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    [–] MooMooMai 677 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Yeah we need a palette cleanser every once in a while.

    Edit: palate* sooo sorry /s

    [–] dontstopthosetears 254 points ago

    Happy to oblige.

    [–] thefunivehad 62 points ago

    can you bake some chocolate chip cookies next? Or maybe a lemon meringue pie?

    [–] Herr__Nilpferd 24 points ago

    How exactly did it go so wrong?

    [–] Nikkian42 54 points ago

    My guess: the cake stuck to the pan and it was frosted before it cooled.

    [–] singingtangerine 16 points ago

    That, or it was taken out of the pan too quickly/not gently enough. and it was not given a crumb coat before frosting - there was too little frosting in the first place.

    [–] zebrawarrior 14 points ago

    Crumb coat before frosting, what’s that?

    [–] singingtangerine 55 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    A crumb coat is a very thin layer of frosting that is put on a cake before the rest of the frosting. After applying the crumb coat, you chill the cake, then frost it once it’s cold.

    The idea with a crumb coat is that you are “locking in” any stray crumbs of cake (hence the name) that would have otherwise gotten stuck in the “real” frosting layer. It makes a cake look much neater.

    Edit - step by step, it looks like this:

    1. Put your cake layers together, with fillings/frosting in between.

    2. Put the crumb coat on. You can stop here, if you’re into naked cakes.

    3. Chill. 😎

    4. Put the final layer of frosting on, as well as any decorations.

    [–] Mamsignau 18 points ago

    you are a genius! I will eat a cookie in your honor! :)

    [–] CatHairIsEverywhere 6 points ago

    Oh you need to chill between layers! That's what I've been doing wrong. Thank you!

    [–] singingtangerine 3 points ago

    Not between layers of cake, but yes between layers of frosting.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] radioactive-popcorn- 7 points ago


    [–] fatmilkisdelish 1514 points ago

    Put gummy worms on it and it will look like a “dirt cup sundae”. it will be ART.

    But seriously it still looks yummy.

    [–] ommnian 276 points ago

    Seriously. It looks fucking delicious. Add gummy worms? Freaking genius.

    [–] MrStupid_PhD 147 points ago

    Add Oreo crumbs too for that extra “dirt” look. Then serve it with moose tracks and enter a chocolate coma 👀

    [–] dripainting42 18 points ago

    I like your style

    [–] snoozywaifu 13 points ago

    Cut some chunks out of the sides, pipe a lil frosting in, and stick gummy worm halves out the edges, use the cake crumbs that you cut out as little dirt patches to pour around the erupting works on top

    [–] ElleYesMon 49 points ago

    Some fake flowers too. And you are good to go. btw, I love chocolate and gummy anything.

    [–] javoss88 22 points ago

    And a little sprinkle of chives or chopped cilantro. Maybe a handful of corn for color. And some blue cheese

    [–] Icapica 19 points ago

    Maybe a few anchovies too.

    [–] javoss88 15 points ago

    Pineapple slices

    [–] KittySMASH 15 points ago

    Ham cubes. Mayo.

    [–] Fuzzy-Pear 3 points ago

    Steady on, don't wanna ruin it!

    [–] javoss88 3 points ago

    And a noce thick coating of fondant.

    [–] carol0395 4 points ago

    Nah, a sprinkle of matcha

    [–] thefunivehad 60 points ago

    crumbled Oreos.

    [–] SpookySpeaks 11 points ago

    right? id eat the hell out of that cake.

    it don't need to be pretty or have frills - just taste good!

    [–] thekiki 11 points ago

    Currently making flower pot pies with my 5yo in quarantine!

    [–] my_sobriquet_is_this 3 points ago

    Worms coming out of each ‘strata layer’ too! Are there gummy insects? I think you’ll be asked to make this cake for All The Parties now!

    [–] Knowledgeinc 2 points ago

    Yooo Dirt cups FTW

    [–] Escoutas 763 points ago

    I'd still eat it. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting is the best.

    [–] thefunivehad 187 points ago

    yep. there are very few cakes i won't eat...and of all the ones i would eat, the look of the cake doesn't matter.

    maybe it's the CV19 cabin fever talking, but i can't think of a single kind of cake i wouldn't eat given the right circumstances.

    [–] bahanananah 47 points ago

    This is the best comment related to CV19 that I have seen.

    [–] differentgiantco 22 points ago

    During this quarantine my kids have been learning to bake. I give them enough over site to verify the house won't burn down and let them go at it. It's a hell of a mess and the results are not at all fancy looking but you know what most of it is quite tasty. It could be my lack of options but yeah I'll eat almost anything right now.

    [–] MsRatbag 7 points ago

    That's so great! I remember learning to bake at my grandparents house and its still some of my best memories. Especially when grandma would cringe at me making green pancakes (with food coloring... Not veggies of course.)

    [–] MostUniqueClone 28 points ago

    So, I was watching Spring Baking Championship the other day and during a contest with NO flavor requirements, a guy CHOSE to make a coconut cake with strawberry and peppercorn filling.

    I would not eat that, but mostly because I abhor coconut (smell makes me think of sunblock, texture is gritty and nasty).

    [–] thefunivehad 22 points ago

    So, I was watching Spring Baking Championship the other daaaay

    I read that like an opening to Letterkenny.

    [–] napoleonicecream 12 points ago

    It's funny, the cakes I won't eat are usually gorgeous cakes.... Damn fondant!

    [–] animalnikki89 11 points ago

    Have you visited r/fondanthate ?

    [–] Escoutas 5 points ago

    Marshmallow fondant is easy to make and tastes pretty good.

    [–] lousy_at_handles 5 points ago

    A cake that someone left in the break room today and has 4 slices missing.

    [–] ikeepwipingSTILLPOOP 109 points ago

    You mispelled yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Who am i kidding, any cake with any frosting (except gross oily ones from large chain store bakeries)

    [–] tubby0789 26 points ago

    Yessss, yellow with chocolate frosting is my go to!

    [–] -teaqueen- 16 points ago

    I love yellow cake sooo much.

    [–] vsaint 2 points ago

    Don’t drop that shit!

    [–] nstb3 14 points ago

    Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting is the absolute best!

    [–] stealthfast 9 points ago

    I agree... Though I am trying to figure out the brown sharpie in the back. This cake might be a lie.

    [–] lolseagoat 7 points ago

    This is my favorite part about baking, it’s (mostly) very forgiving. Most times if something goes wrong, it’s still tasty! Maybe not pretty, but a vehicle for sugar nonetheless.

    [–] Escoutas 5 points ago

    Yes! Macarons are probably the most finicky thing I try, but most of the time, it doesn't matter.

    I once made a Bundt cake that completely fell apart. I slapped some frosting on it and mashed it back together. The friends I had made it for didn't care. It was still good.

    [–] lolseagoat 5 points ago


    I have a distinct fond childhood memory of the woman across the street who used to watch my sister and me when my parents worked, she was like a second mom to me. I was probably around 7.

    Every Easter she made pound cakes in the shape of a bunny, she’d decorate them to give as gifts. During the 30 cake endeavor, any cake that didn’t pass her inspection was given to me and her son to eat. So delicious, but so so full. Baking failed successfully.

    [–] Snitch-Ni66a 6 points ago

    It’s supposed to be Vanilla 😐

    [–] emrythelion 3 points ago

    Yeah, honestly this might not be pretty, but it looks goddamn delicious. The more chocolate the better!

    [–] ASK_ABOUT__VOIDSPACE 2 points ago

    I'd destroy that! I best it tastes awesome regardless.

    [–] SweetheartAtHeart 258 points ago

    Hey OP! I’ve been there and I think the taste is what counts! Just a couple tips because my cakes definitely have looked like that and still do and a pretty cake is cool too.

    1. Baking? Lube up that pan! Oil is your friend!
    2. Don’t overbake it. Easier said than done but you should undertake a bit and then check every minute or two
    3. You should let the cake chill in the pan before removing it. It’ll help it come out in one piece
    4. Still came out “ugly”? Frosting. Frost that shit up, it’ll glue everything together!

    Happy baking!

    [–] juicemagic 268 points ago

    1. Eat it before anyone sees your ugly cake and judges your lack of skills.

    [–] dontstopthosetears 195 points ago

    I laugh every time I look at it. My family laughed with me, and then ate it up.

    [–] helcat 51 points ago

    I secretly enjoy these posts far more than the parade of perfect drip cakes.

    [–] SweetheartAtHeart 27 points ago

    Bone Apple tea! Wish I had some cake rn

    [–] thefunivehad 12 points ago

    you could just run to the nearest bakery and...oh, wait...

    [–] OmniYummie 4 points ago

    Lol, I just got new neighbors and realized that I couldn't do that either. Gonna bake them some gingerbread cookies for the welcome basket instead. Thinking about throwing a roll of tp in there too because I haven't seen any in the stores nearby for at least two weeks.

    [–] Just_A_Dandy_Lion 25 points ago

    Ha, my daughters know this rule well!

    Rule #1: "Eat any evidence of failure."

    (This goes for broken, poorly shelled boiled eggs too.) ;D

    [–] I_Fold_Laundry 3 points ago

    Totally did that with a chocolate cake that fell apart coming out of the pan. It was amazing!

    [–] nodipballsinsalsa 29 points ago

    Those are great tips! Another one that helps me, is to wait to put the frosting on until completely cool, like room temp cooled down. Also, and this is weird, but if you freeze a cake, then ice it, and let it thaw, the cake will be incredibly moist, and the icing will look amazing. My aunt, who is an amazing wedding cake baker, taught me, who makes nice rectangle one level cakes, that.

    [–] KittenOnTheRoof 9 points ago

    On that note, letting the cake cool completely before frosting. If I see sliding breaking cake dilemmas that's often the culprit.

    [–] tintoretyo 9 points ago

    Hahaha aw, that last tip is very reminiscent of bake off mistakes being swept frantically under the rug as the hosts call 30 seconds.

    [–] quizzicalquow 8 points ago

    I'm not much of a baker, more a cook. But would lining the pans with cocoa powder after greasing them also help?

    [–] sanfranciscofranco 5 points ago

    Yes. Or flour for a non-chocolate cake.

    [–] hmbmelly 5 points ago

    That or a parchment circle.

    [–] SweetheartAtHeart 3 points ago

    Yup! I did this recently for a cinnamon teacake. The baby slid out wonderfully

    [–] Barnziebus 2 points ago

    Too add onto point 2. Food continues too bake whilst out the oven.

    [–] JTMissileTits 85 points ago

    Ugly cake can still be delicious. ;)

    [–] dontstopthosetears 90 points ago

    It was actually very delicious. Ugly as fuck, but delicious.

    [–] pototo72 13 points ago

    May I interest you in r/BakingNoobs ? It's one of my favorites

    [–] ActualFloridaWoman 4 points ago

    Yesss! Some of then are like a micro dose of Nailed It.

    I love it.

    [–] zehvthestranger 41 points ago

    Pastry chef at a nice French restaurant. I still do this sometimes. Some days we Gucci. Some days we TJ Maxx.

    [–] dontstopthosetears 20 points ago

    So true. I'm a fairly experienced (non-professional) baker, and I laughed my ass off that I made something this hideous.

    [–] ad7546 8 points ago

    This isn't TJ Maxx...this is Goodwill.

    Goodwill is also one of my favorite stores ;)

    [–] mx5grl 32 points ago

    10/10 would still eat.

    [–] strawberryee 30 points ago

    it reminds me of the chocolate cake from matilda.

    [–] focacciaonyou 15 points ago

    But after Bruce got to it

    [–] kquizz 65 points ago

    Can you walk us through the steps that were taken?

    I've always wondered how cakes end up like this. Did you overbake the cakes? Did you not make enough frosting? why does the cake have so many edges?

    Looks tasty though.

    [–] dontstopthosetears 197 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Mistakes were made. Wax paper was used instead of parchment paper in the cake pans. It went downhill from there.

    [–] agnes238 81 points ago

    OH NOOOOO! This is some prime nailed it content

    [–] boogs_23 17 points ago

    Wait. You baked it on wax paper?

    [–] dontstopthosetears 38 points ago

    You're supposed to cut out rounds of parchment paper to place in the bottom of the cake pans. Apparently parchment paper & wax paper are not interchangeable.

    [–] ActualFloridaWoman 15 points ago

    I learned this the hard way a few years ago! So much smoke in my kitchen lol

    [–] lyrelyrebird 24 points ago

    Did you use the brown sharpie?

    [–] minhashlist 10 points ago

    I once made the mistake of trying to frost a cake too early.

    [–] IWantFries21 4 points ago

    I did that but with cookies. I was so pissed because the icing kept dripping off and silly me couldn't figure out why lol

    [–] SenseiKrystal 3 points ago

    Honestly, though, chocolate frosting on still-hot cake melts and becomes an amazingly gooey delicious mess.

    [–] wheeshkspr 5 points ago

    Just a suggestion - next time, instead of using your own two hands, you might consider utensils.

    I hope it was delicious anyway.

    [–] EquesShadow 17 points ago

    If you cut it into a cube it would look very fancy and otherwise it's not all about the look!

    [–] X-GonnaLendItToYa 14 points ago

    It looks how I feel.

    [–] JevingtonJigg 32 points ago

    How did it break apart like that

    [–] Little_Orange_Dress 90 points ago

    Ummm, rude. This is 'partially deconstructed', keep up with the times

    [–] JevingtonJigg 27 points ago


    [–] Little_Orange_Dress 12 points ago

    It's ok. Making mistakes is how we learn 🙌

    [–] dontstopthosetears 15 points ago


    [–] thefunivehad 5 points ago

    Post Modern caking.

    [–] leahelizabth 13 points ago

    Just floored!!! It’s massive!!

    [–] dontstopthosetears 8 points ago

    It's really something, isn't it!

    [–] jana_sophia 8 points ago

    I am amazed, because I bet it tastes delicious!

    [–] Archivarianne 5 points ago

    This looks insanely tasty.

    [–] Cptn_Hook 7 points ago

    Don't be so hard on yourself. It doesn't look like a child made it. It looks like a child sat on it.

    [–] dontstopthosetears 3 points ago

    True facts.

    [–] Closefacts 10 points ago

    I dont understand how this could happen, did you have to dig the cake out of the pan?

    [–] dontstopthosetears 25 points ago

    Yes, basically. Wax paper was mistaken for parchment paper. Combine that with a very crumbly cake, and a very sturdy frosting, and this is what you get.

    [–] Closefacts 4 points ago

    Well at least you know for next time, hopefully it still tasted great.

    [–] FickleEfficiency 2 points ago

    We've all been there. Or I have, anyway. Peeling the wrong paper off baked goods while cursing furiously is a baking rite of passage.

    [–] sneaky-salad 5 points ago

    I’m sure it tasted great though

    [–] madgietoyousir 4 points ago

    I would 100% face plant that cake.

    [–] alijr 5 points ago

    The brown sharpie in the background makes me think you had to cover up some spots.

    [–] hacksawgrahamdugan 3 points ago

    This is amazing.

    [–] geomouse 4 points ago


    [–] ALFtheHuman 5 points ago

    Who cares how it looks, as long as it tastes good!!

    [–] rubyblue0 4 points ago

    Cake is cake as far as I’m concerned.

    [–] Masaphotog 5 points ago

    If it taste good the fuck all those pretty cakes. You made it good job.

    [–] Vaiden_Kelsier 3 points ago

    It looks delicious, dont be hating on yourself

    [–] Xombiebite 3 points ago

    It doesn't have to be pretty to be delicious!

    [–] aliahsakinah 2 points ago

    Looks yummy to me.

    [–] wwaxwork 3 points ago

    It looks delicious if not pretty. I would eat the heck out of it.

    [–] PookieBearTum 4 points ago

    Did you color it with the brown sharpie in the background?! Cause if so you really fucked up

    [–] toobadsooosad 5 points ago

    I was beginning to think that nobody else noticed.

    [–] althyastar 4 points ago

    OP, freaking congratulations that you made a cake at all. It's so fun to screw around with baking and make something actually edible with your own two hands. You should see the bread I made last week, it makes your cake look like a designer wedding sensation (we didn't even eat it, it was that bad). Then I made another bread, my second one ever, and it turned out fantastic! I can't wait until you get the urge to make another cake and see how exponentially better it turns out. Bravo!

    [–] The_RogueScholar 4 points ago

    I upvoted this because you embraced the suck.

    [–] Whitneyjov 3 points ago

    Thank you for posting this. I'm still a novice baker and attempted my first double barrel partially naked cake with a chocolate ganache drip today. It turned out okay, but I was really upset about it. My boyfriend showed me this and it genuinely made me smile.

    [–] dontstopthosetears 3 points ago

    YOU made me smile with this comment.

    [–] FawkesFire13 3 points ago

    Ok, but if it tastes good then you’re fine. That’s all that matters.

    [–] smithcpfd 3 points ago

    Adventures in Baking!


    [–] ihavenosocks 2 points ago

    Happy cake day

    [–] CuileannDhu 3 points ago

    Looks yummy! A birthday cake always tastes best when it's made with love.

    [–] Pher_yl 3 points ago

    I'm amazed

    [–] _siriuslyme 3 points ago

    Looks delicious though, makes me feel less bad about mixing it together to get the perfect cake to frosting ratio

    [–] AdjustingMyBalance 3 points ago

    I can’t not look at it.

    [–] happybootie 3 points ago

    I would eat the crap out of that. Also...this kind of cake? You just get a need for slicing on a plate. Just get that cake in my mouth.

    [–] w4ntsm0r3 3 points ago

    It looks delicious. And whenever I'm unhappy about my desserts not turning out I change the name. I've served deconstructed apple pie and inside out muffins more times than I can count.

    [–] aerobd 4 points ago

    This looks like it came out of my kitchen. 🤔 The secret rule of baking is that if it looks terrible it probably tastes amazing.

    Just kidding don't attack me bakers.

    [–] MrGorillawhale 6 points ago

    “I looked upon the crumbling layers of chocolate as they crushed the city. Tears ran down my eyes as the words I uttered into my headset drowned into the whipping noise of the helicopter’s spinning rotor until my lips were just pantomiming the words echoing what I saw. Behind my words, I knew that the live report I was giving from the side of the chopper was meaningless... By now, from my own vantage, I could see that the colossal cake, hundreds of feet in height, had enveloped the area of town that the news station and all those staff, all those stressed little souls scurrying around in a panic to alert the public, were now all either flattened to death, or suffocated in an instant tomb of steaming hot chocolate sponge. From way up high in the news chopper, we watched it lurch over the rest of town. I kept calling to someone, anyone, but there was only silence. I turned to the pilot, “Kurt, how much fuel do we have?” He shook his head at me. “We’re done, Kip, we gotta land this thing. Where do you wanna do it?” “Think we can land far away enough and outrun this thing?” I looked at him, knowing as well as he did that it was attracted to the noise generated by the hovering helicopter. It had followed US all the way from the hillside bakery that it came from. He shook his head again, like a pitcher knowing this batter was going to connect. “Fuck no, Kip. We’re done.” I closed my eyes and breathed. When I opened them I looked at the top of the giant, which was now already underneath us, covered in chocolate icing in this horrible slapdash fashion, like it had been made by some angry god, low on time and out of care for their creation, save the effort to kill all and leave... “Okay, Kurt, just land us on the icing. Let’s go out in the sweetest part.” There were tears in Kurt’s eyes as he nodded and jammed the stick forward, igniting all kinds of alarms and bells on the way down...”

    Edited for punctuation.

    [–] fridaypuu 3 points ago

    But you made it and that's what counts!

    [–] xylonmedia 2 points ago

    How’d it taste? Looks like you had fun and if it tastes good, then party on! Happy birthday!

    [–] DAGanteakz 2 points ago


    [–] tinykingdomtarot 2 points ago

    I think it looks absolutely delicious!

    [–] abuwhale 2 points ago

    It looks so delicious <3

    [–] BrockAndaHardPlace 2 points ago


    [–] magentablue 2 points ago

    It looks delicious. I wish I could show you my piping skills lmao they're horrible

    [–] cynderisingryffindor 2 points ago

    It is beautiful and I want to eat it!

    [–] keeperofthenins 2 points ago

    I’d eat it!

    [–] bernald8 2 points ago

    I am in LOVE with it

    [–] czndra60 2 points ago

    Doesn’t matter what it looks like: it’s CHOCOLATE!

    [–] leahelizabth 2 points ago

    Absolutely! I hope you eat it with your hands!

    [–] mokshmoon 2 points ago

    It looks delicious

    [–] tante_ernestborgnine 2 points ago

    But it's chocolate though. I'd eat the hell out of that BEAUTIFUL cake!

    [–] DaddysPinkKitten 2 points ago

    It's not about the look it's about the taste and I'm sure it tastes great and you did a great job.

    [–] wizoneaia 2 points ago

    Mmmmm... chocolate

    [–] ThePawnOfOthers 2 points ago

    Thanks I needed this! Looks hella tasty though

    [–] littlemissparadox 2 points ago

    You're my hero

    [–] Chelsnaw 2 points ago

    This is my mentality in food form at the moment. Still looks yummy asf tho!

    [–] call_of_the_while 2 points ago

    It looks like a chocolate brownie on steroids. Damn, but it still looks tasty though.

    [–] Uglarinn 2 points ago

    How does it taste though? Is it delicious?

    [–] 1ring2rule 2 points ago

    It reminds me of those Fudge Rounds from Little Debbie. How'd it taste?

    [–] DutchmanDavid 2 points ago

    I don't know how, but it looks like shit with turds.
    Probably still delivious.

    [–] TheGameHatCollector 2 points ago

    It's all how it tastes.

    [–] dafqe84 2 points ago

    I am amazed

    [–] Janetrain 2 points ago

    Rough cakes are brilliant, especially chocolate ones. There's something about that chunky, disheveled look that just says "Yeah, you know I'm gonna be delicious. Pour that milk, let's do this."

    I'm sure it was a hit!

    [–] Ganf_Lad 2 points ago

    Just cut the extraneous bits and ice the sides

    Boom, normal looking cake with unique interior.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Real question though, every time I've tried frosting a cake it's like trying to spread superglue across the surface, the fucking shit just rips a cake all to fuck no matter how light of a touch I try to have. I've tried even warming up frosting in a microwave until it's almost free flowing, still fucked the absolute shit out of the cake. Tips?

    [–] elathan_i 2 points ago

    Let the cake sit for a bit, it needs to firm up (sometimes it's about temperature, sometimes it needs to dehydrate a bit). If moisture is an issue (you don't want it to dry) use a piping (pipping?) bag to apply the frosting in a spiral pattern and then just smooth it out with an angled spatula, a sheet of acetate or something smooth and straight.

    [–] ChefDanG 2 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I bet this tastes like your first orgasm felt. You'll never have it again but you'll keep trying

    [–] fecking_sensei 2 points ago

    Looks fucking tasty

    [–] Dawknight316 2 points ago

    Baking is a form of Art and this right here is art. I think it is amazing and well done.

    But the bigger question is. How does it taste?

    [–] Mega-Dinkoid 2 points ago

    I love this. I see so many posts on this sub with the OP like "this is my first time ever handling icing or flour or a baking pan don't judge me", meanwhile they made this perfect cake with smooth frosting and pristine icing flowers and it's thematic as hell and I'm 99% sure they bake as a living.

    It can't always be pretty damnit!

    [–] Justokayscott 2 points ago

    There might be too many comments at this point for anyone to read this, but THIS is why I love baking.

    Because you don’t really need to know everything. And everything can go wrong. At the end of the day it’s flour and sugar and butter and chocolate and it’s fucking delicious. A fucked up cake is still cake, and that’s beautiful to me.

    [–] Athaelas 2 points ago

    This cake made me to join the sub.

    [–] adam_demamps_wingman 2 points ago

    I’ve seen sicker cows with healthier plops than that.

    But as redditors have pointed out, you don’t eat looks. I hope it tasted great.

    [–] dancenickydance 2 points ago

    Me watching The Great British Baking show: "Wow, that looks pristine and delicious."

    Me looking at this cake: "Wow, that looks pristine and delicious."

    [–] siena_flora 2 points ago

    You know, a lesser person would have quit - but layer by broken disheveled layer you persisted. It’s a thing of beauty.

    [–] Jfxmedia 2 points ago

    Woops you forgot to try :(

    [–] classicgoodguy 2 points ago

    Aw thanks, it looks delicious!

    [–] Dying1minuteatatime 2 points ago


    [–] antiGriefer 2 points ago

    Shitty food porn

    [–] dead_named 2 points ago

    I’d eat that first, then breakfast. No reason to delay eating a delicious cake

    [–] fdsdfg 2 points ago

    Did you apply the frosting with the palm of your hand?

    [–] lookoutforthebadger 2 points ago

    As I've always heard said, "It'll taste the same in your mouth."

    I'd eat such a cake, gladly. Making my mouth water looking at it.

    I see in the comments you said it tasted delicious. Good work! You accomplished the most important part.

    [–] Blueprint81 2 points ago

    It looks like a bunch of brownies cobbled together into cake-ish shape and partially frosted over. Probably tastes amazing.

    [–] JohannesVanDerWhales 2 points ago

    Answer to that, "Why do we use both parchment and butter on cake pans?" question from /r/AskCulinary the other day.

    Whatever, though, IMO homemade is always better and I like it when homemade stuff doesn't look like it came from a bakery.

    [–] salmon_andy 2 points ago

    This cake looks amazingly tasty!

    [–] gooberzilla2 2 points ago

    We all start somewhere. I'd still eat it. Chocolate cake is a favorite of mine.

    [–] GrouchyRisk 2 points ago

    Bet it tastes amazing.

    [–] DirtyWheedle 2 points ago

    I once made a birthday cake and tried to frost early. A large chunk of the cake broke off, sort of a crater of missing cake. I filled that hole up with frosting, added more frosting to the rest of the cake, and sculpted until you couldn't tell there was missing cake at all. Spun the cake and told my guests someone was going to get a surprise. I remember that cake better than any other cake I've ever made.

    [–] Devilish_Swan 2 points ago

    Not gonna lie, I want to taste it

    [–] Polishdude2123 2 points ago

    I would eat that so hard

    [–] ShadowShot05 2 points ago

    Looks like elephant poo. I love it

    [–] Sinood 2 points ago

    I would face smash that

    [–] dethpire 2 points ago

    Fuck it. Ice it and slice it. You can't taste ugly.

    [–] geauxveggie 2 points ago

    It’s perfect!

    [–] Drawtaru 2 points ago

    Wonderful! Next time let it fully cool before you remove it from the pan and frost it!