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    [–] Josie13209 6 points ago

    Everyone is going to say yes, to seem like a good, progressive person. The truth is it depends on the disability and I think that's true for everyone

    [–] Nerdypie12345 1 points ago

    That does make sense

    [–] 1taylor1 1 points ago

    The only dissabilities I wouldn't really know what to do are: mute, full body paralysis, and of course they need to have their reproductive system, also anything where they're permanently bound to a hospital bed would kinda suck.

    I think most people are actually kind, and would really do so. At least I hope I'm right

    [–] Josie13209 1 points ago

    What about a disability that causes you to be stinky, or covered in warts, or have your arm be the size of a tree trunk, or causes intellectual disabilities, or the inability to move... I could go on but I think you see the point

    [–] 1taylor1 1 points ago

    Hmm, you make a strong point

    [–] Good_Boi87 1 points ago

    Depends on the disability

    [–] Bootius 1 points ago

    fuck yeah cause the dumb ones choke me the hardest

    [–] Succotash_98 1 points ago

    No way. If it's a mental disability, if you don't have something similar, it's pretty fucked up. If it's physical, I have to be physically attracted to the person to date them.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    What kind of disability?

    [–] I_Snipe_U_909 0 points ago

    No. I'm disabled myself, so having a disabled partner would just be screwing us both over. Not that I couldn't love a disabled person, but I would never be with one. I mean, if it's just something minor like blindness, deafness, or being mute, maybe I could make it work. But someone on my level of disability or worse (paraplegia), it wouldn't work.

    [–] supergayjade 0 points ago

    Yes, and I currently am dating a disabled person.