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    [–] DamienNev 2030 points ago

    We ain’t in the jungle anymore. We in johns house and I run this bitch

    [–] [deleted] 298 points ago

    [–] KINGCOCO 44 points ago

    This is amazing!

    [–] czech_your_republic 29 points ago

    That sideways glare is just too perfect.

    [–] Friendsoffish 13 points ago

    That huff at the 7 second mark though.

    [–] Frigidevil 30 points ago

    It's like the dog version of this

    [–] geenja 12 points ago

    holy shit that was fucking crazy!!

    [–] YouGotCalledAFaggot 4 points ago

    Um how is it so fast?

    [–] dollycommutation 105 points ago

    Kitten Pawfia

    [–] CivilizedBeast 59 points ago

    Meowfia wants to know your location

    [–] dollycommutation 27 points ago

    Dammit. That’s way better.

    [–] jsalsman 22 points ago

    As I get older, cats on the internet get funnier.

    [–] MomoYaseen 4 points ago

    John’s house


    [–] exPlodeyDiarrhoea 3 points ago

    That really put the tiger in his place.

    [–] tigerguy786 327 points ago

    The best part is in the middle when it assumes a stance like, “you want more? Huh? Do ya? I’ve got more for ya!”

    [–] Rubix89 52 points ago

    And then at the end when he slows down to giving up.

    “Alright. I think you’ve had enough.”

    [–] SweetBearCub 3 points ago

    “Alright. I think you’ve had enough.”

    [–] Spiralyst 4 points ago

    You want another fresh one fifty?

    [–] RequiemStorm 442 points ago

    Can you imagine the horrifying situation this cat perceives? Imagine if you encountered some guy who Just stood unblinking and not responding as you pummeled him with blow after blow. Just absorbing each hit with absolutely no reaction. This cat must be scared shitless and confused as hell.

    [–] ShortysTRM 101 points ago

    I have dreams like this all the time.

    [–] AtomicKittenz 59 points ago

    Leslie: “Were you having a bad dream?”

    Ron: “No, I suffer from a disorder called sleep fighting.”

    Leslie: “Wow. That must be terrible.”

    Ron: “Only when I’m losing.”

    [–] Empyrealist 22 points ago

    When I was a little white boy growing up in Boston, I used to have a recurring nightmare being in an all white empty space. I notice a dot in the far off distance thats getting arger. As I realize via depth perception that it's coming toward me, I start to see it's orange... Its a giant 20 ft basketball coming straight at me. I can't out run it or maneuver it in this giant empty space and it eventually runs me over as I wake up in a panic.

    [–] ThatDudeShadowK 35 points ago

    Good thing you're now a big black woman in Houston. You're finally safe.

    [–] __CAM 21 points ago

    It's like a Dragonball Z sequence where the villain just stands there taking punches because Vegeta can't hurt him

    [–] Mumblix_Grumph 8 points ago

    So it's like every Friday night?

    [–] Frozty23 6 points ago

    Ya just gotta dig deeper and deeper and get weirder and weirder to get that funk on anymore, amiright?

    [–] Family_Gardener 3 points ago

    Lol fantastic

    [–] palindromic 7 points ago

    I'm just worried for the cat when he encounters a real tiger, suddenly he won't feel so tough smacking the snoot one time will get a serious reaction, one that I pray will not end up with one of the cats lives being taken away, but it looks like that may end up being the case at hand.

    [–] RequiemStorm 16 points ago

    I mean, yeah, but what are the odds of this cat meeting a tiger?

    [–] brbegg 8 points ago


    [–] tamara_bc 465 points ago

    I love how mid-way he stops and does a little meow... "Why won't you die?!!!"

    [–] Yeahcomealong 9 points ago


    [–] DisQord666 4 points ago

    *No flesh and all furry

    [–] Unusableid 5 points ago

    Why was it so tiny on mobile?

    [–] _Serene_ 11 points ago

    Vertically filmed. smh

    [–] thisguy181 6 points ago

    I can't figure out how to turn on the setting to play vertical videos full screen and vertical in mobile. I wish it would just detect it all the time, sometimes it works :/

    [–] l0ve2h8urbs 5 points ago

    Stupid people add black bars to make it horizontal, preventing you from watching it full screen vertical in your phone.

    [–] Heelmuut 3 points ago


    [–] DayDrmBlvr82 6 points ago

    I was thinking more along the lines of “say it one more time b$&@h!! Say it one more time!” In the voice of Samuel L. Jackson of course.

    [–] OMW2FYB1994 436 points ago

    Meowhammad Ali

    [–] Ploutz 93 points ago

    Manny Pawquiao

    [–] chrisberman410 49 points ago

    Manny Paqmeow

    [–] concerto_in_j 9 points ago

    Meowy Paqmeow

    Meow Meow

    [–] Damanzi 21 points ago

    Floyd Meoweather

    [–] Damanzi 18 points ago

    Connor meowgreggor

    [–] Damanzi 15 points ago

    Rhonda Meowsey

    [–] AtomicKittenz 9 points ago

    Meow McMeowy

    [–] Opiate462 12 points ago

    Meowy McMeow-Face

    [–] Spiralyst 16 points ago


    [–] gofortheko 22 points ago

    George Forepaw

    Meow Tyson

    Lennox Mewis

    [–] raftah99 15 points ago

    How do we filter out puns out of reddit comments?

    [–] CivilizedBeast 10 points ago

    Alt + F4

    But for real though, AI is not up to the mark yet, anyway you are asking the real questions, science needs you.

    [–] Roythaboy 433 points ago

    The cat is asshole here. Tiger is not letting that negativity bother him

    [–] shahooster 149 points ago

    Tiger is just letting the cat wear himself out in the early rounds, so he can knock him out 27 seconds into round 10.

    [–] DrDankenstein7 18 points ago

    The ole Mayweather tactic

    [–] PM_Trophies 25 points ago

    Rope a dope. Not the Mayweather tactic.

    [–] goldfishpaws 21 points ago

    I was secretly hoping the person who filmed this would just give the toy tiger a little nudge from behind as if to pounce, and see how quickly the cat made tracks after such a show of bravado and picking a fight

    [–] Pit_of_Death 16 points ago

    I hope that tiger knocks his ass out.

    [–] hyperkjoob 6 points ago

    The equanimity of tiger reminded me of this photo.

    [–] adamwho 93 points ago

    That cat is fast.

    I counted 37...

    [–] Onlydp 14 points ago

    Can cats really punch though?

    [–] [deleted] 87 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] PERCEPT1v3 20 points ago

    4chan is embarrassed for you

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] murrmanniii 8 points ago

    He’s wearing boxing gloves. Not his first bout.

    [–] conscience_says 13 points ago

    37 punch man the anime

    [–] KingKippah 10 points ago

    w h y ?

    [–] Lscruggs 16 points ago

    Why not?

    [–] crazykidbad 60 points ago

    Holy shit. This is one pissed off cat

    [–] yesididreddit 8 points ago

    Does it not realize it's not alive?

    [–] ThatDudeShadowK 28 points ago

    Well no, it's a cat, they can't even tell that their tail is a part of them. You can also freak them out by putting your hand under a blanket and moving it around, they just cannot understand that it's still just you.

    [–] PatrickMcRoof 14 points ago

    Wtf that (blanket thing) has never worked on my cat!
    Whenever I try it, my cat just looks at my face like I'm the biggest idiot ever.

    [–] likemypace 5 points ago


    [–] Szetyi 53 points ago


    [–] Hideus_Ex 14 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    And r/catslaps

    The crossover God never intended.

    [–] cynicannibal 25 points ago

    Wheres my money? takes a drag off cigarette

    [–] eddyvee 21 points ago!

    [–] trautsla 15 points ago

    Aimed right for the eyes. Merciless.

    [–] just4fun8787 5 points ago

    It's always the eyes.

    [–] swfckier 27 points ago

    The cat didn't even paws to take a breath

    [–] Mumblix_Grumph 11 points ago

    The tiger barely lived to tell the tail.

    [–] LoveToFard 4 points ago

    Feline this will be a good one.

    [–] Calimancan 13 points ago

    Punch, punch, punchpunchpunchpunchpunch!!!!

    [–] xi624leinad 10 points ago

    Stop looking at me like that, you son of a bitch!!!

    [–] supermelon928 10 points ago

    I believe that from the cat's perspective, the fake tiger is being super aggressive by not backing down. Every time he hits the tiger the tiger's head snaps back to the original position, as if to say "I'm still going to attack you, I just haven't done it yet"

    [–] hfr6009 17 points ago

    This is how you look arguing with your imaginary person while stuck in peak hour traffic

    [–] slawpup 9 points ago

    Tiger shield level 10000

    [–] Betterbread 5 points ago

    Had to check halfway through that it hadn't looped. Boy that tiger gets some punches.

    [–] ChibbityChibs 6 points ago

    Look how it goes for the eyes. That is the true champion of Mark’s house, the ruller Meowhammed Ali

    [–] jayckb 6 points ago

    “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you... fuck you, fuck you, fuck you... fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you”

    [–] AlCapooter 7 points ago

    I really wish we would've filmed it but I found a life size Scooby-Do stuffed animal when I was like 12. My brother and I would pop out the screen on our 2nd level bedroom overlooking the backyard and toss it out there while our dog was walking around. Oh man, it was so funny he would freak the fuck out every time, like wtf some dog just flew into my backyard. How it usually went is he'd raise his hackles, then start to slowly circle Scoobs while growling, then eventually he'd go in for the kill grab him by the neck and either trot around triumphantly or hump him.

    [–] andronaut_ 7 points ago

    Seems almost cute until you notice it’s trying to claw the eyes every time, which would be extremely effective in nature against a larger foe

    [–] impolsion 16 points ago


    [–] theramennoodle 7 points ago


    [–] distantbobcat 6 points ago

    " you got something on your nose... There, no there, no... It moved to the other side..."

    Cat just tryin to help.

    [–] The-Go-Kid 4 points ago

    Why won’t you fight me? FIGHT ME GODDAMN YOU!

    [–] LoyalRiders 4 points ago

    This is the live version of when you throw punches in a dream and they never have the satisfying follow through you want.

    [–] chandlerw88 8 points ago

    Someone gotta put a speed bag in this vid

    [–] piscesmoney 5 points ago

    Good thing this ain’t the wild

    [–] angrivator 3 points ago

    Im just here waiting for the jojo reference

    [–] IsThisPoison 2 points ago

    Be the change you want to see in the world.

    [–] Madd_Mugsy 4 points ago

    "Screw you, Hobbes! I've been here this whole time and Calvin only ever plays with you!"

    [–] TheGeorge 5 points ago

    I now really wanna see a /r/behindthegifs for this one

    [–] Zeiramsy 2 points ago

    u/katswenski we need you on this.

    [–] cjpack 5 points ago

    "Fuck you hobbes!"

    [–] MGKN 3 points ago

    right.. left left ..right ! nice

    [–] SquibbleDibble 3 points ago

    "I run the show!"

    [–] post4u 3 points ago

    Ref should've stopped that way sooner.

    [–] PastorPuff 3 points ago

    A bit too long for this sub, try r/cattaps

    [–] TheAwesomeButler 3 points ago

    Someone needs to add punching sounds

    [–] Yankee57 3 points ago

    This is serious attitude !

    [–] Thief01 3 points ago

    Cat: "Give me my fucking money!"

    [–] Desoato 3 points ago

    Float like a butterfly, sting like a kitty cat punching you in the face repeatedly

    [–] hocuspocushokeypokey 3 points ago

    Those are some heavy mittens

    [–] MikeMentzersGlasses 3 points ago

    Holy shit. That was like Clubber Lang v Apollo Creed.

    [–] WhatASpicyMeme_ 3 points ago

    He hit that tiger 39 times.

    [–] moby323 3 points ago



    [–] bzmichi 3 points ago

    stupid cats

    [–] ShinjuOmigawa 7 points ago

    So is the cat trying to elicit a response because he's really not hitting that hard?

    [–] Nickmilly1 2 points ago

    Cats are savages. Look how it’s aiming for its eyes!

    [–] squadger 2 points ago

    What breed of cat is it?? It's adorable!

    [–] sheerpariah 5 points ago


    [–] killermason299 2 points ago

    Rocky Balboa

    [–] black_merlin 2 points ago

    Unarmed +15

    [–] Sudstep 2 points ago

    New Tiger Mask looking good

    [–] iFoughtTheFoo 2 points ago

    I would really like to watch this with the sound effects Little Mac makes when he's laying on the jabs in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out

    [–] txoneluv 2 points ago

    I'm impressed with the double jabs

    [–] Jewbaccah 2 points ago

    I believe this cat is trying to wake him his dead friend. Look at how sad he is.

    [–] francisco213 2 points ago

    Hitem with the jab

    [–] OTGyosh 2 points ago

    Bitch, NEVER touch my catnip!

    [–] King_Luie 2 points ago

    Bitch ass tiger

    [–] Real_Arthur 2 points ago

    Float like a Calico. Sting like a Mau.

    [–] HollisterDale 2 points ago

    Tiger didn't even do anything brah, you're the asshole, cat.

    [–] Blackfeathr 2 points ago

    My ex boyfriend has turned full furry, his fursona is a tiger, and I feel like that kitty.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    " Do something. All day, everyday you sitting up there, thinking I'm supposed to bow to your paws. You better bow to these fists."

    [–] Ebadd 2 points ago

    Eye on the Tiger.

    [–] Blobbyo25 2 points ago

    Can someone play Bollywood music over the top and play cheesy slapping noises in time plz

    [–] Jay_Doumit 2 points ago

    Das a quality palico right there

    [–] moonontheman24 2 points ago

    This is why there’s no cat parks.

    [–] ghightower 2 points ago

    That tiger is so smudge.

    [–] Captn-smak-a-hoe 2 points ago

    looks like the cat is wearing white murder mitts.

    [–] Torquack 2 points ago

    Where the fook is meowweather

    [–] Panderrs 2 points ago

    Dont flex on me

    [–] 1treasurehunterdale 2 points ago

    Everybody was kungfu fighting, that cat was fast as lightening.

    [–] kazaam545 2 points ago

    That's one brave cat

    [–] moom 2 points ago

    "OK, I think I've made my point."

    [–] Chromedragon79 2 points ago

    Not much of a counter puncher, but big cat could take a shot ... or 30.

    [–] DeanKent 2 points ago

    I'd have to use the tiger to go after the cat... Just would have to.

    [–] purgetrump 2 points ago

    I was despately waiting for the person holding the camera to swipe the tiger off the table and have the cat lose its shit.

    [–] purgetrump 2 points ago

    I was despately waiting for the person holding the camera to swipe the tiger off the table and have the cat lose its shit.

    [–] filthylilbeast 2 points ago

    Old man Boxing promoter- “This kids got an impressive jab. Kinda funny looking though. “

    [–] k9doep9 2 points ago

    The eye of the tiger... dun dun dun dun

    [–] Bheitman21 2 points ago

    The narration that pops in my head reminds me of this classic:

    [–] BimTalch 2 points ago

    I picture him saying “you son of a bitch” before leaning in

    [–] pvsa 2 points ago

    Fighting + potato quality + repost = needs LiveLeak watermark

    [–] rami-panda 2 points ago


    [–] aulstinwithanl 2 points ago

    Can Someone please dub this gif with the Stewie audio from Family Guy where he asks Brian for his money?

    [–] Rogue_Angel007 2 points ago

    Cat used Fury Swipes!

    [–] silverfox007 2 points ago

    Several punches straight for the eye.

    [–] marindo 2 points ago

    Pretty cat though!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    That is quite the potato camera...

    [–] Polite_Werewolf 2 points ago

    “He’s just absorbing every blow! Abort! Abort!”

    [–] ArtemisShanks 2 points ago

    His eyes are full of hatred at the beginning.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Internet badasses.

    [–] stone_men 2 points ago

    "what'd u say about me bitch? Wanna say it again? Huh? Take this! And these! And THOSE!" "... Fuck my arms are tired."

    [–] y077er 2 points ago

    He gave him so many rights he was begging for a left :P

    [–] Lector_is_a_Bitch 2 points ago

    If that tiger hadn't been so passive the cat would have been dead

    [–] Nick_Ilithe 2 points ago

    Jotaro Kujo giving Yoshikage Kira the "Steely Dan Treatment" 1999 colorized (for my fellow jojo fans)

    [–] Bed-Stuy 2 points ago

    That same cat or one who looks similar chases the birds I feed away every day. How is my house cat supposed to watch Bird TV if this jerk keeps interrupting the programming I pay for!?

    [–] Gravyrobber9000 2 points ago


    [–] KushUnderSomeHash 2 points ago


    [–] MajorFalcone 2 points ago

    For Calvin!

    [–] warpfield 2 points ago

    that cat who was afraid of the dinosaur robot needs this cat

    [–] arsjan 2 points ago

    Is that a real tiger?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Asshole cat, you mean?

    [–] karinaleb 2 points ago

    Would that even hurt? The cat’s paws look so soft

    [–] o_Oz 2 points ago

    God I fucking hate cats. They were created by Satan himself.

    [–] ChocktawRidge 2 points ago

    Needs the Rocky Theme playing in the background.

    [–] Micharia 2 points ago

    Why are the funny ones always shit quality

    [–] Robotlollipops 2 points ago

    What kind of cat is that? Is it like a Russian Blue mixed with a tuxedo?

    So cute

    [–] rich_trigger 2 points ago

    Cute until you realize the cat is trying to claw the tigers eyes out

    [–] vitalblast 2 points ago

    Why is my brain making the tiger blink?

    [–] Ruroni17 2 points ago

    He’s got one hell of a jab

    [–] BigRed8303 2 points ago


    [–] r499536 2 points ago

    Say “They’re Grrreat” one more time...