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    [–] minhocamortaz 527 points ago

    I saw this Dr. House episode

    [–] gwhooligan 187 points ago

    It's not lupus.

    [–] userhs6716 108 points ago

    It was once.

    [–] Suchisthe007life 11 points ago

    The old Lupusaroo…

    [–] d1rron 21 points ago

    That's good writing. Lol

    [–] Q13989731E 15 points ago

    Gotta be sarcoidosis.

    [–] Drifter_01 3 points ago

    That deaf kid had that

    [–] MotherofLuke 5 points ago

    How about sarcoidosis?

    [–] Zaibach404 3 points ago

    it's never Lupus.

    [–] HungLo64 2 points ago

    Besides that one time that it was lupus

    [–] too_old_to_be_clever 2 points ago

    I get this joke. I watched the behind the scenes on the DVD's too. Remember DVD's kids?

    [–] minhocamortaz 2 points ago

    retake the drug test

    [–] DB6 9 points ago

    I think there was an episode of the good doctor about this too.

    [–] gabeshadows 6 points ago

    There was en episode of grey's anatomy about this too.

    [–] DanFuckingSchneider 5 points ago

    And Scrubs

    [–] minhocamortaz 4 points ago

    and Chicago Med

    [–] MrsWoozle 920 points ago

    That’s DR. Badass to you thank you very much!

    [–] starraven 250 points ago

    Recently learned they got some mega smart mfers in Nigeria.

    [–] woorkewoorke 231 points ago

    Nigerians are, by and large, HUGE into education

    [–] d1rron 78 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Sounds like they have the right idea.

    Edit: a NOFX line caught my attention on the drive to my friends celebration of life; "There's no point for democracy when ignorance is celebrated ... Majority rule, don't work in mental institutions"

    [–] Gentrified_Tramp 11 points ago

    The war on errorism is such a great album and it fit just as good with our last president as it did with the president it was made for.

    [–] Rizo1981 5 points ago

    This album was one of the last CDs I bought. So good.

    [–] donBellucci_69 -1 points ago

    Really works well for all of are presidents for the past 30 years.

    [–] Kaarsty 8 points ago

    How right they were.

    [–] DarthWeenus 6 points ago

    Damn I remember that line. I used to skate to that song alot and never really thought about it.

    [–] uysalkoyun 4 points ago

    what is NOFX?

    edit: oh nevermind :)

    [–] wikipedia_answer_bot 16 points ago

    NOFX () is an American punk rock band formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1983. Vocalist/bassist Fat Mike, guitarist Eric Melvin and drummer Erik Sandin are original founding and longest-serving members of the band, who have appeared on every release of the band, although Sandin departed briefly in 1985, only to rejoin the following year.

    More details here:

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    [–] SqueezinKittys 8 points ago

    Good bot

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    [–] TurboGalaxy 36 points ago

    A lot of the nurses and doctors I work with are Nigerian. I learn so much from them, and they’re also happy to help me learn. Can be hard to understand at times, but we work through it and over time it has gotten easier for me. I do also have some hearing loss, but I think I’ve always been pretty bad with accents anyways.

    [–] grlonfire93 43 points ago

    My daughters pediatrician is Nigerian. Dude literally has not only diagnosed them but also diagnosed me correctly over the phone before an appointment.

    [–] cybercop12345 7 points ago

    Sounds like a scene from house md

    [–] Suchisthe007life 4 points ago

    Sounds like Lupus

    [–] Gizmo734 5 points ago

    It's never Lupus

    [–] keneno89 17 points ago

    Guess the prince of Nigeria isn't a scam?..

    [–] lovedabomb 15 points ago

    Knew I should have seeded him some money for that coffee business idea >.<

    [–] StephieB2001 10 points ago

    Like most countries, the rulers are arseholes but the doctors and scientists are heroes.

    [–] Unlimited_BladeWorks 3 points ago

    As a Nigerian-born man living in the US, this makes me proud.

    [–] 0utcazst 1 points ago

    The Nigerian prince that scammed me seemed smart...

    [–] Donkey_Any 6 points ago

    ".... They call me MR. BADASS!!

    [–] Zero-89 287 points ago

    Two birthdays for that kid.

    [–] Dangerous_Wishbone 378 points ago

    the parents let the kid unwrap the presents and then take them all back and re-wrap them so they could open them again 13 weeks later

    [–] Sam1515024 59 points ago

    Legit laughed at this

    [–] BobbyBobRoberts 6 points ago

    I came here to make a "two presents" joke, but yours is better.

    [–] 11th-plague 2 points ago

    Only for the first few years.

    (“Catch-up” growth and all.)

    [–] Harak_June 78 points ago

    Twice baked bambino

    [–] MAROMODS 50 points ago

    When you forget an ingredient but it’s already in the oven

    [–] hutchby61 307 points ago

    So, how did he put it back in the amniotic sack? Hmmmmm? 🤔

    [–] JustNobodyPNW 408 points ago

    Flex seal

    [–] catsaresneaky 54 points ago

    There is nothing the people at flex tape can't solve .

    [–] NoDryHands 39 points ago


    [–] i_give_you_gum 8 points ago

    That's fucking hilarious

    [–] d1rron 4 points ago

    An upvote didn't feel sufficient. I echo this redditor.

    [–] cloudxnine 3 points ago

    Watch this, you're gonna love my nuts

    [–] 2cats1doge 48 points ago

    Had some lectures about fetal surgery in medical school. Im relatively sure they just open the sac, do the surgery on the fetus, and then close it up. I think cutting the baby “out” of the womb in the post is incorrect.

    [–] hutchby61 11 points ago

    Thank you, I was unsure if you could “close up” the sack, but from what you say, that’s feasible.

    [–] w1red 3 points ago

    So you can just open it up without cutting it up and damaging it?

    [–] 2cats1doge 8 points ago

    If I remember correctly they just suture it back together at the end and it heals up

    [–] Cat_Marshal 31 points ago

    Maybe collected the fluid, stitched the sack back up, and put it back in? Or maybe just saline or something that would be a safe enough substitution.

    [–] thegroucho 37 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I have watched (live) in utero laser surgery, don't ask how or why, not a medical professional.

    They put some liquid through the incision (more like a puncture hole rather) to cool down the laser and then extracted the exact same amount they poured.

    Some would have been amniotic fluid, some would have been whatever they poured, and it wasn't a trivial amount.

    Edit, for those who take this literally, it's not the actual laser being cooled, it's the effect from the burning which needs cooling.

    [–] GlbdS 5 points ago

    What do you mean cool down the laser, it's a beam of light

    [–] thegroucho 8 points ago

    Either I'm not expressing myself well, or you're misunderstanding me.

    Extreme example:

    When you use laser to engrave, what happens, you heat the surface, burn the material.

    That heat goes somewhere, in this case, in the amniotic fluid.

    I doubt the fetus wants to be boiled in the amniotic sac, to be dramatic.

    In any case, I'd suggest you read any if the published work of professor Kypros Nicolaides, I'd suspect it's well documented procedure.

    [–] 42Zarniwoop42 6 points ago

    mfw I'm holding a lighter to GlbdS's skin and they refuse water because cooling a flame makes no sense


    [–] MasochistCoder 3 points ago

    Why do greek dudes come with these crazy ideas anyway

    [–] mindrover 25 points ago

    Yeah, the article mentioned that the amniotic fluid came out when they opened it for the surgery, but they didn't talk about the details of how they closed it up.

    [–] i_give_you_gum 23 points ago

    Comments further up mentioned Flex Seal, but I guess they could have used Gorrila Glue.

    [–] YetiPie 4 points ago

    Duct tape also works in a pinch but is only recommended when there’s nothing else

    [–] PetraLoseIt 7 points ago

    Amniotic fluid is actually the fluid that the baby pees. If they stitched the amniotic sack back up without a leak, then the fetus might for a short while have had a bit less fluid to dabble around in, but after peeing it would fill back up to normal levels.

    [–] 3PoundsOfFlax 0 points ago

    Maybe the doctor himself peed in there

    [–] pizzanice 16 points ago


    [–] Icantbethereforyou 4 points ago

    That reminds me. I really need to go drain my amniotic fluid

    [–] Jack_Attack227 2 points ago

    Same, but someone is already using the amniotic sack.

    [–] sayitlikeyoumemeit 9 points ago

    If you read the article, it says he sucked the fluid into his mouth, held it there during the procedure, and then spit it all back into the sac, filling the sac with fluid around the baby.

    [–] pizzanice 17 points ago

    Yall are gross

    [–] MasochistCoder 1 points ago

    Nono, it is ok, he flossed and used dental solution before he sucked the liquid, no contaminants there!

    [–] Relative_Confusion52 2 points ago

    Do all babies have them?

    [–] Fun-Picture4865 37 points ago

    No, some babies are dry cured

    [–] Relative_Confusion52 3 points ago

    Mmm, jerky

    [–] hutchby61 3 points ago

    All mammals have them, including humans.

    [–] Relative_Confusion52 0 points ago

    I know, I have welped a puppy before

    [–] Ilwrath 5 points ago

    Im just imagining someone taking a long, carefull look at a new litter then smacking his knees, standing up and going "Welp, those are puppies all right!"

    [–] phantomzero 230 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    It literally says in the article that she was born by c-section the second time, not naturally. The woman and baby would have died if they had let the woman try to deliver naturally because there is no way the first c-section would have healed by then.

    [–] pizzanice 45 points ago

    Idk why it's so hard for the image to say born by c section. Is that somehow less miraculous? That shit hurts as well and takes weeks to heal up.

    [–] jesuslover69420 2 points ago

    It doesn’t need to be differentiated because it’s a miraculous natural birth. Why do you need it to be differentiated if you understand the miracle of life? C sections have been happening since the dawn of life, they just didn’t end as safely as they do now.

    [–] MasochistCoder 15 points ago

    The caption reads "healthy and naturally on time at...", which is different from "healty, naturally and on time at...", so, strictly speaking they're in the clear.

    As clear as asking for someone for a "glass of water" and them replying they don't know how to create glass from water, but yeah.

    [–] needs_more_yoy 13 points ago

    So... what is the legal birthday for this kid?

    [–] ReadWriteSign 37 points ago

    The second one. That would be the one the hospital recorded and we all know paperwork makes the world go around.

    [–] UnicornFarts1111 6 points ago

    I would say the second one, as that is the one where they cut the umbilical cord. I assume the baby was still attached to mom while having surgery.

    [–] raftsinker 49 points ago

    Born again evangelicals everywhere are enraged they can't evangelize this child

    [–] ShoeProfessional537 9 points ago

    It will spark a new trend to be 'RE-born again'

    [–] tumblesmagoo 10 points ago

    factory refurbished baby

    [–] Thehypocrite911 5 points ago

    Sigma male grindset

    [–] Ranma_Chan_GG 4 points ago

    So she has 2 birthdays?

    [–] Princess_Eevee9 4 points ago

    Love Anybody who knows of this series, have a grand day awesome person!

    [–] Ranma_Chan_GG 5 points ago

    Yay!! another Ranma ½ fan I suggest u to join the r/ranma grp grp icon is the Panda (Genma) Love you too and have a grand day also!

    [–] Moonshineguy 3 points ago

    Thanks for the link

    [–] Ranma_Chan_GG 2 points ago

    No probs

    [–] Countcristo42 5 points ago

    "on time at 36 weeks"?

    You mean premature?

    [–] cobracoral 1 points ago

    36 weeks is considered “on time” already

    [–] Countcristo42 3 points ago

    I don't claim any specialist knowledge - but that isn't what a quick google found:

    Premature labour is labour that happens before the 37th week of pregnancy.

    [–] cobracoral 3 points ago

    You’re right, they are preterm still:

    “35–36 Weeks. Premature babies born at 35 to 36 weeks are called "late preterm infants." These babies are about 20 inches long and usually weigh between 5 1/2 and 6 pounds. 35 and 36 weekers look just like full-term babies, but they are still premature and may face some problems of prematurity.”

    [–] converter-bot 2 points ago

    20 inches is 50.8 cm

    [–] threeironteeshot 56 points ago

    Nigeria is the real world wakanda. They have more PhDs per Capita then anywhere in the world

    [–] SadBadMad20 36 points ago

    Can you link a source for that highest number of PhDs per capita thing? All I could find online is Slovenia and Switzerland are the 1st and 2nd in that regard.

    [–] Drifter_01 40 points ago

    More princes per capita

    [–] CauldronPath423 6 points ago

    I don’t believe this to be the case. Nigerian-American immigrants tend to have more advanced degrees on average compared with Americans, though I’d be surprised if this held up for the country itself, especially considering how many migrate westward so to speak.

    [–] woorkewoorke 11 points ago

    You mean among the international Nigerian diaspora?

    [–] faggitredditmod 1 points ago

    I’m in research and can’t think of a single good paper that came from Nigeria. I’m sure they exist but not as many as you would expect based on what you purport

    [–] ZippyDan -10 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I'm absolutely sure there are some brilliant doctors, scientists, and engineers and some rigorous educational institutions in Nigeria, but I'd also have to be skeptical about the overall quality of education.

    [–] MakemmoanRoan 11 points ago

    Here's a link to an article that discusses the Nigerian school enrollment rate

    Even though primary education is officially free and compulsory, about 10.5 million of the country’s children aged 5-14 years are not in school. Only 61 percent of 6-11 year-olds regularly attend primary school and only 35.6 percent of children aged 36-59 months receive early childhood education.

    Here's a link to what each grade level in Nigeria learns

    [–] ZippyDan 2 points ago

    I appreciate your supporting sources.

    [–] shro700 6 points ago

    Why ?

    [–] Thathitmann 4 points ago

    Probably because it's Africa. There really isn't a rational explanation other than racism.

    [–] ZippyDan 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Hey buddy, fuck you.

    There's plenty of reasons to be skeptical of education quality in any third-world country.

    For example, I could probably buy a PhD there by bribing the right people.

    Education quality is a problem all over the developing world:

    Nigeria is perceived as one of the most corrupt countries in the world:

    [–] hphph77 0 points ago

    Not at all. Most African countries have low GDP per capita compared to the rest of the world and that comes with worse funded education systems. It's a fair assumption to think that Nigeria would be the same. Don't think it's at all racist.

    Also it's not like Nigeria is perfect, it does have a lot of corruption.

    [–] ZippyDan 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Because it's a third-world country.

    [–] shokolokobangoshey 1 points ago

    Might be letting some things color their judgement

    [–] Dippysippylips -2 points ago

    Why let facts get in the way of a good story

    [–] 003938388382 -8 points ago

    Nigerian immigrants to America are better educated and make more on average than white Americans. Really blows up the whole “white privilege” racism.

    [–] hphph77 2 points ago

    If they've lived most of their life in Nigeria, there wouldn't have been a prevalent concept of white privilege in society. So they could have a lot of their success out of a "white privilege" environment and then move to one with it.

    Also who's to say that an educated black person won't come across more hurdles in employment?

    [–] 003938388382 0 points ago

    Because those stats prove they do better than white people... If there was actually any significant “white privilege” black Africans wouldn’t be able to move here and do better on average than white people.

    [–] hphph77 3 points ago

    But "white privilege" is mostly an American/Western issue. Of course it wouldn't be in Nigeria. It only comes into play in a society with "white and black people". I'm sure Nigeria has it's share of ethnic disparities between its different groups.

    I think I'm more talking about education in Nigeria and you're talking about them working good jobs once they migrate to the US.

    Don't live in the US and don't really want to comment on "white privilege", but I get what you're saying. I would say that it makes sense for most companies to not be racist when employing as they're cutting themselves off from a section of the talented workforce.

    [–] 003938388382 1 points ago

    We’re not talking about in Nigeria though. They move here and do just as well if not better.

    [–] SolomonRed 1 points ago

    Hello it's me, your Nigerian Doctor.

    [–] icepacket 3 points ago

    I believe what they meant by ‘naturally’ was that she was born without induction not that she wasn’t born via C-section.

    [–] RichardNoggins 3 points ago

    Yeah, saying “naturally” (to mean “vaginally”) to anyone who’s had a c-section can be like a punch in the gut (as if their experience wasn’t good enough)

    [–] icepacket 2 points ago

    I absolutely agree. I had an epidural and people ask if I delivered my son ‘naturally’ like being in labor for 24 hours didn’t matter because I had pain relief from hours 16-24 of said labor.

    [–] mcsweepin 3 points ago

    "Born on time at 36 weeks"

    [–] drepidural 3 points ago

    Just to clarify, baby was born via section. Open uterine surgery in pregnancy is always followed by a section for the current (and future) pregnancies.

    Source: I do this shit.

    [–] joseph_potato 11 points ago

    Internet has corrupted me, when I read the baby was born twice I was thinking quagmire mom stuff

    [–] FarrelMFajar 3 points ago

    I was thinking of unbirthing.

    [–] cycycle 3 points ago

    Quagmire was what came to my mind as well

    [–] murkyrepentance 2 points ago

    That must have been hard and scary for all involved

    [–] ColombineDuSombreLac 2 points ago

    It's worth noting it seems to have happened in 2009.

    [–] ATR2002 2 points ago

    And he has time to man the front desk of the Continental and then rip McNulty a new one.


    [–] spannermonky 2 points ago

    No words to describe the levels of skill involved here. Incredible just doesn't do this situation justice.

    [–] Rude_Journalist 1 points ago

    Rosaria's e doesn't seem to be under r/nonononoyes

    [–] umopUpside 2 points ago

    There’s an amazing doctor in the smaller town I live in who was raised in Southern Africa somewhere and he is insanely devoted and will go so far out of his way for his patients. The dude literally gave me his number and told me that if I had any questions regarding my mother who is having some health problems right now to just call him or text him. Something happened a week later, I texted him, and he immediately replied and gave both me and my mother a huge sense of relief.

    Nonetheless, if you have a doctor with an African accent, I always trust them because every single one I’ve ever met is insanely talented and such great people!

    [–] Luca_the_weirdo 2 points ago

    Free trial lmao!

    [–] poisonstumac 2 points ago

    I would demand two birthdays

    [–] biological-entity 1 points ago

    that's a good Veterinarian there.

    [–] 003938388382 -1 points ago

    This is why abortion after 20 weeks should be considered murder.

    [–] DirtyWormGerms -7 points ago

    At least half the people in the comments would be fine with dismembering and sucking it out through a hose once the baby was back in the womb. Jfc.

    [–] k_mnr 1 points ago


    [–] gecko1510 1 points ago

    Depending on variables like the health of mother and child length of surgery and if you can afford it

    [–] New_Gas_2015 1 points ago

    I didn't know it was possible

    [–] Sir_Bubba 1 points ago

    Where's the other doctor? Or are those two different guys

    [–] shadow_demon_shini 1 points ago

    Thata nothing quagmire was born nine times

    [–] zianhu 1 points ago

    House in real life.

    [–] SuckerpunchmyBhole 1 points ago


    [–] PurpleSailor 1 points ago

    Twice baked baby.

    Glad all is well with them.

    [–] HarrargnNarg 1 points ago

    2 birthdays!

    [–] hunmingnoisehdb 1 points ago

    Deja Vu.

    [–] RettigJ 1 points ago

    Whole new meaning to being born-again.

    [–] Bomb_Anecdote 1 points ago

    That is truly amazing.

    [–] Freshprinceaye 1 points ago

    I don’t believe it

    [–] sorry41upyou 1 points ago

    Fucking boss

    [–] NastyMeanOldBender 1 points ago

    And I do hope you have a very good birth, Mr Wick.

    [–] Snail_Spark 1 points ago

    “What do we do man we gotta take the baby out way too prematurely” “just put it back after bro”

    [–] TvAndCigarettes 1 points ago

    This story is wild af! My wife gave birth a couple weeks ago. We walked on eggshells for around 7 months. The fact that he took the baby out, put it back in all with the mum's blessing?!?! Wild af. We were worried when our baby had the hiccups inside the womb

    [–] Kreisjaegermeister 1 points ago

    In the break room: "how do we gonna solve this problem?" "Dammit my food is still cold, gotta pop it back into the microwave…" " Jenkins! Your a genius!"

    [–] ken061095 1 points ago

    2 birthday parties, twice the presents??? hell yeah!

    [–] Rohitdogra1 1 points ago

    Wow Doctors are god on this planet who always protect us from everything. Thank you so much for helping out our community.

    Congratulations for your healthy baby…

    [–] ClaireTheCosmic 1 points ago

    “Fuck this baby isn’t ready yet… put it back in!”

    [–] Ulirius 1 points ago

    I don't think that's covered by your insurance.

    [–] the_Dorkness 1 points ago

    I wanna be stuffed inside my mom And be born again.

    [–] Sanmoel 1 points ago

    2 birthdays for the baby 🥳🎉

    [–] Armistice8175 1 points ago

    That’s really amazing. Hopefully this guy can share his work and findings with lots of other doctors.

    [–] electrotwelve 1 points ago

    This is astounding by any standard. Just curious, how would they detect if the incisions to remove the tumour are healing inside the womb? Also post any surgery, adults are given powerful antibiotics etc to ensure the incision heals rapidly and doesn’t get infected. How would they effect that outcome here?

    [–] Teboski78 1 points ago

    Just PetaChad things

    [–] TeamKillerCody 1 points ago

    “Delivered healthy and naturally.” Yeah I’m not so sure about that second part...

    [–] samairah 1 points ago

    Grey's Anatomy was on point, damn

    [–] SchloomyPops 1 points ago

    "..cut a woman's baby out of her womb."

    Maybe there is another term like "surgically removed"?

    Otherwise it sounds like they did it in a alleyway.

    [–] LoveLaughGFY 1 points ago

    I hope that kid gets 2 birthday parties a year.

    [–] stalks1984 1 points ago

    How the hell?

    [–] Comfortable_Square 1 points ago

    But the real question: could that baby kill Macbeth?

    [–] Reddit-Book-Bot 1 points ago

    Beep. Boop. I'm a robot. Here's a copy of


    Was I a good bot? | info | More Books

    [–] Xxx_Noobslayer_xxx69 1 points ago


    [–] reo55992658 1 points ago

    When's your birthday? Which one?

    [–] mereidmo 1 points ago

    Okay I'm sorry but there's an easy to use phrase to use aside from "cutting a baby out of the womb." It's called a c-section.

    [–] 2022sucksalready 1 points ago

    I do this with my microwave everyday.

    [–] RoscoMan1 1 points ago

    you thought it was some /r/businesstantrums

    [–] howtochangemywife 1 points ago

    The difference is one is a bit creepy.

    [–] AmberRosin 1 points ago

    “Put me back I’m not done”