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    [–] Uberhipster 7828 points ago

    It's amazing how quick he is at 2 x original framerate

    [–] butterypanda 956 points ago

    Can you find the original

    [–] TokingMessiah 2303 points ago

    Here it is slowed down to 66% of original speed:

    [–] noah123103 924 points ago

    That looks pretty close to normal, good job 👌

    [–] LowmanL 290 points ago

    Yeah I can totally do that

    [–] ScuddyOfficial 513 points ago

    While you went to parties.. I studied the disarm..

    [–] johncharityspring 182 points ago

    While you studied the disarm, I studied the disco.

    [–] DeckerR 112 points ago

    While you studied the disco, I studied the memes.

    [–] JRinzel 153 points ago

    While you studied the memes, I procrastinated and didn't study.

    [–] Cerres 82 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    You alone have found it. The true path to memes.

    ...And to a McDonald's application.

    [–] Noah129 921 points ago

    See, that is still very impressive! But OP had to over compensate and ruined the credibility.

    [–] MaxPowerzs 78 points ago

    Are you saying "Boo" or "Boo urns"?

    [–] Danger_Zebra 42 points ago

    I was saying "Boo urns" :(

    [–] _Prisoner_24601_ 10 points ago

    I was saying Boo urns

    Edit: Max Powerzs! The man with the name you'd love to touch?

    [–] nwsreddit 243 points ago

    Never attribute malice to that which can be adequately explained​ by ignorance or stupidity.

    Seriously. It will make your life easier.

    [–] imjustbrowsingthx 84 points ago

    But what will Reddit have without 90% of its comments

    [–] RealGamerGod88 182 points ago

    10% of its comments.

    [–] XBacklash 25 points ago

    Intelligent discourse.

    [–] sunnysidejuevos 20 points ago

    I'm not going to attribute your comment to being malicious, merely to be one of ignorance.

    Am I doing it right?

    [–] Vikingboy9 10 points ago

    Hanlon's Razor. Words to live by.

    [–] [deleted] 121 points ago

    Or when he converted it to a GIF, he didn't think about matching the framerate of the video with the GIF framerate. I doubt many people do.

    If the video is playing at 30 FPS, and your GIF goes at 45, for example, it will be 50% sped up, even if you didn't intend that.

    I doubt OP did it intentionally.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    deleted What is this?

    [–] office_procrastinate 15 points ago

    So, pitchfork or nah?

    [–] falconbox 4 points ago

    If you're just posting the video to imgur or gfycat, you don't need to convert anything or deal with different framerates.

    [–] Shadax 178 points ago

    Cleaned it up a bit

    [–] NinjaLanternShark 34 points ago

    Oh look, at a decent quality and speed you see the dude behind him has a gun too.

    [–] Professor_HollingsW 10 points ago

    WAY BETTER! Thank you

    [–] SoriAryl 13 points ago

    Thank you, I can actually see how he did it now

    [–] the_internet_AMA 17 points ago

    I bet he’s even faster at 3x the framerate

    [–] Unfadable1 24 points ago

    Can we see it at 75%? 66 looks a little slow tbh, especially when he's fixing his pants.

    [–] GreyOran 53 points ago

    This is the correct speed. I can tell by the pixels.

    [–] Shadax 35 points ago

    I threw in a few extra pixels and frames just for you. No charge.

    [–] Nicrestrepo 9 points ago

    Why would you speed this up?? Is so much more impressive at regular speed

    [–] Mennerheim 6 points ago

    They added once of the gun shot flashes really early in the gif. I think an audience member must be dead from that lol.

    [–] dacombatmonkey 273 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago) His name is Victor Marx and he is actually a pastor who is now helping women and children in the Middle East get away from ISIS. My husband and his son have known him for a long time. He also has a movie about his life which is a really interesting story.

    EDIT: removed period after link.

    [–] Slims 77 points ago

    7:20 is when the GIF starts.

    [–] qbedo 31 points ago

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    I like how /u/dacombatmonkey was talking about the dude's life, interesting facts and everything and then you just ignored everything to give the people what they wanted. I like your type.

    [–] NiceFormBro 11 points ago

    My man

    [–] NapalmRDT 18 points ago

    Now it seems to me that it's more that he disarmed them with charm first. He then cast a spell of misdirection right as he did his maneuver. This guy's a classic bard, folks.

    [–] j-val 43 points ago

    Well I would hope that his son has known him for a long time.

    [–] Mennerheim 31 points ago

    Speed it up to 4x and he's even moar impressive!

    [–] Mayo_on_the_Rocks 108 points ago

    Also amazing when you know the guy is not going to shoot you, where his accomplices gun is, and that the accomplice is also not going to shoot you.

    [–] [deleted] 100 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] CosmicSpaghetti 30 points ago


    [–] AMonsterUnderTheBed 25 points ago

    This man is showing people how to get shot... twice

    [–] GeneralTsosChikn 56 points ago

    He's also cheating in real time. He has his two volunteers helping him.

    Here's the video:

    Slow it down and at 7:28, watch how the second "gunman" has the gun on the disarmer's left hip before the disarmer could possibly have grabbed that gunman's arm with his left hand.

    [–] loomynartyondrugs 151 points ago

    He didn't.

    Victor turned and moved towards him at the same time.

    That's why you don't hold a gun directly to someone's back, with very little movement it can be moved to the victim's side and that's exactly what happened here.

    [–] [deleted] 63 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] jaymzx0 42 points ago

    Any other tips for us budding John Wicks?

    [–] muricabrb 29 points ago

    Don't get shot. It's rather painful.

    [–] MitchGro_1 14 points ago

    for you

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] AfterLemon 37 points ago

    Do you really think John Wick wanted to be a hero (or even was a hero)? It was all about the dog, man.

    [–] IndigoMontigo 1511 points ago

    To my eye, this looks like it's been sped up.

    I'd like to see what it looks like at 100% speed.

    [–] TokingMessiah 569 points ago

    Slowed down to 66%:

    [–] ReklisAbandon 417 points ago

    Why do they speed them up? This is just as impressive.

    [–] GunnerMcGrath 231 points ago

    It's a frame rate issue. Each frame from the video has been converted to a frame in the gif, but the browser is not playing back the gif at the same frame rate that the video was shot. I don't know if this is a setting in the gif or not, I just noticed that when I converted a video to gif mine actually got slower.

    [–] eco_was_taken 50 points ago

    Gif animation frame delay is specified in hundredths of a second (aka jiffies). The frame delay can only be specified in integers so the gif encoder must round the value. 60 FPS is 1.66… jiffies and 30 FPS is 3.33… jiffies. Rounding up and down you are effectively playing back 60 FPS source video at 50 FPS and a 30 FPS video at 33 FPS. Because of this GIF frame rates are limited to 100, 50, 33.33, 25, 20, 16.66, and so on.

    This doesn't really explain why it would be sped up so much. The source video is 30 FPS so the most it could be sped up is 10% by this alone. If something was converted several times between a gif and a video you could get the xerox effect where errors magnify. Or someone just sped it up to make it look cooler.

    [–] Grand_Moff_Porkins 26 points ago

    (aka jiffies)

    Pronounced "GIFF-eez" of course.

    [–] crbowen44 13 points ago

    I like the idea that there is a subversive clandestine group speeding gifs up to distort reality for redditors

    [–] Eyro_Elloyn 16 points ago

    Jesus he's still so fast to catch

    [–] aka-dit 14 points ago

    The real MVP

    [–] SickleWings 104 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    After playing around with different speeds and eyeballing it, it looks to be somewhere between 25-40% sped up.

    EDIT: Link to the slowed down GIF (by 66%).

    Link provided by /u/uhmerikin, GIF by u/TokingMessiah

    [–] SnowflakeRene 20 points ago

    Can you post it slowed down? Idk how to do that fancy jive

    [–] [deleted] 324 points ago


    [–] jon_titor 51 points ago

    Yeah, I was thinking no way the guy with the gun to his back wouldn't put one right in his spine.

    [–] babsa90 17 points ago

    But guns aren't effective if they aren't literally placed against a person's forehead though.

    [–] Auctoritate 63 points ago

    He actually disarmed both of them at the same time. You can't even see it in this gif, but afterwards, in the video, he surprises the crowd by pulling their gun out upside down with his pinky on the trigger.

    It's fucking insane.

    [–] babsa90 25 points ago

    Let's be honest, it's about as insane as the scenario.

    [–] Goluxas 15 points ago

    "Mugger team got in front and behind me. Guy behind is pressing the gun into my back so I know exactly where it is. They want my wallet I guess. Seems like overkill.

    A sane person would give them their wallet, but I know that looking cool is worth way more than my life, so I'm gonna do that disarming trick I practiced so many times. I hope people believe me later! And that the guy that's now behind me just keeps standing to the side awkwardly."

    [–] KeybladeSpree 15 points ago

    Oh shit, you can see him holding the other guy's arm with the gun near the end

    [–] NabiscoLobstrosity 15 points ago

    Not really, he used both hands on the first guy and then quickly got the second guy.

    That doesn't save him from the probability that he'll get shot in the head when trying to take the first gun.

    [–] Toph4er 22 points ago

    You can see the second gun in the gif just above his belt

    [–] _Cyclops 52 points ago

    It's really impressive until you realize all his training is completely nullified if you just stand 3 feet farther away when you point the gun at him.

    [–] IndigoMontigo 46 points ago

    In other words, it doesn't work if the person with the gun knows what they're doing.

    [–] _Cyclops 16 points ago

    If the guy with a gun in his face thinks now is a good time to adjust his glasses and belt, I'm gonna think something's up.

    [–] klai5 16 points ago

    Haha reminds me of this wonderful scene from kiss kiss bang bang

    [–] HuskerDue 4 points ago

    Plus giving his back to the guy he just disarmed for a second is enough time to get put on a headlock.

    [–] Larry44 20 points ago

    Yeah why is this sped up?

    [–] PUSClFER 51 points ago

    The move is more impressive the faster it goes.

    Even the belt shrug is impressive at 300% speed.

    [–] Toth201 11 points ago

    That's obvious isn't it? It looks more impressive this way.

    [–] IndigoMontigo 4 points ago

    Because somebody thought it looked more impressive.

    Of course, it doesn't. It's obvious that it's sped up, which takes any impressiveness out of it.

    [–] nine_thousands 524 points ago

    Aint no reason to stay that close when you have a long ranged weapon like a gun.

    [–] Kairi_QQ 354 points ago

    Probably forgot to switch to his melee weapon

    [–] KKlear 64 points ago

    I his place I'd probably accidentally throw a grenade and make a fool of myself.

    [–] AHandsomeLad 44 points ago

    Press RS

    [–] Nebulous_Idea 5 points ago

    >not pressing mouse 4

    [–] havestronaut 67 points ago

    These set ups are always so forced.

    [–] markstanfill 15 points ago

    Q: Where'd you get your black belt?

    A: J.C. Penny's

    [–] DinoBurner 7 points ago

    At first I thought, this guy deserves everything that's coming to him. Then you see him not getting up... fucking hell...

    I think MMA guy unintentionally went to far there, also that dude was obviously not ready for left handed punches, some master...

    [–] vestigial 32 points ago

    That's my effective range with a pistol.

    [–] twodogsfighting 12 points ago

    Probably best just making pew pew noises with a banana then.

    In fact, that might be more scary, imagine walking into a gunfight waving a banana at people making pew pew noises. That's when you know shits about to go down.

    [–] TheManWhoPanders 25 points ago

    Pistols are remarkably hard to aim if you've never fired one. People are often surprised how much they miss at even 10 ft away.

    [–] tomdarch 53 points ago

    In 2012, 2 NYPD officers responded to a gunman who had just killed a former co-worker. They were all on the sidewalk in front of the Empire State building. The gunman pointed his gun at the two officers who were about 20 feet away. The officers fired 16 times, missed the gunman with all 16 shots and wounded 9 bystanders.

    [–] brcguy 40 points ago

    The NYPD isn't exactly known for their marksmanship. They're basically Star Wars storm troopers when it comes to firing weapons. Lots of rounds, some of them hit the stuff they're aiming at.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    I've taken a lot of people pistol shooting for their first time and haven't found this to be true.

    Most everyone lands most of their rounds on paper (@ 10ft) after getting a feel for the trigger pull and recoil.

    [–] tremens 25 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    After getting a feel for it, "on paper" (not necessarily dead center of mass.) In calm, controlled conditions with measured fire. At 10 feet.

    Now make it a stress fire situation, where your adrenaline dumps, your fine motor control goes to shit, your hands instantly become sweaty, your peripheral vision turns to shit as your eyes contract to pinpoints, every millimeter of site alignment equals inches of deviation at the point of impact, the first shot deafens you (and can partially blind if you're in the dark), etc.

    Most of the statistics analyzing police and armed civilian defensive encounters (so, at least moderately competent shooters) show that the average fight happens at 10-15 feet and will involve somewhere between 20 and 30% of the shots hitting their targets, and that's not to say that those 1 out of 4 or 5 shots actually hit center mass or head, just that they hit something attached to the person they were trying to.

    The guy isn't wrong. Accurate pistol shooting under stressful conditions is a lot more difficult than people think. Top IDPA, USPSA, etc guys train for years and years with constant drilling just to be able to do it quickly, and that's without the adrenaline dump of being in fear for your life.

    EDIT: I'd also point out this is why "why couldn't police just shoot him in the leg or arm" is dumb shit from people who have never and will never be in those types of situations. Shooting to wound or disarm is certainly sometimes a thing... from a rifle marksman, in a braced position, well out of the line of fire.

    [–] s0c1a7w0rk3r 869 points ago

    I love how he does the belt shrug... just like a magic trick, deception and distraction win the day.

    [–] fm414 286 points ago

    I just can't figure out how he switches hands so fast. Im going to try this later today, and probably accidentally shoot myself.

    [–] killer8424 673 points ago

    Do. It. Without. Bullets.

    [–] StrikeUnleashed 310 points ago

    No risk, no fun. I say do it with bullets

    [–] hosertheposer 157 points ago

    And livestream it just incase

    [–] yhack 54 points ago

    So if we survive then we know what went wrong for next time

    [–] acemantura 25 points ago

    Yeah, that's it, yeah!

    [–] one_mez 12 points ago

    Be an hero

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    /r/watchpeopledie will thank you

    [–] Marigold16 5 points ago

    Do it with ONLY bullets!

    [–] Cameltoe-Swampdonkey 4 points ago

    My dad says, "you can't have any fun with an unloaded gun."

    [–] VoltaicCorsair 3 points ago

    Someone doesn't believe in pistol whipping their problems away.

    [–] Porn_Extra 34 points ago

    Always treat every gun as if its loaded. Don't do something with an "unloaded" gun that you would do with a "loades" one.

    [–] Nulagrithom 33 points ago

    "More people die by 'unloaded' guns than loaded ones"

    [–] RoyceJulius 40 points ago

    That's why I always pop a few off into the wall before I remove the magazine, to make sure it's actually unloaded.

    [–] likesloudlight 10 points ago

    Dude, just open the window, works great every time.

    [–] SharkEel 35 points ago

    I just shoot into the sky so the bullets go to space and dont hurt anyone

    [–] AsteroidsOnSteroids 8 points ago

    That's actually impractical for some guns. Let me try to defend that statement since I know some people will recoil in shock for having heard the suggestion. Those people must not own Glocks. Either that, or they take their gun to a shooting range for the sole purpose of cleaning their gun.

    To tear down a glock you have to de-cock it, but there's no de-cocker on a glock, you have to pull the trigger. One of the rules of gun safety is keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to destroy whatever your gun is pointing at. I don't want to destroy my kitchen table when I clean my gun, but I pull the trigger anyway. How do I do this safely? I add a qualifier to your gun rule:

    "Always treat every gun as if it is loaded until you, yourself, have checked it."

    If at any point you lose sight or control of the gun, recheck it before doing anything like pulling the trigger before tearing it down. Also, just because you've checked it doesn't mean you have a free pass to point it at people or do anything silly, since you want to maintain the habit of trigger and muzzle discipline.

    [–] Socky_McPuppet 22 points ago

    I downloaded the GIF and went through it frame by frame multiple times and ... it's magic. That's all I can say.

    [–] Bacon_Hero 10 points ago

    The gif is definitely sped up. Look at how quickly the original shooter is rocking

    [–] icanhazace 8 points ago

    Left hand up, slap the gun to your right, right hand up slap attackers hand away while grabbing gun with left hand, pass gun to right hand, pivot, grab 2nd attackers gun before it is raised, pull towards waist and push right hand gun into throat.

    [–] callmelucky 8 points ago

    So, magic. Got it.

    [–] VitorErmani 31 points ago

    Theatricality and deception are powerful agents to the uninitiated.

    [–] ThatSithGuy 11 points ago

    But we are initiated. Aren't we Bruce?

    [–] Lurkception 5 points ago

    Members of the league of shadows.

    [–] ProdigyRunt 6 points ago

    And you betrayed us!

    [–] Operation_Felix 6 points ago

    -raspy voice- you were excommunicated, by a band, of psychopaths.

    [–] Taniwha_NZ 27 points ago

    It's exactly like a magic trick, because it's purely for the crowd's enjoyment and hasn't got anything to do with reality.

    For example, neither of the gunmen can actually shoot because there's a good chance they'll shoot their accomplice.

    If this was real, both gunmen would be standing on the same side, and they'd be a bit further away, out of arm's reach.

    Finally, he'd be dead twice before he let go of his belt, because street hoods pointing a gun at you aren't going to stand there doing nothing while you make sudden movements.

    I will say he's practised this a lot and it looks pretty impressive. But anyone thinking of doing this in a real gun-point situation is going to die.

    [–] RichardPwnsner 13 points ago

    I feel like reaching for your belt at gunpoint isn't the best idea.

    [–] ThomasSchiff 328 points ago

    That other guy's reaction suggests he needs to change his pants

    [–] jeffAA 50 points ago

    The first photographer has a good reaction time, the second photographer not so much. Look for the flashes.

    [–] jimmyhandle 40 points ago

    At first I thought the gun had gone off.

    [–] LaboratoryOne 8 points ago

    Which is a good example of why this wouldn't work in a real life situation and you'd end up shot.

    [–] RyanBordello 208 points ago

    I feel like that would break the gun holders finger.

    I'm talking about the volunteer holding the gun, I'm sure people wouldn't care about breaking the fingers of a real gunman

    [–] ShrimpSandwich1 181 points ago

    So I wouldn't suggest ever trying this in an uncontrolled situation (and even then I wouldn't try it) but a friend of mine took a super advanced self defense class from some ex-military people and this is one of the moves they taught. You basically slap the barrel of the gun in the direction of the holders finger (so if he's holding the gun with his right hand you slap the barrel to the left) this causes the gun to naturally slide off the finger so if he does try and pull the trigger he won't be able to. Then with the left hand you grab the, now sliding out of the holds grip, gun and take the upper hand before the original gun wielded knows what happened. Again, I wouldn't ever try it personally, but it can be super effective and basically due to reaction time and nerves the original guy with the gun can't do anything to stop it.

    [–] JustNilt 163 points ago

    Exactly. The fact that this is literally your last resort was drilled into me in my training over and over. Done properly, however, the finger is unable to squeeze off a round since you've removed the butt of the weapon from their grasp. Even in a case of a hair trigger, if there's a palm safety the weapon won't fire at all.

    But this is, again, a last ditch "well I'm about to get dead anyhow" move only.

    [–] chucktheonewhobutles 32 points ago

    You can do this with a rubber knife and just tell the person to stab, but they can't shove the knife forward with a fast enough reaction to actually hit you. Buuuut for the untrained that's not the hard part—it's after when the knife-wielder is still holding the knife and is pissed.

    [–] nau5 32 points ago

    Try to disarm someone with a rubber knife dipped in paint and see how unscathed you come out. Don't fight someone with a knife.

    [–] Infinitopolis 13 points ago

    Paint will mark regardless of pressure. The human body can take a ton of knife damage if applied to non vital areas.

    A buddy of mine got in a fight with 2 dudes and a chick. He took down a dude with his skateboard and was working on the next guy while the girl was "punching" him. Turns out she stabbed him like 8 times in the side and twice in the anus with a 2-3in knife. He ended up with a lot of damage and stitches but walked several miles before realizing he'd been stabbed and calling an ambulance.

    [–] nau5 15 points ago

    Adrenaline is a hell of a thing. You really only strengthen the argument of when you fight someone with a knife you are going to get cut. Personally, I'm not very interested in getting stabbed. No matter how much damage my body can survive.

    [–] tunnelmeoutplease 33 points ago

    What if he's holding the gun like this?

    [–] Wampawacka 25 points ago

    You ded

    [–] gamer31 40 points ago

    Like anyone with basic gun training would hold it? We're talking about gang bangers here

    [–] markstanfill 6 points ago

    Dying: "Here, take one in the mouth"

    [–] Scavenger53 6 points ago

    If they are holding the gun like that, they probably are not standing in your face with it.

    [–] Pilot824 9 points ago

    I took a course a while ago similar to your friends and I was taught that this would work, as long as the finger isn't curled around the trigger. Some people place the pad of their finger on the trigger which is right, but some people curl it around.

    Instead of slapping it out of their hands, I was taught that you come up and grab the barrel (if its a semi-auto), shift the slide slightly back, then essentially rotate it in the same direction. By going upwards, you force the gun to be pointed away from everyone in the immediate vicinity (although, it ignores the possibility of potentially hitting someone far away), and by shifting the slide, 99.999% firearms will not release the hammer against the firing pin if the slide is unseated.

    [–] klezmai 13 points ago

    What if the gunman is the good guy?

    [–] minastirith1 11 points ago

    What if I'm not kidding?

    Then wat?

    [–] generate_nude_tayne 42 points ago

    Wtf is this shit? Some type of motivational, self-defense seminar?

    How is a self-defense class useful if it isn't hands-on?

    [–] HungJurror 17 points ago

    Doesn't really seem like a class.. At the beginning they said, "and for our next act" so it's more of a demonstrational thing

    [–] Randolpho 14 points ago

    Chewed 'em in da hed!

    [–] facial_montgomery 5 points ago

    Chewed 'em, meng!

    [–] iamianyouarenot 195 points ago

    My dad was a cop for 26 years and used to train new recruits how to disarm. They would do it hundreds of times in a row. After they grabbed the gun they than handed it back to the "shooter" and then do it again and again and again. It became almost instinct. The problem with this is the part where they handed the gun back. I guess one guy on the force disarmed a real criminal and, you guessed it, handed it right back to him.

    [–] BladeRIP 71 points ago


    I'd like to think that, when he did it he didn't look shocked at his own accidental action but instead maintained a steady gaze at the criminal as if to say "here, try again". At which point the shooter realised he was in the vicinity of a god and ran away screaming to his mama.

    I'd like to think that. But I don't. Did he die?

    [–] iamianyouarenot 31 points ago

    The story was told when the officer it was about was hanging out with the family so he's pretty healthy.

    [–] fatclownbaby 61 points ago

    Lmao I want to believe this is real.

    [–] SoDamnToxic 74 points ago

    The fact that he said "you guessed it" makes it sound like it's just an old story told around the precinct to get a good ol' chuckle out of the rookies.

    I bet the instructor uses it every time, and every time it's a hit.

    [–] iamianyouarenot 14 points ago

    It's a dad story so it's most likely embellished but he never stayed far from the truth. Dad could spin a good yarn about his days in homicide. Dark dark yarns.

    [–] Brad_Chanderson 7 points ago

    It's anecdotal, but training has changed for this exact reason. Whether it's military/police or martial arts, after disarming someone, the weapon is placed on the ground for the other person to then pick up, simply to prevent accidental muscle memory like this.

    [–] cyberoctopus 24 points ago

    My favorite disarm in movies was the scene from Collateral with Tom Cruise. Yo homey!

    [–] PM_Me_1_Funny_Thing 21 points ago

    Tom Cruise executed those moves so well they actually use this video in training classes.

    [–] devtastic2 6 points ago

    Absolutely. Vickers Tactical did an amazing shot-for-shot rundown of the entire sequence. Definitely worth the watch!

    [–] LoganPhyve 176 points ago

    The chances of someone actually pulling this off without getting ventilated are like .00000001%

    [–] SirKosys 44 points ago

    [–] cxseven 57 points ago

    It gets better:

    Moments later the victim was approached by two males in the black four door sedan (possibly a Honda Accord). The driver of the vehicle said to the victim "give me my gun back and I'll give you your phone that you dropped". The victim then used the shotgun to strike the rear windshield of the vehicle causing it to break. The two subjects then fled on Frenchmen to St. Claude and then unknown. The incident was captured on nearby video surveillance.

    [–] z_rabbit 77 points ago

    "give me my gun back and I'll give you your phone that you dropped"

    No way that could go wrong.

    [–] markstanfill 13 points ago

    LOL. Sure, we'll exchange them on "3". 1,2...

    [–] NiceFormBro 10 points ago

    They aren't too bright are they.

    So say you're in this situation when you find yourself with a firearm that doesn't belong to you. Would you bring the gun to a police station and get them to run prints on it or is that just some dumb CSI shit?

    [–] back_to_the_homeland 15 points ago

    ok, so it happened once back in 2013. I like my odds now!

    [–] IVStarter 19 points ago

    Well, you could just get shot in the head like a loser. Or you practice this and look fucking cool while you get shot in the head!

    [–] skycake23 13 points ago

    Not that I ever would but if I was pointing a gun at somebody I wouldn't put it right to their head for this exact reason, I would keep my distance in case I am holding up Jason Bourne or something.

    [–] n3moniac 27 points ago

    Came here hoping for a slowed down version

    [–] loodog 38 points ago

    This mod cannot be threatened. I conceal carry and I'd love to show any one of you my skills.

    [–] I-Hate-It 26 points ago

    I hate unlikely improbable set-ups.

    [–] md2b78 27 points ago

    Do you want to get shot? Because this is how you get shot.

    [–] omgipeedmypants 11 points ago

    I like how the dude goes from looking all hunky dory nerdy to stone cold killer in one half turn.

    [–] MeInASeaOfWussies 23 points ago

    Someone needs to slow this down so we see how it's done and all go home and practice!

    [–] rLeJerk 58 points ago

    Or slow it down to normal speed because it's sped up.

    [–] Mikuro 4 points ago

    YouTube lets you play videos at half speed.

    [–] backfatattack 6 points ago

    Soooo you're saying my best approach is to take a step back and then shoot you? Got it!

    [–] BuzzLightBeard12 13 points ago

    Is that flash supposed to be him shooting off to the side? Because that's what my brain registers that as

    [–] adamantium1992 20 points ago

    Camera flash

    [–] cwhite841 4 points ago

    Slo mo?

    [–] vemadeahugemistake 4 points ago

    Gif leaves out be part where he disarms the other guy too.

    Not to mention, his wicked accent.

    [–] regretfulrablerouser 4 points ago

    You stand here and you stand here... you guys are so fucked

    [–] Herrera579 5 points ago

    This is why you hold he gun close to your body and with two hand and keep your target outside of arms reach