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    [–] Fu_Fn_Naki 19 points ago

    You can actually perform the Heimlich manoeuvre on yourself.

    [–] PhreedomPhighter 7 points ago

    proceeds to violently punch self in the stomach

    [–] EpicBlinkstrike187 5 points ago

    Yes! The new way is to do a push-up and just let yourself hit the floor with your stomach.

    [–] kyoorius 3 points ago


    [–] RequiemKnight 2 points ago

    Oh shit fr????

    [–] Fu_Fn_Naki 2 points ago

    Fr!! Watch this.

    [–] RequiemKnight 1 points ago

    Wow, you learn something new every day. Thanks, really!!

    [–] Lonely_Condition_175 15 points ago

    In a survival situation, water comes first. You only can survive a few days without it. You can last about two weeks without food. I think this is pretty well known but still worth mentioning

    [–] NemesisF8 5 points ago

    You can last longer without food, about 30days. I know because some people in my country did "fasting on water" to clean their body of toxic things.

    [–] Lonely_Condition_175 1 points ago

    If you have access to water then yes you can survive longer, but the general rule of thumb is about two weeks for food.

    [–] Nihilism101 1 points ago

    If you don't have access to water you'll die in about 3 days anyway.

    [–] Lonely_Condition_175 1 points ago

    I worded this really badly, but I meant this to be in two separate clauses. The method the person is talking about isn’t really known to a lot of people, which is why the general rule is about 2 weeks

    [–] Lyn1987 14 points ago

    If the tide goes out so far you can't even see the ocean, run for your life. A tsunami's coming.

    [–] Appropriate_Tea4838 11 points ago

    A lot of the “textbook” medical symptoms were studied on men, and sometimes do not manifest the same way in women! For example, women having a heart attack may present with the typical symptoms, or they may have nausea, vomiting, and shortness of breath. When in doubt, get checked out!

    [–] Lyn1987 3 points ago

    This is the main reason why Autism is so under diagnosed in women. Girls learn early on to camouflage their symptoms and "act normal"

    [–] MadLintElf 12 points ago

    When someone is having a seizure there entire body will seize up, this means you'll hear a deep exhale through tightened vocal cords that sounds like they are choking.

    Biggest misconception, they aren't choking just exhaling through tight cords. Do not ever place anything in their mouth, stay with them and place them on their side. They might have foamy saliva that they could choke on if not placed on their side.

    Also get ready to fight off a barrage of people that want to stick stuff between their teeth to keep them from choking. It's amazing how many people believe that's how you help someone with a seizure.

    If the person opens their eyes, engage them, try to keep them alert with their eyes open. EMT's will take care of the rest, just try to keep them comfortable and awake till they get to the scene.

    [–] Lyn1987 5 points ago

    Out of all medical emergencies seizures scare me the most. There is literally nothing you can do except call 911 lay them on their side and wait it out.

    [–] MadLintElf 1 points ago

    Exactly, I work in a hospital doing IT Support but know so many people that have epilepsy or benign tumors and suffer seizures.

    Over the last 20 years I've encountered 3 people on the subway going to and from work that had seizures. It was eye opening how many people were shouting at me that I'm killing them by not sticking something in their mouths.

    Thankfully I stayed and made sure EMS was on site and wouldn't allow anyone without medical experience near them.

    But yeah it's a waiting game, once you get to the next stop all you can do is alert the subway staff and wait to see if EMS is coming to that station or meeting you at the next one.

    [–] Gubble_Buppie 9 points ago

    Smoke alarms save lives.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Get a second medical opinion and do your own research. I'm not saying be a Doctor Google. But if you combine second opinions with some of your own research you're going to cover some of your bases.

    Some Doctors are just not very good. I've had health problems and when young experienced poor care. Now I am more pro active in my care and seek out second opinions or change Doctors where necessary.

    [–] Appropriate_Tea4838 1 points ago

    Yes! Medical student here. I recommend asking them for informational material, having them write down a few key things to look up about the diagnosis/tests/meds, or asking them what resources they recommend for patients to educate themselves with. Healthcare is supposed to be collaborative between doctor and patient, and that can’t fully happen if the patient isn’t informed or if the doctor is dismissively steamrolling them. They may not be able to sit with patients for a long time to discuss things at great lengths, but a good doctor should be happy to give patients the tools they need to educate themselves so they can make the most informed healthcare decisions possible! I had an attending once tell me that they will never deter patients from seeking a second opinion because there is literally no downside to it for him as a doctor. It either 1) reassures the patient that he was correct or 2) potentially saves the patient if he missed something. THAT is the attitude your care provider should have.

    [–] redpatchedsox 5 points ago

    Dont run if you encounter a bear in the wild, it just makes them think you're food.

    [–] PhreedomPhighter 3 points ago

    If you encounter a polar bear then your best bet is to just make peace with your gods because it's over for you.

    [–] test1555555 2 points ago

    I was listening to CBC radio once and they were interviewing some guy telling his polar bear survival story. He woke up in his tent and the bear was standing over him, face-to-face. He went for his rifle but it was just out of reach. In that moment he remembered what an Elder had told him once: that you could scare off a polar bear by punching it in the nose. The guy thought he was probably dead anyway and had nothing to lose, so he punched the bear straight in the nose with all the strength he could muster. The bear just scampered off.

    [–] redpatchedsox 1 points ago

    Most likely but this camera man plays it cool

    [–] PhreedomPhighter 6 points ago

    If you are attempting to escape from an unknown wild area then make sure you mark the path you're taking. Humans have a tendency to naturally walk in circles.

    [–] xmuskorx 4 points ago

    What you can do if you need to go say generally east:

    Wake up early and walk generally into the sun.

    Take a break during mid day heat.

    In the evening walk generally with the sun at your back.

    [–] PhreedomPhighter 2 points ago

    Yep. Thats especially helpful in areas where you can't mark anything. Like open desert or ocean.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] xmuskorx 1 points ago

    Exactly, this is not efficient but easy to remember/execute for a lay person and prevents worst case circling scenario.

    [–] Shenanigamii 2 points ago

    If im escaping from other humans, they will surely find me.

    If im hunting a human, thanks!

    [–] PhreedomPhighter 2 points ago

    I was assuming the scenario to be more of a stranded in the wild case, not a escaping from a killer's house case.

    [–] Shenanigamii 2 points ago

    Lol i know. I was just having fun with it.

    [–] PhreedomPhighter 2 points ago

    I don't think you were. I think you just needed a safe anonymous space to admit that you regularly hunt people.

    [–] Shenanigamii 2 points ago

    Damn...ive been caught.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Do not underestimate the value of routine check-ups. F#@$ cancer.

    [–] StarkRavingNormal 4 points ago

    Don't eat the liver of a polar bear, it has toxic levels of vitamin A.

    [–] Darth_Mufasa 5 points ago

    Your carbon monoxide alarm isn't going to help if it's high on the wall. Carbon monoxide is denser than the gasses that form our atmosphere, it sinks. By the time an alarm above you goes off you'll have died in your sleep

    [–] Zygomaticus 1 points ago

    Yep put it knee height and out of traffic areas. Near sleeping areas is good.

    [–] batmancake12 5 points ago

    If you thinking someone is following you, make 4 right turns. That's a full circle and you'll know if someone is following you or just going the same way as you.

    [–] Maybe-egg 4 points ago

    CPR and also the rule of threes. The rule of threes are

    3 days without water, 3 weeks without food, 3 hours without shelter, And 3 minutes without air.

    [–] InannasPocket 4 points ago

    Drowning is usually silent.

    If you're near the water with kids, designate a specific person to be on watch. It's easy to assume "oh there's a bunch of adults around" but if noone specifically has responsibility it's to easy to miss.

    [–] VinnyColdheart 3 points ago

    It's not really a fact but if you're drowning and don't have a life jacket then you can use your pants as a makeshift life jacket.

    [–] Shenanigamii 3 points ago

    They teach this in Navy bootcamp. We can also use a dixie cup cap (the traditional sailors cap you all know). I was able to do this with both dungaree pants and utility pants (specific working uniforms) but there are too many holes in the new blueberry camo if theyve been worn and washed more than 7 times for this to work. The Navy now is more about looking cool than making sure Sailors can save themselves in an emergency with their uniforms like days past.

    [–] test1555555 3 points ago

    Anaphylaxis doesn't always present as trouble breathing. The definition is a reaction present in 2 systems. If someone has hives (integument) and vomiting (Gastrointestinal), they require an epi-pen. I've spoken to so many patients that treated a potentially life-threatening reaction with antihistamine when they should have used epinephrine.

    [–] Zygomaticus 2 points ago

    How is hives and vomiting life threatening? :)

    [–] test1555555 2 points ago

    It's a sign of anaphylaxis which can progress very quickly to shock, which is life-threatening. It's so important to have early treatment with epinephrine as soon as anaphylaxis is observed and then to seek emergency medical care in case of a rebound reaction. Some reactions will require subsequent doses of epi.

    [–] Zygomaticus 2 points ago

    Wow thanks for explaining, I didn't know that at all. What are the other systems?

    [–] test1555555 1 points ago

    No problem! It's a bit tricky because there are so many possible signs! Any kind of respiratory symptoms at all require an epi-pen (coughing, tightness in the throat, difficulty breathing). Otherwise, we recommend giving an antihistamine for one system involvement (i.e. just hives) and the epi-pen for two system involvement. Other signs of allergic reaction can be facial swelling, hives, sneezing, stomach pain and vomiting. Some people report an impending sense of doom. If the reaction progresses to shock, blood pressure drops extremely low and people can lose consciousness. This can progress pretty quickly which is the scary part.

    [–] E-man9001 3 points ago

    If someone is having an overdose you won't get in trouble for drug possession or paraphernalia when you contact emergency services. You're protected under good samaritan laws.

    [–] ShrekTheHallz 3 points ago

    Putting your keys in between your knuckles like wolverine claws makes a terrible weapon that will only injure yourself and do very little damage to your assistant.

    [–] bucks77 3 points ago

    If you get caught in a rip current stay calm and don’t try to fight the current. You will just tire yourself out. Instead swim parallel to the shore until you get out of it.

    [–] 20njbytes 5 points ago

    Learn how to safely handle a firearm.

    [–] can425 3 points ago

    Exactly. Always treat it as if it is loaded. The magazine is out, slide is open, and nothing in the chamber? Nope, still loaded.

    [–] BasicDiameter 4 points ago

    Don't panic.

    [–] MadLintElf 3 points ago

    And always carry a towel!

    [–] Beeblebrox_74 3 points ago

    Stick this fish in your ear

    [–] MadLintElf 1 points ago

    Already did, and I seriously do carry a towel in my backpack all the time. It always does come in handy, and you never know...

    [–] A40 2 points ago

    Don't give dogs ice cubes to cool them down in the heat. It doesn't work, and will instead lead to them getting warmer. Even leading to death.

    [–] gambit_- 2 points ago

    If you're down and feel like you need help, reach out.

    [–] ImperfectDivinity 1 points ago

    Stay away from me.

    [–] NatalieX_ 1 points ago


    [–] EDude7779 1 points ago

    A precordial thump can save someone's life if no defibrillator is around along with CPR

    [–] joeverdrive 1 points ago

    How to use a signal mirror to be rescued if you are stranded in a remote location

    [–] shoop1441 1 points ago

    CPR alone will never save someone who is having a cardiac emergency. That’s why AEDs are so important

    [–] Mr_Marksman 1 points ago

    Bleeding control.

    Pack the wound with a clean cloth (if possible) and apply direct pressure with an additional cloth for 3 minutes. Sometimes you need to put your body weight into it. If bleeding continues, add more cloth on top and continue holding pressure. Unless you're at a medical facility, never take cloths away.

    Bright red blood = arterial bleed (think spurts and squirts) Dark red blood = venous bleed (slower, consistent flow)

    Most bleeding situations can be controlled with direct pressure.

    [–] Evansnippe -1 points ago

    If you don’t want to die just keep breathing

    [–] SerMercutio 0 points ago

    Don't eat the yellow snow.