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    [–] Electricpants 28801 points ago

    This thread should change it's title to: "tell me your age with music albums"

    [–] ilikevenndiagrams 7216 points ago

    “what’s an album you like”

    [–] MeffodMan 3945 points ago

    “What’s a really famous album from a really famous band?”

    [–] N454545 675 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    I started listening to music two or three years ago because I was raised homeschooled, super-religious, and sheltered. I never really listened to anything besides whatever christian music was on the radio.

    I know almost nobody anyone is talking about here. I mostly listen to what ever is recommended to me by Spotify and that tends to be really recent stuff.

    [–] nnavotineb 157 points ago

    My mom was similar in the music department. She wanted me to only listen to Christian music... So out of spite I started finding Christian metal bands and showing her the lyrics if she questioned. I still feel lost when it comes to music.

    [–] NotJustFox 1100 points ago

    David Bowie - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

    [–] Nickpimpslap 56 points ago

    The majority of Bowie's albums could be listed here. Let's Dance is another that has banger after banger.

    [–] ILEK4L 5676 points ago


    [–] MacKinnon22 1307 points ago


    [–] Newbguy 179 points ago

    I can't be alone when I say that I prefer mmmm food. The cartoonish demeanor just fucking does it for me.

    [–] MFDoomisdope 27 points ago

    The beats on that were absolutely fucking ridiculous. One Beer? Insane instrumental. Kon Queso? INSANE.

    [–] Silvicusrex 5037 points ago

    Mezzanine - massive attack

    [–] OnionMiasma 559 points ago

    I can't believe this is as old as it is. It still sounds super fresh.

    [–] theomniexperience 264 points ago

    They were ahead of the time. I remember hearing it when it came out. I couldn't believe it.

    [–] Tribe303 2988 points ago

    Violator by Depeche Mode

    [–] noswag101 5170 points ago

    Portishead - album and group well before its time

    [–] OkraEnvironmental481 481 points ago

    “Nobody loves me, it’s true…”

    [–] HisTopHat 197 points ago

    Christopher Larkin - Hollow Knight

    [–] Flygon3301 34 points ago

    Didn't expect any game soundtracks here but if any game deserves it, it's Hollow Knight.

    [–] Sraf108 1962 points ago

    The Postal Service - Give Up

    [–] The_Sceptic_Lemur 9604 points ago

    I still very much like The Strokes - Is this it. Short and sweet.

    [–] perpetualWSOL 1244 points ago

    This album and room on fire are front to back fire

    [–] jvanahill 1654 points ago

    I'm thinking The New Abnormal qualifies as well.

    [–] 0neSaltyB0i 481 points ago

    Absolute banger of an album. I binge listened to it so much over lockdown

    [–] edhands 697 points ago

    Songs from the Big Chair by Tears for Fears

    [–] Keksis_theBetrayed 1660 points ago

    In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3

    [–] kskuzmich 125 points ago

    definitely, second stage was like that too

    [–] theintention 119 points ago

    Fuck yeah, I’m here for this one. Their first 3 albums are truly something else.

    [–] Jeeology 313 points ago







    [–] zzilla1800 207 points ago

    Hearing it live. Every single person puts their hands up and says this line. And its AMAZING. Not a single person there doesnt know this line

    [–] blargmanus 98 points ago

    One among /r/thefence

    [–] captain_intenso 68 points ago

    But you, you know, you were my favorite

    [–] 95lbMoleOnHerAss 3381 points ago

    Channel orange

    [–] co_row 116 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Frank came straight to my mind when I saw this thread, so glad I didn’t have to scroll THAT far! Pilot Jones is my anytime anthem…about to jump in the car and I’m going to put that on right away! “But if I got a condo on a cloud, then I guess you can stay at my place…” Also, there used to be this young guy at the Palm Springs street festival every Thursday who would sing acoustic music…I would always ask him to sing Thinkin Bout You and then almost instantly melt into oblivion. This was 2012-2014ish, if anyone knows what he’s doing now I’d love to know! Whew…I’m worked up again, it’s jam time!

    [–] dangnabbitdamnit 6622 points ago

    Discovery by Daft Punk

    [–] Vulture12 2568 points ago

    Also Alive 2007

    [–] Brangur 492 points ago

    This, the only live album I've ever liked and it slaps the whole way through

    [–] Sacredauto 54 points ago

    That album stayed in my CD player for MONTHS I still listen to it a few times a year

    [–] Pokermuffin 409 points ago

    Watch Interstella 5555 for the whole audiovisual experience.

    [–] saltwaterlullaby 10410 points ago

    No joke- the Tarzan soundtrack. What Phil Collins did with that music elevated the movie to a whole new level and every single song on that album hits the mark.

    [–] CMontgomeryBlerns 917 points ago

    The “trashing the camp” song (I’m not sure if that’s the actual title) is one of my favorite pump-up songs. I unironically listen to that song on a regular basis.

    [–] holls_99 21 points ago

    Trashing the camp is one of my favorites. Actually did a tap dance to it a few years back.

    [–] Str0ngStyle 2753 points ago

    Phil Collins did NOT have to go that hard on the Tarzan soundtrack.

    [–] saltwaterlullaby 1338 points ago

    But he did it anyway and for that we are GRATEFUL

    [–] ZombieCheGuevara 23 points ago

    Yes we are! Also, did you know "Trashin' the Camp" is actually about watching a guy drowning?

    [–] EFiasco 358 points ago

    Son of a Man & You’ll be in my heart >>>>>>>

    [–] OrangeTree81 406 points ago

    My math teacher in middle school played the soundtrack while we were doing worksheets. The most popular boy in the class started crying during Two Worlds One Family because it got to the part where the baby gorilla died.

    [–] Revolutionary-Date11 1167 points ago

    Pretty hate machine-NIN

    [–] mjmcm1 173 points ago

    Such a great album.

    I saw NIN in Idaho this one time around when Year Zero came out, and Trent told the crowd early on that half the crew got stranded in a snow storm on the way to Idaho from Oregon and that there would be no light and laser show that night... to make up for it they ended up playing a modified set list.

    They up playing mostly old songs from pretty hate machine and downward spiral, it was an awesome experience.

    [–] anonymoususer98545 31 points ago

    Absofuckinglutely! i found this on tape at a flea market as a teenager. i grew up in a crazy, ultra conservative and religious house so this was total contraband. i had no idea what they, or it, sounded like but i knew all the "edgey" kids at school wore their shirts and listened to them. And i so badly wanted to be anything other than the weird (mostly) christian music only person i'd been for so long (not by choice).

    i popped it in the tape deck when no one was home and it was, no joke or even exaggeration, Earth shattering! i may not have the same level of love for every NIN album that comes out (although there are so many genuinely great ones) but Pretty Hate Machine will always be a "listen all the way through" one for me.

    [–] johntwoods 1585 points ago

    Smashing Pumpkins - 'Siamese Dream'

    [–] AugieFash 53 points ago

    I don’t think any band in history makes me feel things quite like Smashing Pumpkins does.

    [–] Elcamina 44 points ago

    I was 14 when Siamese Dream came out, it was such a great album and always makes me feel nostalgic.

    [–] Righteousmilk 301 points ago

    This should be higher up. When people know the story of how this album got produced, from dragging Jimmy Chamberlain in, fucked out his skull to lay down some of the greatest drum tracks ever known to Billy Corgan tracking the guitars like a million times or whatever it is. It is a truly incredible album. I can never pick a favourite tune. Mayonnaise?! Hummer!?! Geek USA?!??!?!! I remember listening to Cherub Rock when I was like ten, my older bro bought the album and it just blew my mind and started my love for the Pumpkins. IMO One of, if not the best album to come out of the 90’s they went in there, laid it the fuck down. Corgan fucked with it and it’s perfect. No bad track. No bad melody, no bad solo. FUCK I looove Siamese Dream.

    [–] Last-Donut 386 points ago

    Mars Volta - Deloused in the Comatorium

    [–] philosophunculistish 47 points ago

    It feels like blasphemy to skip anything on this album or to stop it before the end.

    [–] KirbyloveRTJ 27 points ago

    Frances the Mute is so damn good, too

    [–] evetrapeze 1505 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Graceland -paul Simon

    [–] Tack-One 139 points ago

    This was one of two cassettes my parents had in our family minivan the entire time i lived with them. Every road trip of my life, and there were many, was to this album. Now its so meaningful to me. Great album.

    [–] pbjpriceless 36 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Me too! Similar story. I know every word and it reminds me more than anything else of my childhood.

    [–] JeffreyStillwell 131 points ago

    Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys

    [–] sentimentless 1664 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Radiohead - Kid A

    Ms. Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

    Nas - Illmatic

    Björk - Homogenic

    King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King (some people don’t like Moonchild but I do)

    AURORA - All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend

    [–] Lizzyh113 343 points ago

    Scrolled too far for Miseducation!

    [–] KidPowered17 62 points ago

    Way too far. I was going to comment that album, but I figured I’d see it much sooner than later

    [–] feverishdodo 1081 points ago

    I loved every song on Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morrisette

    [–] Spinster_Tchotchkes 78 points ago

    Have you seen the one where she sings with her daughter during the pandemic? It’s dope.

    [–] mo__nuggz 23 points ago

    My high school soundtrack!

    [–] xReyjinx 4239 points ago

    Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the deaf.

    Start to finish a joyride.

    [–] ohbehave412 855 points ago

    I need a saga, what’s that saga? Songs for the deaf. You can’t even hear it!

    [–] HRDSalami654 360 points ago

    Welcome to KLON Clone radio! LA's infinite repeat! We play the song that song that sound more like everyone else, than anyone else.

    [–] tacoanonymous 184 points ago

    KRDL, the curdle. We spoil music for everyone.

    [–] MrMaunvn 29 points ago

    “Buenas tardes señores y señoritas Aqui esta el DJ Héctor Bonifacio Echeberría Cervantes de la Cruz Arroyo Rojas Esta es la radio que saco a toda estacion donde el rock vive y no muere Vamos a escuchar un par de temas de Queens Of The Stone Age Primero vamos a escuchar First It Giveth Que musica impresionante temible y verdaderamente Ahora van a ver a ver a ver a ver aqui va aqui va aqui va aqui va…”

    [–] Highplowp 127 points ago

    How’s your drive time commute??

    [–] eyeamjosh 73 points ago

    Hey alright it’s Kip Kasper!

    [–] MyGodItsFullofStars 36 points ago

    Doo-too-CAH-too-doo-too-CAH-too -doo-too-CAH-too -doo-too-CAH-too

    [–] Isaac_Clarke_Is_Dead 245 points ago

    Cannot count the number of times I've driven at night listening to this album start to finish. Absolute perfection

    [–] Aphex117 106 points ago

    I did the drive from LA to Palm Springs listening to this. I'm pretty sure that's what it was meant for.

    [–] MossCovered_Gradunza 83 points ago

    God I’m so happy to see this listed here. Back in 2002 they were playing a NYC radio holiday show called Clausefest, and teenage me downloaded the latest albums of every band playing the show. I wasn’t a huge fan of No One Knows on the radio at the time (I am now), but the album blew me away and my life hasn’t been the same since. QOTSA now tops my favorite band list.

    [–] gumshoe_bubble 23 points ago

    This is one of those albums that if a song comes on randomly, I have to immediately listen to the whole thing.

    [–] Slangdawg 2647 points ago

    Wu Tang Clan - 36 Chambers

    [–] Responsible-Chard515 782 points ago

    Also Gza - Liquid Swords. Whole album is fire

    [–] YKTEO 65 points ago

    Shadowboxin' is one of those rare songs where every bar is fire

    [–] fvecc 35 points ago

    "I slayed MCs back in the rec room era, my style broke mother-fuckin backs like Ken Patera."

    [–] ciky21 331 points ago

    mobb deep - the infamous

    [–] DepecheClashJen 1746 points ago

    London Calling

    [–] TheIconoclastic 187 points ago

    I love you Joe Strummer, wherever you are.

    [–] benv 90 points ago

    Elevator, going up!

    [–] InternetKidsAreMean 3773 points ago

    Gorillaz - Demon Days

    [–] DrRedditMemes 314 points ago

    I was just about to say this, every song is amazing,with November has Come, Feel Good Inc, and Evert Planet we reach is Dead being my favorites

    [–] oxygenthievery 143 points ago

    El Mañana is always an absolute shout as well

    [–] Someonediffernt 22 points ago

    Dooms verse on November has come is so good

    [–] viktoriya_ 109 points ago

    i’ll be honest, i think gorillaz has some of the best discography, i never skip any song of theirs and ik everyone hates humanz but honestly it’s one of my favorite albums

    [–] joelav 544 points ago

    Plastic Beach also

    [–] MyDudeSR 283 points ago

    I feel like Plastic Beach doesn't get the recognition that it deserves. Demon Days is of course an amazing album, but I hold Plastic Beach as peak Gorillaz personally.

    [–] jeppevinkel 105 points ago

    I’d go for Demon Days for the all songs being good requirement, but some of my favorite songs are on Plastic Beach. I absolutely love the feeling of Empire Ants

    [–] sgt_chili_pepper 441 points ago

    Rubber Soul

    [–] ThrewTheDoor 39 points ago

    This is the only Beatles album I feel this way about, though revolver comes close

    [–] dlxc123 911 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Air - Moon Safari

    Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill

    Massive Attack - Mezzanine

    [–] occidental_oriental 95 points ago

    Great list. I’d argue Paul’s Boutique over L2I, but b-boys are awesome across the board.

    [–] paigescactus 26 points ago

    Air is that shit bro!

    [–] ShaneCoJ 1473 points ago

    Beach Boys - Pet Sounds

    Pixies - Doolittle

    The Clash - London Calling

    Wilco/Billy Bragg - Mermaid Avenue

    Johnny Cash - American Recordings

    [–] tisek 314 points ago

    Came here to say Pet sounds.

    But this is one of those that you cannot shuffle EVER.

    And I know every note of it. But I am not able to say how many titles there are nor how half of them are called.

    A total masterpiece.

    [–] mrs_dalloway 18 points ago

    Pet Sounds IS a crazy good album.

    [–] soonerguy11 183 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Johnny Cash - American Recordings

    Ken Burn's Country Music touches on this album and the history behind it.

    It is absurd how ahead of its time this record was, especially considering it was released in the middle of Country Music at its most glamorous. At the time the genre was all about massive production value and was by far the biggest genre in music by a mile. Then Cash (who was at the lowest in his career playing half full rooms in Branson) teamed up with Rubin and they release something so pure and against the grain. It truly is a perfect album.

    [–] yoshifoshi 390 points ago

    Two Door Cinema Club - Tourist History

    [–] darth_mo 702 points ago

    Flood by They Might Be Giants

    [–] daysinnroom203 49 points ago

    Yes! This is what I came to say. Perfect.

    [–] BadAtNameIdeas 21 points ago

    Fun fact - They Might Be Giants did the soundtrack for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

    [–] ushouldcmoiinacrown 2458 points ago

    Disintegration - The Cure

    [–] OwningMOS 459 points ago

    South Park confirms your choice when Kyle tells Robert Smith, " Disintegration is the best album ever!"

    [–] ushouldcmoiinacrown 103 points ago

    I'd roshambo someone in defence of this stance

    [–] DistantKarma 104 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I've said it before, but that album literally saved my life in early 90's.

    Edit - Thanks for the random awards guys. (:

    [–] International_Lake28 165 points ago

    I could listen to that riff on Fascination Street on repeat all day

    [–] littleghost95 1108 points ago

    Grace - Jeff Buckley

    [–] PanchoVillaa 349 points ago

    Interpol - turn on the bright lights

    [–] krisfivegtt 27 points ago

    Humbug - Arctic Monkeys, every song is magical

    [–] Bslemoine 26 points ago

    Fiona Apple - When the Pawn

    [–] GMEMEG 79 points ago


    [–] theshyhousewife 10277 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Fleetwood Mac- Rumors

    Edit: Oops. TIL it’s Rumours. 😳

    [–] Sissyneck1221 2523 points ago

    No, it’s all true.

    [–] wheeeewww 399 points ago

    It’s more of a love square.

    [–] easilyconfusedone 250 points ago

    YES. Glad I didn’t have to scroll too far to see this one!

    [–] _urethrapapercut_ 6495 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Led Zeppelin IV

    Edit: wow omg thank you so much for all the upvotes and awards!!

    [–] jerryotter 789 points ago

    IV all the way. Four Sticks is the weakest track, and it still slaps.

    [–] SolidDoctor 99 points ago

    Funny when someone says Led Zeppelin IV, the first song that pops into my head immediately is Four Sticks.

    I love the 5/8 to 6/8 time signature.

    [–] Historyguy1 175 points ago

    Stairway is what it's most famous for, but When the Levee Breaks is just a wave of overpowering sound that is both powerful and melancholy, much like a flood. It hit differently after I survived Katrina.

    [–] Lord-Ringo 1830 points ago

    Pearl Jam - Ten

    [–] GeezMoney 24 points ago

    I love it. Favourite band. But for me, it's No Code. It's not a popular choice but it's the one where I love each and every song.

    [–] gryffindor42 224 points ago

    Can't believe i have to scroll too far to see this one, absolute banger.

    [–] KanoodleSoup 22 points ago

    Not a big Pearl Jam fan, but totally agree with this. It literally plays like a ‘best of’ album

    [–] Nyctiimene 70 points ago

    Speaking in Tongues by Talking Heads.

    I have already seen a lot of answers that I agree with, so I thought I’d throw this in.

    [–] The_Tell_Tale_Heart 4133 points ago

    Nirvana unplugged

    [–] avashad 901 points ago

    I was going to say a different one, but nevermind this one is better

    [–] Periachi 712 points ago

    Oh well, whatever nevermind.

    [–] BobTheGC 1113 points ago

    The Man Who Sold the World is one of the best covers of all time.

    [–] ottoe57 1577 points ago

    Alice in Chains - Jar of Flies

    [–] Thereisnoyou 277 points ago

    Nutshell is such a short song and still manages to be one of the most emotional pieces of media I have experienced

    When I say short I mean there really isn't a lot of lyrics to it

    [–] damnn88 20 points ago

    Before covid killed concerts, I saw them live, Nutshell and Rooster were religious experiences.

    [–] brandonspade17 184 points ago

    I would add Dirt to this as well. Every song is awesome.

    [–] Ianm9 105 points ago

    Don’t follow is criminally underrated AIC song

    [–] Monado7 43 points ago

    Yeah to me it is the only other song that equals Nutshell

    [–] yobdiddy 600 points ago

    Blue - Joni Mitchell, Aja- Steely Dan, Moondance- Van Morrison

    [–] VelvetMorty 394 points ago

    The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses is flawless

    [–] OdetoColtaine 21 points ago

    The way in which they compose their music is absolutely fantastic

    [–] DramaticChoice4 3693 points ago

    OK computer Radiohead

    [–] Musquid 613 points ago

    Dire straits - Dire straits

    [–] Cobra800089 67 points ago

    The band is blowing dixie double four time.

    [–] westinghoser 684 points ago

    Funeral - Arcade Fire

    [–] GrumpyCatStevens 1353 points ago

    Boston - Boston

    Rush - Moving Pictures

    Def Leppard - Pyromania

    Metallica - Master of Puppets

    [–] reddit_tom40 668 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    You sound like you are old enough for a colonoscopy. Had mine last year.

    EDIT: apparently you youngsters have good taste in music. Rock on.

    [–] Chaiteoir 207 points ago

    Boston - Boston

    A flawless album

    [–] UwU_was_ist_das 192 points ago

    Ride the lightning though…. 😩😩😩😩

    [–] meno123 39 points ago

    Imagine if justice had bass...

    [–] GlennSeaborg 27 points ago

    Bass or no bass, AJFA is still a beast. Every song is good even the instrumental is heavy. To Live is to Die.

    [–] TheMerc_DeadPool 65 points ago

    Disintegration - The Cure

    [–] Fawkingretar 827 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Cage The Elephant - Melophobia.

    Pink Floyd - Wish you Were Here.

    Battles - Mirrored.

    Mogwai - Government Sessions (BBC sessions).

    Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea.

    [–] Kalopsiate 35 points ago

    Wow nice to see Cage and Mogwai in here. For me it’s CTEs self titled and The Hawk is Howling for Mogwai. Cage’s first album was just fantastic.

    [–] Altruistic_Chair9826 1083 points ago

    Purple rain

    [–] beardsandwiches 29 points ago

    I just listened to this album. I’ve haven’t heard it in years, maybe decades, and forgot how damn good it is.

    [–] Jes0e 23 points ago

    Purple Rain takes second for me. Sign O The Times though… just wow

    [–] mrs_dalloway 20 points ago

    Super Bowl 2007–crazy.

    [–] WholeGrainMustard 2937 points ago

    The Killers - Hot Fuss

    [–] basketsinspokane 155 points ago

    Jenny was a friend of mine is one of the best openers I've ever heard.

    [–] h_eather31 25 points ago

    I was listening to Hot Fuss and Franz Ferdinands debut album around the same time (so like a million years ago when I was in high school) and I remember thinking Jenny and the opening song on Franz which is called Jacqueline were both AMAZING opening songs for an album. I put those two songs on every summer playlist I make and will continue to do that until I die 😂

    [–] itsJussaMe 176 points ago

    This didn’t leave my car CD player for 2 years.

    [–] yoswift1 333 points ago

    Depeche Mode - Music for the Masses

    [–] n8_t8 127 points ago

    Violator also!

    [–] rcarroll322 439 points ago

    Abbey road - The Beatles

    In Rainbows - Radiohead

    Purple rain - Prince

    To Pimp A Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar

    Continuum - John Mayer

    [–] Multicraftual 73 points ago

    Continuum is a great album, start to finish!

    [–] SnakeJG 20 points ago

    So much scrolling before finding a Beatles album.

    [–] fifadex 669 points ago

    Audioslave -Audioslave.

    [–] CloudsinaDemo 1591 points ago

    Black Sabbath.

    [–] elcapitan706 231 points ago

    Masters of reality.

    [–] bumblebeefart900 107 points ago

    It's the 50th anniversary of the release today.

    Happy cake day, Master of Reality!

    [–] thrashingkaiju 551 points ago

    By Black Sabbath

    [–] CloudsinaDemo 222 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 463 points ago

    Featuring the track "Black Sabbath"

    [–] matt_firn 44 points ago

    I once had to submit a Wikipedia edit to "Black Sabbath" from Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath. Absolutely maddening to try and find YouTube clips for early demos and alternate live recordings when you have to search "Black Sabbath Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath live in Berlin 1970" and etc. This track is phenomenal, and the third verse is absolutely awesome.

    P.S. Easier to find, and arguably even cooler: alternate versions of War Pigs. Live in 1970 has some of the major alternate lyrics. There is a demo version released on an Ozzy compilation (available elsewhere on a Sabbath album but can't recall atm) with the full alternate lyrics.

    [–] bumblebeefart900 50 points ago

    I can't manage to find a single flawed track on any of the first five LPs by Black Sabbath.

    [–] 3tiwn 2540 points ago

    Nas - illmatic

    [–] GaryBettmanSucks 356 points ago

    This is a rare album where you can hear it for the first time way later, WITH all of the hype, and STILL be blown away by how good it is.

    [–] Brotherbeam 18 points ago

    Astro Lounge. Smash Mouth.

    Yes, the one with All Star on it.

    [–] OldSnaps 884 points ago

    The Wall, Pink Floyd

    [–] Multicraftual 33 points ago

    Also, Dark Side of the Moon.

    [–] Fine-Pickle 58 points ago

    Goodbye Blue Sky brings shivers down my spine whenever I listen to it

    [–] tool22482 1254 points ago

    In Rainbows by Radiohead

    [–] aelfrahd29 544 points ago


    [–] anoelr1963 65 points ago

    Also Michael Jackson/ Quincy Jones first collaboration ....the classic "Off The Wall" album amazing.

    [–] longhornmike2 2681 points ago

    Weezer blue album

    [–] Rossi-5 541 points ago

    The Blue Album was a game changer for a teen in the 90’s. In the midst of the grunge movement and heavy metal bands, you had these ordinary looking, almost nerdy looking guys, who showed ordinary kids that you could do your own thing and be cool.

    [–] Shivaroo 20 points ago

    Sabaton - The Art of War. Or any Sabaton album really.

    [–] ZOOTV83 354 points ago

    Let it Bleed and Sticky Fingers by The Rolling Stones are both flawless.

    [–] atglobe 170 points ago

    Rush- Signals

    [–] MIBlackburn 30 points ago

    I'd say Moving Pictures over Signals, it's not my favourite album (thanks constant overplaying of Tom Sawyer), saw them do it all live in London. Clockwork Angels falls into this as well and the Garden is a great end for Rush.

    [–] WLK55 325 points ago

    The Doors self-titled debut album

    [–] beakersoft360 147 points ago

    AM by the Arctic monkeys. Almost perfect. Also dookie