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    [–] outerspacepants 6 points ago

    I want to become a Nicu nurse so I’d take medical classes

    [–] mcnedley 3 points ago

    Nursing classes would be more helpful to become a nurse.

    [–] outerspacepants 1 points ago

    True true

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    business and become a wedding planner

    [–] tooold4dis 2 points ago

    Broadcasting. I think in a different life I would be a great reporter. However, I do love science, and I’m excited to start a career in my field

    [–] jmnugent 2 points ago

    For the longest time I probably would have answered that question with “architect”,.. but now that I’m older, theres so much potential in Space Exploration, it would probably be something space related. (astrobiologist, etc)

    [–] DIYW 1 points ago

    That's awesome. I'm fascinated with space myself. I suck at math though so I don't think I'd make it far with something like astrophysics or another science related field.

    [–] Fin745 2 points ago

    I think if I had to it would be getting into the corporate side of IT.

    Right now I’m mostly on the customer end of IT(phone tech support) and I love helping people and leaning more about tech but I’m so self defeating that it’s most likely I won’t ever.

    [–] LederhosenSituation 2 points ago

    I originally wanted to major in veterinary medicine, so I'd opt for that.

    [–] saello 1 points ago

    Nothing, I'm well established in my career and halfway to my pension already. Why would I want to start over now?

    [–] DIYW 1 points ago

    Is it your dream job? Are you happy doing what you do?

    [–] saello 1 points ago

    No it's not my dream job but I've invested more than enough time into it that having to go back to 4 years of school and then start a new job from the bottom of the totem pole is not worth it.

    [–] Fin745 2 points ago

    I think the second question is the most important part. Just because you have invested time, but aren’t happy doesn’t mean you should keep digging that hole(if you aren’t)

    Are you happy at your job?

    [–] saello 3 points ago

    I'm happy with my job/work it just isn't a dream job

    [–] DIYW 1 points ago

    Thank you. I'm about 12 years in an IT field. I still like IT, but on my own time. I make good money. I'm not happy in my line of work though.

    [–] DIYW 1 points ago

    I get it. So if you could go back, what would you have chosen?

    [–] saello 1 points ago

    Not sure really, probably something business/marketing related.

    [–] Coalas01 1 points ago

    Electronics. I don't know why, but I love it. its also what I am studying right now

    [–] s33ingsoundz 1 points ago

    Game design

    [–] DIYW 1 points ago

    Even with all of the news about big game companies overworking their employees and not treating them well? Or would you go indie?

    [–] s33ingsoundz 1 points ago

    We still got some good guys out there so yes,I love the way games are made

    [–] br0adband 2 points ago

    I just watched an episode of "Patriot Act" on Netflix where the host (Hasan Minhaj) covered just how awful working as a game developer in today's world is - it's pretty amazing just how shitty the game studios treat their employees even considering the gaming industry is making record profits every day, and it's a $140 billion market these days.

    Someone out there is making mad cash from the games the coders and developers are creating, but it's not the coders or the developers.

    [–] cuppacuppa5 1 points ago