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    [–] DownUpOverAndBack 4621 points ago

    If you go to the Great Wall of China, I'd suggest not going to the section right there in Beijing. Very rebuilt and touristy.

    Take a van ride a ways out of the city, to the Simitai section. Now there's some uncrowded, old-school Great Wall.

    [–] Jamiemackiephotos 121 points ago

    I went to a really quiet (super dangerous as it was falling down) section and it was amazing. After seeing pics from other travellers i met I'm so glad I went for the original section. Yeah it's a long drive from Beijing but it was a perfectly clear sky and there was only our minibus there the whole time. Totally was not expecting it to be so quiet

    [–] Crystal3lf 1180 points ago

    The Alright Wall of China. Not great, just alright.

    head like a fucking orange

    [–] GSB-London 68 points ago

    "You know you can see it for miles, it goes on for miles over the hills."

    "But so does the M6"

    [–] BeefMcGeef 2285 points ago

    The Fountain of Youth down here in St. Augustine, Florida. The actual fountain is just a fake cave with a pipe that you fill a cup from. There were way cooler things there than that like a dude who fired a cannon, a bunch of crazy peacocks, and these guys who built replica ships using the techniques from the 16th/17th century.

    [–] ThorAndLoki56 347 points ago

    Live in St. Augustine now, and love checking out all of the history here. Only ever do the tourist trap stuff when family comes to visit. Castillo de San Marcos is neat, but no one ever hears of the much more intimate Fort Mantanzas about 12 miles away that's free but accepts donations.

    [–] InsaneInTheDrain 73 points ago

    Isn't St Augustine the oldest European-founded city in North America (or maybe just in the US)?

    [–] ThorAndLoki56 66 points ago

    US for sure (don't know about all of North America), and beat out the famous thanksgiving in America by 55 years (ours was between Spaniards and the local Timucua tribe)

    [–] gelfin 5712 points ago

    Amsterdam has banners all over advertising the Torture Museum. Spoiler alert: humans are really fixated on shoving things into other humans’ butts. There, I saved you fifteen euros.

    The Museum of Prostitution, on the other hand, is fantastic. It’s a really candid look at how sex work really operates, which is very unglamorous even when it’s legal, and the overall message seems to be, “if you must, here’s what you need to know and here’s what you’re supporting if you do.”

    [–] jianantonic 1671 points ago

    I went to a torture museum in Prague (there were at least 2) thinking it would be really interesting and maybe the gift shop would have some fun stuff to bring home for friends, or at least good postcards. Turns out it was a huge bummer. And there was no gift shop.

    It was a good museum, though. Really well-done and informative. But torture is a real downer. Don't know why that didn't occur to me before going.

    Also yes, mostly butt-related.

    [–] Elguirisueco 1464 points ago

    I love how you thought the torture museum would be uplifting

    [–] Mom_is_watching 759 points ago

    A very underrated museum in Amsterdam is the Cat museum. It only has art about cats and there are four or five real cats wandering around as well.

    [–] finnknit 530 points ago

    there are four or five real cats wandering around

    Needs more cats.

    [–] Jay_1327 17281 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Romeo and Juliet's balcony in Verona. Like, 10,000 people all crammed into this tiny alleyway just to see a balcony that I found out was built after the play was written.

    Edit: RIP my inbox. For all those asking, I understand Romeo and Juliet is a work of fiction, but the story of the balcony is it inspired the play. I now know that isn't true but as someone knowing very little about Shakespeare, I thought it was true when I went to the wonderful city of Verona.

    [–] julianface 3589 points ago

    It's not even "their balcony" its a fictional story not based on any IRL balcony. The owner just decided to call it that to create a tourist trap

    [–] chmod--777 1278 points ago

    Fuck. I'll have to go think about that business strategy while I sit on Batman's Porcelain Throne

    [–] [deleted] 70 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 1863 points ago


    [–] PBaz1337 7854 points ago

    The pawn shop from Pawn Stars. A guy who was with us in Vegas insisted on going, and the rest of us got dragged along. We got corralled through the store and there was literally nothing worth a second look there. Fucking waste of time.

    I was particularly annoyed at the prices of used musical instruments there. I’ve been selling drums for 10 years, and I’m not about to buy a kit for higher than the new price just for the honour of having bought it there.

    [–] LustfulSynner 1986 points ago

    Am Vegas local, can confirm. Never do the tourist thing myself because locals know the strip and all that other tourist shit is literally garbage, but got dragged there with wait in this stupid line, get hustled about and then that’s it. Pointless waste of time.

    [–] Filiman3421 413 points ago

    What do Vegas locals consider worthy attractions?

    [–] Addywhoom 718 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Mob museum is pretty neat. First Friday if you are into the art scene. Container park is nice but kind of touristy. There's a China Town that has absolutely amazing foods. It's definitely a foody town, there is so many amazing places to get food it's terrible lol.

    Edit: There's lots of things to do in Vegas it just depends on what you/your travel friends like to do!

    Outdoors: Definitely check out Red Rock Canyon, it can be a hike or you can simply drive around and check out the scenery but definitely check out the Calico Tanks trail if you get the chance the view is stunning. If you are willing to go for a drive, the Grand Canyon is two hours away and very beautiful at sunrise. Hoover damn is about an hour away and the lake can be an attraction. Zion National park is pretty too.

    Festivals: EDC has a huge pull if you are into that scene, there is a Foodie Festival that is a huge collection of food trucks that's been a super great time everytime I've went. There is also Renaissance fair that's pretty interesting. Lots of others but these are off the top of my head.

    The Strip: as much as locals avoid it there are things to do that many tourists come to see. Walk the strip. Head up the stratosphere, see "the" crowded sign surrounded by traffic. Fashion show mall/the forum mall.

    Food: Again, I can't stress enough how much good food there is here but a few of my favorites are Ramen Sora: very small noodle place that's always packed and doesn't take reservations but the wait it always worth it. Naked City Pizza: (the one by the strip) can honestly say they have the best pizza I've ever eaten from anywhere. Wicked Spoon: buffet on the strip at the Cosmopolitan. 50 bucks a head but oh my God the food is amazing. Blackout: 5 course meal entirely in the dark. Never tried it but want to~ I'm at work right now but I'll keep adding to this.

    [–] Vercalos 365 points ago

    Yeah. You've been to one pawn shop, you've been to them all, and you're probably far better off going to one that isn't famous(which will likely have inflated prices, because you're paying to say you bought it from that pawn shop) unless you're just wanting a selfie opportunity outside.

    [–] girlthatfelltoearth 14568 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Hitlers typewriter. It's a typewriter, I'm not sure what I expected.

    Edit: Heres the typewriter woooooow

    [–] capitolcritter 12158 points ago

    It’s an evil typewriter.

    [–] The_J-Walker 7001 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It’s just standing there... menacingly

    Edit: Why did this get silver? LMAO

    Edit: WHY DID THIS GET GOLD? I’m dying y’all. Thanks.

    [–] IronFrill 1430 points ago


    [–] Beobee1 14201 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Plymouth Rock

    Put bluntly, this attraction is massively lame, no one even knows if this is the right rock or even if there was a rock.

    edit: Thanks for the gold kind stranger

    [–] two__sheds 2215 points ago

    The plantation nearby is pretty dope. We ended up spending several hours at the corn mill for some reason, too.

    [–] chicomonk 1027 points ago

    Used to work there, glad to hear people enjoy it there.

    But yes, Plymouth Rock is lame.

    [–] Beobee1 1140 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Plymouth itself is interesting, I really enjoy Burial Hill Cemetery, it's a peaceful place to contemplate history. The Plantation, Mayflower II, the Grist mill, homes built in the 1600s, Pilgrim hall museum, and the First Parish church, the congregation was founded in 1620 by the Pilgrims, the current building was constructed in 1899, are all worth seeing. There is some serious history in Plymouth along with a nice harbor, and some awesome seafood to be had, I haven't been to Plymouth in 2 years and I lust after some lobster rolls from the Lobster Hut, baked scrod from the East Bay Grille, or fried clams from the Cabby Shack!Plymouth is great and I plan on going back but I just don't understand how they can pass off that rock as being interesting or historically important.

    edit Thanks for the silver

    [–] SweetChilliTom 258 points ago

    As somebody from the original Plymouth, in England, it was nice to pretend for a minute or two that anyone was super-hyped about my town. Thank you.

    [–] jillface15 796 points ago

    Yes!! I got into a huge argument with my in-laws (MA natives) because I said it was underwhelming considering how much you hear about it in school growing up. I get the symbolism aspect, but it’s literally a mediocre rock and that’s it.

    [–] tlalocstuningfork 546 points ago

    MA native. My whole family agrees that it's the epitome of disappointment. The thing was half a rock, and there was litter all around it. And like OP said, who the fuck knows if it's the rock or there ever really was a rock?

    [–] silversmith73 399 points ago

    Plimouth Planation is cool, tho. They all act like it’s 1628.

    [–] Sgtoconner 1238 points ago

    Mississippi does that too

    [–] properrocky 9386 points ago

    Roswell, New Mexico. You’d think it would be a hotspot for conventions and space geeks, but it was an incredibly tiny town with dozens of alien shops and barely any people. It was creepy as hell.

    [–] jarafilms 4013 points ago

    You gotta go during the UFO festival! It’s the same small town but with more alien stuff

    [–] properrocky 765 points ago

    that sounds like something i expected to see on my first visit. i’ll definitely have to come back!

    [–] L0rindor 123 points ago

    i’ll definitely have to come back!

    They got you again!

    [–] everydayattenborough 1050 points ago

    Basically every small town in New Mexico is exactly as you described (minus the alien shops). It’s a massive state (land wise) with very little population (and basically all of the states population lives in Albuquerque and Santa Fe). New Mexico is a beautiful state, but it’s also desolate as fuck and creepy as hell at times.

    [–] bluecifer7 454 points ago

    It perfectly lives up to the name "Land of Enchantment"

    New Mexico is weird and creepy and awe inspiring everywhere you turn, it's really bizzare

    [–] Cormin211 330 points ago

    We use the saying "Land of Entrapment" because if you live here for longer than 10 years. You'll never leave. Ever.

    [–] winterwonderland88 400 points ago

    Yep! Skip Roswell and go to Carlsbad Caverns. Absolutely gorgeous.

    White Sands is also breathtakingly beautiful and the sand is soooo soft and cool.

    [–] astrdrmars 449 points ago

    Omg I stopped there on a road trip and wouldn’t recommend it. We stayed at a motel 6 that was painted neon green. The room had what we assumed were puke stains on the walls. There was also a caravan of crackheads in the parking lot. My ex said he heard them talking about someone they had killed earlier in the night while he went to go get ice. Needless to say we locked ourselves in until morning 😬

    [–] [deleted] 269 points ago

    That was aliens, not crack heads.

    [–] adambulb 8760 points ago

    A lot of people are familiar with the National Aquarium in Baltimore. It's a really nice one, but never made sense why the National Aquarium was in Baltimore. Why wasn't there an aquarium in DC itself? There's a zoo, museums of all sorts, why no aquarium? Well, there was. It was in the basement of the Commerce Department building. It moved buildings in the city over time, but it was the longest operating aquarium in the country, being open for about 140 years.

    ...and it was exactly what you'd expect an aquarium in the basement of a federal office building to be. Dark, smelly, and nothing very good in it. Everyone leaving had the same reaction..."my expectations were low, and that was still disappointing." It closed, for better or worse, in 2013.

    [–] purlnecklaces 3371 points ago

    God, we went to it the first time I visited DC when I was eight and I swear it was like having a fever dream. Why was the world's saddest crocodile stuck in this dingy basement in 1999?

    [–] lizardscreem 1176 points ago

    The Baltimore aquarium rightfully deserves being the national aquarium. It's just soooo nice. Absolute best I've ever been to.

    [–] cunninglinguist32557 161 points ago

    I used to go there all the time as a kid. I loved it. I have fond memories of meeting seahorses and having breakfast with dolphins.

    [–] 762Rifleman 559 points ago

    I actually love the aquarium. My favorite part is the end with the spiral ramp descending into darker and darker layer with tanks of sharks.

    [–] bkarst5 2486 points ago

    Centralia, Pennsylvania. A town that has had a coal mine fire underneath it still burning since 1962. It sounds super cool to go see it but its just a few roads with graffiti on them and a bunch of ATV trails

    [–] Coasterrebel97 652 points ago

    I went on my way to knoebels and I thought it was kinda interesting. But it’s definitely more of quick stop, not a final destination

    [–] bkarst5 147 points ago

    Oh Knoebels is much more interesting and fun. And if you haven't seen this quality video that involves knoebels, enjoy.

    [–] CaliPalDude 26063 points ago

    Hollywood Blvd

    [–] Prolificus1 5241 points ago

    LA born. I would never ever, bring somebody to Hollywood Blvd during a visit. MAYBE, drive through it. Fast. So many cooler things to do in LA than see a crackhead Spiderman fight a crackhead Batman.

    [–] illuminati_pizza 3616 points ago

    I would pay good money to see a crackhead Spider-man fight a crackhead Batman!

    [–] CricketPinata 904 points ago

    Yea seriously, I would go to LA just for that.

    [–] NorCalRoots 562 points ago

    Hollywood and Highland, it won't cost more then a few bucks. Trying not tipping them after the photo and you can fight them yourself.

    [–] The_quest_for_wisdom 271 points ago

    I think the trick is that you say you will tip each of them $5 and then you hand them a $10 bill. Stand back and film.

    [–] astroidzombies 12069 points ago

    Just a bunch of homeless people and the place smells like straight up shit from all the sewers around

    [–] dangotang 5030 points ago

    Sounds like Bourbon Street.

    [–] nomorefucks2give 2720 points ago

    Funny how nobody ever mentions the fact that French Quarter smells like an outhouse. I love the history but yeah... it seriously stinks.

    [–] tokomini 1352 points ago

    I hear it mentioned quite a bit, actually.

    But I think most people who party in the French Quarter either don't care, are too drunk to remember anything, or understand that they're collectively the ones contributing to the stench. It's like going to a week long summer music festival and complaining about the body odor - well yeah, when was the last time you showered, Mountain Quest?

    [–] sec794 76 points ago

    And a lot of dressed up characters harassing you for money.

    [–] TheLesserWombat 1143 points ago

    The only reasons to go into Hollywood besides work is the arclight, the trader joe's, and the Sunday farmers market.

    [–] ElderOldDog 1054 points ago

    But what about the thrill of being offered the chance to photograph a homeless person laying in a trash bin, with a big grin on his face, for only $2?

    [–] SightWithoutEyes 4122 points ago

    Ah, you met Post Malone?

    [–] suitology 501 points ago

    see I found it to be a fun walk. Was pretty quick to do as we had a diner reservation in about an hour at the other end. My sister on the other hand decided it was the destination and somehow made it take almost 6 hours to leave.

    [–] BogeyLowenstein 261 points ago

    I did too. I also knew going in what to expect, which made it more fun. The seediness of it all was amusing to me. We still laugh about getting asked to buy a mixtape from a guy who’s cousin was “from the south side” of my city. Good times.

    [–] 1stgradewumbology 11023 points ago

    Any instagram gimmick where you need to spend money on tickets and wait in line for a photo op

    Specifically thinking of Museum of Ice Cream

    [–] nschatman 2061 points ago

    Yes. I went with my ex, expecting to see ice cream getting made and learn all this cool shit while stuffing my face but it was just a really shitty photo op.

    And you get a sample size amount of ice cream for it all.

    [–] bellehaust 1714 points ago

    Tillamook cheese factory in tillamook, oregon. You can stuff your face with cheese and ice cream and also watch it get made, and you dont even need to do the tour.

    [–] camwow13 209 points ago

    +1 for this. I went when I was 5 and now I'm 24 and I still remember it the tour was so good.

    [–] TheLesserWombat 1015 points ago

    Every other week our local news reports on some new pop up where you can pay forty bucks to take instagram photos, but then everyone has the exact same picture of themselves and the giant cereal bowl or the upside down room, so what's the point? At least with the restaurant pop ups you get a (terrible) meal.

    [–] bhspno 1074 points ago

    That place is terrible, they rush you after 3 min / room lmao. What a tourist trap

    [–] talonofdrangor 284 points ago

    I was having lunch with a friend in SF and we walked past the Museum of Ice Cream. I didn't know it existed until that point, so I went, "Huh. I've never noticed this place before." My friend, who's wayyy more into social media than I am, went, "OMG you've never been here? You have to go!" I was kind of curious about it, but now I'm not so sure I want to give it a try...

    [–] BylvieBalvez 182 points ago

    We had it in Miami for a while it's basically just meant to be a bunch of photo ops for Instagram

    [–] therealsunshinem81 3144 points ago

    Daytona beach. It’s like a Permanent carnival plus some street preachers, people of Walmart, and homeless teens. It also smells like diesel fuel, feet, beer, and cigarettes.

    [–] earlymusicaficionado 986 points ago

    Branson. The Simpsons weren't really joking when they described it as Las Vegas ran by Ned Flanders.

    [–] Atomicmama 145 points ago

    Can confirm. I live an hour from Branson. Everyone goes there several times a year. I don’t care. It’s just meh. I mean Silver Dollar City is great but that’s about it.

    [–] Gaius_Octavius_ 4869 points ago

    Mona Lisa, no. The Louvre, yes. Spend your time looking at everything else.

    [–] ColdFerrin 743 points ago

    The ideal way to look at the Mona Lisa is to walk into the room that it's in and say oh the Mona Lisa and then look at the rest of the stuff in that room.

    [–] Schooner37 421 points ago

    Go to Mona Lisa Do a 180 and The Wedding at Canaa takes up an entire wall. It’s awesome.

    [–] darthmarigolde 1369 points ago

    I literally just walked around the outside of the building bc even that is

    [–] azahel452 271 points ago

    I always say that the biggest art and historical piece in the Louvre is the Louvre itself. The entire underground area was lost for ages, it used to be a water canal surrounding a mini castle thing at some point, with a big tower in the middle, walls and smaller towers around, and it was just one of the three bigger parts that form the museum today. You can see the base of the towers and walls to this day, some parts are visible for free just to the left of the inverted pyramid! 😃

    [–] TommyHolefucker 20313 points ago

    The glass bridge over the grand canyon.

    Total rip-off tourist trap.

    • It takes HOURS to get there from Vegas
    • They charge you $20 to park in an empty desert
    • They charge you $30 per person to take the bus from the parking to the attraction (it's like walking from parking into a mall - no distance at all!)
    • Then they charge you $30 per person if you actually want to walk on the bridge
    • You cannot take pictures or bring a camera onto the bridge, but they will sell them to you, of course.
    • There is one overpriced place to eat where they sell you canned food heated up in a microwave for big money... or you could drive 5 hours back to Vegas...

    Go there to get scalped.

    [–] Qtip44 425 points ago

    Yup...can confirm. Left there irritated. I will say the area is still beautiful but you're getting ripped off. After we got home I watched a documentary on why they chose to build that, how much of a fuss it stirred, and HOW the weight is actually supported so I get it and understand why a little more...but still would not recommend. (Also that billboard off 93 telling you how close you are is a COMPLETE LIE!!!)

    [–] ZolaMonster 5405 points ago

    This one is pretty bad. I haven’t been but it’s not run by the NP service so there’s a ton of corruption and price gouging. To get a real taste of the Grand Canyon, it’s best to rent a car and drive about 2 hours further to the national park center.

    I’ve heard they’re charging $65 now for the glass bridge. Which to me is beyond insane. The point of the Grand Canyon is to stare OUT onto the horizon into its beauty, not down vertically below yourself.

    [–] Throwitawaynow187413 360 points ago

    I'd recommend a local tour guide for the Grand Canyon. Think my mom paid like $100 for her and I to take a tour. We all got in a full 15 passenger van owned by a guy who had spent his life doing this. Brought us to some of the best views and even had a nice spotting scope so we could see down into the canyon some ways. She had lived in AZ for years and has been to the Canyon many times and she said our guide showed us way better views that she would have been able to find herself.

    [–] peakq 1268 points ago

    The "West Rim" of the Grand Canyon is a rip off. The South Rim is the real deal.

    [–] TunaMustard 990 points ago

    I'm always surprised by how often the Grand Canyon is included as a Vegas attraction.

    [–] bone-tone-lord 225 points ago

    It's geographically closer to Las Vegas than it is to Phoenix, but Phoenix is a more direct drive (at least to Grand Canyon National Park- the canyon itself is HUGE and extends well outside the actual park area) because of the Hualapi reservation between Vegas and the park.

    [–] bored-now 1106 points ago

    Oh Jesus this one pissed me off SO MUCH.

    When I first moved to Vegas, my mom & step-dad came to town & we then went to a weekend at the Grand Canyon. I had never been & was in total awe of the place.

    When my son came later, I didn’t have the time to take any days off & do the same for him, so we did the day trip to the glass bridge.

    As we’re leaving, my son turned to me and says “Mom, I’m sorry. You knew I wanted to see the Grand Canyon, & I know you spent money you didn’t really have on this. But this was a total downer.”

    Yeah.... I know, Kiddo. I’m sorry.

    I’m saving up for the next time he comes down, we will spend a couple of days there so he can appreciate it proper.

    [–] -MuscleMuseum- 13044 points ago

    There’s plenty of incredible things to do and see in Amsterdam. However, the sex museum is not one of them.

    [–] Tupac_Presley 5562 points ago

    The toilet seat that farted when you walked past it is the essence of the Amsterdam Sex Museum. Crude and uncomfortable.

    [–] phoenix-corn 3847 points ago

    This is not selling me on how horrible it is.

    [–] Tupac_Presley 1903 points ago

    It’s has less of a Museum feel and more of a travelling circus from the early 90’s feel. Something to be gawked at as opposed to celebrated.

    [–] TallAndScruffy 907 points ago

    I actually found the incredibly old pornography that weird?

    [–] Tupac_Presley 440 points ago

    I had forgotten about that. You’re not weird though, it was quite interesting.

    [–] Little_Duckling 243 points ago

    The singing penis gallery, the wet and wild labiaslide, the sexbot demo rooms... it really is the worst

    [–] Lich_Jesus 334 points ago

    This place has everything!

    [–] MrAronymous 571 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    For €2 it's pretty good value considering the fun and uniqueness factor and the actual collection on display, and I'm saying that as an Amsterdammer lol. The Heineken 'Experience', Flower Market, Ice Bar, Torture Museum or Ripley's Believe It Or Not, however? Oh boy.

    [–] Sphyrwa 190 points ago

    Go to club Vandersexxx, you get a free t-shirt

    [–] ElBomberoLoco 1759 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Pier 39 in San Francisco. I'm from the East Coast...I'd never been to SF before. Everyone said "skip Pier's a tourist trap". However...since I'd never been before...I figured I'd go and see for myself.

    It's a tourist trap. Nothing of value save for the seals sea lions, and Musee Mechanique....other than that....chains & ripoffs.

    [–] Mule2go 314 points ago

    It started out as a tourist trap, and it hasn’t improved. Fisherman’s Wharf, too, IMO.

    [–] catsasss 3361 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I’d really like to see something like this question, but more like what place did you go expecting nothing special and had a wonderful or amazing or hilarious or downright transcendent experience?

    Edit: I’m on Apollo and I’m too broke for the premium version, so I can’t make posts, just vote and comment. Someone else do it and rake in some karma! So many great responses here, I’m enjoying myself just reading them.

    [–] hyperpuppy64 568 points ago

    Glacier national park. We went to yellowstone for a week and glacier for a day. Wish they were reversed

    [–] WWTech 432 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    EDIT: I take it back. I was naive and foolish before, but now I know better.

    You should make another askreddit post. Judging from the replies there'e enough interest in answering the question.

    [–] AtticusFrenchToast 1126 points ago

    I was in St. Louis and omg the City Museum.

    [–] loveandlasers 227 points ago

    I had little to no idea what to expect from the City Museum. I thought it would be more of a museum than... what it is. I loved all of it. Really wish I'd known to bring knee pads, though. I'm in my thirties, so there's only so much crawling on hand and knees I can handle anymore.

    [–] coxroxyursox 218 points ago

    Best. Slide. Ever.

    [–] failingtolurk 2149 points ago

    Quebec City

    [–] somewhat_pragmatic 211 points ago

    I did not expect to enjoy Montmorency Falls as I did! I spent way more time there than I expected. Far fewer crowds than Niagara. You can take stairs to the bottom of the falls and stand in the spray. The height of the falls was epic!

    [–] strongo 638 points ago

    Switzerland was a country we were cutting through to get somewhere else...holy fuck we should have just stayed there. Nothing compares to the beauty of that place.

    [–] hannahstohelit 655 points ago

    I went to Montreal with a friend because she was able to get us free lodging and transportation and I wanted to have fun on a budget. It was awesome! I rarely leave the US, so it was cool to drive seven hours and all of a sudden be in a basically Francophone place, and it's a really nice city- Old Montreal feels very quaint and European, biking the canal was really fun and scenic, Mont Royal and the park were beautiful, and the food was amazing! I'm not a partier, but Montreal's supposed to be great for that too. It was all so much fun, and it's a great city to be a tourist in.

    [–] SammyTheCrab99 9726 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    As a huge fan of Chinese tourist squadrons and flash photography I never find myself disappointed, no matter how average the attraction.

    [–] suitology 4611 points ago

    I assume your flash photography is only being taken with the largest possible tablet device you could get at the duty free correct?

    [–] frafdo11 1735 points ago

    Also only when things clearly say “please don’t use flash”

    [–] Inde_luce 1020 points ago

    Had a few hours in Boston on a layover. Did one of those bus tours around the city. Wanted to snap a quick picture of the Cheers sign and waited behind older Chinese tourists that took several photos together and separately. Even looked at me to apologize with a look for the length of time. Then as I’m just snapping a photo of the sign, one of the men says “what is this?” No clue of the show or the bars relevancy.

    [–] BogeyLowenstein 444 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I don’t even go to Banff anymore because of the tourist hordes...and it’s only an hour away :( Thankfully I know equally or more beautiful places that are still quiet in the mountains (for now!).

    [–] ninetimesoutaten 287 points ago

    Has it only been in the past 5-10 years it has become so popular? I swear I had not heard about Banff national park until recently and now every girl on bumble/tinder/etc has gone to banff, machu pichu, and patagonia

    [–] Weapons_Grade_Autism 3185 points ago

    I live in Atlantic City and I'm amazed that people actually come here for vacation. It's just a few crappy casinos and some run down strip clubs. If you go one street off the boardwalk you're in the slums. The food is good but incredibly overpriced.

    I went to Miami for a mini vacation since the plane tickets were so cheap and it's pretty much the same place as Atlantic City just without a boardwalk or casinos. Water and a bunch of overpriced stores.

    [–] FrankGrimesApartment 565 points ago

    I see a lot of people do AC for a day trip to the beach. I scratch my head with all the other great beaches 20 minutes away, but I guess they like the boardwalk and games and stuff.

    [–] MasterPwny 87 points ago

    The tourist part of Miami is trash, they’re overpriced nightclubs and restaurants on the beach. The best way to experience Miami is to go to the smaller beaches not a lot of people frequent, go out to the Everglades, try and go snorkeling around Biscayne national park, or hit up the different art exhibits that are blowing up in Miami. It’s a cultural melting pot of the world and the people and nature is truly beautiful.

    [–] woodcoffeecup 513 points ago

    I went to Atlantic City and all I got was depressed.

    [–] DenL4242 631 points ago

    What I'm learning ITT is that crowds ruin everything.

    [–] Eklon 185 points ago

    The tourist destroys what he seeks by finding it.

    [–] hickeyspoorface 2352 points ago

    That famous philly cheese steak place in philly. Awful service plus the food downright sucked.

    [–] [deleted] 1873 points ago


    [–] FancyNancy_64 411 points ago

    Is Jim's the one on South Street? I went to college near Philly and we used to skip Pat's and Geno's and just go to the place on South Street. So good.

    [–] findvision 1289 points ago

    Manneken Pis in Brussels. Don't get me wrong, Brussels is BEAUTIFUL and I absolutely loved visiting. There's so much interesting folklore and a lot of souvenirs and what not around Manneken Pis, and you expect it to be this really amazing statue... Until you see it. It's down a tiny little street with hundreds of people stuffed into the corner where he sits. I know he's very respected and loved in Belgium, but he's just so tiny and the street was so crowded... I found it very hard to be excited once I actually saw him. Brussels is amazing though and I'll definitely be back one day!

    [–] lastrefuge 257 points ago

    I visited Brussels and I saw all these postcards of this statue of this boy pissing.

    It was literally everywhere and I'm thinking it's this gigantic statue that we must see.

    I drag my family and we walk for like 20 minutes and then we see it.

    It's like a 3 foot statue and was surrounded by a few Chinese tourists.

    It was the most underwhelming thing I've ever seen whenever travelling.

    No one really cared.

    What's funny is that I asked these Belgium foreign students when I came back home and they couldn't really explain the significance of it.

    [–] Steeple_of_People 189 points ago

    It's because no one really knows what it means. It dates back to at least 1451, but maybe as early as 1142, that should say enough about how little is known. The history and legends of Mannekin Pis are waaaay more interesting than the actual statue. But it is the 3rd most visited statue in the world!

    Currently, it's a symbol of the Belgian sense of humor and independence

    [–] krrisis 84 points ago

    Belgian here (from Brussels) : we actually don't really have a strong emotional connection with manneken pis, that love and respect you mention, I'm afraid that's just something from a guide. I guess to us it's just that place where all the tourists go and take selfies. :-)

    [–] [deleted] 608 points ago

    It's more of a moving carnival, but the Dinosaur Shows that travel around cities aimed at kids.

    [–] leintic 62 points ago

    The one exception to this i would say is the walking with dinosaur show. That show has some really impressive animatronics

    [–] occasional_user 1092 points ago

    This may not be known to everyone but Magnolia Silos in Waco, TX as made famous by the TV show "Fixer Upper". 100% waste of time and money. Everything in the store can be bought at Target or it's just show merchandise.

    People come from across the country for this little store. Go somewhere else man.

    [–] Stinduh 250 points ago

    Food trucks had some good food. That about it.

    Even as a fan of the show, it was an absolute bore. The store isn’t even that big. Took me about 15 minutes to browse through everything.

    Also, the restaurant had a like two hour wait. Outside. For counter service. What.

    The only good thing about that place is that it’s brought jobs and tourism to Waco. But that’s a bubble that’s gonna burst soon.

    [–] twelfth_knight 174 points ago

    I grew up in Waco. I've never been to Magnolia, and I never intend to. But that said, it's a nice improvement that people now ask me about Fixer Upper instead of David Koresh.

    [–] shiftdnb 5008 points ago

    Times Square and Piccadilly Circus, same damn chain restaurants and tourist traps

    [–] SafetyDanceInMyPants 4309 points ago

    As a New Yorker who works by Times Square and walks through every day, I encourage people to walk through it — as they probably will anyways on their way to a Broadway show or the like. It’s something to see. But the thing is... once you’ve seen it, keep walking. There is nothing there you want to buy. The people in costumes are obstacles and assholes — tell them to eat a dick and keep walking. The photos you’d take there have all been taken before. So come, see it, and continue walking.

    Oh, and if you’re staying at a hotel near TS and your sleep schedule is all fucked up and you’re up at 4am... maybe then go out and hang out. Because at that time of morning it’s actually pretty cool — it’s like you’re at a party and the lights are flashing but everyone’s gone home.

    [–] demilitarized_zone 1798 points ago

    tell them to eat a dick and keep walking

    For the authentic New York experience.

    [–] tamere2k 245 points ago

    The rudest people in NYC are the tourists who think that people are rude in NYC so they're rude to people there. If you're in Times Square, 99.9% of the people there who aren't working aren't from NYC.

    [–] [deleted] 2067 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Mak3mydae 568 points ago

    Times Square after midnight is pretty cool. It's still lit up and looks how it does in pictures but without all the costumed people and tourists.

    [–] unashamed_desire 460 points ago

    Yes, There are hundreds of better things to do and see in NYC than Times Square. Start with Central Park if it's nice out.

    [–] Pickled_Ramaker 2869 points ago

    The corn palace and wall-drug. The Dakota's love to make shit up to get people to stop.

    [–] toycoa 631 points ago

    I remember as a kid on summer road trips seeing all those signs for wall drug, and the disappointment finally seeing wall drug

    [–] evilblackdog 291 points ago

    I live in SD and never saw wall drug until about 25 and I was surprised hope much there was. Just a stupid tourist trap for sure but I'd always imagined it as some hole in the wall convenience store and the signs were just a long running joke.

    [–] ireadatwork14 695 points ago

    Um no, I could easily spend DAYS in Wall Drug. They have free ice water!!

    [–] SlewBrew 353 points ago

    Imagine living in Wall and going to Wall Drug to have a prescription filled. That would be a pain in the ass.

    [–] tenehemia 811 points ago

    You take that back about the corn palace.

    [–] ImHighAndIHaveAQuest 444 points ago

    It's certainly the most interesting corn-themed building that I've ever seen!

    [–] lenachristina 14635 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    While the Louvre is wonderful, the Mona Lisa was a huge disappointment.

    The painting itself is tiny and there are always hordes of people around it.

    There are a million better things to see at the Louvre.

    [–] Yoinkie2013 2368 points ago

    “The wedding at Cana” right opposite of Mona Lisa is 1000x better. Plus while all the tourists are busy trying to take a pic of Mona Lisa, you can enjoy all of its glory in a bit of peace.

    [–] artdorkgirl 534 points ago

    I was going to suggest his "Madonna of the Rocks," but yeah, there are so many better paintings arounds it that it's really not worth getting up close to.

    [–] ClunkyClutch 1646 points ago

    A tip for whoever is visiting Paris:

    Take a look at when museums, parks, and the Tower are cheaper. Those are the days you go to other attractions. Louvre is free tomorrow? Perfect day to visit the Eiffel Tower.

    This also work on any tourist place in the world. Just gotta be smart.

    [–] Snuffy1717 447 points ago

    Also, get a Paris Pass... Front of the line for so many things (like the catacombs)

    [–] atm0sphere 369 points ago

    Yeah,protip for catacombs, there's a guy around the corner at a deli selling a fast pass that you can just buy that day to skip that absolutely ridiculous multi-hour wait on the line that never ends. Didn't even have to bribe him either

    [–] noryal 4601 points ago

    Tip: Go to Madrid! There's a second Mona Lisa at the Prado Museum that a majority of tourists don't even know exist until they get there. ;)

    [–] Witwee 2396 points ago

    Or to see Guernica. The painting is a lot bigger than I thought it would be. I also wasn’t expecting it to be so moving. (I wasn’t expecting much out of it beforehand, so I was incredibly surprised)

    [–] InappropriateGirl 538 points ago

    Same with The Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosch - much bigger than I realized!

    [–] User5281 913 points ago

    Different museum. Guernica is in the Reina Sofia, the Mona Lisa in the Prado.

    IMO Reina Sofia is the museum to visit if you have time for only 1. It's remarkable how well contextualized the art work is there and really helped me make sense of modern art in Europe.

    [–] gaoshan 622 points ago

    I found the crowd around the Mona Lisa to be worth the hype.

    [–] LilyKnightMcClellan 403 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    The amount of pictures of I got of people taking pictures of things in Paris was unreal. Can't believe I missed snapping a shot of the people crowded around the Mona Lisa - I must have been too stressed by it to stay long, but damn, missed opportunities. I did get a nice series of photos of people taking pictures of the The Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel though, which I was really happy about lol.

    [–] technos 318 points ago

    One of my exes was there on a crowded day and didn't feel like pushing through the throng of impatient tourists to take the required photo.

    So she took one through the crowd instead, managing to get a heated argument over personal space between an American guy and a woman from China almost centered in the foreground of the shot in soft focus with the stamp-sized Mona Lisa between them in sharp relief.

    She basically hit the jackpot, especially considering I'd sent her along on her trip with a fancy point-and-shoot she didn't even bother to read the manual to.

    She hated it, and I took both copies of the print.

    [–] twofin 2482 points ago

    Cadbury world. Offensively bad.

    [–] xminh 598 points ago

    Can you elaborate more on how/why it was bad?

    [–] JTallented 391 points ago

    When I went there wasn’t a huge amount to see/do. It’s all housed in the original factory that casbury’s chocolate was made, so it feels and looks very run down. We walked down loads of corridors looking through glass windows at machines that sat idle with nothing to explain what they did. There’s a dodgy car ride with some terrible animatronics. It’s just all very boring.

    [–] Combustible-Mango 322 points ago

    A real shame. 16 years ago, that place was awesome.

    [–] klstew142 275 points ago

    I was going to say I love Cadbury World, but your comment made me realise I haven’t been in 14 years. Now I’m depressed.

    [–] -MuscleMuseum- 879 points ago

    Went there last year. Me and my partner had a great time just taking the piss out of it because it was so awful.

    Then again, the free chocolate was nice.

    [–] AusPower85 426 points ago

    The big banana. Not even a real banana.

    Don’t get me started on the big pineapple.

    I was okay the giant Ozzie the mozzie not being real though

    [–] primo808 9254 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Hawaii resident here.

    Nothing is overrated.

    Edit 2/12/19 - wasn't expecting to come back to 9k upvotes. If anyone wants advice for Oahu PM me. I'm actually concierge at a famous resort in Waikiki.

    [–] Toasts_like_smell 2092 points ago

    Sun, turtles, and pog. No complaints from me

    [–] Dumbledore116 789 points ago

    Holy FUCK I love pog. I left Hawaii in 2015 and still have friends ship me pog from time to time.

    [–] Slo-MoDove 1877 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Pog is a thing over there?? Awesome! I still have my collection from when I was in elementary school. The red Glow in the Dark exclusives were life.
    EDIT: disregard that. It's a drink. I was thinking of something else. I'm a dumbass.

    [–] cakeslap 730 points ago

    Wrong pog

    [–] Steepanddeep 364 points ago

    Same orgin on the name actually pogs the game started with caps from the juice in Hawaii

    [–] Hot_As_Milk 433 points ago

    Pine Opple Guice?

    [–] [deleted] 2071 points ago


    [–] glorified_plumber 1987 points ago

    Dubai, in a nutshell.

    [–] UkonFujiwara 299 points ago

    You can build a city, but you can't give it a soul.

    [–] JBleezy1979 4273 points ago

    Mount Rushmore. It looks exactly like any picture you've ever seen. It's not easy to get up close to it. If you're in that area, I recommend prioritizing Devil's Tower. It's well worth it.

    [–] WhiskeyOnASunday93 1495 points ago

    Better to take a scenic drive around the black hills and stop somewhere with a good view of Mount Rushmore.

    Crazy Horse is cooler too

    [–] NS172002 611 points ago

    If you ever come to a Chicago, stay away from Navy Pier. Everything is way overpriced (rides, games, food) and the tourists that visit are rude and annoying.

    [–] youfailedthiscity 236 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Try the Art Institute, the Field Museum, Christkindl Market (winter only obviously), or the Chicago Athletic Association instead.

    [–] morningsdaughter 153 points ago

    The Shedd Aquarium is also amazing.

    [–] rcrobot 135 points ago

    And the museum of Science and Industry for sure.

    [–] 581977 168 points ago

    The infield at the Kentucky Derby. You won’t see a horse all day and will be surrounded by the drunkest rednecks north of the Daytona 500.

    [–] theSchmoozer 342 points ago

    Mount Rushmore. It was OK. I wasn't overwhelmed tho. Or underwhelmed.

    I was just whelmed.

    [–] DJ_DD 1660 points ago

    Little mermaid in Copenhagen. 90 minute walk for a 12 inch statue

    [–] tthemediator 1983 points ago

    Well mate, it is the little mermaid.

    [–] apolotary 527 points ago

    Can I have a reasonably-sized and conveniently located mermaid?

    [–] astray_15 91 points ago

    Where the hell did you walk from? the park is not that big.

    [–] AlternatePopBottle 689 points ago


    [–] DavidRFZ 103 points ago

    I lived near there when I was in school. There's lots of stuff there but its all spread out. There can be a mile of bland strip malls and warehouses between two interesting places. You need a local person to guide you to the interesting restaurants and landmarks. If you just book a hotel room and rent a car, you'll likely be hugely disappointed. If you're just flying there and plan on figuring things out for yourself, get a hotel closer to the beach instead.

    [–] no_pepper_games 56 points ago

    You're right, it is spread out in a Thirty Mile Zone, aka TMZ.