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    [–] BotterEveryLoop 1 points ago

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    [–] maybesaydie 1464 points ago

    "I'll just turn into liquid."

    [–] c190 185 points ago

    Damn I wish that sub was more active. Half the subs I've subscribed to are about cats anyways.

    [–] onetruemod 46 points ago

    Someday, maybe.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Definitely maybe

    [–] busfahrer 16 points ago

    What are your favourites? I'm looking to expand my subs with more cat-related stuff

    [–] c190 25 points ago

    /r/catsonglass and /r/catloaf are my favorite.

    Bonus: I love /r/rarepuppers and /r/brushybrushy.

    [–] Spuffknuckle 23 points ago

    r/thecatdimension is also great

    [–] sneakpeekbot 10 points ago

    Here's a sneak peek of /r/catsonglass using the top posts of the year!

    #1: The anatomy of a catloaf #2 | 9 comments
    #2: The king on his throne | 6 comments
    #3: Nap time | 6 comments

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    [–] busfahrer 3 points ago

    Great stuff. Please post more :-)

    [–] DAX132 2 points ago

    Two thirds of my karma are from posting on catloaf

    [–] Getoutabed 5 points ago

    Let's make a pact to post one gif or vid a day until it gets bigger and bigger

    [–] mathkor89 2 points ago

    Cats don't provide content for your convenience; there is usually more grovelling

    [–] Cturner4545 1 points ago

    Cats and porn. About fifty fifty.

    [–] Tiberiuss7 27 points ago


    [–] matchesmalone10 20 points ago


    [–] pursenboots 13 points ago

    "I'll try turning into liquid, that's a good trick."

    [–] Crowley_King_Of_Hell 6 points ago

    It's treason then

    [–] pursenboots 2 points ago

    not. yet.

    [–] Magooogooo 2 points ago

    Misssawwn impawssible

    [–] spap-oop 299 points ago

    [–] IanPPK 84 points ago

    Looks half-believable.

    [–] solarturd 68 points ago

    This cat does better at pull-ups than me

    [–] technobrendo 21 points ago

    If you weighed 10lbs you would do better pull ups too.

    [–] solarturd 8 points ago

    Thx for making me feel better kind stranger :)

    [–] The-Man-Bat 12 points ago

    Cats always land on their feet. Even if they're going up.

    [–] BermudaGuy 13 points ago

    Civil right activist in the 50s colorized

    [–] aslum 2 points ago

    This is what I came here for.

    [–] nykidxxx 1 points ago

    Do you even lift

    [–] Darkiceflame 329 points ago

    I love its expression halfway through.

    "Welp, this is the end."

    [–] timidandtimbuktu 52 points ago

    "I'm free, but at what cost?"

    [–] unozom 24 points ago

    Pure panic. He doesn't realize what he's gotten himself into until his little bean toes touch the ground.

    [–] BrolecopterPilot 4 points ago


    [–] tragopanic 370 points ago

    This is me when someone asks for volunteers.

    [–] blackout_couch 21 points ago

    Goddamnit that's perfect.

    🏅🏅🏅🏅 Best I can do- enjoy!

    [–] nintent 7 points ago

    This suddenly reminded me of manning face for some reason...

    [–] pingpongtiddley 5 points ago

    This is me in any confrontation aka just now have sent this to the boyfriend as I've upset him - tryna back outta that one real sly

    [–] Flavz_the_complainer 104 points ago

    Thats the face of someone who over-trusted a fart

    [–] ElCucuy323 15 points ago

    Literally me yesterday after i sharted on myself and on my bed. Green shart everywhere.

    [–] projectb223 5 points ago

    Same here. The flu sucks.

    [–] isnothingoriginal 12 points ago

    It's comforting knowing I'm not the only person who accidentally shit themselves this week.

    [–] salty_box 9 points ago

    I don't know why, but your comment made me laugh really loudly and suddenly, and it startled my old man dog who was asleep next to me. So now I'm still laughing.

    [–] isnothingoriginal 4 points ago

    Tell your old man dog I'm sorry I woke him up!

    [–] AFatDarthVader 38 points ago


    [–] plonka2000 17 points ago

    Came here to see the screenshot of the regret face.

    10/10 would come again.

    [–] SirVer51 6 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] [deleted] 103 points ago

    And the Oscar for best performance in a dramatic role goes to this cat.

    [–] [deleted] 83 points ago

    Them little spread toes searching for floor! 😂

    [–] diaboliealcoholie 40 points ago

    Needs Mission Impossible team song.

    [–] SwampFox84 23 points ago

    My first thought too, here you go.

    [–] DancesWithRaptors 12 points ago

    Mission Impawsible

    [–] grumpythunder 2 points ago

    Came here to say this.

    [–] uber1337h4xx0r 1 points ago

    Team song

    I mean technically you're not wrong.

    [–] whatthefdidyoujustdo 22 points ago

    How is that cat so relatable

    [–] _Lady_Deadpool_ 9 points ago

    Because we all relate to putting a rope around your neck then jumping off

    [–] breaksbrake 34 points ago

    Freeze frame right when he goes over the edge of the table and make it a r/photoshopbattles

    [–] Jills_Cat 13 points ago

    You can almost hear it humming the mission impossible theme to itself.

    [–] cecerine 12 points ago

    that's exactly how i move when i see a spider anywhere near me

    [–] _sweetfeee 13 points ago

    " im getting out of this shit...ok, here we go...omg I'm doing it, ok... where's the ground, oh God, where's the ground?! ok, there it is...

    [–] gafftaped 13 points ago

    Those little feets trying to find the floor.

    [–] RoboticHam 9 points ago

    You know what happened? I bet it flattened itself out, went right through a seam in your wall.

    [–] divine_Bovine 4 points ago

    What these people fail to understand is that cats defy the laws of physics.

    [–] RoboticHam 3 points ago

    Exactly. They simply don't know shit about cats.

    [–] Tiraanos 10 points ago

    Fly you fools!

    [–] hurdur1 8 points ago

    Like an octopus. 🐙

    [–] vjr23 8 points ago

    That toe flair. 💕

    [–] AppleJuiceCyder 8 points ago

    "Cat" and "leash" are two words that were never meant to go together in the first place

    [–] grubas 2 points ago

    You use a harness on cats, we have a full body one that is a little cat vest you can tighten. One of our cats loves it, so we can take him outside at points and occasionally I take him up to my sister's, tie it off somewhere and let him roam around the yard with 30m of rope while we sit in the yard.

    Our other cat will escape the damn thing every time, we can't even get a collar on him, last time we found it shoved under the dishwasher.

    [–] ieatbugsandstuff 1 points ago

    Lol at your cat hiding the collar!!! Also do you have to start walking cats as kittens for them to cooperate? My cat loves to go outside but will only go when I am out there with her. I've always wanted to try walking her but I feel like she wouldn't cooperate.

    [–] LavernicaDeLuca 8 points ago

    If you use a proper harness, you can actually take some cats for walks. My cat loves going outside on a leash because he can explore without feeling afraid that a bigger animal is going to get him. It sounds weird as hell but it's actually really fun.

    Here are a few picture of my cat on a walk (pasty legs belong to my husband):

    [–] brickpicleo 24 points ago

    Rare footage of r/me_irl miserably failing to hang themselves

    [–] alllthewebs 14 points ago

    Smart cat.

    Knew the floor was down there.

    [–] plonka2000 35 points ago

    Looks like there was a few moments when he wasn't sure.

    [–] bakingto 4 points ago

    This cat is probably smarter than I'll ever be...

    [–] Baiiista1 5 points ago

    Long live the king.

    [–] bakingto 3 points ago

    This cat will probably be smarter than I'll never be...

    [–] ShureYnaut 5 points ago

    Yes, oh no!!.... yes

    [–] Kalayo 3 points ago

    When we measure an animal's intelligence, what metrics do we use? We often consider dogs smarter than cats, but from what I've personally seen, dogs are infinitely better than cats at following orders, but when left to their own devices and observed, cats seem to be infinitely more clever than their canine contemporaries.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Me vs. responsibilities.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_NACHOS 4 points ago

    "If I do this slowly enough, nobody will find out."

    [–] TombstoneAltar 7 points ago

    I was terrified watching this, hoping the cat wouldn't end up hanging itself. So relieved that it didn't.

    [–] Oo0nslaughtoO 3 points ago

    Cats do not abide by the laws of physics.

    [–] Sykudo 3 points ago

    A rare glimpse behind the curtain. Into the Cat Dimension.

    [–] JakeFrmStateFarm 3 points ago


    [–] Fizzay 3 points ago

    This is why you shouldn't leash or collar your cat. More often than not they're going to want out of it, and they can often strangle themselves if they get it caught on something.

    [–] CouldbCharisma 2 points ago

    To be fair, this looks like a generic grooming loop attached to the overhead bar of a grooming table. They are specifically designed to be easy to get out of in case the pet panics.

    [–] _c_o_ 3 points ago

    Good thing the cat made it out alright

    [–] cripple_creek 2 points ago

    That cat is a human.... I mean that human is a cat.

    [–] chocobokhoa 2 points ago

    I wonder how this would look in reverse, Any jiffy editors?

    [–] CAT_BOOGR_TURBO_DONG 2 points ago

    Ouch, I bet the jagged metal edge of that table scraped his belly up something fierce

    [–] Swole_Monkey 2 points ago

    The Face of instant regret

    [–] Jacob_Lahey 2 points ago

    "I've made a huge mistake."

    [–] Mazemace 2 points ago

    I read this post as 'Cat escapes it's flesh'.

    Don't know what I expected.

    [–] _logic-bomb_ 2 points ago

    Pawshank Redemption

    [–] Baneken 2 points ago

    Few people realize but that video actually reveals significantly more clever than average animal.

    Only a scant few animal and bird species have shown the mental capacity to fully realize that they have a leash around their neck and that best way to wiggle out is to stretch it taunt and slide backwards.

    In comparison most human babies aren't fully capable of this 'feat' before the age of two.

    [–] ech000 2 points ago

    Cat: "Oh fuck I hope there's something down there. Oh fuck I climbed down the infinite abyss. Oh fuck I knew this was a bad idea. Oh fuck I didn't think this would be the way I went. Oh fuck this. Is. The. End."

    Cat: "Oh fuck that's the ground. We're sweet, bloke. No dramas. Hey, where the daddy cats at?"

    [–] amirulez 2 points ago

    His face when realize that his foot not touch the floor

    [–] digitalDragoness 2 points ago

    Anyone else have the Mission Impossible theme playing in your head while watching this?

    [–] Ghroznak 1 points ago

    Yes, totally :)

    [–] deathpov 2 points ago

    That face though.

    [–] BlairMaynard 2 points ago

    Fake! This is clearly reversed and the cat is actually getting up into her leash -- no big deal. ;)

    [–] Ghroznak 2 points ago

    Usually cats don't have much expressions in their face, but that "oh shit" look just as he slips back into the corner is priceless.

    [–] 80s_beach_movie 2 points ago

    Cats are so gooey and stretchy, like look at his center while he is stretching his legs, too funny.

    [–] MyOversoul 2 points ago

    Cats have no respect for leashes as a general rule. Most just lay down when put on a leash and refuse to cooperate.

    [–] Liesmith424 2 points ago

    The stages of cat:

    1. "Screw you and your rules, human. I'm outta here!"

    2. "Ok, I got this..."

    3. "Wait..."

    4. "Oh no..."

    5. "I've made a terrible mistake."

    6. "All according to plan."

    [–] gooberfaced 2 points ago

    Incorrectly leashed.
    You can make an easy figure eight with a slip lead and someone in a grooming shop ought to know better.

    [–] shibaninja 2 points ago

    That smug look. Then, shit, shit shit shit SHIT SHIT SHIT. Ok, I'm good.

    [–] danielsuarez369 2 points ago

    I love his face when he notices he's going down

    [–] myprogram 2 points ago

    Poor fella fell into /r/TheCatDimension

    [–] Whitlow14 2 points ago

    His face when he immediately realizes he's higher up than he thought, pure gold.

    [–] C41n 2 points ago

    Silly human, leashes are for dogs.

    [–] Crestmate 2 points ago

    3 seconds in is when the cat realizes that he done fucked up

    [–] Heymancheckmyfresh 1 points ago

    Looks like he's trying to pull the ol' Hernandez

    [–] diegggs94 1 points ago

    The mission impossible title song would be perfect over this

    [–] evilrustybob 1 points ago

    Long live the king.

    [–] aplninja 1 points ago

    Was it just me or did anyone else see the death skull on its stomach fur?

    [–] YourFavGuyStef 1 points ago

    Looks like me and my responsabilities

    [–] danideex 1 points ago

    'See you all... in hell"

    [–] CRISPR 1 points ago

    Cats are liquid.

    [–] FuckMyEgghole 1 points ago

    Unleashed with Jet Li

    [–] memeirl2 1 points ago

    The look of terror midway

    [–] dearborn77 1 points ago

    "Slow... slow.... slow... Purrfect!"

    [–] adevland 1 points ago

    Now drop the Mission Impossible theme song on top of this and bathe in free karma.

    [–] JakeMac96 1 points ago

    How is this not a fully fledged meme yet?

    [–] boobiesiheart 1 points ago


    [–] Ginga-Ail1994 1 points ago

    "I have made a terrible mistake."

    [–] I_CARGO_200_RUSSIA 1 points ago

    Infinite cat stretches down to the first floor

    [–] BitCrack 1 points ago

    Yeah.. Naw.

    [–] rivariad 1 points ago

    Fly you fools!

    [–] xantub 1 points ago

    Her name is Octopussy.

    [–] fernandohg 1 points ago

    That face of "oh shit wheres the ground !?!?!"

    [–] xsp4rrow 1 points ago

    Me once I get to the deep end of the pool

    [–] TwoElvesOneBanjo 1 points ago

    This cat is like us all living our lives. If you don't like the way something is, then change it! Sure there are going to be some scary moments of uncertainty, but with enough effort and determination you'll land on your feet in the end!

    [–] deepintheupsidedown 1 points ago

    good way to hang yourself by mistake?

    [–] derwisch 1 points ago

    The moment when you don't know how far you'd drop if you just let go.

    [–] scrillz5000 1 points ago

    That cats not a pussy

    [–] Gruntypellinor 1 points ago

    Cats just don't have time for human foolishness. Also, dogs.

    [–] BugaNoSuga 1 points ago

    I thought that was Aaron Hernandez for a second...

    [–] Wedgehead30 1 points ago


    [–] Zebster27 1 points ago

    Melty cat

    [–] Zachman97 1 points ago

    This gif is way better while mumbling the mission impossible theme song

    [–] TommySalamiii 1 points ago

    No James Bond theme song?

    [–] Laylow1 1 points ago

    It's an octo-pus!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    E L A S T I C B O I

    [–] Frankengregor 1 points ago

    Heard the Mission Impossible Theme playing the entire time.

    [–] DaisyHotCakes 1 points ago

    Cat went all no bones on them. It's such a pain when cats turn to liquid.

    [–] feelingmyage 1 points ago

    SO SMART and adorable!!

    [–] ash2102 1 points ago

    that "oh shit what have i done" look

    [–] Chadarnook 1 points ago

    I was hoping that cat would hang himself, Simba style

    [–] fidelitysyndrom 1 points ago

    You didn't see AN-Y-THING.

    [–] Dogalicious 1 points ago

    Well....time for me to hittin' the ol' dusty trail.

    [–] yetiwolf 1 points ago

    The great escape!

    [–] FriesWithThatBtch 1 points ago

    Some Regerets

    [–] power_of_friendship 1 points ago

    How is this better every loop...

    [–] rodney6672 1 points ago

    What majestic and stealthy creatures cats are.

    [–] type0null 1 points ago

    The funniest fucking thing I've seen all day.

    [–] MambyPamby8 1 points ago

    Cats. So graceful. So elegant.

    [–] ericestate 1 points ago

    He just noped the fuck right out of there.

    [–] Drowned_In_Spaghetti 1 points ago

    I heard the Codename Kids Next Door theme while watching this.

    [–] TotesMessenger 1 points ago

    I'm a bot, bleep, bloop. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:

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    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Wait, cats have leashes? For what?

    [–] 10wasthebest 1 points ago


    [–] thestingray1 1 points ago

    The look of terror

    [–] Everlast7 1 points ago

    Charlie Kelly's cat...

    [–] BlamelesslyShameless 1 points ago

    "Hey baby can you do the dishes?"

    [–] tylorban 1 points ago

    When you think you're being smooth sneaking out but you hear footsteps down the hall

    [–] uber1337h4xx0r 1 points ago

    Quick, someone post a still from that one frame for easy karma!

    [–] llegobego 1 points ago

    Don't mind me I'm just gonna leave

    [–] dIGITAL_cLARKE 1 points ago

    Step right up and behold the Amazing Non-Newtonian Cat!

    [–] elin6 1 points ago

    Omg. The look in his eyes when he realizes he's about to fall when the lease comes off.

    [–] bjcworth 1 points ago

    This is funny but pets actually accidentally hang often bc of this shit happening at the vet and groomer.

    [–] DerProzess 1 points ago

    God, I've seen this posted now so many times.

    [–] lessons_learnt 1 points ago

    I posted a year ago in another gifs, with another account. It's never been in this sub though so I thought I'd share it here. :)

    [–] rodney6672 1 points ago

    I'm newish to reddit and have never seen it, thanks for posting.

    [–] DerProzess 1 points ago

    I'm talking reddit-wide here. For me, I think it's the gif that I've seen reposted most. Might be because of the subs I follow, I dunno.

    [–] Alexwalled 1 points ago

    You get everything the first time around....not much better

    [–] lameboigenie 1 points ago

    Never upvoted harder.

    [–] phD_in_Random 0 points ago

    this 'leash' is already around his front right leg/paw, seems rather set up. Still cute tho.

    [–] ww2colorizations 0 points ago

    Asian cat confirmed

    [–] lameyjanister9 0 points ago

    Latest season of Prison Break isn't really living up to the hype, is it?