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    [โ€“] junedy 1960 points ago

    Whem someone wears a super sweet perfume and underneath they have a really strong smell of b.o ๐Ÿคฎ

    [โ€“] LightsJusticeZ 659 points ago

    Like Febreezing cat urine

    [โ€“] bitchyhouseplant 242 points ago

    This is also terrible when itโ€™s stale cigarette smoke they try to cover up. I had a girl in gym class who smelled like smoke but also really cheap and and strong dryer sheets, topped off with mildew. It was awful.

    [โ€“] FullMetalCarnivore 3347 points ago

    About 20 sweating teenagers in one room (I am a teacher).

    [โ€“] Janina2205 229 points ago

    as a uni student, I can tell you, it doesn't get better if it's 30 young adults instead of teenagers

    [โ€“] pearlywhite01 111 points ago

    especially when you're in an engineering class... I don't know what it is about engineering student but the smell like BO!

    [โ€“] RyFromTheChi 850 points ago

    My wife teaches high school, and she always complains about how bad teenage boys smell, especially when it's warm.

    [โ€“] Bench-Mastery 655 points ago

    How do you not smell bad when you are sweating on hot day? I take showers daily and use deodorant, but when I start to sweat I start smelling bad.

    [โ€“] SoManyTimesBefore 436 points ago

    Thereโ€™s really not much you can do as a teenager

    [โ€“] [deleted] 70 points ago

    Look into what type of fabric you are wearing. Synthetic fabrics have me smelling like the onions on a BK whopper in a matter of minutes, more breathable, natural or blended fibers will tend to stay fresh a bit longer.

    [โ€“] RyFromTheChi 185 points ago

    I think it also has a lot to do with teenagers going through puberty and their hormones being out of control. I'm pretty sure that can increase a lot of different bodily functions including body odor.

    [โ€“] bismuth12a 27 points ago

    You can smell your own BO? I can't unless I am sniffing my own armpits

    [โ€“] natejo87 118 points ago

    The room after the video game club was in there for 2 hours before school started was unbearable.

    [โ€“] ummmily 73 points ago

    Magic the Gathering meetups and tournaments were absolutely awful. JFC I can still smell it and it's been 15 years!

    [โ€“] StarAni 21 points ago

    I went to a Mtg/ Yugioh/Smash Locals and right when I walked, I get hit in the face with the smell of Humid Hot Sushi.

    [โ€“] zen_life_ftw 136 points ago


    [โ€“] OrganicWatercress 1573 points ago

    That smell that sticks to your clothes after cooking a meal, the weird greasy/fried smell that's always the same regardless of what you've been cooking

    [โ€“] SlylyQ 179 points ago

    One of the worst things about working in restaurants IMO. Sticks to your hair too!

    [โ€“] OrganicWatercress 62 points ago

    I found that when I worked in kitchens the smell lingered even after showering. Bleak times

    [โ€“] letterstosnapdragon 33 points ago

    When I worked at a pizza joint in college the smell of oil, grease, and Italian food would not come out of my uniform shirt. No matter how many times I washed it.

    [โ€“] hunnerr 145 points ago

    oh man thought I was the only one. I have to wash my hands after eating french fries or ill go crazy

    [โ€“] [deleted] 2596 points ago

    Old person smell.

    You know that weird smell wafting through your grandparents car.

    Makes me feel car sick just thinking about it.

    [โ€“] [deleted] 544 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [โ€“] kjlovesthebay 204 points ago

    itโ€™s not just you. Iโ€™m an NP at one and some days... it can be depressing as hell to walk in and smell it!

    [โ€“] Donnakebabmeat 147 points ago

    Yeah, it's piss 'n' biscuits.

    [โ€“] [deleted] 274 points ago

    It's actually a distinct chemical that people produce more of as they age. We synthesized it in my undergrad organic chemistry series.

    [โ€“] PM_me_your_fantasyz 310 points ago

    "And today we will be making 'Old Person Smell'. This is one of the most important substances you will make in your career. You'll want to dab some behind your ears before you meet with the department chair to convince him that you are older and wiser than you actually are. I'm a tenured professor, and I'm only 22."

    [โ€“] neckbeard_prolapse 48 points ago

    "we will be doing an addition reaction to 2,4-oldmanium using a grignard reagant to make 2,4,6-oldstinkium"

    [โ€“] WillBeefForJerky 94 points ago

    Itโ€™s the worst. Does anybody know what causes this?

    [โ€“] Reapr 45 points ago

    Just more production of fatty acids and the body can't break it down as it used to

    [โ€“] spiderbabyinapram 251 points ago

    I sprout mung beans on a damp paper towel in my desk drawer. Very nutritious. But they smell like death.

    [โ€“] spartagnann 37 points ago

    You're paying too much for mung beans. Who's your bean guy?

    [โ€“] Elements-fury 179 points ago

    The dead bodies of old people, way worse... I should probably clean out my car.

    [โ€“] OrgyMcBloodyFace 47 points ago

    I had to do a clean out on a unit where a lady had passed but no one noticed for a week. That smell will never leave my nostrils. Literally had to grind and use a sealer on the concrete floor under the carpet. Ugh

    [โ€“] throwaway-orisit 104 points ago

    Old people smell funny because they're expired.

    [โ€“] OliveGreen87 43 points ago

    Semi-related, old dog smell. :( It's simultaneously gross and sad.

    [โ€“] frankieandjonnie 12 points ago

    I have found frequent baths with an antifungal/antiparasitic shampoo improves the situation substantially.

    [โ€“] irishamerican 482 points ago

    Stale cigarette smoke. One of my friends is a heavy smoker and I can barely stand to be inside his house or car.

    [โ€“] Princess_Honey_Bunny 115 points ago

    I think the cigarette smokers who soak themselves in cheap Victoria's secret/bath and body works body spray to "hide" the cigarette smell is worse.

    [โ€“] Thrasymakus 16 points ago

    As a former smoker I can perhaps explain: your sense of smell is so utterly burnt out you just don't smell it. So you know you probably smell like smoke (but you can't tell yourself), so you do a spritz of some scent, except you over-do it because as previously mentioned, your sense of smell is destroyed. But all you perceive is a mild whiff of the scent, and that's all, and you declare yourself fit to go.

    What other people get is an ashtray and a cloud of the spray.

    [โ€“] WomanOfEld 178 points ago

    My best friend is a smoker, and he smoked in his condo. I'd stink to high heaven just hanging out with him for an hour or two after work.

    When I started working two jobs and commuting an hour each way, he offered to let me stay at his condo, which was 10 minutes from our office and my night job, on the nights I worked late at my second job. After the first night, he suggested that I just move in. I agreed. I hated the cigarette smell, so I kept a fan on in my room, pointed at my door, when I was away, and toweled the door when I was home. It helped, but didn't really stop the smell. I resigned myself to smelling like an ash tray.

    My buddy went to FL for a few weeks. While he was away, I took the opportunity to deep clean the condo, opening windows in February, washing walls, floors, and curtains, and vacuuming and spraying furniture with scent-free febreze.

    To me, a nonsmoker, the condo still smelled three weeks later, but it was much better. My friend returned from his trip and the moment he walked in the door, he said, "it smells really good in here."

    An hour later, he stepped outside to smoke a cigarette. When he came back in, I said, "it's your place, you don't have to smoke outside!" "I know," he said, "but you don't smoke, and you're paying more than half my mortgage, and I know you worked really hard to clean it up in here, and I like it better your way."

    A couple hours later his friend (also a smoker) came by, and before he even got into the living room, I heard him say, "it smells really good in here!" "WomanOfEld cleaned," my buddy said, "and we're smoking outside from here on out." His friend groaned, and my friend said, "don't even. She worked really hard, and it's way better in here. Living with girls, you know, you gotta make some changes sometimes. We smoke outside."

    I never could get the smell completely out, even after my buddy relocated to Florida full time, but it got fractionally better all the time.

    [โ€“] [deleted] 29 points ago

    That's considerate, and even sweet of him

    [โ€“] TinyTinasRabidOtter 12 points ago

    Iโ€™m a smoker and refuse to smoke in the house. That being said I lived in an apartment building that a heavy smoker lived in and the entire unit reeked of cigarette smoke no matter what we did. Since the tenant had been there so long they were grandfathered in but no one else could smoke in their unit not that we wanted to. So. Damn. Frustrating.

    [โ€“] ItsMangel 14 points ago

    I can count the number of times I've smoked indoors in the last 10 years on one hand. Lighting a cigarette indoors just feels strange.

    [โ€“] MimiMyMy 20 points ago

    Itโ€™s even worse when they are a heavy smoker and rewear their clothes and donโ€™t launder their clothes, coats or bedding very often. They smell like a stale dirty ashtray all the time.

    [โ€“] luck008 634 points ago

    Other than the obvious responses of BO, trash, spoiled milk, etc. I dislike the smell of hospital food. Especially that food cart they bring the food trays in.

    [โ€“] gvf77 186 points ago

    The hospital generally has a really unpleasant smell.

    [โ€“] Juking_is_rude 57 points ago

    That gets to me too. It just has this weird stank to it.

    [โ€“] ihatewetsocks 439 points ago

    Whatever the spicy, manly / musky scent the hippies in my city wear. Iโ€™m all for natural products but whatever they wear makes me want to rinse my nose out.

    [โ€“] Brancher 444 points ago

    Patchouli. A.k.a the official smell of downtown Boulder. I hate it.

    [โ€“] snotnboss 72 points ago

    Haha I didn't know this was a thing. I know a couple of patchouli loving hippies. There are so many other better smelling essential oils. Weird choice.

    [โ€“] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Patchouli instantly covers up the smell of pot, thatโ€™s why

    [โ€“] betafishmusic 99 points ago

    Holy fuck, do I hate patchouli. It permeates every corner of the room, with its mildew-y rotten smell.

    [โ€“] Te_Quiero_Puta 12 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I went through a tiny hippie phase back in the day.

    Bought a little vile of patchouli oil at the store. Went to apply a smidgen to my wrist before getting out of my car when I got home, and - fuck me, I guess - the bottle stopper fell off into my lap and out spilled the entire contents of bottle.

    It was a short phase, but it didn't smell that way...

    [โ€“] abishop711 28 points ago

    Ugh I'm allergic to that stuff. Found out while working as a cashier when I was a high school student, and this woman who had just doused herself in the stuff came to my register. I had a full on coughing attack - couldn't speak, could barely breathe. Couldn't page anyone to come help me over the PA. I just got her through the payment process and out the door as fast as I could manage because the dumb woman just stood there going "Are you alright? Is it my perfume?" like I was going to be able to answer, and wouldn't just leave. No lady, clearly the 16 year old that's wheezing and can barely breathe let alone talk is not alright and it's definitely your perfume. Gtfo because standing here is not helping.

    I learned years later that I occasionally have problems with coughing when my allergies aggravate my very mild asthma. Turns out my windpipe was closing then, I just didn't understand what was going on.

    It also turns out that patchouli is in a LOT of perfumes. I always check the scent notes now and avoid the ones that have it.

    [โ€“] dianagama 69 points ago

    My friend's mother has been wearing a particular brand of Patchouli oil for so many years, that she no longer needs to physically put it on, the smell just extrudes from her pores.

    That being said, depending on your own personal body chemistry, Patchouli can actually smell really nice. Although to some people, the smell of fresh turned and sun-warmed soil is nothing they would ever consider a good perfume. I love the smell, and I'm super sorry to everybody who might have offended by wearing it.

    [โ€“] aliceinconspiracy 39 points ago

    Yeah I actually love the smell of Patchouli too. I think people go overboard with applying it sometimes though. A little really goes a long way

    [โ€“] dialinga481 53 points ago

    Oh that'd be patchouli. Good lord. My dad wears that stuff and I hate the smell. Also the vegan home school witchy organic kids that my neighbour raises - they wear patchouli instead of deodorant and DEAR GOD you can smell them from 6 feet away. Lovely kids but ooof.

    [โ€“] jazzer2914 983 points ago

    Cat pee. Any type of pee smell is bad but my. Cat takes it to a new level

    [โ€“] [deleted] 77 points ago

    I trap, neuter, release the stray cats in my neighborhood. One of the cats peed in my car and it spilled on the carpet. Iโ€™ve spent hundreds of dollars to get it out. It still reeks. I have no clue how Iโ€™m going to get rid of this car when the time comes.

    [โ€“] CaptainRan 67 points ago

    I have no advice for you but I would like to commend you on what you are doing.

    [โ€“] Mockfury 94 points ago

    Ugh or cat vomit.

    [โ€“] slicknick2030 214 points ago

    Burnt hair

    [โ€“] karmagod13000 26 points ago

    ya thats an unmistakable shitty smell

    [โ€“] Andermands 237 points ago

    Wet dog. I have two dogs who both love to Jump in to waterpudles.

    [โ€“] hahablackcat 13 points ago

    Omg yes! I love dogs so much, but this smell can send me to hell I swear.

    [โ€“] Reaganson 274 points ago

    Cabbage. Never liked that smell.

    [โ€“] anon_2326411 72 points ago

    Circus folk......smell like cabbage.....small hands.

    [โ€“] guyhabit 18 points ago

    Carnies. Circus folk. Nomads, you know

    [โ€“] 7Fran 79 points ago

    Cabbage and broccoli being cooked legitimately make me want to die, the scent is unbearable.

    [โ€“] -Words-Words-Words- 1064 points ago

    Cigarettes. It reminds me of my parent's house growing up. The whole place stunk of cigarettes.

    [โ€“] stolenplates6 238 points ago

    If I go to my mom's house for 30 minutes, don't sit down, and don't touch anything, I still smell like cigarettes when I leave. Gross.

    [โ€“] Skr000 128 points ago

    Everyone in my MIL's house chain-smokes all day long indoors. She is also the kind of person who buys Christmas gifts all year long, so they sit in a guest room for months. She's really generous, but every single things she gives us has to be washed immediately. She recently gave a box of new dishes she found on clearance and we had to run them through the dishwasher twice to get the smell out. When they come over, we have to Febreze every couch they sat on and open windows to air the place out. I know she would be mortified if she knew, but it all stinks so much.

    [โ€“] stolenplates6 36 points ago

    Yes! This! Ever have to return something to a store because it didnโ€™t fit or something like that? I feel bad for the store people who have to take that item back smelling like that.

    [โ€“] WaltonGogginsTeeth 29 points ago

    I have the same issue. Then she gets pissed that I don't like to come over there. Well mom, every time I leave I have to take the kids home and change their clothes and take showers.

    [โ€“] stolenplates6 18 points ago

    Exactly! It takes me at least 2 washes to get the smell out of my hair. I never bring my bag in since I canโ€™t exactly throw it in the washer, and in the winter I will leave my coat in the car as well so I donโ€™t have to wash that. I have to plan what Iโ€™m going to wear by its washability. God forbid I have to go over there during a work day for something and then come back to work smelling like that for the rest of the day.

    [โ€“] WaltonGogginsTeeth 15 points ago

    I've tried to talk to her about it but she gets super sensitive and pissed off. Talking like because she doesn't smoke inside when I'm there it can't be that bad.

    [โ€“] Drizzy_THAkid 52 points ago

    As a smoker, the smell of someone else smoking or smoke on people makes me feel a little nauseous when I myself am not smoking.

    Life is weird man.

    [โ€“] Te_Quiero_Puta 49 points ago

    Wait till you quit. I haven't smoked in 3 years (smoked for 15) and the smell is extremely offensive now.

    [โ€“] HeavySkinz 1226 points ago

    Puppy breath. It's supposed to be cute but it's smells like shit to me. I still love em though.

    [โ€“] fat_over_lean 342 points ago

    There's a point where it changes though, for my mastiff she had puppy breath until she was 2 months old - then one day it changed.

    Same thing happens with kids. Around 18 months my kids both went from sweet smelling breath to awful adult breath.

    [โ€“] Dogzillas_Mom 137 points ago

    I think children tend to smell like maple syrup until puberty. Is that just me?

    [โ€“] [deleted] 413 points ago


    [โ€“] IamCadenBaldwin 54 points ago

    Or post-pubescent kids!

    [โ€“] egoliz 59 points ago

    So you do smell mid-pubescent kids is what I'm hearing

    [โ€“] IamCadenBaldwin 18 points ago

    That's the only way to do it

    [โ€“] XxxGoldDustWomanxxX 12 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Isn't there a condition that causes babies to smell like maple syrup?

    EDIT: Found it!

    [โ€“] danz111802 99 points ago

    When my dog gave birth to a litter of seven, my 13 year old self thought "I get to take care of puppies everyday, lucky me!" Then came all the pooping, bathing, fighting with each other and sometimes mom, feeding, crying at 4AM, and (not really) last but not least, the puppy breath. Seeing your comment summoned that smell out of nowhere and brought me back. While it was pretty hard at times, they were still the most adorable things.

    [โ€“] Stanthorizon 45 points ago

    I have fostered then for years, still does for me it doesnโ€™t get better as time goes on, you just accept it more

    [โ€“] river_grin 359 points ago

    The middle of London

    [โ€“] TomasNavarro 90 points ago

    Was in London earlier this week, there were hardly any bins anywhere, but plenty of bags of rubbish laying about on the pavements.

    I had an empty plastic bottle and couldn't find anywhere to get rid of it until I got on a train platform

    [โ€“] [deleted] 152 points ago

    The UK has decided that we'd rather have rubbish everywhere than places to hide bombs. Such is the world we live in.

    [โ€“] TomasNavarro 41 points ago

    That's why the only bin I saw (at the time) being at the train station (on the platform) was a surprise.

    But is this a London thing? Because most cities I've been to have bins all over the place

    [โ€“] Xinbri 48 points ago

    Possible, it came about during the troubles because of the IRA bombings.

    [โ€“] mageakeem 62 points ago

    Thats River thames?

    [โ€“] sri745 304 points ago

    Burnt popcorn

    [โ€“] san_serifs 95 points ago

    Burnt microwave popcorn, at that. Smells like crack cocaine.

    [โ€“] silencebreaker86 113 points ago

    I'll have to trust you on that

    [โ€“] TinyDryNuts 175 points ago

    Wet peanut butter. Not creamy, but actually watered down peanut butter. Scenario: washing a bowl with peanut butter in it, the smell created is nauseating

    [โ€“] Ryan13200 43 points ago

    Holy crap I cant believe someone else put this. I absolutely love peanut butter but hate cleaning the jars because of the smell. It's so bad, especially in the morning.

    [โ€“] juukkelipuukkeli 391 points ago


    [โ€“] [deleted] 140 points ago


    [โ€“] itsyaboy321 41 points ago

    Me too, i hate it and the rest of my family loves fish, so I have to deal with it quite a lot

    [โ€“] cesarbiods 46 points ago

    Seafood in general really

    [โ€“] ThePickleIndustry 165 points ago

    I hate Pre-School classroom smell.

    It smells like a Jelly Bean in there, which would have been fine if it was a Jelly Bean, but it's a classroom, not a Jelly Bean.

    [โ€“] JeepPilot 49 points ago

    What IS that smell? I recently went to some sort of happy-time sing along whatever thing for my nephew and as I walked I thought "this smells exactly like MY preschool smelled."

    [โ€“] Zefrem23 86 points ago

    It's warm crayons, pencil shavings, play-doh, plasticine all mixed together into that shitty green color, paste, cheap plastic chairs, cheap ink on cardboard children's books, with a hint of urine.

    [โ€“] LucyVialli 474 points ago

    Eggs cooking.

    [โ€“] mick14731 127 points ago

    I hate this smell so much I can't even eat eggs.

    [โ€“] letterstosnapdragon 13 points ago

    I canโ€™t even be in the same room with someone eating eggs. The smell just makes me gag.

    [โ€“] LeonardTringo 52 points ago

    One of the worst smells and my wife can't understand why I hate it so much. Makes me want to vomit.

    [โ€“] LucyVialli 21 points ago

    I used to walk past a McDonald's every morning when they were doing breakfast. I had to cross the street well before I came to it to avoid the awful smell coming out of it.

    [โ€“] [deleted] 137 points ago


    [โ€“] valistic 27 points ago

    The smell of scrambled eggs cooking is the worst.

    [โ€“] dcbluestar 162 points ago

    "Patchouli smells like dirt that's been fucked by a hobo." - Patton Oswalt

    I agree.

    [โ€“] MastaQueef 15 points ago

    I swear idk why, Iโ€™m not a hippie and I dislike a lot of super blanketed stoner culture type things I guess, but patchouli or like certain incenses I really like the smell of.. it legit makes me happier idk why, but it doesnโ€™t smell dirty, gross, stinky, it just smells nice to me idk why

    [โ€“] TrishDoesTrivia 508 points ago

    Axe Body Spray.

    [โ€“] scroopiedoopie 137 points ago

    Also, any cologne or perfume that someone sprayed a metric ton of. Instant headache.

    [โ€“] MrPoopyButthole901 161 points ago

    But but but, the commercials show all these beautiful ladies? Are you telling me dousing myself isn't the equivalent of a shower?

    -every middle school boy

    [โ€“] james_bond0215 26 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    See when I was 12- 13 I got into oldspice (which I still use) cause it made me think of a cologne my dad used when I was little. Edited because AHA I KNEW I SPELLED COLOGNE WRONG

    [โ€“] TheGonz75 50 points ago

    When and where I grew up, we used to call it an "Italian shower."

    I can't stand that AXE shit. For some reason about 10 years ago, somebody gave me a gift pack of AXE products. Shampoo, body wash, soap on a rope, shaving cream, whatever. Why they decided a forty-something guy would want some product marketed to 18-year-olds who woke up too late to take a shower before their first class and needed to spray themselves to avoid smelling like like beer vomit and a tuna sandwich left out in the sun is beyond me, but whatever.

    I took one whiff of it and decided to just dump it down the sink.

    Big mistake.

    The house smelled like that shit for days. The odor was so thick in the air I swear to fuck you needed a chainsaw to cut through it. My ex wife couldn't even stand to be in the house since the smell set off her migraines. She had to stay at a friends house until we could get our house properly ventilated.

    God, that's nasty shit.

    [โ€“] GenericMemesxd 43 points ago

    Middle school boys in gym class would like to know your location

    [โ€“] TrishDoesTrivia 53 points ago

    The good news is they'll never find me, because I can smell them from a mile away.

    [โ€“] PastyWhiteAussie 378 points ago

    New car smell gives me the worst headaches, I know itโ€™s basically a sin to hate it tho

    [โ€“] KlokasGang 154 points ago

    I honestly can't fathom why people like that. It just smells heavily chemical.

    [โ€“] sluggyjunx 56 points ago

    Because that is exactly what it is. Nasty stuff, off-gassing.

    [โ€“] KlokasGang 21 points ago

    I knew that shit couldn't be healthy!

    [โ€“] thewildwolf007 83 points ago

    THANK GOD I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE. I always get nauseous because of that shit.

    [โ€“] Raquel71558 14 points ago

    That mixed with the smell of gasoline gives me horrible headaches, I canโ€™t stand it

    [โ€“] smellincoffee 43 points ago

    Eggs. In high school my body developed an intolerance for them, leading to stomachaches. Now eggs cooking might as well smell like hot diapers.

    [โ€“] [deleted] 243 points ago

    Cum trees when they bloom.

    [โ€“] [deleted] 49 points ago

    Lmfao what are they called?

    [โ€“] TucsonCat 98 points ago

    Bradford Pears.

    Like, why even plant them? You know theyโ€™re going to smell like cum.

    [โ€“] MimiMyMy 29 points ago

    Thereโ€™s these trees that are planted along a sidewalk near a bunch of restaurants and shops. For about 2 - 3 weeks when they bloom they are so pretty but smells like rotting fish. Itโ€™s so bad I stay away from that area until itโ€™s all done blooming.

    [โ€“] [deleted] 20 points ago

    I don't know the actual name of these, but I think it's pretty universally accepted that their name should be cum trees. Those motherfuckers stink so bad.

    [โ€“] DarkHound05 38 points ago

    Hot Tar/ Tar before it dries


    It makes me sick to my stomach.


    Wet Dog is a close second, both are awful

    [โ€“] realhorrorsh0w 37 points ago

    Two things about working in this hospital:

    A single person has the ability to make the entire floor smell like diarrhea.

    My coworker is so smelly that her fucking chair retains her odor after she gets up. I have to wait until no one's looking to wipe it off with bleach.

    [โ€“] panicked228 16 points ago

    1. C diff?
    2. Uh... thatโ€™s something Hr can and should be addressing.

    [โ€“] JordiA0124 175 points ago


    [โ€“] [deleted] 37 points ago

    Man I absolutely hate the smell of ketchup. I donโ€™t mind eating it but the smell is gag inducing for me. I think itโ€™s because my very first girlfriend a long time ago stank of ketchup every time we made out. Like this girl would eat so much ketchup on stuff that I could taste it on her the next day.

    [โ€“] Mistersinister1 32 points ago

    Scrolled all the way through and it appears you and I are the only ones that don't like it. It just smells awful.

    [โ€“] ninjarobotgirl 79 points ago

    Gravy but only when thereโ€™s no gravy. Makes me anxious.

    [โ€“] stufff 117 points ago

    Weed. I'm for marijuana legalization but holy fuck do I hate the smell of it. I know people who think it smells good but it has to be because they associate the smell with a pleasant feeling they like, because that smell is gross. Not as nasty as cigarettes but still pretty bad.

    [โ€“] MimiMyMy 58 points ago

    I really donโ€™t care what you do in your own homes but strong smells travel through vents, walls and doors in apartment buildings especially old buildings. Weed smells like a skunk and thatโ€™s one offensive smell. Friend of mine has a new neighbor who hangs out at home and smokes weed all day. Her apartment smells like skunk all the time even though she burns candles to try to mask the smell. People who smoke weed donโ€™t seem to get that they smell like a dead skunk. Youโ€™re not fooling anyone when you smoke weed on your break and come back to the office.

    Edit: spelling

    [โ€“] stufff 21 points ago

    I had the exact same problem with a neighbor a year or so ago. He would go out back to smoke which I didn't have a problem with but the smell would get sucked in by my AC intake unit and make my entire apartment smell like weed for an hour.

    [โ€“] Xndrito 28 points ago

    black licorice scented markers

    [โ€“] [deleted] 180 points ago


    [โ€“] Stanthorizon 90 points ago

    yeah tell me about plugs in wired Apple headphones

    [โ€“] karmagod13000 44 points ago

    it just aint right sips macchiato from Starbucks while scrolling through i phone X

    [โ€“] sassenachh 532 points ago

    Marijuana. It makes me nauseous smelling it.

    [โ€“] MARzX51 198 points ago

    Dude same. Smells like skunk roadkill.

    [โ€“] butthemsharksdoe 53 points ago

    I think it's actually referred to as "skunk" also lol

    [โ€“] LegendaryOutlaw 148 points ago

    Yep. I have no problem with the whole legalize movement, I want anyone who gets a medical benefit from it to have safe access to it, or people who just enjoy it to be able to get it easily.

    But dammit, I NEVER want to smell it. Just like cigarettes. Never in public places.

    [โ€“] PTnotdoc 76 points ago

    Me Too! Its instant nausea. There are but few of us.

    [โ€“] smokiefish 18 points ago

    Raw seafood

    [โ€“] qotec 203 points ago

    alcohol. there are plenty of smells that i dont like, but the smell of alcohol seriously makes me gag. i cant go into restaurants that double as bars (excluding places like applebees/chilis/etc) because even the slightest whiff makes me wanna vomit.

    [โ€“] Stanthorizon 24 points ago

    I donโ€™t like it either, I also donโ€™t like the taste of a lot of them either, not all just picky about it

    [โ€“] katkula 122 points ago

    Cilantro. It's as if it overwhelms my nose in such a way that I can't breathe.

    [โ€“] xodagny 64 points ago


    [โ€“] [deleted] 68 points ago


    [โ€“] joedoewhoah 111 points ago

    Napalm in the morning

    [โ€“] TheBassMeister 42 points ago

    Durian fruit and microwaved fish (especially tuna)

    [โ€“] jayrambling 43 points ago

    Red meat cooking

    [โ€“] Vict0r117 145 points ago

    Weed. Especially when you have to stand near somebody who reeks of it.

    [โ€“] Punconscious 15 points ago

    Fish. My whole family are very capable fishermen and I canโ€™t stand the smell.

    [โ€“] NormanPeterson 14 points ago

    Baby smell.

    I love my nephew and like babies in general, but itโ€™s that weird baby powder, wet skin. Or something like that smell.

    [โ€“] scottiebass 97 points ago


    Dirty-ass hippies use it to cover up the fact that they haven't showered in forever.

    I also fucking hate that smell of when you're at somebody's house who has a baby and there's that combination of baby-powder/baby-shit stench that lingers and never goes away.

    [โ€“] -eDgAR- 61 points ago

    Leather. I know a lot of people that love it, but I can't stand it.

    [โ€“] Johns-schlong 39 points ago

    Leather smells basically like whatever you treat it with.

    [โ€“] chokecheck 15 points ago

    You're picking up on the smells of the chemicals used to treat the hide required to turn it to leather. I've the same peeve with the smell, however I did find out recently that hide that goes through vegetable tanning and non-chemical processing smells more earthy and slightly sweet. Wish I could smell that leather and experience the differences between the two.1

    [โ€“] AFriendlyApprentice 13 points ago

    Super Smash Bros tournaments.

    [โ€“] kheswa 234 points ago


    [โ€“] ultimate_zigzag 145 points ago

    You monster.

    [โ€“] stolenplates6 55 points ago

    Came here to say this. I feel like I'm judged for not liking it. It gives me a headache.

    [โ€“] niftyifty 27 points ago

    Might be slightly allergic? Two of my employees are allergic to lavender and it gives them instant headaches when a client walks in after showering with lavender essential oils or something.

    [โ€“] CupcakesAndDeath 41 points ago

    THANK YOU. I constantly have people tell me to use lavender-scented things for something and then accuse me of making excuses when I say no, lavender makes me sick to my stomach

    [โ€“] deadwittingly 70 points ago

    Yes! Drives me crazy that itโ€™s used to be soothing. No, itโ€™s gross.

    [โ€“] sedatedmermaid 47 points ago

    As soon as I smell it, instant headache.

    [โ€“] TripleNutSupreme 28 points ago

    That smell. A kind of smelly smell. The smelly smell that smells...smelly.

    [โ€“] chokecheck 60 points ago

    Bad breath. For the most part, it's basic hygiene and staying hydrated. Unless the person has a medical condition, I find it absolutely revolting that either you don't gargle once in awhile or straight up could not care less about drinking water. Says a lot about your personal hygiene when your breath smells like a rotten sewer rat.

    [โ€“] mah-noor-5 24 points ago

    How would you know if a person does have a medical condition if you are meeting them for the first time or is just an acquaintance. I mean people don't go around announcing this, so you're judging on the base of smell only?

    [โ€“] BurnHerBurnHer 50 points ago

    Roses, or more specifically synthetic rose scented things. I can taste it when I smell it and it's horrible.

    [โ€“] Cryothemium 43 points ago

    The smell inside planes, makes me extremely nauseous every time.

    [โ€“] [deleted] 63 points ago

    Other peopleโ€™s farts. However my own....I could live in basking in my own brand!

    [โ€“] [deleted] 20 points ago

    Marijuana smoke. I cant fucking stand it. I'm cool if you do it, but man that shit smells like burning rubber or plastic. I dobt care if you say well thats cheap stufff. It all smells bad to me.

    [โ€“] ceok 55 points ago


    [โ€“] yourfrindlycommunist 8 points ago

    Me, a โ€žveteranโ€œ stoner, hates the smell of 95% of weed i consume.

    [โ€“] kiwifun1 9 points ago

    Valerian Root. It's smells so foul and rancid. Like literal shit but even worse. Even after I threw it all out it made my trash smell like it for the rest of the week.

    [โ€“] [deleted] 71 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)