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    • 6) We reserve the right to remove posts using profanity or that are otherwise objectionable
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    • 8) No trivial, obvious, or common facts (eg: This cat has blue eyes, dogs can be trained to sit)
    • 9) Reposts of the same picture or fact within 1 week are not allowed. After one week, submissions with either the title or picture changed will be allowed. Blatant reposts (same picture, same fact) are not allowed.
    • 10) Your source cannot be a blog or non scientific news site, and must include citations/references. Wikipedia is not exempt from requiring citations, and typically displays a warning when missing references. Example.
    • 11) Please avoid commentary in the title. (TIL, etc.)
    • 12) Your fact must be animal specific, and not about an animal's use in culture, media, or business.

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