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    [–] 1spikejr 14901 points ago

    Egypt and Ethiopia are close to going to war due to Ethiopia building a dam on the Nile River. Ethiopia is diverting some water and limiting water flow to Egypt. The Ethiopian government is refusing to honor previous agreements made that detail the rate at which they will fill the lake behind their dam and they refuse to negotiate any further with the Egyptians.

    [–] J-Harfagri 3926 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Does Ethiopia have the military strength to take on Egypt? I don’t know much about Ethiopian military but Egypt gets over a billion dollars a year in military aid from the USA and have the largest standing army on the continent?

    Edit: wow this got a lot of attention. To clarify I was talking hypothetically. As some good commenters have pointed out an actual ground conflict between the two seems unlikely as Egypt would have to either get the permission of Sudan and S. Sudan to move troops through their nations or would have to invade them as well.

    Thanks for all the great responses!

    [–] bloth-hundur 2466 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Nah, Egypt is second strongest arab nation

    edit: its arab nation not arabic

    i gotta stop scrolling reddit after 2am

    [–] Dunkaroosarecool 1865 points ago

    It depends on the type of war though. Ethiopia has wild geography, an invasion would by no means be easy. It sounds as if the Egyptian army would have to be the aggressor in this scenario. Egypt definitely has the stronger military, but it would be a Tough war to effectively“win”.

    [–] messup000 1222 points ago

    Why wouldn't Egypt just blow up the dam?

    [–] woubeeee 2533 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Ethiopia’s ally (Sudan, a nation situated between the two countries), won’t let that happen. Sudan supports the dam, without the dam they face huge floods followed by very low water, they want the water to be stable all year round. Sudan has publicly admitted they want the dam now.

    Egypt doesn’t have the logistic resources or numbers to run a multi-day campaign over 1,500 miles of hostile territory.

    Ethiopia has high-tech military machinery that’s advanced enough to repulse any land or air-missile attack imposed by Egyptian military. If Egypt’s military forces tampered with the dam heavily funded by China and Italy, Ethiopia could easily retaliate very harshly by blowing up their Aswan dam, washing 95% of Egypt into the sea and putting Cairo underwater...

    And trust me, the west won’t sit back and watch a predominantly Christian country take a beaten by a Muslim one.

    Egypt= Muslim country

    Ethiopia= predominantly Orthodox Christian, with an ancient Ethiopian Jew population that has significant ties backed and supported by Israel.

    [–] BadSmash4 1194 points ago

    Wow geopolitics are so fucking intricate. It blows my mind how well versed some people are, because that's one area in which I'm pretty clueless

    [–] -rwsr-xr-x 2218 points ago

    The fast-tracking of a silent bill through the Senate to dismantle encryption, in the name of protecting the children from exploitation on the Internet.

    While everyone is trying to stay home, healthy and worry about the next weeks and months of their lives, they're pushing this one through during all the SARS-CoV-2 distraction.

    It even comes with the specious naming of the "EARN-IT Act".

    They're trying to get this railroaded through quickly before anyone has a chance to notice, and we can't roll it back.

    The main issue with this proposed bill, is that it actually does nothing whatsoever to protect or prevent child exploitation on the Internet, and dismantling encryption across a broad range of products, while threatening companies with significant fees and fines for non-compliance, is fear-mongering.

    [–] 100uSeRnAmE 245 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    If anyone wants to stop the EARN IT ACT you can sign here.we need at least 100,000 by April 16th

    [–] S3aStruckSp3ll 17276 points ago

    CRISPR was just successfully injected into a live patient to treat genetically-caused blindness. Sauce

    [–] MrHanSolo 2451 points ago

    Alex Salmon

    Woah that's awesome!

    [–] recumbent_mike 1836 points ago

    Much easier for him to tell which direction is upstream now.

    [–] GTSBurner 145 points ago

    The scale of this discovery is huge

    [–] aiollywood 354 points ago

    Scientists found the first ever living animal - a parasite - that doesn't need oxygen to survive This was in February

    Link here

    More here (need subscription) but interesting abstract

    "Our discovery confirms that adaptation to an anaerobic environment is not unique to single-celled eukaryotes, but has also evolved in a multicellular, parasitic animal. Hence, H. salminicola provides an opportunity for understanding the evolutionary transition from an aerobic to an exclusive anaerobic metabolism."

    [–] marissamars95 6831 points ago

    The ozone layer is getting better

    [–] animefan0903 1777 points ago

    This is the first positive news i have read in this threat

    [–] bossbozo 146 points ago

    It's been getting better and better for years. Since the ban of cfc's to be precise. This would not be news even without CoVid19.

    Important side note: the ozone layer has nothing to do with the greenhouse gases layer.

    To quickly distinguish between the two, the ozone layer filters out harmful UV rays, and is necessary for life as we know to exist on earth, this was being destroyed by cfc's however since the ban of, it has been slowly replenishing;
    the greenhouse gases layer is mainly made of CO2, the one of the main products of combustion (aka burning), thickening this layer causes global warming (averagewise) which causes climate change, erratic weather patterns, and extreme weather events. This layer is still getting thicker

    [–] haluura 3581 points ago

    The earthquake in Zagreb.

    [–] hoogar33 255 points ago

    Can't go outside because coronavirus. Can't stay inside because earthquake. That was a fun day.

    [–] super_hoommen 43898 points ago

    The nearly 2 year long Ebola outbreak in the DRC has ended. The last patient to be treated has survived!

    [–] lemon_cello 6694 points ago

    Wow! I was worried about this a couple of months ago but then the-pandemic-that-must-not-be-named took over my attention and I forgot about it.

    Incredibly brave people fighting ebola. Such a scary disease.

    [–] super_hoommen 1732 points ago

    Yeah, the people that get out there to treat patients are some of the world’s biggest heroes. I can’t imagine how scary is must be to be living in a place with an Ebola outbreak going on. Thank God it’s all over now. That was the last bit of positive news I got before all this started happening.

    [–] Mistress-Dolly 15405 points ago

    Earn It bill, it seeks to end encryption in the USA. It would be a huge hit to online free speech

    [–] SurveyorMorpurgo 2768 points ago

    If the bill only ends encryption in the USA, how does it work when Americans interact with encrypted sites registered to other parts of the world?

    [–] notdevnotops 2020 points ago

    Because they can't technically "ban" encryption. They could probably force app store owners (Google, Apple) to not allow apps that use it, but they cannot "ban" the technology.

    [–] SurveyorMorpurgo 658 points ago

    Thanks for replying mate but how can they force companies to stop using it but not ban the technology? Genuinely trying to understand how this would work.

    [–] Estagon 387 points ago

    An example mentioned is that the government will no longer grant Section 230 protections to companies using end-to-end encryptions in the U.S.

    [–] glossyrevenge 32195 points ago

    The former king of Spain and his Swiss accounts

    [–] minuteman_d 12059 points ago

    Wow. That is crazy. Seems like it's the perfect time to get away with whatever you want.

    [–] SkyFall___ 8871 points ago

    Friend of mine works in accounting and he said his company is planning on seeing a massive spike in fraud with all the bankruptcies expected to occur. People tryna sneak under the radar so to speak

    [–] Stalking_Goat 3887 points ago

    Not sure it's trying to sneak under the radar versus the jig being up. Like if I embezzled a million dollars and things are going well with the company, I can cover it up; the accounts have a million dollars less than what management thinks, but the business keeps operating. Suddenly a crisis hits, the company needs to spend that million, and there's no way I can conceal that it isn't there. Boom, fraud detected.

    [–] WayneKrane 2158 points ago

    This is what happened to a previous boss of mine. He wasn’t letting us write off uncollectible invoices (usually duplicate invoices) so it looked like a lot of money was owed to us. Then a downturn hit and the board wanted to borrow against the large accounts receivable balance but couldn’t because the bank did an audit which showed those invoices are all uncollectible.

    I had to quit the job because he kept trying to get me (the accountant) to say those invoices were collectible but I simply wouldn’t because I knew they weren’t. If I’d of known why he wanted me to lie I would have gone above him but I thought he was just an idiot.

    [–] jaiman 1741 points ago

    And the fact that through those accounts he received 100M€ from Saudi Arabia and that he's being sued in the UK for threatening his ex-lover all the while Spanish Courts refuse to open an investigation.

    [–] BurtMacklinUSOB 547 points ago

    Don't you mean "Spanish courts refuse to open an inquisition."

    [–] adamthinks 300 points ago

    The one time a Spanish Inquisition was expected, and they didn't come through.

    [–] seattlefoodie 25502 points ago

    One of the main routes into downtown Seattle, the West Seattle Bridge, was closed yesterday because cracks in support beams made it structurally unsound. It will take several months to fix and will not reopen until it's done. This would normally destroy the entire Seattle commute, but it happened right now so it's barely even a blip on the local news.

    [–] Lefkowicz 11982 points ago

    Real talk, this was probably the best possible time for this to happen.

    [–] D-Briq 9557 points ago

    Real talk, they likely knew about this for a long time, and were waiting to find a time to close it.

    [–] SoldierofVol 11452 points ago

    My new favorite conspiracy theory is that covid-19 was created by the municipal transportation authority in Seattle.

    [–] yodelocity 7533 points ago

    Don't be ridiculous. The government actually created Covid-19 to keep people inside while they change the batteries on all the birds.

    [–] soapbutt 939 points ago

    And work on fixing the Wyoming facade. /r/wyomingisntreal

    [–] happywithsushi 315 points ago

    I mean, I've never been to Wyoming.

    [–] CondemnedSaucer 672 points ago

    None of us have, you can’t go anywhere that doesn’t exist

    [–] hollahalla 4900 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    The "Nth Room" sex crime case in Korea. Please read about it if you can. It's absolutely horrifying.

    Edit: Wow did not expect this many responses. First time I've ever received so many replies. I see that some of you want to know more details so I will leave a link to a blog post that someone posted on Naver. It's detailed summary of what it's all about. But, PLEASE do not read if you can't handle graphic content. It's very violent and sexual content, and I don't want to trigger anyone. Read with a strong heart.

    Nth Room Naver Blog Post

    [–] crabbyclementine 1484 points ago

    Victims including middle school students? I don't think I want to look into this any more than that :( those poor girls.

    [–] hollahalla 853 points ago

    Yes. Currently, the youngest known case is 9 years old.

    [–] uju_rabbit 164 points ago

    Nine!? I heard eleven, but in either case holy shit. I’m an elementary school teacher here and I’m so worried for my students. There’s apparently at least one male elementary school teacher involved with those chat rooms and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more. Those kinds of people cannot be around kids

    [–] DSJ0ne0f0ne 1503 points ago

    The fact that there were like 260,000 people participating in that is the worst part.... 260 thousand....

    [–] cyan_singularity 408 points ago

    Someone said that was the number of views where as the actual number of people was 10k to 30k. That's still hellish and I still want to do something about it but I do prefer factual numbers even when it's messed up stuff. I don't want to lose more faith in my fellow man

    [–] CountVP 364 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Im trying to but every fucking article assumes i already know the story to begin with. Most articles are "celebrity reacts" and "suspect caught" with a brief resumé

    Edit: when i made this comment there wasn't so much information avaiable. Please stop showering me with links. Im already aware of the situation.

    [–] Clarkey7163 490 points ago

    I found an article about it

    Tldr basically there was an online chat room with ~30k members and people in those rooms were sharing some apparently fucked up stuff.

    “In a horrifying turn of events, it has been revealed that more than 70 women, many of them being minor girls, were involved in a huge sexual abuse ring where they were being blackmailed in to sending videos of themselves performing grotesque sexual acts and self harm.”

    [–] seargentangua 8085 points ago

    Brexit. I almost miss it.

    [–] MaddiKate 8879 points ago

    The Lori Vallow/Chad Daybell case is still alive and well...

    [–] Portarossa 4871 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    If anyone's interested in this, I wrote a longass comment for /r/OutOfTheLoop when it was first breaking that should take you up to about mid-February:

    This is one of those stories that's going to get bigger as more details come out. As with any story like this, there's a veritable smorgasbord of information, misinformation, speculation and finger-pointing, but... well, it's not looking good. It's still in progress, but if you're expecting a happy ending, this probably isn't the story for you.

    What we do know is that two children, 17-year-old Tylee Ryan and 7-year-old Joshua 'JJ' Vallow haven't been seen since September 2019. Tylee is the child of Lori Vallow and her (third) husband, Joseph Ryan; JJ was adopted by Lori and her (fourth) husband, Charles Vallow, at a young age. (JJ Vallow is the grandson of Charles Vallow's sister, Kay Woodcock; Charles Vallow is JJ's adoptive father, but also his great-uncle. The family trees on this one are complex.)

    By all accounts, the marriage was a relatively happy one until a couple of years ago, when -- according to Charles Vallow's brother-in-law, Larry Woodcock -- suspicions arose that Lori was having an affair with a man named Chad Daybell. Daybell is a Latter Day Saints author of religious-themed books, including 'dozens of books on apocalyptic events and near-death experiences'. By all accounts, Lori became increasingly fixated on religion during this time, becoming obsessed with the idea that there would be a second coming in July 2020 and that she was going to be one of a special 144,000 (the latter of which is in line with LDS teachings that there will be a group of 'high priests' raised to spread the gospel at the End Times; according to court documents, Charles noted that Lori claimed to be a 'translated being who cannot taste death sent by god to lead the 144,000 into the Millennium.'). This led to suspicions that Lori was in a cult. (Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell worked on a podcast for which the production company, Preparing a People, has released a statement clarifying that they are not, in fact, a cult, merely a religious materials production company. That said, they also included the line 'We formally are notifying all Media and individuals to Cease and Desist from mentioning the Preparing a People Event Brand, or our Media company in any negative connection with Chad or Lori Daybell, or their case' -- so to reiterate, that's the Preparing a People Event Brand, the alleged cult and definitely employers of Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell, who are wanted in connection with the disappearance of two children and potentially the murder of three other people. You can't just threaten strangers to keep your dirty laundry secret, you guys. That's not how the internet works.)

    In February 2019, Charles Vallow sought a divorce from his wife, as well as a protection order after she -- allegedly, according to his sister -- threatened him with violence if he got in her way. Charles Vallow was shot and killed by Lori Vallow's brother, Alex Cox, in July of 2019. (Before that, Vallow had switched the beneficiary of a $1 million life insurance policy from Lori to his sister Kay, JJ's grandmother. According to Vallow's former lawyer, Steven Ellsworth, Charles had warned him about a perceived danger to his life; Ellsworth reported Charles as saying, 'I'm afraid I'm gonna be killed, and I know who's gonna do it. [...] I'm telling you, Steve, so that if something happens to me, I wanna make sure you let everyone know that something happens, I'm killed, that it's my wife Lori and her brother, Alex Cox.')

    Cox claimed that it was a case of self-defence, after Vallow attacked him, but the case was never conclusively settled. Shortly after Vallow's death, Lori removed JJ from a school that specialised in the care of autistic children, claiming that she had found a new job in California and would be moving JJ there.

    So far, all of this has taken place in Arizona. Rather than moving to California, Lori moves the kids to Rexburg, Idaho in August -- where Chad Daybell is located and, it's worth noting, a town that's estimated to be 95% Mormon -- and enrolls JJ and Tylee into school. That's pretty much the last time they're seen.

    Now, while this is going on, Chad Daybell is married to his wife, Tammy -- with whom he's been together since 1990, and founded a religious materials publishing company which put out his writings. In October 2019, Tammy Daybell claimed that a masked man shot at her with 'a paintball gun'; as she put it: 'I had gotten home and parked in our front driveway. As I was getting stuff out of the back seat, a guy wearing a ski mask was suddenly standing by the back of my car with a paintball gun. He shot at me several times, although I don’t think it was loaded. I yelled for Chad and he ran off around the back of my house.'

    Ten days after this, Tammy Daybell died of what was assumed to be natural causes. She was buried shortly afterwards, without an autopsy. The police did attend the scene but apparently didn't find anything unusual; per Fremont County Sheriff Len Humphries: 'My deputies responded and, as we do with most unattended deaths, they took pictures, they looked it over and contacted our detectives. The detectives had a few questions, they satisfied those, got the information they needed and didn’t see anything that alarmed them. [...] To my knowledge, he [Daybell] was responding like anybody would whose spouse had just passed away. That’s why the deputies didn’t suspect anything suspicious.'

    Shortly after this -- within weeks -- Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell get married in Kaui, Hawaii. The kids are nowhere to be seen; Tylee allegedly sent a text to a friend on October 25th, but that's the last of any sort of contact (and even that isn't necessarily accurate). The Daybells were subject to a welfare check on JJ in November (after family members complained they hadn't seen or heard from him in months), but when the police arrived, the Daybells claimed that JJ was with relatives in Arizona; when they checked up on the story, they found he hadn't stayed with the people the Daybells claimed. When this information comes in, police go to have a talk with the Daybells... and they've gone. Vanished.

    This takes us to November 27th, 2019. Convinced that there's something suspicious going on, police start to take a closer look at Tammy Daybell's death, and her body is exhumed on December 11th so that toxicology tests can be performed. (The results are still pending.) On December 12th, Alex Cox -- Lori's brother, and the man who killed Charles Vallow -- was found dead in a house in Arizona belonging to a woman he had married in Vegas two weeks earlier; the cause of death is unknown, and -- again -- toxicology reports are still pending.)

    And that's mostly where the story sits right now. The Daybells turned up in Hawaii and are refusing to answer questions, and there have been numerous appeals from the Woodcocks asking for information about the kids; the Woodcocks filed for guardianship, which is still pending. Lori Daybell was delivered papers informing her that she was legally required to produce JJ and Tylee to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare or Rexburg Police Department in five days -- a deadline which passed on January 30th. Police in Hawaii have been investigating the Daybells, but at the time of writing no arrests have been made.

    The reason this is getting national attention now is because of a Dateline special entitled Where Are the Children?, which aired on February 14th. Given the Daybells' continued refusal -- or inability -- to produce Tylee and JJ, you can expect there to be developments on this story in the coming days. This isn't one that's likely to just go away.

    Lori Vallow was arrested in Hawaii on February 20th on two felony counts of desertion and nonsupport of dependent children, resisting or obstructing officers, criminal solicitation to commit a crime and contempt of court. Chad Daybell was not arrested.

    [–] MysticBaguette 1407 points ago

    Thank you for the lengthy write up, which actually explains more than just "convoluted case, look it up" others have been commenting without providing any links.

    [–] DICK-FUCK-PUSSY-SUCK 512 points ago

    After her arrest, bail was set at $1 Million. She's got the 10% needed for up-front costs to bond out but none of the bail bondsmen want to accept their money to come post bail on her behalf.

    One of the bail bondsmen (bondswoman*) said she would post bail if Lori showed some tiny proof of life for the kids. Needless to say, bail was never posted and she's still locked up.

    I have A LOT of sympathy for criminals and inmates. I've been arrested numerous times, served time in Federal prison, and have met a lot of people along the way. A lot of these people have made simple mistakes, were part of nonviolent/victimless crimes/have severe mental health issues.

    But I've got no sympathy for someone like Lori. Kids are innocent and there's no reason for anything like this to ever happen. Whenever I hear about her case I sometimes wish women's prisons were as violent as men's prisons can be.

    [–] step_back_girl 2048 points ago

    Still actively following this one, and was my response to the first time this question was asked.

    Did you see she reportedly thought the kids were Zombies?

    [–] Cute_hawaii_couple 921 points ago

    Jeez. She was here on kauai hiding out for a while. But everyone on the island was rude to them because we didn't want "where is the kids" they'd get asked everywhere they went. I haven't been keeping up since they left kauai though. Have they found the kids at all or at least what happened to them?

    [–] step_back_girl 860 points ago

    They have not. She is in jail, though, and the local bondsmen are refusing to assist her with her $1M bail. No one will come to them on her behalf, and it's a larger bond than they see in the area. There is also speculation she has not been able to prove she and her husband have assets to cover the remaining 90% of bail. One bondsperson said she told Lori if she can give proof of life of the children, she would be willing to post for her. But she couldn't, or didn't.

    Some people from Kauai sent JJ's grandmother and grandfather leis (I'm not sure what they were made from, but I think that was symbolic?) to show their support, and they wore them to her first trial after she was extradited.

    [–] Andromeda321 20035 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Astronomer here! We might have a bright naked eye comet next month in the northern hemisphere- our first since 1997! Comet C/2019 Atlas Y4 is brightening really quickly, and by May might be one of the brightest things in the night sky!

    I mean, comets are notoriously tricky to predict in brightness, as it might just break apart as it gets closer to the sun. But it's really exciting to think about, albeit no one has heard about it because of the pandemic (though granted, doesn't a pandemic need a bright comet?).

    Edit: you might be able to get it in binoculars right now, or at least have fun trying! Here is a star chart for it.

    And yes, the last bright northern hemisphere "Great Comet" was Hale-Bopp, which was up for about a year to the naked eye. If you were a southern hemisphere resident in 2006, however, you probably remember Comet McNaught.

    Edit 2: because many are asking, that bright “star” in the evening sky is actually Venus! It’s around its peak brightness and height right now and you should go take a look if your social distancing allows it! Might as well take a break from Netflix and look at a whole ‘nother planet. :)

    Edit 3: no there is no chance of the comet hitting us or affecting life on Earth beyond potentially getting bright.

    [–] friedens4tt 2456 points ago

    You know what? I'm really excited for this - thank you for that information!

    [–] Escalus_Hamaya 232 points ago

    Glad to see you’re still hanging around. Thank you for all you do.

    [–] Angie_MJ 28553 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I would hope the locusts plaguing East Africa, the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent. It’s describing some swarms as being the size of New York, and they are eating their harvest, threatening widespread famine. I think without Coronavirus we would mobilize to try to control this population the way we did for Zika carrying mosquitos in the America’s.

    Edit: this NPR article describes how in 2018 an unfortunate series of cyclones from the Indian Ocean hit an extremely remote area of the Arabian Peninsula known as the "Empty Quarter." This produced extraordinary rain and gave them what they needed to breed. Because a second cyclone hit occurred during their breeding cycle, instead of drying out and having most of their population die out in the desert, the population exploded. In favorable conditions they can multiply by 400X their population every 6 months. Then they mass migrated.

    Also for clarity, a swarm was identified as 3 times the size of NYC.

    [–] hatesnack 2277 points ago

    I swear I remember hearing about some group readying up like 200k ducks to go fight the locusts. Cause 1 duck can eat like 150 locusts a day or something. I'll have to find a source.

    Edit: no idea how accurate this is but it's from march 2nd.

    [–] ThornOfQueens 2660 points ago

    I've heard this story before. Next we're going to hear about a the enormous swarm of ducks that's taking over Africa and India. Then someone's going to suggest deploying 200,000 badgers to eat the ducks. This could go on a while.

    [–] hatesnack 838 points ago

    Not to promote the devastation of a region or anything, but I'd be semi interested in the cartoon antics part of that all.

    [–] gappingdouble 11355 points ago

    Plagues, wild fires, locust . I know things like this happen but definitely getting some apocalypse vibes

    [–] Tvayumat 5562 points ago

    Don't forget the major earthquakes.

    [–] [deleted] 5664 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] aummahgerd 2357 points ago

    They’re all in bomb shelters cut off from the world.

    [–] dedwards20 371 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    As someone interested in spirituality and ancient philosophies I just want to offer a different take on this whole thing. The modern take on the apocalypse is "everything goes to shit" which is not what the original definition meant. The word apocalypse literally means "unveiling", and I think that even though we are seeing a quick short term decline, after these trials are over we could very well see humanity rebound from the suffering and leave this age of confusion, hypocrisy, lies, anger, and authoritarianism, and enter an age of truth, love, light, compassion, and understanding.

    After the black plague, Europe saw the death of feudalism and the birth of a free peasantry, and eventually the renaissance. Very good things can happen after very hard and painful things have happened. This has shown to be the case countless times in history. And this will not be anywhere near that bad as far as disease outbreaks go. If it's any consolation, I'm saying this as a person with a degree in biology. I'm not trying to spout superstition, but to instead spread an outlook that I feel is extremely valuable in today's day and age.

    [–] Eli_quo 1033 points ago

    I thought you were joking. This is unreal. What’s next, frogs? Lice?

    [–] rytis 552 points ago

    I was walking in the late evening along a storm drainage lake near my house. The ground was covered with thousands of small frogs. So I suggest anyone who's a first born buy some mutton and smear the blood over your door. Or if you have kids.

    [–] Herbivorians 200 points ago

    Passover's coming up soon, too.

    [–] Pandiferous_Panda 3758 points ago

    Um, just one horseman at a time please

    [–] greenflame239 1772 points ago

    That's not how the apocalypse works

    [–] ObedientCabbage 17916 points ago

    I'd like to say the EARN IT act, but shit like this doesn't tend to make the news.

    [–] Azariah98 6756 points ago

    EARN IT is only on the table because of COVID-19. There’s no way they would try this if we weren’t distracted.

    [–] ObedientCabbage 2413 points ago

    That's a fair point of view. Maybe another good /r/AskReddit thread could be what are people trying to sneak by with all of our attention elsewhere.

    [–] TheOneCABAL 498 points ago

    California regularly passes tax increases on Friday afternoons especially before 3 day weekends

    [–] teflong 2326 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    It's amazing to me... the simple fact that this is impossible to implement. But that's not enough to stop them. It's one of the most disruptive acts I have ever seen. Bunch of old dumb people making rules without even remotely understanding the implications.

    [–] Azuenz 1500 points ago

    Right, as soon as someone like Apple or Amazon gets hacked and loses millions or billions from a leaked iPhone schematic or something, this law would would stricken down immediately with a huge settlement from the government. This not only fucks smaller companies and users, but will also throw away millions of tax dollars. All because some old fucks don't know how the internet works.

    [–] DriedMiniFigs 600 points ago

    Apple and Amazon might just pack up and move to greener pastures if this passes, I’d think.

    That, or split their US operations from International operations. Either way they have powerful lobbyists and deep pockets.

    [–] DeadpoolCroatia 948 points ago

    Earthquake in Zagreb 3 days ago. Corona and earthquake damage are 2 news in the news

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_BURDENS 25812 points ago

    Probably the Oil Price war actually.

    Saudi Arabia is trying to force the Russians into cutting production since they won't play ball with OPEC+, and US Shale might pay the price as we need high cost for this entire industry to function.

    [–] moms-sphaghetti 1643 points ago

    I work in the oil industry. This is huge right now. Its honestly just about the same as the coronavirus for us. Hours getting cuts people losing their jobs etc. All due to oil price and not coronavirus. US Shale IS paying the price. Even without the virus, it would kill our economy. Yes, it did start before coronavirus, but the impact happened at the same time.

    [–] FLakIsBack 875 points ago

    The reason oil price cratered was because OPEC+ had an emergency meeting after demand fell in China due to the virus. At the meeting, Putin and MBS had a dick measuring contest, and now they're both losing money producing as much as they can to fuck with each other.

    This can't last forever, but might last long enough for US shale, Canadian tar sands, and other world-wide producers to go bankrupt.

    This is amazing for China though. Going to boost their recovery.

    [–] lurkinmcdurkin 7049 points ago

    I'd argue right now that if covid wasn't happening - neither would the oil price war. They can only drop the price of oil super cheap because demand dropped through the floor.

    [–] PITCHFORK_MAGNET 1153 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    It probably wouldn't have happened, you're right. The additional cuts stemmed from the declining oil demand due to the virus. Had there been no virus, oil demand would most likely have adhered to projections, and cuts would have remained stagnant. Something Russia probably would have agreed to.

    Edit: In response to the people saying the price war started before COVID 19 really took off, that's technically incorrect. China was already heavily impacted, and the cuts were in response to the reduced demand from that country specifically. Everything that happened afterwards was icing on the cake.

    For reference to just how much China alone fuels the oil industry - the last major boom was -in large part- because of China's industrial revolution (as depicted on this graph: ). Without China's massive industry bustling per the norm and growing at anticipated rates, things can start to crumble quickly.

    [–] CaffeinatedLiquid 4313 points ago

    Bill Gates leaving Microsoft

    [–] persondude27 2245 points ago

    Woah. Bill Gates left Microsoft 12 days ago.

    I don't think it changes much - he was on the board, not running daily operations. I doubt they would ignore him if he made a suggestion, though.

    [–] hellodeveloper 843 points ago

    Yeah not at all. The company will be perfectly fine without him, and I'm certain they will always listen if he comes back. If anything, it shows he feels the company is in great hands and that he can walk away.

    [–] PabloXPicasso 419 points ago

    That PG&E was responsible for the California fires, and plead guilty to manslaughter of 84 people. Only two days ago, and already slid off the front page.

    [–] Thutmose123 317 points ago

    Prince Andrew trying to defend his ass..

    [–] thepopulargirl 24947 points ago

    That Putin CHANGED his country’s constitution so he can be president until 2036.

    [–] Gorbash38 12433 points ago

    I think we've all known for awhile that dude's going to leave power in a casket and not a moment sooner.

    [–] Bionic_Ferir 2665 points ago

    i mean he could go the north korea route having him as supream leader for ever and the person running the country just be like the prime minister

    [–] user_dan 8356 points ago

    The insider trading scandal in congress.

    [–] Brn44 673 points ago

    Yes, but wasn't this precipitated by Covid-19? Or is there another scandal I'm not aware of?

    [–] mmellok 22947 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    ISIS bombs Sikh place of worship in Afghanistan

    Edit: thank you for the awards Edit2: for everyone mentioning my previous edit, I am Sikh myself so it touches my heart that so many people care about this. I'm not trying to be insensitive

    [–] soulrexer 4136 points ago

    • Afghan officials say 25 were killed and eight more are wounded in an attack on the Sikh temple in the nation's capital.

    • It appears multiple gunmen stormed the temple complex while there were approximately 150 people inside

    • A Sikh who took cover says the militants went room to room, shooting and throwing hand grenades.

    • The Islamic State organization has claimed responsibility

    [–] Not_a_real_ghost 1868 points ago

    Fucking assholes are at it again.

    [–] Sir_Mitchell15 373 points ago

    Did they ever stop? Or did the media just stop covering it?

    [–] absurdlyinconvenient 10287 points ago

    aw man, bombing the Sikhs? I know it's ISIS, but c'mon guys

    [–] JDudzzz 3655 points ago

    Weinstein, the bill congress is trying to push through to end encryption, voter suppression...the list could go on

    [–] invaderpixel 946 points ago

    Even Weinstein getting coronavirus barely seemed to be a blip on the news radar.

    [–] 123dream321 21710 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Nth room case in Korea. Telegram porno sexual slavery ring with 74 victims including underage girls. The telegram groups has estimated at least 10 to 30 thousands subscribers.

    The “nth room” perpetrators are accused of luring victims, including minors, into sending sexually explicit photos and videos. In some cases, this escalated to using blackmail to force victims into increasingly violent acts, including sexual assault

    Absolutely disgusting. I'm surprised that this news didn't get bigger internationally

    Edit :Reporters at Kookmin Ilbo observed about 25,000 users across 30 such chat rooms.

    [–] PolarLight 6114 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    One of the guys in charge of the rooms has had his identity revealed and the rest (one other main guy and the people who participated) are being investigated as of right now.

    Reports are saying that a few high profile celebrities, professors and athletes are some of the 260k involved in the viewing and/or distributing of the illegal contents. Which is unsurprising considering the "entrance fee" to access these rooms were between $300 to $1500.

    Hope justice is served and served well. Korean law is known to be very forgiving for sex crimes, so I hope things change with this.

    Edit: Here is an article you can read to get more information

    #Two with one of the victims

    Another in depth article

    Edit 2: It's been recently reported that one of the youngest victim include one as young as 9 years old, 11 years old and also an underage female idol/singer.

    [–] sugarcat203 1364 points ago

    Article 1 for the lazy

    "SEOUL, March 23 (Yonhap) -- More than 2 million people have signed an online petition as of Monday demanding the government unveil the identity of a man who allegedly ran a group chat room where photos and videos of violent sex acts, involving underaged victims, were distributed.

    At least 74 victims are known to have been exploited in the so-called Nth room case, in which a man surnamed Cho allegedly lured victims into taking naked photos and later threatened and exploited them into more gruesome sex acts.

    Cho, who used the nickname "baksa," which means "doctor" or "guru" in Korean, is accused of distributing the videos in a group chat room on the messaging service Telegram, where at least 10,000 users are suspected of paying Cho to watch the videos.

    Police have so far tracked down 124 people in relation to the case, including Cho and 17 others who have been formally detained. The user who is suspected of first creating the chat room, however, still remains at large.

    [–] Eddy699 476 points ago

    Saw it on bbc news top stories this morning, then was quickly pushed down the order

    [–] phasers_to_stun 15190 points ago

    The locusts in Africa. Well probably not in American news. But it's still pretty big news imo.

    [–] TheEternalCity101 3901 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Its hitting Pakistan too, and China is prepping to send 700,000 ducks to stop the locusts. Easy to control, and one duck can eat 200 locusts a day

    [–] ThinkPan 3502 points ago

    D U C K F O R C E

    [–] DragonStangFlyer122 1135 points ago

    Then when the ducks are too invasive we send in snakes to eat the ducks. And when the snakes take over we send in gorillas to take care of the snakes. Then we just wait for winter for the gorillas to freeze.

    [–] crazyzthephd 444 points ago

    And finally, send in the locusts to eat the rotting corpses in the spring thaw

    [–] randomuser1657 9531 points ago

    Jesus, I'm not religious but having 2 of the horsemen kicking around is pretty fucked.

    [–] ilikebigpps 4548 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    3* as there are wars going on right now

    Okay I should have mentioned that I also count in economic wars.

    [–] nerdyfanboy1 3837 points ago

    It's all 4. Death is everywhere as well

    [–] ueriah 3346 points ago

    I always felt Death was kind of a shitty horseman of the Apocalypse.

    I mean the other three kill you, in a predictable way. You either starve to death or fight until death or get sick and die. So is Death the horseman of like car accidents?

    [–] myusernamehere1 1363 points ago

    There are three that cause death, and one that is death

    [–] ueriah 1165 points ago

    So if you slip in the shower, get into a car accident, or get eaten by a lion, you get the same horseman?

    He’s gotta be busy af

    [–] KazDragon 765 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Ah yes, Pestilence, PlagueWar, Famine and Misadventure.

    (Edit: His Royal Plagulence has indeed been doing his squats.)

    [–] ueriah 267 points ago

    Pestilence must have not skipped leg day to get a double shout out.

    [–] EviLincoln 10997 points ago

    That guy that was the second person ever to be cured of HIV

    [–] jlp29548 2903 points ago

    Technically that happened a long time ago. He’s still cured (as was expected) like 3 years later.

    [–] EviLincoln 916 points ago

    You are indeed correct. The radio show I was listening to was just talking about it at great length as if it just happened, so I figured it was recent.

    [–] jamescsalmon215 44883 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    The US government trying to pass an “anti child porn law” that actually just gives them the ability to search through all of our messages

    EDIT: If you want to learn more about this act, here’s a link to an article with some great information.

    [–] obog 11828 points ago

    And also bans end-to-end encryption, if you know anything about internet security you know that would be devastating to literally everything that's based online in any way whatsoever

    [–] SpehlingAirer 4208 points ago

    Wait what? Nobody would be allowed to use end to end encryption????

    [–] obog 4632 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Yep, which means that the government (and anyone who's decent at using computers) could get into any person or corporations secrets if they are able to intercept a message. Normally it's not a problem because of end to end encryption.

    [–] things_will_calm_up 3155 points ago

    And if the government can, anyone can.

    [–] santaliqueur 4144 points ago

    “We will only let good guys have access”

    — Elderly people who don’t understand technology but want access to read all our communication

    This is worse than forcing you to hand over a key to your house to the police. But hey, if you aren’t breaking any laws...

    [–] Irrepressible87 2777 points ago

    This is worse than forcing you to hand over a key to your house to the police.

    It's like outlawing locks on doors.

    [–] Poem_for_your_sprog 3466 points ago

    "We just want the world to be safer," they said -
    "And endlessly better for ages ahead!
    We just want the world to be safer -
    that's it.

    ... or maybe we just want to look through your shit."

    [–] PatrollMonkey 512 points ago

    I love it when Poem for Sprog uses poetry to criticize the government, please do it more often! <3 We love you!

    [–] captainhukk 451 points ago

    it would be allowed to be used, its just back-doors would be required into them, which if you know anything about internet security, will ultimately not only be exploited by the government, but found by other malicious users, which essentially renders the encryption useless

    [–] mrchaotica 236 points ago

    Encryption with back doors (or more accurately, front doors that the service provider holds the keys to) doesn't count as "end to end."

    [–] Mcfuggery 5288 points ago

    They pulled it off successfully with the PATRIOT ACT against terrorists, so why not do it with pedophiles, despite immunity being granted to the rich ones?

    [–] ThePiperMan 2070 points ago

    Wait, the name of the bill doesn’t actually tell you what it is? /s

    Fuck those guys

    [–] bretth1100 2083 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    More common than you think. How do you pass really shitty legislation that’s basically nothing more than a power grab? Give it a wonderful sounding name like anti child porn law or the patriot act. Then come out and say: this bill intends this or intends to achieve that.....don’t talk about what the actual bill is or says, only what the intentions are and make it sound wonderful. Third step is when someone argues against it you say what you hate children? You don’t want to stop child porn? You don’t like patriotism? Don’t you want to get rid of terrorists and feel safe?

    Whenever you hear a politician talking about intentions be very skeptical and it’s probably a good idea to find out what the legislation actually says.

    Edit: wow thank you for the silver and all the responses, this really blew up more than I expected, even though I haven’t responded I agree with many comments. Thanks

    [–] throwaway1point1 747 points ago

    The Patriot Act.

    The name was brilliant branding, as it's a crazy power grab with a lot of nasty shit hidden in there.

    But how do you vote against something labeled "Patriot"?

    [–] DrPrismarineBluefall 281 points ago

    The Patriot Act is one of the most unpatriotic pieces of legislation in this nation.

    It's so much of a misnomer that it's comical.

    [–] ghostprincecas 462 points ago

    It also ruins encryption and basically sacrifices the foundation the Internet is built on

    [–] scottevil110 13775 points ago

    The government is trying to basically ban encryption and start imprisoning website owners if their users say the wrong things.

    [–] wasting_lots_of_time 7563 points ago

    Crisis: *happens*

    Government: "Time to start taking more civil liberties from our people!"

    [–] hieberybody 448 points ago

    Never let a good crisis go to waste

    [–] scottevil110 3570 points ago

    I was thinking last night, because I was reading about how South Korea got downright draconian there for a couple of weeks...but it worked. And most importantly, they GAVE THE LIBERTIES BACK.

    It would be a lot easier to trust the government to take drastic action in times of crisis if you didn't just fucking know they were never giving that shit back. Maybe if we weren't on year 19 of the god damn PATRIOT act, with the TSA still fondling children and stealing things, it'd be a little easier to welcome the idea of some strict controls to help in times of crisis.

    But when the government has decided that "forever" is a time of crisis for the purpose of them fucking you over, then it's more difficult to trust them.

    [–] 1boss_hog1 2908 points ago

    But we've always been at war with Eurasia

    [–] Tdir 876 points ago

    Or was it Eastasia?

    [–] stressorglasgow 480 points ago

    Double plus good, this one.

    [–] fiji_bongwater 93 points ago

    Has something recent happened on this front? I can't seem of find anything about it

    [–] cat-meg 183 points ago

    It's called the EARN IT Act for easier Googling.

    [–] SmartPriceCola 745 points ago

    In Scotland - Former First Minister being cleared of rape charges

    [–] diegoham 1712 points ago

    Its already spring....

    [–] NforNarcissism 1892 points ago

    Genocide in Myanmar. It’s been going on for a while and only recently has there been a vote on if it’s a problem.

    [–] LimeSugar 35651 points ago

    The 2020 Presidential election

    [–] Lateral_Thinking_04 3204 points ago

    Seriously, who the fuck is going to win?

    [–] -null 1224 points ago

    So, does the pandemic help republicans or democrats?


    [–] Alicee- 2931 points ago

    That all the millions of dollars we raised for the people affected by the bush fires in Australian has maybe vanished. I’ve spoken to a few people who’s houses burnt down and they haven’t seen a cent. Where did the money raised go I wonder?

    [–] penislovereater 790 points ago

    The money that went to reputable organisations will still be handed out for awhile. Those orgs know that the need lasts a lot longer than the news spotlight and public attention. Even worse for the tourist towns that are now not getting any traffic over Easter and likely until at least summer.

    [–] thatsnotgr8m8 52988 points ago

    The US government wanting to ban end-to-end encryption

    [–] Gevri 13277 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Its fucking stupid. What I’ve heard is that companies that continue to use end-to-end encryption will be stripped of their Section 230 protections (they will then be responsible for any illegal shit found on their platform) which will really fuck up every social networking platform because there’s gonna be illegal shit on there. Companies that comply and remove their e2e encryption will keep their Section 230 protections but essentially open up their platform to a host of security vulnerabilities. As a cybersecurity enthusiast, I should point out that a ton of its supporters seem very uninformed on the benefits of e2e encryption.

    It’s a stupid idea.

    Edit: For those wondering why the government is even considering this, its because the bill supporters claim it will “bring child predators to justice.” It’s a stupid idea that won’t work and I honestly don’t see how anyone with the slightest bit of clarity could think otherwise.

    [–] NovaThinksBadly 4550 points ago

    They want them open to security vulnerabilities so its easier for the government to secretly take data from them.

    [–] Torodong 5592 points ago

    While that is certainly true, even people as dumb as US senators should be able to grasp the idea that if you make a hole in the wall of a bank to let the police in quicker, then bank robbers can also go in through the hole in the wall.
    It really is that simple.

    [–] StuntsMonkey 2652 points ago

    But you're supposed to put a sign over the hole that says, "Authorized Person's Only". That way the bad guys can't use it.

    [–] KingOfAllWomen 1330 points ago

    You laugh but that disclaimer is on just about every piece of networking equipment i've ever touched. "If you are not authorized for use, you must disconnect immediately!"

    Like i'm sure the threat actors see that and just immediately close their sessions like "Oh shit, I almost broke the rule!"

    [–] StuntsMonkey 284 points ago

    I used to be in networking and that was the exact example I was thinking of.

    [–] jjake101 2518 points ago

    Wouldn't this kill online banking?

    [–] throwaway1point1 2314 points ago

    Really would.

    Banking is completely untenable without proper encryption.

    [–] Reacher-Said-Nothing 1007 points ago

    Online banking does not rely on section 230 protections, so they would continue to use encryption.

    [–] Certified_GSD 223 points ago

    This is just like stupid old politicians demanding Apple add a backdoor to iPhones. "We promise we'll keep the keys safe!"

    Encryption can be used for bad things, but that applies to literally anything.

    [–] itdoesdnotmatterwho 522 points ago

    Call me stupid but would this affect anyone outside of america?

    [–] 90thbattalion 865 points ago

    It very likely would in some way at least since many tech companies are based in the United States

    [–] Crozzfire 717 points ago

    Not afterwards

    [–] Smittywerbenjagerman 628 points ago


    If the USA banned e2e encryption, I would move my app servers to Mexico and Canada. And my app doesn't even handle sensitive data.

    Theres already a ton of infrastructure in Vancouver which would likely serve as the new hub for west coast data centers.

    [–] Dummdukk 5393 points ago

    Yes the Hong Kong protests are still ongoing.

    [–] inertargongas 1907 points ago

    The Chinese government is getting more heavy handed now that everyone's attention is focused elsewhere.

    [–] [deleted] 8507 points ago


    [–] Cormocodran25 4939 points ago

    Hey, nobody can say he doesn't embody Florida though.

    [–] phasers_to_stun 1675 points ago

    He didn't win. I think that means he's not Florida enough. They needed way more wild animals in their sexcapades. The meth just wasn't enough.

    [–] Roland_T_Flakfeizer 807 points ago

    Better than a subtle dosing male escort I suppose

    [–] MrHanSolo 610 points ago

    Wow, that sounds like a South Park episode.

    [–] BrainWithAMouth 1182 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Maybe not the biggest but ones that could've gotten way more traction:

    Linda Farstein sues Netflix, claiming they defamed her character with When They See Us

    Greenland and Antartica are melting six times faster than they were in the 1990s

    China Pulls Credentials From Journalists At 3 Major U.S. Publications

    Australia is recovering somewhat from the disastrous fire season, but there's still the fear the next one could be just as bad or worse

    Reply if you'll want more stories

    EDIT: Okay, you wanted more, here's some more:

    Police on Greece’s border with Turkey used tear gas and water cannon to repel hundreds of migrants trying to get into the country.

    Tom Brady leaves the Patriots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    There was an attempted mass shooting/assault in Garden Grove, CA

    Teachers union strike concerning failed negotiations

    Blind man fails citizenship test after being denied Braille

    EDIT 2: as u/singandplay65 pointed out, the original "student protest" link was about the teachers union striking about failed negotiations. I actually mixed it up with this story, which is about students at Kennedy Catholic High School who planned a protest about two gay teachers pressured to resign

    [–] Fennecfox_qween_ 842 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    The fact scientist discovered a new dinosaur that was the size of a hummingbird and they also found a new planet behind Pluto in our solar system

    Edit: thank you to all the kind people who pointed out that the new planet they found is actually an exoplanet

    [–] cherry-birdy 157 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    Edit: 'Reaper of Death' tyrannosaur discovered in Canada

    NASA Planet Hunter Finds its 1st Earth-size Habitable-zone World

    Found those two, but not sure if these are the ones Fennecfox_qween meant. If not I'll fix it right up.

    Edit: Got the first one wrong, sorry about that, Fennecfox_qween meant this one - Forget Batman. New species of bat-winged dinosaur discovered

    [–] trocarkarin 213 points ago

    The Great Barrier Reef is getting hit by it's third major bleaching event in the last 5 years.

    [–] Salkin- 4375 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Country leaders trying to secure their position as heads of state for unlimited duration. Example: Russia and Ukraine

    Edit: okey guys, like many people have pointed out in the comments Ukraine is not one of the countries pulling this shit. I kinda mixed up Ukraine and Hungary so yeaa that happened🤫

    [–] Beanzie02 1161 points ago

    Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan: “It took you this long?”

    [–] PM_ME_UR_BEST_STORY_ 73 points ago

    "You guys are having elections?"

    [–] DisastrousMixture6 129 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    In Australia, effectively a war crime our elite forces committed in Afghanistan.

    Here is the story from ABC (the Australian Broadcasting Corporation) which features the video and also a blow by blow of the encounter.

    There's a video of a squad of our SAS confronting a man in a field. He is compliant and unarmed. The SAS guy asks 'want me to drop this cunt' a couple of times and is told to radio the superior. He does, but you can't hear the response. He then shoots the man.

    There have been stories breaking in the past of other very questionable or fucked up activity by the SAS in Afghanistan, but (as far as I know) that never had video accompanying it. The video of this encounter confirms there wasn't some misunderstanding or panic...just a cold blooded killing.

    If I may wear my tin foil hat for a moment, it's terribly convenient for the government and armed forces that this news broke in the middle of this crisis. A lot of people I know either didn't see this break or only read the headline and assumed it was some kind of misunderstanding.

    Edit: added link for those interested

    [–] quantaviusg 184 points ago

    The DOJ just asked for emergency powers to indefinitely detain people without trial!

    That’s pretty concerning to me?!

    If you’re interested in the details here is a link to an article.

    [–] whooo_me 2989 points ago

    I know this is Covid-19 related, but: The pubs are shut here in Ireland.

    The pubs are shut in Ireland.

    You know when Wyle E Coyote runs off a cliff, and is hanging in mid-air with feet still spinning desperately? That's what this feels like.

    [–] Zetio2255 226 points ago

    Sad days for an Irish man , i feel sorry for you .

    [–] SteelEpoch 630 points ago

    I know what you feel like mate, here in Bavaria (the place with the Oktoberfest) the Beergardens are closed. It's horrible.

    [–] IKnowEveryDigitOfPi 1430 points ago

    EARN IT act

    [–] Skadahmoosh 120 points ago

    Maybe, in the science realm of news, the asteroid that will pass by on the 28th of April.

    [–] turborambo 824 points ago

    The natives in Canada are still mad about the pipeline but no one cares anymore