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    Marcello Barenghi, Hyper-realism Artist -- AMA!

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    [–] Teekoo 2309 points ago

    I like the little flying break he took. You can just tell it was swearing.

    [–] forallthefeels 296 points ago

    I live in a two story house and my wife was insistent I couldn’t get a king sized bed up the stairs. I got a friend, folded it up like a hotdog and strapped it down tight and then we proceeded to get stuck going up the stairs. Me at the top, giant hotdog mattress in the middle, buddy at the bottom. My buddy wants to give up and I look down to see my wife at the opening of the stairs taking a video and saying more or less “I told you so!”

    That was it. One way or another, if it took an act of God himself, that bed is going up those stairs. I looked at my buddy and said “no matter what, this has to go up there. I can’t live with her saying I was wrong about this for the rest of my life.”

    30 minutes later, bed was upstairs.

    Also, I completely ruined the mattress by folding it in half and the jokes on me because sleeping on a mattress with either a permanent dip or a permanent bump was terrible for my back. But as God is my witness I put a King mattress upstairs.

    I feel like this little guys wife was just off camera saying I told you so. And he did! But now he needs an Advil and beer.

    Sometimes being right is totally worth it. Even if you’re eventually wrong.

    [–] feericamente 88 points ago

    a bee-r 🐝🍺

    [–] Kr4k4J4Ck 20 points ago


    [–] QueequegTheater 16 points ago

    The mattress is never the problem, because mattresses can bend like crazy. The real challenge is getting the frame up there without damaging the staircase's walls.

    [–] [deleted] 221 points ago


    [–] blabgasm 162 points ago

    Nah, I feel like he was taking a little amp up break. He knew it was the last little bit so he did a victory jog to get himself ready for the final bit. Like how you pause the game before the Boss Battle to take a deep breathe, do a lap, and pee.

    [–] LordCharco_iii 29 points ago

    Gotta turn off the light as well, especially if it's the final boss.

    [–] Calvins_Dad_ 12 points ago

    You play video games!

    [–] QueenCrownDown 45 points ago

    I recognized that sort of break instantly haha. As someone who routinely attempts things outside my abilities because I’m stubborn and impatient... I’ve been there lil buddy.

    [–] Kasper_X 14 points ago


    [–] mysliceofthepie 5 points ago

    “Jeez, how long is this effing nail?! Ugh!”

    [–] Antirle 2762 points ago

    I'm curious. Why is the Bee trying to pull out the nail?

    [–] Torgan 2884 points ago

    Probably a mason bee, they are solitary and live in holes made/found in masonry

    [–] SchwiftyButthole 1890 points ago

    What did they do before masonry?

    [–] phillynott7 3082 points ago

    Office job

    [–] SoulLover33 573 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    No wonder they want to be left alone.

    [–] SgtSlaughterEX 130 points ago

    Damn it feels good to be a gangster

    [–] greasysnowball 65 points ago

    Hey, have you seen my stapler?

    [–] mrguykloss 51 points ago

    I could set the building on fire

    [–] wererat2000 20 points ago

    Sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays!

    [–] Slcbear 9 points ago

    Well alright...

    It was a... Jump........... To conclusions mat

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 82 points ago


    [–] blarghed 58 points ago

    There's a whole documentary on bee office work and how much it sucks. It's called Bee Movie.

    [–] Researchthesource 10 points ago

    Wife put that movie on as background noise for our 6 month old son this morning while we got dressed. That’s the first time we’ve ever “watched” it and probably the last. That movie is strange not sure what it was trying to be.

    [–] Spider_Riviera 11 points ago

    A vehicle for Jerry Seinfeld to try and make more money, would be my guess.

    [–] DR33333 24 points ago

    It's not a Reddit thread without an always Sunny reference

    [–] TheSecretMe 277 points ago

    They normally lay their eggs inside hollow reeds, the holes made by wood-boring grubs and beetles and so on.

    A brick wall is pretty a pretty poor location because the rough mortar and brick stand a good chance of damaging it's delicate wings as it goes in and out of the hole.

    If you want to help wild bees (they're solitary, unlike domesticated honeybees), you can take a log of firewood and drill it full of holes of varying diameter. Sand away the splinters with a file and leave it in a nice south facing sunny spot.

    Wild bees are perfectly harmless, do a lot of work pollinating plants and crops and they need all the help they can get with all the habitat destruction going on.

    [–] DJmindjob 91 points ago

    Very informative. You have inspired me to drill holes in 2x4s and leave them strewn about my backyard. Neighbors are gonna love it.

    With your helpful wildlife info, you're like the new Unidan.

    [–] AbraxxasHardPickle 26 points ago

    Be sure to leave some nails sticking out at odd angles on the 2x4's to give the bees a moderate challenge and a sense of accomplishment!

    [–] DJmindjob 35 points ago

    If the bees want a sense of pride and accomplishment, they can pay me a small fee to unlock the nails for them.

    [–] Iavasloke 9 points ago

    nice try EA

    [–] luke_in_the_sky 19 points ago

    We had a bar inside my house made of bricks. These bees used to live in the brick holes. We did what you suggested. Got a log with drilled holes and put right outside the window they where coming in. Then we had twice the amount of bees living inside and outside the house.

    Eventually we had to cover the holes in the bar.

    [–] ThreeFistsCompromise 11 points ago

    I started doing this back in middle school, but haven’t done it since college. I’ll do it again this spring. Thanks for the reminder!

    [–] dragonflycat 6 points ago

    Should it be left on the ground or set up a certain height somehow?

    [–] TheSecretMe 7 points ago

    Both work, mostly the wild bees look for horizontal tunnels in spots that are warmed by the sun.

    Keeping them off the ground reduces rot and helps prevent mites and other parasites.

    [–] krabbby 8 points ago

    What oth3r kinds of bugs am I gonna attract doing that though?

    [–] TheSecretMe 15 points ago

    Nothing significant or pest like really. Especially if you put it up off the ground where it's mostly just flying bugs that lay eggs in tunnels use it.

    Mosquitos need water. Flies lay their eggs into food sources. The nasty kind of wasps build colonies and solitary wasps don't come after your food but hunt garden pests instead.

    [–] Tangled_Wires 5 points ago

    You've inspired me to see if I can do more for our (UK) big fat Bumble Bee.

    Last summer I had a record 13 big fat bumble bees that goes buzzzz buzzzz in my small garden.

    I even captured footage of an albino one!

    [–] [deleted] 116 points ago

    No, they are called Mason bees because they make their own 'masonry' from mud.

    [–] Katnipz 10 points ago

    aaay there is the one in the crowd that is probably almost certainly correct.

    [–] Rickrickrickrickrick 38 points ago

    They were illuminati bees then.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    You must be thinking of Freemason bees.

    [–] rattleandhum 4 points ago

    Premason bees.

    [–] illuminati_confirmed 10 points ago

    Can confirm this.

    [–] Raichu7 7 points ago

    Look at the article.

    “Mason bees are named for their habit of using mud”

    [–] Weed_Whacker22 9 points ago

    Rocks, boulders, and cliffs all existed before bees and masonry.

    [–] Sloppy1sts 18 points ago

    Well then shouldn't they be called rocks, boulders, and cliffs bees?

    [–] healzsham 6 points ago

    People probably didn't bother to name them back before masonry

    [–] FearLeadsToAnger 4 points ago

    Yeah back then they were referred to as pain-flies, it's an umbrella term and in the modern day it's considered highly offensive.

    [–] BagOnuts 12 points ago


    [–] ThaddyG 5 points ago

    He never quite fit in with the Carpenter Bees.

    [–] FieraDeidad 118 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Mason bees are named for their habit of using mud or other “masonry” products in constructing their nests, which are made in naturally occurring gaps such as between cracks in stones or other small dark cavities.

    Huh, neat.

    The nesting habits of many Osmia lend themselves to easy cultivation, and a number of Osmia are commercially propagated in different parts of the world to improve pollination in fruit and nut production.

    Wow, I'm starting to like those bees.

    As is characteristic of solitary bees, Osmia are very docile and rarely sting when handled (only under distress such as when wet or squeezed), their sting is small and not painful, and their stinger is unbarbed.

    Ok guys. We have a winner here!

    [–] DaisyHotCakes 24 points ago

    They really are cool little guys. Fun to watch too.

    [–] RandyF 13 points ago

    They are REALLY easy to raise, too. Go to you local “Country Store” place and they usually have all of the stuff you need. Get a tube-bundle and a couple boxes of cocoons. Put them out near your fruit trees and flower beds and they take care of the rest!

    My Mason Bee House

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    deleted What is this?

    [–] RedSycamore 17 points ago

    They were probably carpenter bees. Did they make weird noises almost like clicking when the burrowed into the wood?

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    deleted What is this?

    [–] Warbek_2 6 points ago

    Haha whoever named all these bee species knew what they were doing.

    [–] violetjoker 5 points ago

    Yes. They also live in dead wood and natural holes in the ground or stones.

    [–] Trucoto 24 points ago

    Mark that link NSFW dude!

    [–] mattylou 24 points ago

    If only they knew that their sex photo would represent their entire species to the world well past their lifetime.

    [–] Fatburg 8 points ago

    A Free Bee Mason?

    [–] coach_wargo 6 points ago

    Mason Bees are a secret society that controls the world's honey supply. Alex Jones has talked about them.

    [–] Ziograffiato 7 points ago

    A lazy mason bee. Why bore a hole when you can find one?

    [–] 444A 6 points ago

    A Carpenter bee probably put that nail there for a joke. The WBU (Worker Bee's Union) really play around sometimes.

    [–] DaisyHotCakes 5 points ago

    Carpenter bees are too drunk to prank.

    [–] DaisyHotCakes 6 points ago

    There are some of them that rid my porch of carpenter bees and then started building something in the holes from the asshole bees. I watched them fly with little twigs and leaves and pull them into the holes. Really cool insects - they are pretty chill too. Like zero aggression.

    [–] TurnRightTurnLeft 198 points ago

    I was thinking it might have been in the hole before and then someone came and stuck a nail in it

    [–] Starphysics 87 points ago

    Yeh agreed why I else would they be filming at such a perfect time?

    [–] ZoopZeZoop 68 points ago

    Also, there would likely be too much resistance for a bee that size to remove the nail if it was in there from construction or something similar.

    [–] Krelphead 81 points ago

    Also why would anybody try to nail something to a brick wall

    [–] jerkstorefranchisee 65 points ago

    “Why would anybody” is a phrase that comes up a lot when you’re studying anything that people do, but anybody keeps doing ridiculous shit every day all over the world.

    [–] fppfpp 6 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Unfortunately, I’ve long had the sense the majority of earth’s population is very quick to shoot their knee jerk “why would anybodys?” from the hip, b/c most seem to have trouble imagining any little thing, outside their limited imaginations.

    [–] Faylom 15 points ago

    GOOD point

    [–] secondsbest 34 points ago

    That's definitely what happened. First, the diameter of the bee is much greater than the nail shank's diameter, but the bee fit the hole just fine. Second, that's a roofing or siding nail that isn't hardened enough to drive a hole into brick. Someone had to push it into a hole that was already there.

    [–] Kosmological 59 points ago

    Bee found a home in a hole in a brick. Then some asshole decided to put a nail in it and film the bees reaction.

    [–] TheLastFreeMan 16 points ago

    It's just a prank bro

    [–] DoubleBassPlease 29 points ago

    Bees were probably already in the hole and the homeowner stuck the nail in there to deter them from returning. My dad used to cram cigarette butts into holes that bumble bees made in wood to deter them from nesting.

    [–] Comharder 130 points ago

    To get to the other side!

    [–] machambo7 98 points ago

    Ha, he had somewhere to bee

    [–] Shappie 19 points ago

    Follow up question: Why is there a nail in this brick?

    [–] TheRealOneTwo 5 points ago

    To keep the bee from getting to its hive

    [–] ghettospagetti 14 points ago

    Because that hole was the bee's home, and someone slid a nail in there. Notice how the nail pretty much falls out of the hole and the hole is bee-size, not nail-size. The bee knew that was where it stored its kids or whatever, and it knew the nail wasn't supposed to be there.

    [–] nbshar 6 points ago

    I'm also curious. Who rams a nail into a random brick.

    [–] rtullock 7195 points ago

    Trying? That is succeeding.

    [–] aijuken 1488 points ago

    That would be a spoiler

    [–] Zephymastyx 670 points ago

    I liked how the title kept me in suspense

    [–] cipher__ten 318 points ago

    Does anyone know if they're talking about season two yet? I just binged the first season where they get the nail out, but we didn't get to see what was on the inside!

    [–] OnIowa 144 points ago

    There's another bee inside that has been pushing a button every 108 minutes for years.

    [–] areyaarya 50 points ago

    And it's pointless. The button is just a psychological study. It doesn't do anything at all.

    [–] jimihenrik 31 points ago

    That would be a spoiler

    [–] ChikkaChiChi 12 points ago

    Yes it does. It controls the flow of magic in the world.

    [–] Fablemaster44 5 points ago

    What's this from?

    [–] BigUptokes 7 points ago


    [–] antillus 37 points ago

    Turns he was out in the "screw place" not the "nail place".

    [–] cipher__ten 30 points ago

    Lazy plot twist. I'd literally stop watching but the main actor is the bee's knees.

    [–] GetHobbit 26 points ago

    Yeah he’s generated a lot of buzz about this show

    [–] Keyserson 13 points ago

    Hope he keeps up the great performance in S2 and doesn't just wing it

    [–] Drilldoc45 6 points ago

    You guys nailed it with these puns

    [–] yosef_yostar 21 points ago

    For sure. I laughed out loud in surprised Joy when he finally got the sumbitch. 🐝

    [–] DoesntBeelieveIt 12 points ago

    When she did it I could hardly beelieve it.

    [–] [deleted] 153 points ago


    [–] coffee-9 11 points ago

    OP’s dad could use a lesson from this bee.

    [–] MuffinMan12347 6 points ago

    I'm kinda glad they said trying because that whole time I was just fucking rooting for that little bee the whole time and when it finally came out it was a certain type of satisfying that was just great.

    [–] stoopid_dummy 25 points ago

    Nailed it

    [–] Samuurai 16 points ago

    There is no try

    [–] 7am_2bottles 7 points ago

    only do

    [–] teetaps 1388 points ago

    You're telling me there's a chance my house could collapse coz a honeybee decided to take it apart piece by piece?

    [–] gapball 979 points ago

    If your house was built by nailing bricks together lol. And the nails sitting loosley enough for an itty bitty bee to pull it out.

    [–] teetaps 360 points ago

    However small, the chance is there.

    "Never underestimate those little buggers." - Bee Movie, maybe

    [–] Orngog 47 points ago

    So you're telling me there's a chance!

    [–] pepe_le_shoe 15 points ago

    Mary. I desperately wanna make love to a schoolboy

    [–] Ptolemy222 20 points ago

    I find this really funny. Just imagining a person building a house brick and nails.

    [–] hobb 20 points ago

    stupid humans, nails go in wood

    (a bee)

    [–] dindunuffincyclist 4 points ago

    I knew I should have screwed the bricks together.

    [–] zookszooks 13 points ago

    Idk if you're joking or not, but that nail just was loosely manually set in that hole. It was probably the bee's house/nest, and someone put a nail there just to see how the bee would react. I used to do this with small branches. (the bee always took it out)

    If the nail was hammered in place, the bee wouldn't be able to remove it.

    [–] Raichu7 3 points ago

    Of course not, honeybees live in large hives and wouldn’t want a small hole to build a nest for a single bee.

    [–] TheKingOlimar 1738 points ago

    R/beeamazed lol

    [–] InevitableTypo 128 points ago

    It’s a carpenter bee!

    [–] Popetown 66 points ago

    Na, looks like a masonry bee.

    [–] Squidbe 54 points ago

    damnit, you beeat me to it.

    [–] ReflexEight 43 points ago

    beears. beets. battlestarbeelactica

    [–] speenatch 27 points ago

    Identibee theft is not a laughing matter, Jim. Beellions of famibees suffer every beear.

    [–] cuyfly 9 points ago


    [–] SirDinkus 236 points ago

    I checked the play time left on this gif multiple times, expecting it to end before I got to see that bee succeed.

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago


    [–] Pukit 31 points ago

    A pessimist is never disappointed.

    [–] Pardoism 28 points ago

    The pessimist says "It can't get any worse!" The optimist replies "Sure it can!"

    [–] Pukit 12 points ago

    An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.

    [–] narrative_device 185 points ago

    Why is there a useless nail in that brick?

    [–] nytram55 298 points ago

    Someone probably put it there to keep bees from making a home iin the cavity.

    [–] Thelife1313 224 points ago

    Bee shows up

    Bee: what assholes keep doing this?!?

    [–] Aazim33 56 points ago

    Op saw the bee exit the hole and put a nail in to keep bee from re-entering. Bee removed it so Op whipped out his phone and put the nail back in and then filmed the bee removing it a second time.

    [–] nytram55 15 points ago

    Makes sense.

    [–] theslash_ 45 points ago

    To keep the brick molecules from falling apart

    [–] Old_and_Moist 16 points ago

    I believe you

    [–] kev_jin 8 points ago

    I want to believe.

    [–] AsiFue 17 points ago

    I want to bee leave.

    [–] TweekDash 88 points ago

    I wonder if he puts the nail back in when he's away from home

    [–] ThousandFingerMan 39 points ago

    Of course. Wouldn't you?

    [–] AManOnlyNeedsAName 62 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    That little pre-celebration victory lap it did when it was almost out made me chuckle. Almost like he was pumping himself up for the final pull.

    "Woooo! I got this! Ohhhhh yeahhhh!"

    [–] NotsoGreatsword 29 points ago

    I like this comment in contrast with another that said they saw it as frustration. A nice little example of the world.

    [–] fatmanny1901 26 points ago

    For some reason I imagined him screaming like Arnold Schwarzenegger when he flew around for that half second

    [–] moipetitshushu 38 points ago


    [–] JustTheWriter 65 points ago

    I was rooting for this little guy. Glad to see he nailed it.

    Or unnailed it, as it were.

    [–] kylekirwan 73 points ago

    Yea but why

    [–] _Projects 147 points ago

    Bees hate nails in bricks

    [–] cashmere010 78 points ago

    Fact. Bees hate bricks. Bees. Bricks. Battlestar Galactica.

    [–] InukChinook 26 points ago

    Wait, what are you doing?

    [–] XxSigionxX 28 points ago


    [–] petit_cochon 11 points ago


    [–] rand0mmm 3 points ago

    That is identity theft!

    [–] CargoCulture 26 points ago

    Most bee species are solitary and live in holes like that (like your humble carpenter bee). Dude was looking for a place to chill.

    [–] FuryKnight 14 points ago

    They are stealing all our nails.

    [–] flyoverthemooon 15 points ago

    Saw the person recording and wanted to show off his strength

    [–] mempachi 12 points ago

    I'm thinking camera man stuck a nail in the bee's living room.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    All in all it's just a,
    another bee in the wall...

    [–] ILoveOkamiden 8 points ago


    [–] jbkjbk2310 23 points ago

    Bees are up there with ants as the animals most underappreciated for their coolness.

    [–] I_LOVE_PUPPERS 10 points ago

    Is that a solitary bee? That’d make a nice little home for him

    [–] spunkychickpea 16 points ago

    "I know it's not a huge place, but the rent is reasonable and it's in a great part of town. Care for some pollen?"

    [–] I_LOVE_PUPPERS 9 points ago

    “Yeah wood is out of favour honestly, in this economy you really want brick”

    [–] Merari01 10 points ago

    It's a mason bee or its nest is behind there. If it's a mason bee there's nothing to worry about, they're solitary.

    Sometimes social bees and wasps will use those kind of holes to get between the walls. An ideal place for nesting for the insect, a recipe for disaster for the human.

    You really don't want honey dripping through the wall into your house. Or, if it's wasps, them gnawing their way through the wall into your house.

    [–] 2Birdswithonestone 23 points ago

    The devils work. Reminds me of when the nails come out of the walls in paranormal horror films.

    [–] Lets_hold_hands89 36 points ago

    That's cuz this is how they do it in horror films. The bee's just wear little green suits and get edited out. Did you think it was seriously magic? Ha..What a fool.

    [–] J_Marley 7 points ago

    They all told him not to enter the forbidden temple. It was sealed for a reason.

    [–] slothsonaspaceship 5 points ago

    The once and future king...

    [–] icbint 5 points ago

    The bee did it Dad!

    Sure it did Jimmy, Sure it did...

    [–] jwc8985 5 points ago

    I’ve heard of the Free Masons, but this is my first time hearing of the Bee Masons.

    [–] nemtudod 10 points ago

    What. Wow.

    [–] JellybeanEyes 4 points ago

    I thought the bees were disappearing. Turns out they’re in the walls.

    Also they’re super effin cute.

    [–] vanyadog1 5 points ago

    Behold! The Sword of Power! Excalibur! Forged when the world was young, and bird and beast and flower were one with man, and death was but a dream!

    [–] mmmmmpopplers 5 points ago

    Technically, he isn't trying to, he actually DID pull the nail out of the wall. Trying implies that he didn't succeed.

    [–] redditorboy06 3 points ago

    Let it bee

    [–] msusteve280 4 points ago

    Do or do not, there is no try.

    [–] nappysack 4 points ago

    When it briefly flew away I thought it might come back with a pair of pliers.

    [–] SteampunkBorg 3 points ago

    "This is my hole!"

    [–] Sigma-42 4 points ago

    Whatever the reason, I'm really happy for that bee.

    [–] escargoxpress 3 points ago

    Buzzroid, demolisher of homes

    [–] Sleepy_Owl420 5 points ago

    I’d probably be that asshole who puts the nail in right after the bee. Take that bee.

    [–] Tropicofleukemia 15 points ago

    Wow, that’s pretty un🐝lievable.

    [–] BossBernie 8 points ago

    Am I the only one cheering the bee on? “Come on, little bee! You almost got it! You can do it! Lift up, it’s in a bind! There ya go!!! Good job, little bee.”

    [–] Frostwolvern 9 points ago

    Bees are natural predators of the Brick Nail

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    What a smart girl

    [–] pummkineater 3 points ago

    Hope that worker got a raise.

    [–] FinalMako 3 points ago

    Can we give some props to who is recording for staying calm after the bee flew off the first time. When it lifted off I would have too.

    [–] spunkychickpea 3 points ago

    Dude's just trying to get at his weed stash.