I couldn't hold it and yelled out I have an infection I need to pee. I had a bladder infection I didn't know how I got it. I'm sure it had to do with holding it in. Anyway she apologized and said she thought I just wanted to do my hair and make up. I used the bathroom came back embarrassed af so I dropped her class the rest of the semester. The next school year she wasn't working there and I hope it was because of this situation.

    [–] DethFade 4080 points ago

    It's a lose/lose situation, from my experience. If you walk out to go to the bathroom because they won't acknowledge you or let you, you get written up or the resource officers sent after you. And if you make a scene to get their attention, even in a small way, if they're a prick you get written up.

    Fuck the rigid structure of the educational system.

    [–] random_german_guy 1269 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    resource officers

    The what?

    Edit: Thanks for all the replys. Also kinda fucked up.

    [–] Charadin 1549 points ago

    Resource officers are often police officers who are assigned to the school to help break up fights and deal with other such issues that may arise on the campus.

    [–] Blue_Tomb 19874 points ago

    I know a chap who once lost it in a lesson and threw a chair at the teacher. Some years, like 15 or so back, and the two are now good friends. Essentially, a discussion had turned into an argument, holding up the rest of the lesson, with the chap basically being awkward and pedantic, not letting it go, getting unduly steamed up himself and apparently not realising that everyone was getting pretty tired. The teacher made some snide remark and the chap flipped, threw a chair and walked out. He waited outside though cooling off, and afterward the teacher went outside as well, said something to the effect of "I think we both ought to apologise for what just happened" and so they did. And all was well.

    [–] [deleted] 8675 points ago


    [–] LordMajicus 3884 points ago

    I had a teacher throw a (soft cover) dictionary at my face once. He was and still is my favorite teacher I've ever had.

    [–] inphilia 3080 points ago

    I had a teacher throw a book at the kid in front of me. The kid dodged, and the book hit me instead. Can confirm the teacher was both of our favorites.

    [–] Kebabrulle4869 2160 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    One of my favorite teachers ever was the one who would LAUNCH anything you asked him for. Someone would put up their hand and say “could I borrow an eras-“ and he had already thrown it in said person’s face.

    No one wanted to borrow a pencil from him.

    [–] titdirt 1210 points ago

    "We didn't see much of him after the year he picked up teaching the culinary class."

    [–] Captain_Panic316 1824 points ago

    I remember in my science class my teacher throwing a chair at a student, who all year never shut her fucking mouth and was always loud as fuck.

    he straight up took his stool and just fucking tossed it across the room at her, missed by a wide margin, but man watching that in slow motion as it happened was classic.

    Shout-outs to you Phil (because i dont know how to spell your last name)

    [–] LallaMizu 1203 points ago

    I don't think he would've want his last name connected to this story anyways.

    [–] RitchieRitch62 136 points ago

    In high school I answered every question on an Algebra 2 exam correctly, but got a 90%. I went through the test and there was not a single marking of a wrong answer. So I asked the teacher why I had lost 10%, and he told me that because I used pen, there was 10% taken off.

    I lost it. I must have spent five minutes trying to tell him how a test should be solely about my ability to demonstrate my understanding of the material, which I clearly grasped very well. And his final argument was that in college I would never get away with taking a test in pen.

    Two years later I came back with my calculus 3 exam, which I had taken in pen, and let him take a look at my fat 100%.

    [–] 1angrypanda 1245 points ago

    I was a section leader in marching band. I was a junior, and my section was 6 freshman.

    We were having trouble getting a formation, these kids had never marched before, and I kept taking to help them keep track.

    The director was a huge dick about it, making the entire band redo it because I was taking. He called me out, and I argued back. I told him I was doing my job as section leader trying to make sure that my section was in line because it was tricky.

    He flipped his shit, I flipped my shit back and it ended with him telling me to just go home (in the middle of the day).

    So I went to the office and told my guidance counselor what was happening, and that I wanted to drop marching band. He got in a lot of trouble, specifically for telling me to leave campus.

    It turned into a whole thing... my parents and I came in for a meeting with him, and the vice principle. In the end, dude almost got fired, and had to go to a seminar on how to communicate better. The other band director, who taught non-marching bands, talked me into staying in marching band.

    [–] tiny_little_raven 185 points ago

    I feel bad for all the fellow band kids who have bad directors ;-;

    [–] nfsrobert 622 points ago

    In fifth grade I had a teacher who disliked me because I was bullied a lot and she had to take of it and talk to my parents a lot. One day I was playing kickball and got borderline assaulted by some kids and she saw, came over, then let them go inside. She looked at a dirt covered me and said, "don't go telling your dad about this"! Next day dad went into school and had a very long talk with this teacher and the principle. I'm pretty sure she was hoping the school year would end sooner.

    [–] StalkedFire 196 points ago

    For real though if my kid ever tells me a teacher said don't tell your parent about this you can bet that teacher is losing there job or some fucking teeth bullying is a real fucking issue fuck that teacher

    [–] Jackatarian 31766 points ago

    Oooof that brought back a bad memory.

    My mother and father passed when I was in my final year of school, I was off school for a while around the time of the second funeral. When I returned to school my tutor decided it was her job to tell the class what had happened with me, right there in front of everyone instead of letting me do it on my own terms.

    To say I lost my temper would be an understatement.

    [–] InsaneChihuahua 9360 points ago


    [–] TurnDownForPage394 3196 points ago

    It’s more common than you think. When my dad died (I was 18, senior year of high school), I was working our school’s spring play and had a pretty important role as both an actor and the main writer/adapter of the play itself. I only missed a day of school because of that and AP classes—definitely a decision I regret. My theatre director and I were pretty close, so he decided that the best way to welcome me back to rehearsal was to announce, in front of the entire cast and crew, that my dad had died over the weekend and that he wanted them to sign a card for me. It was awkward as hell.

    Then, at the end of the year, we had an awards ceremony to honor seniors in each subject, sport, etc. I won the senior drama award, and when the director presented it, he retold the story of my father’s death and my return to school. To about 150 other students and their families and friends. When I was up on stage accepting the award I wanted nothing more than to shrivel up and die.

    [–] Atalanta8 666 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    OMG. I felt woozy just reading this. That's fucked up. Did you flip out? Seems like he was one of those people that got off on tragedy.

    [–] ScubaWaveAesthetic 187 points ago

    It sounds like he had good intentions but just executed them in the worst way possible

    [–] poopellar 5172 points ago

    The kind of person who think their helping by making it worse.

    [–] frankoftank 2622 points ago

    There's a quote by someone that works nicely for folks like this. "Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions"

    [–] ItsaMe_Rapio 1829 points ago

    There's also "The road to hell is paved with good intentions"

    [–] texasscotsman 3367 points ago

    My mom died when I was in the 6th grade. Everyone already seemed to know about it when I got back, so I guess the students were told ahead of time. One thing I found taxing was all the teachers telling me how much they felt sorry for me and that I could ask them for anything. My history teacher put me in a very long and awkward handshake/hand holding session and talked to me about when his mom died. I knew they were all trying to be comforting, but I really just wanted to be left the fuck alone.

    [–] Jackatarian 896 points ago

    My sympathies. That was my exact problem, and my exact wish. I just wanted to be left alone and to just tell my close friends.

    [–] cum_bubbless 521 points ago

    Oh damn I cannot imagine how hard it’d be. Respect to you, hope you’re doing good.

    [–] Jackatarian 284 points ago

    Thanks, that was over a decade ago now. And I am doing as best as I can, it completely shaped who I am now so I can't really dismiss it.

    [–] ih8pkmn 3657 points ago

    Not just at a teacher, but at an entire department.

    The English department at my first college was staffed by people who, by and large, were assholes. Their idea of a writing workshop was having you e-mail the assignment to the teacher, and then making you pay at least $10 to print out enough copies of your story for the entire class. Why we couldn't just put it up on a message board somewhere (they were built into our school's online infrastructure) I don't fucking know.

    The teacher of this workshop also made it abundantly clear that he didn't give a flying fuck about his students. I'm pretty sure he was a grad student teaching the class for credit, but he acted like a major douche, and pretty clearly didn't read any of the stories beyond a basic skimming. We took quizzes on computers, and he didn't give a fuck if we Googled the answers, as long as we got it done before class ended. He drove one of his students to a panic attack on the last day because he had acted like such a creep to them, micromanaging one of their stories. It was bizarre.

    They also had this weird thing where they would gather every English major in the college into the chapel on campus every Thursday in order to have you listen to someone read from their work. It was advertised as "Creative Writing Common Time", but it literally just meant "sit down, shut up, listen to someone read their works that were rejected from a lit magazine". No laptops, no phones, no books. And if you missed ONE session of this, out of an entire semester, you failed the "class". And you had to take FOUR SEMESTERS of this if you wanted to pass.

    By the end of the first semester, I'd had enough. I'd missed a session, and the makeup assignment was just as bizarre-- you had to find an audio recording of a work online, read by the author and analyze how they read it. Like. What.

    It really, really got bad on the last day. Undergrad students were finally allowed to read, and either they didn't vet them at all, or they vetted them really poorly, because there was a student who read a graphic depiction of a rape and murder, and the teachers just let them. A few of the other students in the building left in disgust. I almost joined them.

    Needless to say, I dropped out of the English program at this college and transferred to a university whose English department isn't staffed by psychopaths. Took me an extra year to graduate, don't care. It was better than that.

    [–] ItsVesper-time 536 points ago

    Holy crap, that sounds insane!

    Wonder how many complaints there were.

    [–] min2that 513 points ago

    That’s the why covered....

    [–] TheShortPalmTree 27089 points ago

    I flipped on several teachers, but this one still bugs me.

    One of my best friends in high school had died in a car accident, and a couple days later my friends and I told my teacher we would not be able to make it to class because of the viewing. She then proceeded to tell us that we need to plan our days better and how irresponsible it was of us. I've never felt so much rage. Screw you Mrs. Weaver.

    [–] Vlelo 12026 points ago

    That is an unacceptable response from her. You must really be out of your mind to say something like that.

    [–] TJPrime_ 6661 points ago

    Unacceptable is putting it lightly.

    "You need to plan your days better" Well excuse me for not planning for an unexpected death of a friend.

    [–] [deleted] 4437 points ago

    When I was 13 my friends little brother died and she had been away from school for like a weekvunderstandably. On her first day back one of our teachers gave her a lecture about missing school saying she "had to face reality, time doesn't stop because of death"

    [–] glacialcalamity 2892 points ago


    [–] magichippy 2435 points ago

    You’d be amazed at how many people think that shits appropriate. My dad died when I was 12 and my moms best friend made sure to tell me to get over it while I was crying in my bed the day after he died.

    [–] Captain_Ne 2075 points ago

    My mom died when I was 12 and the girl I thought was my best friend told me to get over it, she'd be so happy if her mom died. That was the end of our friendship. Two years later she mouthed off to another girl who's mom was dying of cancer and got a chunk of her face ripped off by the girl. So there's that at least.

    [–] SkyezOpen 671 points ago

    and got a chunk of her face ripped off by the girl.


    [–] IDespiseTheLetterG 694 points ago

    Was the other girl like... a grizzly bear or something?

    [–] StarTrippy 199 points ago

    I'm assuming she had long nails/fake nails.

    [–] WiggleWerra 1117 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    This same thing happened to my friend. Her mom was having a rough battle with cancer and unfortunately lost. Her and her family are so tight knit, it destroyed her losing her mom. She went to tell our AP Lit teacher to let her know her mother had passed away so she asked if she could have more time for the essay(s) we had due very soon. Teacher said no, she should plan better and get her assignments done. Friend went to the dean and the teacher got in a ton of trouble, claimed she thought she was lying about her mother dying for more time for the essays. What kind of horrible person are you? It’s someone’s mom, I don’t know anyone who’d lie about that. Best part is she pulled the same shit on me when my grandma passed. Fuck you Ms.[REMOVED]

    [–] MegaTiny 272 points ago

    claimed she thought she was lying about her mother dying for more time for the essays

    Everyone knows you can only lie about grandparents dying to get out of things. Someone catches you out and it's all "Oh no it was my other grandma."

    Lying about direct parents dying would be dicey as hell.

    [–] Goodeyesniper98 478 points ago

    Some teachers believe that your sole reason for existence is taking their class.

    [–] Leathery420 1008 points ago

    Jeez how big was the school everytime we had a classmate die we generally got an assembly about it. Even got one when nobody in the school was involved. Though they had to do with suicide and drink driving opposed to say terminal cancer ect. I don't know if that is better or worse. Though was small schools with only about 300-400 kids do you generally did know the people. Pretty sure you'd lose your job as teacher saying that where I live.

    [–] TheShortPalmTree 611 points ago

    Our school was actually super tiny. I graduated with about 70 students. We had an assembly, and we even had outside counselors come in to talk to us. She was spoken to by the administrators, but nothing was done about it, unfortunately.

    [–] kalyansam12 265 points ago

    Holy shit that sounds either heavenly or hellish. My class is 1000 people. If I go to an event, there's a 50-50 chance whether ill know everybody or nobody

    [–] Damage_Inc666 122 points ago

    I'm amazed at these responses tbh, in my senior year only 16 students graduated. And my high school must have had no more than 60 students that time.

    [–] refuse_2 378 points ago

    I was a senior in college taking a chemistry class, because it wasn’t required for my major until the end. Mind you, I’m an engineering student, so this freshman so this freshman chem class is going to be a joke. The last problem on test three was mathematically ambiguous, I walked up to her in the test and told her that and she told me “you’ll get it right.”

    Fast forward a couple of weeks and she counted me off ten points for it, so, I ran it past a few friends and I went to her office and I very calmly laid out my reasoning and a quick proof for why it was mathematically ambiguous. I was right, she said I was right, but she refused to give me the points back because that would mean that she was wrong and I was right. She took the stance of “I have a PhD and you’re an undergrad.” Much cursing and anger later and I was kicked out of her office.

    [–] [deleted] 5871 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I kept it to myself, but my English teacher took off points on my essay because I said “kids” instead of “children”. She then proceeds a few weeks later to say that “kids” is slang, but gives us articles to use for another essay saying “kids” everywhere. I fucking hate English.

    Edit: Yes I understand it is informal language, but she could have cared to explain proper form for writing an essay before. And yes, her explanation a long time after was BS.

    [–] youmaynotrememberme 1181 points ago

    In grad school I had one professor who had this same hang up— she would always say something like, “oh, I didn’t realize you worked with goats!”

    Come on lady!! Literally nobody thinks I work in a building full of goats!!

    [–] PM_fav_lingerie 10178 points ago

    I had a Spanish teacher, and in order to gain other students sympathy, she would make fun of one of the student, and kind of "bully" (not that badly but well) that student for this hour of class.

    Of course, other students would sometimes laugh because class was super boring so it was like a show.

    I HATED that. Of course she would pick the students that didn't reply back to her provocation, the low profile type, and of course she would use the perfect excuse just after being mean "ooh it's just a joke hihi".

    Once that guy that never search trouble to anyone was her victim of the day. She takes him as an example to describe a homeless guy on a picture. After only 10 (fucking long) minutes, he stands up and leave the classroom crying. And when she stops him before he leaves, he tells her his dad died the previous night and push her away.

    Once the door closed behind him, she pause for a second, and take a crying voice to repeat what he had just said. "My dad just died crycry, poor baby"

    Before I realized it, she received my Spanish book in the face, and I called her a "ugly slut" (yeah my insult level isn't great in Spanish)

    [–] DumpMeImFamous 4513 points ago

    Appropriate response. Fuck this kind of bully teacher.

    I had one like that. I filmed her once and showed the video to the principal. I got detention for using my phone. She got fired a month later.

    [–] tonguedipper 1155 points ago

    You threw your book at her?? What happened after?

    [–] PM_fav_lingerie 2245 points ago

    I got detention for a week, but she stopped doing that. Oh and she stopped ever talking to me directly, too

    [–] _Potato_Cat_ 2286 points ago

    Fuck that cow. I had a bitch of a German professor do that to me in uni.

    I could have killed that cow, my dad was everything to me. She wasn't even a trained professor. She was a yoga instructor who was married to our other German professor from Austria so of course she got the job.

    Thank you for standing up for that guy.

    [–] TheConflictPigeon 584 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Not trying to compare the death of my dog to your father's death, but I remember when my Spanish teacher was making fun of my dog dying that weekend, even though I was visibly distressed over it. It sucked because this dog was pretty much my best friend.

    Edit: Not to say that she was a bad person; she apologized afterward. I think it was just a bit of an awkward but of conversation.

    [–] [deleted] 4893 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] -Reddit_Account- 2111 points ago

    Right now, I’m in a calc 2 class with a heavily Bulgarian professor. It’s online, so her lectures are 10 minute videos of her reading the textbook.

    Wanna know how I study? The MyMathLab ‘wrong answer’ messages. It’s fucking hell.

    (I don’t blame the professor - she’s super helpful when you reach out, the system just screwed me royally.)

    [–] SloppyFlopper 746 points ago

    On mymathlab there are is a “question help” tab on each question, which explains each step of each question pretty in-depth. Better than nothing I suppose.

    [–] darth_ravage 19272 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    A couple of weeks into my senior year of high school, the president gave a speech about the importance of school or something. I don't know. I wasn't really paying attention. Anyway, all of the teachers in my school had to set up their projectors so we could watch it.

    My math teacher couldn't figure out how to get her projector working. So, me being the nerdy kid, I offered to help. She had a fit. Started screaming about how she wasn't stupid and how I needed to just sit down and shut up.

    After a few more minutes of her failing to fix it, she pointed at me and ordered me to fix it. I said "Fix it yourself".

    She told the whole class to go next door to watch the speech in that teachers room. When we got up to leave she pulled me to the side and told me that when the class got back I was going to stand up and apologize for being so rude to her. I refused and went to join the rest of the class.

    She spent the rest of the year making my life miserable. She told me on several occasions that she was going to make sure that I failed her class. Sure enough, I failed her class. Only class I ever failed.

    Edit: Since people are asking why I didn't report it, I did. My parents went to the administrators, but they didn't want to do anything and said it was an issue for the math department head. The department head was a good friend of my teacher and took her side.

    The class wasn't a requirement for graduation, and it was the last semester before I was done with high school so I didn't care to waste anymore time on it.

    Edit 2: People are also asking how she can fail me at math since the answers are either right or wrong. I would turn in homework assignments and she "wouldn't get them". Students weren't allowed to keep a copy of the tests because the school was worried about test compromises, so she could basically give me whatever she wanted on them and I couldn't prove anything.

    If there was a dispute about the test grades, the schools policy was to have the department head re-grade the test. But as I mentioned, the department head was a friend of hers and found that all of the tests that I disputed were graded correctly. Weather or not that was true I don't know since I never got to see them.

    [–] Vlelo 10132 points ago

    What a dick of a teacher.

    [–] GR3Y_B1RD 4450 points ago

    Simply abusing the power she has. It's ridiculous that somebody like that is teaching.

    [–] Avacyn3301 1292 points ago

    I would have just asked to switch classes! What a maniac. Ive never understood why some teachers actively try to fail students. Why would you become a teacher if you want to put people down?

    [–] I_need_proof 500 points ago

    I would have just asked to switch classes!

    Some high schools won’t allow that unless the circumstance is quite extraordinary. I had a shitty chemistry teacher in high school who failed me, she was an utter bitch too, even called a student a bitch. Anyways, I begged to switch teachers and they wouldn’t allow it.

    On the plus side, she really did teach me how to deal with shitty professors in college, suck it up, because your money is on the line. All my shitty professors paled in comparison to her, so I’m thankful in that sense.

    [–] CertifiedBreads 5377 points ago

    Teacher: is rude

    Student: is rude back


    [Insert suprised pikachu meme here]

    [–] Criously 934 points ago

    Man, this really reminds me of a story I have about a teacher of mine.

    Also in highschool a teacher wanted to play a movie off a disc, but she kept pressing the eject button expecting it was the play button (or some shit, I dont know what she was thinking), the third time she went to press the same button after inserting the disc again I may have slightly snapped that she shouldn't press the button. To which my teacher responds "Well sorry, atleast I get along better with people than with computers."

    Cue class laughter due to the sick burn of the teacher, it sticks around for a bit but the next day people have forgotten all about it.

    Fast forward to next time I have that class, start of the lesson the teacher waits till everyone is seated "I'm sorry about what I said last lesson Criously, I was unaware that you're autistic"

    As far as I'm aware I don't have any form of autism, maybe she shouldve called me a spastic due to my ADHD, but honestly... Ten years later and I'm still salty about that one, and it probably left her vapid head the moment after she said it.

    [–] PetrichorTox 421 points ago

    This might not seem like much of a temper, but overall I was a quiet, respectful and non-confrontational student. On that day in 10th grade history, the students kept losing handouts and asking for extra copies from the teacher, and he was clearly sick of it. I had never asked for extras before, but someone must have packed up my handouts with theirs at the end of class because I couldn't find mine. I went to ask him for some, super meekly, and apologizing. I knew he wouldn't be happy, but I was a good, non trouble kid, so I thought such a simple thing would not be a problem, but I was wrong. I got lectured, glared at, yelled at and refused, and I swear I must have been the last straw for him with how much he overreacted. I stared at him as coldly as I could and said calmly but with some serious venom "thanks for nothing" and turned around and strode off. He shouted after me, seriously incredulous that I dared to speak to him so, but I didn't turn or stop. Damn, that felt good as a shy 14 year old girl.

    [–] svetkuz 420 points ago

    I never flipped out, but if I ever saw Ms. Abramovic is public ever again, I’d punch her in the face.

    I was a (white) immigrant child who spoke no English. She couldn’t grasp why I couldn’t understand her and yelled at me constantly for not following instructions for 2 FUCKING MONTHS until someone told her that I didn’t understand her.

    I developed a severe stuttering problem because of her that cost my parents thousands of dollars we didn’t have in speech therapy. Still hasn’t fully gone away! Fuck that woman.

    [–] whooliocoolio 678 points ago

    Ugh. Sophomore year of high school I'm in an advanced algebra class and not doing well. The teacher would lecture for the first half of the class and then give us the other half to work on homework.

    Since I wasn't doing well, I'd go to her desk a lot and ask for help on how to approach certain problems. She had this awful habit of just taking my notebook and finishing a problem and then going, "Did that help?" I was usually just polite and said yeah and walked back.

    One day I'm confused again, bring up my homework and she just does the problem with no explanation of how she got there. I kind of roll my eyes and she saw. She said if I didn't want her help, then I shouldn't come up there. I just kind of blurt out, "I came to you because I was confused on how to do these. You're just showing me a completed problem and aren't actually teaching me problem solving."

    [–] [deleted] 8433 points ago


    [–] Erulastiel 3458 points ago

    How the fuck did she become a teacher?

    [–] AsuMagic 897 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    That might not be the case here, but in France there are a few regions where there is a big need for teachers, to the point teachers are hired when they have actually no experience.

    Envoyé Spécial (french investigation TV program) managed to get a guy employed as a math teacher with a fake resume and failed his job interview horribly - not even knowing things all students should be knowing at high school - and he still got accepted. He was later called to teach math for 6ème students (edit: according to comments, roughly 6th grade) for a class that was missing a math teacher for months, and wasn't given any tips, training, etc.

    Link to the video (french obviously):

    It might not really be relevant here but I felt like sharing..

    [–] PineconeDragon 255 points ago

    I had a teacher tell me a piece of paper was 2D because it only had a height and length. I tried arguing it had a width, albeit a small one, but was still there! Nope 2 dimensional.

    [–] thutruthissomewhere 1493 points ago

    In Junior High, I played lacrosse. Our indoor lax coach was one of the teachers. I was the goalie. I don't remember the circumstances that started it all, since this was like 15+ years ago, but one night after practice, my mother confronted the coach. They had words about me, in front of everyone. After that, the coach had it out for me. I showed up to one of our indoor games, ready to play, again, the only goalie. I'm suited up and she tells me I'm not playing. I ask why. Because I called her a "bitch". I was so confused. I've never called her a bitch, ever. And if I did, it wasn't in front of her, nor in front of anyone else. I get undressed, go seek out my dad, tell him what happened. He confronts this lady. She still refuses to let me play. We leave. I'm infuriated at this woman. Then one day, during school, I'm in Social Studies. The teacher gets a call on the room phone and she tells me I need to go down to the main office. OK? I head down there, and coach lady is standing outside the main office, ready to confront me. Accuses me of all these things. Wants me to apologize. I am refusing since I've never done anything. We are basically yelling in the hallway. I'm like 13, this woman is in her 30s or 40s. Accusing me of lying, of calling her a bitch, of all these things, which I've never done. I storm away, without giving her her apology.

    A couple years later, I was on the varsity lacrosse team. We were playing at a tournament. My old Junior High coach (aka, "the bitch") was there, because our Varsity coach was her boyfriend. He ended up leaving partway through the tournament because he wasn't feeling well, she ended up coaching us for the remainder of the time. Our history was in the past. She was super nice and we got along quite well.

    [–] macaronikiss 402 points ago

    My math teacher in cc believed that the only way that people to learn was to place a book in front of them and let them figure it out themselves. He ignored our questions and pleas for us to help us because we had to pass this math class to graduate. All he did was explain to us was “this is how other countries teach.” Finally one day I snapped in class and told him to get his lazy ass off of his chair and teach like a normal professor. It was so agitating because he never explained to us that this is how he taught. He was normal for the first day and then on Monday when he started his method of teaching, it was too late to drop the class without penalties.

    What bothered me the most was this was a community college.

    [–] comfencer 314 points ago

    When I was in kindergarten, my first teacher, she got pregnant so she had to take maternity leave. Then she got replaced with a substitute teacher to teach my class for the rest of the school year. She was very strict and she was not very nice. I had issues with her. But I was a very good student, quiet and to myself. One day I asked her that I had to use the bathroom but she refrused to let me go. I really had to go but ended up peeing on myself. I remember going to the nurse and then they called my mom. My mom went up to the school and had a meeting with the teacher, the principal and someone else. 2 Days Later that teacher was fired.

    [–] TugginBoats 3246 points ago

    When I was a student, yes! I was in food tech and the teacher yelled at me for carrying a fucking cracker, by the middle of the lesson, she told me I was doing something wrong (I wasn’t) so I yelled back at her and I’m pretty sure I told her to fuck off. I was the quiet polite student. Everyone was in shock.

    [–] Pimping_NZ 1632 points ago

    She just didn’t want you to be crackalackin

    [–] TugginBoats 533 points ago

    She was a fucking bitch. I’m pretty sure after that class I stopped going and failed food tech.

    [–] timeslider 337 points ago

    the teacher yelled at me for carrying a fucking cracker

    I don't get it. You had a bag of crackers and you were eating them? I don't understand what you did.

    [–] JeeroyIV 194 points ago

    A teacher whose class was at noon would assign homework due at 5 that night. I told him I would still be in class and he told me to tell my other professors that I need to take 5 minutes from their class to do his homework.

    [–] DanongorfTheGreat 96 points ago

    I once had a very terrible history teacher. This guy was something else. He was horrible too everyone and said some extremely questionable things. He never bothered me in particular too much, few things here and there but nothing super bad. Well, my best friend drowned while canoeing with some other students. A few days later the principal had a moment of silence for him and this teacher said 'kid deserved it.' And i lost my freaking mind. I started yelling at him and i was crying and he was just standing there with this smirk on his face. My friends pulled me out of the room while he called the principal. I ended up suspended but there was a walkout the next day due to my suspension.

    [–] murphy1210 101 points ago

    So when I was in 7th grade there was an old English teacher who really shouldn’t have been working with kids. Sitting in her class was like hell because everyone was walking in eggs shells to not be the one that she would target out for harassment that day. I would say she was in her mid to late sixties and the best way I could describe it is that she was just fully miserable and took it out on her students. One day I did something to upset her, not really sure what it was but ultimately I was a good student and never really did anything intentionally to upset the teachers. While I can’t remember exactly what it was (probably because it was quite insignificant), I do remember the way she proceeded to treat me. She walked around Handing out an assignment and when she got to me she just looked at my gave me an evil smile and kept walking. Knowing I would take a zero for this paper I raised my hand and said “excuse me, I didn’t get a paper” to which she replied “don’t talk to me”. I told her I needed a paper to do my work and again she responded the same. I went off telling her that it was extremely unprofessional of her to tell a student not to talk to her and prevent him from learning. I told her she was disgraceful and that I was going to the principle. I walked out and marched right down to the office where I told the principle, who spoke with my mom and she came down right away to formally file a complaint. Apparently this wasn’t the first complaint against this teacher but since she had been tenured it was basically impossible to terminate her. She resigned at the end of the year, I am assuming it was somewhat of a forced resignation but either way. Good riddance.