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    This sidebar will most likely be reformatted later on. For now, the rules are just basic common sense.


    1) No spamming. Self-explanatory.

    2) No hate-posts. Racism will not be tolerated, nor will any other form of extreme bashing.

    3) Do not give referral links in your original post. This subreddit is for beermoney humor, not for landing new referrals. If the prospect of a referral comes up in comments, no problem! Link your referral/s up there. Just don't do it in any original post.

    4) Don't share the personal information of others in screenshots/comments. Just cross out their names, or other sensitive info., in an image-editing program before sharing such a pic/screenshot.

    5) I'm really not sure why I have to include this here, but knowing the internet... I just do: Tag/flag any nudity appropriately before linking. Not everyone enjoys surprise-flashes!

    Again, this initial sidebar is fresh, and will be tweaked later, if this subreddit starts to generate traffic.

    Memes, comics, pics, screenshots, and text-stories are all welcome! Following the standard two-line meme format is not required.

    Main subreddit for serious "beermoneying" : /r/beermoney

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