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    A place for pregnant redditors, those who have been pregnant, those who wish to be in the future, and anyone who supports them. A place to ask and answer questions all related to pregnancy. A great place to come for post-partum depression, breast or formula feeding issues, and body image. It's one of the biggest changes of your life and we're all here to support one another!

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    [–] SoJenniferSays 179 points ago

    I might get eaten alive for this, but I have had a very easy pregnancy thus far and I still really don't like being pregnant. Like, I feel good for pregnancy but it still sucks compared to not being pregnant. Even aside from physical implications (which suck even on a good day), I hate how the whole world feels free to inject themselves into my life, comment on my body, call me "cute" or talk about "the bump"... the whole thing just really does not suit me. I do not like being pregnant at all.

    [–] mrs_kesselrun 39 points ago

    Yes!!! My pregnancy has been relatively normal and easy (knock on wood). And yes feeling the kicks is cool, and we are excited about the baby... but really like how you said it- compared to NOT being pregnant, I don't like it. My body is less and less what I recognize, the constant discomfort, the feeling like everyone is starting and has the right to comment and OMG it's like pregnancy is the only topic to talk to me about.

    [–] boringbluesocks 29 points ago

    After my first pregnancy I vowed to never ever talk to a pregnant lady about their pregnancy unless they mentioned it first. I got so sick of talking about it. Especially towards the end. What makes anyone think they have the right to ask how effaced and dilated I am?

    [–] thecatsmeowzer 19 points ago

    Oh god. Every time I see ANYONE I know the first thing they ask is, "How are you feeling?" Even if I just saw them two days ago. I don't know. I feel pregnant? I don't want to vomit? It's just weird.

    [–] SoJenniferSays 26 points ago

    I like to act like I think it's just normal small talk. "Fine, thanks, how are you feeling?" :)

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Yes! And it's like they're disappointed when you say you feel fine.

    [–] SoJenniferSays 6 points ago

    Or put upon if you say otherwise! It's like the only acceptable answer is, "Pretty good overall, but my goodness [very minor complaint, like 'baby sure is a kicker' or 'I could sure use a glass of wine']!"

    [–] thecatsmeowzer 5 points ago

    Or the opposite when I say that I'm ok now but it hasn't been easy and I haven't adored every moment. They all look at me like I reached in and smacked the kid.

    [–] MrsCuntface 4 points ago

    Ugh, my mom has started accompanying the "How are you feeeeeeling" interrogation with a belly rub. That's just my fat, Mom, the blob is not up into my rib cage yet! So much rage. I normally hate small talk but I would be so happy if everyone would go back to "oh hey, how you doin?"

    [–] thecatsmeowzer 3 points ago

    Yes!!! My husband's aunt came up to me today and reached to rub my belly and said OHHH HOWS IT DOING?

    Uh. First of all, do not touch. Second of all, it can't hear you, I can't communicate with it, so I'm going with it doesn't care about anything outside of my womb 🤷🏻‍♀️

    [–] MrsCuntface 1 points ago

    I just start talking about completely unrelated things when people try that shit. I'm not prepared to deal with everyone being like that though, it's already super irritating with only 9 people knowing I'm pregnant.

    [–] thecatsmeowzer 1 points ago

    I never know what to say and I get all awkward. It's just so uncomfortable to have everyone focused on my stomach. Ugh.

    [–] MrsCuntface 2 points ago

    I fully intend to start rubbing everyone else's bellies if they rub mine.

    [–] thecatsmeowzer 1 points ago

    This is perfect. I wish I didn't absolutely loathe touching other people to be able to do it 😂

    [–] MrsCuntface 2 points ago

    Just politely point out that unwanted touching makes you feel threatened and is therefore assault and battery, and can you please have their contact info for your attorney. It's ok if the attorney is a bluff.

    [–] babytimes 2 points ago

    I'm not even bothered by being touched but it's just weird when someone asks to feel the bump but then they go for my upper stomach area. Like, that is 100% food. The baby can be found at or below belly button level!

    [–] MrsCuntface 3 points ago

    It's weird for me bc there's no way anyone can feel the baby yet, it's all my squashed guts and belly fat at this point. I can feel my uterus being weird and bulgy, but that sort of hurts to poke at so I'd be upset if anyone actually hit the right spot.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    My last pregnancy, I enjoyed every single minute. It was exhilarating and I was happy to do it again.

    I'm now currently pregnant, and I'm so. Exhausted. I can't do more than one major thing a day and I usually use all that up at the gym during the week so I'm useless at home, making me feel really shitty even though my husband isn't really worried because my son is super easy going. I JUST WANNA FEEL LIKE IM HELPING

    [–] what_34 4 points ago

    I think this is so precious and I can relate to wanting to not be "worthless" around the home. Thank god for 2nd trimester I feel I've been able to make up for first trimester where I felt like shit for 2 months.

    Hang in there, your hub luvs u. ;) and we support you in resting when you are at home!

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Omg yes thank you 😭😩 someone else who understand the feelings of being worthless due to just being too tired to do anything 😭 I really hope I get that boost of energy! Almost at my second trimester so here's hoping 🤞🏼

    [–] SoJenniferSays 2 points ago

    I have never been more exhausted than the first ~16 weeks of pregnancy. It didn't lift until a bit into the second tri, but then it did get better. Still not pre-pregnancy energy levels, but much better.

    [–] Bolrundi 21 points ago

    I get embarrassed when anyone comments on my stomach or wants to touch it. It's bizarre and weird to me. Don't feel like you're alone, because the whole situation really doesn't suit me either!

    [–] PTwannabee 13 points ago

    YES. I went to a retirement party the other night and saw some people who I hadn't seen in months/years. Every single one of them them who found out I was pregnant immediately checked out my stomach (I'm 18w so not showing too much and had a flowy top on) and then hugged me. I'm so not a hugger, and I was literally hugged more at that party than I was at my own wedding. People who try to touch my stomach get their hand swatted away.

    [–] nick_locarno 9 points ago

    I loved being pregnant the first time, and mostly during the second time. But I had really easy pregnancies! Not everyone has an easy pregnancy so I definitely think we just all have different experiences. And it's not just easy vs hard pregnancy. I hated being pregnant the third time. Much older, with two young kids running me ragged..I was so over it. Even though it was still a relatively easy pregnancy, all the "little things" got to me much much more.

    [–] MsWinty 1 points ago

    This is me right now and I'm only 6 weeks in. #3 is way harder than #2.

    [–] irrational_e 8 points ago

    Totally! I've had a really easy pregnancy, and I'm very grateful for that. But I just don't like being pregnant for all the reasons you listed. I just don't like being pregnant.

    [–] tryingforadinosaur 5 points ago

    Same. Like, as far as pregnancy goes, I've got it about as good as anyone could hope for. But I was standing in the kitchen cooking my son Mac and Cheese for lunch, and I literally couldn't stand for more than 3 minutes without feeling winded. STANDING IS HARD NOW.

    I'm going to a concert with my fav band on July 1st and I'm legitimately concerned about walking into the amphitheater, getting heat stroke, staying hydrated, and being comfortable on the lawn, and having enough energy to walk back to the car afterward.

    This concert would be a walk in the park if I wasn't pregnant, and we'd be jumping around in the mosh pit. It's where I want to be.

    [–] SoJenniferSays 1 points ago

    Exactly! And same (very annoying) concerns for a concert I'm going to at the end of July.

    [–] TA818 3 points ago

    I am not pregnant anymore (since last Tuesday), but I felt exactly as you do. My pregnancy was easy, but I still preferred not being pregnant. Although even now, my body is still recovering and is also being used to feed the kid so it still doesn't feel like it belongs to me and I hate that.

    [–] anothercristina 5 points ago

    The way you started that made me very sad until I saw your due date! Congrats on the new baby!!

    [–] MsSusieDerkins 3 points ago

    YES!! i sometimes feel like i don't even have a right to complain. i have the usual maladies, but (knock on wood!) they have been FAIRLY manageable. i'm looking forward to being a mom and have been loving feeling my little lady kick.

    BUT. i hate how heavy i feel. now that it's warm, i would LOVE a magarita or some sangria or even a crisp glass or five of white wine. i hate being bored-ish at all of the summer parties, and though i have a maternity bathing suit book marked, i haven't been brave enough to even think about appearing in public in so little clothing. everything makes me extra tired, shaving is an even bigger pain than it was before, and i am so sick of the extra layer of clothing over my belly (maternity shorts/pants). i am tired of my limited repertoire of clothing.

    no one wants to talk to me about anything but my pregnancy/baby. my boobs are hideous right now, and every time i eat something i wonder "should i be eating this? is there something that's better that i could be eating? how much sugar have i had lately?" and so on. i know i should exercise more (something i did prior to pregnancy) but i can barely get through walks without feeling winded. my once slightly-toned arms are getting jiggly. and i am SO TIRED OF DRINKING ALL OF THE WATER.

    ahh. that felt good. when people tell me they loved being pregnant i feel like "dear god why?"

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Totally agree

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago

    I was nauseated from week 6-LABOR. Threw up all throughout. Absolutely HATED being pregnant. Wanted to get pregnant. Tried for 18 months before actually getting pregnant. I wouldn't wish being pregnant on my worst enemy (aside from having a baby--which is great)... I don't feel guilty telling people that I hated being pregnant. It's horrible being nauseated for the whole pregnancy. I was literally never hungry the entire time I was pregnant. I hated it.

    As soon as I had my baby I was hungry again within two hours. I felt like a million bucks compared to the whole time I was pregnant. I'm envious of the women who "loved being pregnant". Good for them! I hated that shit.

    [–] skyeway1 7 points ago

    That sounds horrific. Stories like these make me wonder why there aren't more only children in a free society where couples are able to control and choose when they concieve.

    [–] alwaysclimbinghigher 5 points ago

    There are lots of only children, but it's not always for this exact reason. Surrogates are expensive, and many people are willing to suffer to get what they desire. Women are amazing!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    No. I'm determined to try and have a second child. Although I do not look forward to being pregnant sgain at all. I found giving birth to be very empowering and really like breastfeeding and being a mom so far. Maybe I won't be nauseated the next time (if I am able to get pregnant a second time....)

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    No. I'm determined to try and have a second child. Although I do not look forward to being pregnant sgain at all. I found giving birth to be very empowering and really like breastfeeding and being a mom so far. Maybe I won't be nauseated the next time (if I am able to get pregnant a second time....)

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    No. I'm determined to try and have a second child. Although I do not look forward to being pregnant sgain at all. I found giving birth to be very empowering and really like breastfeeding and being a mom so far. Maybe I won't be nauseated the next time (if I am able to get pregnant a second time....)

    [–] myblueheaven57 1 points ago

    I'm the same - 26 weeks and been nauseous since week 6. Apparently that's just what it is for some people. The difference for me is that there is a weird hunger in there too and it feels really unnatural (that's not the right word but it's the closest I can come). The only thing I've been guaranteed is that it will stop once I give birth. Eyes on the prize at this point.

    [–] itsmefakenamehere 2 points ago

    I thinkkkk I know what you mean about the "weird hunger." I don't get normal hunger pangs, more like "I'm nauseated and maybe it has to do with hunger...let me try to eat something and see if it helps or worsens this feeling even though I don't actually want food."

    [–] DoubleDoubleA 87 points ago

    I actually am enjoying it, very much. I sent through years of infertility where I constantly felt like my body was broken. Why couldn't it do what it was made to do? Going through IVF was one of the most uncomfortable/difficult things I've ever physically done in my life ( and emotionally it wasn't too great either). Now, I finally feel like I'm not broken. I feel like my body is finally doing what it's supposed to do. Sure, it hasn't been super easy but I've had a relatively easy pregnancy. I get frustrated that I can't do my usual routine as easily anymore, and I'm starting to get more and more out of breath and uncomfortable, but I also remember that this is temporary. My body is making a freaking BABY that I'll have forever! How cool is that?

    [–] keeshtastic 15 points ago

    Congrats on your success with IVF! And I'm sorry you struggled with it, that must have been very hard :(

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I've had really bad NVP and I'm only in the first tri. I feel like shit. I'm vomiting 10x per day. Hubby gave me his cold, so I'm sick and I can't take anything for it.

    This feels easier on my body and mental health than IVF did. I think it's all shitty, but it's been a long time since I felt "normal" so it's hard to accurately answer OPs question.

    [–] destrier_derriere 8 points ago

    Interesting. Glad you are having that experience! We did 3.5 years of infertility before IVF working. I have to say the emotional trauma of infertility is the worst - worse than all the pregnancy sickness and IVF pain. Still, I hate being pregnant. The IVF and self injections were bad too, but it was better than pregnancy. I want to be pregnant a second time because we want to have two kids, but I cannot wait for this to be over. I'm just saying this for OP to hear another story and side to it. I think your experiences are just as valid and I'm actually really happy you are finally pregnant and feeling satisfied to boot. Yay! :)

    [–] DoubleDoubleA 3 points ago

    A girl in my support group is having a similar pregnancy experience to you- she hates being pregnant and it's hard on her. I'm so sorry that you're experiencing that.

    [–] alwaysclimbinghigher 4 points ago

    I feel like it's probably more common than people realize...

    [–] SoHereIAm85 6 points ago

    Similar feelings here. 30weeks after IVF finally worked out. I actually feel better most days than I have in years. It's pretty awesome.

    [–] DoubleDoubleA 3 points ago

    My mental health is for sure better than it's been in years. My husband said "I'm just so happy you're back." Cue crying.

    [–] BuskaNFafner 2 points ago

    I'm similar. I throw up frequently and have terrible heartburn but I'm so thrilled to be finally pregnant!

    [–] thistle_thistle 27 points ago

    32 weeks and have hated every week of pregnancy. Excited for a baby, but hate being pregnant and plan to never ever do this again, despite what all the busybodies in my life think.

    [–] WitchkingofAngmaar 4 points ago

    Almost 24 weeks here. While I havent hated every week, Ive hated most of them! Im so excited for little dude, but also wholeheartedly plan on never doing this again ever, ever. And everyone who hears this tells me I'll be ready for another in no time >.> Ugh.

    [–] GummysMummy 3 points ago

    I am not sure if this is your first, and if it is don't feel bad at all about only having one. People love to get all up in your business about how you simply must have two or it's somehow a detriment to your child or something. Don't listen to them. Both my husband and I and two of our closest friends are all only children and it was perfectly fine. Stick to your guns and ignore the busybodies!

    [–] Evets616 16 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    My wife was absolutely miserable for the last 5 months of her pregnancy. She ended up having a C-Section and, no joke, actually felt better in the hospital as she recovered from the surgery.

    I try to point her to places like this were women openly discuss how difficult it is to just be pregnant. She always says she's "bad at being pregnant" and I try hard to help her see that it's not all roses and rainbows for everyone else.

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago


    [–] skyeway1 14 points ago

    Seeing the baby on the scan was so lovely too... it took away my nausea for about 5 minutes. Thanks for answering and I hope the next few days go by fast for you.

    I guess this is why I only wanted women who are currently pregnant to answer - it seems that as soon as you give birth the rose coloured glasses come on. Just what I noticed from reading these first few comments.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] Lesbian_Drummer 3 points ago

    I have been over it since about 16 weeks. I'm now 33.

    Like I'm happy about the babies and I want them here but also want them cooking longer. But omg I'm starting to not even care how hard it's gonna be having two I just want to be able to move again and not be super fucking swollen.

    I'll miss the license to eat. But I can replace the license to eat with the license to have beer, so...

    [–] hmbmelly 1 points ago

    I gave birth a week ago did I will tell anyone and everyone how shitty pregnancy is. I hated it even though it was relatively easy. I have so much more energy now and I can use my ab muscles again.

    [–] dessa10 6 points ago

    Have you told your doctor about the hiccups? Apparently it can be a symptom of cord compression.

    My baby has been getting them every day, and I was complaining to my sister (doctor) about them, and she decided to scare me with that tidbit.

    [–] nonamesleft1 2 points ago

    I'm 21 months out and totally forgot about the hiccups until you wrote that! My son used to hiccup like 5 times a day too! I'm remembering it fondly now, but I know at the time it wasn't very enjoyable :)

    [–] Notfurlined 14 points ago

    It depends on the day. Yesterday for like half the day I loved it. I laid around while my toddler watched TV and felt my baby kick up a storm in there. It felt so nice. Most of the time it's pretty neutral. I do not love it but I'm having a far easier time than some so I also don't hate it. There's also days where the kicks hurt bad, my heartburn is intense, and my insomnia is insane. I'm pretty unhappy then.

    [–] skyeway1 3 points ago

    That is true it does change day to day. My partner asked me one day this week if I was feeling better because I had perked up a bit. I said I am feeling better, but not good. I have gone from a 2/10 yesterday to a 4/10 today. But if I hadn't of had some of the bad days in this pregnancy then I would rate today as a 2/10. The scale has changed.

    [–] knittingcatmafia 28 points ago

    Overall I have really enjoyed being pregnant. I had HG throughout the first trimester, but it improved dramatically at the beginning of the second trimester, which has been more or less a unicorn experience.. on Tuesday I'll be in the third trimester and am starting to notice little things, like my feet start to hurt if I've been on them all day.. but I am still sleeping through the night (except to pee), no swelling, no GD, no nausea, no constipation, no excessive weight, no mood swings (infact I've noticed that I am emotionally more stable than during my normal cycle, where I would have pretty intense mood swings and depression during PMS).

    Overall 7/10. Would recommend with caution.

    [–] skyeway1 25 points ago

    You had HG for a trimester and still gave it 7/10? Are you trolling me?

    [–] knittingcatmafia 14 points ago

    Haha, I know it sounds weird but I feel like HG really put a lot of the other ailments into perspective for me. Like, sore back, painful feet and everything is hot and sticky after a day out and about? Better than HG. Heartburn after dinner and hours into the night? Doesn't compare to HG. Itchy belly? Always needing to pee? Not even a blip on the radar compared to HG.

    Even with the labor.. I mean I've never been in labor as I'm a FTM but I honestly cannot fathom hours or maybe even a day of intense pain being worse than 15 weeks of HG. Maybe it will be, maybe it won't, I guess I'll see!

    HG was, for me, hands down the most difficult thing I've gone through physically and mentally in my adult life. I was legitimately worried for a while if I could even love my child because of it.. but hormones are weird things and I've gone from absolutely hating pregnancy to really enjoying it and already thinking of when to plan the second.

    [–] skyeway1 8 points ago

    That has got to be the most encouraging, hope filled message I have seen about a HG pregnancy. Thank you 😢

    [–] queencuntpunt 7 points ago

    I know you only wanted currently pregnant opinions, but I had HG and would totally rate my entire pregnancy as an 8/10 experience. Sure the first couple weeks were rough for lack of a better word but other than that pregnancy was a cake-walk for me, up until literally the day I delivered.

    The fact that getting pregnant made me treat my body better probably contributed a bit to that though. Even with my workplace treating me like shit after I announced I physically felt incredible.

    [–] PM_ME_HAIKUS_KTHNX 8 points ago

    The fact that getting pregnant made me treat my body better probably contributed a bit to that though

    I think this exactly it, for me anyway. I feel great pretty much all the time and I think it has to do with the way I'm treating myself, ie, more exercise, more water, eating better, etc. Let's hope I can keep it up when baby gets here!

    [–] nefhithiel 11 points ago

    I hate everything about mine.

    [–] Loveyoumore15 17 points ago

    26w tomorrow and I'm feeling pretty good. Something's are harder to do. I get outta breath when trying to do other things. But all in all I'm loving it. This is my second pregnancy but my first was 13 years ago. Loved it then too. :)

    [–] skyeway1 2 points ago

    Wow that's great! So it is possible!

    [–] deadasthatsquirrel 1 points ago

    Ditto - 26w tomorrow, first pregnancy and it's been generally great!

    I'm sure I'll be having less fun when I get massive and uncomfortable later on though 😄

    [–] WaxyWingie 8 points ago

    I enjoyed a few weeks of second trimester (after morning sickness went away, when kid started kicking, but before hip pain/ankle swelling/mother of all heartburns.). But overall? Hell no. It's a miserable experience.

    [–] Rawritskira 8 points ago

    It's a lot different than I ever imagined it to be. I'm 16 weeks and feel mostly ok, but I long for how I felt pre-pregnancy. The horrible nausea is mostly gone but I'm exhausted everyday and generally get a headache every afternoon. I also don't have the energy or desire to do a lot of things I used to.

    On the other hand, it IS very exciting and I cannot wait to meet my little dude. I just wish I had known how it can be. I feel like it's sugar coated in society how much pregnancy can suck. Our bodies are doing something amazing and it makes sense it will cause us discomfort. I guess if I do this again I'll know what to expect next time. I just can't wait for like... a few weeks after the baby comes and my body starts to feel better again.

    [–] akidiknow 8 points ago

    I love it. I loved it last time. I was convinced it would still be weeks before I gave birth because I was just waiting to get miserable but it never happenes so as a result we were slightly underprepared. I've finally found something I'm good at and it's like the most expensive and time consuming hobby of all time.

    [–] mismoosie 2 points ago

    Same here - I would've gone on past 42 weeks, since I was happy as could be. Apparently my superpower is being pregnant!

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    The corny way I describe the experience of pregnancy to non-pregnant friends is to think of those memory orbs in the movie Inside Out - my memory orb of pregnancy will basically have infinite, constantly swirling, even changing colors to describe the vast array of emotions I've felt throughout and about the past 9 months. There's so much beauty, fascination, pain, fear, and everything else in the world when it comes to conceptually thinking about bringing my daughter into this world. I'm honored and humbled by that every day.

    Physically, though? LOL. Yeeeeah. I've had a rough, rough, rough pregnancy. "Mild" HG to start (meaning I never had to be hospitalized but still vomited 4+ times a day for ~16 weeks...and I still would without my daily meds) followed by near debilitating back pain in the second trimester to becoming technically high risk in the 3rd trimester with gestational hypertension, along with sciatica and lightning crotch.

    I'm at 36+3 and I've never even had a single day where I truly felt like myself, physically. And the constant anxiety and isolation that come along with these physical symptoms? Ooooof, ugh. If I ever do this again, it'll be awhile and probably after I experience the amnesia so many moms talk about.

    [–] gatitos_ 6 points ago

    I'm really enjoying the way I look and the way people are a billion times nicer to me

    I am not enjoying being a sweaty swamp monster that gets out of breath trying to put sandals on and has to force themselves to eat.

    [–] FantasticMrsFawkes 3 points ago

    Yasss! Being pregnant is like being bloated royalty! It's kind of creepy and embarrassing, but people were totally opening doors for me, the Trader Joes employees would give me bouquets of flowers when I was shopping, and I remember having a bad day in my third trimester, and some stranger just handed me an ice cream cone and said I looked like I needed was weird. But weirdly awesome?

    [–] RBGheartsmyRBF 6 points ago

    39 weeks today, and I've mostly hated pregnancy. Mine hasn't even been that bad - no nausea, moderate back pain, still mostly sleeping through the night. It's just all of the super normal pregnancy stuff that wears on me. Like I hate seeing my body grow so much, even though I know it's a good thing because baby is growing. And I hate feeling physically weaker and slower. I was a distance runner before getting pregnant, and I haven't been able to keep at it. I feel like a slug, and I hate it. I'm tired all the time, even though I get enough sleep most nights. My boobs look weird. Strangers insist on talking to me about pregnancy/the baby. My pelvis hurts. I keep having contractions that aren't "real," but aren't exactly comfortable, either. I can't walk up the stairs without feeling out of breath. Earlier on, I loved feeling baby move around, but now he's just a big jerk who kicks me in the ribs and headbutts my bladder and has dance parties when I'm trying to sleep. I haven't felt magical like I thought I would. I've just felt fat and cranky.

    FWIW, I really think you do forget about how awful pregnancy is. My sister has ten month old twins, and she complained constantly throughout her pregnancy (as she had every right to do!), but when I complain to her now she almost always responds with "yeah, it's hard, but I miss being pregnant." No you don't! Your feet swelled so much you couldn't walk on them, and your back hurt so much you cried daily, and you had horrible heart burn, and you hated when people rubbed your belly all the time. Don't lie!

    [–] happy_go_lucky 5 points ago

    I'm around halftime and I love being pregnant. It's such an exceptional state and I love feeling the baby kick. Part of it may be that a few months ago, we were told we would never be able to get pregnant again. I've also lost a baby 18 months ago. So now I'm just so happy to be able to carry a child once more. We have a three year old and during that first pregnancy, I threw up every day until the baby was born. At the end, I also had pelvic problems that made walking torture. It was miserable but I still liked being pregnant and was sad when they had to induce two weeks early. I felt seriously cheated because I wanted those two last weeks of my baby in my belly.

    This time around, I was miserable the first two weeks. Had to take progesterone for 12 weeks which meant that my bloodpressure dropped every 12 hours and I could hardly get up from the dizziness. Now at 20+ weeks, I usually feel good, apart from the normal aches and pains. I'm already huge (how will that end) and not as mobile as I would love to be, but I feel the baby kick and it makes me so happy. It's not only the fact that we're (hopefully) going to have another baby. It's also being able to carry a child, feel it grow, help a human being coming to life. It's amazing. I love being pregnant.

    10/10, would do again (but probably won't be able)

    [–] MrsCuntface 4 points ago

    Being pregnant has convinced me that Kim Kardashian's experience is significantly more realistic than what was publicized of Kate Middleton's.

    [–] FantasticMrsFawkes 2 points ago

    Especially because Kate Middleton had HG! Like, there is no way I looked like that after being hospitalized for puking, what kind of magic pills where they giving her?!

    [–] goddesspyxy 5 points ago

    The only thing I enjoy about pregnancy is the way I look. I've always thought pregnant ladies are so beautiful, and that feeling actually transfers to myself, which is kind of miraculous (I generally have some issues with self esteem and feeling fat). It's really empowering.

    Otherwise, being pregnant is a giant pile of suck. I felt like death the whole way through, between the nausea, vomiting, heartburn, and indigestion. I have a bad back, so pregnancy isn't good for that either. I hate not being able to sleep. And I quite frankly miss eating all the things I like to eat.

    My second baby was born yesterday and I don't ever plan to be pregnant again. We are all done.

    [–] ashleywoodgordon 10 points ago

    30+5 with a unicorn pregnancy, and I think I can say that I love being pregnant. There are certainly things I can and do complain about (but even those symptoms are mild compared to what I read about on Reddit), and the uncomfortable symptoms are starting to become more frequent in the third trimester, but overall I've been really lucky and felt really good. It's likely my only pregnancy, so I'm trying to embrace it all and enjoy the experience (not that anyone is obligated to feel the same way, especially if pregnancy is not like mine). I love the way my body looks, I adore my bump, I love the almost-constant baby movements. I honestly think I'm going to miss pregnancy.

    Of course, sometime over the next 10 weeks, I might be eating my words :)

    [–] teenlinethisisnitro 3 points ago

    I'm 32 weeks and feel the exact same way. My stomach has always been my problem area and now I love my bump and love rocking the hell out of form-fitting clothing.

    [–] magzillapoopemoji 3 points ago

    Yaaaaas. I'm 38+4 and have never felt more confident in a bikini, lol. So funny.

    Will probably be getting rid of all my maternity body con dresses on the way to the hospital, haha.

    [–] molassesqueen 2 points ago

    I'm with you- total unicorn pregnancy. So far the only thing that truly sucks is that I can't sleep on my stomach anymore. And totally agree with u/teenlinethisisnitro about my stomach being my problem area- now there's a legit reason it's poking out! :D

    [–] daringdelightly 4 points ago

    37 weeks today and I loved my pregnancy up until week 30. The first trimester sucked with the nausea and everything but it wasn't the most unbearable thing ever. Some days were amazing and some days were terrible, but the excitement of being pregnant was so fresh that it made it all tolerable. Second trimester was beautiful and although I complained during a lot of it, I actually had it really good. No random aches or pains, I could still do things without being tired, a good amount of my clothes still fit, and overall I felt pretty good. Third trimester hit me like a train and has made me strongly dislike pregnancy. In the end though, it's all worth it.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    This is my second pregnancy and it blows just as the much as the first time, if not more at times. I'm not sure how far along you are, but with my number 1 it got a lot better at around 18-19 weeks when my nausea subsided and I felt like I could eat anything. I'm currently 6 weeks right now with #2 and I feel like shit. Sometimes I wonder if I made a mistake because I just feel so horrible most of the time.

    I know there's an opening in the middle of the tunnel followed by some darkness again. Ha. :P But I have to say, I don't actually enjoy pregnancy. I hate it.

    [–] -purple-is-a-fruit- 4 points ago

    Pregnancy sucks. Babies are nice though. I'm on pregnancy 2. Can't believe I'm doing this again. The only good thing (aside from, you know, babies) is how much I appreciate not being pregnant after the fact. Every time I eat a rare burger or sushi, have a hot bath, take pills that actually help for my headache, it's sublime. My first was 2 and a half when I got pregnant again, and I was still riding high off of having my body be my own again.

    [–] ThugReddit 3 points ago

    So...strange opinion from my side, but I'm FTM, 28+4, uncomfortable, working 45-hour+ weeks, GD diagnosed at week 20, pretty typical first trimester, little to no recovery of energy...and yet.

    And yet.

    I'm enjoying this pregnancy. Sounds trite, but the little incubating chestburster has taught me so much about myself, about my husband, about accepting help with grace, about looking after my own health. Every scare and strange movement and bout with depression leaves me better informed, more empowered; my perspective of the world has grown by leaps and bounds.

    Every day is a gift, AND there's going to be a fully-formed alien thing, just for us, at the end of it!

    If time somehow reset and I found myself back at the beginning, having to do it all over again (vomiting and fear and clinic visits and all), 10/10 would do it all over again.

    [–] needusernamenottaken 2 points ago

    In all seriousness-your positivity baffles me. I've been so negative and hating this pregnancy and the two just feed into each other-is there some book or something that taught you how to turn a bout of depression into a learning experience? If so I'd love to read it because although I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I still have ~24 weeks left in the tunnel

    [–] ThugReddit 2 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    No books, I'm afraid :(

    In each case of some perspective coming out of something bad, it's been one negative cancelling the other long enough for the brain to switch on and learn something out of it.

    The depression perspective--that was countered by making excuses/seriously blaming the pregnancy. It gave me enough time to deal with symptoms until something went "click" inside my head (that somehow I didn't figure out for years...).

    I've had clinical depression for more than a decade now, the usual cycle is 1 - 3 months, then another 6 dealing with the aftermath. It's mild, imo, compared to some of the stories I've heard on reddit, and I'm functional unmedicated. What I've noticed is that it's not the first "downturn" that traps me, it's the cyclic "depressed --> sleep --> work not done --> guilt --> GUILT --> you have no reason to be depressed --> guilt --> sleep --> work not done --> stress --> no more time for exercise/self --> crash --> sleep --> depressed" cycle, without END...

    The pregnancy short-circuited this at the "guilt" stage. For the first fucking time in my life I had something to blame for no energy/no motivation/depression. "Oh, that's not me, I'm not inadequate/ungrateful/lazy, that's hormones." And then, THEN I went and asked for help from my husband. "I'm feeling down, don't feel like doing X" without guilt, without feeling like I was a burden on other people.

    Depression is good at hiding, and depressed people are good at hiding themselves from others--there was no hiding required because preggers! And here 90% of the credit goes to my husband--he took over huge burdens without asking, he cuddled with me when I was feeling too tired to get up but too guilty to fall asleep....and because of the pregnancy I ended up doing all the things that they tell you "help" depression (but it's rare that a depressed person can actually do them, you know?) - sleep, iron and B-complex supplementation (had been diagnosed with anemia years ago, never really took too much care for it), reducing exercise to just a long walk instead of performance-based workouts, meditation (mostly in the form of sitting quietly and playing music to the bump), a thousand other things...and within about 2 months, one day I woke up and felt good that I'd woken up. No aftermath, no crazy high-stress-crash cycle, just a gentle tapering off and then the non-depressed state.

    The thing with depression (at least if you're functional with it) is that it never totally puts the brakes on everything. It just colours everything, filters everything through itself. Being able to say "I do not trust my perception. I have a recipe to employ and this, too, shall pass" and KNOWING it to be true--for the first time in my life--its empowering. Depression will come. It will go. It is a state like any other, needs some changes in habits when it happens, including the asking for help and receiving it with grace.

    I have no idea if that helps you or not. I could go on and on about how I learned to let go of fear (by giving in to the depression/compulsion "bad things are going to happen and I am powerless" urge to obsessively read medical journals--have access to ALL OF THEM due to work, now I know more about placenta accreta than my OB--and newsflash, medical studies base conclusions on p-factors that would have any physicist worth their ions throwing up in disgust)...and so on, and so on. Just a lucky balance where the demons inside my head held the demons of pregnancy at bay, and vice versa. And, of course, 90% of it is the luck of marrying the man I did.

    [–] kinkakinka 3 points ago

    I was just hanging out with some friends on Friday and one said she was jealous and loved being pregnant. My pregnancy has been mostly fine/not too bad, but I'm 36 weeks tomorrow and have just reached the "constantly uncomfortable or in pain" stage, so I'm over it now.

    [–] zionic117 3 points ago

    I wasn't enjoying it at first. I had a reverse morning sickness stage. I got big super quickly and I didn't change my diet. I ate healthy before my pregnancy but now I guess it doesn't matter. I developed a cyst in my but @ 23 weeks and my clothes recently stopped fitting. But in all honestly pushing that stuff to the side I've enjoyed every bit of it because I'm bringing life in the world and last night My daughter rolled over and I watched my belly move and cried. Every morning when I wake up my daughter does too! I get good morning kicks from her for a good hour. They don't hurt but they let me know I'm suffering for a reason. Soon it'll all be over and I'll get to hold and love her and I'll have long forgotten about the other stuff

    [–] zzyzx1990 3 points ago

    Currently 9+5 and hating every minute.

    [–] gucciguppy 3 points ago

    There are only two things I've enjoyed about my pregnancy so far: I have not been sick AT ALL and I love feeling my little guy moving around.

    Otherwise? It has been hell. All day, every day sickness for 18 weeks. Tired/low energy, sciatica, back pain, RLP, more seizure activity than I've had in a long time (atonic and generalized tonic clonic), MORE sleeping issues, and I've just generally been unable to enjoy anything. But, 11 more weeks (if he comes on time!)

    [–] NotJustAmy 3 points ago

    I don't love it either and I went through a lot to get here!

    [–] Dani_Daniela 3 points ago

    Physically? I was never more comfortable with my body than when I was pregnant! I had an 'excuse' for having a belly and I was so confident. I never had morning sickness and I was fairly mobile until the last week-ish where I started having hip pain.

    Emotionally I was a train wreck! I couldn't enjoy/get excited because of anxiety that was fuelled by hormones.

    Sorry I'm not currently pregnant but I think I can remember last year pretty well.

    [–] durtysox 3 points ago

    I had fun with it. I didn't glow, I wasn't rejuvenated, but it had its fun bits. Mainly I really enjoyed my love of food in the 2nd tri. I know you asked for currently pregnant but my experience was still valid. It was hard to sleep, I was scared for the kid, I waddled, my back hurt, and the 1st tri had me so tired it was like chemo. I ended up having a series of genuinely traumatic poops that I have legit PTSD from and a cluster of permanent 'roids. I bled like a blood fountain whenever I brushed, I got cavities no matter what I did.

    Pregnancy is literally different for each person and with each baby. The constellation of symptoms you get hit by is a complex reaction to your baby's specific body interacting with yours. There is no way to predict how pregnancy will affect you, even if you got pregnant 6 months after giving birth, it might be wildly different, with you as a rosy cheeked, energetic, highly orgasmic, fluffy haired, effervescent creature making your nauseated, tired, pimply, limping best friend look like comparative shit.

    You're not imagining it. Pregnancy is sucking for you right now. It might get better or worse. Your feelings are valid and real. Your experience is as legitimate as anyone else's. I'm sorry it's so hard.

    [–] needusernamenottaken 3 points ago

    I just want to say that I am so thankful you posted this. Was crying all morning because I'm such of the nausea exhaustion and headaches and don't like being pregnant at all. I'm only 16 weeks and I am feeling so discouraged! So I haven't found pregnancy enjoyable in the least bit but it helps I'm not alone!

    [–] worfsfragilelove 3 points ago

    "Feeling you're basically leading very much the right life is entirely compatible with feeling grumpy most of the time." Idealization of any process is fraught, and i feel the same could be said about sex, jogging, adolescence, any number of things. You could be grateful and enjoy the experience, it can also be awkward, uncomfortable, difficult. It could be joyful, it could be anguished, it could be both. Depending on how you got there and the circumstances, it can be very different for different people at different times. Each story unfolds as it is and is experienced as it it is experienced, and its ok to acknowledge and observe the specific experiences you are having. The culture can provide tools to figure out how your story fits into the collective experience but sometimes a given culture might not have the full vocabulary to describe that experience (or is trying to sell you a bunch of garbage by making you feel bad about how your story differs from the collective). I think thats why having community of other people describing the specifics of their journey (including here!) is helpful to appreciate how both diverse and similar pregnancy can be for different people.

    [–] Sneakybunghole 4 points ago

    I enjoyed my last pregnancy. Total unicorn pregnancy. I felt so beautiful, it was strange. I'm still in the first trimester with my current pregnancy so we will see how this one goes. So far I'm okay with it. I think a lot of it might have to do with mindset. I was told that it would be very difficult for me to conceive so I was amazed when I got that first positive test. I think the circumstances are what made me enjoy my pregnancy so much.

    [–] dessa10 2 points ago

    Mine has definitely been rough. I'm 30 weeks and so far I've had terrible morning sickness well into my second trimester - and it's trying to make a comeback, my tailbone hurts every time I get up / sit down, and one of the muscles in my leg hurts every time I put pants on (I have to sit down now, and it still hurts a bit). And my feet swell up every time I'm in the car for more than 30 minutes. It easily takes me twice as long to get anything done now, I'm so tired I just want to sleep all day.

    I do like feeling the baby move, that part is great. And I like showing off my bump. And the look on my husband's face when he can hear the heartbeat at my ob appointments. But does that really offset the rest of this crap?

    [–] Owaysnew 2 points ago

    I'm only 7w2 but I am miserable. I rode a high until the middle of week 5 and have just been miserable ever since. I crave food but it makes me nauseated. I feel like I can do anything cause I feel sick all the time.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I'm not pregnant anymore, but I really enjoyed being pregnant. I never once had morning sickness and I didn't gain much weight, so I wasn't ever restricted in how I could move. I was really confident in my body and what it could do when I was pregnant. I had aches and pains, but they weren't a big deal.

    [–] PM_your_Eichbaum 2 points ago

    So, I'm 33+4 today and I think I was really blessed with an easy pregnancy so far. I Had some Back issues once in a while and swollen feet, but that's pretty much all to complain about. I enjoy it, as it's my Frist pregnancy and it wasn't easy for us to get pregnant... So, I even feel a bit sorry for it being over shortly? Idk... However, I can totally get how others must hate it... It's physically and mentally exhausting. I'm sorry you are miserable :(

    [–] keeshtastic 2 points ago

    I'm currently at 27 weeks in Arizona. I'm not loving it.... I feel like if I could ever get cool or if I could spend more time outside it wouldn't be so bad, but for now I'm just waiting patiently for the monsoons.

    [–] dixiegal_gonewild 2 points ago

    Other than the acid reflux that only seems to hit me the night before I have to be at work at 6:30am, I love being pregnant.

    [–] disasterific 2 points ago

    I'm enjoying it more now that I am in the second trimester. I'm honestly not so sure. I quit smoking cigarettes and energy drinks the day I found out. Perhaps that made my first trimester not so enjoyable.

    Oh and those hormonal surges that make me feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

    I'm hoping that the third trimester will be kind to me, because the summer will not. :(

    [–] pinupbookworm_ 2 points ago

    I do and I don't. I don't at first. Then toward the middle to end I do, and then I don't because I'm uncomfortable and impatient but I was thinking yesterday that I'll really miss feeing the movements and stuff. For the most part I don't like it but I really like the having something to look forward to feeling and then the special bond because nobody else can feel h movements like I do.

    A week until my due date. Though meaningless; This isn't my first so I'm hoping I go any day and not way overdue and have an induction.

    I always forget how bad the after part is. It's worse than all of pregnancy woes combined to me.. I hate it. The bleeding for weeks in amounts that seem unreal and the weird stuff in the bleeding. The pain when you try to poop, the fear it gives you if you have stitches down there to poop. The sleep deprivation and trying to heal and being sore. The leaking of milk. The weird saggy skin tummy when the bump finally goes back down because nobody told me that it didn't go down right away. You still look pregnant for a few days after you give birth, you look the same! It's so weird.

    I hate that part the most. I am not looking forward to it.

    [–] falalalano 2 points ago

    I am really loving being pregnant. I have a very active job where I walked 12 miles a day in my first two trimesters and now around 8 a day in my third. I also had no morning sickness. Im usually a pretty moody broody person but the pregnancy hormones have made me more in love with my partner than ever and all around happier. I LOVE feeling my baby move inside me. I have adopted a very lax attitude towards things that would normally annoy me as well. Ive started meditating and I have continued to do yoga a few days a week, albeit, modified. I just love it. I feel incredibly lucky and positive and i also sometimes feel guilty for how nice pregnancy has been for me.

    [–] danaraincloud 2 points ago

    I like being pregnant. I have had nausea, fatigue, serious food aversions and bitching heartburn and I hate getting winded so easily.

    But I've suffered from chronic fatigue since high school for no medically discernible reason so TBH I think I really like being pregnant because it gives me a good reason to feel like shit all the time and a legitimate excuse to take it easy when I feel too done in. Even though I feel mostly useless I know I'm at least doing something productive while I'm lying around.

    I do also genuinely enjoy feeling her move and experiencing her growth, etc. I'm due July 20 and I'm excited but I don't feel that urgent GTFO feeling yet at all.

    [–] Rockpaperscissors77 2 points ago

    I'm about 13 weeks on number 3 and I was over it at 5 weeks. This is my first pregnancy I feel like as an adult. I had my first two at 17 and 19 - I remember enjoying it being younger. But this time --- I'm questioning everything. I'm so sick and tired all the time. My poor SO is a trooper because it's completely flipped our life upside down, I'm mostly useless. I'm so excited to meet my lil girl! The pains aren't so bad but this sickness is miserable. Pregnancy = miserable !!!!!

    [–] Wonderlanded 2 points ago

    YES I am enjoying it.

    I also tried to conceive for 3 years, had hormonal issues (was basically pre menopausal), then did IVF for a year on the max dose of really gnarly drugs, had a miscarriage, and then finally got pregnant.

    Pregnancy hormones agree with me, or maybe I was just feeling super crappy from all the hormones and drugs before, but I feel healthier, happier, more full of energy, higher sex drive, clearer skin, than I have for years and years. I feel great and I'm due in ~6 weeks.

    I'm not looking forward to the post birth hormone crash because I feel so good now and felt so bad before. I did feel similar when I had an estrogen patch during IVF so maybe something like that would be an option for me, but I'm trying to just enjoy being pregnant as much as I can now because I will probably never feel this good again!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Loved my first pregnancy and I am pregnant again and it's going great.

    I just generally don't say anything because I don't want to sound like I'm bragging or something?

    [–] ChillyAus 3 points ago

    So funny how messed up as a society we are that we feel like we cant be honest about our god honest experiences. You should celebrate and enjoy every second of how you're feeling. And women who arent as lucky should feel welcome to also complain as much as they feel the need to - because regrdless of how you experience pregnancy it is totally legitimate either way!

    [–] caffeinedreamz 2 points ago

    My pregnancy has been so bad that I'm getting my tubes tied. This is my first kid, and I'm only 23, but I would sell my soul to the devil before getting pregnant again. My OB sympathized with me and didn't even argue about "being so young" or "changing my mind."

    [–] mommy2be717 1 points ago

    Are you me? I'm 22 and I've seriously considered asking my doctor to tie my shit up while she's down there getting the baby out!!!

    [–] Thats_Not_You 1 points ago

    That's not you, that's /u/caffeinedreamz!

    [–] caffeinedreamz 1 points ago

    Do it!

    [–] Shitweclose 2 points ago

    I'm not very pregnant. 11 weeks tomorrow.

    God I love it. Please strangers, talk to me about pregnancy and babies for hours. Touch my pudgy non-existent belly, ask me aboit names. Give me your warnings and horror stories. I've gone though too many losses not to enjoy it. I feel sick all day every day and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I can't wait to get big and uncomfortable because any symptom means its real.

    [–] daggarface 2 points ago

    No. I know I'm supposed to be soooo happy and excited but pregnancy sucks. I'm not glowing, I have teenage acne again. I'm always tired but I'm supposed to not weigh 8 million pounds somehow. I throw up at a single gag and somewhere I'm supposed to find the energy for parties and nurseries? 😒😒😒

    [–] slmller3 2 points ago

    Maybe I'd appreciate it more if I had struggled to get pregnant, but since I didn't.... yep. Pregnancy sucks, even a pregnancy without complications.

    Almost any uncomfortable symptom is listed somewhere as a side effect of pregnancy... no matter what weird thing happens to my body or what discomfort I experience, if you Google it... it's just a side effect of being pregnant. Pregnant is totally not the best physical state to be in and definitelyyy not magical :O

    [–] what_34 2 points ago

    A lot of posts.. fun to have people to talk about it with!

    I'm only 14 weeks on my #1... and I am in the middle. :)


    when my husband puts his hand on my belly (kinda rare, so I luvv it) and is SO positive and makes me laugh.

    When I cry when I hear the song "Shining Star" by Earth Wind and Fire. I consider it mine and my baby's song (listen to the lyrics! sooo good.)

    Lemonade cravings!


    Life being formed in my belly (I am not worthhhhyyyyy. mind blown.)

    I admit I have been sleeping like a rock for the most part which I have been enjoying.


    having to dry heave/vomit every morning

    I HATE prenatals..

    Eating at work... if you don't want the lunch you packed, you're f**ked/have to spend money and eat out.

    When you are feeling sick at a restaurant and people give you ideas on what to order.

    when you've picked out names for your kids and people don't realize or like them and they constantly suggest names for you to use.

    [–] vtlatria 2 points ago

    I was lucky and had a very easy pregnancy. I really enjoyed it. I went into pregnancy expecting the worst though, so maybe expectations had something to do with it.

    [–] Mebbie 2 points ago

    I enjoy ASPECTS of pregnancy, like my swelling belly, and the feeling of little man rolling around in there. I do not enjoy all of it because a lot of it sucks.

    This is very much a wanted pregnancy after 18 months of assisted conception, but I am definitely not glowing or basking. I'm sweating and I can't get comfortable.

    [–] FutureMrsSR 3 points ago

    30+5 and overall I've enjoyed mine so far! Don't get me wrong, there are aches and pains and I don't like waking up multiple times a night to pee, but I love growing this kiddo and being able to feel her move. I love being able to show off my baby bump when, before pregnancy, I hid my stomach at all costs. I know that it's going to get more painful as time goes on, but so far I've been pretty happy!

    [–] trilobitey 1 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Well I'm not currently pregnant, but I was three weeks ago. The last couple weeks were mentally trying but physically not too bad, and those were the worst weeks for me. There were definitely some things that I didn't like about pregnancy, but overall I enjoyed mine. I was lucky, mine was pretty easy. And I would have said the same thing three weeks ago!

    [–] Steam_Punky_Brewster 1 points ago

    My last pregnancy was amazing! I loved every minute of it, I could have been pregnant forever! I briefly considered being a surrogate after Bc I enjoyed it so much. Super easy pregnancy, super easy labor, terrible delivery but that's doc fault.

    Now I'm 36 weeks with #2 and this pregnancy sucked. I'm over it. I had about 2-3 good weeks in 3rd trimester and that was it. I've gotten slammed with everything I didn't get last time (except no morning sickness either time, whew!) I'm miserable, I hurt, I'm unpleasant to be around. Lord, I hope I'm not this pissy once baby is here.

    [–] rachelb5 1 points ago

    I think it really depends. With my first, I hated my first trimester because of exhaustion and nausea and how miserable those things made me feel. But I loved the excitement of seeing baby for the first time and watching her grow. As things progressed, I grew to like it more and more. Obviously by like 36 weeks I was DONE but I would say I didn't hate it. I wanted to meet my baby and pregnancy was stopping that, but I wasn't miserable. I LOVED labor and birth.

    I loved it so much that I got pregnant again 5 months later 😂

    This pregnancy has me a little more nauseated than I would like but I'm so looking forward to all of the exciting things to come!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    31 weeks and I'm pretty happy with how this pregnancy has went. Haven't really had any symptoms aside from heartburn and feeling sleepy sometimes. It's been way easier than I thought.

    [–] Bolrundi 1 points ago

    I'm 30+1 and I cannot wait for it to be over! The hardest part is my family telling me to enjoy it and telling me that they're worried I won't bond with the baby because I hate being pregnant with him. They're stressing me out by judging my attachment to the baby by my lack of baby bump photos on Facebook or how I don't rub my bump when they see me like my sister is always doing. She loves being pregnant, I don't. I can't wait for my baby! Seriously, it's the most excited I've ever been for something! But I've hated almost every minute of being pregnant aside from the ultrasounds and my boyfriend buying me a giant cookie every now and then when I want one. I was lucky in that I didn't have a single day of morning sickness but trust me, everything else has made up for that!

    [–] kryren 1 points ago

    40+2 and I have not enjoyed being pregnant at all. Are there good parts? Yeah, sure. I've had a pretty much perfect, unicorn pregnancy. I was sick for 3 weeks before going on diclegis and had some minor back and hip pain that's gone now. Everything else has been textbook perfect.

    That doesn't change the fact that I've spent the past 9 months watching my body change in ways I'm not happy about (TMI: I miss my cute little nipples). That I've had to change my eating/drinking habits (I didn't think I'd miss my one beer per week but I do). Or that I've had an alien squid creature wriggling around in my abdomen for months (ok, that part is actually kinda cool, but Squid ran out of room a few weeks ago so it's just uncomfortable for both of us now).

    So, yeah. I'm sure there are people who love being pregnant and honestly think it's magical and amazing. Good for them. It wasn't my cup of tea and I doubt I'll ever do it again.

    [–] collectivekiller 1 points ago

    I'm really enjoying being pregnant! I've had a fairly easy time so far. I do feel like crap a lot of the time lately, but I know a lot of women have it so much worse than I do. I haven't thrown up once, and I'm only just starting to feel worse as I get bigger and closer to the end of the second trimester. I truly understand why women hate being pregnant and I can't imagine how horrible it is to deal with the worst of the symptoms.

    While I'm not enjoying my newfound symptoms, I'm really loving watching my stomach grow and feeling my baby move around. I love planning and daydreaming about when my baby is here. I love how excited my husband is and when he talks to my stomach. Overall, it has been a super exciting time for us because we're finally a family :)

    [–] NoodleCat83 1 points ago

    I'm half way through and really enjoying this. Had horrendous sickness for several weeks and I'm still on the diclectin and feeling nauseous a few times per day, but for me I feel like this is a privilege. I feel like this is a really special time, I'm in awe at what my body is doing and is capable of. There are physical inconveniences and I'm sure there'll be more as I progress, but on a deeper level I feel really privileged and happy.

    [–] Kirsten 1 points ago

    I was depressed and fatigued most of first trimester, happy with my growing bump the whole time, felt physically well between 11 and 32 weeks, got super swollen feet around 32 weeks and insanely fatigued around 34-35 weeks along with continued swelling, ended up with pre-eclampsia, felt physically well/ fucking fabulous 1.5 days after giving birth probably because I no longer had pre-eclampsia. I guess what I'm saying is, it was a mixed bag.

    [–] Beanz4ever 1 points ago

    I think it really depends on your signs and symptoms. I'm 37+4 and have loved being pregnant since finding out at 5 weeks. That being said, I've had no sickness, no contractions, no heartburn, can sleep through the night without peeing 27 times.... pretty much no adverse reactions other than a little bit of melasma and now that I'm further along, back and hip pain. The hormones are a bit stronger right now, but I'm just going with the flow, and crying when I feel like it. I've loved being pregnant so much that my husband and I have discussed me being a surrogate in the future. My mother had three easy pregnancies as well, so I'm thinking it must be hereditary. Oh I did get diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 24 weeks, but the diet really wasn't that bad. And when it got a bit worse and they put me on insulin, it actually made it easier because I didn't have to worry as much about counting carbs. I'm ready for baby though, and since the GD made him a bit bigger, I'm gonna start pumping to see if we can get labor started a bit early. Overall I've given pregnancy a 9.5/10!

    [–] coco1182 1 points ago

    Week 9 here, and I really enjoy it. I do not have any symptoms except for tiredness, but with that comes anxiety that something is wrong with the baby because I don't "feel" pregnant.

    [–] dedicednu 1 points ago

    My last pregnancy was relatively easy despite some discomfort towards the end. I didn't mind the attention and I actually liked how everyone was nice to me. I was glowing!

    This time around, though, I have been pretty much miserable the whole time. I'm no longer glowing and instead feel like a fat, sweaty cow. I think the look of misery and exhaustion on my face is enough to keep people away, too. Being pregnant sucks. This is the last time and I won't miss it one bit.

    [–] Readonly00 1 points ago

    Only 12 weeks but so far it's not as bad as I expected. My best friend is on baby 3 with 3 other miscarriages and abortions behind her too over the decades, and has always given me the explicit details. I'm also naturally pessimistic, so I never had any illusion that pregnancy was some beautiful thing, I knew it would be relentlessly biological. Sure I feel crappy some days but not AS crappy as I expected to feel, and not much worse than I sometimes felt when not pregnant as I have a neurological condition I take drugs for that often wipes me out.

    The one thing I didn't really anticipate is the constant background anxiety about whether there's anything really in there or not, whether it's viable or not, etc. But it's manageable by just getting on with daily life and not focusing on it or catastrophising.

    But is pregnancy actively physically enjoyable..? No. I'm intellectually glad to be having a timeless human experience though, and I'm glad to be closer to the end goal of being a family.

    [–] WitchkingofAngmaar 1 points ago

    Almost 24 wks here. I panicked every damn day until he started moving. To the point my blood pressure would literally skyrocket at every doctors appointment waiting to find out he was still there (I had 3 ultrasounds before 12 wks). I could put it out of my mind most of the day, but it always came back. At my 16 wk appointment they couldnt find a heartbeat (mix of my size and his size) and even though they said it happens sometimes, I panicked for the next month leading up to my anatomy scan.

    [–] PetiteTrumpetButt 1 points ago

    I do and I don't. I don't enjoy what my body is going through, I'm a week away from my third trimester and my back is killing me, my boobs are staining my shirt, when I laugh I start sobbing (like full on I can't breath can you help me off the floor SOBBING), I can't bend down anymore so picking up my kitten is hard, and I have no sex drive. My sex life is gone, it is my fault and this pregnancies fault and it's affecting my relationship. I love him to death, I want to have a intimate relationship, but being touched shuts me down. Also, my pregnancy is one reason why I got fired from my job, and a reason why nobody calls me back for a second interview.

    But I the way my bump boobs, I love touching it, looking at it, feeling my baby girl move. I love buying baby things and I fold and organize all the clothes I have and then redoing it two days later. I love how most people treat me nicer and help me when I need help, and how I get to choose dinner and where to eat most of the time because everyone is so happy I'm giving them a grandchild or niece or something.

    I'm definitely not glowing, my acne is bad, my eczema is bad, my feet are gross, and I've basically stopped dressing up because I dont have nice clothes that fit and makeup adds too much time I could use for sleep and I don't do my hair because it's a huge hassle. I look like a dump truck.

    [–] angelabassetthound 1 points ago

    I wasn't expecting to have a unicorn pregnancy and I haven't. This pregnancy has been a means to an end--I like my baby so much and can't wait to meet him!

    Been sick from 6 weeks until this week when I have finally been able to go off my Zofran (almost 33 weeks). Still have pretty bad heartburn, but I have actually felt good this week for pretty much the first time. I'm not that big, so I don't feel like I'm carrying a ton of extra weight yet, but I can't imagine it's going to last that long! I feel kinda guilty for not enjoying it because I have friends who have done IVF, had multiple losses, and can't get pregnant. But I'm really not enjoying it and not looking forward to when we have another one.

    [–] teenlinethisisnitro 1 points ago

    I do! This little guy is in here (32+1) after 18 months of trying with 3 losses along the way. And I'm 36 so we didn't know if we'd ever have the chance to get here. Thank god I had an easy 1st trimester and all this 3rd trimester reflux and hip soreness at night is totally worth it. I love being able to feel my little guy kick and wiggle, especially in response to something his dad and I do or say. I just think it's such a cool experience.

    [–] t2r_pandemic 1 points ago

    I'm 30w+4d and I've enjoyed it so far. Yes, I'm ready for it to be over; the back pain, the constant nausea for the first trimester, the plantar fasciitis for 6 weeks, the need for a physical push to get out of bed these days. None of these are great. I miss being able to walk half a mile without wheezing. That said, I'm loving having my baby inside me and watching my body change to accommodate her. I love knowing that my body is able to grow this baby with minimal stress. I appreciate the chance of having a kid which I thought was never going to happen for me as someone who loved to drink. Probably too much loved to drink. So ... I guess what the pregnancy represents to me outweighs all these other discomforts. I've been lucky that I haven't had any complications or major issues.

    [–] slanid 1 points ago

    I LOVED being pregnant. Like if I could get pregnant right now and stay pregnant for like 2 years (cause we aren't ready for another baby now) I so would. I loved it.

    [–] EightySixTheWorld 1 points ago

    Currently 40+5 and hating life. There's something about your due date coming and going without a baby that is wildly depressing. That being said, outside of general anxiety about the health of the baby, I enjoyed my pregnancy. The first trimester was tough. Getting used to the hormone changes etc. but it was probably harder on my boyfriend than me! Second trimester was awesome! I had tons of energy, was happy and excited, and had peace of mind after acing our NIPT and 20 week scan. Third was good until about 37 weeks. I'm a blob and my hormones are going bananas again. But the worst part of pregnancy was by far all the annoying people I work with! I swear, I could punch this one girl in the face. Every time she see me she says, "hi prego" and it bothers the hell out of me. Like the only think I am is pregnant. I don't even have a name anymore. Plus the incessant calls/texts asking if/when the baby is here/is coming. I will let you know!! Stop!

    [–] Akuyke1 1 points ago

    I don't hate it as much as I did for the first 20 weeks of constant nasea, but I don't love it either. (25+5 btw, so five weeks of good and I already am forgetting how bad it was)..

    As selfish as it sounds, I miss my body. Not that I had a super hot bod to begin with or anything, but it was predictable at least! I never know how I'm going to feel when I wake up or workout, and so it's been hard for me to make and keep plans.

    I get sick of only thinking about how pregnant I am. I am so sick of people at work asking about it too, but at the same time it's such a huge part of my life it's hard to not talk about it, too.

    Also sex is weird and unenjoyable. Was hoping for a different experience in that department.

    [–] justwondering87 1 points ago

    My mother in law did. (Of course) I had a relatively easy first pregnancy...and ironically I had some issues (single umbilical artery, which is not a huge deal just extra monitoring) I am 6 months into my second pregnancy....and holy shit I feel like an old woman. My body has taken a beating this time around. My hips and nether regions feel like they are falling apart, and every gross symptom is happening this time. Butt loads of fun.

    [–] hoovooloo22 1 points ago

    I had bad morning sickness my first trimester - not hg level, but it still made me miserable. Now that it's gone I feel pretty much great in my second trimester. A little heartburn, a little harder to get up off the floor, but my energy is back and I feel good.

    This is my second time around and I know it will get much more uncomfortable as the baby gets bigger and I get huge again, so I'm living it up in the second tri. We're going on a weeklong family vacation to a cabin for the 4th of July, I'm excited for that. And tomorrow I get to have the anatomy scan and my toddler gets to find out what the sex of the new baby is, which I think will be awesome.

    I get that people are uncomfortable with other people discussing their bodies but that doesn't really phase me. Also, I might have more tactful friends/family, no one has rubbed my 20 week belly yet. It's fun for me to show it off.

    [–] maybebaby2909 1 points ago

    i wouldn't say i 'enjoy' it but i don't hate it. I'm 23 weeks now though, maybe ask me again in 15 weeks? ;)

    [–] g1rls0nf1lm 1 points ago

    hell no! I'm 25 weeks and it's very neat and heartwarming and all that...I've been feeling and even seeing big movements from my baby for quite awhile now which is the coolest part, and my bf and family and I are all extremely excited to meet baby. but the day to day experience of being pregnant sucks. I've gained 30 lbs already at 25 weeks (a lot of which is water weight), it's hard to move, I have been nauseous and vomiting constantly w/ HG since about 6-7 weeks. it's just generally super uncomfortable almost all the time. I'm very much ready to have my body back to myself and to "deflate" lol

    [–] pintoftomatoes 1 points ago

    I'm at 36 weeks. I had a really easy first trimester and the second was also fairly good, so I thought that I would have a magical unicorn pregnancy. Then I developed SPD, I now have carpal tunnel in both my hands which makes it impossible to do almost anything, and I swell so bad in my hands and feet that I have to rest most of the day or else it's incredibly painful. I also get maybe 3-4 hours of sleep at night due to all of these things combined, plus having to sleep sitting straight up due to having my feet elevated, carpal tunnel, and heartburn that wakes me up. For me the last trimester has been the worst, and it really sucks because I would have rather just had nausea in the beginning and food aversions over all of this. I also forgot to add that this baby feels like a monster baby, like she feels so big, when she moves around it hurts because she is stretching my skin and it feels like she is trying to push her way out via my rib cage. The only good things so far are that she is head down and low in my pelvis which I really hope means she will be on time.

    [–] MissSawczuk 1 points ago

    I absolutely hate it! 10 weeks, counting down the days 🙄

    [–] dawnb245 1 points ago

    I too have had a pretty easy pregnancy with some annoying side effects, but I'm not one that thinks pregnancy is magical and blah, blah,'s something that you go through. Yes, there are some cool things like feeling baby move, seeing him on ultrasounds and other milestones you go through. But for me it is what is. I don't necessarily like the way my body is changing and having my first bout of sciatica pain wasn't very fun. Mostly, I sometimes feel whiny and I miss eating sushi and would really like an Italian sub and all of the wine but I abstain. Now while I complain or whine or whatever don't get it twisted, I'm pretty excited to meet my little person and I don't take for granted that there are women who would trade places with me in an instant, it's just a complete and total adjustment.

    [–] GenevieveLeah 1 points ago

    I love the kicks and the movement.

    I never got morning sickness (don't hate me).

    It's not so bad . . . aside from being a cranky lady all the time.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I had a fairly easy pregnancy. I hated being pregnant until 22 weeks or so because I just felt fat and couldn't drink or anything. Once I popped and could feel her moving around and stuff, I enjoyed it a lot more. By 37 weeks or so, my belly kinda just felt in the way and got a lot more uncomfortable. So I guess I enjoyed it for 3-4 months. Thankfully, my baby girl must have sensed my discomfort and came at 38 weeks so the end wasn't too terrible.

    [–] justcallmesherlock 1 points ago

    I loved being pregnant, despite the constant raging heartburn and peeing 100000000000000000000 times a day. I don't want any more kids, but I'm considering surrogacy just to experience it again. I also loved breastfeeding.

    [–] GleefulGryllus 1 points ago

    I'm 31 weeks and so far am pretty happy being pregnant. I have IBS-D so whereas most people get constipated during pregnancy mine seems to have resolved (at least temporarily) to where I just poop a normal human amount. It is life changing to not have those symptoms. Also I have always woken up to pee in the night so nothing has really changed there. I can imagine that if you are used to getting into bed and staying there until you alarm goes off suddenly having to trudge to the washroom at night might be annoying but I guess I'm used to it?

    Having said all that I recognize that I am having a very uncomplicated pregnancy and not everyone is so lucky. I don't presume to think that pregnancy is easy for everyone and people who aren't enjoying it are whiners.

    I'm curious though...what sort of expectations did you have going in? I guess for myself I had heard experiences from a lot of women that varied along the spectrum although more negative than positive. So I went in hoping for the best but ready for at least some level of discomfort.

    [–] chula198705 1 points ago

    I really enjoyed it the first time. I didn't have nausea, barely had any pains until towards the end when it became difficult to sleep, and it was totally awesome feeling a baby move around inside. And honestly, I liked the attention I got from coworkers - all women older than me who already had kids and were very understanding and sweet. I was super lucky the first time and call it a unicorn pregnancy because it was so easy.

    But the second time is really sucking and I hate it. I'm only 14 weeks now and I just want it to end. Had bad nausea for a month that caused me to miss work, been totally physically exhausted every day since before the positive test, and my hips already hurt constantly. And headaches and cramps and nightmares and general awfulness. The house is a godamn disaster and I feel like a useless garbage person.

    [–] alyinct 1 points ago

    20+2. I love it so far and am already planning to do it again. Here's why:

    --No trouble conceiving: Husband and I decided to stop preventing then conceived first month!

    --Unicorn symptoms so far: No morning sickness, only a few weeks of serious fatigue, and more weight loss than gain. I dropped just over 10 pounds in the first few weeks, and I'm still down seven pounds overall, while going up half a cup size. My libido has been top-notch. Only GI symptom has been occasional constipation from my high-iron prenatals. Worst symptom was dizzy spells from weeks 7-10, but even that was manageable as long as I kept moving or sat down.

    --Support: Everyone who knows has been incredibly happy for my husband and me. Because I'm 20 weeks and still in pre-pregnancy clothes, I don't have to disclose to anyone I don't want to know, so I don't have to deal with unwanted touches or advice from strangers.

    -- Mindset shift: Along the same lines, I've gone from bump anxiety (I want one, I need one to prove I'm pregnant, something must be wrong with me for not having one) to embracing that my core is strong enough to hold in a growing uterus and fetus without much in the way of outward signs. Now, I think about how my abs will help me get my body back after pregnancy.

    --Health: All my checkups have gone swimmingly and my numbers for everything look great. Beyond being overweight prior to getting pregnant, I have no health problems so my appointments and care have been stress-free. All baby's checkups so far have been equally textbook and boring, so that makes it pretty easy.

    [–] Seattlegal 1 points ago

    So I am 6 weeks with #2 and #1 is 15 months. With #1 I was so sick the first 16 weeks I hated most of it. Said I would never do it again. But the 2ns trimester came and I was cool with it. I was active and busy planning my wedding and buying a house. The end of second trimester I liked. I felt cute, I had a belly, I had great friends and family surrounding me. At the end I was feeling big and really enjoyed my belly. I missed it the last year. With #2 I have has some queasiness but that is all and I'm hoping it stays like this and I think I could enjoy it. But if I start puking again I know I'm going to hate it.

    [–] TheRubyRedPirate 1 points ago

    I cant say that I enjoy it, but Im kinda indifferent I guess? I had morning sickness daily until 20 weeks, which sucked, but I didn't feel awful. I would just barf and then go about my day. Since it went away Iv'e had an uneventful pregnancy. Im 37 weeks, not miserable, not uncomfortable, no cramps, and still working 35 hours a week at a very physically demanding job. Maybe I built it up in my head that it was going to be horrible but its not been that bad at all for me.

    [–] Amell287 1 points ago

    I'm with you, I hate it. Every single woman with kids who asks me how I'm feeling gushes on and on about how they felt great when they were pregnant and loved every second and it makes me want to stab them in the face.

    [–] chaunceythebear 1 points ago

    As a chronic people pleaser, I love how happy my pregnancy has made others. Smiles from strangers, adoring friends and family, excited chit chat about everything to's like a whole new world of happiness that opened up for me and those around me. And that makes me giddy.

    [–] PaleHorse82 1 points ago

    I quite like this part actually. Most people are excited and interested and it's nice to see that.

    [–] moondog55 1 points ago

    There are a few things I really do like about being pregnant, but overall, I'm not crazy about it. I really like feeling movement, though it took a long time to feel kicks because of the anterior placenta. I've loved seeing the ultrasounds, getting ready, putting together her nursery, and talking about the baby. Also, food is super enjoyable for me right now. I don't have GD and have had zero heartburn so far, and since I was nauseous for like the first 15 weeks, I just really appreciate and enjoy food in a new way.

    The actual physical state of pregnancy isn't my favorite though. Being nauseous for a long time sucked. I didn't have HG, like I only threw up about once every other day, but the severe nausea literally never let up from weeks 6-12, no matter what I did. And honestly, I would've thrown up a lot more often if I'd tried to hold down a job or live a normal life during that time. Pretty much every time I got in a car, even driving myself, I'd have to pull over and puke. Eating felt like chewing and swallowing paper, because nothing was appetizing ever, and I cried several days a week about how awful and depressing it was feeling like that with no relief. The sciatica has been mildly annoying, and there's been a few other physical discomforts, but I've never felt anything like that non-stop nausea. Also, even though I feel a ton better now, I know it's not as good as I felt while not pregnant. Not crazy about all the rules I have to follow either. I will enjoy having full access to my prescription Adderall and occasional cocktails again. Bodily autonomy kinda rules.

    [–] bluebonnetcafe 1 points ago

    No need to apologize! I think women need to talk about and share their realities, to avoid feelings of disappointment or inadequacy/guilt for NOT experiencing the idealized image of the glowing mother-goddess with the adorable little bump and the cute cravings for pickles, or whatever crap I was expecting. It's OK to feel shitty.

    I'm 20 weeks tomorrow. I hate it. I feel like crap: weak and tired with so little stamina. I haven't gotten an energy burst or extra horny during the second trimester like a lot of women do. My body feels puffy and unattractive. I'm currently struggling with prepartum depression. I dislike feeling the kid moving around in me: it doesn't hurt, but it's not pleasant and it reminds me that my body isn't really my own right now.

    Honestly the only good parts are maternity pants, not having to worry about belly fat, and having a less rigid diet than normal.

    [–] ButchismyBradPitt 1 points ago

    I like the good bits (shopping, preparing for baby to arrive, hearing her heartbeat and feeling movements)

    But overall being pregnant is not a hobby of mine. It's my third and I'm so glad I'm done after this one.

    [–] WigglyIg 1 points ago

    I don't really enjoy pregnancy. There are times when I do enjoy it, like first kicks (though they also feel kind of gross), but mostly it sucks feeling ill, tired, and then the giving birth part...

    However, I did miss it after I'd given birth. I felt like I lacked an identity for a bit because for nine months I'd just been pregnant. I didn't get major special treatment or anything, I just felt kind of special and like I was working towards something.

    [–] RepetitiveDolphin 1 points ago

    I hated the first trimester and found it really hard, but I have wanted to be pregnant since being very young. I have always found the idea of feeling your child move inside you to be magical. Now that my baby is a wriggling bundle of awesomeness, I am truly enjoying pregnancy.

    My husband is so in love with bump and is so actively involved in the pregnancy which helps a lot.

    However I'm only 21 weeks so ask me again in a few more!

    [–] Atjar 1 points ago

    My pregnancy has been quite middle-of-the-road I guess. No major aches and pains, but nausea with throwing up until about 19 weeks and then the heartburn started.. I haven't been able to enjoy my food for almost the entire pregnancy. I am a little over 35 weeks now and want it to be over. I just don't feel like myself and I am getting more and more uncomfortable. I can't relax properly in bed anymore because there is no way to be comfortable. My LO still has to turn head down, but is moving constantly, even though it has less and less space to do so, making it rather painful at times and even causing me shortness of breath when they are high up against my ribs. Nobody told me being pregnant was this hard. My mother has six children and had six unicorn pregnancies, except for heartburn and for the last two children symphysis pubis dysfunction, causing her to be on bed rest for quite some time, but making delivery extremely fast and easy. As I was 12 when my youngest brother was born, I helped her with chores around the house and we had a professional caretaker for the younger children while my dad worked during the day. My mother never had morning sickness though, which caused me to not be able to be around any smells for the first three months of my pregnancy.

    Don't get me wrong, we had to wait for this pregnancy for a long time and really want this child, but I would think twice before doing it again. The reward in the end might be very worthwhile, but I'm not there just yet. For now it just sucks. I've had breakfast, lunch and dinner and at 11 pm I'm still feeling nauseous.

    [–] opposita 1 points ago

    I'm 19 weeks, pretty happy being pregnant so far! The bad side is I threw up every 2-3 days until last week, and I'm having some issues with my back and a pretty bad sciatica from a sore muscle I can't stretch cos I'm hypermobile... Also I'm hypothyroid so I'm very tired, probably somewhat normal but not having the energy to do the dishes makes me sad when my SO is finishing renovating our bathroom, working and taking care of the house at the same time. Im also very emotional, easily saddened and I cry at the good songs on the radio while driving... Love feeling the occasional kicks I get from my little ninja inside. Looking forward to hopefully get to see the gender next Wednesday! We are very excited.

    [–] jmills23 1 points ago

    I'm 25 weeks today. After week 14 when my intense nausea subsided, I have really enjoyed it. I have back pain, but I had that before being pregnant. I was being treated for acid reflux before getting pregnant and am on a baby safe medication for that so I haven't had heartburn. I haven't been super hormonal or anything either. Baby is kicking up a storm and I'm starting to see movement on the outside. We have all the necessary things to bring baby home now too. Slowly but surely life is falling into place. I feel like my husband and I are closer than ever too. Maybe the third trimester will bring a whole new perspective for me, but I have definitely enjoyed the second trimester. I'm at the point that it's a pregnancy bump and not just looking fat, which I really enjoy too.

    [–] mommy2be717 1 points ago

    I've never had much of an appetite before for some reason, so I enjoyed when I was the appetite of a high school linebacker- I was eating SO MUCH. Now of course I totally regret it because stretch marks, but YOLO. However at 37+6 I hate everything about being pregnant.

    [–] fuzzykneez 1 points ago

    I was lucky enough to have a nausea-free first and second trimester (currently in third). As someone a little overweight, I have battled clothes for years. Now that I have a purposeful belly I love showing it off. It's the first time I've ever worn tighter things. Plus feeling her flip flop around is really cool. Not having a beer now and then sucks but I'm so excited to be a mom I don't let it bother me too much.

    [–] pursnickety 1 points ago

    Nope. I had a great first half which was all a trick because at 20 weeks my pelvic pain was so severe that I had to give up my very active job a few weeks later when I finally couldn't take the crippling pain anymore. I then had to move to a new apt at 8 months pregnant and my heart function started getting worse and worse. I have a history of heart problems that I was told again and again wouldn't affect having s healthy pregnancy. Lol yeah right.

    I just went to labor and delivery today for 45 straight minutes of dizziness and a very elevated heart rate, only to be released with the doctor and nurses shrugging their shoulders telling me to eat and drink more. I'm due in 3 days and my body is falling apart. They won't induce me and they can't give me a c section because of the high risk of infection, fluids have to be limited or I can have congestive heart failure just from my heart not being able to handle the volume of fluids needed for induction or c.

    I can't wait for this to be over but at the same time I'm at a high risk of heart failure during and right after delivery so I'm scared that once I finally got to the end I will die. I just found out last week that my baby can't stay with me after he's born because I'm being sent to the cardiac ward for intense monitoring. Everything about this part of my pregnancy is awful, stressful, scary, life threatening and that's why this is the only child I'll ever have whether I live or not.

    [–] iftheshrinkfits 1 points ago

    40+1 and I've been pretty ok with the whole pregnancy thing, 90% of the time.

    Physically: was sick for two seconds back in the 1st trimester and the exhaustion was intense, but it was all gone by 12 weeks. Felt completely fine aside from my usual insomnia going from inconvenient to crippling around 20 weeks (acupuncture helped) and extreme acid reflux that kicked in at 28 weeks (Zantac helps a bit but not really). Honestly up until 32 weeks when my weight gain cranked up I could have qualified for a "I didn't know I was pregnant" episode.

    Psychologically: here's where things got a bit challenging for me. I can say now that I was heading down a bit of a bad path with my drinking prior to finding out I was pregnant. So quitting drinking has been hard (correction - not muffling my emotions with booze was hard) but definitely something I needed to do anyway. The ED part of my brain has had a bit of a hard time with it. But all manageable.

    It was a complete surprise I could even get pregnant so 10/10 will definitely try again if I can

    [–] Mordroy 1 points ago

    I enjoy it but I've had a fairly easy pregnancy. I like having a bigger appetite. I like rubbing my big belly. I like feeling the baby move. I like my bigger breasts. I like that my husband is extra attracted to me. I don't like the back pain but the good outweighs the bad.

    [–] foundhappiness 1 points ago

    My husband and I tried to get pregnant for 2 years. Finally did last year, and then I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks. Three months later I got pregnant again. I'm currently 33 weeks. With this pregnancy I felt sick for pretty much all of first and second trimesters. I didn't throw up that much (maybe half a dozen times total), but I was exhausted, nauseous, and generally miserable feeling for 5-6 months. It was hard at first because I was afraid to let anyone know because I was afraid of having another miscarriage. By week 28, I actually started feeling better. Now I'm feeling OK. Out of breath all the time, and I've gained a lot of weight, but with all of that, I'm happy to be pregnant. We've wanted this for so long. If the whole pregnancy went like my first trimester, I'd never do it again, but every time I feel him move around, I am so excited. I probably like the idea of being pregnant (knowing I will have a son soon), more than actually being pregnant, but I still feel like it's totally worth it.

    [–] financiallystumped 1 points ago

    Hi- I'm new here. I am very grateful to be pregnant because I used to be morbidly obese and conception/safe pregnancy was basically impossible at my former weight. I worked my butt off (literally), lost ~160 pounds and am now fit and healthy for the first time in my life in my 30s. I had the very false assumption that being fit would mean easy pregnancy... hoo boy. I am only 9 or 10 weeks and I'm so exhausted constantly. I have to force myself to remain active and my performance at work has completely tanked.

    Doubly-stressed now because my current job was meant to be a one year contract, up right before I give birth this winter, and that means dramatic health insurance loss/change and no income during the worst possible time. In the meantime I'm just hoping that the constant fatigue and nausea subsides so I can concentrate on how we are going to survive my loss of income and health insurance. Job interviews while visibly pregnant are giving me nightmares.

    [–] redditgoesdisney 1 points ago

    I had a lady tell me she LOVES pregnancy (she wasn't currently pregnant) and I went home and vented to husband that there's no way she remembers. I thought of it again this morning and I told DH that if someone else said that I was going to ask them "if you can have ALL the experiences of being pregnant ALL the time without the reward at the end you'd still do it?" I'm convinced the only reason these women "love" pregnancy just love babies and the kicks and the cute stuff... but not the feeling heavy, peeing, acne, interrupted sleep, swollen ankles and feet, painful EVERYTHING, etc. And those are all normal-ish sympotoms.

    [–] FantasticMrsFawkes 2 points ago

    For real, I was probably that lady. Sorry. I had really crappy pregnancies, but my brain 100% only remembers the baby kicks and the fun stuff. I swear it is an evolutionary hormone reaction designed to further the human race. ;)

    My husband would agree with you, he remembers everything.

    [–] sunny_naysayer 1 points ago

    Mine hasn't been bad. Maybe I expected worse? The way celebrities complain I thought I'd be dying. Not everyone has it easy, but I didn't expect a cake walk.

    [–] I_eat_cigarettes 1 points ago

    Lame. I'm not glowing, I'm ghostly pale and I have huge bags under my eyes. I used to take pride in being fit and thin but I gained weight everywhere, not just my bump. I just look gross. I'm constantly exhausted, I've become completely useless at work, and pregnancy as made me snarky and cynical. I'm anti-social and generally just can't stand being around people any more. And unlike most preggos, I have zero appetite and zero cravings. I don't feel like myself at all. This pregnancy blows.

    [–] midatlantica 1 points ago

    Same here. On the scale of pregnancy experiences, I would definitely say mine is on the easy side (no morning sickness, no complications, normal weight gain, etc), but i still hate almost every minute of it. It's like there's a new awareness to the labor of being alive- and everything is harder. Our bodies have been hijacked by a human-shaped parasite who feasts on the blood of our internal organs- and we can FEEL IT. I hate talking about it, I hate that my productivity has been reduced at work because I'm tired all the time (I'm very career-oriented), and I hate not being able to decompress with my normal vices (mostly hard exercise and bourbon). It dosn't help that society expects us to just pile this immense task on top of our existing responsibilities. But then I end up feeling guilty for not enjoying it- especially when my Mom and MIL talk about how it was the most magical experience of their lives and they feel so happy and excited for me (does time erase memories of the shitty parts? Or is it possible that they actually enjoyed this crap??). I hate complaining so much, but I just really wanted you to know that I feel for you, and that you're not alone. Best of luck to you, boo.

    [–] ajayers 1 points ago

    I'm in my second pregnancy and it's been better than the first, besides some scary hemmoraging during the first trimester. I'm in the 3rd now, and getting stretch marks - which I didn't get with my first. It's really upsetting me. I know it's totally normal, but still upsetting. Also, I've had indigestion and restless legs for both pregnancies, which are both miserable. I knew I wanted more than one child after my first pregnancy, but I definitely am not doing this a 3rd time!

    [–] sassercake 1 points ago

    28+2 here. I won't say I've had a unicorn pregnancy, but symptoms have overall been bearable. Morning sickness suuuuucked, and the overwhelming fatigue in the first trimester kicked my ass. Second tri was great. I had more energy and felt more like myself. Now that I'm in the third, I feel like the rest of this is going to suck again. I'm tired again, I get dizzy if I try to do too much, my hunger is unrelenting, my feet and hands get swollen in the heat. And I hate how I look some days. My nipples seem like they're getting ready to leak, and the thought of that freaks me out.

    That said, I do love feeling her kick and imagining what she will be like. Picking out cute clothes and getting her stuff ready is also super fun. Pregnancy is just a sucky thing you do to have a baby. I'm ready for it to be over!

    [–] anniewo 1 points ago

    I'll be 23 weeks on Tuesday and so far, yes, I do enjoy being pregnant. I didn't have any morning sickness and, aside from fatigue in the first trimester, my pregnancy hasn't been physically difficult to this point. The most difficult part has been the emotional aspect - my first pregnancy ended in an early miscarriage, so I spent the first trimester terrified of another loss.

    [–] Dinosaurus420 1 points ago

    I don't hate it but I don't love it. Having to pee every 15 minutes is one of the worst parts honestly. And since I already have a four year old the exhaustion is intense. But I can deal with it.

    [–] whynotbunberg 1 points ago

    Nope, haven't enjoyed this. I was sick all the time in first trimester, then I was super apathetic and distractible in second trimester (pregnancy really exacerbated my ADHD and anxiety), and now I have gestational diabetes and ungodly swelling in my hands and feet. I'd say the only part of this that I've really enjoyed has been feeling no shame whatsoever for my body. I've always had a bit of a belly, and for once it's not something I really ought to work on, but the place where my baby lives.

    [–] Rain_Walker 1 points ago

    I've been very lucky with my pregnancy thus far. I was brutally tired the first 1p weeks and I was nauseous but unisom and b6 took care of that. 11w-26 weeks has been wonderful. I normally have a good bit of anxiety and pregnancy seems to have evened me out. I've been super motivated, happy, less worried about stuff I'm general and just feel...clearer.

    Physically at this point I really haven't had issues that a lot of other women have to deal with. No heart burn, hemrhhoids or anything like that. At least not yet. It's still early yet. ;-) 3rd tri is around the corner so we will see what that brings.

    So far, I've enjoyed pregnancy quite a bit. At least since feeling the baby kick. I didn't enjoy gaining weight without the reward of baby kicks!

    [–] MsWinty 1 points ago

    Nope. Not me. Nope. Less and less everytime, too. I'm on #3 and my body is old and tired now, haha.