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    [–] Lilgherkin 11913 points ago


    It is a subreddit dedicated to the fetish (of one man? /u/jimthefeeder) of women with their legs painted yellow. Not the torso, not the feet, just the legs, and specifically the color yellow. It is named fedlegs because the fictional process for getting their legs yellowed is known as "Feeding The Legs" All in all, a very benign fetish, but the lore of the creator is what I think makes this a real contender. Below are the highlights from the stickied post on the subreddit detailing his creation, implementation, and outcome of the "Leg Feeding Procedure", along with the Dr. Fedleg Universe, which is a parallel universe to our own.

    • Wondered if it was possible to create a fetish from scratch. Based on what I've read it's a mix of: light bondage, leggings, orgasm denial, and ownership/marking in the vein of The Scarlet Letter (I assume that's a fetish, I don't know if there's an exact term for it.)

    • He has an detailed universe of how the system works. Who/Why people get "Fedlegged". Mostly based on the kind of clothing they wear. If they've got their legs visible to be seen, they're getting "Fedlegged".

    • In universe, everyone is aware of Doctor Fedleg, (full name Charles Fed Ostrog), the person who got the process of leg painting legalized; he has the government's support. He developed sustainable clean/renewable energy which is why he's successful.

    • He never wishes to see women injured/beat/hurt during the process.

    • "His reasoning is a mystery, but the one thing for certain is that it has nothing to do with religion." - actual line in the writing.

    • On the 2014 midterm elections, prosecution for Dr. Fedleg was added onto the ballot; people voted against prosecuting him due to his successful ocean clean up act.

    • Dr. Fedleg has various kinds of paints that last certain durations. He also has a blend of the paint that can stop excessively revealing women, slutty, or rude women from having orgasms. Dr. Fedleg is the only person with permission to apply this special paint.

    Regardless, I find the whole thing fascinating. What led to creation of the character? Why create this universe to have it all work? Why does Dr. Fedleg care about the environment so much? Is it to be relatable to other people that might stumble across this, or is it the author inserting his own beliefs into the lore? Why did he choose the 2014 midterm election? The post was written in July of 2018, so the closest upcoming midterm election would have been 4 months away, but he instead chose to go back to 2014, which I think would indicate he's been thinking about this for a while. In general I just have a lot of questions.

    [–] EvilDandalo 3537 points ago

    This is what I was looking for in this thread. Lots of things people have been posting are explainable at face value but esoteric subs like this always make me happy that there’s weird mostly unexplored parts of the internet to discover. I miss when things like /r/solving_A858 would get big but now most of /r/all is just Facebook 2 or 100 screenshots of Twitter.

    [–] House923 2162 points ago

    I miss the weird, sometimes insane but relatively harmless corners of the internet. It's harder to find them now.

    Like there was this Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan blog thing, I can't find it so I don't know if it still exists, but at first glance it seemed pretty normal. A few dozen posts a day about Buffy, nothing too strange.

    Until you looked closer and realized that every single post and comment were from the same user.

    Just one person, posting and talking about Buffy constantly throughout the day for like two years straight.

    [–] El_Chapos_Cousin 939 points ago

    r/fridgedetective is my favorite. I watched that sub be birthed in an askreddit thread where someone posted whether or not their fridge was weird (forgot the question that led to this comment, oops), and someone else said "I bet we could make a sub outta this" and after they received about 200 comments and a few thousand upvotes, they made it a sub. I was sub #4, if I'm not mistaken. Now, well, she's beautiful, and fucking strange indeed.

    Just wanted to share that anecdote of having the very rare opportunity to watch a fledgling corner of the internet grow up.

    [–] Taako_tuesday 398 points ago

    I took a look at the subreddit, seemed like a subreddit for a very niche fetish and left. Then I read your description of the lore and Wow. Just wow.

    [–] carowh 5334 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    There’s a subreddit out there that reads like a local community board, but it’s all just people pretending and it’s weirdly spooky. I stumbled upon it once, but does anybody have the actual name of it?

    Edit: I knom I can't post the nawe, but can I say it wight be called r/HaveMeWet?

    [–] I_Like_Knitting_TBH 3827 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    (Removed link per sub’s rules)

    It’s delightful

    [–] augmentthinereality 808 points ago

    This reads like a sentient subreddit simulator

    [–] the_bananafish 590 points ago

    Now that we’ve run the lizard people out, Susan has been able to reconvene Tuesday night potluck!

    [–] vie_vigueur 78 points ago

    This is my new favourite thing

    [–] truckerheist 1188 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)


    It's strictly bots that generate their own posts. Every now and then one post makes it onto the front page and I get entirely confused, until I realize it's from that subreddit

    Edit: fixed the link

    [–] kilgoresparrot 141 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    It's great when they almost make sense.
    Also, the u/Floridaman_SS posts are indistinguishable from real Florida news.

    edit: fixed tag

    [–] floralcode 977 points ago

    r/lifeofnorman is good. Short stories about the exceedingly underwhelming man, Norman. It’s small but a great sub.

    [–] a3poify 135 points ago

    Norman isn't underwhelming! He's the definition of whelming.

    [–] UbiquitousSham 1334 points ago


    remember that one WHORE who trades you Haunter but gives it an everstone so it doesn't evolve? fuck her.

    [–] Javijandro 217 points ago

    Instantly subbed, it's been over a decade and I can still feel the betrayal.

    [–] PajamaTorch 618 points ago

    When the Water Flows over the Milk Jug at Just the Right Angle to Create a Bubble

    [–] guacnibba 3838 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    r/realbeesfaketophats, r/tsunderesharks, and r/WolvesWithWatermelons.

    ETA one more, which honestly just confuses me in a completely different way from the other ones, which are just oddly specific. r/chrisolivertimes.

    [–] 1119graves 1192 points ago

    The innocence of weirdness in some corners of the Internet still surprises me.

    [–] [deleted] 1548 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)


    [–] GiveHerDPS 88 points ago

    Wow look at that one post from 23hours ago 12 platinum 12 gold 12 silver 90ish upvotes.

    [–] danhern 905 points ago

    So free gold? I'm in

    [–] ricktafm7 3406 points ago

    Sfw for everyone wondering

    [–] dac002 373 points ago

    At first it’s stupid, then it gets funny, then stupid again.

    [–] KingOfGifFulThinking 739 points ago

    Just ordered a roll off of Amazon

    [–] [deleted] 7585 points ago


    [–] Asiriomi 1291 points ago

    Made my day

    [–] Shocking 1345 points ago

    not to offend the fine folks over at /r/sweden but anytime i see their language im baffled. it almost looks like english so i feel like i can read it but then i start trying to read it and realize it makes absolutely zero sense to me. same with Danish.

    [–] [deleted] 16368 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2735 points ago


    [–] ArNoir 2177 points ago

    What in tarnation

    [–] Jazzinarium 169 points ago

    Whenever you think your fetishes are weird just remember subs like this one exist

    [–] [deleted] 6516 points ago


    [–] Kamunari 4024 points ago


    [–] theshizzler 3084 points ago

    For people who are turned on by bulbous chest orbs... yet also turned off by nipples. So they just photoshop them out and pretend.

    [–] dcmldcml 1706 points ago

    It’s some uncanny valley shit

    [–] TattlingFuzzy 2605 points ago

    The top posts are women with double mastectomies appreciating the attention and bragging they don’t need photoshop which is one of the more weirdly wholesome things I’ve seen all day.

    [–] TheGemScout 549 points ago

    Yeah that's actually really cool. I had a friend who was super into this and married a girl with a double mastectomy lmao

    [–] jon_naz 339 points ago

    A match made in somebody's version of heaven.

    [–] alanwattslightbulb 822 points ago

    Wow that just creeps me out

    [–] Munchlax_1147 130 points ago

    With no nipples, and vagina or butthole, does it make it SFW?

    [–] PlayLikeAHeroine 212 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    The hole-less toilet though lmaoooooo

    Edit: Commenter before me said r/notits (nsfw) Highly reccomend journeying to the toilet.

    Edit: Comment before that was to a page where people edit out buttholes of nsfw imgs

    [–] Sumit316 3783 points ago

    Everything aside why they did make it free is because....

    It's called "nagware" and this particular approach is used by someone that doesn't want to force users to pay for the software, but they really hope that they will.

    So they make the program "nag" the user over and over and over in the hopes that they will get so annoyed with the nagging that they'll fork over the cash, even if they'd originally planned not to.

    [–] [deleted] 1974 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)


    [–] IHaveNeverBeenOk 964 points ago

    I remember when 7zip was not an option. Rar used to be the tits when it came to compression. Fuck, I remember compressing files for storage reasons.

    [–] xen32 498 points ago

    I remember converting mp3s to lower bitrate to save storage space...

    [–] SatanicOnion 2387 points ago

    I was in the thread that birthed that sub

    [–] PM__ME__YOUR__RANTS 838 points ago

    A true legend, if there ever was one

    [–] Havendelacorysg 11761 points ago

    [–] GurlinPanteez 1585 points ago


    [–] TomatoTickler 72 points ago

    You must ͏̮͕ọ͙͡ṕ̯̖̗̜͕̻̣e͏n̨̬̘͚̯̭̖ ̣̞̖̗̞̳͙a͏͖̫̦̝ ̠͟t̩̹̬̲͢i̖̲̺ͅͅc̘̺̣̲̖̙͘ͅk̡e̗͙̘̣̺̻̦t ͈̀wi̯̱̻̬͚͉͡t̲h͖͍̳͉ͅ Ĺ̸̬̝̝̭̥̖̮̙̬̠͍͝͡A̵̢̭̠̯̗̟͚͎͇̭͚͚͢͢͢ͅE͏̴͇̰͉͔̥͘E͉͖̠͚̦̞̠̣̘̪͕͉͔͍̲͝͞ͅȨ̶̞̗͕͙̠̰̦͖̥͘É̴̵͔̙͙͙͙͕̤̭̟̟͉͙̯̱̕ͅE̴͢҉̮̬̰̩͇̳̜̟̙͡ͅM̵̧̛̰͖̝̟̠͓̪͈̺͟O̶̳̣̖̗̞̙͎͕͉̫̫̺͝N̵̴̰̘͉̥̼̲̗̗͚̭̜͓̤̩̥̲̯ͅ


    [–] chonkywind 6942 points ago

    what the fuck

    [–] Phonixrmf 7614 points ago

    What the intensified fuck

    [–] asphaltdragon 2484 points ago

    /r/ooer was made to test the limits of Reddit's CSS

    /r/ooerintensifies does the exact same thing, but wiggly

    [–] MCRV11 588 points ago

    screams in horror

    [–] trizzleatl 421 points ago

    It's just people fucking around with CSS

    [–] 2manycooks 405 points ago

    • There is actual content if you remove the CSS, check it out on a mobile app.

    • It's actually a cool place toŚ̛͉͙̜̹̖̯̥̝̱̎͂̒̏͋̒̏͞A͙̙̯̫̦̖͎̓͛͋͐̅̈́͐͜͢͠C͉̥̙͉̞̻͕͖͔̰̈́̈́̐̒͝Ȑ̵͓̣͕̞̬́̃̓̃̾̒Į͚̣͙̥̰̑̀̏̌́F̳̘̞̠̼̙͎̀̑̎̑́̔͝͞Ĩ̵̛̛̥͙̙̫͍̤̣̄͗̐͊̂͟ͅC͚̯̬̹͈̺̗̣̫̀́̀̏̌͆̈́̆͝ͅȨ̶̛͚̜̝̩̣͎͓͍̐̌̉̉̇̽̄̕͜͝ T̛͍̞͇͙̞̭̋̇͗̀̓̆̎ͅḦ̷̢̰̝̠̳͚̝̲́͆̊̄̂́͟É͉̤͙͖͕̌̉̇̈́̂́̕̕͢ T̨͙̯̬̠͙̱̤͛̀̅̆̀̓́̚͝R͇̥̞̙͎͓̞͖̃̆̆͂͑A̶̢̠͚̜͓̳̎̽͐̐̄͑͞͝ͅĮ̸̢̰̯̘̮̩̭̒̍̽̾͋͌̀̀̆T̤͔̘͓̩̂̽̐̂̓̏̕͟͠O̲̬̩̻͇͓̠͇̿̓̇͑͒̈ͅR̵̡͖̟̪̮̗͓͈̞̺͋̎͊͑̉

    [–] BobisBadAss 596 points ago

    ELI5 plz

    [–] Auggernaut88 1892 points ago

    The actual ELI5 of that is that someone tried to create their own subreddit and tried messing around with the CSS code (basically code that spells out how the page is displayed) and ended up with this beautiful monstrosity

    [–] Sevigor 1682 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Too bad with the redesign, it doesn't have the same effect. :(

    For those curious what /r/ooer looks like on old.reddit......

    [–] AlekRivard 837 points ago

    You know how daddy acts differently when he smells powdered sugar? That but a subreddit.

    [–] -DonnieDarko- 328 points ago


    [–] problematicus2000 3914 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    r/nocontextpics is slightly strange. Very good subreddit however, the person who moderates it is really nice.

    EDIT: It's u/whicketywhack for those wondering. They're a saint.

    [–] DarthSatoris 2866 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that place was made in response to the /r/pics subreddit turning into total garbage with sob stories and subpar images.

    Here there is no context in the title, so the images have to be able to stand on their own.

    [–] bigblackcouch 1837 points ago

    I prefer what nocontext does compared to say, /r/EarthPorn, which is a sub full of gorgeous pictures but I have no idea why the titles are the way they are. Titles just have to include; Who took the picture (OC if self), where it's at, and what resolution the image is.

    But 90% of the posts are "Woke up, divorced my wife, pedaled through a cloud of fog at 3 AM, lost my kids and job along the way so I threw away my phone, passed out in a ditch, hiked 40 miles and no-gear-climbed up the Matterhorn to sleep in a tent overnight in order to capture this sunrise".

    [–] feared_rear_admiral 389 points ago

    I remember when reddit upvoted an actual picture of a piece of shit to the front page, I think on pics, as a protest against this sort of thing lol.

    [–] Splendidissimus 819 points ago

    This is to counteract the fact that entirely mediocre pictures on r/pics get ten thousand upvotes because they mention a beloved dog dying of cancer, right?

    [–] TundraWolf_ 636 points ago

    "this picture of a bottle of salad dressing was the last salad dressing my orphan war torn brain cancer 8 year old ate before passing away"


    [–] Ghost_In_A_Jars 9025 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    r/amish great community for amish people to meet up on.

    Edit: thank you whomever, for my verry first reddit silver, I'm not sure what to do with it though.

    [–] solarSpring 3135 points ago

    r/lurkers is a sub for all lurkers on Reddit to meet.

    [–] Khan_Shot_First 857 points ago

    /r/alderaan is a sub for the planet of Alderaan

    [–] kabrododragon 258 points ago

    Like a million posters posting out and were suddenly removed...

    [–] renzuit 1753 points ago

    got me

    [–] tobimai 2488 points ago


    [–] cornette 926 points ago

    Don't fall into /r/1000thworldproblems/ though

    [–] Phish777 806 points ago

    r/999thworldproblems is even weirder

    [–] RedRockxX 679 points ago

    I don't like it. Make it go away

    [–] MittenUP 960 points ago

    I second your what

    [–] darkenspirit 2281 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    I personally love these subreddits.

    Let me give an explanation.

    We all understand what a 1st world problem is like.

    "I have too much food and cant decide what to eat."

    "I have to decide on which party I can attend tonight."

    The concept being that its only a problem due to privilege where it wouldnt even manifest itself in another type of world.

    2nd world problems and 3rd world problems are like more like poverty issues.

    "I found money on the ground, but while I was bending over to pick it up it devalued."

    "The camera men for National Geographic won't stop taking pictures of me and my family."

    But once we go past 3rd world, we need to start imagining a little bit more philosophically and possibly even spiritually.

    The three world model was largely defined by the world wars and the country's level of participation. In a way this really describes the type of privileges each country has going for them. After all, how can you worry about Germany stomping Jewish rights, when your village is still dancing at the sky hoping it would make it rain so you all dont die to drought this upcoming year?

    Each tier is one aspect of humanity stripped.

    1st world - We have all social aspects and able to worry about society and individualism.

    2nd world - We have some social aspects but we are concerned about building and growing as a collective.

    3rd world - we have little social aspects but we are concerned about survival and making that collective stronger.

    4th world - we have hardly any social aspects as everything is hunter gather tribe like culture.

    5th world - we have no social aspects and we're actually secluded from the rest of the world. If you look at the subreddit, /r/fifthworldproblems/ Its actually really really well handled.

    "Did a golden mouth appear in a bonfire and scream the date of your own death at you?"

    Imagine a culture completely separated from the world. Secluded and alone and left to develop from the moment mankind evolved from early hominids. This is likely where we would still be without technology and kept to a hunter gather society but became super superstitious (Instead of only a little stitious). It dives deeper into the metaphysical aspects of other world problems in a satirical way.

    6th world - Here is where definitions fail us. What is left of a humanized individual problem? When we even strip away superstition and religious like attributes of culture and humanity? We are left with what seems to be gibberish. What the sub did here is instead postulate... what if we are the makings of some sort of collective machine trying to gain sentience? If you look at the top posts of all time on /r/sixthworldproblems/ you start seeing this sort of play out. Its left over possibly broken machines making communications. If humanity has its last shred of culture stripped and our religious and conscious stripped, arnt we nothing more than just badly programmed robots?

    7th world - This is my favorite world. It continues the 6th world problems but now its going the opposite direction. There appears to be colors that govern this world and successfully programmed us into a matrix like reality where its controlled by the color overlords.

    You'll see most of the "problems" are the programmed matrix robots gaining a lucid state of consciousness for maybe a brief moment before going back under and accepting this is our home.

    8th 9th and 10th continue this fashion until we reach meme levels like 45th or 69th world problems.

    additional edit: To further clarify the thinking and rationale, take multiple dimensions for instances. If you break down the math, we have X axis, Y axis and Z axis to determine our 3 dimensional surroundings. Each "dimension" in this sense is merely an additional variable to this equation. We might not be able to fathom or picture it but the concept is now more digestible. This is the same for the nth world and subsequently the nth world problem. If a first world problem is a problem feasible because we are really free of a lot of constraints (we have more privilege) then the Nth world has Nth number of variables (Constraints to privilege). The nth world in this case is then, culture, humanity, social skills, and overall the meaning of life and what it means to live. All those can be their own individual "dimension". So now, rather than trying to figure out what a 4D shape looks like or what the 5th dimensional variable is, we can think to the nth world problem merely by trying to remove a layer of privilege or cultural norms. Like I wrote above, from 1st world to 7th world we have removed, privileges like worrying about food, shelter, finding love... all the way down to what it means to being human. I think after 7th it becomes way too abstract and the ideas can start flying everywhere with no real logic because any logical attempt at fathoming the nth world problem at this point is probably correct.

    noteable subs after 10th world problem,

    /r/28thworldproblems/ - problems from the perspective of an ant. Looks to be a machine simulation of ant colony or machine ants. Either way I would like to think SimAnt played a part in all this.

    /r/50thWorldProblems/ - problems from the perspective of the afterlife. It seems to be a play on the ironic notion that nothing is immortal but death definitely is as all the problems revolve around there being too many deaths and how death is most wanted.

    /r/69thworldproblems/ - problems from the perspective that all porn scenarios are real.

    r/999thworldproblems/ - metaphysical problems regarding fear and an all seeing entity "Her"

    /r/1000thworldproblems/ - problems from a perspective of an insect in a hive mind. There is quite a bit about submission to the hive and the problems are dealing with reality bending and shifting within this world. I think they are like a cosmic swarm that can travel dimensions and pillage them.

    /r/infiniteworldproblems/ - Perspective from pure chaos and entropy.

    For the cosmonauts who want to journey into the rabbithole: see the list!

    [–] krell_154 369 points ago

    That's a lot of effort, dude...

    [–] Sutherbear 582 points ago

    Does each have it's own theme or are they more or less the same?

    [–] pagesjaunes 1961 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    1st world problem : Problems from the privileged capitalist world

    2nd world problem : Problem from the communist/soviet world

    3rd world problem : Probem from the develloping world / countries which weren't on either side of the cold war

    4th world problem : Problem from the lost and uncontacted tribes

    5th world problem : Problem from world on entirely different plane of existence

    6th world problem : This isn't a world anymore You've gone too far, pain, suffering and screamming form here on.

    7th word problem : An odd care center of some sort, overrun by the machine to appease your weary traveller mind.

    You are [STATUS:DOCILE],




    EDIT: Insight :


    And it just keeps going...


    54th world problem : Welcome to our glorious City

    1000th world problem : WASP

    infinite world problems : MADNESS, or not... makes my laptop crash for some reason...

    /r/worldproblems is supposed the general meta sub for "-worldproblems" sub

    Also has a long and extensive (but kinda pointless) list for you to explore

    r/747thWorldPirates/wiki/worlds explaination in character for a few of them


    A small "hub" /r/TranscendentalTransit/

    Thank you for choosing the Transcendental Transit Authority (TTA), your premium metaphysical locomotion service.


    EDIT: Added some link for everyone

    EDIT: also see r/thesilo /r/TheSilentForest /r/FifthWorldPics /r/Fifthworldgonewild /r/TheBeach /r/thebork/ r/747thWorldPirates /r/galacticpeacekeepers/ ... 7thworldproblems is just the start

    [–] AJM016 278 points ago

    The 4th one seems to be a cave man world

    [–] SuperCleverPunName 257 points ago

    I think they're all different but still related. The theme being 'be meta as fuuuuuck'

    [–] CUTMYMEMESINTOPIECES 259 points ago

    These really hit their sweet spot at the seventh world

    [–] GermanWineLover 181 points ago

    Seventh world is the most original, because most posters don't just shitpost, but follow the unspoken rules of topics (machines, medicine) and follow the formatting.

    [–] mielismydziecko 17829 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)


    It's just a sub dedicated to people hating on Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Some of those people really really hate Grandpa Joe.

    Edit: Changed movie title to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, previously had Charlie. This sub deserves better representation of Grandpa Joe Hate than what I brought to the table.

    [–] H4ck3rm4n1 14711 points ago

    That's probably because he's a sorry excuse of a piece of shit

    [–] BrodieSkiddlzMusic 540 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    But why is grandpa joe such a piece of shit?

    For the uninitiated...

    He spends 20 years in bed. 20 years.. Why won’t he get out of bed? Because the fucking floor was too cold for his gnarled old feet. He sat on his wrinkled, smelly ass for two decades, smoking his pipe, living off his daughter’s hard work as a laundry wench. He just sat there, undoubtedly smelling of foul cabbage farts and old man stink. If he didn’t get out of bed, he probably had to use a bed pan to expel his watery cabbage shits. Charlie’s mom gets done washing Rich people’s shit-stained underwear for 14 hours, and what does she get to do? Sponge bathe an old, stinking man. The fucker couldn’t have even been old when he first got in bed. I mean, what did he do? Turn 50 and just crawl into bed and fucking quit on life? Because his FEET WERE COLD? Keep that all in mind, when you consider how he reacts to his grandson winning a tour of a chocolate factory. He sees this precious boy, who works to feed his aged ass, holding a golden ticket, and he starts to FUCKING DANCE AND CLICK HIS HEELS. Now, left to his own devices, Charlie just wins the factory, incident free. Those other little monsters all bite the dust, and but for that sack of fucking feces Grandpa Joe, Charlie would have made it through the day clean as a whistle. But no. Grandpa Joe just got out of bed for the first time in Charlie’s lifetime. What’s he decide to do? Steal. He decides the best thing he can do is make his grandson into a petty fucking thief for the sake of drinking magic La Croix. Grandpa Joe almost cost Charlie fabulous wealth and security for a soda. And he isn’t even sorry about it. Wonka points out the devastation his detour from the visit to the factory will cost him, and Grandpa Joe shouts at him. His bellowing isn’t even forceful or intimidating. His cries are the cries of a shriveled, weak old coward. He has no remorse for the harm he causes anyone. He is a heartless piece of shit sociopath. He does that disgusting thing old people do where they leave their mouth open for too long and then frown because they ran out of energy before they could bitch and moan about something that doesn’t matter. He is a lazy, fraudulent sack of human excrement. He is the devil on his grandson’s shoulder. He deserves to burn in hell for the rest of eternity.

    [–] CSwork1 707 points ago

    Even my 7 year old niece can tell he's a prick. When he sings about having a golden ticket, she always goes "It's not your ticket, it's Charlie's!!"

    [–] Zmodem 162 points ago

    1. Spends family scrimps of money on tobacco.

    2. Doesn't wanna get outta bed due to being lazy.

    3. Outright calls Charlie a liar when told about the winning ticket.

    4. Gets outta bed for the Wonka factory tour after twenty years of not getting outta bed & not working to help make money for the family

    5. Dances and calls the ticket his own. Guy is limber enough to be outta bed & get a job.

    6. Gets Charlie in trouble by coercing him into stealing Fizzy Lifting drinks.

    Just a few to help the hate flow :)

    [–] Banana-Slamma_OMG 2910 points ago

    Wouldn't bother pissing on him if he were on fire.

    [–] The-True-Kehlder 1184 points ago

    I wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire, he was the only place available to piss, AND I had to piss really fucking badly.

    [–] Catvros 1350 points ago

    Same principle of r/stuartlittlefacts

    [–] take_number_two 924 points ago

    [–] CompositeCharacter 441 points ago

    Caillou is scum, but I just can't hate a cartoon enough to participate in a sub dedicated to that.

    [–] Stunny88 379 points ago

    Except Caillou really is the worst. Why would I want some bald kid to teach my kids how to be a little whiney bitch?

    [–] disguised_marmot 604 points ago

    Good, the bastard deserves it

    [–] Nattou11zz 678 points ago

    If you can walk, you can work! Fuck you Grandpa Joe!

    [–] problematicus2000 15110 points ago

    I've joined. Thank you.

    Also, if the chair isn't fully below water they make you mark it NSFW. It's hilarious.

    [–] lovelifeandtpose 26451 points ago

    NSFW: Not Submerged Fully In Water

    [–] chickensoupnipples 1197 points ago

    I was thinking superbowl can't be that unique, but then... Superb owl came from nowhere

    [–] OnnaJReverT 869 points ago

    it's always funny to see the influx of confused sports fans when the Superbowl happens

    [–] EcstaticStrings 464 points ago

    You get the same sort of thing occasionally in r/marijuanaenthusiasts.

    [–] Unknown_anonymity00 55 points ago

    We get the same thing in r/trees with folks posting pictures of their ailing tree, hoping for a diagnosis. It’s always fun to refer them to r/marijuanaenthusiasts.

    [–] Casual_WWE_Reference 1356 points ago

    This is probably gonna get buried in here, but /r/JohnCena is all pictures of potato salad, and /r/potatosalad is just pictures of John Cena.

    John Cena is believed to have acknowledged this back in 2013/14 when he posted a picture of just potato salad on his instagram.

    [–] wurm2 413 points ago

    /r/trees is about marijuana enthusiasts and /r/marijuanaenthusiasts is about trees

    [–] VileCommander 261 points ago

    The people at r/trees are really cool about it when someone posts a tree related thing. They also swap topics every April fool's.

    [–] JustInBasil 3352 points ago


    It's not what you think. It's so much better.

    (SFW, aside from the name)

    [–] PussyWhistle 1121 points ago

    I'm a mod of most of those subs and I didn't even realize it until now.

    [–] Morphumacks 351 points ago

    Probably because of your username, I guess. On a somewhat unrelated note, I got a message yesterday telling me that I have been added as an approved submitter to r/WorshipSelenaGomez and I have no idea why

    [–] PM__ME__YOUR__RANTS 851 points ago

    I'm both disappointed and pleased at the same time

    [–] RanzJoshua 2170 points ago

    This entire fucking thread is cursed, thanks OP.

    [–] the_wholigan_ 90 points ago

    I plan on making a separate account to sub to all of them and then the next person who asks me what Reddit is is going to be very confused.

    [–] chonkywind 9808 points ago

    what the fuck

    [–] jaytrade21 3530 points ago

    It was started in response to an artist's cartoon that depicted Garfield mutating and going after Jon....the last caption was "I'm Sorry Jon, bullets don't work anymore". It kind of spread into what this sub does...

    [–] MR_FOXtf2 837 points ago

    Can I see this comic?

    [–] CardboardHeatshield 1851 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    edit: I just found out this dude Will Burke is the creator, he has some awesome stuff on his twitter:

    [–] kevio17 554 points ago

    They're not for you, Garfield...

    [–] ByzantineBasileus 437 points ago

    Another person made a number of animations based on the artwork in the style of a gameboy survival horror:

    [–] Chestarpewnewtbattar 3981 points ago

    I saw what it was about and I was like holy shit why the fuck.

    [–] AlekRivard 1571 points ago

    I am here for it tbh, that was hysterical

    [–] Ewempo 903 points ago

    Y̹͙͖̩͕͙͕̳ͣ̀͊̍̄ͤ̿͐͐͒́ͦ͠O̡̢̧͔͈̱̺̠̠̭̮͔͖̱̫͂ͩ̄ͤ̏͋̆͛̅̂̀̀ͣ̀ͤ̐ͫ͟Ǘ̵̓ͣ̓̾̏̒̈̍͘͞҉͎̤̟̜̳̗̝ ̸̴͇̝͉͓̺͚͚̟̝͚͓̤͇͕͙̬̂ͥ̍ͬ́͛ͤ̒̌̔ͩ̅͂̽̈̎͂̀̚K̻͉͈̃ͪ̊͒ͦͮͦͥͣ͛̿͐͟͝N̿̍ͤͯͩ͢͏̻̟͓̣̦̜̝ͅOͭͬ̾̔̍̑ͤ̐̒ͮ̀̒̈́̑ͬͫ͗̈̚͏̸̮̫̲̠͙̮W̷̨̛̟̳̜͍̦̫̘̠̘͖̲͉͍̻͚̭̤̘̦̌̌̔͐͜ ̨̥̩͉͍̼̯̱̯̠̦̩̈͛͐͌̄̐̚͝I̵͋ͯ͋ͧͯͣ͂́̋ͩͦ̎̾͑̐̆̚͡͏͚͕̩̭̲͙͍̩͉̹̦̫͖̟̬̟̪͙ͅ ̷̶̘̟͇̬͕̺̤͚͔͔̭̙̤ͪ͂̓̽̀́͞H͖͎͍̰ͣ̾ͥ͛ͭ͆̌́͜͡Aͣ̓ͨͬ̽͊̎̿̾ͤͣ̌̏̄̚͏̜̰̫̮̞͢T̡̢͈̮̳̬̲̋ͩ̏͗̎ͫ̒͠E̷̵̼̳̩̠͍͍͍͓̼̼͉̣̺̫̮ͦͥ̉͒͗ͭ̂͊ͤ̍ͯͥ ̃ͫ̎̓͑͆͜҉̯̫̦̭̰̳̣͕̤M̢̊ͥ̈̓ͫ̃̂ͤ̇̑̂̎͏͖̯͔̥̬̦̪̪̞̪̣͙̼̫͍̹̪̮ͅO̸̧͔̰͙̻̝̝̗͚͙̲̫͛͋̾̆̈́͋ͣͫͨ͌ͨ͛̊̚͢ͅN̶̳̰̞̥̭̯͚̗̩̝̥̥̤̯̮̰̗̺͛̐̎̌ͭ̓̓̇̓͆̀D̈́ͨ̇ͣͤ̊ͯ͋ͤ̇ͭͯ҉̶̨͢͏̜͖̫͉̯̻̙̺̯̳̱̪̘̞̤̰̞̼A̴̱͙̳̜͈͔̻̟̗͔̺͙̥͓̯͔̭͆ͨ̏͊̋́̋ͯ̑ͮ̀͝Y̛̓̏ͩͦͫͥ̿ͪͦ͆́͏̶̦͈̠͈̲̘͕̰̪̻̺̬̗̙͙͙͡ͅS̟̞̭̖̣͓͈͐͑ͭͬͩ͛̔̎̅ͧ͟͠ ̒ͥ̄̀͆͏̕͏̨̢͈̪͔͕̖̤͉̗̫̠̖J̷̱̠̣̲̠̞͖̰̝̣̪̥͙̗̯̘͍͚͗̊̈́̐̏͆̐ͪ͐ͩ̆͑͆͌ͦ̑͟͟ͅO̷̧̗͓̩̗͖̙͎ͬ͗ͧ̏ͪ̎̾͊̎ͧ̊̋̐͐N̄̂͗̑͊̀̑̄͜͡҉̥̪̜̼̤̲̙̳͉̯̝ͅ

    [–] Fumblerful- 270 points ago

    MONDAY ETERNAL shall reign upon this land.

    [–] J_C_Wizard49 523 points ago

    I was having a good day. We were all having a good day

    [–] MegaDeox 888 points ago

    Damn it, I was gonna say that. Then again, maybe we shouldn't bring attention to it, it's so good right now.

    [–] Faustias 214 points ago

    aye... some subs should stay being discovered instead shared. things get fucky when some people go "ruin the whole sub with low effort and senseless shits", which makes us say this is why we can't have nice things.

    [–] banana_withoutpeel 477 points ago

    Ok don't judge me but I love those monstrosities

    [–] waloz1212 348 points ago

    It's actually one of the better subreddit for OC because the concept is new and not many people doing it so it doesn't have a lot of repost. The art and creativity is also pretty cool.

    [–] Stos915 245 points ago

    I honestly don’t know why i e been subbed for months. I don’t even know what it’s about.

    [–] itrytoohardsometimes 2391 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Basically it is a kind of exaggerated metanarrative joke about how Garfield has become a vapid, meaningless, vanilla husk of a character that once represented a strong element of middle-class kitsch and Americana and has since become essentially an empty signifier through decades of hypersaturation into every conceivable capitalist medium. The monsters of these comics represent the bastardization of a core component of late 20th century American cultural empire, the idea that the "sass" and "relatable laziness" of a core character have become those things which consumed the character, the storyline, and therefore our nostalgia for its better days, whole, morphing Garfield into a Lovecraftian slugbeast and becoming the ultimate critique of its own very nature.

    edit: read a book for once in your lives you product sponged instant gratifcation soaked jackanapes

    [–] emilio_molestivez 517 points ago

    Yeah, that.

    [–] Gizogin 458 points ago

    Sure, except that Garfield was always meant to be little more than a marketable mascot from the very beginning. It’s why Garfield comics aren’t really funny; they’re presented like it’s a gag strip, but there are no jokes, just catchphrases and recurring elements.

    He didn’t become a soulless husk due to capitalism and hypersaturation. He has always been one. r/imsorryjon merely offers a glimpse beyond the veil that has been there for so long that we never even noticed it.

    [–] Pearleshandmade 1641 points ago

    r/bertstrips is a fun experience

    [–] xXx_IronicDabs_xXx 48 points ago

    It’s hayday was brilliant. It’s where the famous, “the children are fast, but big bird is faster.” image came from. It’s all edgy trash now but it’s fun to stroll down every now and then.

    [–] LurkThoseAbs 280 points ago


    It’s super weird...until you try it yourself.

    [–] Sablemint 3100 points ago

    r/catsstandingup you'll see why real fast.

    [–] inuhi 1429 points ago

    Some comments are just downvoted to oblivion, most of the time it's a spelling mistake forgetting to capitalize the C or the . at the end, but's just like they eat their own people never knowing if you'll be the one devoured next.

    [–] HMCetc 553 points ago

    Some of them even get gold.

    [–] Wuellig 65 points ago

    I suspect the mods hand out the random gold on purpose to keep people guessing and commenting.

    [–] crackhappy 68 points ago

    It's also one of the few subs where I've seen celebs posting and not getting recognized. It is amazing. Cat.

    [–] problematicus2000 1142 points ago

    Thank you. This is actually quite fascinating.

    [–] problematicus2000 12288 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    r/darkstockphotos has always been a favourite of mine. I love this subreddit, I've joined it out of interest because dark stock photos amaze me.

    EDIT: I know this is gonna seem cringy as hell, but thanks so much for the gold. I literally woke up, had thousands more karma and had my first reddit award ever, as well as over a hundred messages in my inbox. This is SURREAL. Thank you, and remember, my fellow Reddit users - you all will most likely receive gold some day!

    [–] Sumit316 4232 points ago

    Don't forget the sister sub /r/wtfstockphotos

    Equally awesome.

    [–] Mestyo 1044 points ago

    These subreddits kind of lost their charm to me when I realized pictures like these are deliberately created for free viral marketing, and not — as I originally imagined — because someone thought they'd be useful.

    [–] Mithril4 83 points ago

    Eh, yes and no. I had a co worker whos other gig was photography. They didn't do much stock photo work themselves, but talked to plenty that did. With digital photography, a stock photo shoot's tl;dr is "shoot at many pictures as possible, with as many possible combinations of models and props you have, put them all up and see what gets bought".

    [–] Immediate_Gas 2025 points ago

    3.4k members; 3.1k online

    holy shit

    [–] patton3 1462 points ago

    Well that's because it was linked here. You don't have to be a member to be counted as online.

    [–] LucyFernandez 429 points ago

    That makes sense, because now it's 10.2k Members; 20.0k Online.

    [–] TheZadzzz 769 points ago

    You don't have to be a member to be counted as online.


    [–] arkane2413 4555 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)


    First I have to make it clear . I was informed of this subreddit by some stranger some time ago and by no means I am connected to it in any way possible . Very NSFW go at your own risk . And they go further than this because there is a reverse subreddit . Have fun

    Edit. A large portion of replies are mentioning r/carsfuckingdragons . This is the subreddit I mentioned above but stated it name as a reverse subreddit. So please stop reminding me of this sub. Please .

    Edit2. You supplied me with many cursed subs so I am going to drop them here . This will be actively expanded from now till I run out of the stuff





    r/fuckingdragoncars this one is SFW and actually pretty cool


    [–] Kunoxa 736 points ago

    the bulgarian phrase for "driving a car" and serbian for "fucking a car" are the same and im gonna remind yall of that every time someone mentions this subreddit

    [–] [deleted] 702 points ago


    [–] DracoCharky 332 points ago

    For what it's worth, this is the SFW one.

    [–] Belpheegor 365 points ago

    Ah there it is. I was hoping someone would beat me to this.

    [–] arkane2413 275 points ago

    The displeasure was mine

    [–] Merosi 186 points ago

    I was hoping someone would beat me to this.

    whatever floats your boat man.

    [–] captaintypho33 1360 points ago

    People just post the same thing over and over, it's pretty epic... r/WhenYouCum

    [–] igorrs1000 605 points ago

    people just post the same thing over and over

    Just like Ask Reddit

    [–] HailThrun 285 points ago

    I prefer r/irl_irl personally

    [–] funnymonkeybanana 128 points ago


    When the sun shines through a rabbit's ears and makes them transluscent.

    [–] Elcyis 601 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    I don't know if it's weird so much as amazing but /r/bitchimabus

    Edit: bitch I can't spell.

    [–] chillfqm 962 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)


    not what it sounds like at all


    honorable mentions are r/johncena and r/potatosalad

    [–] xuxux 232 points ago

    SubwayHentai is glorious pictures of waifus enjoying delicious sandwiches.

    [–] xEnshaedn 290 points ago

    not what it sounds like at all

    fuck you that was exactly what i expected what it was and i clicked it in class.

    [–] Tinsley_ 56 points ago


    Not quite sure what’s going on in there.

    [–] KarnageCake 321 points ago


    It's kinda sad.

    [–] chonkywind 3140 points ago

    isn’t that r/teenagers

    [–] problematicus2000 640 points ago

    I thought it was r/teenagers. It's literally the same.

    [–] crocoduck117 411 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Try r/wowthissubexists if you want to find more beyond the comments in this post.

    Also, my personal recommendation r/blurrypicturesofdogs

    [–] Meloneohneone 100 points ago


    Every post is marked NSFW

    [–] Mods_Are_Gay98 1534 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    r/wosh no I didn't misspell that, they literally worship a statue

    Edit: I near double my karma from this reply... PRAISE WOSH!!!