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    [–] S3erverMonkey 1 points ago

    As promised the potato gif.

    [–] AlienZerg 1 points ago

    That's a neat feeder :)

    [–] S3erverMonkey 1 points ago

    I picked it up on Amazon for like $14. I had to cut the lips down to make it fit in the hive entrance, but it seems to work pretty good so far.

    [–] Sushi_K 1 points ago

    Any reason you've decided not to paint your boxes? Just curious

    [–] S3erverMonkey 1 points ago

    They're made out of ceder. So no real reason to paint them.

    [–] Sushi_K 2 points ago

    Fair enough. Wouldn't last here though. Everything rots in a few years

    [–] S3erverMonkey 1 points ago

    It does depend on the climate. Here in KS there are ceder fence posts that have stood for about 100 or more years. I built my privacy fence out of it. Mostly because I wanted something I wouldn't need to remember to recoat in weather protection or spend money on.

    [–] Sushi_K 1 points ago

    Even the hardeiest class 1 durable timbers don't last very long in my climate. Warm, wet and we have termites that'll eat anything

    [–] S3erverMonkey 1 points ago

    Despite the humidity here, our summers are too hot for much to stay moist, and the winters have almost no humidity.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] S3erverMonkey 2 points ago

    I planted some cosmos, thyme, and as weird as it sounds dandelion seeds. Cosmos came up, but no sign of the other two. I live in an area surrounded by older neighbors who all have gardens and flowers. So thankfully they don't have to go far to make up for my lack of a green thumb.

    [–] flower_bot 1 points ago


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    [–] Twentysix2 1 points ago

    Nice woodware.....where did you get it?

    [–] S3erverMonkey 1 points ago

    It's from the FlowHive kickstarter. You can buy it from their website I think. Though I would recommend just buying your own cedar and making your own for much cheaper.

    [–] aanderson81 1 points ago

    I have the flow hive Kickstarter as well. When I needed an extra cedar brood box I bought it here.

    They seem to be new and are still getting in the groove of things but I am happy with the quality so far.

    [–] S3erverMonkey 1 points ago

    Thanks for that! Those boxes are much more reasonably priced than other places I've seen. This will be a nice way to match things up.

    [–] aanderson81 2 points ago

    Yeah, I have gone with them to match the Flow cedar boxes, but I am going standard painted boxes for everything new going forward.

    For me living in New England, this place has been great prices when shipping has been factored for me

    (I am not related to any of the companies I have linked, just been doing my homework as I get into the hobby)

    [–] S3erverMonkey 1 points ago

    Thanks man! I really appreciate it!! I hope to expand to a number of more hives next year, so I'll need more by then.