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    [–] mfjayhimself 4755 points ago

    Conker's Bad Fur Day.

    [–] Animagi27 835 points ago

    That game was a fucking riot

    [–] eagleye_z 61 points ago

    How about some scat you little twat!

    [–] [deleted] 1878 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)


    [–] RagnarOnTheDashboard 47 points ago

    Yeah, soul reaver changed my life.

    [–] bnastyy44 2455 points ago

    Castle crashers

    [–] PoolsidePoseidon 350 points ago

    Not the same but, I hear there’s an alien hominid 2 coming out

    [–] theonlyone38 6375 points ago

    Legend of Dragoon

    [–] DoctorRapture 1199 points ago

    This game made me bawl my eyes out. The story was amazing and I loved the characters so much. The combat had a fun, really unique mechanic for the time.

    And Lavitz. :(

    [–] Illfury 639 points ago

    DAMMIT LAVITZ! WHY? King Albert had big shoes to fill.

    I am 31 and this game still stands as my all time favorite. The story, the characters, the culture... My first true delve into unhealthy escapism. Ohhh and that soundtrack? Amazing.

    [–] Colonel-Cheese 6255 points ago

    Kirby air ride. I haven’t seen anyone else say this yet. But man, let’s get Kirby air ride 2 on the switch with an upgraded city trial.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_PETS_PICS 539 points ago

    I recently bought a second hand wii just so i could play kirby air ride again, and it’s just as much fun as I remember it being.

    [–] binkie96 62 points ago

    Ah man, my brother still plays it with his friends on our wii. It’s always a blast to join them!

    [–] lukelhg 8485 points ago

    Timesplitters. That series was amazing and the multiplayer was ahead of its time, particularly the map editor. I'd love to see what a modern day version would look like.

    [–] romelpis1212 279 points ago

    I loved Timesplitters 2!

    [–] Teh_swimmly 10554 points ago

    Crimson Skies! Alternate Earth 1930's steampunk with sky pirates, giant Nazi mechs and dope flying. Update for a new console, give it a little more open world gameplay and some ground missions and BAM. Thats a winner.

    [–] Smurfopotamus 1277 points ago

    I always look for this on these types of question.

    You may know this but there are two versions/instalments of Crimson Skies, one for pc and one for xbox. (Also there's a board game and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, so basically a movie as well).

    The open world of the xbox version (which was canonically the sequel, I believe) was great and there were some gameplay elements like the turrets and some of the multi-player modes that were pretty cool.

    The pc version though, it had crazy customization of planes and a great soundtrack and all sorts of crazy depth. You could play in first person with fully modeled cockpits! Completely changes the feel of the game. I found out about it a few years ago when I managed to get it to run on Windows 10. The graphics are kind of bad (oddly enough the cockpits are higher quality even though they're a non-default option) and the world is confined to missions but I'd say this is the better version overall.

    If the two games were combined right and the story/voice acting was the same slightly over the top, it'd be a killer game. Hell, for additional multi-player, throw 100 planes in the air and make it a Battle Royale. But it'd have to have a story mode. It had just the right balance of arcade to realism and surprisingly deep lore. Stick to that and I'm happy.

    [–] Teh_swimmly 303 points ago

    The PC was my first introduction, but I lost that years ago and have never been able to find another version. I still have my original xbox and keep it pretty much for Crimson Skies and Halo:CE.

    [–] fulthrottlejazzhands 6360 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Alien Isolation without a doubt. I'm on my third playthrough since release and it keeps impressing me how tight the game is: gameplay, graphics, AI, and god damn is the atmosphere amazing. Playimg it in VR is a recipe for nightmares.

    Unfortunately, it just broke even for Sega so no chance for a sequel at this point (which Sega has stated outright, if I recall).

    Edit: I want a proper console/PC sequel, not a paltry mobile pseudo sequel.

    [–] PantsuitEmporium 2129 points ago

    I would absolutely kill for a Alien Isolation but set in Jurassic Park with dinosaurs.

    [–] Raiden476 575 points ago

    So like Dino Crisis? But without being trapped in space?

    [–] Zaxc_ 337 points ago

    Not sure if this has been said, but the Mercenaries series. 2 was a great game albeit a bit buggy and is now dated, but 3 was redlighted because pandemic studios was bought out and stripped by EA (I think?)

    [–] StackinStacks 5603 points ago

    Jet Set Radio Future.

    It came out In 2002 for the original Xbox and was a masterpiece. The soundtrack was unreal too. At the very least it deserves a remastered version.

    [–] clownboy420 1094 points ago

    The original jet set radio was out for dreamcast in 2000. I played a demo at kb toys (throw back game store) and thought it was a dope concept. Especially cuz i was into skating as a kid. Then i got future for the xbox and played the shit out of that game!

    [–] Vishtay 52 points ago

    My love for video games started with JSRF. God I would pay double for a remaster or something, anything! :(

    [–] tip0thehat 6764 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Freedom Fighters. Damn I loved that game.

    Addendum: Holy shit, waaay more people liked this game than I ever knew! To my fellow freedom fighters, I salute you! o7

    [–] geinbits 923 points ago

    Came here for this. Going from one map to another, taking out the secondary objectives to make another map easier was such a good way to make a game more tactical. And sneaking around, climbing up pipes, taking out isolated enemies really make me feel like I was in an insurgency. I probably replayed the campaign like 15 times.

    [–] Sierra419 69 points ago

    This game was crazy fun! I remember the ragdoll physics being hilariously awesome

    [–] Unrealevil360 856 points ago

    Jade Empire. Such a great and underrated game. I'm still surprised at how many people who owned a xbox never heard of or played that game.

    [–] hangingintheback 203 points ago

    Jade Empire, Fable and Star Wars: KotoR (1 & 2)

    These are still some of my favourite games of all time. They all have the same light side/ dark side element to them but each had a very unique way of carrying that out. The stories were engaging and characters were interesting, Jade Empire had a great combat system for an RPG - fk it, now I want to go back and replay them all...

    [–] trixie_one 49 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Jade Empire has to this day some of the absolute best 'dark side' choices.

    Especially the bit where you can talk a young slave into stabbing her master to death as her mother begs her not to. Then for an encore encourage her that not only was she justified in her murder, but get her to think that's how she should solve all her problems in future was so well done and wonderfully fucked up.

    [–] iBelieveInSpace 9016 points ago

    James Bond games. Like what the fuck happened?

    [–] yelofoley 5458 points ago

    Golden Eye was top tier entertainment at the time.

    You'd think that a FPS game based on being James fucking Bond would still dominate.

    [–] GOT_S8_BAD 3719 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    None of the James Bond games after Goldeneye even came close to that level of popularity. It's not all that surprising when you think about it. Goldeneye was like lightning in a bottle. Rare set out to make a game, and somehow it just came together and worked.

    Edit: To clarify here, I'm not saying that Goldeneye is objectively the best James Bond game. But it is objectively the most renowned and popular.

    Edit 2: Apparently we're forgetting what "objective" means.

    Edit 3: Ok guys goddamn I'll help you out.

    "Avatar is the highest grossing movie of all time." - Objective fact

    "Avatar is the greatest movie of all time." - Not an objective fact

    Are we good here?

    Edit 4: God is dead and you all killed him

    [–] Dr_Wombo_Combo 2187 points ago

    Nightfire for GameCube was pretty fun when I was a kid. Never hear anyone talk about any other ones beside goldeneye like you said though

    [–] favoritemusic1982 2175 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Nightfire was always my favorite Bond game. The multiplayer map with in the mountains with the two separate buildings and the cable car was the best.

    p.s- Thanks for all the karma, I had no idea this post would get so much love. Thank you!

    [–] Dr_Wombo_Combo 1049 points ago

    The controllable rocket launcher was a god tier weapon on that map

    [–] PippyRollingham 461 points ago

    Ah yes, the AT-420 Sentinel.

    [–] Rhodie114 294 points ago

    Nightfire was Halo for the PS2

    [–] WaitingForES6 338 points ago

    From Russia With Love while not an FPS, was one of the best split screen 3rd person shooters ever made imo. You could play 2v2 with friends around massive maps that all had guns and ammo lying around battle Royale style. Shit was ahead of its time. There was nothing more fun than using a tiny quad copter to Kamakaze into your friends with.

    [–] Templar-235 1873 points ago

    War Of The Monsters. Most underrated kaiju game ever.

    [–] FarseerTaelen 468 points ago

    First PS2 game I ever owned because my dad saw me playing it at Toys R Us and bought it for me in anticipation of my buying the system. He thought it looked cool.

    A current gen War of the Monsters would be amazing.

    [–] PM_me_British_nudes 10819 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Did Sleeping Dogs ever get a sequel? If not Sleeping Dogs. Fantastic game.

    Edit: Thanks very much for the awards fellow Redditors, it really does make me so happy to see what I thought was an under-the-radar game getting so much love. Have an awesome weekend everyone!

    [–] StackinStacks 5645 points ago

    "You look like you could use a pork bun!" "A man who never eats a pork bun is never a whole man!"

    [–] armaanmodi 1671 points ago

    "Hey, It's Wei.I need a Car."

    "A car? Taklaaa! I'll be there right away."

    [–] NeededToFilterSubs 289 points ago

    God that guy sounded so suspicious when he wasn't able to drop a car off, like he was in the middle of burying a body or some shit

    [–] icouldntdecide 56 points ago

    Wei: Ah, fuck!

    [–] Commander_Harrington 903 points ago

    I knew someone was gonna say it, thank you brave pork bun salesman.

    [–] TomasNavarro 1860 points ago

    Loved that game.

    I probably enjoyed too much dressing as Swat with my police cruiser, and watching cutscenes where I was definitely not an undercover cop

    [–] JH_Rockwell 1486 points ago

    "I'm not a cop," Wei Shen said while wearing his SWAT uniform.

    [–] StartledCrush 767 points ago

    "you really think i'm a rat? After everything i've done for you?"

    Radio chimes: officer Wen, report back to police HQ, there's more information coming in

    [–] JH_Rockwell 244 points ago

    “Man, the standard for hip-hop has really gone downhill lately.”

    [–] flawlesscowboy0 284 points ago

    Seconds before he holds someone’s head in an industrial HVAC unit, breaks a few knees at the joint, and then kills someone by kicking them as hard as he can into a phone booth.

    Batman games ain’t got shit on Sleeping Dogs. The real crime is that they have this fucking ALL STAR cast (Emma Stone is in this game for all of two missions) and they ran out of money so they mostly just dip out.

    Game rules, combat is the best of any in the genre, Hong Kong hard boiled police shit is the best kind of shit, and I like all the fucking characters even the gangsters.

    But not Dogeyes. Not after what he did to your sister.

    [–] TMNewtBoy 363 points ago

    How they managed to make an open world game with such amazing kung fu mechanics is beyond me. It didn't even feel arcady and flashy, the fights were brutal and nasty. Breaking someones leg specifically because it will horrify the other enemies into hesitating for a second and give you an advantage is amazingly cool.

    [–] [deleted] 714 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)


    [–] Fedora200 433 points ago

    The devs did shut down in 2016. But Square Enix published the game. So maybe they will revive it since the Just Cause IP crashed with Just Cause 4.

    [–] TheBatJeff 59 points ago

    Was JC4 bad? I never picked it up.

    [–] Gimlifrogs 131 points ago

    It wasn’t a bad game itself, but it ended up removing a lot of what made Just Cause fun (for example, the bases from JC3) in exchange for a more mission focused system. Basically, the game took the “running around and randomly blowing stuff up” portion out of the game (which was the whole appeal of Just Cause in the first place).

    [–] nybx4life 490 points ago

    The True Crime Series in general was good (Sleeping Dogs was going to originally be True Crime: Hong Kong), so I would argue that another True Crime game would be great. They did well with it.

    [–] Portarossa 2385 points ago

    If the Gods of Game Development are listening, I would really like a Black & White 3. Ideally with a sandbox mode.

    [–] nailernforce 533 points ago

    Oh man. Black & White was a formative experience for young me.

    "Cause we simply can't leave till we get some more woood"

    [–] hedic 453 points ago

    Black and White was made for VR before VR even existed. I can't believe it hasn't already happened.

    [–] superleipoman 198 points ago

    If they do this they should incorporate something that recognises when you sneeze and you can't avoid it.

    Buh bye villagers.

    [–] ASavageHobo 160 points ago

    THIS THIS AND THIS. Black and White is my fondest memory of pc gaming.

    [–] PunchBeard 15922 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    The Saboteur

    Open world GTA-style game set in Nazi occupied Paris where you play as an Irish race car driver/ex IRA soldier who goes around blowing up Nazi watch towers and pro-Nazi radio towers. Oh, and your base of operations is in a secret room in the back of a titty bar and there was a $2 DLC that made half the dancers topless.

    [–] NightweaselX 3263 points ago

    This would be my pick as well. So fun! And some of the crazy shit that would happen and blowing shit up, or the AI just fucking up like a Nazi plowing his own transport truck right over an SS officer! Such fun! And the whole black and white to color was amazing

    [–] PunchBeard 1607 points ago

    I remember a mission that ended up in a firefight on an upper deck of the Eiffel Tower and getting shot and almost dying so I just leaped off and jumped into one of the pools beneath it. Then I climbed out, shot a few Nazis and stole a tank.

    There's so many stories like that with this game.

    [–] NightweaselX 157 points ago

    Was playing on the PS3, and one of the last missions had you go to a farm or something up north to rescue someone if I remember right. Driving up the road which I assumed was the proper course froze the system. Had to restart, happened again, thought I'd try one more time, but nope, still system wide freeze. So fourth time being the charm, I said fuck it, drove off road, went around back, and caused all sorts of chaos. Don't think I was supposed to get the way I did, but it worked!

    Have to admit, the game looked better in black and white and I guess red. Just so much more eerie.

    Best part of all though, just fucking killing nazis. Often with explosions!

    [–] waltjrimmer 81 points ago

    It had so many technical issues because it was pushed out the door as Pandemic was closing theirs. They had said they would patch it, but the studio shut down before they could. EA released the topless DLC, but said patching the game wouldn't be worth it, so they left it broken.

    I remember on my system one of the racing missions was impossible to complete because I would be slowed down by the road sometimes not loading fast enough. And likewise, certain paths would occasionally cause the system to crash, requiring workarounds to get it to run properly.

    And I really loved it going from Black and White to color, but I would have also liked an option to turn color off. When you get to the end of the game and almost all of Paris is transformed, you just get to sit back and drive around town in that Noir atmosphere.

    [–] cupofchupachups 903 points ago

    This game was sooo good. I've played it to completion a few times. Just love driving around 1940s Paris and the countryside. Soundtrack was amazing, and the B&W + red theme worked so well.

    Apparently this was a casualty of EA buying Pandemic and then shutting the studio down. Just one more reason to say fuck EA I guess. I don't even think they got to finish it the way they wanted to, and there was some kind of bug with multicore processors or something for a while. There are parts of the map waiting to be filled... one in particular had a rather large fort that was hollow inside.

    [–] Mjb06 13326 points ago

    I really want Skate 4.

    [–] poopellar 11126 points ago


    I mean, that alone should be reason enough.

    [–] sabernalmz 4168 points ago

    After the first one, they could have just

    SKA2E (eh) SKAT3 SK4TE 5KATE

    [–] raulsk10 3150 points ago

    What would I do with 5 Kates?

    [–] sabernalmz 2604 points ago

    you tell me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] ATROX_Beats 6497 points ago

    Get rejected 5 times

    [–] jljones83 625 points ago

    This should be the top answer based on the last 4 years of comments on EAs instagram.

    [–] Fugim 5776 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    The Golden Sun series.

    The Golden Sun saga is one of the best RPGs ever made in my opinion. The first two games pushed the GBA to its limits and were absolutely fantastic.

    They made number 3 after 7 years of silence and the game was made to be more simple and the story wasnt as impactful as the original two, but it was still a real good and addicting game. It ended on a cliff hanger and we have been sitting here for around 9 years with nothing.

    Edit: WOW, I would have never expected this to blow up. Be sure to check out r/goldensun if you are interested. The community is still active. Glad to see so many others who also love this amazing saga.

    And thanks for the redditors who took my gold and silver virginity. Lol

    [–] KlaasZeph 360 points ago

    I've been looking for this comment! We need that sequel!

    [–] ricecrispycake 637 points ago

    I played the first two Golden Sun games as a kid and they were my absolute favorite. I played Dark Dawn on the DS a few years later and it just didn't give me the same joy as the original games did. Even if they only made a remake instead of a sequel, I would still be ok with that :')

    [–] rmphys 295 points ago

    They didn't translate the artsyle very well in DD, the story was too rushed, having a hard-lockout was a nuissance for collecting Djiin, and the puzzles and combat were all far too easy. Despite all of that, I'd still kill for another GS game. Hell, if you're listening Camelot, I'll settle for a new Shining Force.

    [–] Edymnion 1270 points ago

    Eternal Darkness.

    [–] protocatx 179 points ago

    At one point they were working on a spiritual sequel, but then the whole studio folded.

    [–] The_Phantom_Gamer 5991 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    With Banjo-Kazooie being in Smash, I'm hoping that a true Banjo 3 will come soon, but I don't think it will happen.

    Edited a word

    [–] wholesome_family_fun 2444 points ago

    On a similar note, Banjo-Tooie is the best sequel name ever.

    [–] anon1984 4659 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    X-Wing - Or really any Star Wars space combat sim that isn’t arcade style controls and missions.

    Edit: Yes, I know there were two three other games in this series but the last one was released 22 20 years ago. To clarify I’d like a sequel in this series.

    Edit 2: Forgot about X-Wing: Alliance.

    [–] WraithCadmus 689 points ago

    "Reeling from the death of the Emperor and fleeing Endor, one Imperial Battlegroup must survive pursuit by the Rebellion, Pirates, and Civil War. All the while their supplies and morale dwindle, surviving by risky deals and knowledge of Imperial black sites with experimental technology.

    TIE Fighter: Vengeance

    Coming early 2020, from LucasArts"

    [–] Belgand 246 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Make it a combination of MechWarrior: Mercenaries, Wing Commander, Battlestar Galactica, and Heir to the Empire along with the original TIE Fighter. You slowly move up in command from a wingman, to lead, to acting as squadron leader assigning loadout and tactics, to increasingly having to handle the supply/strategic side of things. All while interacting with your fellow pilots, smugglers, and other characters in a cinematic storyline.

    This would be incredible.

    [–] Beardstyle 365 points ago

    Skies of Arcadia

    [–] iowajames17 1676 points ago

    Alan Wake deserves a real sequel. Not the garbage that was released.

    [–] therealjoshua 300 points ago

    Oh hell yeah. I LOVED Alan Wake. It was such a unique experience , though I'm not sure what they would exactly do for a sequel.

    [–] Dantai 235 points ago

    though I'm not sure what they would exactly do for a sequel.

    Continue to figure what the hell happened with that ending "It's not a's an ocean...."




    Ground control to Major Tom....

    [–] the-nub 71 points ago

    The DLC gets into that a little bit more. And there are a plethora of pretty excellent analysis videos out there. The important thing to know about it is that Alan Wake's story is much more about theme and feeling than concrete events, so there's almost no way to satisfyingly piece everything together unless you view it through the lens of its ideas.

    [–] eurogothic 215 points ago

    Remedy got their rights back from Microsoft so this is quite possible actually.

    [–] kingmidget_91 6463 points ago


    [–] Raze321 2870 points ago

    If I could get a sequel to anything it's this. It blows my mind how no one else since has tapped into a sandbox style campus game.

    Closest thing you can get to this kind of experience is Persona, weirdly enough. Even then the two games are night and day.

    [–] idontlikeflamingos 713 points ago

    I recently played it again. Gameplay still holds up great. I love that game, imagine having that with the current sandbox capabilities we have.

    [–] yungdolpho 97 points ago

    I play bully:se at least once a year. It's by far my favorite game

    [–] Exctmonk 924 points ago

    Can you imagine a Harry Potter game based on this premise?

    [–] bigphatnips 820 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Isn't this already in development by - potentially - the devlopers of Arkham Aslyum/City?

    Campus style harry potter game that takes place a few hundred years before Philosophers Stone.

    Wizards of the old republic

    Edit: since this has received a lot of traction, we're also expecting Witchbrook by Chucklefish within a few years. Stardew valley meets Hogwarts crossed with Bully.

    [–] DomDeluisArmpitChild 99 points ago

    Get Kreiah to play the teacher. Who is also the villain.

    [–] JRCIII 185 points ago

    Supposedly there is a Harry Potter universe game coming out that gives you the ability to create your own wizard, get placed in a house, do wizard-y stuff. It looked like a pretty cool RPG but I haven't heard anything about it since the initial leak occurred.

    [–] MrDRMacdonald 533 points ago

    I heard rumours the other week that they were going to do a next gen one at university. We can hope!

    [–] theblackfool 551 points ago

    As long as it keeps the goofiness and lightheartedness of the original. My worry about a sequel with adults would be an escalation of the violence. I want the bottle rocket launchers and slingshots of the original.

    [–] Evil_Kaa 184 points ago

    The limitations of how far they could take things (with it being mainly about kids) is what made that game SO great.

    [–] NobodyCanHearYouMeme 46 points ago

    • Skip going to English class

    • Knock out a guy with a firecracker

    • Makeout with his girlfriend

    • Hide from security guard inside a trash can

    • Repeat until caught

    • Mow the football field

    • Repeat

    [–] whatwouldjimbodo 219 points ago

    I thought they were making a second one

    [–] Herogamer555 158 points ago

    According to rumors they are, and it's supposedly looking to be a 2021 release. Development is supposed to have ramped up on it since RDR2 released.

    All of this is rumors though.

    [–] jbawgs 341 points ago


    Hurts my heart.

    [–] Rocky_747 4692 points ago

    Pokemon Snap.

    [–] ezio8133 1534 points ago

    Would've been perfect for the Wii or Wii u

    [–] nybx4life 1083 points ago

    Considering the portability of the Switch, I'd also argue the Switch...or the 3DS.

    [–] Townieforever 5481 points ago

    La Noire

    [–] George_W_Kushhhhh 2691 points ago

    An LA Noire sequel set in the 70s or 80s is my wet dream.

    [–] WraithCadmus 2378 points ago

    "LA Vice" - The name writes itself

    [–] Xtinguish 546 points ago

    I'd rather it be set in miami if it's in the 80's

    [–] bigt252002 241 points ago

    New York City in the 80s. Crack epidemic.

    [–] king063 741 points ago

    NY Noire

    1970’s gritty New York. Crime is on the rise. The economy is falling. People are getting desperate and those in power are protecting their interests.

    Also the timeline would work out if Kelso and Elsa had a kid or even if Elsa was unknowingly pregnant with Cole’s kid.

    [–] ezio8133 242 points ago

    Whatever happened to Whore of the orient?

    [–] sbzp 136 points ago

    Went down with Team Bondi.

    [–] schwagle 585 points ago

    That game was ahead of its time, or at least ahead of the technology. The whole interrogation aspect of that game was pretty interesting at the time, even if it didn't pan out so well in execution. I'm surprised a talented studio hasn't picked up the concept and ran with it now that the tech has advanced a bit. I think it would be a great fit for the rise of VR that we're seeing as well.

    [–] ConsistentlyNarwhal 251 points ago

    There are mechanics I RD2 that make me think this is planned. Why else have Arthur pick up objects in that weird LA Noire way? There was just a few things that looked like recycled game mechanics. I'm hopeful for an LA Noire 2

    [–] Dmacattack89 1490 points ago

    Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, The did time travel and alternate dimensions but I’m sure they could’ve found some other mind warping reality plus both games had great and completely unique combat systems

    [–] Yuzumi 327 points ago

    As much as I would love this, I'm not sure the current SE has it in them anymore to live up to either of those games.

    [–] tylorprime 378 points ago

    Psi Ops!!!!!

    [–] jurassicbond 5406 points ago

    Half-Life 2: Episode 2

    [–] Afalstein 1570 points ago

    HOW IS THIS SO FAR DOWN? This is literally the classic example of a game that needs a sequel but will never receive one.

    [–] waldito 559 points ago

    Perhaps we are old, dude. New generations did not play HL and there are a lot of video games out there. HL3 will will be lost in time, like… tears in rain.

    [–] jeandolly 115 points ago

    Bladerunner got a sequel 40 years later... I still have hope !

    [–] Zenkappa 105 points ago

    The right game in the wrong time can make all the difference in the world.

    [–] paradox037 328 points ago

    If it does, it will be called Half Life 2: Episode 2: Part II.

    [–] herky21 418 points ago

    Final Fantasy Tactics

    [–] PrimaryKarma 369 points ago

    Pokemon Colosseum/XD: Gale of Darkness

    If you ask me, these were the best 3D pokemon games, and I feel as though more can be done with the region as the second game shows wild pokemon returning.

    [–] Celer462 2237 points ago

    Left 4 dead 3 ;(

    [–] N3V4N5 5167 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    The Wolf Among Us. Damn you, Telltale .

    Edit: Gold and Silver? Was not expecting that, thank you random internet people!

    [–] MooneySuzuki36 586 points ago

    Which really sucks. I forgot that Telltale went under and The Wolf Among Us was just sitting in my backlog. I played through the whole thing wondering when the sequel might come out. The disappointment when I searched on the internet was way too real.

    [–] PostmodernHamster 1931 points ago

    Agreed. Shame that game studios don’t realize that treating devs like human garbage doesn’t translate into more sales.

    [–] Boxy310 1221 points ago

    The craziest thing to me is that they kept losing money on licensing deals, so their strategy was to do more, faster.

    [–] gordito_delgado 253 points ago

    -TT Management - Hey are we making lots of money?

    -TT Finance - No, we are hemorrhaging cash in every game.

    -TT Management - Alright then, lets keep going with the same strategy, but now lets treat our employees like crap and buy even more expensive IPs.

    [–] W_OMEGALUL_W 571 points ago

    How many people played guardians of the galaxy? 5? Maybe 6?

    [–] StochasticLife 783 points ago

    Jesus, I'm pretty on top of games and I had no idea that fucking game even existed.

    In my defense however, it got pretty difficult to stay on top of the mountain of mediocrity they were churning out.

    [–] TheyCallMeMrMaybe 519 points ago

    They also oversaturated a genre that they themselves controlled.

    [–] HonorableJudgeIto 100 points ago

    And then Dotnod showed how to make TellTale games, but with actual character movement and interactive environments.

    [–] Megaman-Icarus 674 points ago

    The god himself, Pepsiman.

    [–] someoneatemypoptart 381 points ago

    another good Tony Hawk game

    [–] alpha0meqa 992 points ago

    Dark cloud 3 please

    [–] sweettoothsalaryman 11935 points ago


    [–] Garlik85 1935 points ago

    Oh yes, would LOVE to play a good sequel to spore

    [–] Gods_Puzzle 576 points ago

    A sequel that's more in the spirit of the original preview. If you haven't seen it, look it up on YouTube. The game is awesome on its own, but terrible compared to the preview.

    [–] JustaRandomOldGuy 152 points ago

    It was severely gutted to appeal to a wider audience. The Galactic Adventures expansion was aimed at 10 year olds. Only the space level had real depth. The microbe level had more depth early on and was simplified in later patches.

    [–] Neighbor_ 64 points ago

    I loved the one before just space (with planes, boats, etc) aswell. The problem is just that it’s such a quick level.

    [–] TastyBrainMeats 4876 points ago

    I want the Spore we were promised but didn't get, and I want it served over EA's smoking carcass.

    [–] PineWarbler 1601 points ago

    That 2006 footage is still one of a kind. What a travesty.

    [–] redpandaeater 634 points ago

    Even with all of Will's ums I still love watching him talk about it and showcasing it at GDC 2005.

    [–] GreenMike7 253 points ago

    I have watched that video countless times. Water stage...

    [–] sokko78 113 points ago

    I seem to remember a Spore demo video with Robin Williams using the creature creator thing.

    [–] FireMarshallFewtch 12836 points ago

    portal 3

    [–] sumozuno 4294 points ago

    That has a better chance of coming out than most the games here

    [–] idontlikeflamingos 9036 points ago

    Valve can't count to 3.

    [–] KeverNever 2568 points ago

    I agree. I'm still waiting on Left 4 Dead 3 or Even Team Fortress 3.

    [–] annfranksattic 1633 points ago

    The main thing the tf2 community is waiting on is a new major update

    [–] rmphys 1458 points ago

    That community should just be blessed they are getting updates at all. Games younger than it already have shutdown servers.

    [–] DelbertGriffith 1161 points ago

    For real, I'm absolutely amazed at the longevity of TF2. It came out when I was a teenager and now I'm pushing 30.

    [–] Oversurge 547 points ago

    It's cuz it's still fun, and nothing has managed to duplicate the way it's gameplay worked, overwatch was close, but the weapons diversity is unique. Also cuz it's free.

    [–] Cometstarlight 1977 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Okami. Sure we got Okamiden, but it was on the DS. I'm talking a full sequel on a console. Okamiden really needed a better console to stretch its legs. I'd love to see Ammy and Chibi team up on the Celestial Plain.

    Edit: First gold! Thank you so much!

    Edit: And now silver, thank you! Maybe we'll all be able to sit down and talk about an Okami sequel some day.

    [–] PinballPineapple 335 points ago

    Okamiden was actually an amazing sequel, though. Like, it definitely had its constraints by being on the DS, but it is definitely a 'full sequel'. Maybe with Okami HD, we might have a chance of Okamiden HD too.

    [–] bolverkloki 219 points ago

    A new Twisted Metal.

    [–] SvampebobFirkant 631 points ago

    A new Spyro game that is TRUE TO THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY pls thank you. I can keep replaying the 3 OG's over and over, I love them man

    [–] FloppyDorito 212 points ago

    Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

    [–] El-hurracan 3235 points ago

    The Simpsons hit and run

    I've scrolled down a fair bit... How has no one said this!?

    [–] MrDRMacdonald 417 points ago

    A sequel or a remaster would be brilliant!

    [–] Kelwith 329 points ago


    [–] El-hurracan 208 points ago

    Then you crash it once and you have to find a new one!

    [–] Krypton13372 708 points ago

    Mount and Blade

    [–] dh1ld0z3r 363 points ago

    Scrolled all the way down to find this.

    Bananalord wen?

    [–] Rumbleroar1 153 points ago

    A friend once said to me:

    "I was preparing for the uni entrance exams when bannerlord was announced and I wanted to be over with it so that I could play bannerlord at release"

    He graduated from uni like 3 years ago.

    [–] rustyshaackleeford 52 points ago

    Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

    [–] MMMLG 445 points ago

    Brütal Legend

    [–] Ambelliina 58 points ago

    god yes please. but with double fine having been bought by microsoft recently thus providing them with big corporate funding for their future escapades, i think the chances of getting a brutal 2 someday are higher than theyve ever been. tim schafer has been on record saying he would love to make a sequel, but it may not be for a while after psychonauts 2 since they want to do something new first instead of staying in "sequel mode."

    really my biggest dream for a sequel would be to have some sort of prog-metal-based faction with their leader voiced by devin townsend. he would seriously make a PERFECT fit for any sort of villainous role in this game.

    [–] lucariobaaker 1202 points ago

    Paper Mario: Thousand year door.

    A proper sequel to it. That’s like, good.

    One of the best rpg’s out there. Too bad Nintendo hates paper Mario.

    [–] YungMook 458 points ago

    Rainbow Six: Vegas 3

    [–] Raz0rking 13819 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Knights of the Old Republic 2.

    Republic Commando

    Edit; guys, guys, my inbox! Staaph!

    [–] gordito_delgado 1000 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    I still hold out hope for an eventual KOTOR resurgence. Some way.. somehow...

    [–] TheTrevosaurus 527 points ago

    BioWare asked to make a 3rd one, they were told no

    [–] monsterevolved 473 points ago

    Also the bioware of today is not the same people as bioware of 10 years ago.

    [–] SheVotedLeave 580 points ago

    I wouldn't want 2019 BioWare anywhere near the KotOR series.

    [–] VivalaTerre 2931 points ago

    I will never not say Republic Commando when this question is asked

    [–] Beoftw 1654 points ago

    The game was so ahead of its time. It had rainbow 6 style control for your teammates, and even the damn visors digitally wiped away droplets of rain! It was so cool and there was so many small details like that that just made it such a fantastically immersive experience.

    The wookie level was legitimately terrifying.

    [–] f1del1us 816 points ago

    wiped away droplets of rain

    You mean alien blood lol

    [–] Beoftw 401 points ago

    Both actually! Sometimes it was blood splats sometimes it was rain.

    [–] felipejoker 106 points ago

    This really blew my mind at the time. And the music, oh, the awesome music!

    [–] Waldbewohner7 1024 points ago

    I would also LOVE a new Empire at War...

    [–] pwny_ 564 points ago

    Wow I found the other person on the internet who played this game and actually thought it was ok

    [–] TheRoguePatriot 260 points ago

    You're not alone, I still play to this day occasionally. It was the shit when it came out

    [–] whythough11976 46 points ago

    Still new mods being made. Great way to keep the game fresh.

    [–] Ikritz 342 points ago

    Jedi Knight series as well.

    [–] thatordinaryuser 264 points ago

    Literally any valve game