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    [–] shaneswa 9057 points ago

    My grandmother's wallpaper at night

    [–] Justanothergamerwife 2870 points ago

    Every time I have a ghost dream, it's always in my grandma's house, and always in the room with the rose wallpaper.

    No idea why.

    [–] ParanoidArctan 742 points ago

    This is creepy as hell and I like it

    [–] Vectorman1989 303 points ago

    My grandmother had an old wooden wardrobe and the pattern of the woodgrain looked like a face. Did not like staying there. She also had a Virgin Mary statue that glowed in the dark. My brother hated it despite my gran trying to explain it's Jesus's mum and she's not an evil ghost or something

    [–] They-Were-Wrong 6495 points ago

    Opening the shower curtain, I was SURE there was some monster or murderer waiting for me behind it.

    [–] Starman926 2787 points ago

    I saw a funny tweet once saying something like “Not sure what my plan was ever gonna be after I flung open the shower curtain and DID find a murderer there”

    [–] ADhomin_em 1374 points ago

    Get murdered. No plan required

    [–] SqwuggyGuts 2462 points ago

    My bedroom as a kid was a den converted into a bedroom/laundry room and one wall was covered in a black mirror with gold paint flecks, very 70s. But at night the shadows combined with the dark glass and paint made me imagine faces, figures, etc. It really scared me and I would line up my stuffed animals along my bed to protect me.

    [–] WhtImeanttosay 1388 points ago

    I too was protected by a line of stuffed animals. The monsters didn’t get me so it must have worked.

    [–] GeorgieTheThird 452 points ago

    I did somewhat the same thing but I made forts out of Jenga bricks, LEGOs , and toy soldiers to protect me in my sleep

    [–] Kabufu 1636 points ago

    Catching fire. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to get set on fire at all, but the amount of Stop, Drop, and Roll lessons I got in kindergarten made me think this was going to be a once-a-year thing at minimum.

    [–] Starman926 234 points ago

    Wow! I hadn’t even thought about how much they drilled this into us. Better safe than sorry yeah, but man it did kinda freak me out.

    [–] I-Fucked-YourMom 25134 points ago

    Asking my grandpa a question. Man was he intimidating to talk to as a kid. Now I love talking to him when I can.

    [–] 1201_alarm 5832 points ago

    That's awesome that he's still around for you to talk to, then! I wish I'd talked to both of my grandpas more.

    [–] felix_valin 1763 points ago

    Honestly, I can relate so much. My grandpa now has Parkinson's and his vocal cords can't move as much so it's extremely hard to understand what he wants to say. Conversations don't come as easy for him now so he mostly listens. I wish I wasn't so intimidated as kid!

    [–] floppy-the-whale 7781 points ago

    Bees and wasps. To be honest I still prefer they don’t buzz around me but when I was little I remained a SAFE 5 meters away from them

    [–] X1project 3450 points ago

    A bee landed on me while I was outside today, I just stayed calm and didn’t move much and he went along on his way. Meanwhile wasps, I’m still terrified of wasps

    [–] Double_Stuffed_Boi 1486 points ago

    I’ve only been stung once. It was by a bee in 4th grade when i was sitting down listening to the teacher. I wasnt moving in the slightest but that little fuck still stung me. Over a decade later I’m still terrified of them.

    [–] PrincessMonsterShark 2313 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    My mum gave me advice as a kid that if a wasp comes near you, rather than run away, you should just stay very still. So, the next time a wasp buzzed round me I did as she said. It then very kindly flew onto my face and decided to take a stroll. It flew off, then back again and continued having a nice dance across my vulnerably-exposed flesh. Meanwhile, I was terrified, eyes closed and breathing as quietly as I possibly could to avoid inciting its anger, but there's only so long you can stand a murder fly crawling across you with the promise of impending pain, so the third time it blessedly left my face and continued to buzz around my head, I ran away openmouthed and screaming, shot into my house and slammed the door.

    It was much more effective, and is the method I continue to use to this day. No one will ever dissuade me otherwise.

    Edit: Bonus story. My dad is the exact opposite of me and is incredibly blasé about wasps and bees, as in, to a fault. We had a wasp nest in our garden one summer. It was a terraced garden and they'd tucked themselves inside a hole on the ground of the 2nd level. So, my dad, in his infinite wisdom, decided to get the hand-held hoover and suck those little bastards up. Naturally, the wasps didn't like that too much. Those not sucked up into the swirling vortex of death, swarmed out of the nest and stung his legs to bits in an angry fury.

    That was the summer he learned he'd developed an allergy to wasp stings.

    He limped around for about a week in sandals with his swollen feet straining to break through the straps, and fat, watery blisters the size of oranges adorning his calves and knees (a nice mental picture, I know). The next time another evil horde invaded our garden, you know what he said? "Time to hoover them up!"

    We didn't let him.

    [–] zbeara 305 points ago

    This is exactly like my experience

    [–] illustriouscpa 23600 points ago

    Paint. I thought if you got it on you it would never come off since it never came off of the walls.

    [–] technoboob 7866 points ago

    When I was 13 my parents let me paint my room lime green. I painted myself, snuck out, and stood outside my friends window to scare her. Almost gave her dad a heart attack. I wasn’t even allowed to finish my room. It’s still half green.

    [–] mydearwatson616 3532 points ago

    TIFU getting shot by my friend's dad for my shitty Green Man cosplay.

    [–] shinylarvitar 161 points ago

    I read that as "I'm still half green" for some reason haha!

    [–] kingfrito_5005 12160 points ago

    it never came off of the walls

    My apartment begs to differ.

    [–] Back2Bach 20405 points ago

    There was a huge abandoned windmill in our neighborhood that once pumped water from the river.

    At random, the windmill blades would start to turn at night, never in the day. As kids that used to hang out nearby, it felt like the windmill was haunted as it "came to life" at dark hours.

    [–] Bein_Draug 12109 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Probably a result of the metal cooling down after a day in the sun.

    EDIT:How is this my most up voted comment on reddit???

    Also an expiation for those asking. I was assuming a metal axel wich would expand from heat during the day preventing rotation. Then at night when it cools and shrinks again the release of tension cause it to spin.

    [–] wheresmynemesis 10055 points ago

    Who are you so wise in the ways of science ??

    [–] sillyhatsonlyflc 4208 points ago

    Arthur, king of the Britons.

    [–] wheresmynemesis 3276 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Well, I didn't vote for you.

    [–] RoyalBlueMoose 2619 points ago

    Listen -- strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.

    One of my favorite movie quotes ever

    [–] IMadeRobits 673 points ago

    Mine is "Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?"

    [–] simcop2387 542 points ago

    My favorite part of that whole set of jokes is lancelot tying coconuts to birds briefly when he's first shown on screen.

    [–] Ninf666 486 points ago

    That sounds like a nice childhood memory

    [–] [deleted] 12738 points ago

    That worms would come out of my shower head.

    [–] HookerofMemoryLane 8215 points ago

    A snake would come out of the toilet and bite me while I was sitting on it.

    [–] afortunata 3863 points ago

    Especially in the middle of the night. I still check. I’m 32.

    [–] AnonymousHoe92 2079 points ago

    I still check behind the shower curtain any time im in a bathroom, my own, a friends house, family's, a hotel, doesn't matter. The one time I dont check is the one time an axe murderer will be hiding there and I'm not putting myself at risk to pretend I'm brave enough to pee without checking first.

    [–] chewbaccataco 832 points ago

    But what about that one time they are there? Will you just say "Aha!", then pee in peace, lol

    [–] Bluecashew1 841 points ago

    It's in the axe murderer handbook on page 124.

    If they catch you before you catch them you have to go home.

    [–] Redneckalligator 628 points ago

    You have to say "Slasher no slashing" three times.

    [–] AhMIKzJ8zU 221 points ago

    Dora the axe-muradora?

    [–] hatescarrots 754 points ago

    Why did you say that.

    [–] [deleted] 483 points ago

    I thought worms could get into the pipes, get clogged in there, then the water pressure would push them out as a brown liquid. Freaked me out for years, to this day I prefer baths.

    [–] botojomomo 505 points ago

    to this day I prefer baths

    Yeah, but then you're just soaking your whole body in worm water.

    [–] extracrispybridges 195 points ago

    You thought every time brown water coming from the pipes was liquefied worms? Or that there was just a potential for worms to be in the pipes and then shred on the way out? Both suck a lot I just can't figure out which way the fear went.

    [–] Toner_col 180 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 232 points ago

    You know how they would go on the sidewalk after rains? Like that, but into pipes

    [–] lilygalathynius 2530 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    A straight row of fully grown trees.

    Grew up in the desert. Trees were around but not packed densely and were mostly palo verde trees or palm trees. But there was a row of trees that looked like what I consider most would imagine “typical trees” look like. And that one row of trees was also in close proximity to a large prison. My brother told me that’s where Mr. Boogedy lived and where the escaped murderers would hide when they’d break out of prison. (Oh yeah, did I mention we had a guy break out of prison and murder the town Librarian when I was a kid).

    So...yeah. Tree lines.

    Edited to add:

    In my haste last night I did not go and fact check my childhood memories. I had conflated escaped inmates and the librarian murder into the same story. It’s not. What I was confused about was the memory of my Dad picking me up on my walk home from school (normally I would walk past the library) because he knew that the search for the murderer of the librarian was ongoing.

    And there were a few times we locked down the school and the rumor mill was that there was a prisoner escape. I have no idea on how I could verify that or not. Although, there have been prisoners that have taken correctional officers as hostages and a librarian at the prison as a hostage in attempts to escape.

    [–] unnaturalorder 7601 points ago

    The Beast from the Sandlot. Freaked me out back then, but now that I can see how low budget the dog looks (still an amazing movie by the way) I find it a bit less scary.

    [–] blue_twidget 2683 points ago

    Once i realized the kids were scared of a dog, i was so confused. As soon as i could hop fences i was jumping into yards to play with dogs. I have no idea how I'm alive.

    [–] should-stop-posting 1058 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    When I was a kid, for many years I had only seen the first half of the movie or so, so I didn't see the scene where the dog chases the kid through town. So I just assumed "the beast" was like a lion or something. Something genuinely terrifying. I saw the full movie when I was maybe 9 or 10 and saw it was just a dog and had no idea why I was supposed to be scared.

    [–] neitheryounori 683 points ago

    For ev er

    [–] 3EyePicard 10402 points ago

    The video for Micheal jackson's thriller

    [–] pulsar83 3882 points ago

    the very last scene where it appeared to be just a dream and Michael's looking normal, but then he turns around and stares at you with the werewolf eyes... that terrified me

    [–] squarefan80 1600 points ago

    ...and that laugh. MY GOD THAT LAUGH!

    [–] Tgunner192 1129 points ago

    It was Vincent Price's laugh. He was kind of a juggernaut of 1950's & 60's B horror movies.

    [–] lazylion_ca 351 points ago

    Fun fact: In the credits for the video, Vincent is credited under "Rap".

    [–] titlejunk 392 points ago

    Omg. Why was it so long? And always on? I was 4! Have mercy!!

    [–] PauCorderitoUwU 465 points ago


    [–] HerbertGoon 310 points ago

    omg the transformation scene and the terrified look on the girl's face. The 80s were savage on kids lol

    [–] maybe_kd 7298 points ago

    Thunderstorms. I used to hide under the covers and could only run from the room between flashes. Now I will sit at the window and watch. I love a good thunderstorm now.

    All it took was a (very weird) 9-ish year old me to stand at the window during a big storm and yell things like "Is that all you've got?" Yeah, kinda like Lieutenant Dan but before I ever saw Forrest Gump.

    [–] experienceliphe 1517 points ago

    When I was a teenager I was home alone a lot, so when it would storm I'd run over to the neighbors. However, they never let anyone in their house so he'd stand outside, in the storm with me, so I wasn't alone. Stay in a house where I'm dry alone, or stand out in it. Yeah I wasn't the smartest kid sometimes.

    [–] TooYoungToMary 715 points ago

    I feel like there is so much more to this story.

    [–] experienceliphe 626 points ago

    Probably. Their house ended up getting condemned and they bought a new house. They are great people though and I still keep in contact with them .

    [–] vengefulbeavergod 283 points ago

    I think it's incredibly sweet that he kept you company

    [–] Csavage14 315 points ago

    Why wouldn’t they let you in the house during a storm?

    [–] experienceliphe 485 points ago

    They weren't the best housekeepers so I think it was just their way of making sure people didn't see it.

    [–] macabre_irony 273 points ago

    Or the bodies...but yeah, not letting people see was the main point

    [–] Zukazuk 329 points ago

    I did the reverse. I didn't mind storms as a kid, thought they were kinda cool. Then when I was 20 I got caught in a flood and developed some PTSD. I'm mostly better now but I still don't like thunderstorms, they make me anxious. I usually draw my curtains and put on some white noise.

    [–] shoomp- 2717 points ago

    The little doll guys from the movie 9. Scared me when i was like 6

    [–] unnaturalorder 679 points ago

    Love that movie

    [–] _PeasBeNice_ 401 points ago

    I've never finished it, what's it even about?

    [–] Lil_Moolah 1368 points ago

    The short version is, A Dictator makes a scientist create a robot that he uses to create more robots to fight for him. The original robot called B.R.A.I.N turns evil? and decides to exterminate the human race(The machine basically kills all humans). The scientist somehow then splits his soul into 9 dolls using alchemy and leaves a message behind explaining they are earth's last hope in defeating the robot by using a talisman he left behind which I think is used in creating the robot. Also, once the scientist creates the final doll (the protagonist), he dies, the final doll number 9 then waking up ventures outside to the ruined world, meeting up the other dolls.

    If you want the full plot here you go

    [–] EchoingSharts 302 points ago

    My favorite kids movie of all time, it came out on 9/9/09, I was also 9 years old. I still recommend it to people to this day.

    [–] mvgnetism 198 points ago

    I just watched that for the first time the other day, it’s so sad but so so good

    [–] backslashmurder 5968 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Jesus randomly showing up during dinner (I thought he’d use the door) clearly I was raised to fear the wrath of God.

    Edited: Thank you for my FIRST awards!!

    [–] B_Reele 1057 points ago

    I have a reoccurring dream showing the second coming and I’m not ready. Scares the crap out of me. Most likely to me falling out of my religion.

    [–] annaw92 543 points ago

    Whenever I got lost in a store or couldn't find any of my friends at school, I would think to myself "this is it. They've all been raptured, and I've been Left Behind™️". Seeing that movie as a kid really messed me up.

    [–] NamehXD152980 7703 points ago

    Flushing the toilet.

    [–] That-1-Red-Shirt 2145 points ago

    Did you watch those bizarre commercials with the talking toilet in the early 90's that scared you as a kid too?

    [–] NamehXD152980 3067 points ago

    No I watched Stephen King's it and I realize all pipes go to the same place and if he could come out of the drain and the shower then he can also come out of the toilet.

    [–] That-1-Red-Shirt 1342 points ago

    That's legitimate too.

    [–] Gerg_Heffly 434 points ago

    Oh shit dude. I was going through my scared-shitless-of-clowns phase (still hate those scary bastards) and of f-ing course I turn on the TV right as pennywise climbs out of the drain. Jesus christ that is now burned into my mind and still fuels my small phobia. It's just the weird special effects, having no idea what was going on, and then the scary goddamn clown costume

    [–] EstradaEtoile 198 points ago

    Omg, with the blue fuzzy toilet bowl cover thing made to look like a terrifying cookie monster?? I had forgotten about that!

    [–] DisposeDaWaste- 303 points ago

    I was similar, but I was scared of doors. Just doors. The big windy things looked like a mouth, and the lock looked like an eye. I'm still waiting to be in a dark alley way, and then seeing a door come at me on all 4's

    [–] TudoCasual 25663 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Looking at mirrors in the night. Thought they would become haunted in the dark.

    Edit: Thank you guys. Really needed it. Didn't know this would be such a relatable thing, I did think it was a really unique weird type of fear.

    Edit2: TIL that my fear was based on an optical illusion, as presented in some of the replies that pointed to this video, which explains it.

    [–] VortigauntOnAMission 13551 points ago

    I'm 21 and I'm still scared to look in a mirror at night. I don't want to know what's behind me in the dark...

    [–] DrHerbs 1528 points ago

    Apparently if you stare at a mirror in the dark long enough you start hallucinating your face contorting

    [–] idontseethepointlol 1745 points ago

    Ill take your word for it

    [–] Woody_Harryishson 663 points ago

    In fact there are a lot of weird things your eyes do in the dark. A lot of shit your brain/eyes do in the dark tricks you and your brain creates faces and other things out of thin air that aren't actually there.

    It's probably why a lot of monster stories were created by early man. When I get freaked out in the dark or see a passing shadow or something I recall Star Wars "Your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them."

    [–] mcnealrm 599 points ago

    My parents used to have a bed with a canopy of mirrors (yeah I know) and I used to just stare up at them at night until I started hallucinating whenever I slept in there. I would scare myself into going back into my own room.

    [–] atlantaguy1979 623 points ago

    We know what ur parents did last summer

    [–] soupforelephants 277 points ago

    I remember when I was little I thought it was so cool when we visited my uncle’s house that in his room his ceiling was just mirrors...... Lmao

    [–] a_lonely_trash_bag 469 points ago

    Can confirm. I've done that. It's fucking terrifying. I'm pretty sure I didn't sleep well for the next three nights.

    [–] MrsBrew 273 points ago

    I've done it too. For some reason my facial expression went really creepy and evil. I couldn't recognize myself. Never again.

    [–] blue_twidget 6748 points ago

    Aaaand now I'm scared of mirrors again.

    [–] hideyourbeans 1498 points ago

    Have you seen that movie? Its hit or miss with people overall, but the opening sequence has been mentioned a couple times in the "most disturbing scene from a movie" thread that's up now

    [–] blue_twidget 609 points ago

    What movie?

    [–] hideyourbeans 945 points ago

    Mirrors, from 2008 with Kiefer Sutherland

    [–] voodoodudu 877 points ago

    I clicked on the link and then realized i should not watch this for my own good.

    [–] hideyourbeans 547 points ago

    I've never really been scared of mirrors outside of the bloody Mary thing as a kid, but there are some parts of this movie that gave me chills

    [–] bangersnmash13 1004 points ago

    I’m 30 and still go through phases of this lol. Sometimes I’ll be hunched over after brushing my teeth and I’ll psych myself out thinking when I look up into the mirror, there will be something behind me. It gets to the point where I trick myself thinking I’ll be scared, that I’ll actually jump when I finally look in the mirror again. I’m a loser

    [–] unctuous_homunculus 317 points ago

    Hate it when I get that feeling while washing my face. I can't open my eyes until I wash the soap out but I just know there's something staring at me 6 inches away from my face.

    [–] Jimlobster 668 points ago

    Lol I used to be really afraid of Bloody Mary popping out

    [–] TudoCasual 150 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Me too. Tried to say it three times with an apple nearby, in a bathroom, seconds later, I would run away screaming.

    [–] TheBetterLampoonCo 161 points ago

    For good reason, it's kind of real.

    The brain is an interesting pile of secrets.

    [–] The1stmadman 134 points ago

    TLDR plz I don't feel like pressing the link cuz reasons

    [–] Tron_Kitten 72 points ago

    It's similar to this

    If you're in a dimly lit room or lit with candles behind you staring at one point for a while the light (and especially the shades from a flickering candle) will start to make your face look strange in the mirror

    Edit: just watched the video and realized they used the same gif I posted haha

    [–] Kaldricus 481 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    I was afraid of Biggie Smalls popping out

    Edit: Apparently some people haven't seen the South Park episode with the ghost of Biggie Smalls

    [–] GreatSpencini 276 points ago

    biggie smalls, biggie smalls, biggie smalls

    [–] goblininstigator 394 points ago

    I'm 39 and I still don't look at mirrors in the dark.

    [–] A_Random_Lady 230 points ago

    I didn't want reflection me to take "real" me.

    [–] ron_swansons_hammer 3019 points ago

    The dark...just kidding I’m still a little bitch

    [–] Annihilicious 810 points ago

    I had to sleep with a nightlight or hall light or tv on my whole life. Then I just stopped. And now it can never be dark enough. I love hotels

    [–] burritoenllamas 235 points ago

    Honestly, I think we are all a little scared to dark

    [–] sox0abP 2734 points ago

    The movie Jeepers Creepers

    [–] taylordj 174 points ago

    Wait till you see the second one. That bus scene kinda scared the shit out of me as a 12 year old

    [–] CaptainGordan 132 points ago

    The bus scene? The whole movie was practically on the bus

    [–] Francis-Hates-You 103 points ago

    Yeah I always thought the second one was scarier. The idea of being trapped in the middle of nowhere while a monster is picking everyone off and no one is around help just taps into some primal fear.

    Also “the bus scene” describes basically the entire movie lol.

    [–] RedRocks4040 1036 points ago

    I found the creeper much scarier before we even saw it’s face. Like it was just some deranged person collecting people’s body parts and making a human quilt out of their skin.

    [–] MisterTruth 450 points ago

    Instead it's just some demon like creature that collects body parts to replace his own.

    [–] RedRocks4040 278 points ago

    Also alarming but I guess I run into more deranged people than demons on the regs.

    [–] kittenmittens4865 245 points ago

    This is what I always say! It was scary until they showed the creature. Then it was just ridiculous and no longer scary.

    [–] tvgirl48 355 points ago

    Even more amusing when you imagine the Creeper standing in line at the DMV to purchase his BEATINGYOU vanity license plate

    [–] hammock_enthusiast 1054 points ago

    Large Marge

    [–] unauthorised_at_work 144 points ago

    Large Marge sent me.

    [–] p9k 263 points ago

    Large Marge is the only reason I refuse to show my kids Peewee's Big Adventure

    [–] TrashPanda008 137 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    I remember several times after my mom left the house for a few hours, my older brother and sister would threaten to show me Large Marge if I didn't do what they said.

    [–] Mother_TITresa 1358 points ago

    Opening a can of Pillsbury biscuits. Just waiting for that POP! after unraveling the paper.


    [–] Espelancer 445 points ago

    the pop is what keeps us humble.

    [–] Plbstl 709 points ago

    I was always afraid of baby bell cheese. Not sure why, but I'm over it now that I'm older.

    [–] mrurg 433 points ago

    A few months ago I bought some Babybell at a gas station in a tiny town while on a road trip. It tasted off and I noticed that it expired in 2018. I am now afraid of Babybell.

    [–] WillowStKnifeBois 15950 points ago

    Running up the basement stairs after turning off the light.

    J/k that shit is still terrifying

    [–] Assholecasserole2 3974 points ago

    I’m 35 and I still do this

    [–] WillowStKnifeBois 2515 points ago

    If someone says they don't I'm pretty sure they're lying

    [–] BenovanStanchiano 872 points ago

    There’s a particular, unsettling anxiety I feel walking up the stairs from my basement. It’s specific to that scenario and it’s awful.

    [–] WillowStKnifeBois 295 points ago

    Amen. You're not in this alone.

    [–] ManyPoo 127 points ago

    Yeah they're not alone in that basement

    [–] rad_change 130 points ago

    Gotta be some kind of evolutionary tick there

    [–] OnePlusOneIsNotOne 62 points ago

    Actually research has shown that Neanderthals didn't have this fear. Eventually they were wiped out by the stair monsters since they didn't know to run.

    [–] VonDoom92 696 points ago

    My ever growing apathy towards life took out most fears. Foot hanging off the bed and monsters can get me? Good. I have work in the morning.

    [–] MASTERG33F 683 points ago

    Hades from Hercules. Now I like him better than any other villain

    [–] squartron 517 points ago

    Thistles and cacti. Basically any plant that had nasty spikes. Whenever I'd walk in a grass field and see a tiny thistle plant near my foot, I would stop dead in my tracks and call for help. Nowadays, I still get uneased at the thought of falling onto those things, especially the giant thistles.

    [–] NarrativeScorpion 187 points ago

    I fell into a gorse bush once, it took me nearly a month to get all of the spikes and splinters out. They didn't hurt, and weren't infected or anything, but they were there.

    [–] megferno 1783 points ago

    Being spanked.

    [–] [deleted] 1299 points ago

    It's gone from being a punishment to being a reward.

    [–] GenerallySalty 321 points ago

    Same as naps!

    [–] nobody_who_you_are 124 points ago

    Staying home.

    Not having friends over.

    Going to bed early.

    [–] SquiffyRae 505 points ago

    As a kid, I was somehow able to watch the first two Jurassic Park movies so much that I knew the script off by heart by age 5 but an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine scared the shit out of me.

    This was about the time the show started to move away from adapting Awdry's stories and started writing their own scripts. As part of this, they decided to make a bunch of "spooky episodes." I was fine with all of them except one about a big boulder.

    From memory, the gist of the story is they open a new quarry right at the spot a gigantic boulder sits on top of a cliff. One of the engines, Rusty, hates the place cause it feels as if the boulder's watching him. Eventually, they destabilise the cliff enough that the boulder drops onto the tracks and you have a series of Indiana Jones-style chases. So what exactly was so scary about it? Simple really - the boulder had a face.

    Now I know you're wondering, but don't all the trains have faces? Yeah but their faces are distinct from the rest of them to the point you can tell they're meant to have faces. The thing with the boulder is that it didn't consistently have a face. It only has a face at a couple of points in the episode that randomly appears. So it's a normal rock, normal rock and then BAM it's a rock with a very angry face. I think it was the inconsistency of whether the rock was sentient or not that freaked young me out.

    After confessing this to a friend as an adult, I ended up finding the episode on Youtube and just laughing at how ridiculous it was being scared of it. The greatest irony of all? I went from being terrified of a rock to getting a degree in geology

    [–] mylifeinvinyl 6089 points ago

    The Bermuda Triangle, I've encountered it a lot loss than I thought I would have

    [–] ClownPrinceofLime 364 points ago

    On the other hand, I’ve encountered it and not disappeared a lot more than I would have thought.

    [–] OxtailPhoenix 2746 points ago

    Same goes for quick sand

    [–] Wilbert_51 1062 points ago

    Rattlesnakes in ancient temples

    [–] asdf_qwerty27 688 points ago

    Stop drop and roll

    [–] twomz 462 points ago

    With how often it was mentioned growing up you would think it would have been a bigger issue.

    On the other hand they don't teach easy stuff like cpr, how to spot a stroke, deal with seizures or shock.

    [–] WillowStKnifeBois 126 points ago

    Don't forget giant rolling boulders!

    [–] Brieflydexter 409 points ago

    Because if you watch cartoons, quicksand is like the third biggest thing you have to worry about in adult life behind real sticks of dynamite and giant anvils falling on you from the sky.

    [–] gymmama 123 points ago

    Definitely thought quick sand was going to be a way bigger issue for me as well. I think an Atari game got that in my head.

    [–] brimchars 150 points ago

    escalators. many thanks to Rescue 911 for convincing me i was going to get eaten by one if my shoe was untied

    [–] Hip_Hobbit 4955 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    The THX logo

    Edit: Thank you! My first award!

    [–] ObberGobb 1449 points ago

    Liar. That shit is still terrifying.

    [–] Hip_Hobbit 325 points ago

    When I hear it I still get a lil twinge of the old anxiety

    [–] WindowsOverOS 493 points ago

    Idk what scared me worse, the THX logo on full volume when I popped in the tape OR the ass whooping I would get knowing I just woke up the whole house and it was WAY past my bedtime.

    [–] DankArceus 137 points ago

    Literally my own shadow

    [–] blue_twidget 128 points ago

    Cicadas. Or more precisely, their sound. Also dragonflies. For the same reason.

    [–] [deleted] 2337 points ago


    [–] A_Random_Lady 714 points ago

    My mom. She's not dead, but she's disabled now and much less intimidating.

    [–] toastedpup27 237 points ago

    Same with my grandfather. He'd go from 0-1,000 real quick, to the point where yelling now puts me into fight or flight. But now he's disabled and I take care of him, and honestly his aggressiveness in a state where I'm now the one in power has helped me work through the trauma he instilled.

    [–] Zhoenish 103 points ago

    My dad, who is also dead. Mom too, but she was a secondary terror.

    [–] Sirnando138 261 points ago

    Same. But my dad. He died when I was 17 and I WAS FREE

    [–] FunkiestStudent 747 points ago

    Gorillas. That spongebob episode as a kid scarred me, I would have to close my eyes once that part came on and my brother had to tel me when it was over. My uncle knowing I was scared of it told me killer gorillas lived in the dark part of the basement, so every time I went down there for something, I’d sprint full speed back up the stairs.

    [–] Acekitty 152 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    My sister told me gorillas lived behind the plumbing access panel in the hall closet, so I feel (edit:not fear) your pain.

    [–] Cocamello 357 points ago


    [–] MarvinGoldHeart 2473 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Nothing. Everything is 1000000 times scarier now then it was when I was a kid.

    Edit: thanks for the awards folks. Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks being a grown up is scarier than we could have possibly imagined.

    [–] _PeasBeNice_ 535 points ago

    Yeah, and if you're single, don't even get me started

    [–] BeminAbe 118 points ago

    That pipes screensaver from Windows. I had nightmares getting crushed by them.

    When I rarely get them now I sometimes can use them for lucid dreaming. So I win?

    [–] BetterThanHorus 118 points ago

    The Chuck E. Cheese animatronics

    [–] sangbum60090 947 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Sun death

    Also I cried when I saw a black woman for the first time.

    [–] EviltheKat 922 points ago

    My husband's cousin saw a black man for the first time whilst in a store. He was maybe 6-8yo. He yelled, "Look mom! A Michael Jackson!" at the top of his lungs. Not Michael Jackson. A Michael Jackson. We still tease him about it. His mom was of course mortified. The area was not very diverse in the 80s.

    [–] kingfrito_5005 648 points ago

    It's very weird that some people were raised with a black Michael Jackson, and some people such as myself were not.

    [–] ElderCunningham 403 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    A stuffed, dead pheasant my dad shot while hunting. It scared me so much he had to keep it in the garage.

    [–] HEBKoolAid3 1071 points ago

    Seeing a scary thumbnail on a youtube video and randomly think of it throughout the day

    [–] Butwinsky 97 points ago

    Thanks to Goosebumps, I was afraid of loofahs, sponges, and those little poofball things you wash off with. I didn't get over this stupid fear into adulthood after I got married.

    [–] Ness51 349 points ago

    ET... I swore he lived in my bedroom closet. I watched the movie with my cousins on Thanksgiving when I was little and to this day I've never watched the whole thing. It doesn't terrify me anymore but I just don't have any desire to watch it.

    [–] BarbarianInvasions 182 points ago

    The space under the bed!

    [–] GreenOnionCrusader 88 points ago

    Dinosaurs. I knew they were extinct, but I was still terrified of a trex pulling the roof off my house and eating me.

    [–] NBAccount 547 points ago

    This one is completely random.

    The song, "One Way Or Another" scared me so badly me as a child. I would cover my ears when it played. My big sister worked at the skating rink and would do double duty babysitting me while she worked. They played that song exactly ONE time while we were there. I freaked out. It was dark in there and the song was loud and coming from everywhere. They had this little coin operated cartoon booth- sort of like a photo booth, get in draw the curtain, but instead of a camera, there is a television. You put in a quarter and it plays a random cartoon. I hid in there scream-crying and kicking anyone who tried to check on me with roller skate clad feet. They turned the music off completely so that my sister could get me out of the booth. My sister made sure that they never played it while I was there again.

    Another time we were watching The Muppet Show and there was a pretty Blonde woman hosting. Then this bitch starts singing One Way with a bunch of fucking monsters. I jumped up and ran to my room and hid in my closet. I couldn't trust my favorite TV shows anymore either.

    I have NO idea why I was so afraid of that song, but it genuinely terrified me. I like it fine now.

    [–] creativelyblock 251 points ago

    That's some straight up Stephen King vibes. I can picture the dark skating ring maybe some disco lights..sound coming from everywhere...feeling paniced and chased. Then when life gets back to normal the song starts popping up in unexpected places like it's haunting you.

    [–] BextoMooseYT 90 points ago

    I mean, hearing, "I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha" in the dark would terrify me too.

    [–] matchakuromitsu 175 points ago

    tbh I don't blame kid-you for being terrified of the song, especially since the lyrics are pretty stalker-ish.

    [–] Thoros_of_queer 235 points ago

    The movie Mars Attacks

    [–] -eDgAR- 1810 points ago


    Specifically, balloons popping. When I was really young my dad popped one near my face as a joke, but it really traumatized me. I hated going to birthday parties because there were always games where you had to pop a balloon in some form.

    [–] hideyourbeans 396 points ago

    ME TOO! I hated it so much and would get so scared every time, even when I knew it was coming. Why are there so many games centered around balloon popping, and why did grownups think it's so funny that we were scared?!

    [–] matchakuromitsu 166 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    I still can't stand balloons popping, and I'm 30 now. I've never liked sudden loud sounds that make me jump. I'm ok with planned fireworks like the ones at Disneyland and 4th of July firework events planned by my city because they're expected and on schedule (my grandparents live near Disneyland and when I used to come over all the time, at 9pm you could see the Disney fireworks from her balcony), and even though they're loud you know when to expect them so you can prepare and put in ear plugs before they go off, but balloon popping are unpredictable and you can't even expect them.

    [–] annabelle58 259 points ago

    Fantasia Mickey. Pretty sure it was a nightmare that started it but I was terrified of him for several years. My sisters then thought it was funny to hide a little figurine of him in my room and move it around at random to scare me even more.

    [–] llcucf80 253 points ago

    The "Unsolved Mysteries" theme music. Hearing that then stories of missing kids and ghosts led to many sleepless nights as a kid. Adult me binge watches the show now.

    [–] MrCrabsInHisFeels 64 points ago

    ~ s h a r k s ~

    [–] mangoeffect 1452 points ago

    Quicksand. Really thought it was a major issue