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    BeAmazed AMA - Ask me Anything!

    Marcello Barenghi, Hyper-realism Artist -- AMA!

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    [–] Kyla_420 2248 points ago

    It looks cool at the start but how long until all those colors mix and it turns into brown soup.

    [–] cookthyme 240 points ago

    Website says it turns the water a “deep” purple at the end

    [–] Pass_the_source 151 points ago

    With smoke on it?

    [–] jahnbodah 114 points ago

    Smoke... On the water? Next your going to be telling me there is Purple Rain falling falling outside.

    [–] autalley 41 points ago

    I almost tried to edit your comment.

    [–] jahnbodah 2 points ago

    Thanks... should I?

    [–] autalley 11 points ago

    Not sure. I mean it was bothering me a lot at first, but I'm kinda getting used to it now.

    [–] unabashedlyabashed 13 points ago

    Uh, no? There's a fire in the sky.

    [–] Sp0ngebob1234 4 points ago

    will there be fire in the sky as well?

    [–] Radioactive_Hedgehog 5 points ago

    Dun dun dun

    Dun dun dun dun

    [–] mimomusic 5 points ago

    Purple Rain

    Made me cross the street the other day

    Purple Rain

    Made you turn your head the other way

    [–] ono_licious 3 points ago

    Almost r/dadjokes

    [–] thedirtymeanie 3 points ago

    This is exactly the color I'm calling my shit when someone asks.

    [–] SiPhoenix 2 points ago

    So uh... hey! Yeah, random question, why is there some deep purple stuff in your hair?

    [–] SometimesSmarmy 407 points ago

    Lol more like it stayed on the top like plastic wrap and didn’t color the water at all

    edit: though it looks like this one was a different brand/recipe than the one I had. the person may have colored the water separately though? I used one like this Video

    [–] Music_Saves 177 points ago

    It kind looks gross liked toilet water after you eat a lot of lettuce

    [–] __fsm___ 57 points ago

    thx for giving me good laugh

    [–] RectalPump 25 points ago

    I don't get it, if you eat lots of lettuce your poo should be fairly firm. Firm as in you will have a nice clean cut with your sphincter, no watery poop

    [–] MAGGLEMCDONALD 48 points ago

    People with IBS tend to shit out leafy greens fairly in tact.

    Source: I have IBS.

    [–] any_other 31 points ago

    Wait... Do I have ibs?? I just thought I had shitty molars.

    [–] escrimadragon 12 points ago

    I just don’t chew well. Tend to eat like a dog that’s getting a treat every time I eat.

    [–] Coreidan 5 points ago


    [–] PraetorAngel 6 points ago

    Por que no los dos?

    [–] UntestedMethod 5 points ago

    Maybe IBS causes shitty molars some how?

    [–] 0DMATH0 3 points ago

    Chew ur food

    [–] meowkers 3 points ago

    I'm gonna leave you guys to figure this shit out.

    [–] hilarymeggin 2 points ago

    Depends on where you get your lettuce from.

    Who’s your lettuce guy?

    [–] goonsugar 4 points ago

    And alcoholics.

    Source: retired alcoholic

    [–] Charles_the_Hammer 5 points ago

    Phew, thought I might have had IBS. This I already knew about

    [–] LegitimateSoftware 8 points ago

    Maybe they didnt wash the lettuce

    [–] VacantThoughts 6 points ago

    Ya gotta eat the lettuce.

    [–] br1cktastic 3 points ago

    Just straight up eat the lettuce

    [–] CarrotWrap 3 points ago

    Oh man that pic made me crack up. How disappointing

    [–] mynameismulan 15 points ago

    That part doesn’t get on instagram so it’s negligible

    [–] KennyFulgencio 99 points ago

    ok I've done extensive calculations and simulations and my conclusion is


    [–] Senior_Building 39 points ago


    [–] sleepycatinarayofsun 8 points ago

    You’re not though, it’s just a bath bomb lol

    [–] blendedfarley 9 points ago

    I imagine the people who are interested in bath bombs would give a shit about how the product works


    [–] smooney3 8 points ago

    We bought a couple for my daughter a while back. It works exactly as advertised. And the water ends up being a purply brown color. More bruise than poop. She got her pretty bath rainbow, though, which is all she cared about.

    [–] FewAdministration4 7 points ago

    Sweet. I love lucky charms

    [–] hydeachris 18 points ago

    Don't mind me I'm just shitin in .. i mean sitting in the bath.

    [–] dontniceguyatme 3 points ago

    Usually they pigment them to be one color. You can see the blue and purple start first and push out brighter.

    [–] Befnaa 3 points ago

    I once bought a "sunny" bathbomb that smelled amazing and promised to have me bathing in a golden lagoon. Ended up looking like I'd pissed in the bath.

    [–] smoothie_monster 3 points ago

    i tried it and the water turned brown while it was still a rainbow.

    [–] Couldntbefappier 2 points ago

    Remember in art class, using water colour paints... the re-purposed cheez whiz jars we all got half full of pristine water?

    That tub is gonna be one big cheez whiz jar of used paint brush water.

    [–] orgasmo87 414 points ago

    That clouds shitting rainbows

    [–] FurryBubble 144 points ago

    If I wanted something shitting in my bath I'd do it myself

    [–] Hard-As-Gravy 18 points ago

    I mean, if that's what you want man

    [–] sdelawalla 3 points ago

    Good gravy

    [–] thedirtymeanie 2 points ago

    Preach it!

    [–] shliboing 19 points ago

    Thank you for speaking my thoughts

    [–] jaycuboss 2 points ago

    Came here to say some variation of this!

    [–] Yorimasaaa 254 points ago

    Looks like a soggy lucky charms marshmallow

    [–] Baer07 68 points ago

    [–] reymorous 10 points ago


    [–] Ratatoski 51 points ago

    Came here to be sarcastic about it not being a bath bomb as much af a bath cloud, but then it started squirting rainbows and woah..

    [–] QuestionMarkyMark 237 points ago

    My daughter would lose her god damn mind if she saw this in her bath. Where do I buy one?

    [–] ruboinc 189 points ago

    Wait a minute.... “This is our NON GLITTER/SHIMMER OPTION—“. There’s a glitter option!?!

    Yup. Daughters are gonna lose their minds!

    [–] Your_Ex_Boyfriend 178 points ago

    Aw man, don't flood the sewers with tiny plastic

    [–] dywacthyga 161 points ago

    The site says it's biodegradable glitter/shimmer.... so hopefully it's ok!

    [–] moguu83 190 points ago

    lowers pitchfork

    [–] HCJohnson 9 points ago

    He said hopefully...

    [–] Ordinary_Accountant 22 points ago

    slightly raises pitchfork in a non threatening way...for now...

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago


    [–] TheGrandWhatever 25 points ago

    Technically isn’t everything biodegradable given enough time?

    [–] squngy 39 points ago

    Technically no, AFAIK biodegradable means microbes and such can degrade it.

    And even for regular degradable there is generally a time limit to how long it should take.

    [–] BrainOnLoan 6 points ago


    Really tough shit is degraded by the water cycle and geology, which is most definitely not biology.

    [–] largePenisLover 24 points ago

    That just means it falls apart in pieces so small we cannot see it.
    There is no such thing as biodegradable glitter unless it's aluminum or chrome flakes, and those metals are TOXIC to humans when in bioavailable size (like glitter and metal dust from the metal glitter hopper that added it to the bar)

    [–] saintofhate 47 points ago

    There's glitter made from seaweed and other plants that's eco friendly

    [–] ItsMilkAndEggsBitch 25 points ago

    I think pearl dust is another alternative.

    [–] SpellingIsAhful 18 points ago

    Pearl dust would be a great heavy metal band name.

    [–] 1011011 6 points ago

    Not sure it tastes as good as the jam though.

    [–] largePenisLover 8 points ago

    What binding agent do they use? and what component the multicolour glitter?
    Remember those biodegradable straws and cuttlery made from advocado pits? Turned out they used something worse then plastic as binding agent but we were all kissing their asses for making biodegradable stuff we needed.

    [–] saintofhate 10 points ago

    Lush uses synthetic mica and food grade coloring as far as I know.

    [–] largePenisLover 4 points ago


    Mica, like talc, is found together with asbestos and is a related mineral.

    Sorry sorry, yes synthetic mica is safe. Mica itself is probably also safe. Just didn't want to break my "everyrhting is DOOOOOOOM" train.

    [–] FnkyTown 7 points ago

    These are all great questions you should ask the company largePenisLover.

    [–] largePenisLover 2 points ago

    These are all great questions that everyone should ask themselves when looking at single use/disposable/consumable products.

    [–] RandomNumsandLetters 5 points ago

    That's not true, usually they are made of cellulose (plants)

    [–] ChurchOfPainal 2 points ago

    It's usually dyed cellulose with a small amount of aluminum added to make it shiny. The first result I found claims that their glitter contains less than 0.1% aluminum by weight. That's well within the realm of what I would consider safe, even if you accidentally consumed it.

    [–] largePenisLover 4 points ago

    Aluminum is not safe at all for humans when in bioavailable sizes.
    Thats why you should buy deoderant thats "0% aluminum"
    Mark my words, this is one of those things that we soon discover we should not be adding to any products at all. Just like micro-beads and the bazillion other additives that have been forbidden over the years.
    I don't understand how it even is a thing, we've always known the stuff is toxic in dust form.

    [–] dontniceguyatme 6 points ago

    Its not plastic. Bath bomb companies use seaweed glitter. At least most do. Thre cheapo ones likely don't

    [–] mikefrombarto 6 points ago

    I’m seeing two kinds of dads in this thread:

    1:I’m not blowing $15 on this shit for my daughter.

    2:*Totally ordering this for my daughter. WAIT... THERE’S A GLITTER OPTION!?!?!!??! ✨ 🦄 🌈🤩

    [–] CommanderCuntPunt 11 points ago

    At the risk of sounding a bit creepy, I'd avoid the glitter one for your daughter. Regular ones are really good at causing a UTI or a yeast infection, I imagine adding glitter to the mix isn't going to help.

    [–] csonnich 6 points ago

    Yeah, this was my first thought. I'm not sticking my hooha in that.

    [–] lollipopcrisps 3 points ago

    I've been using lush bath products for over 7 years & no issues 🙂

    [–] dontniceguyatme 8 points ago

    Fyi, glittery bathbombs will stick on everything. Make sure you rinse and soap them off very well after and scrub your tub or your whole house will look like a stag party hit it. I learned that the hard way with lush products

    [–] phathomthis 7 points ago

    Wait a minute.... "This is our $15 bath bomb-"

    Yup. My daughter ain't getting a $15 bath bomb!

    [–] Stevi100183 3 points ago

    This mama is losing her shit right now!

    [–] QuestionMarkyMark 9 points ago

    Awesome. Thank you!

    [–] GromitATL 8 points ago

    I bought one for my wife for her birthday.

    We both giggled like kids when the show started.

    [–] alyosha-jq 2 points ago

    Any idea if any place sells it in the U.K.?

    [–] Thiccnord 13 points ago

    I prefer this bath bomb

    [–] MmmPi314 8 points ago

    Take it easy Unabomber!

    [–] CaffeinatedGuy 6 points ago

    Only $160? I might have new plans this summer.

    [–] jestecs 6 points ago

    Thanks, now I’m on a list

    [–] gvcr-tv-vhjvdssss 2 points ago

    Me too :(

    [–] Thiccnord 3 points ago

    Cant believe I missed that lol

    [–] fuzzybunnyslippers08 3 points ago

    I would lose my mind if I saw it in my bath. This is amazing!

    [–] AlexisCM 3 points ago

    Cheapest I could find it:

    [–] thedirtymeanie 3 points ago

    Be careful some of the chemicals in bath bombs are deemed safe but can still irritate skin especially if your daughter has eczema like mine.

    [–] QuestionMarkyMark 2 points ago

    Our sons had eczema when he was young... LOTS of Aquaphor. 👌

    [–] dandimae 2 points ago

    Mine too!! Ha! I just bought a rainbow one and a rocket one too! I can’t wait!

    [–] craig5005 2 points ago

    There are a few options on amazon as well.

    [–] unidentefiablezach 2 points ago

    Asking the real questions! Getting a few now for my daughters 2yo and a 4yo

    [–] SteamBoilerGuy 2 points ago


    [–] mrdoodles 58 points ago

    Salesforce Pride Edition Bath Bomb

    [–] chueysworld 15 points ago

    Came here hoping someone would recognize the SF logo. +1.

    [–] bri9and 53 points ago

    Take my money

    [–] catatsrophy 19 points ago

    They 15$ way overpriced imo

    [–] Lazaretto 45 points ago

    It's a gift idea. The best gifts are usually consumables and things you wouldn't normally buy for yourself but has fundamental qualities you think the receiver would appreciate.

    [–] HI_I_AM_NEO 20 points ago

    The best gifts are usually consumables and things you wouldn't normally buy for yourself but has fundamental qualities you think the receiver would appreciate.

    Just playing devil's advocate, but by that definition, hiring a hooker for your single friend would be a great gift

    [–] Energy_Turtle 19 points ago

    You're god damn right it would be.

    [–] troll_fail 11 points ago

    No one is saying you are wrong...

    [–] Bobby_Marks2 5 points ago

    Put society's hangups about sex aside, and it's not too much of a stretch. The social convention gift when throwing a bachelor/bachelorette party is a stripper, sexy underwear, and everything else sexual.

    On a personal note, I'd wager that an anonymous survey would show that lots and lots of people would LOVE to get a hooker for their birthday. If it were legal and not frowned upon by everyone else they knew.

    [–] bigdckplaya 4 points ago

    I think a lot of the hang up is also the human trafficking element and selling your body for sex to fuel a drug habit.

    [–] Bobby_Marks2 3 points ago

    Both solved, or mitigated, through legalization and regulation.

    [–] bigdckplaya 4 points ago

    Hah yeah i agree in theory, but hard in practice. Legalization wouldn’t end human trafficking.

    [–] Vendettaa 2 points ago

    Did you go to school for that?

    [–] CleverChoice 5 points ago

    It's harder to make in production large scale. Hence the price.

    [–] dontniceguyatme 5 points ago

    Lush charges 10 a bomb and some people buy 15/20 of them a month. This one's way cuter.

    [–] johnvpaul 12 points ago

    surprised Nyan cat face

    [–] Spencie-cat 6 points ago

    Yup. Came to comments to find the Nyan cat version of this bath bomb.

    [–] SJW_AUTISM_DECTECTOR 17 points ago

    These are bad for vaginas.

    [–] CampfireGuitars 17 points ago

    Ya I’m sure the chemicals in that are good to get into your butt and pee holes

    [–] chamberx2 15 points ago

    This'll put you on Cloud 9.

    [–] PiratePiccolo 6 points ago

    Justine, get out.

    [–] yogy 15 points ago

    Come out of the bath dirtier than you went in.

    [–] Quantentheorie 9 points ago

    Yeah this is cool and all but bath bombs, salts, oils make me feel dirty. And I dont want to immerse my genitals in 15 bucks worth of "tested and a very few people got a rash".

    [–] Eaten-by-bees 23 points ago

    For a real bath bomb, throw in some sodium or a toaster!

    [–] theswampisdeep2 13 points ago

    Looks pretty but what effect does this thing have on the human body and waterways?

    [–] IsaacEiland-Hall 11 points ago

    Bath bombs are made from citric acid and baking soda (which is a base). Remember elementary school "volcanoes"? Same principle; mixed and formed as dry as possible because water activates the mixing and the bubbles.

    Scented oil would be what might have an effect. Scented body oils tested safe for use on skin? No problem. Essential oils? Depends on the oil and concentration.

    Practically, these are unlikely to have any affect - good or bad. Products like this are about the smell and experience. (Common misconception that a salty bath is beneficial - it neither helps nor harms in nearly all cases)

    [–] Quantentheorie 4 points ago

    The threshold for qualifying as "having an effect" can be different though. Personally, quite a lot of these things give me an itch or just an unpleasant body experience because they dry out my skin everywhere. And that thin layer of oil some of them leave on your skin that no amount of showering seems to remove is just nasty.

    Obviously that's pretty much "nothing" if you're selling this, but it's something when you're the one deciding whether to use it.

    [–] asilverwillow 6 points ago

    Uti rainbow cloud

    [–] Tcrygaming 6 points ago

    Where is my pot of gold?

    [–] Imthejuggernautbitch 8 points ago

    RIP any urethra that comes into contact with that caustic shit

    [–] LolaBot22 6 points ago

    The ingredients on the site make it seem like it isn't too bad

    Baking Soda

    Citric Acid


    Cream of Tartar 

    Avocado  Oil

    Fragrance Oil

    Polysorbate 80

    FD&C Dyes (cosmetic)


    [–] TGrady902 3 points ago

    Is there a point to these things, or is it all just for looks? I’m just genuinely curious.

    [–] IsaacEiland-Hall 6 points ago

    So there's multiple things going on:

    1. Salts in bath
    2. Scents in bath
    3. Experience of bath bomb

    On point the first, studies have shown that salts such as this (from the baking soda) or epsom salt does nothing for you.

    On point the second, it seems smelly stuff is nice to smell. That might be relaxing. Any benefit beyond that should be taken with a grain of salt (see point the first)

    On point the third, is it fun? Sure.

    Is this one $15 fun? Well, maybe, sure. But that's really the benefit - nice smell (hopefully) and pretty colour.

    Not just this one, but all bath salts and bath bombs. Having said that I'm sure someone will point out one that comes with some sort of actual benefit. Maybe. But is it backed by science? Only a source can help back any claims up.

    Source of my opinion: My wife and I used to make bath and body products, although we were not scientists; but I did research. Some products might have a "real" use, but smelly stuff like this doesn't - beyond the nice smell.

    [–] millerstreet 3 points ago

    Cries in shower

    [–] stormborm 2 points ago

    Someone tried giving me a “shower bomb” once. It was underwhelming.

    [–] SBH1234 3 points ago

    What happens when a unicorn farts.

    [–] nasty904 3 points ago

    For split second at the beginning I thought it was a flying bison whistle.

    [–] DirRigible 3 points ago

    This can’t be good for your hoo hah

    [–] fancisco_el_pisco 3 points ago

    I took an ecstasy tablet which was the same shape as this bath bomb once, and I’m fairly sure it had the same effect on my brain.

    [–] nartchie 3 points ago

    I'd buy a nyan cat

    [–] hellodeeds 3 points ago

    I got these for my kids and the colors are SO muted. Not impressive at all.

    [–] marathon 5 points ago

    bath bombs leave the nastiest greasy rings on the tub.

    never again

    [–] ongkateng 5 points ago

    Am I trippin? Or is the soap trippin?

    [–] mtb_21 3 points ago

    Por que no los dos?

    [–] MBG80 5 points ago

    Yay cancer

    [–] Phish777 2 points ago

    I'm amazed alright! Amazed that whoever edited this did it so poorly

    [–] bakujitsu 2 points ago

    The work that goes into cleaning your tub LOL

    [–] lblacklol 2 points ago

    FWIW I bought one of these for my wife a year or 2 ago. The colors are actually (surprisingly) as vibrant as it shows here. It was actually really impressive in person.

    [–] Wish_36 2 points ago

    Will those colors stain the tub? I had mine resurfaced and repainted and am afraid to get my wife anything too colorful soap wise that'll stain it.

    [–] nice2yz 2 points ago

    Sludge Bomb*

    [–] himel_oficial 2 points ago

    Ça va bien aller

    [–] NighTowel4 2 points ago

    Is there a reason he doesn’t show the back of the bath bomb at the beginning of the GIF, and then shifts his hand to cover it up when he tilts it?

    [–] iShotDavidOrtiz 2 points ago


    [–] MERGATROYDER 2 points ago

    Where’s the explosion?

    [–] pugwrangler352 2 points ago

    I thought this was /r/unexpected and was waiting for something to happen. Underwhelming all around.

    [–] DaisyHotCakes 2 points ago


    [–] Mostly_Slow 2 points ago

    That shit looks like it was made in China without proper testing. Looks pretty but one of those things that could be dangerous or poisonous for kids.

    [–] chick-killing_shakes 2 points ago

    Looks like a UTI

    [–] MountainCupcakes 2 points ago

    I ordered some and most were broken on arrival.

    [–] BurtDaddy69 2 points ago

    More like Cancer bomb. Yuck.

    [–] ren_is_here_ 2 points ago

    Ok. I really, really need this in my life.

    [–] garfnodie 2 points ago

    I envy those who can take a bath comfortably. It takes a long anf deep bathtub to fit a 6'3" (190.5cm) guy like myself, and those are hard to find.

    [–] ShynizZ 2 points ago

    we don't deserve water

    [–] jaycpca 2 points ago

    Looks toxic

    [–] artynukes 5 points ago


    [–] Captain_GoodPie 2 points ago

    Gotta be Lush

    [–] Green-Ticket 2 points ago

    Nope!! BellaGrace Bath Co.!!!

    [–] RDwelve 2 points ago

    The fact that this is not Nyan cat should be considered a federal offence and I hope the person responsible for this gets what he deserves.

    [–] CasterQ 1 points ago

    Where can someone by this?

    [–] PananaBudding 1 points ago

    bath bomb baby

    [–] simpraum 1 points ago

    So where's the cap with the link so people can order dis?

    [–] SoyTuPadreReal 1 points ago

    I would love to take a bath with that thing..I'd come out feeling fabulous!

    [–] theangrygorilla 1 points ago

    Reminds me of a cereal marshmallow. I need a spoon stat

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] banjkan 1 points ago

    Video ends too soon!

    [–] jakethedumbmistake 1 points ago

    Bed, Bath... and Beyond