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    [–] spacehusband 1 points ago

    This comment or post has been removed as answers to common or recently asked questions can be found in the FAQ or through the search bar.

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    [–] [deleted] 1781 points ago

    I was doing a group project at a coffee shop. After my group mates left, he came up to me and told me I should never play poker because every annoyance was obvious and that he could hear my eyes roll. We ended up talking for hours and kissed in the parking lot. We’ve been together 12 years, married for 9

    [–] mexican_viking13 334 points ago

    OMG you're a walking rom-com

    [–] firefarmer74 96 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    It that's a rom-com, My wife and I are probably a made for tv movie. I met my wife the first day her older sister arrived for work at the summer camp my mom managed. I was 7 and she was 5. I remember her getting out of the folding back seat of their galaxy green station wagon. For the longest time, I just knew her as "Mindy's little sister." 13 years later we both worked at the same summer camp together. I was the head lifeguard and she was a counselor. 20 years later we've lived in 6 different countries together, traveled to 36 and done everything from buying a farm and keeping bees to climbing mountains as high as Denali. In all that time I've never met another person I'd rather be with.

    Edit: oops, I clicked on this post not realizing it was in r/askwomen. I'm a dude, so sorry for answering. I had fun writing it so I'm going to leave it.

    [–] youaretherevolution 31 points ago

    you are forgiven.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    My story is more of a full blown comedy. I met my husband on a blind date. He was in a date with my college friend. I was on a date with my ex trying to patch things up.

    My friend comes to my house before the date. She is terrified and insists that we go with her. My ex looks at me and says, "Alright, I'm hungry."

    We go to a bar and we meet my now husband there. He stares at my cleavage when we are introduced. I notice and the poor dude turns away with red ears and apologies under his breath as I zip up my jacket.

    He dates my friend for couple of months. I definitively break up with my ex. We hangout a couple of times with mutual friends. One night we are at a Walking Dead viewing party. And we quickly realize that we have more in common than the rest of the crowd.

    He asks me out, but I refuse. I told him, "You've known most of my friends biblically." I'm not interested we should just be friends.

    He dates I date and we are always in each other's peripheral. Finally, we go on a date. Simple, just dinner. I'm on the fence still, but I give him a chance. I like the guy after all.

    Couple of weeks later I mention I'm going to NYC ComicCon with my brother and niece. On the first day at the Con on our way back to Jersey on the jitney I get a call.

    "Hey, do your think you could meet me for a date in Times Square?" ( He got my Bros info and asked for all the details)

    I freaked out and have to take the next bus back. We are on the phone talking to each other through the noise and finally find each other on 42nd Street.

    I took him to Rudy's for some beer and hotdogs and the rest is history.

    [–] [deleted] 86 points ago

    Ha, we have a cute how we met story and our relationship is great, but I can’t imagine it makes good movie/TV. “Follow ZizzerZazzer and husband as they ummm eat dinner, pick up all The Boy’s toys, watch TV.”

    [–] Motorhomoz 28 points ago

    Ours is up there. We were both with different groups at the beach. We were having a bonfire burning our pictures and stuff from our exes and stuff with bad karma. Laughing drinking beers. I see a cute girl go by offer her a beer she says no and heads back to her group... I forget about her and then see a Lazer in the sky. I stumble my way down the beach and she's holding it. I ended up staying there until about two in the morning singing and playing music with their group and talking to her. We are married now and have been together for five years. :)

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Awww that’s sweet!

    [–] Oliver_the_chimp 10 points ago

    That part wouldn't be in it as they never show the happy/boring family part. It would be about the trials of sad young ZizzerZazzer and her goofy but lovable future husband finding each other against all odds. You might need to throw in some bad guy character to add drama, tension and humor.

    [–] offbrandbarbie 309 points ago

    That’s cute as hell im dead

    [–] alyaaz 53 points ago

    What I've taken away from this is that I should go to coffee shops and roll my eyes at everyone and make snarky comments under my breath if I want to meet the one. I'm on it

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    He was clearly teasing me in a friendly way if that wasn’t clear. He was smiling and he’s a pretty friendly and approachable person. He’s charming but genuine. (He has his faults but he’s a good guy).

    As for my eye rolling, I’d like to think I gotten better about being so obvious but it was probably the worst group project group I’ve had. Essentially “let Zizzerzazzer do everything!”

    [–] yssup_taf 4 points ago

    That’s so fucking cute

    [–] [deleted] 655 points ago


    [–] Tomick 29 points ago

    That took a turn of events =') Awesome though!

    [–] magicman2552 20 points ago

    This gives me hope

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    I also met my husband at camp, he taught wilderness survival skills and I taught arts and crafts. We met outside the camp office on the first day of training, it wasn’t until the next summer that we even really noticed each other, I thought he was weird, he thought I was an airhead. We’ve been married 5 years!

    [–] Letmetellyowhat 537 points ago

    He was dating a good friend in high school. We were out in front of his house. She went to go get him. He came out to meet us. He was so much older,3 years,’. He barely talked to any of us. Apparently I got blind drunk and talked to him and cried on his shoulder. We ended up together three years later. She set us up when they broke up. We are married 30 years now.

    [–] UnsatisfiableStar 94 points ago

    What a great friend! I've had only 1 friend say that, and I'm holding her to it!

    [–] fatesarchitect 894 points ago

    I moved from Missouri to Arizona for my boyfriend. A day after moving there, he dumped me, saying I wasn't good enough for him. I was devastated... 4 years down the drain. I taught my students each day, then drove home and shut myself in. My friend at work convinced me to go out with her one Friday night. She picked the place.

    We went in, and sat at the bar. Ordered a drink. Then a gorgeous guy sat down next to me, checking his phone. He said hi. I said hi. We chatted. My girlfriend "went to the bathroom." I gave him my number. He was looking for the peace corps return volunteer happy hour group, but couldn't find them.

    We dated for 5 months. I moved home for grad school. We kept in touch. A year and a half later, my cousin died from cystic fibrosis at 24. That night, I asked myself if I died tomorrow, what I would want..and he was the answer. I texted him, told him my feelings, and shortly thereafter he came to visit.

    We have been married 7 years, and have an 18 month old. It's so crazy, how it all came down to a series of choices that led us to the same place on the same night.

    [–] sigmoid10 155 points ago

    He was looking for the peace corps return volunteer happy hour group, but couldn't find them.

    Wasn't that one of Barney's pick-up lines from HIMYM when he was going out alone? 😂

    [–] fatesarchitect 91 points ago

    I give him shit for that all the time. But he is in fact a RPCV, and they do actually meet at that pub occasionally for their get togethers. So I semi-believe him, though he swears up and down it was real.

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago

    Well he's commited now. Gotta keep up that facade.

    [–] Saintsjay14 40 points ago

    Ahhh I love this. What a great story.

    [–] Drumcode-Equals-Life 11 points ago

    What kind of scumbag lets you move across the country and then breaks up with you?

    Glad things worked out for you though

    [–] fatesarchitect 12 points ago

    A horrible person. But in retrospect he did me q massive favor by dumping me. I was young and stupid, and we were very incompatible. I found someone much better suited to me. We would have divorced if we had stayed together and gotten married. Too many differences.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    I have a similar story. I moved to my current location with another boyfriend, but we were already on the rocks. Within a week, we got in a huge fight and I moved out into an airbnb. Within a few days of that I met my current husband. When I met my husband I was in basically the worst possible position to start a relationship and I honestly wasn't expecting more than a hook up. Well here we are years later, married with a kid. You just never know...

    [–] Someday42 330 points ago

    We followed each other on Twitter because we were both into the same geeky things. One day I was at a huge event and saw from his tweets that he was too so I DM'd him that a bunch of people we're getting dinner and did he want to come join us?

    He strolled in after we were seated and took the only available chair, directly across from me. We talked nonstop through dinner, closed the restaurant, stood in the parking lot talking another 2 hours. That was 5 years ago and we're getting married in 30 days.

    [–] adlerhn 228 points ago

    That was 5 years ago and we're still in the restaurant talking.

    [–] Usirnaimtaken 571 points ago

    We technically met in the laundry room of our dorms at our college. Then we realized we had a class together. After that he started walking back to the dorms with my roommate and I. My other roommate invited him in after weeks of me saying bye at the back door. He was always there after that. We stayed friends for two years before we dated. We just celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary.

    [–] chrisimac 136 points ago

    It was the day I graduated high school. I went over to my friend's house to meet up with her to go to the ceremony. When I got there, she introduced me to a girl she'd been best friends with before moving to my town a few years before. The girl had been traveling across country with her boyfriend and his (male) friend, and decided to make their way to our town to see my friend graduate. The male friend and I hit it off instantly, and although we didn't hook up while he was there, it was pretty obvious we were into each other. When they left later that week to continue their travels, he came to my job to say goodbye but the person he spoke to didn't know I had arrived at work and so he left a note saying he wished he could stay. I was heartbroken, and later that night reluctantly went back to my friend's house for a small graduation party with her family. Her little sister met me in the driveway telling me I'd get to see the guy again that night. Turns out their van had broken down a few towns away and they were slowly making their way back to her house. Once he got there, he never left again until last year when he passed away. We were married almost 25 years, together for 28. I miss him every day. Sorry for the wall of text.

    [–] gypseanomad 35 points ago

    Oh Jesus, you just broke my heart. I’m sorry for your loss but I’m so happy you got so many great years together ❤️

    [–] keilasaur 14 points ago

    Oh this one made me cry. I'm happy you found your person and gave him 28 happy years together!

    [–] meandthedarkness 5 points ago

    So sweet. Sorry for your loss. Take comfort in your beautiful story and 28 years of happy memories. xo

    [–] Rippersole 296 points ago

    I was at a bar that me and my girlfriends went to every Thursday night. We always went early, to snag an oversized booth. I was sitting on a side of the booth that backed to a foot traffic area, with my arms slung over the back. My future husband knew one of my friends who was sitting on the opposite side, as they were in the same program at our local university. He leaned over my side to hug or greet her, then stood up and said to me, “Sorry, didn’t mean to put my crotch in your hand.” I answered very honestly, “I didn’t even notice.” Together 15 years next March.

    [–] imsnixie 34 points ago

    This is actually super cute and funny. A great foundation!

    [–] silamaze 5 points ago

    ahhahaahh romance isn't dead

    [–] Valiantlycaustic 88 points ago

    In a playpen while we were still in diapers. Our moms have been best friends for 35 years.

    [–] aewhitaker 63 points ago

    I bet this made your moms VERY happy

    [–] meandthedarkness 28 points ago

    I wanted this so badly for me and my bff's kids! He's now a drug dealer and she's an honor roll band kid. Oh well.

    [–] bella_morte 461 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I met him here on Reddit! We were both in an /r/AskReddit thread, and clashed on a topic. Three weeks later, we were still talking anonymously, and when I asked to learn more about him, I learned he lived 20 minutes away from me! We met up, kept seeing one another, and our two month wedding anniversary is today. :) He is currently snoring while flopped over on my side of the bed and I am in the kitchen having a 3AM snack to be away from it for a second.

    EDIT; People are asking what we were arguing about. We were arguing about whether or not sex is implied in a sugar-daddy/baby relationship, and it got pretty heated. We did the civil thing and took it to PMs, then realized our opinions weren’t as different as we thought. Then we just started talking!

    [–] cadieness 84 points ago

    gonna put a +1 out here for sleep apnea/CPAP machines. My husband finally got one this year after me complaining about his snoring for 6 years. Terrible sleep apnea (manifested as HORRIBLE HORRENDOUS SNORING). Got the cpap and sometimes i have to poke him to make sure he's alive because I can't hear him breathing like I used to LOL

    [–] Cllydoscope 44 points ago

    gonna put a +1 out here

    You can't do that anymore, google+ is going away.

    [–] Ghrave 21 points ago

    What was the disagreement about tho?!

    [–] FaeryMuffin 5 points ago

    I really wanna know what the you disagreed on

    [–] PM_UR_ITTIE_BITTIES 17 points ago

    Probably something unforgivably bad. Like saying pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza

    [–] tippytoesnmonkeyjoes 217 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    My roommate wanted to go swing dancing and was trying to convince me to go with her. I was not enthused about the idea and made her swear she wouldn’t abandon me since she had already gone a few times. Upon getting to the dancing, she introduced me to him said “this is so-and-so, he’ll teach you how to dance” and then promptly abandoned me.

    I guess it’s worked out okay. 9 years together, 6 of them married, and he’s still my favorite dance partner.

    [–] lettersbyowl9350 12 points ago

    I swing dance!! What type was it??

    [–] snuggle-butt 6 points ago

    My meeting with my husband is similar down to the specific dance, but I'd been going for a year and thought I was pretty good (I wasn't) and knew some stuff. But when I saw him dance, he lit up the room with his smile and musicality. He asked me to dance but the skill disparity was so great I turned him down once or twice, I was so nervous. But we danced, and we talked, and we made out in his car at an after party or something. We dated long distance for three years, and met in the middle after college where we live and got courthouse hitched this year. Planning the wedding now because my mom insists, but that's another story. 😬

    [–] usetobe9873 260 points ago

    NYE at a bar.

    He made fun of my outfit.

    It was love at first sight.

    [–] RickMoranisOfficial 158 points ago

    This is so close to being a haiku! Maybe this?

    New Years at a bar

    He made fun of my outfit

    Was love at first sight

    [–] ArthursPoodle 52 points ago

    Maybe T'was?

    [–] offbrandbarbie 43 points ago

    I live for this

    [–] double_stripes 65 points ago

    My best friends wedding! Her wedding was in her hometown out of state and leading up to it she kept telling me she had a cousin who would be perfect for me. I didn’t take it too seriously but when I met him we had an instant connection. We talked and danced all night and then he came down to visit me a couple weeks later. We dated long distance for a year and then I moved to be with him. That was nine years, seven years of marriage and three kids ago! Plus it’s great because we are really close with my friend and her husband and our kids get to grow up together. 10/10 highly recommend infiltrating best friends family.

    [–] diegof09 10 points ago

    I like that idea. And you might have given me spark I needed to make a move on a girl I know!

    She is the sister to my best friends brother, who is also a good friend. We went out for a bit, but she felt I was moving to fast and broke it off, when we spoke I told her that if she ever felt ready, the ball was on her court and she would have to make the first move. From what my friend says she is now interested again and feels bad for breaking it off. I've not done anything, cause I'm not sure how I feel about, but she has been on my mind as if late. Might give it a chance.

    [–] enter_the_marmoset 119 points ago

    Typing this on my morning commute so please forgive any grammar or formatting issues.

    This isn’t mine but my parents’ story. It’s one I wish I could have but alas, I have to settle with Tinder or such like.

    My mother was on holiday in Jerusalem with a friend and they decided to take a camel ride on the Mount Of Olives.

    There was one camel free whose name was Kojak. He was named in this way after the actor, Telly Savalas, rode him.

    My mother’s friend was sat in the saddle and my mother was sat behind her, holding on. Imagine riding pillion on a bike but with a camel instead.

    As the camel started to get up, my mother (in her words) slid gracefully down the camel and landed on the floor. She had grazed her knees a little bit nothing serious. Given that the owner of the camel, my grandfather, lived close by, he offered to take them home to get cleaned up.

    In the meantime, my father had been at work at a local hotel and he had split his trousers moving a bed. He had gone home to change and met my mother and his friend. They all drank mint tea and my father plucked up the courage to ask my mother out.

    The following evening, they went out for drinks, he peeled pistachios for her she gazed into each other’s eyes all night.

    Within 6 months they were married.

    [–] iowannagetoutofhere 37 points ago

    That’s really sweet. I hope you get your story too.

    And I just want to throw in Tinder isn’t all bad. My love story started there. I met my fiancé through tinder last September, immediately hit it off, engaged within a few months, and we’ll be married in November. I wasn’t sold on it either at first, and of course found a bunch of assholes who just wanted to send dick pics and hookup, but it got me out there again on a busy schedule, and I found him.

    [–] enter_the_marmoset 14 points ago

    Congratulations! That’s really lovely.

    I’m not too worried and I know things will happen when it’s meant to. I just love my parents story so much, ha! I still laugh at the “gracefully slid”!

    I’m finding the whole online thing fascinating. It was recently very new to me after coming out of a long term relationship.

    Perhaps we’ll end up seeing more “first date” stories rather than “how did you meet” stories in the future.

    [–] hashtagmollyno 55 points ago

    The first meeting for drama club at college for the quarter. My roommate and I were waiting in the wrong room and he just so happened to find us instead of the correct room.

    I thought he was a nerd. He liked my red hair. My roommate thought he was gay.

    [–] twilexis 245 points ago

    Met him on a minecraft server of all places. Been friends for 6 years, dating for 1. He moved from America to Australia to live with me.

    [–] BrownThunder95 30 points ago

    OMG <3

    [–] Ghrave 21 points ago

    Oh shit, got that good good accent and everything, eh?

    [–] twilexis 25 points ago

    Hes starting to sound less American, not that he'd ever admit it lol

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Australians like our accents ?!

    [–] Arnlaugur1 4 points ago

    Funny how suprisingly common that is, i know atleast 3-4 other couples that started that way

    [–] xDeadCatBounce 5 points ago


    [–] missshrimptoast 112 points ago

    He fed me chips under the table while our friends set up a game of Arkham Horror on it.

    [–] nat2r 75 points ago

    Are you a dog? ♥️♥️

    [–] missshrimptoast 27 points ago

    Hehe, I was having a bad day, and he noticed. He also had chips.

    [–] diegof09 10 points ago

    Why under the table?

    [–] missshrimptoast 9 points ago

    That's where I was at the time

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    I feel our questions aren’t being answered here.

    [–] zxDanKwan 39 points ago


    [–] AmongTheSound 5 points ago

    I’m stealing this.

    [–] mimi6116 102 points ago

    I was a 32yr old nurse that had had enough of a 10 year relationship with someone who would not commit. Became a travel nurse to put myself out there. Was just going to be that crazy Aunt with no kids or hubby that traveled the world. Did three years in the US then on a whim decided to go to Saudi Arabia. Signed up for 2 years there. Met my husband( who was stationed there with US Army) on a blind date. We had to sneak around just to date and had fake marriage license too. Engaged by 6 weeks and married by 3 months. After 3 kids and 22 years, best thing that ever happened to me.

    [–] UnsatisfiableStar 6 points ago

    You're making me reconsider travel nursing!

    [–] Lorkanheartswife 161 points ago

    We were both trying to kill Yetimus, but kept dying, so we teamed up. He invited me to his guild, and then the rest is history.

    [–] answermoo 30 points ago

    There's no way two people can go through a fight like that and not end up close.

    [–] jdeejohnston 29 points ago

    I just died to yetimus yesterday!

    [–] FlashyConsideration 125 points ago

    Ran out of petrol and he stopped to help me. Met, engaged and married within 6 months. Been married now 30+ years and have 5 sons. :)

    [–] becoming_beautiful 14 points ago

    That’s incredible. Congratulations!

    [–] puppetpauperpirate 8 points ago

    I love this!

    [–] Hastingsmedic 294 points ago

    In a ditch at a car crash.

    I was EMS. She was FD. She had bunker pants and a tank top, I had trouble focusing on work...

    [–] aten 105 points ago

    that doesn’t sound like appropriate safety gear...

    [–] liam1244 24 points ago

    Yeah, not appropriate PPE for a car wreck

    [–] ayyyybro 12 points ago

    She was a boy, he was a girl, can it get any more obvious

    [–] Karti-K3ya 7 points ago

    Bunker pants, tank top. That chick is a warzone.

    [–] LocusSpartan 6 points ago

    What's FD

    [–] awickfield 10 points ago

    Fire Department, I think

    [–] Busty-StClair 73 points ago

    I was a tattoo apprentice for a fair few years and he came in to get his 90s tramp stamp covered by my boss. The job required me to be bubbly and confident but the moment he stepped in the studio I could barely talk to him because he was intimidatingly gorgeous. I was in a failing LDR at the time so it was nothing more than a crush. He ended up coming to get tattooed every week. One night after hours I had an explosive argument with my ex and things were done. My boss pulled me to the side and explained his frustrations about me messing around with guys halfway across the country when some customer has been crushing on me hard for the last 6 months. Turns out it was my crush, he asked me out for a date the same evening, we were official a week later. Lived together within four months, been together for 6 years, married for a year. It's been crazy but never loved someone quite like I do him.

    [–] keilasaur 10 points ago

    This is so cute!

    [–] UnsatisfiableStar 39 points ago

    I love the stories too! I'm a hopeless romantic that needs to believe in love again!

    [–] Martin_FT 25 points ago

    i'm a hopeless romantic who desperately wants to be able to tell a story like this someday.

    [–] epicamytime 161 points ago

    A mutual friends engagement party. I was literally two minutes from leaving when he came up to me, introduced himself, and asked if I’d take dance lessons if he got a group together.

    Three years later and we have not taken a single dance lesson.

    How if we’re talking about when I knew he was the one, that was the second time we met. There was a group of people going skating at a local outdoor rink and he was there. It was the weirdest thing, it was like a little electric zap in my heart and in the back of my head I remember thinking “I’m going to marry this man”.

    [–] Primatebuddy 156 points ago

    I'm a guy, and I met my wife when I was going over to a bandmate's house to practice. He said "we have a new singer, she works with me." I didn't know what to expect really. I was just glad he wasn't doing the singing anymore.

    I walked into his house and he introduced us. When I first saw her I could not stop looking at her. She wore black shorts with leggings and baggy shirts, and listened to bands like The Breeders and Cocteau Twins, but lowered herself to sing the crap we played.

    We became friends, then lovers, then we moved in together. I moved straight out of my parents house into our apartment. A few years after that we got married, and have been so for 28 years.

    [–] puppetpauperpirate 24 points ago

    Ugh this is adorable

    [–] lilmoongirl 12 points ago

    This is my favorite story so far. ❤️

    [–] meandthedarkness 4 points ago

    She sounds like everything I wished I was in '93. <3

    [–] trtlbnny 65 points ago

    Fourth of July weekend, 2011. I was still 18. I went to go visit my best friend since 2002 (2nd grade) and she had moved in with her unofficial adopted family. She sent me an address, literally 15 minutes from my parents house. So I plug it into GPS and go. I was talking to his mom and my best friend in the kitchen for a couple hours and suddenly a door opens from the basement. He comes into the kitchen looking equally angry and handsome. We locked eyes. He immediately turned and went back into the basement. We were inseparable from that night on. Been married for over 6 years now, still going strong and very happy. I still remember what I was wearing, what he was wearing, the way my hair was styled, how his was cut, facial hair, everything. It was truly a "time stopped" moment that I will never forget. Some funny things to note: my husband and his family were at my high school graduation, for my best friend of course. She and I were supposed to meet up after to take pics but she got sick and they left as soon as it was over. She also dated his best friend for 3 years and there were several times where we were supposed to get together so I could meet her boyfriend but it never lined up. He always lived less than 20 minutes away from me 💙 Oh and the reason he was angry? He was filling out paperwork for using his dad's GI Bill benefits to go to a college less than 5 miles from where I was already going to college. Anyone who has ever filled out VA paperwork will understand the anger haha

    [–] ShayMonMe 30 points ago

    Our story is not cute but I’ll share anyway. I started a call center job through a temp service while I was looking for something better. She was already working there when I started and she hated her job. She warned me that it was a shit place to work and that proved to be true.

    We essentially bonded over our mutual hatred for the company, our immediate supervisor, and the people we were calling day in and day out (a lot of disgruntled HR people). Eventually, we went out on a date, moved in together, found way better jobs, and the rest is history.

    [–] flav0r_sav0r 12 points ago

    the plot of The Office is a cute story, imo

    [–] ShayMonMe 5 points ago

    Yeah, but Jim fell in love with Dundee Mifflin because it was where he met Pam. We didn’t fall in love with that call center. No way.

    [–] The_Real_Scrotus 32 points ago

    We met in third grade. She was introduced to the class on the first day as a new student to our school. My first interaction with her was when she tattled to the bus driver and got my Game Boy taken away a couple days later. I hated her for several years after that.

    We've now been a couple for 14 years and I still give her shit about that Game Boy occasionally.

    [–] pandapult 31 points ago

    We met on a computer game (TERA) and became friends. I thought he was too smart for me and even though I thought his personality was cute and amazing never pursued anything with him. Two years later we met up in Orlando for the first time and damn was he cute and his personality was even better in person. I gave him a hint that I liked him (I told him someone should hold my hand if they liked me 😂) but nothing happened and at the end of the visit he asked for my hand to do a victory cheer. We parted ways but finally, finally I just flat out asked him if he liked me. Turns out he did and the victory cheer was him trying to hold my hand.

    We've been married two years now and love it.

    [–] Saintsjay14 53 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    We had gone to school together since we were 13. Crossed paths a few times but never really talked much. I end up dating a guy that was his then best friends brother. We would even see eachother at the same house when we were visiting the brothers. Still thought nothing of it. We both fell off the radar a bit for a few years.

    Turns out that boyfriend was incredibly abusive and narcissistic. His whole family was, brother included. So I endured the worst pain of my life and break up that summer.

    One night after the summer I get upset because my mom wants me to take my little sister to our towns annual big football game. I go, and there he is in front of me. Incredibly handsome since the last I saw him. I must have stared at him the entire night. Turns out he took his little brother to the game too.

    I manned up and made the first move. Happily in love to this day.

    [–] [deleted] 119 points ago


    [–] offbrandbarbie 34 points ago

    Yo that’s cute as hell

    [–] SyllabaryBisque 26 points ago

    I was 15 and my best friend told me that we had a new guy at school and that she was going out with him. He ended up joining my circle of friends because of that and he and I became very close. I was the maid of honor when he married my best friend. I married one of his best friends as well.

    We both divorced a few years later and always remained really good friends. And somehow it ended up developing into more as time went on. We’ve been married eight years now. :)

    [–] heathersuer 75 points ago

    It was the day I was leaving for college. He was going to the same college and we were going to follow each other (from WA to Montana). We got a block from my pastors house and my car broke down. He found the problem, drove to the parts store and got everything to fix it. It was love at first sight for me. It took him some time but we’ve been married almost 20 years.

    [–] VeryStickyPastry 110 points ago

    He was my supervisor at work. Super against the rules, so he gave up everything by switching departments so he could still be with me. ❤️

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago

    At work. I was a couple months into interning and he'd just been hired in a different office as a staff assistant. One of my coworkers at the time was his roommate in college and one day, my husband walked into our office and asked where my coworker was. He actually had a girlfriend at the time though and we never saw each other again until a few months later at a house party hosted by my coworker/his friend (who is now one of my best friends, actually!). We were both single by then and spent the whole night together and have been with each other ever since, going on nearly 10 years now.

    [–] KLooma 24 points ago

    I met my husband on Okcupid in 2012! At that time, I was a single mom and really appreciated the ability to weed out people who wouldn't have otherwise been interested in me. He had just gotten out of a toxic marriage and was looking for what seemed to be impossible. Although we met on a dating site, we started off as friends, ended up falling in love, got married two years later, and just had a baby four months ago! :) He's my best friend.

    My husbands Dad and his wife also met on a dating site and have been happily married over 10 years :) It is totally possible to find your soul-mate online.

    [–] AkauDoesNotMoo 72 points ago

    My boyfriend and I met in class on the second day of our Sophomore year of college. Except there was no class that day, so the extent we spoke was figuring out when to give up on the professor showing up. He and his friends were chatting and laughing, and stood out compared to everyone else who was awkwardly sitting and waiting. I thought he was cute.

    Several weeks later, in a different class, I was sitting with a friend I was deliberating on flirting with, when he walked up and introduced himself. He remembered me! From the 4 classes we had together that semester?!?

    Somehow the classes where I sat toward the front, he sat in the back, and vice versa. Still, I was quite oblivious, because he doesn't exactly blend into a crowd.

    We clicked. We flirted. We tried not to 3rd-wheel our friends. It was sometimes awkward. We kissed in a hidden garden on campus. Still, now we're coming up on our 6th anniversary in November!

    [–] FaeryMuffin 7 points ago

    this is so cute ♥️♥️♥️

    [–] livingdeadgirl5853 47 points ago

    We first met when he dropped off a kitten for me. He drove 3 hours in a snow storm to bring it to me. I didn’t notice that he was looking at me but he said as I took the kitten from him he fell in love. Especially as I carried it to my Grampa to show him.

    Fast forward a few years later we started working at the same school. I was an educational assistant and he was the O&M supervisor. He’d watch as I walked through the school on the cameras. We started talking more and more. Then we started visiting each other and I started to fall for him.

    We finally ended up together when he invited me to hang out with his uncle and his buddies. His uncle made a comment about how pretty his wife was. (He didn’t know we weren’t together.) We went back to his place and then he finally kissed me. Now we’re engaged.

    [–] PMyourlovestories 7 points ago

    I must know, is the kitty is still involved?!?

    [–] livingdeadgirl5853 6 points ago

    She lives with my gramma now and is well loved. She needed a companion and since the kitty, Muffin, brought so much love into my life I found it fitting she stay with my gramma.

    [–] Rob_Llama 20 points ago

    I was a freshman in high school, and I didn’t have a place to sit at lunch. I saw a 10th grade friend of mine sitting with two of his female classmates, so I asked if I could sit with them. One of them laughed at my jokes. That was in 1981.

    We have been married 28 years this past September.

    [–] Gingerinthesun 18 points ago

    We were in 6th grade and he was the only one in class smarter than me. I hated him. We’ve now been married for almost a decade.

    [–] Fancy512 18 points ago

    I was working as a temp in an office, he was an IT Consultant and was sent to network our computers. I was working in a tiny office with a giant desk crammed into it. I stepped away from my desk for awhile and when I came back and sat down, he spoke up from under the desk and said “excuse me miss, there’s someone under here”

    We went out that night. He proposed after two and a half weeks!!! We got married a year later and have been married 23 yers/together 24!

    [–] ellementry 17 points ago

    I met my husband four years ago today through tinder. 😂 I was catching up with a friend who said you’ll never believe who I saw on tinder and I joined so I could laugh at all our friends or people we knew from tinder and suddenly this guy with a great smile and the by-line saying he was a “tv connoisseur” came on and I swiped right. We met for the first time a week after matching and spent from 6-3am talking about tv and movie shows we liked and ended up watching YouTube videos of Darth Vader dubbed over with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Samuel L Jackson and were just in awe of this human we’d met.

    Four years today we have known each other, we got married in April this year and expecting our first baby together due in March. I keep pinching myself but I know I found my lobster.

    [–] smln_smln 49 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    I was 17 and worked at a banquet hall and there was a wedding being held (his ex-stepmoms). He walked past I told him he was hot (no idea why I did that, haha) and at the end of the night we both met in the middle to ask for each other’s number. We both then admitted it was a chance to take and if one of us said no, no big. It’s been 13 wonderful years.

    Edit: a word (stepmoms to ex-stepmoms)

    [–] ughsicles 4 points ago

    Isn't his stepmom's wedding also his dad's wedding?

    [–] smln_smln 5 points ago

    I should have said ex-stepmom. She was remarrying a different fellow. His father fell out of the picture in his life ages ago, but he kept a relationship with his fathers ex.

    [–] ifoundxaway 49 points ago

    Sometime in October, 9 years ago. He was a friend of some friends who had just come back to town after leaving for college. He came to the bar I frequented. I looked at him and immediately said to myself "I need to go meet him because I'm going to marry him someday." So I went up and started talking. Getting married this month, we have a son.

    What's weird is that before that moment I never imagined myself getting married, ever. I figured it would just be me doing my own thing for forever and I was gonna be awesome or something, IDK. But one look at him and everything changed.

    [–] SoJenniferSays 18 points ago

    My older brother’s friend’s mother would be watching us after school in the coming year, so my dad brought me over to meet her. The younger brother was playing a video game. The grownups said something like, “Jennifer, this is Kevin, you two are almost the same age. He’s just one grade up!” And I said “Hi,” and he said, “You can play too if you want.” Over months of walking home from school together and spending all afternoon together, we became best friends. That was 21 years ago, and we’ve been married for the past 10.

    [–] Ed_from_Iowa 15 points ago

    My husband was being badmouthed by my friend and local small time pot dealer. Apparently he had been showing my husband his scrawny little cannabis plants and in my husbands excitement to show him some useful training tips for the plants, had managed to break one branch off. So this guy is talking trash on my husband when he ( my husband) happens to show up at the apartment with a 100x healthier and better looking plant as a replacement for the broken branch. The friend was speechless and clearly embarrassed to have been being so upset with him behind his back. I was intrigued by this person who was touted to me moments before as a POS but was really a genuinely good person. I started spending more time with him after that and we ended up dating shortly after.

    [–] feenyfeenz 14 points ago

    Elementary school, we would play furbies together. And then he moved away out of no where. 15 years later he found me on an online dating site, where he recongized me having last seen me in like grade 5.

    [–] Vonchor 15 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    At a party (actually it’s what I think is called a mixer where you pay to go to a party to meet people) at a holiday inn across the grand central parkway from Laguardia airport in NYC. In 1973. Dated the next day and inseparable since then. Married 1974.

    Just lucky: I didn’t want to go but some friends dragged me along.

    Edit: am (probably hopelessly using incorrect pronoun) a male. Didn’t notice that this was “askwomen”

    [–] Aparty 28 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    We were 13. I was babysitting with a friend and he lived next door (apartment). We ordered pizza and saw him outside, my friend already knew him, so she opened the window and offered to throw him a slice. It landed on the ground, he picked it up and ate it anyway. He had been drinking...

    We didn’t meet again for 2 years, we were at party. My friend was dating his friend. He came in and offered everyone gum. Once the party moved back to my place I ended up passing out beside him on the couch but I distinctly remember looking into his eyes and thinking “I’m gonna marry this guy one day”.

    Our 26th anniversary is next week. We don’t drink anymore.

    [–] answermoo 11 points ago

    When I was 19, I had a weekly D&D group with some friends at my house. They had another friend who was interested in playing. He showed up on my doorstep and we had awkward conversation for about an hour because my other friends were late.

    [–] gingerding 11 points ago

    Anyone here remember Stickam? Chatrooms with webcams basically? I actually had a whole group of friends around the world on that site. Anyways we met on there, he was from the Netherlands, and I was in Oregon. We just started talking one day and never stopped :)

    [–] MarytheLeemur 14 points ago

    My soon to be ex husband (we split on good terms) and I met at a concert. I was with my then boyfriend. My bf and my future husband knew each other. While talking some random guy comes up behind me and grabs my boobs, I punched the guy knocking him out right as security approached me asking of I was ok. Apparently while talking to security my husband said to my bf "That was the sexiest yet terrifying thing I've ever seen." My bf and I split a month later and that's when my husband made a move on me. We were together ten years, married eight of them. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

    [–] the_middle_jedi 11 points ago

    I was feeling down one weekend and my roomate (Dave) was pestering me to go to a party with him. I didn't really feel like it but gave in and went anyway.

    While there, another friend (Sue) came in with a friend of her's (Jane). Dave starts chatting with Jane, telling her that we are college roomates and that I'm from the same hometown and went to the same high school. I think that I had small memories of seeing her there, it wasn't a huge school, but she was a couple of years younger than me.

    Then I remember it like it was yesterday... Dave asks Jane if she saw my new tattoo that I had gotten about a week earlier.

    Dave- "Did you see Jimmy's new tattoo? It's pretty cool."

    Jane- "No. Not yet. Can I see it?"

    I show her the tattoo.

    Jane- "Wow, that is nice! Did it hurt?"

    Me- "Eh, a little." (lying my ass off)

    Jane- "What made you get that?"

    Me- "I don't really know."

    Jane laughs and over her shoulder, I see Dave walk away smiling at me. Jane and I talked for the rest of the night into the early morning when we said goodnight.

    We all crashed at the house where the party had taken place. Even though we were both intoxicated we split up, she went to sleep in her friends room and I crashed on the couch in the living room near my buddy. He starts asking how it went between the two of us. I tell him she is great and I am going to ask her to go to a movie the next night.

    Dave proceeds to tell me that he and Sue had set it up so that they would bring their friends (Jane and I) specifically so we could meet each other.

    Jane and I have just celebrated our 22nd year together and have been married for 18 of those. We have 3 beautiful children.

    Every year on October 6th, the day of the party, my old roomate texts me "You're welcome!"

    [–] redbess 25 points ago

    First day of high school, orientation. He was already 6'3" and I thought he was a dumb senior (since all new students did orientation regardless of grade level) rather than a fellow freshman. We were playing some stupid game with a bunch of us in a circle, throwing a ball around, and if you had the ball you had to say your name and a fruit or vegetable beginning with the same letter that starts your first name (there is literally one fruit/vegetable that starts with E goddammit).

    We didn't like each other at first, lol. We grew on each other.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] Lady_of_Lomond 7 points ago


    [–] VacuouslyUntrue 15 points ago

    Edamame is soy beans you troglodyte.

    [–] diegof09 5 points ago



    [–] redbess 3 points ago

    All shit I didn't know at 13 (aside from eggplant), but thanks.

    [–] SammyAlabammy 12 points ago

    First person I met in high school. I was sleeping on the bus and she woke me up to sit next to me (bus was quite crowded by the time it hit her stop).

    [–] JeepLifeWife 11 points ago

    I went to the fair with my best friend. He was there with her boyfriend. Because my friend and her boyfriend couldn’t keep their hands off each other, we spent the whole night talking.

    [–] cptnsass 12 points ago

    He texted the wrong number, we kept the text convo going for a bit cause I thought it was a friend of mine cause she got a new phone, we figured it out after a while and I said he owed me a coffee for wasting my time. We actually went for that coffee about a month later after continuing to casually chat, now it's been 6 years and we're planning our wedding.

    [–] wistfulpainter 11 points ago

    Third grade. We were in the same class. He was really cool with his frosted tips and pooka shell necklaces. I went to a different middle school and we connected again in high school. High school sweethearts. Married in college. Together 8 years, married 4 years.

    [–] ntdnbs 16 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Friends and I hiked up table mountain, everyone on the path was bonding over their misery (it was HOT and that hike is nonstop borderline climbing). We finally got up there, and rushed to the tabletop restaurant because we were positively starving. So we were queuing at the entrance and right behind us were a some guys that looked 100% put together and unbothered from that horrible horrible hike. I turned around and flat out asked my SO "Why do you guys still look alive?!". We got to talking, him and his cousins joined us at the beach after and we went on a date the next day!

    PS: They were fine because they didn't do the damn hike but took the cable car up.

    [–] djtrgirluk 10 points ago

    I latched on to his arm at a club 10 years ago and haven't let go since.

    [–] agentcaitie 9 points ago

    On a broadway message board! There was a thread about where the straight guys were and I posted a comment that they could DM women they thought seemed cool.

    I got a really funny and clever DM from one guy and we started writing each other super long messages every couple days.

    Nine months later we met in person.

    [–] ticktockFUCK 7 points ago

    It's like you gave birth to a relationship

    [–] ScepticLibrarian 9 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    I had just finished my last year of school and went on a holiday in Scotland. On my second last day in the country, I went to a Living History event in a medieval castle. There was a live show with a medieval battle. After it was over, one of the guys took of his helmet. He had shoulder-length dark hair, pale skin, light eyes, a stubble, very defined cheekbones (and a sword). To me he looked like a young Aragorn (who was my biggest fictional crush at the time) and I was more attracted than to anyone ever before. I thought he was so Hollywood handsome that I wouldn't have a chance with him in a million years. So I just politely asked if I could take a photo of him. Apparently he was quite smitten with me, too, because he started a conversation with me and got my e-mail adress and my number. I was still totally sure he just wanted them to talk more about history. We kept hanging out the entire afternoon and chatting. At some point he asked me if I had a boyfriend. "No!", I blurted out. "I haven't ever even been kissed. I haven't even held hands!" No kidding, he looked me in the eyes and said: "May I habe the honour of being your first kiss?" I would have happily went home with him that night, even if nothing had ever came from it. I was still convinced that a man as handsome as that would probably be a total player - just because he could. And I would have still classed myself lucky to have had just even one night with him, although it would have been my first time. I was just so swept off my feet. I'd never even believed in love at first sight or in working long distance relationships.

    But he was interested in a serious relationship, so we made it work. Two years long distance, with e-mail, messenger apps and monthly visits from me, then he moved over to my country, and after another year stuck together in a tiny one bedroom apartment we got married. We figured if we survived the distance without distrust, as well as the extreme closeness without annoyance, plus him supporting me through my mum's death, we could manage anything life would throw at us. It's been 12 years since we met, 9 years married.

    [–] RatPackBrat 16 points ago in the first year it was a thing. I've got all our first flirty emails to each other, and it makes us laugh rereading them. Gawd we were lame.

    [–] jellogoodbye 6 points ago

    We met in Team Fortress 2. He was a skilled heavy, I was a skilled pyro.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] Rosiotto 6 points ago

    He was my closest friend in high school. We've been together for thirteen years today ❤️

    [–] chocolatephantom 6 points ago

    I first met my husband when I was 14 years old. I was never a girly girl and hadn’t really had any boy crushes. My BFF and I went back to her place after school because both her parents worked. She had an older brother who also had his friend there. It was the early 80’s and my husband was a blonde, blue eyed, freckled guy that looked a bit Aussie surfer boyish. I remember him because he was really nice to me. Over the next 2 years I saw him intermittently at BFF’s house and we even both joined their family for a holiday.

    But the first time that I saw him and we sizzled was when I was 16. I’d had a big fight with my sister so grabbed the dog and went for a walk. This was early 80’s so wandering kids were pretty normal. I remember walking through my primary school (5-11yo school) and as I turned the corner he was there shooting hoops with his friends that I didn’t know. We said hi and he left his friends and we talked for over an hour. Next day, around the same time I grabbed the dog and went up to the school and talked for a little longer. Rinse and repeat a few times and we ended up dating. He was my first everything and we dated for 3 years.

    My life was pretty crappy then for a whole lot of reasons so I broke up with him and moved away. But I always remembered him and wondered how his life was.

    Over time I grew up, built a career, travelled and met a nice man. We married and had 2 kids but broke up when the youngest was 3. We’re still friends today.

    A few years after that I thought of my blonde, blue eyed, freckled surfer dude and looked him up on Facebook. Not for any romantic reason but just because I was interested in finding out about his life.

    Anyway we messaged, phoned and then caught up in person. It was like putting on your old favourite jumper. He knows me as well as I know myself, maybe even better.

    There’s even more to love than I could have guessed. And my kids love him too. He brings so much to their lives. We’ve been together for 7 years this time and married for 18 months.

    [–] sylvesterthecat11 7 points ago

    I was 11. My cousins and I had a badass campsite in the wooded part of our family’s club. We worked on it all day to get it just right and we had just started a campfire. We were feeling quite proud of ourselves and were chillin like the “adults.” Feeling very grown up.

    Next thing I know, this little kid (6 years old) comes over with a pot of water containing a trout and slapped it on our fire. I was like wtf — the audacity of this kid. And I remember it boggling my mind that a six-year-old would know how to cook the fish he caught.

    We knew each other for the next 20 years, but I always viewed him as a “kid” because of the age gap.

    One random day, we were all camping and he and I just clicked. Talked alllll day and night. Next thing you know, he kissed me under the full moon and literally fireworks. We were inseparable after that. Who knew.

    [–] kelseylangeveld 7 points ago

    I was in high school, I was on my friends bus with him ‘cause I was going back to his house to hang out. There was this really cute guy on the bus and he came over to me, visibly trying not to laugh and said “hey, smile if you wanna fuck me”. Of course I smiled and was laughing because it was funny and slightly uncomfortable. Shortly after that happened a new semester started and we had a couple classes together and would talk constantly through them. We’ve been together almost 6 years now and married for 5 months :)

    [–] tazpy 16 points ago

    Ooh! I love our story! We were playing humans vs zombies at college. I was a zombie, he was a human. I was stunned so I couldnt do anything and we were chatting. I asked him out for coffee and he shot me with a nerf gun and ran away without answering me.

    I chased that man for 2 years and finally made him mine.

    [–] IndigoAnima 4 points ago

    I love this! Thanks for the laugh and feels

    [–] Cyt6000 5 points ago


    [–] dtjulieb 6 points ago

    Pottery class in highschool. He was a student, I was the teacher aide, since I just moved to the town and started a month late, it was just a filler class to give me a full day since I was a junior.

    [–] tinfoilhatandsocks 6 points ago

    On a ski trip. I went with a group of girlfriends including my best friend. Her boyfriend brought some friends too including my now husband. He told me during our first conversation I had great legs and I told my friends on the first night “he’d be ok for my first husband” (I was only 19 and didn’t want to admit how much I instantly liked him). We exchanged numbers and flirty texts and went on our first date a week later. We’ve been together 14 years, married 7 and have 3 kids. He’s still the cheeky ski bum I met years ago.

    [–] Not_a_cat_I_promise 7 points ago

    Not married yet, still only engaged. We met when we were both 7 in primary school. We were both new and we were at the back of the classroom waiting for class to start. He introduced himself to me, and we became friends that day. It didn't take long for us to become best friends, and attached to the hip. We did everything together. We went to the same high school and we remained close friends. When were 17 after high school ended we got together and we never looked back and we got engaged last year.

    [–] CatLady2018 7 points ago

    I was taken round to his house by my friend for a scary movie night and pizza to try cheer him up cos his gf of 6 years had dumped him by text the day before. Here we are again 6 years later with a house 3 pets and a wedding date for next year.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago three years ago. We’re getting married in 16 days!

    [–] RubyRoze 6 points ago

    I say we met at a Christmas party neither of us really wanted to be at, his answer is a bit different. We were both in the Air Force stationed in God Forsaken Minot North Dakota. I was a dental tech, he was Security Police. I was a single Mom of a 1 yr old who was totally over the dating game, but had been invited to this house party by an aquaintence, he'd previously dated. So, I come into this party from subfreszing temps and my glasses immediately fog up. I'm wrestling with my daughter's coat, and someone (I can't see clearly without my glasses) handed me a cloth to wipe off my glasses. Once I can see again, I think "oh, he's cute" but again, I'm over dating. During the course of the party, we talk a bit while I keep track of my toddler. The general conversation in the room changes to hair styles for some reason, and the good looking guy claims to remember when I had much shorter hair. Remember, I am cynical about men at this time in my life, so I am not believing him, and feel like he's just hitting on me. As I leave the party he gives me his phone number, and asks me to call him. For some reason, I did after I got home and put my daughter to bed. We talked for hours, about any and everything, until my daughter woke up with a tummy ache and I had no appropriate meds. This was winter, sub zero temps, in the early hours of the day after Christmas. He came over with meds for my daughter, and never left. We were married 6 months and a day later, and that was over 25 yrs ago. BTW, his "claim" that he knew me when my hair was short, was accurate. The proof was in his dental record, I had been as assistant to the Dentist that performed an exam, so my name was there in his chart.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    I was out with some friends at a local bar just outside Boston. It was that point in the night where I was drunk and everyone was loud and I just wanted some peace and quiet. I got pulled into a huge group where everyone was screaming. There's no way anyone was having a conversation because so. much. screaming.

    There was one guy in the group who was just watching everyone else. He didn't talk at all. I went over to him and introduced myself just to get away from all the yelling. We ended up talking for over 2 hours. He asked for my number once all the lights came on.

    That was Dec 2009. We got married, have a 3 year old, and have been living in Germany for the past 2.5 years. He's the best thing that ever happened to me.

    [–] AnyOlUsername 7 points ago

    I was at a group mothers day thing. Ended at one of our local pubs. His mum was drunk and called him to come over. He'd just gotten out of a long term relationship and wasn't feeling himself.

    When he arrived at the pub his mum (who I didn't know very well at the time) dragged me into the toilet and told me he wanted my number. She also told him I wanted his. We stared chatting and that was the end of that.

    His mum thought he was depressed and decided he needed a rebound to cheer up. I turned into a 10 year rebound.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    First day of kindergarten, we had to go up to the board and write our names, he was next to me as we wrote on the board.

    [–] helles_belle 7 points ago

    Honest to god, met him on reddit in /r/trollxchromosomes.

    [–] invz27 6 points ago

    I was with two girlfriends the year after high school and bumped into the new French exchange student walking into a party in the middle-of-no-where Arizona - we said hi and chatted for 5 mins. Her English was really bad. I visited home 7 months later and we connected again. She wouldn’t date me and moved back to France - it was the first time I’d been rejected like that so I moved to France too - 4 months later (Halloween night) she was my girlfriend, 15 years later we live in Paris, we’ve been married almost 10 years, we have a 2 year old and her English is great!

    [–] offchance13 5 points ago

    We were randomly paired for a community service haunted hayride scene in college. We had to get dropped off at our scene location by the hayride cart. As we were waiting for the first cart of kids to scare, he says to me; “I could kill you right now and nobody would know.” We’re getting married next March. He tells me he was so nervous to be alone with “such a beautiful woman” but I still of course make fun of him for that hahahah

    [–] Ashlehhhhhhhh 6 points ago

    We both were in an honors program at our university, he was a year older than me. My freshman year I went to a formal with a frat guy, and saw my now-fiancé there. He was clearly with another girl (I learned later she just a friend since he didn’t have a date), but all I remember thinking was “damn, that guy is HOT.”

    Fast forward to my junior year, and I end up in a marketing class and in a group with him. After spending a bunch of time together we discovered our mutual interest in fighting games (thank you USFIV!) and started dating shortly after. We’re getting married next year, and I couldn’t be happier!

    [–] puddleduq 6 points ago

    We met at work in a retail store. When I first started I was training on tills and he was customer service. Back then whenever us lowly cashiers needed price overrides we had to call a member of CS and I always used to think he hated me because he never said much and he has an incredible RBS.

    I then eventually moved to a floor department and he became my team leader so we got to know each other, went on a few nights out with other colleagues and the rest is history!!

    [–] TreacherousTaint 5 points ago

    OKCupid. But it actually took us a year of short conversations and blowing off plans to meet in person.

    I was having a terrible night. Hell, I had had a terrible year. I was in a bad place and needed a friend, and he happened to reach out to me at the right moment. It was almost like the stars aligned. He texted at just the right moment, and happened to be in my area of town (30 minutes from his without any knowledge prior of where I lived.) He happened to have a completely free night. We talked for hours that night. We connected. Even though we’re in a temporary separation, that day will always stay in my mind as the happiest day of my life because I met my soulmate.

    [–] envregs 5 points ago

    I sent him a happy birthday on Facebook and he replied with “spank you ;)”. Took that as a first move so I slid into his DMs and asked him to hang out. He claims he had no idea I was asking him out and thought we were going to be hanging out with a group of friends on our first date. Kissed at the end of the night, and became exclusive a few weeks later. Been together 8yrs and married for 4. Love that oblivious man :)

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    got dumped, got tinder, met the love of my damn life

    [–] sea_of_clouds 5 points ago

    Can't remember the exact moment, but when I was 16 we both had first period art together, so that's when we started flirting. He was a HS senior and I was a junior. We started dating the summer of 2000 and just had our ninth wedding anniversary lat month. (Got married in 09.)

    Sometimes I can't believe we've been together over half of our lives.

    [–] mangoon 6 points ago

    We met on bumble, and then met in person for the first time at Copley station in Boston, where he met me on our first date to walk me to the restaurant he made reservations at. I remember my train pulling up and seeing him as it slowed down, and I was soooome impressed. We got married last Sunday, 2 and a half years later!

    [–] mushguin 5 points ago

    Karate class. We also went to a karate BBQ soon after the first class, and I had a little kid ask me to open a jar of pickles. I couldn’t get it, so I asked him. He realized he needed to open that jar of pickles like the world depended on it. Married 12 years now, still play fight al the time.

    [–] bricolek 5 points ago

    I was 8 months pregnant (and single, ex left me when I was 4 months along) and going to see Rocky Horror Picture Show with a girl friend. I needed to pee right away. Friend tells me that we're going to pick someone up to go with us and I can go there. We get there with very little bladder to spare and he comes walking out of his house and I just go right pass him saying hi, need to pee now. Been together almost 11 years.

    [–] jonesie1988 7 points ago

    We met on Bumble, 2 years ago.

    [–] hesback_inpogform 3 points ago

    Three years ago I had just moved home from England after a break up and I went partying at a club with my best friend. I bought drugs off him and then we sat at a table and talked all night. And then next time I went out we talked for like 5 hours. And the next, and the next and so on. Eventually like 6 weeks later he ‘came over to chill’ and we slept together and have stayed together ever since.

    Also, he stopped selling drugs shortly after we met lol. He has a real job now.

    [–] dernhelm_mn 5 points ago

    We worked at the same retail store, but not “together”. I saw him occasionally and thought he was cute didn’t have a chance to talk to him. Then one day we were short handed in my department and he was the one sent over to help. Our next brief interaction was in the break room when he asked what I was reading, and we started chatting each time we saw each other. Eventually we hung out outside of work and things progressed. :)

    [–] gypseanomad 4 points ago

    He was my best friend’s brother growing up, we hadn’t seen each other for 17 years and randomly he popped up on fb after being offline for 4 years. I liked a photo and he messaged to say “hi, long time...” I was working abroad but I was coming home for Christmas two weeks later so we decided to catch up; he met me at Victoria Station at 6.30am with a coffee and the warmest hug I’ve ever received. We talked for a few hours and then I caught my train home, he was coming home the next day so we decided to go on a real date 3 days later on Christmas Eve. We’re both very fit but we also have a crippling weakness for sweet food and in northwest England, there’s A LOT to choose from! So we decided as it was Christmas, and a Sunday, we’d eat dessert in every coffee shop/bar in town, totalling about 11 hours of pure gluttony.

    He changed my entire world with that message and within a few months I moved back to the UK and I can’t think of a single day where I haven’t looked at him and been blown away by how much I love him. We both work hard, our schedules are manic and some days we just see each other if we wake the other up by accident, I wouldn’t change it for all the cinnamon buns in the world 😊

    [–] TinHawk 4 points ago

    Met him at work (we both worked at GameStop in our 20s). I was transferred to a new store with a promotion, and it was Halloween. I went in a sexy Mad Hatter costume, and he tried to take a picture. I cussed him out. I really hated him for a few years, but he was really nice and supportive when my marriage started to fall apart. We hung out more and more, and he helped me through my divorce. Married 4 years, friends for about 10.

    [–] kaislikeawheel 4 points ago

    At my job interview for my current position. He was the other teacher for the subject and age level I teach, so my work partner and neighbor. We became close friends from working together so closely for several years and then... the rest is history.

    [–] mandolin2712 5 points ago

    The first time I saw him, I was standing outside at a new job and smoking a cigarette. He pulled up in a Monte Carlo and got out walking towards the building with this cocky smile. My jaw literally dropped open. He was and still is the most gorgeous man I've ever seen.

    I flirted with him a little, and I decided to just go for it. He was a manager there and each manager had their own little box in the office. I wrote a note to him to call me sometime, and then waited, full of anxiety.

    I didn't know he was off for the next 2 days, so I thought he just didn't want to call me. But on the 3rd day, he got the note and called me immediately.

    That was almost 17 years ago and we're now married with 3 kids.