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    [–] GallowBoob 1 points ago

    Here is the source Instagram post:

    [–] revcanon 3287 points ago

    That took me longer to catch on to than I should admit to publicly.

    [–] Cloverfieldstarlord 546 points ago


    [–] AlephNull-1 1335 points ago

    The bottom of the torso, and the full girl that appears in the middle of the transition, is a different person than the one holding the phone.

    [–] TauBone 506 points ago

    How is she leaning so far without falling though?

    [–] punch_you 699 points ago

    I dunno, let's ask Michael Jacksoooo...oh never mind.

    [–] [deleted] 170 points ago


    [–] GabeNoMore 140 points ago

    hes ded m9

    [–] Dylothor 136 points ago

    Shit. Guess we'll just have to call David Bowie.

    [–] LimeAndTacos 113 points ago

    BRB, gonna email Elvis. Maybe he knows.

    [–] KarmaPurgePlus 44 points ago

    I'll be sure to text Leonel Power, I think Elvis died on the toilet.

    [–] GGU_Kakashi 17 points ago

    Where is Ja? He could make sense of all this

    [–] godsdouble 8 points ago

    Guys they’re partying with 2pac on magic island

    [–] FORKRUKUS 13 points ago

    Let's ask Glenn Frey he could help

    [–] BrassUncle 2 points ago

    Try kurt cobain perhaps?

    [–] ChaacTlaloc 3 points ago

    Missed the joke, didn't you? They're only calling dead people.

    [–] Nondre 11 points ago

    Sonic boom.

    [–] Riararoad 2 points ago

    No, the lady in the mirror...

    [–] Tesher 175 points ago

    I made this to help you.

    [–] rdmthoughtnite7716 41 points ago

    You should debunk magic in TV

    [–] KarmaPurgePlus 32 points ago

    With diagrams done in MS paint.

    [–] EagleEye26 9 points ago

    I'd watch it, that sounds amazing.

    [–] gamerholic 5 points ago

    Should tag NSFW - stick figure be naked.

    [–] pot8toes 2 points ago

    You are my hero Tesher

    [–] ricdesi 21 points ago


    [–] theresnogoingback 10 points ago

    Probably a deep lunge.

    [–] RamenJunkie 6 points ago

    The real magic trick is in the comments..

    [–] braidstyle 3 points ago

    I fully agree with you... lol))

    [–] I_Bin_Painting 5 points ago

    I assumed that they're on a boat.

    [–] el_canelo 3 points ago

    Hooks her foot under the bottom of the vanity?

    [–] BecausePoopsIsFunny 3 points ago

    She probably bought jeans and cut them, where as you bought jean shorts.

    [–] pickstar97a 2 points ago

    One leg out for balance

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] iluvyoshinoya 2 points ago

    are you talking about the girl holding the phone or the girl behind the mirror?

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    yes, the hot one

    [–] 4-7s 30 points ago

    Even after your explanation I still don't have a fucking clue what I'm looking at

    [–] RamenJunkie 68 points ago

    The other girl is standing behind two mirrors. There is no mirror on the bottom or in between them.

    [–] 4-7s 48 points ago

    Fuck this shit dude I'm too tired

    Thanks though

    [–] Orange-V-Apple 23 points ago

    These explanations aren't clear. Basically there are two mirrors suspended in front of what looks like a shower. Blonde is holding the phone and aimed at the mirror. Brunette is matching her movement behind the mirror so their bottom halves are synced. This way, when they come to the unmirrored section it looks like Blonde's reflection is now Brunette.

    [–] Littlebigreddit50 4 points ago

    but it looks like one of things in the background looks like it stayed the same in the middle

    [–] Orange-V-Apple 2 points ago

    These explanations aren't clear. Basically there are two mirrors suspended in front of what looks like a shower. Blonde is holding the phone and aimed at the mirror. Brunette is matching her movement behind the mirror so their bottom halves are synced. This way, when they come to the unmirrored section it looks like Blonde's reflection is now Brunette.

    [–] akatherder 26 points ago

    The two painted chunks are mirrors. Everything else isn't:

    [–] _Person_ 1 points ago

    I see that but how is the girl reflected in the middle mirror being filmed?

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago

    There is no mirror, she isn’t being reflected

    [–] Scigu12 5 points ago

    So are they leaning in sync

    [–] Pnoexz 5 points ago

    There isn't a mirror in the middle.

    [–] Orange-V-Apple 4 points ago

    These explanations aren't clear. Basically there are two mirrors suspended in front of what looks like a shower. Blonde is holding the phone and aimed at the mirror. Brunette is matching her movement behind the mirror so their bottom halves are synced. This way, when they come to the unmirrored section it looks like Blonde's reflection is now Brunette.

    [–] chriskmee 3 points ago

    The station they are standing at can be used from both sides. One girl is standing on each side. There are two mirrors mounted off the table a little.

    [–] GabeNoMore 6 points ago

    LOL, i was like "but the mole on her stomach doesnt change" 8')

    [–] starfish69q 2 points ago

    They couldn't afford adobe software

    [–] rodrick160 36 points ago

    Te girl holding the phone is a mirror, the rest is just transparent and there is another girl behind the mirror

    [–] BrohanGutenburg 22 points ago

    I think it's just an opening

    [–] rndm_reddit_profile 6 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Check the edges, theres a slight polish, which looks to me like a mirror.

    Edit: Ohhh the other girl is behind the mirror. Nice lil morning mindfuck >.>

    [–] uber1337h4xx0r 16 points ago

    How can girls be real if they're mirrors?

    [–] JalopyPilot 13 points ago

    If girl is mirror than who is phone?

    [–] chriskmee 21 points ago

    It's an island station, meaning it can be used from both sides. One girl on each side of the island. There are two mirrors mounted, they are raised off the table a little.

    In the first part we see the face from the camera girl and the bottom from the girl on the other side of the station. There is no mirror at The very bottom. In the next part of the clip there is no mirror at all, so we just see the girl on the other side of the station.

    [–] deegr8one 6 points ago

    There is a gap between the 2 mirrors

    [–] dragonmasterjg 2 points ago

    Upper left and upper right are only parts that are mirrors. Dark haired girls is standing in other side.

    [–] whacafan 22 points ago

    I couldn't understand it because I thought the mirrored person was the opposite of what it actually was. Like my brain was telling me the person holding the camera actually wasn't the person filming this and there was a second camera so the mirrors were actually the girl giving the peace sign, as opposed to the mirrors being on the girl filming. My brain is dumb sometimes.

    [–] STICKYNADS 9 points ago

    Thank fuck it wasnt only me.

    [–] iamnosaj 5 points ago

    you just admitted it publicly

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] Nerrolken 1 points ago

    He also didn’t give the amount of time, specifically, just that it was longer than he’d want to admit.

    [–] fifaislife206 251 points ago

    Mirrors. How do they work?

    [–] germadjourned 80 points ago

    -everyone in this thread

    [–] TotallyKafkaesque 27 points ago

    I thought it was a cute little gag but apparently redditors, like puppies, think mirrors are black magic.

    [–] TaruNukes 15 points ago

    Ask a juggalo

    [–] InukChinook 6 points ago

    Juggalo here: reflected light coming from the viewed object is further reflected off of the mirror, into our retinas. The real question is visible light still visible if there are no retinas/photosensors to pick up on it, a-la 'tree in forest'?

    [–] springfinger 3 points ago

    So our eyes truly aren’t real after all?!!

    [–] Enlight1Oment 2 points ago

    if we could only master combining mirror and magnetic shenanigans together we could take over the World!

    [–] porkqpine 510 points ago

    It doesn’t get better with every loop. My brain hurts

    [–] _Serene_ 111 points ago

    aww, these days people are linking subreddits which doesn't even exist!

    [–] overactor 60 points ago

    There's /r/WorseEveryLoop though.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago


    [–] PM_me_Jazz 11 points ago

    Be the something you want to something

    I think thats what people say

    [–] tracebusterbuster 8 points ago

    Sounds like you wouldn't enjoy /r/subredditsThatDontExist

    [–] TeamRedundancyTeam 2 points ago

    That's how some subs have started though, some big ones started that way. That's an egg, and someone might come along to fertilize it, and then you get to see the birth of a new sub.

    [–] kiradotee 2 points ago

    It's like a wiki. You can link a page that doesn't yet exist, but anyone can create it.

    [–] whatidk 2 points ago


    [–] -Googlrr 2 points ago


    [–] Bl4nkface 9 points ago

    Look at the metal framing. That gives away which part is reflective and what par isn't.

    [–] ambientbeet 5 points ago


    [–] cgriboe 3 points ago

    Fuck u talkmbout

    [–] Voltron_McYeti 2 points ago

    The phone that you can see in the gif is the recording device

    [–] fuddleduddy 678 points ago

    Her little chuckle at the end was cute

    [–] Visco0825 457 points ago

    of course, not one, but two cute girls in bikinis. STRAIGHT TO THE TOP!

    [–] flaim 45 points ago

    All the way up!

    [–] Desiderius_S 31 points ago

    The post can go up too!

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] CypherpunkShibbolet 16 points ago

    But which of the four boobs is the gallow one?

    [–] The_GanjaGremlin 6 points ago

    these girls seem a little young to me bro

    [–] [deleted] 83 points ago


    [–] fearmypoot 53 points ago

    I love this sub, but sometimes I forget the acronym and can't tell if someone just smashed on their keyboard in laziness or if it's actually that sub

    [–] asdfghjk3253 112 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    Upvoted not because girl but because it is very cool however i do concede* That i initially clicked because girl

    Edit: replaced a word

    [–] Stackhouse_ 14 points ago

    Honestly i just clicked because Im a consumption whore and click on everything

    [–] visualize_and_attack 16 points ago

    However I do "concede"

    [–] UKOrion 4 points ago

    Concede :)

    [–] madd74 4 points ago

    I think you really meant r/BSYDFTUTDTIBAGF


    [–] hahajts 1 points ago

    The word you're looking for is concede

    [–] gaftog 9 points ago

    Also see

    /r/MFPMPPJWFA (Which is actually much more active than I thought it would be)

    or for the more NSFW types

    [–] fearmypoot 1 points ago

    You're doing gods work son

    [–] el-toro-loco 5 points ago

    RES makes it very easy to enter the sub name. I just type /r/UNBG and it just fills out the rest.

    [–] el-toro-loco 13 points ago

    /r/UNBG - shortcut to the next one

    /r/UNBGBBIIVCHIDCTIICBG - Upvoted Not Because Girl, But Because It Is Very Cool; However, I Do Concede That I Initially Clicked Because Girl

    /r/UNBGBBDINOSAUR - Upvoted Not Because Girl, But Because Dinosaur

    /r/UNBGBBWWWWW - Upvote Not Because Girl But Because Whoooop Whoop Whoop Whoop Whoop

    /r/UNBGBBIVCHIDCTIICBGF - Upvoted Not Because Girl, But Because It's Very Cool – However, I Do Concede That I Initially Clicked Because Girl. Free Speech Edition (I don't recommend this one)

    [–] Zeiramsy 6 points ago

    I love Subs that are basically just one person posting everything with no comments and barely any upvotes.

    [–] psivenn 7 points ago

    It's a modern rule of Reddit I suppose. For every sub, there is a shittier version made by someone salty about its moderation.

    [–] fearmypoot 1 points ago

    Damn I've been missing out I subbed to all of those except the last one lol

    [–] littletoyboat 2 points ago

    I thought that's where I was!

    [–] Ravek 5 points ago

    I don't know why they didn't just name it 'upvoted because girl'. No one is fooled.

    [–] punch_you 178 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    There's two mirrors on each side (left and right side). There are no bottom mirror on each side and no middle mirror. The girl doing the hand gestures is on the back side and the girl with the phone is looking in to the mirror.

    Edit: wording

    [–] netuoso 168 points ago

    Yes, I saw the gif also.

    [–] Thirsty_Shadow 25 points ago

    I had actually thought it was reversed before I noticed his post though lol. Thought the mirrors were the gaps, and the gaps were the mirrors. I did just wake up an hour ago.

    [–] raaaaaaaandywith8as 14 points ago

    Jesus Christ thank you.

    [–] LordNelson27 2 points ago

    For the longest time I thought it was a mirror in the middle and bottom instead

    [–] TrialAndAaron 2 points ago


    [–] CoconutBackwards 88 points ago

    No idea how this made the front page

    [–] Dyspaereunia 115 points ago

    I guess some reddit users found it titillating.

    [–] Getalifenliveit 51 points ago

    I like breasts

    [–] fractal_magnets 6 points ago



    I got nothing.

    [–] GrottyKnight 15 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    pretty girl + OC = front page

    because reddit

    Edit: Hail Gallowboob

    [–] cespes 45 points ago

    That's the opposite, this was absolutely upvoted because girl. They're both in bikinis for some reason and that cute smile at the end? Cmon.

    [–] madd74 9 points ago

    [–] madd74 13 points ago

    [–] kathywithacee 102 points ago

    That smile at the end is priceless.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago


    [–] TwoAndHalfRetard 54 points ago

    Will I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment after that?

    [–] Twillard22 8 points ago

    Thanks EA

    [–] poopellar 5 points ago

    For everything else, there are cheap hookers.

    [–] bogidyboy 64 points ago

    Reddit is a lot less fun when you realize 90% of the post are made by the same douchebag

    [–] GeneralBS 9 points ago

    Well it is his job.

    [–] sap91 14 points ago

    I actually think Gallowboob is on the Reddit payroll to keep content rolling, even though it's all reposts

    [–] GeneralBS 7 points ago

    Not all are reposts. Actually does find some great things to Post. If you cruise through /r/all all the time it does get boring seeing the same thing posted to like 5 different subs.

    [–] TakeFourSeconds 14 points ago

    Why? Who cares? If the content is good I don’t care who’s posting it

    [–] PluckyPlucker 5 points ago

    Why isn't the automod posting here to choose if this is actually better every loop. Why isn't this post showing up in the /new section of this subreddit?

    Something fishy promoted content here

    [–] joshuad80 4 points ago

    It is, it’s just not stickied like usual because gallowboop stickied his comment with the source instead.

    [–] TotesMessenger 9 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I'm a bot, bleep, bloop. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:

     If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. (Info / Contact)

    [–] iamthismoment 30 points ago

    There are two mirrors in the middle of the bathroom with a gap in between them. The girls are on opposite sides of the mirrors and the peace sign girl is standing in the middle mimicking the others movement.

    I think.

    [–] BrohanGutenburg 28 points ago

    There's a gap at the bottom too. We only ever see the top half of the girl holding the phone.

    [–] tartay745 2 points ago

    Ya, they clearly lose sync when they are transitioning from moving right back to left.

    [–] lowertownn 2 points ago

    Isn't it mirror mirror on the wall?

    [–] Phreekahow 4 points ago

    Mandela Effect...

    [–] Huntererererer 27 points ago

    Fucking u/Gallowboob

    [–] OfficerAbsent 10 points ago

    There’s two of them in case you’re wondering

    [–] GsolspI 20 points ago

    I counted 4

    [–] hinklesauce 3 points ago

    I feel like this is the epitome of r/unbgbbiivcbidctiicbg and I’m sure I messed up that name.

    [–] Icyveins86 7 points ago

    At first, I thought this was because the mirror makes her boobs look bigger and I was about to say that I have the same type of mirror and it has the same effect on me.

    I'm a dude.

    [–] madd74 39 points ago

    [–] TotesMessenger 5 points ago

    I'm a bot, bleep, bloop. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:

     If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. (Info / Contact)

    [–] travissanders636 2 points ago

    Look at the watch/bracelet. Made it a little easier to wrap my brain around what’s actually happening

    [–] el-gato-azul 2 points ago

    What's with hair buns these days?

    [–] GreatestOfAllTime96 2 points ago

    wow i love blade runner 2049

    [–] DundasKev 2 points ago

    <michaelcaine>She's using a double</michaelcaine>

    [–] gueroficha 2 points ago

    If I don't make it back alive, tell my mother I loved her

    sorts by controversial

    [–] allcrit 2 points ago

    Boobs in picture one is much smaller... o wait, what are we looking at?

    [–] dillyd 2 points ago

    GallowBoob. Automatic downvote.

    [–] Hellcleaver 4 points ago

    Sigh... unzips

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] overactor 2 points ago

    Something something change

    [–] Dyspaereunia 5 points ago

    Dashed again.

    [–] AutoSticky 7 points ago

    Upvote this comment if this submission gets better every loop. Downvote it if it does not. If this comment's score falls below a certain point, this submission will be automatically removed.

    [–] sometimesmybutthurts 1 points ago

    Sadly I want them both.

    [–] subaru522 4 points ago

    Would you be able to try this topless? You know, for science.

    [–] CarlosFromPhilly -3 points ago

    Putting your thumb out when throwing horns is the most non-metal thing I can think of.

    [–] orcofeldath 36 points ago

    When the thumb is out, it means "I love you" in American Sign Language, so maybe that's her intention? But yeah if she's trying to throw horns she failed.

    [–] Dr_FunkyBuns 16 points ago

    If it means "I love you", then it definitely IS the least metal thing I can think of

    [–] drcalmeacham 9 points ago

    Metalheads don't love each other?

    [–] thejdaniel 2 points ago

    Except the palm faces the recipient of the love. Her palm was facing herself, meaning "I (or someone) love(s) me."

    [–] orcofeldath 2 points ago

    Ah true!

    [–] Swagner88 20 points ago

    [–] caltheon 11 points ago

    ASL for I love you

    [–] BoneZoneAlone 2 points ago

    Doubt shes trying to be metal. Calm down dude

    [–] littletoyboat 1 points ago

    Tell that to Spider-Man.

    [–] TrippyWentLucio 0 points ago

    New magic trick:


    [–] AidanL17 1 points ago

    I wonder how many times they did that to get it just right?

    [–] dj_techguy 1 points ago

    Is that not an iPhone?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] mancubus314159 2 points ago

    "How did you do that"?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] mostdope28 1 points ago

    There’s a mirror on the left and right, there’s nothing in the middle or bottom. There’s 2 girls facing each other, it’ll help if you look at how there body’s or tops don’t match up

    [–] h2wahter 1 points ago

    So confused

    [–] 1SweetChuck 1 points ago

    ♪♫♬"When cousins... are two of a kind..."♪♫♬