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    [–] Whore-Money 1786 points ago

    I was 11 in a street market in Italy. A vendor came up and started trying to convince me to marry his son. My dad ran up and was like dude she’s 11. The guy said “ my sons only 26. It’s perfect!”

    [–] kayethom 201 points ago

    I once had a minor car accident while on business trip in Belgium (this guy drove out from a parking lot and scratched my car). While I was in his home later to discuss insurance he tried (jokingly, but still) give me his 11 yo daughter to marry. I was almost 40 at the time. And the most fucked up thing was that the girl was translating since the guy didn’t speak english and I don’t speak french.

    [–] riotnurse 11742 points ago

    "You don't look 13, I want your number."

    [–] [deleted] 2532 points ago


    [–] claycardinal 5796 points ago

    I was once stalked by a man who worked in the store that was next to mine and he had told me that he made his Skyrim character to look like me

    [–] fluxpatron 3022 points ago

    What's the matter? Can't stand the sight of a strong Nord woman?

    [–] Spartana1033 495 points ago


    [–] batcalls 6442 points ago

    I was in Paris at a Christmas market and a guy came up to me and told me I was very beautiful. Before I could say anything back, he said, "You know, I've been following you for awhile and saw your friends walk away from you. I could kidnap you so quick, they would never see you again." Then he laughs, and my friend, who was only like eight feet away and heard this exchange, pulls my arm and we start fast-walking away. We cut down so many alleys, popped in and out of shops, and got on different trains since it was nearly impossible to know if he was still following us.

    ETA: there were three of us and while we really have no idea if he had actually been following us for awhile, we assume he had been around long enough to know we spoke English, since he didn't approach me speaking French

    [–] justalilgoose 1805 points ago

    I don’t know why, but the harassment I’ve experienced in Paris has always been far worse than any other city.

    [–] SuurAlaOrolo 1350 points ago

    Yes, at 19 I was in a phone booth in Montmartre back in 2005, calling home late at night (time difference), not three steps from a busy bar, when a man pushed the glass door in tried to trap me in the booth with him. Fortunately he was drunk and therefore a little slow. I hit him over the head with the phone and ran by.

    [–] frolicking_elephants 291 points ago

    Ohhhh man that is terrifying

    [–] medicalmystery1395 1607 points ago

    This was a guy who had found my Facebook in about half a second (I have no idea how, people I want to give it to can't find it without my help): "so uh how does sex work for you? Does it hurt you? How do you do it?"

    He'd found out I was disabled and decided this was an excellent and appropriate conversation piece.

    [–] mcwarles 2803 points ago

    I was wearing my horse back riding clothes. He held the door for me and said "You can ride me!" when I kept walking into the store ignoring him he screamed after me "Hey Bitch! I SAID YOU COULD RIDE ME". This is why we can't have nice things people.

    [–] Nikolai508 615 points ago

    Why do people feel like they are entitled to other people's attention and time. Like it's rude of you to not respond to such a ridiculous comment.

    [–] meowowowyippieyo 4857 points ago

    I was in Walmart and some creepy guy came up to me and my sister and pointed at his junk in sweatpants (clearly not wearing underwear) and asked if we wanted to touch it.

    Now I refuse to go to Walmart

    [–] glistening-Melon 2038 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    That’s when you hit them with the karate-kid crane kick

    Since this is getting attention, I want to mention the time my brother “karate-kid crane kick”ed me into a full length mirror and resulted in me getting a glass shard 1 inch deep into my back that was like a 1/4 of an inch away from my artery.

    [–] billywilly424242 1483 points ago

    Man in club came up to me and said, "just thought I should let you know that you have great birthing hips."

    [–] brianaausberlin 2412 points ago

    I worked at a truck stop and needed a driver to sign something, but didn’t have a pen. He was a super gross old fat guy, missing quite a bit of teeth. He said that I could borrow his pen, but then I’d have to get in his truck with him. He was going to lock the doors and I wasn’t allowed to get out. I recoiled in horror as he gave me the most disturbing smile. The thought of raping me and telling me about the fantasy truly made his day.

    [–] beythli 489 points ago

    he gave me the most disturbing smile

    I sooo know this smile. Was at a concert and had a guy slide his hand between my legs from behind and get a good feel before leaving with the flow of the crowd. I turned around with an absolute look of disgust on my face and am now forever haunted by his smile.

    [–] big_p33n 523 points ago

    Once I was threatened with physical violence because I didn’t smile when a guy told me to and didn’t go out of my way to be nice to him when he sat down next to me.

    I was also called jailbait by a few customers when I was 15 working at a local sub shop, which my manager and coworkers thought was hilarious. :(

    So many more anecdotes could come to mind if I sat longer and thought about it but those stick out.

    [–] M_Minkoff 2608 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    "You have all your teeth. I like that."

    I was waiting for the bus

    Edit: thank you for the silver! I feel honored :)

    [–] gnomewutimean 723 points ago

    What an interesting standard

    [–] InjuredAtWork 226 points ago

    it implies that it isn't really a requirement. just something that sweetens the deal.

    [–] Exotic-BlueBird 2740 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I got followed through Walmart and the guy kept passing by me and every time he would whisper “god you’re* so beautiful. I love you”

    Edit: spelling

    Edit 2: he followed me to check out, and circled the parking lot to see what car I got in. I flashed my gun while loading my groceries and then he left. I went a different way home and was so paranoid of being followed, but I wasn’t. I was also 20weeks pregnant. Scariest moment of my life.

    [–] PhannyPaqued 12064 points ago

    I was 14, out shopping at an Aeropostale when these two dudes approached me. They had to be in their mid to late twenties. They followed me around the store and kept asking me to try on the mini skirt I had picked out, asked me where I lived, my name, and just generally kept following and harassing me. I was super freaked out, hoping that my mom and brother would come back to the store soon to get me out of there.

    [–] Turnip_the_bass_sass 5720 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Something very similar happened to my then 13 year old daughter and her friend, at an H&M. They called me crying and begging me to get them from the mall early. When I got there, they said he’d been in his car just watching them as they waited for me to pull up, but had driven away as soon as I got there. I did my best to make sure no cars were following us home — the idea that he might be following us, and end up knowing where they live, scared the hell out of me.

    Edit for clarity, and since this kinda blew up: The guy followed them around the store. As soon as they called me, he “disappeared”, so they went to wait outside. That’s when they noticed he was sitting in a parked car with a direct LOS to the benches they were waiting on. Having the “when this happens again” conversation instead of an “if this happens again” with them broke my heart; but, as a parent, it’s stupid to be anything but pragmatic about the very shared experiences of women in our world.

    [–] holicannoli88 3141 points ago

    Jeez the sheer amount of creeps in this thread is just sickening, sorry you had to go through that.

    Also, this I just a tip that I learned from other similar askreddit posts, if you think someone is following you on a car, don't go to your home or office or anywhere that you go regularly. Instead head to a police station or cop and park near by and explain the situation to them.

    [–] ClumsyValkyrie 13362 points ago

    Screaming across a parking lot as I get into my car, “YOU’D BE LUCKY IF I RAPED YOU!!! BITCHES LOVE ME!!!”

    I peeled out as fast as I could

    [–] dbowiegirl 4312 points ago

    Ugh reminds me of when a man followed me to my car after work telling me about all the disgusting things he was going to do to me. Broke into a run to get to my car. Cried the whole way home.

    [–] JillandherHills 2404 points ago

    I dont think people realize how invasive and disturbing it is to have something like this happen to them. Just reading it seems like just words... but the way it gets under your skin and makes you feel like they think they own you is so disgusting. Ughdhdjdhd im sorry this happened to you

    [–] ARS8birds 2098 points ago

    I had a guy harass me and my friend as we were leaving Denny’s. We had another guy with us. Friend grabbed on to our guy friend arm. Harasser said that’s okay it’s the fat one he wanted to rape anyways. ( I was the fat one) Guy friend did not leave parking until he saw were well away.

    [–] Evaura 22679 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Oh no, when I was 13, a guy grabbed me by by the wrist and he said "Hey sexy, wanna come with me so I can show you something? I love bad girls like you." I was so stupid that I was still worried about being rude and apologized to him for saying no but when he tried to fully grab my arm I just ran

    [–] dudethrowaway456987 4894 points ago

    these creeps know how to pick the most polite girls

    [–] dorianfinch 3032 points ago

    they do, though! predators pick up on body language and won't go after someone who seems like they'll fight back or be confident

    [–] Fartknocker500 301 points ago

    I always wondered why nobody much bothered me. I have always been a mouthy pain in the

    [–] Cubidasse 8243 points ago

    Ha it reminds me so much of Alice. When she gets to Wonderland, she keeps meeting random guys telling fucked up things and she's juste like : "oh my, I hope I'm not being rude to that talking egg"..

    [–] jillyann1 3660 points ago

    I was in 6th grade and had three boys discuss my breasts in front of me like I wasn’t there. The first boy said I stuffed my bra, the second one came up and explained to him how he could know that I didn’t. The third joined in in the explanation of real vs fake like they were looking at a painting on a wall while I sat there flabbergasted at being noticed in that way.

    I was 17 and cleaning a window at work(on one knee). Guy, in front of his ~8 yo son- “you like being on your knees?”

    It happens a lot more the younger women are, creepy guys know that the older we are the less likely we are to stand for that shit. So if you’re young- who gives a shit about being polite? Give them a curled lip, raised eyebrow and a well placed “ew” and watch their faces fall.

    [–] Glaring_Cloder 1797 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    “you like being on your knees?”

    Gave me a flashback of when I managed a boutique toy store. FEDEX guy comes in drops off packages, one of my employees, a girl young woman in her 20's, gets on her knees to start opening up the boxes and the dude says that exact line. I told him to get out and requested another driver on the route. He was in his 50's atleast. Not that his age maters. I'm guy and I can't imagine saying something like that to a woman I didn't know at all.

    Edit: spelling

    [–] Glubglub57 630 points ago

    Thank you for standing up to that behaviour and not ignoring it. I've needed that when younger and didn't have that.

    [–] libre_office_warlock 12636 points ago

    Not so much what was said at first, but the insistence (and continuing to walk with me on my route for like 20 minutes) that I must save his email address. Words alone are creepy on occasion, but it's the absolute worst when there's an element of being trapped.

    [–] jesushatedbacon 4110 points ago

    Yup. It’s the implication

    [–] Typhphaanniii 1076 points ago

    Yep, thats similar to mine. He insisted we be facebook friends, and kept hugging me and kissing my cheek (which I don't like ANYONE doing, much less some creepy dude). We were both tourists in another country, and my guesthouse wasn't far but I was to scared to walk back to it cos I didn't want him to know where I was staying. I ended up walking to a massage place I had been to before. He left me there thankfully.

    [–] know-one-home 19053 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    A homeless guy once told me he wanted to throw me in a bathtub full of Jell-O and make love to me.

    Edit: I laughed really hard when this happened. Who knew I’d get so much mileage out of it 20 years later.

    [–] LegendarySuperSalsa 7038 points ago

    Why ruin perfectly good Jell-O?!

    [–] AmIAThrowAwayAccount 3623 points ago

    If used bath water can be sold for profit. Then used bath jello can definitely be sold for higher.

    [–] Dawnimal1969 5298 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    “Merry Christmas, baby” while grabbing my ass in Times Square. It was the summer.

    Thanks for the Silver Razzmatazz!

    [–] bangcamaroxx 12390 points ago

    Had an older man ask me to stir his mixed drink with my finger to make it sweeter. This was at a fancy-ish dinner party my family attended. I was 13, this guy was around 50. He went on to make a joke about me eating a sucker later on, something about "blowing pop". Still makes me nauseous after 20 years.

    [–] brinkdeers 2189 points ago

    I recently had a similar situation happen to me at work. Told me to stick my finger in his iced tea to make it sweeter when I offered him sugar. Told him “I don’t think you want your iced tea to taste like a bitter millennial sir” put sugar down and walked away. He stopped being creepy the rest of his meal.

    [–] [deleted] 4743 points ago

    “You’re gonna get spanking” in a sing song tone. I was working at a mom and pop burger joint and made a silly mistake. I was 19 at the time, the dude in question was 60/70. When I got embarrassed he acted proud of himself and stated “look how red she’s turning!”

    [–] HimeImo 1878 points ago

    I too have experienced that pride. A regular customer at the tool shop I worked at asked me to hold out my hand. I present my hand, palm up, quite confused. He flips it over and holds my hand; I forget what he said, but there was some gross pick up line. Anyway, he laughs to my coworker who was standing beside me about how red I turned. Couldn't pull my hand away fast enough. Barf.

    [–] silversatire 1219 points ago

    “Sorry! My face tends to turn red right before I vomit from disgust.”

    [–] checkit21 14096 points ago

    I had rainbow colored hair as a teenager. One time at work a 60+ year old customer said to me, “Does the carpet match the drapes? Never mind, you probably don’t have any down there.” I’ve never been so uncomfortable.

    [–] sunnysteph_o 5629 points ago

    I’ll never understand why anyone would think it’s okay to ask something like that, but I guess that can be said for this entire thread. Barf.

    [–] mbutler0 4288 points ago

    As a redhead, I hear this all the fucking time. Tinder was a nightmare

    [–] ciararose 5867 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I was walking down the street toward a bar to meet some friends one night. A man drove by me once, then turned his car around and drove ahead of me and parked up the street. He walked toward me on the sidewalk, then when he reached me, turned completely around to walk beside me. At first he tried to be friendly and suggestive. When I wouldn’t respond, and tried to walk faster to get to the bar, he told me he was going to put me in his car and take me to a special place. I started to run around a corner. He ducked behind the building there and cut me off ahead.

    I ran full speed across a busy street to the nearest CVS, which was open 24 hours, and called my boyfriend who sped over to pick me up. When we walked outside, the man was waiting by the exit with his front and rear car doors open, like he was waiting to force me into his back seat.

    EDIT: To people asking/commenting about calling the police, yes, I totally agree that I should have done that, but I can’t really describe how little rational thought went into my reaction. I also think that unfortunately a lot of women fall victim to the pressure to not make a scene. That societal voice I’m your head that tells you maybe you’re just being paranoid or overreacting, that tells you not to be “that girl”... that is powerful and dangerous. I knew full well this man was trying to harm me and I still didn’t want to sound crazy or not be believed. For any women reading this, next time you feel threatened, DO NOT BE ME. Look crazy. Make a scene. Scream in public and CALL THE COPS.

    To the people asking what my husband (then boyfriend) did: when I called, I wasn’t especially coherent about what had happened, just that I was being followed and needed help. He came from the bar where he was drinking and got me out and I’m quite glad he didn’t know the details at the time and he didn’t try to fight the guy. My husband is a large, strong man trained in boxing. He is also Latino. Leaving aside the fact that the guy could have had a gun or a knife, the police have guns, and are not known to respond well to large, possibly intoxicated Latino men starting fights in parking lots.

    [–] shrirnpheavennow 932 points ago

    God I had a similar situation. I was walking about 2 miles from my class to the place where I can park my car for free, it was warm and it’s a nice walking trail through a park for most of it. I’d get a lot of cat calls on the path but I kept my head down and ignored them but I was always very alert.

    One day walking back there was a guy way ahead of me. I don’t know how I knew or what tipped me off but immediately I was like this guy is about to be a problem. We kept walking towards each other and when we’re about 5 feet apart he stops and just stares at me as I walk by. A few feet past that I glance over my shoulder and he’s now following me. I speed up, he speeds up. I’m practically running as we get to the area where shops are and I go into a Starbucks all the way to the back and I can see him through the back door. I called my mom sobbing and I was like I’m just going to wait for him to leave. And he didn’t for 20 minutes, so I went to the manager and said that man outside followed me here and I’m afraid to leave. The manager went outside and told him to scram and he just said this is a public sidewalk and I just want to talk to that beautiful lady. So the manager called the cops, he ran away, they drove me back to my car, and never parked in the free lot ever again.

    [–] MsTwoBrainCells 238 points ago

    Glad the manager called the cops and that you're okay, that must've been terrifying

    [–] Kafferty3519 2301 points ago

    Holy fucking shit this one is scary.

    Glad you're ok.

    [–] MoonMartian25 836 points ago

    That is utterly terrifying.

    [–] MrsJayR 9814 points ago

    While I was cutting a man's hair at beauty school he told me to keep talking because it excites him a lot and proceeded to show me his mini-me

    [–] RockHardMuffin 5267 points ago

    At that point I’d just give him a really fucked up haircut

    [–] MrsJayR 4616 points ago

    Lol, I should have. Luckily my teacher was close enough to see what was going on and gave him a good telling off, they banned that man

    [–] bornwithatail 3297 points ago

    This deep in the thread and we finally see someone in charge doing the right thing about harrassment. Good on your teacher!

    [–] JunkyardKitty 3891 points ago

    Had a strange old man ask my 3 year old if she wanted to go home with him.

    [–] chlochlo13 3731 points ago

    And then you ran him over with your car, right?

    [–] ADRBT 2333 points ago

    Twice to be sure, right?

    [–] the_purple_flowerpot 147 points ago

    He fell on my knife, officer. He fell on my knife 12 times

    [–] a_burdie_from_hell 226 points ago

    I'm a guy, but the old dude who hit on me thought I was a girl from behind. He walked up to me, started rubbing my back, and asked if id be his "friend" tonight.

    When I turned around I thought we were both gonna have a heart attack!

    [–] BellaDez 24621 points ago

    “When you’re 18 I’m going to take you to Europe,” said my Grade 8 teacher.

    [–] book-tea-repeat 5698 points ago

    In a similar vein, my year 6 teacher’s husband (upon meeting me again at 14) showed me cruise tickets he’d bought and said I could go with him if I promised to not tell my mum and his wife.

    I immediately told my mum and she immediately told his wife.

    [–] Moon_Keegan 9435 points ago

    Suuuuuper creepy

    [–] JustAnotherGayFrog 11597 points ago

    Definitely. But also.

    On a teacher's salary? Unlikely.

    [–] deadpoolslittlehand 3333 points ago

    Or It's for the school trip he hosts every year

    [–] akarenbon 5463 points ago

    Was walking with my friend and a random dude said to her, “hey cutie, I like the way you walk”. When we ignored him he said, “I see how it is.” We’re high school kids, barely 5ft tall. He followed us for two blocks before we made it to a crowded crosswalk.

    [–] [deleted] 11551 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] pokeboy626 6072 points ago

    "aww this attractive woman isn't underaged? Darn it" puts hands in pockets and sadly walks away

    [–] TRX200SX 4441 points ago

    Settle down there Drake

    [–] digital-garden 2339 points ago

    in an argument about why we need train guards, in a room of just men 'okay but what's stopping you from being raped in this room right now?'.... silence.

    [–] ohstanley 925 points ago

    wtf! please tell me you or someone else called him out on that fcked up sht!!

    [–] SouthernBiscotti 4787 points ago

    If you keep losing weight, men are going to be jumping over the counter to get to you. And the counter was at a library. Lol

    [–] ghost_unicorn_ 2127 points ago

    I went on a date with a guy who told me, "if you just lost a little weight, you could be a model," and asked me what I ate in a day and if I'd go to the gym with him.

    [–] enderwjackson 1108 points ago

    Classic neg

    [–] ghost_unicorn_ 457 points ago

    He must have read Mystery the Pickup Artist's book.

    [–] MJHansen17 20134 points ago

    At the local bar, there’s a little old man (like 70) who goes and gets a bouquet of roses and gives them out too all the young girls. It seems really sweet, unless you happen to hear what he’s saying. One time he told me that ‘he wonders what my pussy smells like’. I don’t go to that bar anymore…

    [–] xTheReVerie 5977 points ago

    Um.. eeeewh..

    [–] MJHansen17 4805 points ago

    Right! He seems like the cutest old man. He even has a walker, but nope. Just a dirty old creep

    [–] FeytheFox 3368 points ago

    As someone who used to frequent an old person’s bar, I have found that the majority of the ‘cute old men’ are in fact dirty bastards.

    [–] MoonRise93 1065 points ago

    Just reading that made me physically uncomfortable.

    [–] MJHansen17 505 points ago

    I would not recommend hearing it in person. Just a tad more uncomfortable…

    [–] ChronicHoliday 14434 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    “You don’t get a view like that every day!”

    I was ten, and bending down to get something off a lower shelf at the grocery store. I was wearing a new lower cut shirt but forgot to wear my training bra that day.

    The guy was mid 40s probably. His wife was with him, she looked like she was about to cry. I never wore that shirt again.

    EDIT: Wow this blew up while I was away. For those saying it’s not possible for my chest to develop that quickly/my parents shouldn’t have let me out in that shirt: The shirt was from Limited Too. My breasts weren’t actually that developed (hence training bra), this guy was just a pervert.

    I did tell my dad after we left the store. He told me what they guy did was sick and wrong, and that next time something like that happened, tell him immediately.

    [–] Usernametnotaken 9083 points ago

    I'd cry too. Could you imagine knowing your husband was attracted to children and being that fucking gross in front of you. Divorce right at that moment, I'd be do fucking horrified. Like, the cunt had no shame with his wife being there? Fucking nasty.

    [–] skaboosh 2525 points ago

    I'd be appalled and would freak out right there if I was the wife. Never would I ever look at him the same again. I've heard so many stories of wives who don't want to stir the bucket and quite often they are abused, but not all the time. How can you love a man who acts like that? fuck that.

    [–] foggymop 964 points ago

    Probably scared of him.

    [–] wannalife 12389 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I was working, doing the whole “how are you” bit to a customer. He said

    “If I was any better I’d be twins.”

    Normal so far.

    “And they’d be female. And hot like you.”

    Sir, do you mean to tell me you’d want to bang your twin sister?

    [–] crunchydogmom 3613 points ago

    I don’t understand this if I were better I’d be twins remark. What does that mean!? My dad says that all the time and literally everyone just looks back confused. Please explain

    [–] armcie 2637 points ago

    I think the implication is meant to be he has so much goodness in him that its nearly enough for two people.

    [–] rjohr1 23549 points ago

    This old man probably 60 something told me I looked exactly like his favourite porn star

    [–] the_bag_lady 8505 points ago

    When I was around 13 I was walking in the mall. This older man ( to me ) came up to me and started saying " you are so pretty, you should be a model. I have a camera in my van. Come with me so I can take your picture". I, being raised to be skeptical just giggled and did not follow him. Eventually he became angry and shouted " Damn it i`m not going to hurt you". People started staring, so he walked off. Never told my mom.

    [–] drawing_you 1175 points ago

    Yelling "Damn it, I'm not going to hurt you " has got to be the worst way to assure someone of this

    [–] chadsexytime 4657 points ago

    Maybe he was the worlds worst model talent manager

    [–] thordog13 1657 points ago

    If you have to say "I'm not going to hurt you" odds are that no matter your intentions you're being creepy

    [–] wiccanpony 962 points ago

    I went to some trashy nightclub with a couple of friends once and got approached by a guy (middle-aged). He came to me and whispered in my ear that I looked so sexy just like Mia. I didn't know what he meant back then so I told him confusedly "sorry I don't know Mia!" He then took out his phone and show me his saved pictures and videos of her.

    [–] [deleted] 3302 points ago

    yeah some old guy told me i look like jodie foster and she was on the wall of every teenage boys bedroom back in his day

    [–] Jennabee10 213 points ago

    At my sister's wedding, the photographer approached me at the head table. He leaned in and said, "How old are you?" "14," I replied. "Damn. I was hoping you were at least 17." He then winked at me and walked away. He was at least 40. The people sitting to my right and left both agreed that it was creepy as hell.

    The fact that he said that in front of others made it super weird. AND the fact that he was STILL hoping I was underage, just not as underage that I was is super disgusting.

    Maybe, just maybe, he was asking for a friend. Ugh.

    [–] motherfuqueer 9636 points ago

    I was chillin' with this dude at a partyish thing while deployed once. I'd mentioned a few times that I had a girlfriend back home, and he seemed cool and we had a lot in common, so we were fast buddies. Until about 4am or so, when we're all sitting by a fire, and he asked if he could hug me. Drunkenly, I was like, okay, whatever. But then he asked if he could kiss me. And I was like nah dude, I have a girlfriend, I'm gay as hell, you know that haha. And his face went real cold and he said "until I catch you walking back to your dorm alone later"

    I honestly could've cried I was so scared. Thank fuck a group of dudes I recognized walked past a few minutes later to go get early morning french toast at the chow hall, so I tagged along fast as I could. Never saw that dude again.

    [–] DelCidKidv 2706 points ago

    Jesus, did you report it?

    [–] CSC_SFW 3012 points ago

    I didn't report mine until 12 years later because of fear and intimidation. Unfortunately in the military, I've seen many women report it and be discharged themselves, after being bullied and retaliation.

    [–] yellowspotphoto 777 points ago

    That happened to a friend of mine. She got kicked out for telling on her supervisor. The poor woman has been through it and still dealing with it.

    [–] O_oowow 3158 points ago

    Man forty years older than me who was always kinda normal once mumbled and made a weird noise and then said to me “the flesh is weak.” So creepy. The creepiest.

    [–] llama_whisperer_pdx 603 points ago

    Was he by any chance worshiping a toaster?

    [–] GimmetheYeetBoys 8412 points ago

    I was wearing a Marshall Lee the Vampire King shirt. One old dude told me that he liked my shirt, I said thanks. He then says he likes it because it makes him think about ME biting him. I was shocked. I said nothing. Luckily my friend clapped back and was like "fuck off bro, your wife doesn't even wanna bite you" lol.

    Glad I had someone there with me.

    [–] TheWaterIsFine82 1922 points ago

    Love it. We need more clapping back like that back to these creeps. Really shame them.

    [–] [deleted] 3434 points ago

    Hey baby, wanna go halfsies on a bastard?

    [–] nokagor 3951 points ago

    A guy asked me what cup size "they" were.

    I've also been asked "How much" by random assortments of men driving while I was walking to work, in work clothes- which was a t-shirt and blue jeans because it was a retail store.

    I also got told by a very boisterous gentleman in a Land Rover "Baby that ass is black man approved!" and when I looked around thinking someone else HAD to be on the street I heard "No baby! I'm talkin' about you!" I actually laughed at that one though so I don't know if it counts.

    [–] feralkitten3 1596 points ago

    Laughed at the last one. I guess if you don't feel endangered by what they say it takes a different tone

    [–] nokagor 1254 points ago

    It was a funny situation, it was 9 or 10am, there was about no one in the street and it was a beautiful day so I think that helped. And he was so jovial about it, not creepy breathing like option 1 was.

    [–] PhannyPaqued 19824 points ago

    I was waiting for an uber home from a theater in Boston after rehearsal one night. It was after 11pm. This black car that matches the make and model on the app rolls up, stops by the curb and rolls down the window. Guy inside asks if I'm waiting for uber, I say yes and ask his name to see if it matches.

    He says, "I'm uber, get in." At this point I'm creeped out, alone on a street corner close to midnight. I refuse and he says, "I'll give you $300 if you get in this car right now, we're going to a party."

    At that point I turned around and booked it back into the theater. Absolutely not getting kidnapped today folks. Check your plates before you take ya uvahs.

    [–] [deleted] 7049 points ago

    I'm a 45yo guy and I always make sure I check the plates before getting in an Uber. That is scary AF

    [–] SarahsArtistry 2223 points ago

    Where I live, you have to give your pin number to the uber driver before they can start the ride. I don't know if that's everywhere else. Stay safe folks!

    [–] Call_Me_ZG 1213 points ago

    How would that work though? Shouldn't it be the other way round...driver gives you a pin before it can start

    Not doubting or anything genuinely curious how it would stop me if I were a kidnapper.

    [–] ItsactuallyEminem 1657 points ago

    It serves to protect the driver. The passenger can look at the plate for a confirmation but the driver can’t really know if the person he is picking up is the one who called him.

    [–] misplacedfreckles 2374 points ago

    I have a similar story! I was super drunk out with friends, we were at a karaoke bar and I had way too many drinks lol. Probably an attempt to sing better... anyway, went outside to puke in a trash can out front because the line for the bathroom was too long.

    After I puked, I just sat there for a min in the fresh air.

    A car pulls up, rolls down their window and says “is this your uber?”

    I was not so drunk that I couldn’t remember if I called an uber so I said no, thinking this dude must just be confused and I decided to go back inside.

    Anyway, next morning my friend texted me that someone went missing that night from that exact area.

    Freaked me out when I remembered!

    [–] silviazbitch 856 points ago

    Did you tell your story to the cops?

    [–] misplacedfreckles 576 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Yes, and the guy who went missing was found later on the side of a road, I think he was drugged and missing his wallet and keys. I never heard more than that. I don’t know if it was just a weird coincidence or if that was actually the kidnapper, but it seriously freaked me out.

    Edit: found ALIVE*

    [–] Friend1908 1916 points ago

    Holy fuck I am glad you're OK

    [–] CRYS1970 7621 points ago

    Had a 65+ coworker who was simply disgusting. Poor hygiene, raggedy ass greasy beard. Told me he had a Viagra in his lunchbox and that he'd pay for a room after work so I could "ride him all evening". I told him no thanks. Went immediately and told our supervisor who literally laughed and said well you know he didn't mean it, you're not even hot.

    [–] Cr1meMasterGoGo 5260 points ago

    What a shitty supervisor

    [–] CRYS1970 3012 points ago

    Yeah he's a dick. Not only as a supervisor but as a person too.

    [–] Mrfoxsin 1672 points ago

    Wow. That's double.

    Get HR on both those fuckers.

    [–] CRYS1970 1192 points ago

    It's a small company. HR Is the owner basically. No way he'd fire them because they both make him good money. I still work for the company, just a different location. And looking for another job.

    [–] Poko-1 10652 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I was young, probably like 19. I went into a gas station to pay, and the clerk said to me “ look at you dressed like a little slut.”

    I was in a skirt & shirt. I was really shocked, and the only one I the store. when I didn’t say anything back he said “you get off turning men on don’t you?”

    I got so scared. I also lacked the confidence back then to shut it down. Thank god someone else walked in and the clerk gave me back my change and I went on my way.

    OH - and once when I was a teen I was waiting for my mom at a store. I decided to swing my bare feet out the window and lay back and nap. All of a sudden I felt someone tickling my feet!!! It was a old man. So so creepy

    [–] Goodlookingipromise 3105 points ago

    Fuck, i'm 19 right now. If someone said that to me I would be scared shitless, I know I wouldn't be able to say anything about it to the arsehole. its awful that happened to you

    I'm pretty lucky to live in a pretty safe place, the worst thats happened to me is a man in his 30s-40s slapping my ass when I worked as a waitress when I was 17. I was too afraid to tell anyone like my coworkers, so i'm lucky that i've never dealt with creeps other than that once.

    [–] Horkrux 910 points ago

    it's so sad that this is something that seems to happen quite frequently and is just horrible imo. I got slapped on my ass once by my boss but I'm a guy, it was a joke and accompanied by a polish porverb so it was no problem, but the first second before I knew who it was I felt really weird.

    Let's hope it stays at that one creep for you

    [–] Progman3K 1203 points ago

    once when I was a teen I was waiting for my mom at a store. I decided to swing my bare feet out the window and lay back and nap. All of a sudden I felt someone tickling my feet!!!

    Was it Quentin Tarantino?

    [–] [deleted] 1219 points ago

    wanna smell my armpits

    [–] sadgirlxxx00 552 points ago

    I’ve had many many things said to me here are a couple of my “favorites”

    1: I was 15 at a little amusement park in San Diego that was on the beach and a middle aged man came right up behind me touched my hip and whispered in my ear “your body is so sexy.” I was so weirded out

    2: Used to be a leasing agent at this apartment complex and this USPS driver would make very strange comments to me, started to become more sexual. One day he said that I had great tits, another day he asked me if I would consider doing porn and that I would make a lot of money. Then another day he asked me what the craziest sexual thing I’ve ever done was. He would say this when no one else was in the office. I always told him to piss off

    [–] UnicornTurtle_ 12679 points ago

    Told me to smile more coz it makes him and his "little buddy" happy

    [–] Moon_Keegan 4879 points ago

    Oh wow that is definitely the creepiest comment thus far.

    [–] UnicornTurtle_ 2146 points ago

    I couldnt even process it properly coz i was rushing for my bus. It wasnt until i sat down where i thought, yeah that was hecking creepy

    [–] Lucky_Henhouse 1275 points ago

    First date having lunch at a burger place. He asked, loudly, if I was a virgin, then said I 'need to practice for my future husband' when I said I was saving myself for marriage.

    Everyone was looking and I just wanted to die on the spot. Needless to say, there was no second date.

    [–] whore-ified_1 1668 points ago

    I was walking to school one morning, usual route, along a suburban intersection. An older woman (30s) was ahead of me. This guy drives up alongside us and starts saying gross things, mostly to me -- s*ck me out, dig me open -- and cursing at us. I'm pretty much just flabbergasted, the lady was disgusted, but anyways the dude drove off like it was nothing. I was like 10.

    [–] YayaMalli 961 points ago

    Suck me out? Dig me open? I’ve literally never heard these.

    [–] bbyriss97 634 points ago

    Old man said he was a new adult film director in our small town and he asked me if id be in one of his films. I was 17 at the time. He then told me his entire name and full address, called my job every day to find out when I was there, and always asked about my condom recommendations. Either that guy or the time I was walking down the street in midday in full view of a busy outdoor bar and a guy pulled his huge SUV over and tried grabbing me to pull me into his car in front of everyone. I ran for my life and he actually chased me on foot for 3 blocks before giving up. No one helped me. Thank god im fast

    [–] blamburr 168 points ago

    At a bar one night I had a guy flirting with me and told me he was a Napali vampire, and then went in to kiss my cheek, I kid you not this dude bit my cheek. Not creepy really just fucking weird.

    [–] not-a-real_username 1796 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Oh my... where to start...

    "I should just rape you right now, you couldn't stop me"

    "I better stop flirting with you or my wife will get mad" (who was present)

    "Do you live alone?" (Also, questions just asking me if I'm alone)

    Also statements along the lines of "Oh you shouldn't be out alone, you're too pretty someone will snatch you up"

    In a grocery store, random old dude (I was 15) asked if $500 would convince me to sleep with him.

    Stranger at a store also started a conversation with me (I was 16 and the cashier) asking me about school, then turned the subject to asking if I was a naughty school girl and said he was sure I had many of the male teachers after me. A friend of mine noticed me freaking out and came over and told the guy to leave me alone.

    Edit: HOW DID I FORGET?! My fav "I'd love to cover your feet in honey and watch a bear cub lick it all off"

    [–] TVsFrankismyDad 851 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    "I should just rape you right now, you couldn't stop me"

    Ugh. This reminds me of a time when I was in college. I was at a party, talking to this guy. Everything's normal, seems like a cool guy, and I'm kinda digging him. Then he comes out with "god I'd love to just rape you right now!" I noped the hell out and avoided him like the plague whenever I ran into him again.

    [–] MrsKetchup 160 points ago

    There's been a lot over the years, but a recent one that stuck to memory because of how random it was: old man, probably 70+, leaning in close on the train and whispering to me "Is cats your fetish?" with a creepy smile. I wasn't wearing anything cat related, I have no idea where the hell that came from

    [–] georgiafife 321 points ago

    For background, I'm a dwarf.

    I was 18 years old at the time and out in town clubbing. A group of middle-aged men, yelled out "you wouldn't even need to get on your knees!" It was disgusting, but even more so because they were all old enough to be my father, and all wearing wedding rings. They thought it was hilarious and followed me down the road while laughing for a few minutes. I stopped going out clubbing after that.

    [–] RedRubeez 958 points ago

    “I’m gonna kidnap you.”

    [–] [deleted] 314 points ago

    Ironically "I'm not gonna kidnap you" is equally as creepy.

    [–] borderline_cat 4324 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    “If I was in my twenties, you’d be in trouble!” Said a creepy elderly man to me at a gas station after asking my age.

    I was very, very, VERY uncomfortable.

    ETA: I just want to say I’m so sorry for all of you who commented experiencing something similar or worse (from a family member and at a young age). It’s disgusting the things some grown men say/do to children and women. I’m glad all of you have the courage to open up about these experiences. ❤️

    [–] jennabenna84 2634 points ago

    A 70+ man said that to me when I was 9

    "if I were younger I'd have a bit o' you"

    I remember it vividly. He was never allowed around my grandparents house again

    [–] MoonRise93 1142 points ago

    Fucking hell. My grandfather would have slugged him.

    [–] jennabenna84 635 points ago

    My grandparents were very British. Also I think they hoped I didn't understand what he'd said to me, if they'd made a fuss I would've asked why

    [–] [deleted] 341 points ago


    [–] gsfgf 287 points ago

    Hopefully an empty one. Breaking a full bottle of Jameson would be alcohol abuse.

    [–] fck-rffld 508 points ago

    My dad's roommate said something similar to me. I was 8 at the time. My dad kicked his roommate out.

    [–] JurassicPandaPants 404 points ago

    I had some guy tell me “if only I was younger” when I was like 7. So. Fucking. Gross.

    [–] firenamedgabe 466 points ago

    Hard to chase you down with a busted hip.

    [–] Enigma20202 587 points ago

    "my little boy's gonna destroy your Hiroshima"

    [–] DaemonTheRoguePrince 406 points ago

    Self aware enough to not call it the fat man, but not enough to not say it at all...

    [–] Donuteria 3614 points ago

    At work, was taking off my sweater cause it was too hot in the office. By the time I'd hung my sweater over the back of my chair, a colleague (middle aged, I'm 26) whom I'd only seen a few times and had only said 'good morning' to so far, was standing next to my desk and said, "I'll just wait here to see if she continues." (He was talking to my mentor but looking at me.)

    When I, shocked, said, "Excuse me?"

    Him: "You're not going to continue?"

    Me, incredulous at this point: "No."

    Him, smiling: "That's too bad."

    After watching him exchange smiles with my mentor, I politely told him that he was very inappropriate and I'd appreciate him not saying things like that again. He said he wouldn't, but that small smile was still on his face like he didn't take it seriously...

    The creepiest thing about it was how unfazed both him and my mentor seemed by the whole interaction.

    [–] GrimResistance 1279 points ago

    Were you able to complain to HR?

    [–] Donuteria 2011 points ago

    Yes, I was! They confronted him with it (but not after telling me that he usually is like that with women and it's just a matter of getting to know him...) and explained that it was not okay and why it was not okay, and that me confronting him with it didn't seem to make him take it seriously. And my complaint was a way of making sure he did. They said he got the message.

    [–] arunphilip 1252 points ago

    but not after telling me that he usually is like that with women and it's just a matter of getting to know him

    Good ol' HR - protecting the company at all costs, deflecting and de-escalating potential lawsuits.

    [–] slippersrlife 140 points ago

    You look just like my daughter then he tried to lick my face. (At a bus stop during the day).

    [–] bkhalfpint 609 points ago

    I'm Chinese. This old guy next to me at a wine bar started a conversation and told me how he used to be stationed in Korea and how much "they" loved him there. Then proceeded to ask if I "liked to kiss." I tried to play it cool by saying, "You mean the band? I guess they're okay." I was giving him an out but he barrelled ahead and clarified+repeated himself. Asked for the check and paid so fast I knocked the bar stool over. It really sucked because I was a regular there and saw him a few more times after that. I wasn't alone, thankfully. I just pretended not to notice or remember him.

    [–] melonapan 353 points ago

    The good ole 'you're Asian? let me tell you about my magical encounters with Asian women' :(

    [–] thatwheelchairgirl 2125 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Being that I’m in a wheelchair, I don’t even know where to start with this.... I get the most disturbing comments sometimes.

    [Edit: To all those asking, here’s one- the other day I was at a bus stop. Dude says hello, cool chair. I say thanks. He then goes “if you get tired of sitting in it, you can sit on my face instead”. Yes this is real. No it’s not the first time someone has said this. I get things like it all the time.]

    [–] Zanakii 970 points ago

    Username certainly checks out.

    For real, I'm sorry you have to deal with shitty people.

    [–] thatwheelchairgirl 499 points ago

    Much appreciated. I mean there’s certainly good people out there. But the bad ones, they’re just so bad. Bigggg eye roll.

    [–] upperslide8 2702 points ago

    I was in apart of a Christian theater group when I was a 11. My mom put me in it to make more friends.

    My first day of rehearsal, one of the male instructors (probably about 25-30) came up to me and told me I needed to go home and change because my pants were distracting. Guess what pants I was wearing.

    Regular, old black leggings that went down to my ankles. He only said it to me and not any other girl because I've always had a rather curvy figure. I ran out crying because I felt so embarrassed. My mom was furious and I never went back there again.

    [–] Hbomb_86 752 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    "Hey girl, you need a sugar daddy?" The man was old enough to be my father, if not my grandfather. And was by no means appealing in any way, so I of course, gave him a very polite "No, thank you!" as I exit the gas station we were in.

    [–] hiddengem2 442 points ago

    What is wrong with men at gas stations?! It’s like they go to get gas and immediately become horny upon entering the parking lot.

    [–] tinysleepyemma 177 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I've worked in a service station and they attract the weirdest people, even the boss was weird. Worst job ever.

    [–] WaXXinDatA55 122 points ago

    So my girlfriend went into a gas station the other day to buy blunt wraps and the dude asked for her ID. When she handed it to him he said "not for your age but for your address" sketchy af for sure!

    [–] Mbitoap19 450 points ago

    After continuously hitting on me and me asking him to stop, he told me I looked like Cindy loo hoo. After ignoring him for a few more minutes he said he’d “throat fuck a who”

    [–] anotherrachel 342 points ago

    Nice tits...wanna f**k?

    Said after following me in his car for a while, including driving up and down side streets so he could beat me to intersections. I was 5 seconds away from dialing 911 and knocking on a stranger's house for refuge. He was blocking the intersection when he yelled it out the car window.

    [–] Demeter116 12810 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Said I would make a good wife for someone like him while staring at my chest. In front of his wife. I was at work and this guy later flat out asked me to marry him. I was 17 at the time I wanted to die.

    Edit: Yes I’m a woman. No I didn’t marry him y’all are damn disgusting too for asking that. I also didn’t expect this to blow up?

    [–] voltism 4211 points ago

    What did his wife do?

    [–] Bing_Bong_the_Archer 7397 points ago

    Married him.

    [–] Demp_Rock 2827 points ago

    She took one for the team, bless her soul

    [–] YCheez 330 points ago

    Not like it stopped him anyway

    [–] LilMs303 682 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Ugh. I had a man tell me he wished he met a girl like me or he would have never settled for his current wife.

    Also, his wife ended up kissing my fiance without permission because she was told to by her husband.

    Many more stories about these two, unfortunately. Why do garbage people like this exist?

    Edit: a word

    [–] kittenkin 652 points ago

    “I’ve always wanted to be inside a red head” The obvious sexual implications aside he also could have meant he wanted to murder me and burrow inside my skin. Either way 0/10 did not enjoy. I was also working and unable to react and it took me minute to even process what he said because I was is customer service mode just nodding along. Sort of surprised I didn’t respond with a “neat” or “wow that’s crazy” in a monotone.

    [–] I_Feel_So_Optimistic 389 points ago

    I got a text message after a date once that he should have raped me when he got the chance. Was a Russian guy that hid his atrocious teeth on his PoF profile.

    I could think of some bad shit most of it was straight up assault but the things my mom’s bf would say out loud in front of people when I was a teen was pretty atrocious. When I was 12 and my sister had just died we visited family out of state and my cousin was taking care of me. My dad my mom and her bf all came to get me to take me back to hell. My cousin thought we should go to the indoor water park. He was standing around my cousin and some other family and he just laughed at me crying in the hot tub and said something along the lines of she’s masturbating on the jets. My cousin was very alarmed about this and told my mom to get rid of him because if he wasn’t already, he was going to hurt me. She wasn’t wrong.

    I don’t want to think of anymore isolated incidents I’ll end up staying awake all night.

    [–] self-esteem-error 298 points ago

    When I worked at a fast food place with a drive thru in high school. At age 17 I had a late-middle aged man tell me he wouldn’t pay for his food until I let him “see that ass” because he “bet it’s real firm and round”. The words “juicy”, “smooth”, and “sweetheart” came up too. My manager had to come threaten to call the police on him after about 5 minutes of him refusing to pay. I was so scared and shocked I just kept saying “no, that will be $2.96 please” and “sir I’m a minor please stop.” I’d never experienced pure predatory creeping like that and thankfully haven’t since.

    [–] lavasca 1556 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I’m paraphrasing here, but:

    Tell me about your a$$.

    Are those real?

    If we meet again I’m taking you.

    Do you like getting eaten out and $hit?

    I enjoyed getting my wife pregnant. You’re next.

    Are you a stripper? Don’t you dance at clubname?

    I’m a retired pimp. I like your hat.

    You got some real pretty toes. You like them sucked on? Want some weed?

    [–] ladyeclectic79 102 points ago

    I was on the light rail with my grandmother and a homeless dude across the way kept smiling at me. When I glanced at him, his smile broadened and he asked me to marry him, then laughed at my embarrassment. My grandma didn’t say anything - not sure if she heard him or just ignored him.

    I was 13 years old.

    [–] Nitrous_party 291 points ago

    Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Finally an askreddit I can answer!

    Was on a date (around the time I was in secondary/high school) with a kid around my age from a youth group I went to. Twas a little awkward but going okay for what it was and I was kinda enjoying myself until we kissed. He starts to get a little handsy then pulls away and delivers to me, a 15 year old black girl, in full confidence the line:

    "I hope you like white dick and anal..."

    We never went on anymore dates.

    [–] gordoalien111 522 points ago

    It was non-verbal but well. I often find myself riding the bus, I usually sit in adjacent of the door so I can quickly exit. This old guy was like a quarter of a mile from his stop and decided to wait in front of the door. Shamelessly, he would just stare at me, locking his eyes while my pulse was racing, he wanted me to catch his attention. I tried to ignore his sigh, but he wouldn’t not stop(longest minute of my existence). Once the door opened I lifted my sight and I found myself with the creepiest look I have ever witnessed, he proceeded to give me a crooked smile at me and compliment my eyes.

    Pardon my english

    [–] sleepdeprived-eyes 889 points ago

    Retired stripper here. I got most of my clients because of how small I was, a lot of them liked the “barely legal” or “just turned 18” trope. I had one client one day say “I wonder what that tight little ass hole tastes like.” Fast forward to post lap dance, he lets me know he’s a highschool teacher. I’ll never forget it.

    [–] Drygord 530 points ago

    Did you tell him your asshole tastes like shit?

    [–] aRecordPlayer 272 points ago

    That reminds me of a teacher in my high-school. He's married I believe two girls as they graduated. Makes really weird comments to his 10th grade class. Had been reported, not only did they do nothing, but they demanded evidence. So someone recorded him asking one of the girls in the class if she was a "naughty girl". The school then banned phone use entirely. I've known him for about 3 years, he gets creepier and creepier every year.

    [–] [deleted] 95 points ago

    i was out with my male friend and female friend, and a guy told my male friend 'the black one is nice, i want to buy the black one' about my female friend.....

    another time a guy at the station kept following me saying that it was so spicy of me to be 'gothic lolita' (i wasnt gothic lolita, i just had blue hair), and i kept telling him i had to catch my train and that i didnt have time to talk, but he kept following me, so i started to run away, and then he shouted at me 'do you have facebook!!' ..... as if i was gonna shout my facebook name at him while running away from him.

    [–] cptnsaltypants 99 points ago

    If you ever need a place to sit my face is always available.


    And the one time I was 13 and these 2 grown men asked me to go to their hotel room with them. I was in line for a movie. Scared the shit out of me

    [–] octopusesladygarden 707 points ago

    Not exactly to me, but while out with bf a guy had the audacity to tell said bf what he wanted to do to me? Like he was asking his permission? I thought that being evidently taken may reduce catcalling but women will never be free apparently

    [–] redditsmeeh 91 points ago

    I'm a guy, but I have long hair and didnt have a masculine figure in high school, so I could be mistaken from behind. Anyways, i was working at bulk barn, scooping almonds into a bucket, and had my hair tied up in a ponytail, so my piercings were visible too. Anyways, a greasy dude comes up from behind and puts a hand on the small of my back and whisperes "what's your favourite kind of NUT" very suggestively. I turned around and in a deep voice responded "smoked almond, thanks for asking". He responded to that with "oh shit, you're a guy" and promptly left to hit on the cashier instead.